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Sky Hands

This website encourages everyone to look up more often and carry a camera just in case they see a Sky Ship. Jennifer Heavener did just that and caught these giant sky hands when she was in Morganton, NC. Even though there isn’t a Sky Ship in the photo, we thought it was interesting enough to put on the website.

Here are four more Sky Ship photos taken by 8-year-old Devon Heenan who lives in Cashiers, NC. As her mother says, Devon seems guided to snap photos just at the right times with her cellphone, but being a child she is oblivious to dates and times she takes them.
Devon's sky ship photo taken somewhere at the top of Cullowhee Mountain
According to Devon, photo “A” was taken one afternoon through the sunroof of her family’s vehicle somewhere at the top of Cullowhee Mountain.

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Devon's skyship photo taken from the porch off her bedroom in the afternoon looking west
Photo “B” was taken from the porch off her bedroom in the afternoon looking west.

Devon's skyship photo taken midday in her yard looking south
Photo “C” was taken midday in her yard looking south.

Devon's skyship photo taken from a school bus window when her class went to WCU
We do know that photo “D” was taken from a school bus window when her class went to Western Carolina University to see a play on August 29, 2008. It was taken from Highway 107 near the turn to the Cullowhee recycling center. The other photos were taken before that date but we don’t know when.
As Devon explains, she gets her best Sky Ship photos when she aims her cellphone at the Sun. Since the Sun’s brightness keeps her from looking directly into the sun, she never knows beforehand if a Sky Ship is even in the sky.

D.C. Buchanan's Sky Ship photo - June 7, 2008Sky Ship caught by D.C. Buchanan during golf course grand opening at Balsam Mountain Preserve

The above photo was taken by D.C. Buchanan, a photographer for The Mountaineer newspaper in Waynesville, NC, on June 7, 2008. It is one of several Sky Ship images he caught while covering Arnold Palmer's visit to his new golf course at The Balsam Mountain Preserve on Highway 74 between Waynesville and Sylva. The straight line distance between the golf course and Cashiers is just over 20 miles.

Buchanan's photos have been tested by photographic experts and proven to be authentic. You can find more of his Sky Ship photos and read how his photos were taken at

Devon's Sky Ship photo taken on June 28, 2008
Devon's Sky Ship photo taken on June 28, 2008 in Cashiers, NC

The above photo of a Sky Ship (UFO) was taken by eight-year-old Devon Heenan in Cashiers, NC on June 28, 2008 around 4 P.M. from the Ingle's parking lot on Highway 64. She was facing west when she took the picture with her Samsung cellphone camera. She was with a playmate and her friend's mother.

When asked how she happened to take the Sky Ship photo, Devon said "Well, I had my cellphone with me and I was with a friend and we were taking turns taking pictures. Then I didn't look and I took it."

With that brief explanation, she reenacted the event by extending her arm above her head with an imaginary cellphone in her hand. Then she abruptly turned her head, as if away from the bright sun, and snapped the photo.

"I didn't see the Sky Ship in the sky," she says. "I just looked at the cellphone and there it was. My Mom was pretty impressed. She sent it to a lot of other people."

Devon also explained that her Mother had seen a Sky Ship the night before for the first time and that was why she was interested in taking pictures of the sky.

Cellphone Photo Witnesses

Mary Joyce: "I saw Devon Heenan's photo of the Sky Ship (UFO) when it was just in the cellphone camera. The image of the ship was crystal clear and seemed to be parked in the center of the sun. Because of the sun's brightness, neither the eight-year-old child who took the photograph nor her mother even knew the ship was in the sky until the picture was snapped and it appeared in the camera screen.

"Another thing that added to the legitimacy of the photo was the true excitement expressed by the child and her mother after discovering the Sky Ship in the photo. There was no time for the photo to be manipulated and neither the child nor her mother has any technical skills in manipulating or creating such images.

"It is interesting that this Sky Ship image appears to be the same type of vehicle often photographed by Billy Meier over his Swiss farm during the 1970s. He became famous around the world for his Sky Ship photographs and his face-to-face interactions with one of the occupants who was fair featured and a more perfected version of a human being."

Evelyn Gordon: "I was able to see Devon's photo of a Sky Ship (UFO) the day after she took it. Even on the tiny cellphone screen it clearly was a Sky Ship. Devon was just randomly taking snapshots of the sky so she and her mother were startled to see a Sky Ship in one of her photos when they got home.

"When I asked why Devon was taking photos of the sky, her mother said she herself had seen a Sky Ship the night before and that had inspired her eight-year-old to take a series of sky photos.

"I know skeptics are quick to dismiss UFO photographs, but it's hard to dismiss a photo of a Sky Ship that's still in a child's cellphone. I also can vouch that the excitement that Devon and her mother expressed over the photo was absolutely genuine, as was mine."


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