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2017 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Alien mummy recently found in Peru
> The boy who helped ETs with their garden
> ET autopsy information revealed in Dr. Greer's new book
> Billionaire businessman says ETs are on Earth
> Skeleton of an ET in silver suit found in cave
> When the Bigfoot turned violent
> Playground of the six-fingered Bigfoot kids
> "KILLING BIGFOOT" shouldn't be on TV
> Men with axes and guns attack Bigfoot
> Clear video of Bigfoot stick structures
> Baby Bigfoot may have made a good impression
> There are aliens walking among us
> Bigfoot have unique fingerprints





Alien mummy recently found in Peru

Brien Foerster has been interested in ancient enigmas since he was a young boy in Minnesota.  Today he is an archaeological researcher who has written nearly two dozen books including “Mysteries of the Maya” and “Nazca: Decoding the Riddle.” 

He is based in Peru where he owns and operates Hidden Inca Tours.  You may have seen him on the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.

A local Peruvian brought Brien Foerster an elongated skull and a tiny mummified body in January 2016.  He had found them in a tunnel in the southern Peruvian desert, but now there is more to the story.

In the spring of 2017, Foerster and other researchers and scientists went to the tunnel along with Gaia filmmakers. They found the tunnel closed off by a large stone door, but once inside, they discovered two sarcophagi containing body parts covered in clay. Below are photos of a completely intact mummy from the tunnel.

The mummy clearly is not human.  It has hands and feet with only three digits, an elongated skull and only holes where the ears should be.  When one of the hands was
x-rayed, it showed six bones in each finger; a human finger only has three bones.

It’s noteworthy that an ancient petroglyph was found near the discovery site depicting a creature with three fingers (above right).  Plus, more recent Peruvian art sometimes shows the legendary three-fingered creatures.  Below are two samples from the Gaia film.

CLICK HERE to see the 6:17 minute video by

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We would like to thank Holly for letting us know about this video just hours after it was posted on June 20, 2017.  We’d also like to thank Annie who contacted us just one day later to make sure we saw it.






A small village in Belize

The boy who helped ETs with their garden

Throughout his life, Raul Manuel was taken from his tiny Maya village in Belize to “a floating disk in the sky” to help extraterrestrials with their garden. 

They needed his botanical knowledge which he began learning as a toddler from his grandfather.  By the time he was nine, he knew enough to be helpful to the ETs so they beamed him onboard. 

Raul first described the ET craft as a “huge silver sombrero” with three levels.  “At the top were the men who operated the city.  In the middle level, there was an eating place and a relaxing place. On the bottom was the garden and resting places.”

“The garden was located along the back side of the disk” and “contained trees and plants from all over the world.  There were birds, some I had never seen.  A water tank kept the plants alive.  Sometimes they sent smaller craft to collect water.”

“Each time I went there, I taught them about plants.  I taught them as my grandfather had taught me about our medicine.  They encourage me to point out medicine plants to them in the forest.  They would gently dig them up under my guidance, and later I would plant them in their garden in the sky.”

As a man, the ETs gave Raul the title of “Earth Advisor” and in his village, he became a respected elder because of his wisdom and knowledge.

Near the end of his life, Raul shared his uniquely positive abduction story with Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University.  He told her details about the ETs; about Earth People and Sky People working together on the ship; and about traveling to the ETs’ home planet which had been drastically impacted by a catastrophe.

You can read Raul’s entire story in chapter three of Dr. Clarke’s book “Sky People”which is available on Amazon. – The editor





book man

ET autopsy information revealed in Dr. Greer’s new book

The following anatomical information about grey ETs is from Dr. Steven Greer’s brand-new book “Unacknowledged – an expose of the world’s greatest secret.”  It is based on highly classified alien autopsy information.

It should be noted that the book primarily focuses on UFO reports by eyewitnesses in high places who also attest to the government/cabal cover-up of the ET reality.  The latter portion of the book encourages citizens to initiate their own peaceful contact with ETs and presents a plan to develop ET clean and free energy technology which has been suppressed by those who profit from the oil industry. – The editor

● “The surviving extraterrestrial from the first Roswell crash was referred to as an EBEN – which is short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.  It had a chlorophyll-based internal anatomy and it processed food into energy and waste material in the same manner as plants.”

