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» High HAARP frequencies before Christmas blizzard

High HAARP frequencies precede heavy rain and quake

» HAARP weather manipulation hits U.S again
» October 1997 hurricane drill named “Sandy”
» HAARP off chart as Hurricane Sandy targets East Coast
» Puzzling phenomena seen on Moon since 1600s
» Positive UFO news at ECETI Ranch being ignored
» Are geological changes increasing?
» Ancient papyrus indicates Jesus was married
» Neil Armstrong was a hero, BUT. . .
» Three sunken pyramids off Florida’s Atlantic coast
» Ancient crystal pyramid at bottom of Atlantic Ocean
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» Archaeological evidence that Jesus was married
» Why are brooms standing without support?
» Debunker’s $10,000 bribe to stop UFO truth
» Archaeologist: Jesus was in Georgia
» New scientific study: Shroud of Turin authentic
» Night vision star tours in Western North Carolina

High HAARP frequencies before Christmas blizzard



The above HAARP map is from December 19, 2012 – the day a blizzard began hitting the Midwest and interrupting Christmas travels.  The color red indicates high HAARP frequencies. The photo to the right of the map shows an aurora that appeared when the Alaska HAARP facility was turned on.

HAARP essentially is a massive electromagnetic tool for manipulating weather by changing the Earth’s ionosphere.  Originally it was developed as a bloodless weapon of war.  Today, many people believe it is being used to help break national economies so Globalists can run the world without interference from individual countries.

Scroll down in this section to read about other HAARP weather events especially the posting titled “HAARP off chart as Hurricane Sandy targets East Coast.”  – The Editor 


High HAARP frequencies precede heavy rain and quake

High HAARP frequencies once again preceded unusual weather and a geological event.  The above HAARP monitoring map is from December 12, 2012.  A day later, San Diego, California got a month’s worth of rain in one day.  Then on December 14, 2012 there was a 6.3 point earthquake centered near the California town of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.

HAARP weather manipulation hits U.S again

HAARP was designed to manipulate weather and there is growing proof that the United States is deliberately being targeted.  The HAARP monitoring map (below left) is from November 28, 2012.  It clearly shows that extremely high HAARP frequencies preceded the onslaught of high winds – some reaching hurricane strength - and flooding rains on the West Coast. 

A month earlier on October 26, 2012, a HAARP monitoring map went off-the-chart (shown in white) preceding the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.

HAARP Weather

While we don’t have a similar HAARP monitoring map for the days preceding Hurricane Katrina, the following HAARP magnetometer chart for the week of August 21-28, 2005 provides evidence of extremely high frequencies immediately before that devastating storm came ashore on August 5, 2005.


Why is this happening?   Many who have delved into the subject say the Globalists who want to control the world would benefit by undermining the power of the United States.   Devastating weather events are one way to destroy the nation’s economy and thus the nation’s power to resist control by the Globalists.

October 1997 hurricane drill named “Sandy”

It is thought provoking that 15 years ago – in October 1997 - the National Hurricane Center conducted a drill featuring a fictional hurricane named “Sandy.”

The fictional storm was based on a real hurricane called “The Long Island Express” that hit Long Island in 1938 and killed nearly 800 people.  The 1997 drill was named for a child who was nine years old when the 1938 super storm hit.

Below is a copy of the introductory website page for the 1997 practice drill.  Accompanying pages included texts of simulated bulletins, forecasts, strike probabilities and the hurricane’s track.



HAARP off chart as Hurricane Sandy targets East Coast

HAARP frequencies were off the chart on Friday, October 26, 2012 as Hurricane Sandy moved up the East Coast.   Normally, the highest frequency is a ten and shown in magenta, but Friday the bull’s eye of the “HAARP Attack” had to be shown in white. This map reflects the strongest readings in the history of the HAARP monitoring project by

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  Its publically stated purpose is to advance knowledge about the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect military and civilian communication and navigation systems.  There is, however, growing evidence that HAARP is used as a tool to interfere with communication systems, to manipulate weather, to initiate earthquakes and perhaps much more.

There are 28 HAARP sensors across the United States. Their locations are shown as blue dots on the above map.

CLICK HERE to read about the confession of a man who was involved in creating HAARP. The article includes photos and a map showing the locations of HAARP facilities.

Puzzling phenomena seen on Moon since 1600s
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Puzzling phenomena on the Moon are not new.  Astronomers have been observing them since the 17th Century – the century Galileo invented the telescope. 

Surprisingly, NASA made a rather complete list of Moon observations by early astronomers in a technical report titled “Chronological Catalog Appendix of Reported Lunar Events (NASA Technical Report R-277).  It included hundreds of observations with 61 just from 17th and 18th Centuries.  Here are recorded observations by three early astronomers.

Astronomer Bianchini and crater named for him (dark circle center right)

FRANCESCO BIANCHINI was an Italian astronomer who was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1713 after being recommended by Sir Isaac Newton.  Craters on Moon and Mars are named in his honor.  

Observations:  He made note of two unusual sightings on the Moon.  During a lunar eclipse in 1685 he saw a “reddish streak on crater floor seen during eclipse (lunar).”  Then in 1725, he saw “a track of ruddy light, like a beam, crossing the middle of the obscure (shadowed) area (crater in darkness).”

Photo of twin Messier craters and astronomer Charles Messier

CHARLES MESSIER was a French astronomer best known for publishing an astronomical catalog of deep sky objects such as nebulae and star clusters to help astronomical observers distinguish between permanent and transient objects in the sky.  A crater on the Moon and an asteroid were named in his honor.

Observation:  In 1783, he saw “moving glows around middle of disk during lunar eclipse.”

Astronomer Schroter between photos of Grimaldi and Riccioli craters

JOHANN SCHROTER was a German astronomer.  In 1791 he published an important early study on the topography of the Moon.   Craters on the Moon and Mars have been named for him.

Observations:  In 1789 he saw “two flickering spots on the E edge of Grimaldi, and near Riccioli on dark side of Moon a bright spot.”  The NASA report lists a total of 16 observations by Schroter of various kinds of illuminations on the Moon between 1784 and and1797.


The ECETI Ranch is located at the base of Mt. Adams where UFOs are frequently seen.
The second photo was taken by Chief Standing Elk’s wife Maria through a bug-spattered window.


When spirit orbs gathered at the ECETI Ranch during a skywatch in 2006, many miracle healings
 occurred. At another time, a light beamed down upon the sanctuary at the ranch.

Positive UFO news at ECETI Ranch being ignored

For seasoned UFO watchers, happenings at the ECETI Ranch in Washington State are nothing new, but we were directed by the Sky Brothers on September 30, 2012 to feature it on this website.  Why?  Because so much positive out-of-this-world activity happens there and it’s being squelched by the media and drowned out by coverage of grey aliens and the dark side of UFO phenomena. 

After much searching, we decided to draw upon a May 30, 2012 article titled “Journey to the Field of Dreams: A Visit to the ECETI Ranch” written by Lorin Cutts.  It’s a long article so we’ve chosen to only feature some of the conversation between Cutts and James Gilliland, the owner of the ranch.  If you wish to read the entire article, type the title into your search bar.  For those who might like to visit the ranch, it’s about a two-hour drive from Portland, Oregon. – The Editor


Conversation between James Gilliland and Lorin Cutts

LORIN: The annual ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) conference had been held only a few weeks prior to my visit, and it was during that time that some incredible video footage was shot. The footage was some of the best ever shot at ECETI - and in fact some of the best I’ve seen in recent years - so I jump straight in and ask James about this.

