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2023 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Sasquatch revelations about their way of life
> Cherokee Little People’s possible role during Civil War
> ETs foresee imminent BIG EVENT on Earth
> "We rode an elevator with an ET"
> Night vision goggles reveal UFOs near ET base
> ET tourists regularly visit Earth
> Are Bigfoot interdimensional?
> Bigfoot grow their own plants
> One way to get attention from ETs
> Bigfoot healed two human friends
> Female Bigfoot are very protective mothers
> Secret meeting with ETs - possible supporting evidence
> BEWARE: Grey ETs are deceiving humans
> Bigfoot seen on lake shore in Northern Ontario
> Bigfoot females want to look pretty too



Drawing by Timothy Cortes – Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana

Sasquatch revelations about their way of life

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We stumbled on a May 11, 2023 article in the Town Talk newspaper in Alexandria, Louisiana about Claude, a local Sasquatch researcher.  Most of his interactions with the elusive creatures have been in the state’s Kisatchie National Forest. Here are some excerpts from that article. Direct quotes by Claude are within quotation marks.

● “They are extremely intelligent. That’s the one thing that people don’t realize just how intelligent these creatures are. They have a forest sense like a deer does, like a bear does. But they have a human side that’s extremely intelligent. Very rational. Very practical.”

● “They have a very strict code of conduct. Much more so than humans do. The dominant male in the family is the lawgiver. His word is law. Period.  All answer to him.”

● They have no ill will towards humans but the main rule they must follow is stay out of human sight.  

● They are monogamous and mate for life. 

● Sasquatches can build fires but don’t do it often because it attracts attention. They can also write but only do so in the dirt that way they can brush the dirt so as to not keep a record. 

● “They just want to share the planet with us. That’s it. Give them room to live their lives and they’ll do the same for us.”

● “From the time humans wake up until the time they go to sleep at night, their minds are constantly in motion,” one female told Claude. “You wake up thinking about what you didn’t do yesterday, what you need to do today and it just snowballs. It gives us a headache. We don’t do that.”

● They are descended from the Nephilim. Those are the offspring that the angels had with women as it says in Genesis 6:4. . . Those who are half human and half angel are considered purebloods.  They have the attributes of angels if they’re pure blood.

● “They can do spooky stuff. Disappearing right before your eyes. And they can travel in space and time. But they just call it traveling not teleporting. Some lesser bloods can also travel this way but all purebloods can.”

Click here to read the article:



Cherokee Little People’s possible role during Civil War
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“There are local stories that Cherokee Little People kept the town of Franklin, North Carolina from being burned by Union infantry at the end of the Civil War,” says Robert Shook, director of the Macon County Historical Society in Franklin.

“The last formal surrender of the Civil War happened in Franklin on May 12, 1865.  The soldiers in the area didn’t know the war was over even though it had been over about a month.  Anyway, Col. George W. Kirk of the Union’s 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry basically came to burn the Confederate town as punishment.

“Well supposedly, the Little People came out of the mountain with spears with crystal clear spear tips on all of them and frightened off the Union soldiers.  The soldiers did come back though and negotiated a peaceful surrender.  That is the legend of what saved Franklin.”



ETs foresee imminent BIG EVENT on Earth

Linda Moulton Howe (R) is an investigative journalist who’s been exposing UFO and extraterrestrial secrets and cover-ups for decades. Because of her reputation for being thorough in her research and honest with her revelations, she has been able to get interviews with many people with insider and often top-secret information.

On April 19, 2023, she posted exclusive information about mankind’s imminent future as revealed by a race of extraterrestrials known as the Tall Whites.  The entire hour-long video is worth watching, but information about Tall White predictions for Earth begins 7:30 minutes into the video.

Then at the 34:37-minute mark, Linda reveals how she agonized for three days about whether or not she should post the Tall Whites’ information. She ultimately decided the public has a right to know and then she made a lengthy plea to her viewers that included these two sentences:

“I hope, I truly hope, that my decision to share this particular program tonight is not a mistake.  I hope what it does is provoke all of you to want to reach out to a higher force, a higher power that is behind a universe that is 13.8 billion light-years in size.”

Here is the link to the video:



“We rode an elevator with an ET”
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Yes, two of us rode an elevator with an ET but I’ve never publicly told the story before because I have no proof. But then on April 16, 2023, I awoke with a strong nudge that I really needed to share the experience so here goes.