● “What we found out was that these EBENs had just one organ that was made up of a heart and lungs.  It was just one organ.  And they had a couple different stomachs for different digestive reasons.  And they had an organ that would take every single bit of moisture out of whatever they ate and fed the body; so they didn’t really have to drink a lot of fluids.”

● “The creatures were about four feet . . . Their hands had no thumbs; just four fingers with suction devices on the tips.”

● “They didn’t have any ears, but they had a canal with an organ or gland – a little bulb out of which they could hear.”

● “Their eyes were very sophisticated and the optic nerves went into a different place in the brain from humans.”

● “But they didn’t have vocal cords like we have.”

● “They had eleven different lobes of their brain.  And where their spinal cord met the brain, it had two little bulbs on each side which they could never figure out what they were.”

● “As for reproductive organs, they were all male. I think the EBEN once told them that there were females, but there weren’t any females on any of these crafts.  The males had a reproductive gland in the body. . . I guess it came out at the appropriate time.”

● “Their muscles were extremely fibrous, especially their leg muscles.  They weren’t bulky, but they were strong.”

● “This EBEN that lived, he had an Air Force captain that was assigned to him and the captain was a linguist.  He was also an intelligence officer and was able to build a really good rapport with the EBEN, communicating far more than anyone else could. He actually lived with the EBEN for three or four years until it died.”

● “Realizing the ET was dying, the United States began broadcasting radio signals into deep space in an attempt to demonstrate peaceful intentions to a superior entity. . . On June 2, 1952, EBEN died.  Steven Spielberg’s movie “E.T.” was loosely based on these events.”


The movie “Unacknowledged” premieres June 24, 2017 at the Alien Cosmic Expo at the Crowne Plaza at the Toronto airport. It also can be purchased through iTunes and Amazon.





RT Bigelow

Robert T. Bigelow is founder, president and program manager of Bigelow Aerospace which designs and develops expandable habitats for space.  He also owns Budget Suites of America and has been a very successful real estate developer.

Billionaire businessman says ETs are on Earth

Bob Bigelow is so successful and self-confident that he doesn’t care if you think he’s crazy.  He is “absolutely convinced” there are extraterrestrials already on Earth.  On May 28, 2017, he spoke openly about his ET beliefs on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” 

CLICK HERE to view that 2:14 minute segment from the CBS show.

If you wish to see the entire 12-minute CBS feature on Robert Bigelow, copy and paste this into your search bar:  Bigelow Aerospace founder says commercial world will lead






Mayan ruins at Copan, Honduras

Skeleton of an ET in silver suit found in cave
By Mary Joyce, website editor

As a boy in the early 1900s, Luis Santiago was hired to be a gopher by an archaeologist working at the Mayan ruins in Copan, Honduras.  He was paid the equivalent of 10 cents per day, but there were incentives.  When he learned English, his pay jumped to 50 cents per day.  Then he and his cousins were paid for any artifacts they found on their own time in the many caves around the ruins.

Luis eventually became an interpreter and guide at the Copan ruins and worked there for 75 years.  When he turned 100 years old, Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University, was able to interview him. The most remarkable story he told her was about finding a “skeleton of a man in a silver suit” in one of the caves.

“His suit was silver from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet,” he told her.  “All that remained inside the suit was a skeleton.  From the size of the suit, he was a small man, smaller than me.”  At this point, Luis used his hands to show Dr. Clarke that the skeleton was little more than three feet tall.

“His head was covered in a hard, metal-like tube.  We found a strange tablet with strange characters on it lying beside him.  It was not Mayan writing.  We knew the Mayan writing from the stelae.  The writing was foreign to us.  It was unknown to the archaeologists, too.”

When Dr. Clarke asked what happened when the archaeologists saw the little skeleton in the silver suit, he replied, “They were excited.  They took it into one of their tents and began examining it.  One of them said they had to send it back to the USA immediately.  He said it was proof that the Maya had a connection with the stars. . .

“We never hunted for artifacts after that.  Our conscience would not let us.  For some reason, I think we knew we had given up an important part of our history.  Only the scientists who took it know the truth and they are not talking.  Your government probably knows, too.  I think our government knows, but they do not want to admit it to us simple people, but our people know far more than the governments about the men from the stars.”