JAMES: We had two hundred people here for the conference. About three hundred attended, but two hundred got involved in the intention experiment to connect and bring [the aliens] in. We did this meditation to bring them in, and everybody felt the energy – it was like intense energy in the room. People were crying, and having heart openings, it was really powerful. Then we walked outside and the ship flew right over the top of the building. It was pinkish orange and looked crystalline. A guy named John Riley who’s a Lockheed engineer filmed it.

LORIN:  According to James, there are at least three pieces of footage of this event and hundreds of photographs. . . . James has mentioned in several interviews that he believes there is a media lockdown on what happens at the ECETI ranch, that members of the UFO community are blacklisting the events that go on there, including the footage from the conference.

JAMES: I took all of that footage you saw and I gave it to Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Centre and he’s totally censored everything.  Filers Files, another big one, I sent all of them to him, didn’t hear a peep, sent them again. Then he sent this thing out asking for donations. I said I’d love to donate but first I want to hear why you are censoring all of the footage from here, photographs with 200 witnesses and the video – and we haven’t heard a peep back from him.
In the UFO community it’s sad, but there’s a lot of jealousy and a lot of competition. They don’t want answers; they want to keep the question alive. I wrote a letter of resignation to the UFO community. I said we’ve brought you all the evidence.  I’ve never seen so much jealousy and back stabbing – everything [they] are doing is totally contrary to contact. We’re getting more censorship from the UFO community than we are from the mainstream press. Everybody I talk to is just fed up with the fear, and the greys, the dark-side, the negativity.

LORIN: . . . So what made you choose this place, Little Mountain Road?

JAMES: I had visions, real clear visions of this place. I saw that mountain and I saw the river and in the visions I saw the words ‘little mountain,’ and I couldn’t understand why when I see this huge mountain in front of me.

The history of this place here goes back to the Native Americans. They have a legend that there is a crystalline city here and there’s a doorway and whenever someone was sick or wounded they’d take them up and drop them off. These beings would come out and get them and take them in and bring them out healed.

LORIN: James points out that Mount Adams is, of course, intrinsically linked with the UFO subject. The mother of all sightings (that coined the phrase ‘flying saucer’) occurred in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold lost sight of his UFOs over… yes… you guessed it - Mount Adams. . . .

The list of visitors to ECETI over the years is quite impressive. From rock stars (Robbie Williams), film stars (Danny Dyer) to UFO stalwarts (Wendell Stevens, Bob Sallas, Dr. Michael Salla, Alfred Webre, Brooks Agnew, Dolores Cannon, the Above Top Secret crew.. to the mainstream news media (Sean Hannity, Fox News, Paranormal State).. and engineers and scientists from NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.

LORIN: Do many people leave here disappointed?

JAMES: No, none of them do. I haven’t heard one of them say that, they are just blown away when they come here. When [those from] Paranormal State were here they were very impressed, I said at 10 o'clock the ships would appear in the east and it happened.  We did it when Hannity came from Fox News, [and] said there’d be ships in the east and they appeared. We’ve done that repeatedly, it shows there’s telepathic contact. Witnesses, film, I don’t know what else they need.

LORIN: Have you had much interest from government agencies?

JAMES: Yes, we’ve had every agency up here: FBI, CIA, NASA.

LORIN: . . . So what about phone tapping?

JAMES: Oh yeah, there’s that. I just did a radio show for LA. They had four lines coming into the station and all four got disconnected. . . .

LORIN: Talking of radio, you also do a radio show.

JAMES: Yes, I do two actually. One is on BBS Radio on Saturday evening ‘As You Wish’, and the other one is on ‘World Puja’ on Tuesdays. I broadcast from my studio here.

LORIN: So what’s next for ECETI and the ranch?

JAMES: Stage two is in limbo right now, we are probably going to need to get some major legal assistance. We really want to grow this into a template or blueprint on how you could live a totally spiritual life in harmony with nature and each other but also enveloping the highest technologies at the same time. These beings [visiting us] are extremely advanced. Very, very spiritually and technologically advanced beings, so we have to rise to the occasion, strive for enlightenment, to be able to hang out and connect with these beings.

LORIN: When you say beings do you believe they are inter-planetary or inter-dimensional or both?

JAMES: All the above. Inter-dimensional, there’s time travel going on, 3D activity, the whole enchilada. . . . Right in the middle of the mountain a light opens up, things come out of it.

LORIN: And you think that’s some kind of door?

JAMES: Yes, it’s definitely a door. [I've been] up there, there’s a huge lava face - that’s all there is, nothing can go up or down there.

LORIN: How often do you see the door open up?

JAMES: About three or four times a year, but lately it’s opening up a lot and things are coming out of it.

LORIN:  I ask James about the healing workshops that are held at the ECETI ranch. I have been suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the head/ears) for years . . . . James begins to describe some of the healing events that have taken place at the ranch over the years, and as I listen to him it suddenly strikes me that for the first time in over four years my tinnitus is almost gone! . . .  

JAMES: Johnny Anonymous, when he was here he could hardly walk. His back was all messed up; he had no feeling in his leg. Well, he got a healing from one of the ships that came in . . .

LORIN: After dark we arranged to meet up with James and the guests in the skywatch field. . . . Within a couple of minutes we were both amazed to see a couple of bright lights power up directly above our heads and then spin off and disappear, exactly like the ones I had seen online on the ECETI footage. To say I was a little stunned would be an understatement. . . .

I decided to try an experiment. . . . In my head, and unknown to everyone else in the field, I said ‘show me.’  At that exact moment a large white light appeared just to the right of Mount Adams.  After a couple of seconds it blinked out. I was simply awestruck. I didn’t tell anyone that I had asked for this, yet most of us saw it. This was by far the biggest and brightest light we saw all evening. The hair on my arms and on the back of my neck stood on end. I could not believe what had just happened. . . .

JAMES: It’s time to stop with all the competition, the petty bickering and the back-stabbing and start unifying. If we don’t, the other guys – the disinformation agents – don’t have to do a thing. This isn’t about me; it’s not about the other people here. It’s bigger, much bigger. We’re never going to learn the truth until we can learn to all work together.

Are geological changes increasing?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

EARTHQUAKES may seem to be increasing according to a 2012 statement by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), but in actuality those of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant over the years.

“A partial explanation may lie in the fact that in the last twenty years, we have definitely had an increase in the number of earthquakes we have been able to locate each year,” the USGS reports. “This is because of the tremendous increase in the number of seismograph stations in the world and the many improvements in global communications.

“In 1931, there were about 350 stations operating in the world; today, there are more than 8,000 stations and the data now comes in rapidly from these stations by electronic mail, internet and satellite. This increase in the number of stations and the more timely receipt of data has allowed us and other seismological centers to locate earthquakes more rapidly and to locate many small earthquakes which were undetected in earlier years.”

VOLCANIC ACTIVITY also has remained steady according to a survey by The Smithsonian Institute’s Global Volcanism Program.  Beyond this chart, volcanic eruptions have continued to average between 50 and 60 per year.  


SEA LEVELS, however, are rising according to a USGS article titled “Sea level rise accelerating in U.S. Atlantic Coast” published on June 24, 2012.   

“Rates of sea level rise are increasing three to four times faster along portions of the U.S. Atlantic Coast than globally,” according to a new U.S. Geological Survey report published in Nature Climate Change.

“Since about 1990, sea-level rise in the 600-mile stretch of coastal zone from Cape Hatteras, NC to north of Boston, MA – coined a “hotspot” by scientists – has increase 2 – 3.7 millimeters per year; the global increase over the same period was 0.6 – 1.0 millimeter per year. . . .


