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> Amateurs find archaeological treasures
> University prepares students for alien contact
> Ancient pyramids may be in Bahamian waters
> Could recently found stones be a giant's spearheads?
> Erich von Daniken's brand-new book








Amateurs find archaeological treasures

Significant archaeological discoveries often are made by amateurs.  Below are four amateur discoveries that should inspire us all to be more observant and curious about the world around us. – The editor

James Kennedy enjoys searching for fossils and is quite good at it.  He has boxes of them in his home in Vero Beach, Florida.  One of his finds is a 13,000-year-old fossilized bone with a mammoth or a mastodon etched on it.  The fossil was stored under his sink for several years before he dusted it off in 2009 and discovered the etching. Since then, it has proven to be one of the oldest pieces of prehistoric art in the Western Hemisphere.

George Currie, a semi-retired musician and former music teacher in Scotland, has located more than 670 Neolithic and Bronze Age carvings over a 15-year period according to a September 17, 2016 article in “The Guardian” newspaper in Britain.  He continues to walk once or twice a week in search of ancient artwork in Scotland.

A group of 55 amateur archaeologists, ranging in age from nine to 80, volunteered to help with an excavation project in Boxford, England. Even the town’s butcher and a local builder used their vacation time to help with the project.

Surveys by professional archaeologists indicated something was beneath the rolling hills near Boxford in Southern England, but they thought it was unlikely anything exceptional would be discovered.

The experts were wrong but delighted when the town’s volunteers uncovered a 20-foot-long mosaic in September 2017.  It turned out to be from a Roman villa that was built during the time of Roman domination in England.  Part of that mosaic is shown above.

About two dozen of the 55 volunteers worked at the excavation site each day.

Mark Thompson’s day job is spray painting forklifts but on his own time he is a treasure hunter armed with an inexpensive metal detector he bought on eBay.  A year ago, while scanning Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England, he found a Medieval gold ring.

A baby is depicted and on one side of the ring and a female saint on the other, perhaps representing the Christ child and his mother.  The British Museum has declared it a national treasure worth as much as 70,000 British pounds or $87,000.





One of the buildings at Akdeniz University in Turkey - Erhan Kolbasi, chairman
 of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center in Istanbul

University prepares students for alien contact

A new course called “Ufology and Exopolitics” was added to the curriculum at Akdeniz University in Turkey in late 2017 according to the country’s Dogan News Agency. The purpose of the class is to prepare students for the possibility of extraterrestrial contact.

The course focuses on practical preparations and galactic diplomacy but also gets into the history of cover-ups related to alien contact.

“We believe representatives from the world and extraterrestrial civilizations will soon be making official contact with each other,” says Erhan Kolbasi, chairman of the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center in Istanbul who is serving as a tutor for the course.

“We think there will be in an open and mass contact – biggest change seen in the history of the world,” he adds.

Kolbasi says aliens already have visited Earth and technologies such as fiber-optic cables, microchips and night-vision instruments have been developed because of intelligence gathered at spacecraft crash sites.




Ancient pyramids may be in Bahamian waters

We posted two articles in 2012 about three ancient underwater pyramids off the coast of Florida east of Jupiter, Vero Beach and Melbourne.  You can CLICK HERE to read about those discoveries.

Then recently we learned about two more pyramid-like structures in the waters south of New Providence Island in the Bahamas.  The possible pyramids were first discovered in the fall of 2017 by Scott Waring when he was using Google Earth to methodically search the ocean bottom for interesting anomalies.

You can find the possible pyramids for yourself by typing these coordinates in the Google Earth search bar: 24°56'26.50"N 77°19'39.35"W

There are a number of dive services on Providence Island so we hope some experienced scuba divers will check out this anomaly up close. – The editor



Could recently found stones be a giant’s spearheads?
u EDITOR’S UPDATE:  Our computer was majorly HACKED and the article we intended to post disappeared.  Regretfully, we didn’t immediately realize it and posted this version which includes the possibility of giants.  We were not ready to make that declaration but thanks to the hacking this version was posted.  The owner of the land continues to look for artifacts, though winter has slowed down his efforts.  If he discovers anything more of interest, we certainly will post it.


The Nantahala National Forest in Jackson County, North Carolina is a hotspot for unusual sightings and discoveries. Most recently, a man discovered a trove of very large stones that look like they might be ancient spearheads.  He found them when he was cleaning a swampy area on his property so his creek would flow better.  He was amazed at what he found.

Photos of some of the stones he found are shown below.  Clearly, they are too big and heavy to be useful to a normal size human.


