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2017 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Baby Bigfoot may have made a good impression
> There are aliens walking among us
> Bigfoot have unique fingerprints






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Baby Bigfoot may have made a good impression
By Mary Joyce, website editor

David Ellis is a founding partner of The Olympic Project in Washington State. It is an association of researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of Sasquatch.

David’s interest in the elusive creature started when he was a young boy and heard his grandfather’s account of seeing a five-foot-tall monkey in the woods when he was mowing a hayfield on his farm in Battle Ground, Washington.

“Then when I was 11 years old,” David says, “I had my own experience, not a visual, but something that was able to shake a 20-foot-tall alder tree, rip limbs off at about 12-15 feet off the ground and then cut loose with a very long, about 12 second, vocalization that I later described to my parents as the sound of an elephant trumpeting and a lion roaring at the same time”

As a grown man, David came upon his first unusual footprint near a lake in the Cascade Mountains east of Mt. Rainier.  It so intrigued him that he went back to the lake about eight weeks in a row – until the path was closed for the winter.  Since then, he has made castings of more than 100 unique footprints from that area.


Below on the left is a photo of one of his castings.  It may be the imprint of a baby Bigfoot.  It is only 3¾ inches in length, 2¼ inches across the ball of the foot, and 1½ inches wide at the heel.  Compare it to the human baby footprint on the right.   It is that of a 5½-month-old baby boy.   According to his grandmother, his foot is 4¼ inches in length and 1¾ inches across the ball of the foot.

mold foot

There are several things worth noting: (1) The human heel is more pointed; (2) If the ratio of foot length to width were the same, the human foot would be slightly more than 2½ inches across the ball of the foot instead of 1¾ inches; (3) There is no crease line between the heel and the arch of the human foot; (4) A close-up of the casting reveals a dermal ridge pattern which means some kind of human-like primate made the imprint.






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There are aliens walking among us
By Mary Joyce, website editor

David M. Jacobs, PhD, is an associate professor of history at Temple University, but he is best known as director of the International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR).  In that capacity, he has investigated more than 1150 abduction events experienced by more than 150 abductees.

In Jacob’s book “Walking Among Us – The Alien Plan to Control Humanity,” human abductees educate us about an alien hybrid program – a program to genetically blend ET and human DNA to create an alien species that can walk among us unnoticed.

It’s been a lengthy process and many genetic experiments to achieve that goal.  At first, humans were being abducted for their eggs and sperm.  When passable hybrids were finally created, human abductees were then used to teach the hybrids how to live among us.


That’s not an easy job. The hybrids know nothing about being human.  They have to be taught the essentials – how to eat, how to dress, how to interact with people. They don’t have parents or family so it’s nearly impossible for them to understand human culture and emotions. 

Many times I thought of Sheldon from “The Big Bang” television series who is very intelligent but struggles to understand human emotions and social nuances.  The abductees’ accounts of teaching their hybrid students made for interesting reading.

So while the book is entertaining reading, it also is deadly serious.  The abductees are forced to train the hybrids and are physically threatened if they resist.  This haunts the abductees because they know they are helping with an insideous plan by insect-like ETs to control humans and take over the planet.  As we’ve pointed out many times, not all aliens are friendly like Pleiadian and Nordic extraterrestrials.  





Bigfoot have unique fingerprints
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Bigfoot have unique fingerprints
according to fingerprint expert Jimmy Chilcutt whose work was highly regarded by FBI and DEA agents when he worked for the Conroe Police Department north of Houston, Texas.

About the time of Chilcutt’s Bigfoot fingerprint declaration, “The Houston Chronicle” printed an article about his switch from Bigfoot debunker to believer.  That was back in 2000.

According to the article, Chilcutt didn’t start out thinking about Bigfoot fingerprints.  He simply had an idea in 1995 that it might be possible to determine a person’s gender and race by his or her fingerprints.  He also speculated that a key to understanding human fingerprints might be found in nonhuman primates.

Then in 1998 while barely listening to a TV program, he heard the words “dermal ridges” which is a fingerprint term.  Instantly, he focused on the screen and listened carefully to what researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum had to say about his collection of Bigfoot prints.

By that time, Chilcutt had personally amassed about 1,000 nonhuman primate fingerprints and felt he could help authenticate Meldrum’s collection of Bigfoot prints, or most likely explain away the prints.  He phoned Meldrum who gave him permission to study his entire collection of Bigfoot prints.

To his surprise, Chilcutt found that Meldrum’s Bigfoot prints didn’t match any of those in his huge personal collection and definitely didn’t match human prints.  The dermal ridges were basically straight without the whorls or swirls of human prints.

While there were no fingerprint photos included with “The Houston Chronicle” article, we did find one of a Bigfoot’s index finger.  It was posted by Loren Coleman, one of the world’s top cryptozoologists, on the “Cryptomundo” website on November 23, 2008. It is shown below. Beneath it are three human fingerprints. Notice the Bigfoot fingerprint has no dermal ridge arches, loops or whorls found in human prints. Instead, the ridges are in diagonal parallel lines.  The Bigfoot print also has crease marks not found in human fingerprints.

bf print
three prints





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