The “hotspot” between Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and Cape Cod, Massachusetts
 is expected to experience sea level rises higher than global increases.

“Though global sea level has been projected to rise roughly two to three feet or more by the end of the 21st Century, it will not climb at the same rate at every location.  Differences in land movements, strength of ocean currents, water temperatures, and salinity can cause regional and local highs and lows in sea level. . . .

“During the 21st Century, the increases in sea level rise rate that have already occurred in the hotspot will yield increase in sea level of 8 to 11.4 inches by 2100.  This regional sea level increase would be in addition to components of global sea level rise.”

Ancient papyrus indicates Jesus was married
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Another piece of archaeological evidence that Jesus was married was revealed to the public on September 18, 2012. Since this is controversial, we went directly to the recently published research paper about it by Harvard Divinity School Professor Karen L. King.

Below is a photo of the ancient papyrus fragment from King’s research files followed by a translation of the 4th Century Egyptian Coptic writing. Lines four, five and seven have created all the news.

4) Jesus said to them, “My wife . . .
5) . . . she will be able to be my disciple. . .
7) As for me, I dwell with her in order to. . .



IS IT A FORGERY? Of course this is a big concern, but that seems to have been adequately addressed by King. First, she carried the fragment by hand to the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World in New York where it was carefully examined by two scholars: Roger Bagnall, the Institute’s director and renowned papyrologist; and Anne Marie Luijendijk, a scholar of New Testament and Early Christianity from Princeton University.

The two scholars put the papyrus paper and the ink upon it through rigorous high-tech examinations and concluded it would be impossible to create such a forgery. Later, it was studied by Ariel Shisha-Halevy, Professor of Linguistics at Hebrew University, who concluded that the language itself offered no evidence of forgery.

WHERE IS THE FRAGMENT FROM? Because the fragment is so small and damaged, King says it very likely was originally found in an ancient Egyptian garbage heap. She says it managed to survive because the climate is so dry there.

The fragment’s earliest modern history is a letter from the 1980s indicating that Professor Gerhard Fecht from the faculty of Egyptology at the Free University in Berlin believed it to be evidence of a possible marriage of Jesus. The papyrus fragment now belongs to an anonymous private collector who contacted King for help in identifying its contents.

To read Professor King’s complete research paper titled “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus,” go to the faculty research section on the Harvard Divinity School website. This photo of Professor King is from that website.

There are two other articles about Jesus being married that were posted earlier this year in this section of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website.  One is titled “Mary Magdalene’s Gospel: oldest, most revealing” and “Archaeological evidence Jesus was married.”



Neil Armstrong was a hero, BUT. . .
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Anyone who watched the news of Neil Armstrong’s death on August 25, 2012 knows he was a hero.  He challenged death throughout his life as a U.S. Navy pilot in the Korean War, as a test pilot, and as an astronaut.  His place in history as the first man to walk on the Moon is well deserved,  BUT he could have become an even bigger hero and historymaker if he’d been forthcoming about what he saw on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

According to Maurice Chatelain, former Chief of NASA Communications Systems, Armstrong reported seeing two alien spacecraft on the Moon.  “The encounter was common knowledge in NASA,” he said in 1979.  “When the Apollo 11 module landed at the bottom of a Moon crater, two alien spacecraft appeared at the rim.”

Then there’s the famous quote from Apollo 11 caught by ham radio operators on their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA’s broadcasting outlets:  “These “babies” are huge, sir!  Enormous!  Oh, my God, you wouldn’t believe it!  I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge!  They’re on the Moon watching us!”

Even the Russians knew about it.  Three Russian scientists - Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, Professor Alexander Kazantsev, and Dr. Sergei Bozhich - have said the Soviets monitored the historic landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969 and observed that alien spaceships were there when the Apollo 11 module touched down.

According to the Russians, Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large alien spacecraft were watching the module land on the lunar surface; that Buzz Aldrin took pictures of them from inside the module; that Armstrong’s verbal report was censored by NASA and that Aldrin’s film was put into a top-secret repository after the astronauts returned to Earth.

Okay, it seems that NASA clamped down on astronauts and wouldn’t allow them to tell the truth about what they saw in space, BUT other astronauts eventually went public about the alien reality.  Why didn’t Armstrong have the courage to speak out like his fellow astronauts?  He certainly had the most unique sighting, and one the public had a right to know about.

Here are ten other astronaut heroes, BUT ones who had the courage to speak publically about the alien spacecraft they have seen.

Edgar Mitchell – Scott Carpenter – Gordon Cooper – Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin - James A. Lovell, Jr.
Robert White - James McDivitt – Eugene Cernan - Donald Slayton - Frank Borman

Three sunken pyramids off Florida’s Atlantic coast
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“The underwater pyramids found along the Florida coast
represent one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th Century.
 The structures represent a culture that preceded
those in the Near East and Mexico.”

- Thomas Chisholm, archaeologist


There are at least three ancient underwater pyramids off the Atlantic Coast of Florida which few people know exist.  Multiple sources of information about the pyramids are available, but for simplicity most of the following information is from Bill Hanson’s book “The Atlantis Triangle.”

Hanson notes that the three pyramids are equally spaced – about 35 miles apart – on the west side of the Gulf Stream.  To add to the mystery, three other underwater pyramids have been seen on the east side of the Gulf Stream.  Those are 25 to 30 miles apart and located near Walker’s Cay, Great Sale Cay and the Berry Islands of the Bahamas.  Typically, the underwater pyramids have been seen after violent storms have temporarily swept away some of the sand covering the ancient structures.


  Aerial photo shows dark blue Gulf Stream between Florida and the Bahamas


“Ed Wilson of Orange County is another Floridian who has observed an underwater pyramid,” writes Bill Hanson.  “Piloting his own plane from Fort Lauderdale, he was leisurely flying north, following the Gulf Stream.  Not far from the Jupiter Inlet, Wilson saw something large looming under the water.  Circling the object, he observed a large pyramidal construction.  Several yards away there were three smaller structures.  Wilson, who once campaigned to become mayor of Orlando, viewed the constructions for several minutes.  Unfortunately he didn’t have a camera to record his find.”

240 HP Con

Wilson flew a 240 HP Continental like this.

The website provides additional information about Wilson’s find:  “On June 7, 1948 Ed Wilson, while doing shallow bottom treasure hunting by air was smashed by an updraft that lifted him about 1,000 feet, 45 miles northeast of Miami while flying at 250 feet above sea level. When he brought his craft back to the normal position, he noticed a huge building (100 – 250 feet high) down in the ‘bright and silvery’ water.  In his words:

I started to time myself of the leg out to get readings of the location when out of this blue clear day, another strange incident occurred:  all my magnetics had gone to zero.  Then a strange hue occurred all around me. At about 600 feet above water in the air that bright crimson hue simply baffled me.

The 240 HP Continental began to be the most crazily running engine I have ever had the experience to feel.  It became motionless no matter what I did with the throttle and pumps.  It glided and floated smoothly for at least two miles.  Then the engine simply started itself.  I could not dive because I was already on top of the water.  Then I realized that some force was pulling toward a westerly direction. . . After landing and getting inspection of Radio Communication and units, every last unit was blown, shorted out by some high frequency electronic shock, or mysterious high voltage in the air.”



Alfred Conway is another treasure hunter who claimed to have seen an ancient underwater pyramid.  He saw one off the coast of Vero Beach, Florida. 

Unlike some treasure hunters, Conway had good credentials.  According to Hanson, Conway was an associate of Mel Fisher whose team found the gold-laden Atocha treasure ship near Key West.  He was a friend of Henry Link who designed the Link Trainer submersible.  He also had close ties with staff members of the National Geographic Society.