In 2010, Evelyn Gordon and I spoke at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.  It was a week-long event.  I have no idea how many people attended except that there were nearly a 1,000 people in the audience when Evelyn and I made our presentation.

Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada

One day during the conference, Evelyn and I were crammed in a hotel elevator with strangers . . . and one very strange little man who seemed to be cowering in the back corner.  He was no more than four feet tall and very thin. His clothing would go unnoticed in any crowd. He may have been wearing beige pants and a slightly darker shirt with a vague pattern, maybe a plaid.

He avoided eye contact, but gave Evelyn a quick glance.  That’s when she saw his face.  The boy-size man had an odd old face.  She especially noticed that the skin around his eyes was swollen and very dark.

But, it wasn’t until we watched him quickly and silently glide out into the hallway and immediately disappear around the corner that we both thought he might be an alien. He absolutely did not move like a human.

We decided to share our elevator encounter with the man who invited us to speak at the conference, Lt. Colonel Donald M. Ware (retired). Surprisingly, he wasn’t at all surprised and told us that ETs sometime attended major UFO conferences in disguise.

Donald M. Ware (R), a retired Lt. Colonel with the U.S. Air Force, was on the board of directors for the International UFO Congress for 18 years. He also served as MUFON’s Eastern Regional Director.

His interest in UFOs began when he saw eight alien craft fly over the U.S. Capital in Washington, DC in 1952.  Since then, he’s become an encyclopedia of knowledge about UFOs and aliens.

Evelyn and I first met Don in Gulf Breeze, Florida when there was a major UFO flap in that Gulf Coast town in 1987-88.



Night vision goggles reveal UFOs near ET base

A man sent us the following email on April 6, 2023 after reading our posting “ET tourists regularly visit Earth” (previous posting) which is about Tall White ETs with a hidden base in Nevada. What he saw supports the extensive eyewitness testimony of Charles James Hall who was stationed near the Tall Whites’ base in a very remote area of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in 1965-66. – The editor

Aerial view near Tall White ETs’ base in Indian Springs Valley, Nevada

EMAIL: “A few years ago, my wife and I took a private tour from Las Vegas to the Indian Springs/Mercury, Nevada area. Our guides took us to a private location and supplied us with very expensive night vision goggles. They claimed UFOs were overhead all the time and could be seen with these infrared devices.

“We could see a lot of satellites but around 9:30 p.m., we looked north towards Area 51 and saw the real thing. Very bright lights, which only could be seen with the goggles, were zooming up vertically, then horizontally and so forth.

“Then, a HUGE grouping of lights rose up and slowly seemed to be heading straight for us. It then veered east and headed in the direction of Indian Springs. Again, this was only visible with the goggles. We saw no lights whatsoever without them. My wife was so freaked out she ran to the SUV and hid in the back seat compartment!

“It so happened that there was a full moon that night and Charles Hall said that they either came in on a new moon or a full moon. So, our observations corroborated his statement. Anyway, it was the best tour I ever took.”

NOTE:  The man identified himself but asked us not to include his name if we chose to post his email.



Artist’s depiction of Tall White ETs

ET tourists regularly visit Earth
By Mary Joyce, website editor

While serving in the military at Nellis AFB in Nevada, Charles Hall interacted with a race of ETs known as “Tall Whites” who had an underground facility at the base and were given covert protection and support from the U.S. government.

Hall eventually wrote a series of books about his experiences with the Tall Whites which he titled “MILLENNIAL HOSPITALITY.”  In the last chapter of book four, he reveals that Tall White tourists regulary visit our solar system in giant flying cruise ships.

According to Hall, the Tall Whites use “Titanium Black Deep Space Craft” to travel between the Earth and stellar systems that are many light years from Earth but use smaller scout ships to travel within our solar system.

“The Tall White main hanger was dug into the mountains at the north end of Indian Springs Valley,” Hall explains. “Some deep space craft were so large that they just barely fit into the main hanger, whose entryway I estimated to be roughly 70 to 90 feet high and roughly 350 to 500 feet wide.  The deep space craft were roughly twice as long as they were wide,  The larger craft were roughly the size of a typical pasenger cruise ship.”

Upon landing at Nellis AFB, the Tall White ship would be refueled, resupplied and repaired if necessary and then it would return to space two weeks later. During those two weeks, the Tall White travelers would disembark and check into underground living areas.

