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2017 Sky Ship Photos

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UFOs sometimes crash and burn – photos

We tend to think UFOs are so technologically superior that they’re invincible, but here are photos showing they are not.  Of course, it’s not always possible to distinguish ET craft from manmade ones so we can’t be sure who the pilots were in these crashes.  The titles of the YouTube videos from which these photos were taken are included beneath the photos so you can view them if you wish. – The editor

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Best EVER UFO Crash captured on CCTV in Brazil (Original) – Real Alien UFO

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(1) UFO Burning Up Over Lake Titicaca Peru May 2013 Full Video After News Report
(2) 600ft UFO Crash Site Discovered On Mars! 11/23/16
(3) BEFORE Roswell Maury Island UFO Crash Exposed 12/11/16


Mile Long UFO Crash Site On Ocean bottom 12/30/16

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(1) Was A UFO Crash Site Found In Antarctica? (UFO Mysteries)
(2) UFO Crash Lands in Canada?

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US soldiers dropped over UFO Crash site in Nevada Desert ! March 2016






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Sky Ships Over Cashiers
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