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2021 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Trail of huge Bigfoot prints through snow
> Little Footers” – Young Bigfoot Researchers
> Woman’s encounter with a Little Person
> Legislator wants Bigfoot hunting season



Trail of huge Bigfoot prints through snow

The following Bigfoot prints were found on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota by a member of the Ojibwe tribe.  He said he found the Bigfoot trail in 3.5 feet of snow. To help show the huge size of the footprints, he placed a rake handle next to the prints for the second photo. The handle is 4.2 feet in length.

Red box on map shows location
of the Red Lake Indian Reservation




“Little Footers” – Young Bigfoot Researchers
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“You don’t have to be an adult to do Bigfoot research,” says Lauren Smith, host of ‘Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio.’  My boys are five and eight years old and I often take them with me when I’m out in the woods doing Bigfoot research.  It’s an education for them in so many ways. They learn all about nature, camping safety and how to do accurate Bigfoot investigations.

“Because of them, I was inspired to launch a little segment on my YouTube channel called Little Footers – The Next Generation where I interview my own children and those of other Bigfoot researchers.  I’ve enjoyed the segment so much because when I talk to the kids, I realize how much they pick up and what profound thoughts they can have.  It will just blow your mind what they come up with.

“My two boys are actually the third generation in my family that has gotten into Bigfoot research,” Lauren says. 

“It started with my mother, Laurie Dyer Hood. She was scrolling thru the Internet and found a Bigfoot chatroom which made her laugh. She thought it was the biggest malarkey she’d ever heard.

“Then at one point they played a recorded Bigfoot sound that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She had heard the sound before so she became more interested. Then she had her own sighting and it launched her into her research.”

(L) Lauren Smith with her
mother Laurie Dyer Hood

“When I was 12 or 13, I started going out in the field with my mother until I stopped for a while after I graduated high school.  But then as an adult, I started researching again with her and also on my own.  I’ve been doing it since 2000.

“Then around 2010, my mother launched the “Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Show.’  I eventually became her co-host.  Recently she retired from her job and the radio show so she can do more Bigfoot research, so the reins have been turned over to me.”

Here is a link to Lauren’s video interview with me for her show:



The box in the first photo highlights the sticks-and-bark depiction
of Susan hiking that appeared on her patio.

Woman’s encounter with a Little Person
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The following account of an encounter with a Little Person was sent to our website on February 12, 2021 by Susan Crone who lives in Denver, Colorado.

Some people might doubt her story, but there are two reasons I have to consider that it might be true.  First, I have interviewed down-to-earth construction workers about their Little People discoveries in the North Carolina Mountains. Their testimonies are in my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real.”  Second, I have since met with people who have had face-to-face encounters with Little People who still live in remote areas of the Appalachian Mountains.

SUSAN’S ACCOUNT: “I just had a really cool Little People experience. I was suddenly compelled to take a second look at a photo I’d taken of a glyph that appeared on my patio last fall (above left).  As I did, I heard, clear as day, a tiny voice say, ‘Don’t you know who that is, silly?  That’s you hiking!”  That was followed by tinkling laughter. 

“I looked at the glyph photo again and saw the red hair.  I got chills.  It really looked like me - walking stick and all.”

Though this was a unique experience for Susan, she added that she is of Irish descent and has had “encounters with the wee folks” since she was a small child, and that her Dad believed in them also.



"Establishing an actual hunting season and issuing licenses for people who want to hunt Bigfoot will just draw more people to our already beautiful part of the state. It will be a great way for people to enjoy our area and to have some fun.”

Justin Humphrey
Oklahoma State Representative

Legislator wants Bigfoot hunting season
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Justin Humphrey, Oklahoma State Representative, has filed legislation that would establish a Bigfoot hunting season in his state. He also hopes to secure at least $25,000 as a bounty for the first person to trap the creature.
This is stomach-churning for many reasons.  First, Dr. Melba Ketchum discovered several years ago that Bigfoot DNA is half human and half some unknown primate.  Other DNA researchers have since confirmed her findings.  That makes Bigfoot some kind of distant cousins to us humans.

Second, Native American tribes long have regarded and respected Bigfoot as another clan of people who have much in common with them.

Third, there are many reports of Bigfoot actually saving humans.  Two of those reports are included in my book “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints.”  There are others such as a Bigfoot killing a wildcat that was about to pounce on a man.

Humphrey’s House Bill 1648 will come before the legislature in February 2021. If you find his proposal reprehensible as we do, give a call to:

● Rep. Charles McCall, Speaker of the House – 405-557-7412
● Rep. Terry O’Donnell, Speaker Pro Tempore – 405-557-7379
● Rep. Ty Burns, Chairman of Wildlife Committee – 405-557-7344
● Rep. Eddy Dempsey, Vice Chair of Wildlife Committee – 405-557-7363

There are lists of the 101 members of the Oklahoma House of Representative, so if you have the time and inclination to contact more of them, their phone numbers are available.




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