Dr. Clarke includes Luis’ entire story in chapter nine of her book “Sky People” which features reports by indigenous people in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico about their encounters with extraterrestrials. The 46-chapter book is packed with stories and written in a clear, easy-to-read style.




When the Bigfoot turned violent
By Mary Joyce, website editor

On May 5, 2017, we received the following email from Pauline about her Bigfoot experience in Ape Canyon in Skamania, Washington. It inspired us to jump back in history and share a 1924 Bigfoot story from the same area. – The editor

PAULINE’S EMAIL: “I have been meaning to tell you that there's a cave up in Skamania, Washington called APE CANYON - a bigfoot lair. Back in the 1980s, I used to go up the Columbia Gorge often. There was a restaurant in the area where all the waitresses were dating loggers and lots of loggers had seen the Bigfoot. So, they all told me about Ape Canyon as I was so fascinated.  I went there with my boyfriend down, down these metal stairs and hiked in about half an hour.  What a stench! We heard some rustling and then a roar and WOW we flew up and outta’ there in about three seconds flat.  It was an ungodly HOWL!”

rocks cave
Ape Canyon and entrance into Ape Cave in Skamania, Washington

In July 1924, Fred Beck and four of his buddies were prospecting for gold in Ape Canyon, about two miles east of Mount St. Helens in Washington State.  Their anticipation for finding gold, though, turned to apprehension when they saw huge footprints in the area around their cabin.  One footprint measured 19 inches in length.  They also heard unusual noises.

“We heard a shrill, peculiar whistling each evening,” Fred told his son who later recorded the entire story.  “We would hear it coming from one ridge, and then hear an answering whistling from another ridge. We also heard a sound which I could best describe as a booming, thumping sound — just like something was hitting itself on its chest.”

One day when Fred and Hank went for water from a spring about 100 feet from their cabin, they took their guns to be on the safe side.

“We walked to the spring, and then, Hank yelled and raised his rifle, and at that instant, I saw it,” Fred explained.  “It was a hairy creature, and he was about a hundred yards away, on the other side of a little canyon, standing by a pine tree. It dodged behind the tree, and poked its head out from the side of the tree. And at the same time, Hank shot. I could see the bark fly out from the tree from each of his three shots. . . The creature I judged to have been about seven feet tall with blackish-brown hair. It disappeared from our view for a short time, but then we saw it, running fast and upright, about 200 yards down the little canyon. I shot three times before it disappeared from view.”

After midnight, when Fred and his buddies were in bed in their small windowless cabin, the chinking between the pine logs began to fly into the room.  There was “a great commotion outside” and “a great number of feet trampling” and rocks were thrown at the cabin.

“This was the start of the famous attack, of which so much has been written in Washington and Oregon papers throughout the years,” Fred explained.


“The only time we shot our guns that night was when the creatures were attacking our cabin.

“When they would quiet down for a few minutes, we would quit shooting. I told the rest of the party, that maybe if they saw we were only shooting when they attacked, they might realize we were only defending ourselves.

“We did shoot, however, when they climbed up on our roof. We shot round after round through the roof.”

(L) Fred Beck is the man on the left in this photo.

“We had to brace the hewed-logged door with a long pole taken from the bunk bed. The creatures were pushing against it and the whole door vibrated from the impact. We responded by firing many more rounds through the door. They pushed against the walls of the cabin as if trying to push the cabin over, but this was pretty much an impossibility. . .

“The attack continued the remainder of the night, with only short intervals between.  A most profound and frightening experience occurred when one of the creatures, being close to the cabin, reached an arm through the chinking space and seized one of our axes by the handle. Before the thing could pull the axe out, I swiftly turned the head of the axe upright, so that it caught on the logs; and at the same time Hank shot, barely missing my hand.

“The attack ended just before daylight. Just as soon as we were sure it was light enough to see, we came cautiously out of the cabin. It was not long before I saw one of the apelike creatures standing about 80 yards away near the edge of Ape Canyon. I shot three times, and it toppled over the cliff, down into the gorge, some 400 feet below.”

As one might imagine, the men fled the cabin leaving all their supplies and equipment behind, regretting one of them ever fired that first shot at a Bigfoot in the woods.





