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Woman sees UFO “hatch” two smaller UFOs
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Ronda Moore was working the night shift at a group home in Franklin, North Carolina the night of January 7, 2023.  When she stepped outside for a smoke break about 10:15 p.m., she saw “a bright ball moving steadily across the sky.” She was able to snap a few photos which are shown above.

A year earlier, Ronda saw something similar but much more dramatic.

“That was when I saw a UFO moving westward from Balsam Mountain Ridge. I immediately jumped up to get my boss to tell him I was seeing a UFO. As he looked up, the UFO split.  A smaller one and then a second small one came out of the original UFO.  Then all three continued on the same path and stopped.  The first and bigger UFO sent a bright beam of light downward and both little ones zipped straight up and were gone.”

Like many UFO witnesses, Ronda has seen multiple UFOs over the years.  On the night of the lunar eclipse in May 2022, she saw “two UFOs zig and zag across the entire sky.”  She says “they would come together and then part but stayed close together.”

She’s also seen a UFO take off from land at Yellow Mountain; a triangular UFO over Walmart in Sylva; and another triangular one come out of the water at the Wolf Creek Dam. All of her sightings have been in Jackson County, North Carolina.

Franklin, Sylva, Cashiers and Wolf Creek Dam can be found on this map. The yellow
Star marks the approximate location of Yellow Mountain which is west of Cashiers.



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