“I was just throwing rocks on the bank while cleaning out the swampy part of the creek so it would flow better,” BJ explained.

“As the rocks piled up, I noticed they all had similar shapes.  Unlike smooth river rocks which I also found, these had sharp edges and appeared to be tooled.  A creek doesn’t create straight pointed rocks, so maybe they could be ancient spearheads. When I picked up some of them, they weighed like 10 pounds.

“An old friend of mine, whose mother was a full-blooded Cherokee, claims to have a spiritual connection and reads energy,” BJ continued.  “When she came to visit, she was overwhelmed by the energy and power of the place.  She felt people had lived there before the Cherokee.  You have to wonder if they might have been giants.”

EDITOR’S NOTE:  In 2014, we posted an article about a book that had just been published titled “The Ancient Giants who Ruled America” by Richard J. Dewhurst. Not only does the author present extensive evidence that giants once lived in America, he accuses the Smithsonian of hiding giant skeletons in its closets.  CLICK HERE to read the article.





book1 Erich book2

Erich von Daniken between his most recent book on the left and the one

that put him on the international stage 50 years ago in 1968

Erich von Daniken’s brand-new book
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Erich von Daniken’s brand-new book “The Gods Never Left Us” provides a great many ancient stories from around the globe that say humankind was created or upgraded by beings who came down from the sky in such things as silver eggs, golden spheres, giant coconuts, cloud ships, flying houses and flying chariots. 

These ancient legends appear to be at odds with Christian and Jewish teachings, but maybe they’re not. Without diving into a deep theological discussion, suffice it to say that in the Old Testament the word “Elohim” is a plural noun meaning gods while the Supreme God most often is called Jehovah or Yahweh.  So, the word Elohim might actually refer to extraterrestrials.

Von Daniken says ET involvement with humankind cannot easily be dismissed because there are many similar stories all around the world, and they come from ancient cultures that had no contact with each other.  Here are a few quotes from his book:

SOUTH PACIFIC - “One island chain in the South Pacific is the New Hebrides.  The native inhabitants of Malekula (one of the islands) tell that a long time ago Barakulkul had come from heaven with five of his brothers.  They did so in a coconut which opened by itself.  This accords with the story from the Fiji Islands, for there the first human emerged from a shiny egg which the cloud serpent ‘Degei’ had thrown to earth.”

TIBET - “The so called ‘Books of Kandshur and Tandshur’ tell clearly about ‘Pearls in the heavens’ as well as of ‘shining glass spheres’ from which the gods emerged.  ‘Kandshur and Tandshur’ are not actual books but folios in which the sacred texts of Lamaism are recorded.”

THE ARCTIC - “So the Inuit say that their great, great grandfathers once came to present-day Alaska in ‘flying houses.’”

KENYA, AFRICA – “In the view of the East African Massai, who are located mostly in the south of Kenya, there once lived upon earth a young man by the name of Kintu and he fell in love with the daughter of a heavenly being that had visited Earth.  The father permitted Kintu to go to heaven for a time to learn.  But when the pair remained in love also in the heavenly realms, the father sent both of them back to Earth to instruct humans in all matters.”

JAPAN – “The Japanese tribe of the Yamasachi tells of a time ‘when there were still demigods on Earth who commuted between heaven and Earth as they wished.’  Like elsewhere, here too it came to sexual intercourse between the ‘offspring of a heavenly deity’ and humans.

LATVIA (Northern Europe) – “Dievs lived in heaven and ruled there over vast riches.  He rode around the heavenly mountain on his flying horse and, at the time of the terrestrial harvest, descended from heaven to earth.”

TIERRA DEL FUEGO (Southern tip of South America) – Like everywhere else, the primal human being, Kenos, came to Earth to bring order to it. ‘Then he flew back to heaven; he now lives among the stars.’”

EGYPT – “In ancient Egypt, Nun was seen as the endless ocean of stars from which the primal god Osiris had once arrived in a ‘golden ship.’”

It might surprise some people that ETs believe in a Supreme Creator.  Nobody was more surprised than Phillip H. Krapf.  The 25-year veteran of the “Los Angeles Times” news staff and a professed atheist was shocked to be taken onboard a sky ship; shocked to come face-to-face with extraterrestrials who look similar to humans; and flabbergasted to learn that they believe in a Supreme Creator or God.  You can learn about his experiences in his book “The Challenge of Contact.”

CLICK HERE to read an article about Krapf’s book
which was first posted on this website in 2011.






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