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2017 Sky Ship Photos

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Mothership may have been caught in eclipse photo

Since 2009, those of us at this website have periodically photographed the Sun and often have captured an orb around it.  Sometimes rapid sequential photos reveal the orb emerging from or disappearing into the bright central light of the Sun. Sometimes the orb quickly moves to different positions around the Sun.  Other people around the world also have captured this phenomenon.  After eight years of witnessing this, we have to consider that the orb may be a mothership monitoring Earth.

During the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, Vickie McMahan took the above photo. The yellow arrow points to the Sun; the red one to something that looks like a crescent Moon which can be seen more clearly when we zoomed in (right photo).
“With my eclipse glasses on,” Vickie explained, “I could see the Moon in front of the Sun when I took this photo, but the sunlight was too intense for my cellphone camera to see it.”

This means the crescent in Vickie’s photo cannot be the Moon because it was directly in front of the Sun.  So, the crescent shape may be sunlight reflecting off the UFO or mothership that has been appearing around the Sun for years. – The editor




Three orbs moved in unison near the Moon

EDITOR’S NOTE:  On July 15, 2017, two of us from the website met with Michael Whitaker.  He wanted to show us and explain the above photo which he took between 7:30 and 8 pm one night in late November or early December 2016 from Hendersonville, NC

We were at my mother’s house in Hendersonville and the moon was crazy with smoke going across it (chemtrail) and I went out and took a picture with my phone.  As I was walking back inside, I looked at it and saw a large bright yellow-white orb and two smaller green ones near the moon, but when I looked at the sky, they weren’t there.  Then I held the phone up and they were there.  So, I took another picture.

I called my mother and her husband from the house and they came outside.  Sure enough, you could not see a thing, but when you held up the phone you could see them.  We could only see them through the camera lens, not with our bare eyes.

The yellow-white orb and the two green orbs formed a triangle and they would pivot in unison.  I thought they were part of the same thing, one unit.  We all thought that.

Sometimes it looked like the triangle formation was disappearing and then when it turned sideways, you could see all the lights again.  We watched this for about a minute before thick clouds came and the orbs blinked out.





Pair of UFOs over Cashiers

Our sky watcher in Cashiers, Glynis Heenan, has been snapping photos of UFOs over her mountaintop community since 2008.  She has taken so many that we decided years ago to only post the more unusual ones.

She took the photo on the left the first week of May 2017. We decided to post it because it shows two UFOs close together, but if you want to see a few of her truly unique UFO photos, go to the 2015 archives and look for:

● UFOs perform new “Dance” above Cashiers, NC
● UFOs disguised as asteroids
● It looked like a gathering of Star Trek ships
● UFOs create “1619” hologram in night sky.





far near

Woman runs over ghost in road - photo

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the photo on the left on April 23, 2017 from Vickie McMahan, our Facebook manager, along with the following email note.  On the right, we zoomed in and enlarged the ghostly figure in her photo.

I took this picture from my car on the way to work in Cherokee, NC five years ago. My intention was to capture the beautiful early morning sky.  I was showing it to my daughter and she said, "Mom, do you see a figure in the photo?"

I looked at it again and there it was in the shape of a man standing in the road. I think I must have run over him.  I was shocked, needless to say.  I showed it to many friends who all saw the same thing.

The photo was in an old phone of mine which died so I lost the photo.  Fast forward to a week ago, I was asked by a friend if I still had that photo and I said no. I then got in touch with another friend who keeps stuff like that forever.  She said she would look, and low and behold, she found it and sent it to me.






HS student gets UFO photo on first try

Lukas Wilde, a student at Smoky Mountain High School in Sylva, NC, interviewed Evelyn Gordon and me on March 31, 2017 about local UFO sightings. He plans to present the topic to his English class before the end of the school year.

During the interview, we told Lukas about a UFO that hides in the brightness of the Sun but often pops into view.  While it can’t be seen by the naked eye, it has been captured many times from many places with various cameras, so we suggested that Lukas step outside with his cellphone camera and take his own photo of the Sun.  The photo to the left is one he took from Dunkin’ Donuts in Sylva.  He got lucky and caught the UFO we’ve been observing for eight years. It’s the round white object to the upper left of the Sun.

The photo below is the very first one Lukas snapped.  We zoomed in for a closer view.  In comparing the two photos, the UFO is closer to the Sun in the photo below and in the 10 o’clock position instead of the 11 o’clock position showing that the UFO doesn’t stay in a static location. – The Editor


The UFO Lukas photographed is not a onetime phenomenon.  Below are sample photos taken of it from three different locations over three consecutive years.

sun1 sun2 sun3

Michigan 2009 – Tennessee 2010 – New Zealand 2011





first second

Two UFOs over Los Angeles

The photo on the left is from a brief 27-second video titled “UFOs videotaped over Los Angeles.”  The right photo is an enlargement of the larger object.  The video was submitted to the “UFO Casebook” YouTube channel by Jeffrey Sainio, a former MUFON staff photo- analyst, and posted on April 12, 2017.  The videographer was not identified.





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Photos of gold UFO above Bigfoot home

On the night of February 28, 2017, Wayne Wilson could hear his Bigfoot neighbors in the woods near his house so he went outside with his video camera – just in case.  He could see their eyes in the woods and they seemed to be watching and chatting about something in the sky above them.

When Wayne looked up, he saw a constantly changing gold UFO.  The above photos are enlargements of that object from a brief video Wayne took that night.

It should be explained that three years ago, Wayne discovered Bigfoot were living in the woods around his home northeast of Greensboro, North Carolina. Since then, they’ve become friends.  




UFOs sometimes crash and burn – photos

We tend to think UFOs are so technologically superior that they’re invincible, but here are photos showing they are not.  Of course, it’s not always possible to distinguish ET craft from manmade ones so we can’t be sure who the pilots were in these crashes.  The titles of the YouTube videos from which these photos were taken are included beneath the photos so you can view them if you wish. – The editor

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Best EVER UFO Crash captured on CCTV in Brazil (Original) – Real Alien UFO

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Mile Long UFO Crash Site On Ocean bottom 12/30/16

h i

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