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Low flying UFO along Blue Ridge Parkway

Low Flying Object

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following report was provided by “The Squad” which is a source of information about government/military secret facilities.  Members of The Squad have prior U.S. Air Force ties in supervisory positions. With this report, they’ve provided a photo of a UFO seen north of the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) which multiple credible sources say is a capstone cover for a secret, city-size, underground facility near the tiny community of Balsam Grove in Western North Carolina.

 “Some of us were hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway on November 13, 2011 when one of us caught this photo of a UFO at 4:01 p.m.  We were near mile marker 434, not far from Devil’s Courthouse at the big bend of the Parkway.  More importantly, the UFO was flying low and about 15-20 miles north-northwest of PARI.

“We did not hear or see anything at the time and only discovered the UFO after reviewing our photos the next day.  Then we zoomed in on the object and inverted the colors to better define the shape, but did no other manipulation whatsoever.”

Two blue objects around the Sun

Blue Objects Around the Sun

After posting sequential photos showing two white objects moving in tandem around the Sun (see posting directly below), we received this photo from Spuz Shissler of Linville Falls, NC. She captured the same phenomenon on August 22, 2011 around 1 p.m., but with a zoom lens the two objects appear blue instead of white.

This phenomenon which is dubbed the “blue moon,” was first posted on this website in early 2009. Since then many such photos from California to Great Britain to New Zealand have been posted, clearly proving that with a little luck the phenomenon can be captured from anywhere. It also is significant that the phenomenon has continued for about 2 ½ years.

According to Sky Ship messages, this phenomenon is a mother ship not a planet or comet because it quickly can change its position in relationship to the Sun.

If you have time, take a look at two other unique photos Spuz has taken. There’s one showing a “blue moon” spawning a second one in the 2010 photo archives. Then there’s one showing a “blue moon” encircled by many orbs in the 2009 archives.

Two UFOs move in tandem around Sun

Jane Gibbs of Portsmouth, England has contributed a “first” for the website by capturing two objects traveling around the Sun in tandem.

Just past noon on August 5, 2011, she took a rapid series of 10 photos of the Sun trying to capture the “blue moon” phenomenon she’d seen on this website. She was successful but expressed regret that she only has a simple camera. It should be explained that without a zoom, objects around the Sun appear smaller and white instead of blue.

Here are four of her photos in the order they were taken.

tandem UFOs click on photos to enlarge

NOTE: Scroll down to see other “blue moon” photos. There are additional ones in the 2009 and 2010 archives of this section.

100s of UFOs swarm above California town

100's of UFOs high above California
A man at his pool in Carmichael, California near Sacramento looked up and saw 100s of UFOs swarming high in the sky above him on Saturday, August 13, 2011. He watched for 15 minutes and preserved 10 minutes of UFO maneuvers with his video camera.

Close encounter with UFO off North Carolina coast

Google Earth zooms in on low-flying sky ship
A plane flying over the ocean near North Carolina sometime in June 2011 had a close encounter with a UFO. It was captured on video by the person in the co-pilot’s seat.

Photo gallery of manmade sky ships

CLICK HERE to read a related article titled “Triangular UFOs are manmade – the evidence.”

Mother ship still near Sun after two years

Notice the similarity between the first and third photos which were taken two years apart.
(Click on the photos above to see larger image)

The first photo was taken by Tammy Ochoa in McAllen, Texas about 2 p.m. on May 4, 2011 with her cell phone camera. The giant ring around the Sun is a natural weather phenomenon but it dramatically frames an object immediately left of the Sun which in turn is encircled by other objects.

Tammy’s rose colored cluster, except for the color, is like the “blue moon” phenomenon Mary Joyce first discovered from Cullowhee, NC on April 5, 2009. The second photo is typical of those taken around the country that year. The third photo taken by Spuz Shissler of Linville Falls, NC on November 24, 2009 shows a “blue moon” cluster that’s remarkably similar to the Tammy’s 2011 photo.

An explanation for the “blue moon” came through in a Sky Ship Message on May 31, 2009.

Here is a portion of that message:

“Next we would like to explain what has been dubbed the “blue moon” phenomenon that appears when digital cameras are zoomed in upon the Sun. This is the grandmother of all mother ships currently in Earth’s grander atmosphere. It also is the command center for the Forces of Light. Most of the time this blue moon is hidden in the brilliance of the Sun, but for certain ones, it will perform for their cameras. Because of the blue moon’s higher frequency, it appears translucent, but through more advanced energy methods, the blue moon also can appear, though it be an illusion, smaller, then larger. So that this blue moon cannot be dismissed as an optical camera effect, mother ships will gather around the grandmother ship just so Earth scientists will be unable to dismiss what they see as camera effects.”

NOTE: There are more “blue moon” photos in the 2009 photo archives.

Let’s stop the panic about Planet X
Stop the Panic

These photos are being sprayed all over the Internet and many are wondering if they reveal the notorious Planet X which they fear will come too close to Earth and disrupt life as we know. According to the information accompanying the photos, they were taken by a professional photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 3, 2011 between 5:30 and 6:45 p.m.

It should be comforting to know that we started posting similar photos on this website two years ago. You can find them in the 2009 archives of the Sky Ship Photos section. We dubbed the phenomenon next to the Sun the “blue moon” because it always looked blue when we set the camera on zoom – and white on the standard setting.

It immediately was evident that the “blue moon” was not a rogue planet because it often changed its position in relationship to the Sun very quickly when we took a sequence of rapidly shot photos. A planet would not do this.

We encourage you to check the 2009 photo archives and also read the Sky Ship Message dated May 31, 2009 which talks about this phenomenon.

Camera still capturing Sky Ships over Cashiers, NC

Night shots over Cashiers


click on one of the
photos to
see larger image

Sky Ships are still appearing above the high-mountain town of Cashiers, North Carolina. Here are six sample photos from those snapped by Glynis Heenan on January 27, February 9 and February 13, 2011.

As a footnote, it was a photo taken three years ago by Glynis’ daughter Devon that inspired the creation of this website. At that time, Devon was only eight years old and her photo remains one of the best taken of a Sky Ship over Western North Carolina. CLICK HERE to see Devon’s photo and read the story behind it.

Mystery orbs at underground Lost Sea

The photos on the left are typical of those generally taken of the underground Lost Sea in Sweetwater, Tennessee. The photos on the right with unexplained orbs were taken by Gerhard Flemming of Fletcher, NC. While a number of orb photos and videos have been posted on this website, these are the first captured below ground.

Click on right photos to see orbs more clearly
Underground orbs enlarged


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Sky Ships Over Cashiers
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