Playground of the six-fingered Bigfoot kids
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Most Bigfoot handprints and footprints have five digits just like humans, but that’s not always the case.  The above casting of a Bigfoot handprint reveals a thumb and five fingers.  We’ve marked the tip of each digit with a yellow star.

The casting was made by David Ellis, a founding partner of the Olympic Project in Washington State which is an association of researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of the Bigfoot.

David made the casting in a very remote area east of Mt. Rainier where there is a lot of Bigfoot activity.  Since he became aware of the location through other Bigfoot researchers in 2006, he’s gone there many times and made more than 100 castings of handprints and footprints that appear to be those of the Bigfoot, including the six-toed print on the right.  The yellow arrow points to a sixth toe which isn’t immediately noticeable.


Now it’s newsworthy enough that David may have found six-digit Bigfoot prints, but there are indications he may have discovered a playground for juvenile Bigfoot.  First of all, the above handprint, when measured from the tip of the longest finger to the heel of the hand, is about 5.5 inches.  An adult handprint is about double that length. 

Secondly, the above footprint found in the same area is about 9 inches in length while adult prints typically are in the 14 to 24-inch range.

Thirdly, on another occasion but again in the same area, David found a footprint that may be that of a baby Bigfoot.  It was only 3¼ inches in length.  To see a photo and learn more about the print, scroll down to the posting titled Baby Bigfoot may have made a good impression.”

Finally, David has found evidence of playful activity.  He took the photo below of slide marks in damp vegetation.  We’ve enlarged the end of the slide mark to the left of the measuring tape so it’s a bit easier to see the toe impressions at the end of the slide.

c d

This is not the first time we’ve heard about juvenile Bigfoot playing.  In the 2013 archives of this section of the website, there is a story titled “My Sasquatch neighbors – Fred and family” in which a man reported young Bigfoot splashing in the creek near his mountain home in Western North Carolina. So, no matter the kind of primate, kids like to play.





 “KILLING BIGFOOT” shouldn’t be on TV
By Mary Joyce, website editor


“KILLING BIGFOOT” is a TV show about hardcore woodsmen with
military/security backgrounds who want to kill a Bigfoot to prove it’s real.

If you are appalled, as we are, by the show “KILLING BIGFOOT,” please join us in our effort to get it taken off the air.  It is produced by Destination America.  After searching for email addresses for the producers of the show, we found that Facebook may be the only way to reach them. 

Below is the message we sent to Destination America and to the Facebook page of Discovery Communications which is its parent corporation. 

We have posted nearly 40 articles about Bigfoot on our website since 2010.  Consistently, those who have interacted with the Bigfoot say they are like distant human cousins who should be protected, not hunted and killed.  We are horrified by the entire premise of your show "KILLING BIGFOOT" and ask that you delete it from your programming. 

The only times we've ever heard of Bigfoot being aggressive were when humans invaded their space or threatened them, and then they simply made a lot of noise or threw rocks in the direction of the people, but never directly at them. 

The hunters on "KILLING BIGFOOT," and those who choose to broadcast the program, show less humanity than any Bigfoot. It's worth mentioning that DNA research has revealed that the MATERNAL DNA in Bigfoot is HUMAN and Native American tribes have long regarded them as a clan of people.

Again, please delete "KILLING BIGFOOT" from your programming.

We encourage you to write your own message, even if it’s only a sentence or two, then copy and paste it on Facebook pages of these two corporations.




Men with axes and guns attack Bigfoot
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Wayne Wilson didn’t know he had Bigfoot neighbors until three years ago.  That was when people in his neck of the North Carolina woods began selling timber to logging companies.  That was when he discovered two Bigfoot structures on his property and soon realized some of the Bigfoot had sought refuge on his land.

Wayne, a big man with a big heart, welcomed the Bigfoot and eventually won their trust, so much so that when a Bigfoot baby was born on Christmas Eve last year, the parents let him see their new baby girl.

With that nativity image in mind, it’s easy to imagine how horrified Wayne was when he saw men with axes chopping down Bigfoot structures across the road from his home.