One of the earliest reports of Conway’s pyramid was in the March 16, 1987 edition of The Orlando Sentinel.  Later, Hanson provided this summary of Conway’s find:

“In the late 1980s, Alfred “Buster” Conway of Vero Beach discovered another underwater pyramid.  During a conversation with Conway, he hinted the structure was only 11-12 miles directly off Vero Beach.  Conway, a professional treasure hunter and an associate were flying low over the area looking for telltale signs of sunken Spanish galleons. . .

“Conway told me that a couple of days before he sighted the pyramid, there had been a fierce storm.  He explained it is after such storms the outline of sunken ships might be seen from the air.  It was late in the afternoon and the water was crystal clear when Conway and his pilot spotted a flat-topped pyramid on the ocean bottom.  Conway has said there was no way they could have missed it.  The structure almost glowed in the afternoon sunlight.  Circling the structure several times, the two men agreed the base of the structure was about a thousand feet square.”


 “In the late 1980s, Phil and June Westoffer of Denver, Colorado discovered an underwater pyramid about 12 miles off the Florida coast,” says Hanson.  “I became even more interested when I learned Mrs. Westoffer used a large screwdriver to pry a crystal sphere from the top of the structure.  In two lengthy telephone interviews with the couple, I learned they discovered the pyramid several miles off Melbourne Beach, south of Cape Canaveral.”

Hanson explained that the couple no longer acknowledges they took the crystal sphere because of accusations of looting in Florida or federal waters.  Florida waters extend three miles from the coast; federal waters extend 14 miles or 12 nautical miles.
The following are excerpts from Hanson’s interview with the Westoffers:

JUNE:  “Phil and I had borrowed our friend’s boat and scuba gear. . . . The water was calm and we were slowly drifting north. I was in a rope seat, hanging about 30 feet below the surface, when I saw what looked like a big building below me. . . . I dove down quite a way and saw it looked like a stone pyramid.”

PHIL:  “The top of the pyramid was at the 130 foot depth.  I’d guess the thing was about 65 feet high. . . . the sides were smooth.  I don’t know what the stone blocks were made of, maybe granite or marble.  They were big, at least two feet square and three to four feet long.  They were staggered, like the way bricks are laid.  The building doesn’t look anything like the Egyptian pyramids.  It was taller than it was wide, more like some kind of tower.”

JUNE:  “We were surprised how perfectly clean it looked, almost no barnacles or algae on it.”

NOTE: Scroll down to read about a crystal sphere found inside a sunken pyramid near the Berry Islands of the Bahamas.

Ancient crystal pyramid at bottom of Atlantic Ocean
By Mary Joyce, website editor


Map of Bermuda Triangle – Berry Islands are almost due east of Miami and the Bimini Islands.

When I was living on Cocoa Beach in Florida in the mid 1980s, I met a couple who were serious scuba divers.  As we talked at an ocean side eatery, they told me about their most exciting find - a pyramid protruding from the Atlantic Ocean floor.  They said the top of it was sometimes visible when ocean storms whisked away some of the sand around it.  At other times, they said the sand would shift and cover it up.  They said the pyramid was located east of Vero Beach, Florida.

This memory came back to me when the website Before It’s News posted a story on June 25, 2012 about a crystal pyramid on the ocean floor within the Bermuda Triangle.  That inspired me to track down an out of print book by Charles Berlitz who may have been the first to write about a crystal pyramid near the Berry Islands of the Bahamas.  By the way, Berlitz is known around the world for his books on travel, languages, ancient history and archaeology.  It might be worth mentioning that he also served in the U.S. Army for 13 years, mostly in intelligence.


   Images of pyramids can be seen within the crystal ball Dr. Ray Brown says he
 found inside an undersea pyramid near the Berry Islands of the Bahamas.

In Berlitz’s 1984 book “Atlantis – The Eighth Continent,” he includes the following about a crystal pyramid within the Bermuda Triangle:
A diving experience in Bahama waters, related by Dr. Ray Brown, a diver and lecturer of Mesa, Arizona, indicates how the sea bottom can change as a result of a violent storm.  Within the Bermuda Triangle such a storm can sometimes uncover ruins for a short time only before they are buried again under the seafloor.

Dr. Brown, who was familiar with the Berry Islands of the Bahamas, where he had previously searched for Spanish treasure galleons, returned there in 1970.  He detailed his experience in an interview with the author.

“When we returned to where we had been before, looking for the sunken galleons, a violent squall came up.  We had to hang on to mangroves on the island, it was so violent.  Six- to eight-foot waves broke over us and we lost most of our equipment.

“In the morning we saw that our compasses were spinning and our magnometers were not giving readings.  We took off northeast from the island.  It was murky but suddenly we could see outlines of buildings under the water.  It seemed to be a large exposed area of an underwater city.  We were five divers and we all jumped in and dove down, looking for anything we could find.

“As we swam on, the water became clearer.  I was close to the bottom at 135 feet and was trying to keep up with the diver ahead of me.  I turned to look toward the sun through the murky water and saw a pyramid shape shining like a mirror.  About thirty-five to forty feet from the top was an opening.  I was reluctant to go inside . . . but I swam in anyway.  The opening was like a shaft debouching into an inner room.  I saw something shining.  It was a crystal, held by two metallic hands.  I had on my gloves and I tried to loosen it.  It became loose.  As soon as I grabbed it I felt this was the time to get out and not come back.

I’m not the only person who has seen these ruins – others have seen them from the air and say they are five miles wide and more than that in length.”

Reports from the other divers who were with Dr. Brown at the time are unavailable since three of them have died or disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle while diving.  Dr. Brown still has the crystal, which he sometimes shows to lecture audiences.  Inside the round crystal can be seen a series of pyramidial forms.  When one holds the crystal, a throbbing sensation is felt in the hand of the holder, whether by auto-suggestion or some quality inherent in the object.

Dr. Brown does not express an opinion as to the identity of the place that he visited except to say that it was an underwater pyramid surrounded by ruined buildings.  He believes that the pyramid and the other buildings extended farther down under the seafloor, with only the upper portions visible.

Paul Krugman – John Alexander – Seth Shostak – Carol Rosin – Fife Symington - Stanton Friedman

Economist: Faked ET war might help economy

The following article by Lee Speigel with the Huffington Post shows that a very influential economist has contemplated that a phony war with extraterrestrials might boost the economy. The article’s original title was “Paul Krugman’s Alien Invasion Defense Idea To Save Economy Gets Brickbats, Bouquets From Experts.”  We’ve added the above photos.  CLICK HERE to see how existing hologram technology could be used to create a phony ET invasion. – The Editor

June 21, 2012 - Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman repeated his assertion this week that the United States could benefit economically if the government began pouring money into anti-ET defense in preparation for a possible alien invasion of Earth.
Even a faked war of the worlds scare might help, he suggested.

The Huffington Post reached out to some experts who share an intense interest in the idea that earthlings are not the only intelligent game in town - or space.

We asked, “If there were an ET threat and if the U.S. government were to suddenly rechannel its budgets into preparing an anti-alien defense, would that ultimately save our economy?”  Their responses varied, ranging from skepticism to enthusiasm.

