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2019 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Woman's Bigfoot dreams become real
> Brand-new Bigfoot movie script
> Could lost boy's "bear" have been a Bigfoot?
> Bigfoot "knocked" at two homes in Murphy, NC
> UFOs and Bigfoot in NC - photo lecture Feb. 2
> Bigfoot rescued Civil War soldier





Woman’s Bigfoot dreams become real
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Late in 2018, Evelyn Gordon and I met with Rivette Hill (R) to see the giant spearheads she found on her property near Nantahala Lake in Western North Carolina. While we were there, we mentioned that the terrain around her home is typical Bigfoot territory.
With an “Oh, my goodness,” she recalled a Bigfoot dream she had in 2013, the year after her family bought their property. It was the first time she’d had such a dream. Stunningly, the next day she and her family went hiking in the Joyce Kilmer National Forest and came upon a giant footprint by a stream flowing through the forest.

Since our visit with Rivette, she’s become acutely aware of Bigfoot signs all around her. She’s been awakened from Bigfoot dreams by loud wood-knocking associated with Bigfoot. She’s sensed their presence in the woods.  She’s picked up their telepathic messages that are then authenticated in some very real way.

Then on February 26, 2019 she came upon a tent-like stick structure – the type associated with Bigfoot.  It was about eight feet tall. As if to assure Rivette that the “tent” was their creation, it appeared overnight on land she had walked the day before while checking herbs she grows and harvests.

When she looked up, she saw young poplar trees bent in arches about 6-8 feet above the “tent.”  They had been standing tall and straight the previous day. Interestingly, that same day a Bigfoot made contact with a man who lives about 15 minutes away from Rivette.




Brand-new Bigfoot movie script
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Evelyn Gordon and I met Holly Roark (L) in the late 1980s and saw the launch of her film career as a production assistant at Universal Studios in Orlando.  Since then, she’s worked as a production manager and location manager for projects at Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, Children’s Television Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and more.
Through the years, we’ve remained friends and she closely follows this website.  In fact, it was our Bigfoot postings that inspired her to write a brand-new film script about the elusive forest creatures.  As part of her research, she spent a week with us in the North Carolina Mountains so we could give her a tour of Bigfoot territory.  We also brainstormed about a film storyline that would show an accurate and compassionate portrayal of Bigfoot.  It’s simply not accurate to always cast them as monsters.

Synopsis for “Our Bigfoot Neighbors” script

This is not your ordinary action story of hunters chasing down Bigfoot, and Bigfoot terrorizing the hunters.  Yes, both of those things happen, but there is a much deeper story of love and family ties that shows Bigfoot in a completely different light than ever before. 

A Bigfoot family finds an unconscious pregnant woman in the forest and takes her to their high mountain cave and delivers her baby. Because of amnesia, the woman lives with the Bigfoot for several months and bonds with them.  She has no memory of her husband and three other children. 

A rescue party, comprised of her husband and some hunters, find her and the baby and reunite them with her “real” family, while the Bigfoot escape.  She has to get to know her family all over again but yearns for her Bigfoot family.  Her night dreams take her back to the pond where she swam and bathed with the Bigfoot.  Her daydreams are to be reunited with the Bigfoot and introduce them to her own family.  With that goal in mind, she and her children take regular hikes looking for their mother’s other family.

The hunters continue to pursue the Bigfoot with hopes of capturing or killing them for fame and fortune.  She and her family finally get to connect with the Bigfoot while the hunters close in for the kill.  A horrible accident ensues with grave injuries.  Who survives?  Does she get her memory back?  Do they ever see the Bigfoot family again?

  If anyone with film business connections would like to read the script, send your request to Holly at





Three-year-old Casey Hathaway survived alone in the North Carolina woods,
tangled in briars and vines, from January 22 to 24, 2019. 

Could lost boy’s “bear” have been a Bigfoot?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

By now, Casey Hathaway’s survival story is old news with a happy ending, but questions remain.  How could a three-year-old survive alone, tangled in briars and vines, for three days and two nights in rain, wind and freezing January temperatures???

Well, according to a Facebook post by Casey’s aunt, Breanna Hathaway, “He said he hung out with a bear for two days.”

Well, that brings up another question.  Aren’t North Carolina wild bears hibernating in January??? So, is it likely that a groggy bear stayed awake at least two days to help and comfort a shivering little human???

Have wild bears, even groggy ones, ever been known to save humans of any size???

According to Professor Chris Servheen (L), a bear researcher at the University of Montana, “I’ve never known such a thing to happen. Bears don’t do that.”

Now to the question we’ve heard repeatedly since Casey’s bear story hit the news. Could Casey’s bear have been a Bigfoot???

There really are reasons the boy’s bear might have been a Bigfoot.  First, the three-year-old most likely never saw or even heard of a Bigfoot, so “bear” would have been a good description from a little boy.  

Second, Casey was lost in typical Bigfoot territory – rugged woods.  

Third, throughout history there have been reports of Bigfoot interacting with humans, generally with people who are spiritual and live close to nature.  There are even stories of Bigfoot rescuing people. While on some occasions Bigfoot scare people away by throwing stones and making threatening motions and sounds, they seldom have hurt humans. Those who have been attacked generally have been hunters in pursuit of the Bigfoot.