“We had just gotten home about 8 AM on February 24, 2017 after taking my little girl to school,” Wayne explains, “when this white unmarked truck drives onto the land across the road.  It looked like a truck to haul NASCARs.  Then these four guys got out.  They looked like tree planters but there weren’t any trees inside their truck.

a b c
These are frames from a cellphone video taken by Wayne while watching men destroy Bigfoot dens and structures across the road from his home.  The white dots in the center photo appear to be on the tree branches but Wayne says they proved to be white aliens who suddenly appeared to protect the Bigfoot from the axe-wielding, gun-toting humans.

“Instead, they laid out bags like they were planning to put something really big in them.  One guy had ties and everything.  Then they took off with their axes across the field and along the tree line.  Now I know where all the Bigfoot sleeping dens are located and these men headed right to them and began chopping, chopping and chopping.  I truly believe they were after a Bigfoot body or body parts.

“As they were whacking those things down, all of a sudden up over a hill these little white aliens showed up.  They moved as fast as a Bigfoot, faster than any human. My first take was that the men with the axes were a distraction while the white things came in to take out the Bigfoot.

“The woods were silent for two or three days after that and some of the Bigfoot were missing, including the baby, the momma and the dad I’m always talking about.  I didn’t know what had happened to them and thought they may have gotten killed.”

Before Wayne’s report continues, it should be explained that over the past three years, he’s learned to communicate telepathically with the Bigfoot.  He also says they will appear to him in vivid dreams and show him things and explain things to him.  That happened a few nights after the “tree planters” tore up the Bigfoot dens.

The Bigfoot showed me in detail what happened,” Wayne says.  “They showed a man going into one of their dens and pulling out a gun.  And, that’s when the white things showed up.  I said, ‘Okay, but why were those little white aliens trying to attack you?’

“Basically, they said, ‘The white aliens weren’t trying to attack us; they were there to protect us.  They were there to make sure that we didn’t do something we didn’t want to do.  They were there to get us out of harm’s way before a Bigfoot massacre happened.’

“Everything I know about the Bigfoot and the aliens is that they’re all tied together,” Wayne continues. “Just think what would have happened on the news if the Bigfoot killed some humans.  There probably would have been retaliation. The white aliens wanted to prevent all of that.

The Bigfoot are people and you don’t go into their home with a gun without them retaliating.  If somebody walked in my house with a gun, what do you think I’m going to do?  I’m going to defend myself and my family.”

When I asked Wayne what he thought the motivation of the “tree planters” was, he didn’t jump to a conspiracy theory, though he didn’t rule them out.  He acknowledged that Bigfoot trophy hunters or some aspect of the government might have been the culprits, but he also had a simple answer.

(R) Wayne Wilson

“For a week before the axe men arrived,” Wayne says, “the Bigfoot and the coyotes were hooting and hollering.  The coyotes were really loud.  I believe someone called in a complaint and wanted to get rid of a nuisance. Possibly, they killed the coyotes because I haven’t heard them since then.  The Bigfoot are probably keeping them quiet too.  They’ve got some kind of relationship with them, trust me.”





stick structure

Clear video of Bigfoot stick structures

LeeAnn Carnegie posted a YouTube video on February 22, 2017 of Bigfoot/Sasquatch stick structures she found in Ontario, Canada.  Her 7:43 minute video is sharp and clear, as is her voiceover commentary.


She begins by showing a large stick structure and then ventures inside to reveal the walls, floor and ceiling.  At the 5:43 minute mark, she shows sequential updates of the evolution of a second structure between March and December 2016. One update from May and one from December are shown below.  CLICK HERE to see the entire video.  

c d




man op

Baby Bigfoot may have made a good impression
By Mary Joyce, website editor

David Ellis is a founding partner of The Olympic Project in Washington State. It is an association of researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of Sasquatch.

David’s interest in the elusive creature started when he was a young boy and heard his grandfather’s account of seeing a five-foot-tall monkey in the woods when he was mowing a hayfield on his farm in Battle Ground, Washington.

“Then when I was 11 years old,” David says, “I had my own experience, not a visual, but something that was able to shake a 20-foot-tall alder tree, rip limbs off at about 12-15 feet off the ground and then cut loose with a very long, about 12 second, vocalization that I later described to my parents as the sound of an elephant trumpeting and a lion roaring at the same time”

As a grown man, David came upon his first unusual footprint near a lake in the Cascade Mountains east of Mt. Rainier.  It so intrigued him that he went back to the lake about eight weeks in a row – until the path was closed for the winter.  Since then, he has made castings of more than 100 unique footprints from that area.