Here is a sampling of their replies emailed to HuffPost:

●  "I assume the alien attack is a euphemism designed to gain public support for that spending effort. Therefore, my position would be that the alien invasion he proposes to prepare for is with the mythical aliens. They are Hollywood contrivances and conveniently always have fatal vulnerabilities that humans can exploit.  The good news in that scenario is we both defeat the evil aliens, and in this case, restore our economy." - John Alexander, a retired army colonel and developer of the concept of nonlethal defense at Los Alamos National Laboratory

●  "Any aliens that have the capability to come here and ruin our whole day by vaporizing Earth or terrorizing its hominid inhabitants, would be centuries - perhaps millennia - beyond our technical level. To spend effort preparing for such a lugubrious possibility would be like the Neanderthals organizing their society to defend themselves against the U.S. Air Force. That won't do them much good on the battlefield. But who's to say? Maybe it would improve the Neanderthal economy." - Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute and chair of the International Academy of Astronautics' SETI Permanent Committee

●  "With just a little nudge, Krugman could become 'the one' economist to present a feasible Space Age stimulus package that would change the entire war-based economy and mentality into a Space Age one. The Cosmos Culture truth gets officially acknowledged.  They land -- by invitation! New roles for the military industrial complex, entrepreneurs, worldwide, with huge benefits and opportunities for ALL! Space travel, hotels, space hospitals, schools, labs, farms, industries -- tech and info applied directly to solving urgent problems of human needs." - Carol Rosin, aerospace executive, missile defense consultant and president of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space

●  "There is no way to prepare for an alien invasion. These theoretical visitors would have overwhelming superior technology. What we should do is spend the dollars on something useful, such as an all-out commitment to colonize Mars within ten years. The ripple effect would be dynamic and the challenge would once again awaken our pioneering spirit!" - Fife Symington, a former governor of Arizona and Air Force officer, and witness to what he has called a huge UFO over Phoenix in 1997

●  "Do we know what practices would be effective in resisting aliens? Wouldn't the public have to be convinced, in all countries, that there is such a threat? When have the major nations on this planet shown they can agree on any military course of action? Earthlings are already spending a trillion dollars a year on things military. Where would the money come from? Krugman seems to be suggesting more lies are what is needed. How about everybody cutting their military budgets in half and feeding people instead?" - Stanton T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist who worked on classified programs for large companies and is an advocate of the idea that some UFOs originate from other planets

 “Chasing UFOs” – New National Geographic TV series


The “Chasing UFOs” team:  Ben McGee, Erin Ryder and James Fox
~ one believer, one skeptic, one undecided ~

The new “Chasing UFOs” series will debut on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 9 p.m. on the National Geographic channel.  The above promotional photo indicates it might be a scientific documentary series with “Indiana Jones” style.  Let’s hope it’s as professionally done and accurate as the “Ancient Alien” series on the History Channel.

Ted Loman, a long-time UFO researcher who has been helpful to this website, will be in one segment of the series.  He’s the one with the red vest and signature eye patch in this photo with the “Chasing UFOs” cast members. 

When we spoke with Ted on June 13, 2012, he told us he had not been shown a preview of the National Geographic program.  He didn’t even know which Friday his segment would be included.  He added he was curious to see how his segment has been edited into the show.


The editing would be of particular interest to Ted since he produced his own documentary film about UFO crashes titled “It Fell from the Sky.”  He’s also hosted the longest-running, award-winning live UFO talk show in the United States.  It was a surprising hit for Tucson’s cable access station and was picked up in other cities from San Francisco to New York.  During those years, he interviewed hundreds of UFO experts including the most notable ones in the field.  He’s also been interviewed himself on national programs such as “Geraldo” and “Larry King Live.”– The Editor


Renowned psychic Edgar Cayce saw into 22nd Century

Edgar Cayce, the most accurate, prolific and documented prophet and psychic healer of the 20th Century, had a prophetic dream that offers hope that life on Earth won’t be ending anytime soon.  In that dream, he saw an event in his future incarnation on Earth in the 22nd Century.

Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce, March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945


EDGAR CAYCE:  “I had been born again in 2100 A.D. in Nebraska.  The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city where I lived was on the coast.  The family name was a strange one.  At an early age as a child I declared myself to be Edgar Cayce who had live 200 years before.  Scientists, men with long beards, little hair, and thick glasses, were called in to observe me.  They decided to visit the places where I said I had been born, lived and worked in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia.

“Taking me with them the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar-shaped metal flying ship which moved at a high speed.

“Water covered part of Alabama.  Norfolk, Virginia had become an immense seaport.  New York had been destroyed either by war or an immense earthquake and was being rebuilt.  Industries were scattered over the countryside.  Most of the houses were built of glass.  Many records of my work as Edgar Cayce were discovered and collected. The group returned to Nebraska, taking the records with them to study. . .”

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It should be pointed out that Edgar Cayce said the future is not fixed and that human freewill can affect outcomes.

Surprise, Easter Island giant heads have bodies

The mystery of the 887 giant stone heads on Easter Island literally got deeper when archaeologists with the Easter Island Statue Project began digging around afew of them in October 2011.  After months of careful digging, photos from the archaeological site were released to the general public on May 15, 2012.

The tallest head is 33 feet high and weighs 82 tons, so the enormity of a complete statue is truly mindboggling.  Perhaps the petroglyphs found on the backs of the stone statues will eventually provide answers to one of the world’s big mysteries.  We’d like to thank Millard Deutsch for alerting us to this most intriguing discovery. - The Editor

Stone Heads

Stone Heads

Gospel of the Beloved Companion
The Gospel of the Beloved Companion” - Map of the Languedoc region of France where
the original manuscript continues to be preserved and protected

Mary Magdalene’s Gospel: oldest, most revealing
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“The Gospel of the Beloved Companion” appears to be the oldest Christian book in existence and reveals more about the life and teachings of Jesus than the other gospels of the Bible.

The ancient manuscript apparently was saved from destruction when it was brought to the Languedoc region of France by Mary Magdalene and other followers of Jesus when they fled Israel during the Jewish/Roman War (66-73 AD).  The book remained there for centuries under the protection of a spiritual group known as the Cathars.

The gospel was saved again from destruction during the 13th Century when Pope Innocent III directed his “Holy Army” to kill all the Cathars primarily because they rejected the priesthood and believed men and women are equal.  Multiple sources say at least a million followers of the Cathar faith were massacred. 

To this day, the ancient gospel is hidden away by a spiritual community that spun off from the original Cathars.  In 2010, a member of that community, Jehanne de Quillan, published an English translation of “The Gospel of the Beloved Companion.” She and others in her community felt it was safe enough for them to come forward with the remarkable information about Jesus.  Yet, they continue to keep the original document hidden because they still don’t trust the Roman Church.

De Quillan points out that “even today, crimes against the innocent can be veiled behind a cloak of clerical immunity, which has the power to hide and cynically protect the guilty within their ranks from prosecution . . .” 


The major Biblical events of Jesus’ adult life are fleshed out and come alive in this gospel written by Mary Magdalene, the beloved companion.  Here are a few brief excerpts:


6:7   When the steward of the feast tasted the wine, and not knowing where it came from, he came to the bride and bridegroom and said to Yeshua (Jesus), “Everyone serves the good wine first, and when the guests have drunk freely, then that which is worse.  You have kept the good wine until now!”

 6:9   This beginning of his signs Yeshua did at his wedding feast at a place near Hyrcana in the land of Yehuda (Judah).


35:1   Now before the feast of the Pesach (Passover), Yeshua and his Disciples gathered together in the city to share a supper.  After the meal was ended, Yeshua arose from the table and laid aside his outer garment.  He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist.  Then he poured water into the basin and began to wash the Disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him. . . .

35:6    He was troubled in spirit and testified, “Only from the truth I tell you that one of you will betray me.”  The Disciples looked at one another, perplexed about whom he spoke.