Fourth, there have been Bigfoot sighting reports in counties near Craven County where little Casey was lost. 

In a 2015 report by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) there were Bigfoot sightings listed for Carteret, Onslow, Pender, Duplin, Sampson and Greene counties.

Note: Casey was lost in Enrul, NC which is a rural area north of New Bern in Craven County.




Bigfoot “knocked” at two homes in Murphy, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  On January 9, 2019, we received the following Bigfoot sighting report from Keith, a resident of Murphy, NC. Even though his sighting was about eight years ago, we felt it was worth posting because he does such a good job describing his experience.  Also, it happened about 30 miles north of the Exhibition Bigfoot Museum in Cherry Log, Georgia where I will be speaking on February 2, 2019, so we thought it was an old yet timely report.

“I had just dozed off only to be startled by a couple of good thumps on the outside wall of my house.  I wasn’t sure what made the noise, so I stayed still and listened.  Not hearing anything else, I started to doze again only to hear another thump followed a couple minutes later by another.

“My house is at the base of a hill and I always find rocks up against the house, so I assumed rocks had rolled down and bumped the house.  I went to sleep not thinking anymore about it.

“I was awakened the next morning by a text from my elderly neighbor who asked if I could come by her house and check to see if she had a tree branch that could be thumping against the side of her house because it kept her up all night.

“She is about 500 yards down the hill from me, so it was unlikely rocks could have been thumping her house as well.

“I got up and made myself a coffee and although it was January or February, I went out on my deck to drink it because it was mild weather.  While drinking my coffee, I heard what sounded like something walking through the woods to the side of my house.  Thinking it might be deer or turkeys, I walked to the end of my deck to get a better view. 

I saw this thing that stood maybe 6 feet tall, but probably less because I'm 6'2” and I checked myself against one of the trees afterwards. It was covered in hair and was walking upright no more than 20 yards away. I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn’t see details, but it didn't have a snout like a bear and its arms were longer than a bear’s.

“I watched it for maybe a minute as it was crossing behind my house. It was almost out of view when I yelled "HEY.” It never even looked at me but turned and ran straight up the hill on two legs and after about 20 seconds it was gone.

“I was a little freaked out not knowing what I saw but I went downstairs and out the back bedroom door to see if there was any sign of the visit. Near where I had heard the thumping the night before, the ground was packed down like something had been there pacing around.

“I got dressed and went to my neighbor's house.  The ground on the side of her house where she had heard the thumping was also packed down.

“Later, I called the Bigfoot place in Asheville and was told that I probably saw a local version of Bigfoot which doesn't get very tall. The guy said the Indians have been seeing them for years. They were going to come out and investigate but rain for the next couple days washed away anything before they could come out. I looked for footprints but didn't see anything because there were so many leaves on the ground.”




UFOs and Bigfoot in NC – photo lecture Feb. 2

I will be speaking about UFO and Bigfoot sightings occurring in the same areas of Western North Carolina on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at the Exhibition Bigfoot Museum in North Georgia from 6-8 p.m. There will be lots of photos with this presentation which will be held in the museum’s movie theater.  Admission is $10.  For more information, call the museum at (706) 946-2601.  – Mary Joyce, website editor

Exhibition Bigfoot is located near the borders of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee on Hwy. 76 south of Blue Ridge, Georgia (yellow arrow). Technically, it is in Cherry Log, GA.



Bigfoot rescued Civil War soldier
By Mary Joyce, website editor

I listened to a captivating reading of an old letter written by a Civil War soldier who was mortally wounded and then rescued by a family of Bigfoot.
The letter is preserved in a YouTube video titled “A Remarkable Civil War Bigfoot Encounter” that was posted on the Dixie Cryptid YouTube channel. 

Sadly, there was no information about the owner of the YouTube channel or how he got the old letter. So, I began investigating.

I tracked down the owner of the channel but he asked that I use his alias “Cameron” if I posted anything about the video.  Then he explained how he had gotten the letter.

“I have a friend who is a community college instructor and published author who writes scholarly articles and books,” Cameron said.  “When I told him about my YouTube channel and its subject matter, his eyes perked up and he told me I needed to read something he had. It was a letter he had obtained while doing research for a book and was loaned to him by the family of the Civil War soldier. The letter is authentic in my view just because of the paper and cursive style of writing.

“The whole letter seemed to be a condensed memoir of his exploits during the war and he wanted to leave a record for later generations,” he continued.  “It is only toward the end of his letter that he writes about forest people who nursed him back to health.”

It should be pointed out that the terms “Bigfoot” and “Sasquatch” originated long after the Civil War which mostly likely is the reason the old soldier called them forest people.

“My friend asked me to keep the source of the letter anonymous for two reasons,” Cameron explained. “First, his credibility would be harmed if he were associated with anything like this.  Again, he does scholarly work and his peers would disown him.

Secondly, I know from my own experience there are Bigfoot enthusiasts who would find my friend and harass him, and me.  They would flood an area in which the story takes place whether the land is private or not, and they’d camp out without permission.  Trust me, it happens.” 

CLICK HERE to listen to the soldier’s letter.








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