Below on the left is a photo of one of his castings.  It may be the imprint of a baby Bigfoot.  It is only 3¾ inches in length, 2¼ inches across the ball of the foot, and 1½ inches wide at the heel.  Compare it to the human baby footprint on the right.   It is that of a 5½-month-old baby boy.   According to his grandmother, his foot is 4¼ inches in length and 1¾ inches across the ball of the foot.

mold foot

There are several things worth noting: (1) The human heel is more pointed; (2) If the ratio of foot length to width were the same, the human foot would be slightly more than 2½ inches across the ball of the foot instead of 1¾ inches; (3) There is no crease line between the heel and the arch of the human foot; (4) A close-up of the casting reveals a dermal ridge pattern which means some kind of human-like primate made the imprint.






book man

There are aliens walking among us
By Mary Joyce, website editor

David M. Jacobs, PhD, is an associate professor of history at Temple University, but he is best known as director of the International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR).  In that capacity, he has investigated more than 1150 abduction events experienced by more than 150 abductees.

In Jacob’s book “Walking Among Us – The Alien Plan to Control Humanity,” human abductees educate us about an alien hybrid program – a program to genetically blend ET and human DNA to create an alien species that can walk among us unnoticed.

It’s been a lengthy process and many genetic experiments to achieve that goal.  At first, humans were being abducted for their eggs and sperm.  When passable hybrids were finally created, human abductees were then used to teach the hybrids how to live among us.


That’s not an easy job. The hybrids know nothing about being human.  They have to be taught the essentials – how to eat, how to dress, how to interact with people. They don’t have parents or family so it’s nearly impossible for them to understand human culture and emotions. 

Many times I thought of Sheldon from “The Big Bang” television series who is very intelligent but struggles to understand human emotions and social nuances.  The abductees’ accounts of teaching their hybrid students made for interesting reading.

So while the book is entertaining reading, it also is deadly serious.  The abductees are forced to train the hybrids and are physically threatened if they resist.  This haunts the abductees because they know they are helping with an insideous plan by insect-like ETs to control humans and take over the planet.  As we’ve pointed out many times, not all aliens are friendly like Pleiadian and Nordic extraterrestrials.  





Bigfoot have unique fingerprints
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Bigfoot have unique fingerprints
according to fingerprint expert Jimmy Chilcutt whose work was highly regarded by FBI and DEA agents when he worked for the Conroe Police Department north of Houston, Texas.

About the time of Chilcutt’s Bigfoot fingerprint declaration, “The Houston Chronicle” printed an article about his switch from Bigfoot debunker to believer.  That was back in 2000.

According to the article, Chilcutt didn’t start out thinking about Bigfoot fingerprints.  He simply had an idea in 1995 that it might be possible to determine a person’s gender and race by his or her fingerprints.  He also speculated that a key to understanding human fingerprints might be found in nonhuman primates.

Then in 1998 while barely listening to a TV program, he heard the words “dermal ridges” which is a fingerprint term.  Instantly, he focused on the screen and listened carefully to what researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum had to say about his collection of Bigfoot prints.

By that time, Chilcutt had personally amassed about 1,000 nonhuman primate fingerprints and felt he could help authenticate Meldrum’s collection of Bigfoot prints, or most likely explain away the prints.  He phoned Meldrum who gave him permission to study his entire collection of Bigfoot prints.

To his surprise, Chilcutt found that Meldrum’s Bigfoot prints didn’t match any of those in his huge personal collection and definitely didn’t match human prints.  The dermal ridges were basically straight without the whorls or swirls of human prints.

While there were no fingerprint photos included with “The Houston Chronicle” article, we did find one of a Bigfoot’s index finger.  It was posted by Loren Coleman, one of the world’s top cryptozoologists, on the “Cryptomundo” website on November 23, 2008. It is shown below. Beneath it are three human fingerprints. Notice the Bigfoot fingerprint has no dermal ridge arches, loops or whorls found in human prints. Instead, the ridges are in diagonal parallel lines.  The Bigfoot print also has crease marks not found in human fingerprints.

bf print
three prints





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