35:7   The companion, whom Yeshua loved, was at the table, leaning against Yeshua’s breast.  Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter) therefore beckoned to her and said to her, “Tell us who it is of whom he speaks.”  She, leaning back as she was, on Yeshua’s breast, asked him, “Rabbouni, who is it?” Yeshua therefore answered, “It is he to whom I will give this piece of bread when I have dipped it.”  So when he had dipped the piece of bread, he gave it to Juda, the son of Shimon of Kerioth, then Yeshua said to him, “What you must do, do quickly.”

Last Supper

Does Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” show Peter asking Mary about the betrayer?
Could Da Vinci have been familiar with Mary Magdalene’s Gospel?


39:3   But there were standing by the cross of Yeshua his mother and his mother’s sister, Miryam the wife of Clopas, and Miryam the beloved companion, also called the Migdalah. Therefore when Yeshua saw his mother and the companion whom he loved standing there, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold your son!”  Then he said to the companion, “Woman, behold your mother!”  From that hour, the companion took her onto her own.”

Information on the book:  “The Gospel of the Beloved Companion” by Jehanne de Quillan was published in 2010 by Athara Editions in Ariege, France and is available through Amazon.


Howard Storm and his book “My Descent into Death”

Atheist WARNS USA after near-death experience
By Mary Joyce, website editor

By his own admission, Howard Storm was an adamant atheist who lived a decadent life and used people for his own self-serving reasons.  To make matters worse, he was an intellectual professor who absolutely knew he knew everything.

Then, like a bullet to his stomach, a ruptured duodenum brought him to death’s doorway.  At that point, he had a near-death experience that was terrifyingly hellish.  He was led down a hallway into absolute darkness where he was tormented by souls like himself – those who had lived their earthly lives on the dark side without love or compassion for others.  They seemed to get energy and pleasure in tearing Storm’s body apart with their long nails and sharp teeth. 

“How ironic it was ending up in the sewer of the universe with people who fed off the pain of others!” Storm later wrote in his book, “My Descent into Death.”

Terrified, in pain and feeling like road-kill, he saw no hope of escaping.  Then a voice said “Pray to God.”

“I remember thinking, ‘Why?’  What a stupid idea.  That doesn’t work,” Storm recalls.  Yet the voice repeated the words “Pray to God” two more times.

Storm didn’t know how to pray, yet in desperation he murmured a hodgepodge of words from the Twenty-third Psalm, “The Star Spangled Banner,” the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and “God Bless America.”

To Storm’s surprise, the demons backed away every time he said “God.”  Then the childhood song “Jesus Loves Me” popped into his thoughts and in a desperate experiment he called out “Jesus, save me.”

Suddenly he saw a pinpoint of light in the inky blackness that engulfed him.  “It was moving toward me at an alarming rate,” he recalls. 

”I knew that while it was indescribably brilliant, it wasn’t just light.  This was a living being, a luminous being approximately eight feet tall and surrounded by an oval of radiance. . . . Tangible hands and arms gently embraced me and lifted me up.  I slowly rose up into the presence of the light and the torn pieces of my body miraculously healed before my eyes.”

While in the presence of Jesus and the angels between heaven and hell, Storm was able to ask questions.  Anyone can imagine what those questions might be, but here is the answer to one that everyone in the United States should take to heart:

 “Will the United States be the leader of the world in this change?”

The United States has been given the opportunity to be the teacher for the world, but much is expected of those to whom much has been given.  The United States has been given more of everything than any country in the history of the world and it has failed to be generous with the gifts.

If the United States continues to exploit the rest of the world by greedily consuming the world’s resources, the United States will have God’s blessing withdrawn.  Your country will collapse economically which will result in civil chaos.  Because of the greedy nature of the people, you will have people killing people for a cup of gasoline. 

The world will watch in horror as your country is obliterated by strife.  The rest of the world will not intervene because they have been victims of your exploitation.  They will welcome the annihilation of such selfish people. 

The United States must change immediately and become the teachers of goodness and generosity to the rest of the world.  Today the United States is the primary merchant of war and the culture of violence that you export to the world. . . .The United States has been given the opportunity to be the peacemaker of the world. . . .

There are millions of people in the world dying for lack of things people in the United States take for granted.  This is not God’s will.  God wants you to know that every person is your brother and sister. . . . There must be a turning to God or the reign of the United States will end.

Because there is so much conflict and war over religion, here is one more question Storm asked, followed by the answer. “Which is the best religion?”

The religion that brings you closest to God.  There are good people in bad religions and there are bad people in good religions.  It is not so important which religion, but what individuals do with the religion they have been given. . . . God loves all people and is pleased by religions that seek God in Spirit and in Truth.  God abhors the misuse of religion that creates divisiveness between people, that justifies violence, that promotes pride in self-righteousness.  God is far greater than any religion.



ROW 1:  “The Jesus Discovery” book – Authors James D. Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici at Jesus’ tomb
ROW 2:  Entrance to Jesus family tomb – Simplified diagram of tomb’s interior – Ossuary with etched fish

Archaeological evidence that Jesus was married
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The book “The Jesus Discovery” was released in late February 2012 and provides the best evidence so far that Jesus was married and had a child.  In order to understand the evidence, two Jewish burial customs during the time of Jesus need to be explained. 

First, it was the custom to leave a corpse in a burial cave for about a year or until all the soft tissue had fully decayed.  Then the bones were put into a stone bone box called an ossuary for final burial.  The ossuary custom lasted less than a century and ended when the Romans crushed the Jewish rebellion in 70 AD.

A second ancient Jewish burial custom was to carve cave-like family tombs into rock hillsides.  Typically, there was an open square inside a tomb with burial niches on three sides.  The head of the family had the place of honor – the first niche right of the entrance.


In English, these three ossuaries from the Jesus family tomb were etched with the following names:
Jesus son of Joseph – Mariamene Mara – Jude son of Jesus

As you might expect, the Jesus ossuary was in the position of honor.  Interestingly, there were two other ossuaries sharing his niche.  The name “Mariamene Mara” was etched on one and “Jude son of Jesus” on the other.

DNA testing of the bone fragments in the Jesus and Mariamene Mara ossuaries revealed there was no genetic link between the two individuals.  So the woman buried in the Jesus niche was neither his mother nor his sister.

According to the authors of “The Jesus Discovery,” more than 2,000 ossuaries from approximately 1,000 cave tombs in the Jerusalem area have been documented.  Of those, nearly 600 have inscriptions but only one has the name Mariamene Mara etched on it. 

The name is unique for two reasons.  First, Mariamene is an endearing form of the name Mary and normally would not be etched on an ossuary.  Second, the first name is followed by “Mara,” the feminine equivalent of the title “Master” or “Lord.”  For these and other reasons, the authors believe that Mariamene Mara was Mary Magdalene of the New Testament.

Other names in the Jesus family tomb also would be familiar to those who have read the Christian gospels, but there’s a second unique one.   It’s the nickname “Jose.”  As you might expect, nicknames on ossuaries are extremely rare, but more significantly, this was the nickname Jesus gave his brother Joseph.  

Most recently, the authors and their team discovered another family tomb just 200 feet from the Jesus family tomb.  This was the tomb of a rich man the authors believe was Joseph of Arimathea.  He was mentioned in the Bible because he boldly stepped forward to take responsibility for the burial of Jesus.

Even in his own death, Joseph of Arimathea took another bold step.  He had an image carved on his ossuary of a big fish spitting out a man.  This was bold because it was against Jewish tradition to depict images of animals, fish, fowl or humans on ossuaries.  It also was bold because the story of Jonah being spit from a giant fish’s mouth was used by Jesus as an allegorical image for resurrection.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS:  James D. Tabor is chairman of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina.  He has authored several other books including “The Jesus Dynasty.”

