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"There are no miracles; there is only that which
is beyond human knowledge and understanding."

Sky Ship message November 26, 2009

2018 Cosmic Miracles

> Little boy heals mortally wounded puppy
> Son's brain tumor miraculously vanishes
> Answer to prayer in alley has unexpected twist
> My husband's heart-healing miracle



Little boy heals mortally wounded puppy
By Amanda Lacy

When my son Garrett was 3½ or 4 years old, we had a stray dog that came on our property and gave birth to a bunch of puppies.  We intended to find them a home after they were weened, but during that time, my son fell in love with one – a little black lab he called Junior.
Well, a male dog, probably the father of the puppies, bit Junior on his head.  There was a puncture hole completely through the puppy’s skull and he was bleeding, salivating and couldn’t walk. I really believed he couldn’t survive.

That happened on a Sunday evening and the vet offices weren’t open so my husband decided he was going to wring the puppy’s neck to put it out of its misery.

Garrett started crying and accused us of not believing in God’s ability to heal.  He had heard it preached in church and heard us pray for people.  He couldn’t understand why we weren’t praying for the puppy.  He was adamant that this animal was going to be healed.

So, he and his sister took the dog to Garrett’s room and locked the door so we couldn’t get the puppy. Then they started praying for Junior.  They even anointed him with cooking oil, right on the wound, I might add.

That night, I didn’t sleep much because I felt we were torturing the animal, but the next morning when I got the two to open the bedroom door, this little puppy walked out.  He was walking normally but his breathing was a little funny.  With a hole in the top of his head like a whale, there was a whistle each time he took a breath.

So, we put antibiotics on the wound.  He ate. Everything functioned normally.  Eventually, the hole in Junior’s skull filled up, but for about six weeks, he whistled. After that, he always made a funny little noise.  It wasn’t a full whistle but you could always hear him breathing.

Junior went on to live an active, healthy life.  So, God healed this dog which gave my son a supernatural faith which he has to this day.




Son’s brain tumor miraculously vanishes
By Amanda Lacy

Ten years after my son’s puppy was miraculously healed, he still has a supernatural faith in the power of prayer – and it saved his own life.

Garrett was a healthy and active child.  He loved to play baseball and was a skilled defensive player and pitcher.  He also played basketball and soccer.

Then at the age of 13, he began to gain excessive weight – 100 pounds in three months - and became lethargic.  We took him to the doctor who diagnosed him with mono (mononucleosis).

But then he began suffering terrible headaches and began throwing up.  We knew something else was wrong so we started going to specialists.  We had scans done, MRIs, you name it, we had it done.

Surprisingly, it was a sinus doctor who said, ”We need to have a brain scan on him because he could have a tumor.  Sometimes when there is a brain tumor, it will cause excessive growth, pressure in the head and hormone disruptions.”

So, we had the scan done and found there was a mass at the base of his brain where it attaches to his spinal cord.  It was decided that he needed to see a children’s neurologist in Atlanta but it was going to be six weeks before the doctor could see him there.  During the wait, I was told to keep Garrett calm, free of activity and eliminate stress of any kind.

Then one day Garrett said to me, “Momma, why are you worrying about this? I said, “Well, I need to get you better.”

“Do you remember Junior?” he continued.  “God is going to heal me just like he healed Junior.  He had a brain problem; I’ve got a brain problem.  God’s going to heal me the way he healed Junior.  You’ll see.”

Six weeks went by and we go to the children’s hospital in Atlanta.  The first thing they have to do is re-scan Garrett’s brain because sometimes tumors grow.

After this second scan, the doctor came in and said, “We don’t know how to explain it, but the tumor has disappeared.”  He had a copy of both scans and the tumor obviously wasn’t there in the second scan.

Then the doctor said to Garrett, “Well, young man, I’m sorry we wasted your time.

Garrett replied, “Why would you say that?  There are plenty of children here that need me to pray for them.”

It’s Garrett’s theory that all this happened to him so he could be taken to the children’s hospital to pray for the other children.




Answer to prayer in alley has unexpected twist

A young woman took a shortcut through an alley on her way home one night.  About half way through the alley, she saw a menacing-looking man so she prayed for God’s protection. Yes, she escaped unscathed but her story ends with an unexpected twist.
CLICK HERE to view the 2:20 minute video account of her experience.




My husband’s heart-healing miracle
By Beth Warnhoff

The Warnhoffs

John and Beth Warnhoff

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been one year since John Warnhoff received a healing miracle in January 2017.  In celebration, his wife decided to share his story to provide hope and inspiration for others.

After three heart surgeries at the Medical Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky, surgeons determined that my husband’s mitral valve had burst and he needed to be rushed to St. Thomas West Hospital in Nashville.  It is one of the few places in the country equipped to do mitral valve repairs.

Actually, John needed a heart transplant but his condition was so severe that he had less than a 12 percent chance of surviving such a surgery.  Besides, he was too old for a transplant according to Medicare stipulations.

When more testing was done at the Nashville hospital, a severe blood infection was discovered and had to be cleared up before any surgery could be done.  That meant doctors had to remove his pacemaker and defibrillator.  Finally, he was cleared for surgery.

Needless to say, John was extremely anxious the night before the surgery especially since he knew surgeons would have to create a hole in the back of his heart in order to insert the instruments to do the repair – and then plug it back up. He knew how risky this was and that he might not survive. 

That’s when everything changed.  He says he had a visitation from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  In this conversation, John expressed his desire to go on to heaven but God told him that He would be with him during the surgery.  He also told John not to be anxious and that he had a purpose for his life.

The next morning, the surgeon was prepared to implant five tiny clips to hold together John’s “floppy” valve segments.  After the second clip, everything changed.  John’s medical stats suddenly went from severe to trivial.  No other clips were needed.

After recovery, John asked his surgeon if something had occurred right after the second clip. The surgeon told him that indeed things changed in a matter of minutes.

In total, John had nine procedures in two and a half weeks, each one requiring anesthesia.
A year later, John is doing well, has renewed energy and exercises every day.  His EKG is normal and his doctor doesn’t understand why John’s heart seems to be repairing itself.  So, his miracle continues.

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