Simcha Jacobovici is a filmmaker who has won many awards including three Emmys for Investigative Journalism.  He produced the film “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” and authored the book “The Jesus Family Tomb.”  Currently he is working on a film for the Discovery Channel about the recent discovery of the rich man’s tomb which is believed to be that of Joseph of Arimathea.

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Why are brooms standing without support?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

I first learned about brooms standing upright without support on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from Carrie Hux of Cherokee, NC.  Since I didn’t have a broom with flat-cut bristles, I couldn’t try it for myself and “broom standing” faded from my thoughts until Wednesday.  That’s when someone called me at work about brooms standing upright at the local Dollar General store in Sylva, NC. 

After that call, I searched in vain for a broom without sharply angled bristles. Then I remembered the little whisk broom.  When I placed it on the floor, it immediately stood at attention.  After that, Wednesday, March 7, 2012 became “Broom Day” where I work.


Caught without a camera, I asked the next person who walked through the door, Judy Ohliger, to snap a photo of the free-standing whisk broom with her cell phone.  Her photo is on the left. The other two photos were taken at the Dollar General store. 

Next I made calls to a few people I thought might be at home and asked them to try “broom standing.”  If it worked for them, I asked that they send me photos.  The first ones came from Geraldine Collins who also provided a description of her broom experience.


“My broom is a bit rough from use and has a very slight angle to its synthetic bristles but it stood upright on the stone-slate floor without any support from me.

“As I was letting go of the broom, I actually physically felt the "air space" change around the broom handle.  It felt very different than the surrounding atmosphere.  I would say there was a heavier force field surrounding the broom in a vertical cylinder shape that seemed to be the length of the broom. This force field extended about 6-8 inches out from the broom itself.  

“As I ran my hands up and down the broom, but without touching it, I felt a heavier force field the entire length of the broom. When I moved my hands beyond 6-8 inches from the broom, I no longer felt a force field.

“The broom stood like this for several minutes; it did not fall over or waver. After about 15 minutes, I moved the broom to several different places with the same results – the broom stood by itself.  I have never seen a broom do this before.” – Geraldine Collins


Later in the day, Leanne Pate came into my work place and smiled when she saw the free-standing whisk broom.  She said a broom had been standing totally unsupported for three days at the Jackson County Justice Center in Sylva.   Later she sent me the first two photos below of brooms at the Justice Center.   The third photo was taken by Marie Schlenk after she tried “broom standing” at her home.


The day after “broom day,” I took the following two photos of a broom standing in front of a health store’s body building section while joking that supplements had turned the broom into “Super Broom.”  The second shot reveals how few of the broom’s bristles were actually touching the floor.


So why are brooms standing at attention? 
It is well known that the Moon affects tides so perhaps brooms are being influenced by astronomical alignments.  This diagram shows the alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury that occurred on March 4, 2012.  


Some say there also are significant alignments beyond our immediate solar system.  Here are a few other nuggets to ponder from the “Sea and Sky” website:

March 3 –The red planet Mars will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun.

March 8 – The full Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth.

March 14 - The two brightest planets in the sky - Venus and Jupiter - will be within 3 degrees of each other in the evening sky.

March 20 – The spring equinox occurs and the Sun will shine directly on the equator so there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world.

Debunker’s $10,000 bribe to stop UFO truth

Philip J. Klass, best known UFO debunker
Travis Walton, abductee and author of “Fire in the Sky”

On February 5, 2012, we received the following email from Victor.  It claims the best known UFO debunker, Philip J. Klass, might have offered a bribe to keep an eyewitness from confirming the alien abduction of Travis Walton.  In our search for truth, we sent the email to Travis Walton and asked if he would confirm or deny the information.  His response follows this email. – The Editor




Yes, it is true.  I even briefly mentioned this in my book “Fire in the Sky,” but all I knew then was that Deputy Click had taken Steve Pierce the message from Philip Klass when Steve still lived in this area.  I didn't know then that Klass also had flown to Texas and spent hours taking Steve out to dinner and trying to get him to accept the $10,000 bribe.  He even followed Steve to another state or two.

I found this very curious since in the first edition of my book I had criticized Klass for being "an armchair investigator" who had never personally contacted anyone involved with my abduction, nor ever bothered to visit the abduction site.  

But then, I met someone at the 2011 International UFO Congress who ruefully admitted to having picked Klass up at the Phoenix airport and then driving him the 180 miles to the site of my abduction near Heber. . . . Yet, I never saw in any of Klass's books or "whitepapers" where he even once mentioned these costly "field excursions" to rebut my "armchair investigator" charge. . . .

All this strongly supports the belief that Klass was a paid government disinformationist.

Compounding this are the FBI files I possess that someone obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  In these papers are documents citing repeated investigations of Klass by the FBI for revealing classified information. . . .
Klass was no friend of the FBI. He had derisively attacked the agency publicly for discussing the use of psychics in criminal investigations and for publishing an article titled "The UFO Mystery" by astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek in their internal publication.  

Klass's FBI file (Bufile 62-116443, Serial 7) states that:

In view of Klass' intemperate criticisms and often irrational statements he made to support them, it was recommended that the Bureau be most circumspect in any future contacts with him."

There also is a November 9, 1964 memo previously stamped “SECRET,” from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to the Director of the CIA just about Klass, his security breaches and the FBI’s decision not to pursue prosecution or further investigation.  It is highly redacted or blacked out, but it is significant that there was a director-to-director memo just about Klass.

More bombshells to follow in a future final edition of my book “Fire in the Sky.” – Travis Walton


(1) The most recent edition (2010) of Travis Walton’s book about his abduction, “Fire in the Sky,” is only available through his website ( He cautions that other sources are selling overpriced 1996 editions.  A date for his final edition is not yet known because new material continues to come in.

(2) Philip J. Klass had a BS degree in electrical engineering.  He worked for General Electric for 10 years and Aviation Week & Space Technology for 34 years (1952-1986). He died in 2005 in Merritt Island, FL.

Archaeologist: Jesus was in Georgia
By Mary Joyce

Jesus in Georgia

The Etowah Indian Mounds are located northwest of Atlanta and south of Cartersville, Georgia near I-75.  Conventional archaeologists believe they are remnants of one the last great cities built by a Mississippian culture that arrived in the area about 950 AD.  However, other archaeologists postulate that some kind of a catastrophe caused the Maya of Central American to suddenly migrate into the North America before that date.  Some artifacts found at the site, like the one shown above, do look remarkably Mayan*.

Archaeologist L. Taylor Hansen (1897-1976) spent 25 years researching ancient American tribal chants, legends and archaeological finds about a mysterious White Man who traveled through the Americas during the first century AD.  She found similar stories – all predating the arrival of Columbus and Christianity - from more than 30 tribes between Peru and Canada.  Eventually she compiled her findings in a book titled “He Walked the Americas.”

The legends say (1) that the mysterious White Man had a beard and hair with copper highlights and light colored eyes that were changeable like the sea, (2) that he wore a white robe with embroidered crosses on its hem, (3) that he had T-shaped markings on his hands,* (4) that he was a healer, miracle worker and a prophet who taught a religion of peace, (5) that he came from across the ocean and taught that there was only one God, (6) that he trained a leader plus 12 associates at each tribe he visited to continue his teachings when he moved on.

After a quarter century of discovering similar legends throughout the Western Hemisphere, Hansen concluded the mysterious White Man was Jesus who “came not only to one continent, but to all the world.

According to Hansen, one of Jesus’ stops was in Etowah, Georgia where the Puan people were preparing for the annual Thanksgiving Ceremony to celebrate the safe arrival of the survivors who had “fled from burning Pahn.”  Pahn was the tribe’s name for Atlantis.*

Hansen writes:

“Famous all over the Americas now was the Mighty Master, and the people came from many miles away to see him. . . . Here he built a pyramid-temple, with painted logs as was the Puan custom, and dedicated it to Our Father, the Great Spirit. . . . It was during this rite of dedication of the Pyramid Temple in the place now called Etowa, Georgia, that the Prophet first mentioned the future.”

The legends say the Mighty Master stood high above the people, perhaps on the major mound shown in the above photo, and gave a dedication speech for the temple that had just been completed.  Then he had a two part vision which he shared with the people. 

First, he predicted a future civil war of the Puan people.  Second, he saw much further off in time that bearded men in ships from across the Sunrise Ocean (Atlantic) would destroy the native cities.  At the end of the two visions, the legends say the Mighty Master spoke these words about the bearded invaders:

“They do not respect our trees of cedar.
They are but hungry, unenlightened children.”

* FOOTNOTES:  (1) Hansen’s research opens up the possibility that Mayan art was a continuation of the Atlantean style. (2) There is confusion about the placement of the nails in Jesus’ hands.  Were they pounded into the palms or the wrists?  This could be explained by the fact that in some ancient cultures the hand included the forearm. (3) The similarity of the tribe’s name, “Puan,” and its name for Atlantis, “Pahn,” might indicate the origin of that tribe of people.


New scientific study: Shroud of Turin authentic

(1) A negative image of the face of Christ from the Shroud of Turin
(2) Painting by Giulio Clovio showing how Christ’s body was wrapped in a burial shroud
(3) Photo of the front side of Turin Shroud

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Just before Christmas, The Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom published an article about the latest scientific study of the Shroud of Turin.  The results show the purported burial cloth of Christ is not a medieval forgery and may very well be authentic. We’ve added the boldface highlights.

Italian study claims Turin Shroud is Christ's authentic burial robe
By Nick Squires with The Telegraph

December 19, 2011 – Italian scientists have conducted a series of advanced experiments which, they claim, show that the marks on the shroud – purportedly left by the imprint of Christ's body – could not possibly have been faked with technology that was available in the medieval period. . . .

Skeptics have long claimed that the shroud is a medieval forgery, and radiocarbon testing conducted by laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona in 1988 appeared to back up the theory, suggesting that it dated from between 1260 and 1390.

But those tests were in turn disputed on the basis that they were skewed by contamination by fibres from cloth that was used to repair the relic when it was damaged by fire in the Middle Ages. . . .

"The double image (front and back) of a scourged and crucified man, barely visible on the linen cloth of the Shroud of Turin, has many physical and chemical characteristics that are so particular that the staining ... is impossible to obtain in a laboratory," concluded experts from Italy's National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development.

The scientists set out to "identify the physical and chemical processes capable of generating a colour similar to that of the image on the Shroud."  They concluded that the exact shade, texture and depth of the imprints on the cloth could only be produced with the aid of ultraviolet lasers – technology that was clearly not available in medieval times.

The scientists used extremely brief pulses of ultraviolet light to replicate the kind of marks found on the burial cloth.

They concluded that the iconic image of the bearded man must therefore have been created by "some form of electromagnetic energy (such as a flash of light at short wavelength)." Although they stopped short of offering a non-scientific explanation for the phenomenon, their findings will be embraced by those who believe that the marks on the shroud were miraculously created at the moment of Christ's Resurrection. . . .

Prof Paolo Di Lazzaro, the head of the team, said: "When one talks about a flash of light being able to colour a piece of linen in the same way as the shroud, discussion inevitably touches on things like miracles and resurrection.  But as scientists, we were concerned only with verifiable scientific processes. . . .”

Tests back up American research

The research, conducted in laboratories in Frascati, a town outside Rome famous for its white wine, backs up the outcome of tests by a group of 31 American scientists between 1978 and 1981.

The Americans – who called themselves the Shroud of Turin Research Project or STURP – conducted 120 hours of X-rays and ultraviolet light tests on the linen cloth.

They concluded that the marks were not made by paints, pigments or dyes and that the image was not "the product of an artist," but that at the same time it could not be explained by modern science.

"There are no chemical or physical methods known which can account for the totality of the image, nor can any combination of physical, chemical, biological or medical circumstances explain the image adequately."

The US team – which included nuclear physicists, thermal chemists, biophysicists and forensic pathologists – concluded: "The image is an ongoing mystery."

Scientists have never been able to explain how the image of a man's body, complete with nail wounds to his wrists and feet, pinpricks from thorns around his forehead and a spear wound to his chest, could have formed on the cloth. . . .

Night Vision   
(L) Photo taken through a night vision lens of two people on a Star Watch Tour
 (R) 3rd generation military night vision goggles

Night vision star tours in Western North Carolina

“Night vision goggles changed my life,” says Dawn Bankson, owner of Star Watch Tours in Asheville, North Carolina. 

The single mother who has a degree in communications, a master’s degree in education and has worked professionally as a teacher, marketing director, and communications director for a state senator gave it all up after a trip to Arizona and New Mexico with her son.

“The day we were leaving Sedona,” Dawn explains, “we saw a card that guaranteed UFO sightings with night vision goggles.  So we stayed an extra night and were taken out to a ranch that had been seized by the federal government because, for some reason, they were digging into the side of a mountain.  From the edge of the cliff overlooking the excavation, we saw several things through the goggles, but the thing that took my breath away was an almond-shaped light. 

 “The object came all the way from one edge of the horizon to straight above me and then made a complete circle,” she says.  “At that moment, I noticed another similar object coming from the opposite edge of the horizon and the two met directly above me and then they instantly disappeared.  Satellites, shooting stars and meteorites don’t do that and I don’t know anything manmade that can move that fast.

“I know it’s a strange thing to say,” Dawn says with a smile, “but after that experience I just decided I wanted my life to be about something more and ultimately I felt led to Asheville to start Star Watch Tours.  To the best of my knowledge, the only other night vision star tours in the country are in Arizona and California.”

Not only did Dawn toss aside a secure professional path and leave her home in Alabama, she made a sizeable investment in five 3rd generation military night vision goggles which are listed around $3,500 each.

What to expect on a Star Watch Tour

“In addition to 3rd generation military night vision goggles, we provide camping chairs, blankets, and laser pointers so people can point to things in the sky for other people to notice.  Then we take people out somewhere in the middle of nowhere and away from city lights so they can get a clear view of the sky. 

 “With the naked eye you might see a dozen stars in the sky and occasionally a shooting star or a very low flying satellite.  With the night vision goggles, you literally see too many stars to count – thousands and thousands.

“You’ll also see what we call ‘Travelers.’  That’s the name I’ve given the lights that are almost the size of stars and traverse around the sky without any kind of limitations.  We see them all the time, but they’re not visible to the naked eye.

“We also see objects that are much bigger than stars but still aren’t visible except through the goggles.  Those usually just glide along.  

“The tours typically are three to four hour events.  Currently we have a special rate of $60/person for groups of five, or $75/person for couples.  It’s possible to take out larger groups if people are willing to share goggles; then the cost per person is reduced.  Some people who live in the country have invited friends over for a star watch gathering in their yards.”

For more information, go to www.starwatchtours.comMake sure to open the listing for the website’s home page.

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