Tall Whites are “like tourists everywhere,” Hall says and “greatly enjoyed having the experienced Tall White base personnel take them on tours to show them what humans were like, what the Earth was like, and so forth.  For many of the Tall White travelers, I was the first and only human they would ever see close up.

Hall expands on all of this and more in the last chapter of “MILLENNIAL HOSPITALITY IV.”



Are Bigfoot interdimensional?

Are Bigfoot interdimensional? The following answers are from Bigfoot researchers who have had extensive personal interactions with the elusive creatures. – The editor

ROBIN McCRAY has had Bigfoot living on her land most of her life.  Because of her ability to interact and communicate with the elusive creatures, she was invited to Russia by Dr. Igor Burtsev with the International Scientific Conference of Hominology in Siberia to help prove the existence of the Yeti/Bigfoot. She says:

“There are two camps regarding Bigfoot, either they’re all physical or they’re all paranormal. Now this is what the Bigfoot told me. They are both.  They go from physical to multi-dimensional or spirit form in the blink of an eye.  They do it because they can change their vibration and their energy level and that changes the molecular structure for them.  They do that by bending light.

DR. MATTHEW A. JOHNSON, author of Bigfoot: A Fifty-Year Journey Come Full Circle,” had a two-hour mind-speak con-versation with a Bigfoot after he and others saw it walk out of a portal.

When he asked the Bigfoot “Are you willing to tell me how you are able to cloak and uncloak?” and Bigfoot responded:

“Our natural state of existence is at a higher vibrational frequency than humans.  Therefore, we are outside of your visual field of range.  However, some animals can still see us such as canines and felines.  Your cameras can catch images of us too even when you can’t see us with your own eyes.  Your pictures are often blurry because of our high vibrational frequency.  If and when we are interested in having one or more humans to see us with their own eyes, we will intentionally slow down our vibrational frequency.  When we do this, we become solid beings just like humans are solid beings.”

JACK (Kewaunee) LAPSERITIS, author of “The Sasquatch People” and “The Psychic Sasquatch,” says: “In a few years people will look back at the purely ‘flesh-and-blood’ researchers and laugh that it took so long for them to discover the psychic Sasquatch.  These clever interlopers are flesh-and-blood, but they somehow have the ability to go from our dimension into another.”

STAN GORDON, author of “Silent Invasion,”  “Creepy Cryptids” and “Astonishing Encounters” says:   “We’re dealing with something that’s much stranger than a flesh and blood unknown-type animal. . . The data I am seeing now indicates we’re dealing with something with a physical and non-physical component to it. . . They are an interdimensional creature that can disappear at will.”



Image created with artificial intelligence image generator
Bigfoot grow their own plants

“Bigfoot grow their own plants,” says Robin McCray who has had Bigfoot living on her land most of her life.  “They sometimes will get trees and plants from other areas and literally bring them to my land and cultivate them. For example, one day I suddenly found corn growing at one spot in the woods on my land.

“I was particularly puzzled when they grew teaberry and sassafras together. Then a very dear friend of mine who’s educated on all this stuff, said ‘chew on them together because any ability you have is going to go through the roof.’”

At the very least, we know humans like the taste of teaberry and sassafras. One of the first chewing gums in the US was TEABERRY which is still available today; and sassafras was the original flavoring for root beer. So, maybe Bigfoot like the tastes too. – The editor


One way to get attention from ETs

A man’s game camera has been catching glowing lights and flying orbs of light in his yard ever since he “waved a bright Ryobi One LED light in a circular motion toward the sky.”

He decided to try his light experiment after watching two programs by Dr. Steven Greer and learning about his method for attracting alien craft.  Of course, it helps that the man lives within a UFO hotspot that extends at least 20 miles in every direction from Cashiers, North Carolina.

(R) There are several Ryobi One LED lights available. This handheld model is priced under $25.

CAUTION: After decades of UFO research, I definitely have learned that extraterrestrials are not all the same.  There are the good, the bad, the neutral . . . and certainly the ugly by human standards. 

So, before you invite ETs to come down for a visit, make sure you are mentally prepared for what might happen and be confident that you’re in the right mindset to attract the good ones. – The editor

(L) Poster for the movie “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.”  



Bigfoot healed two human friends
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson (R) has been researching and interacting with Bigfoot for decades. Because of his bond with them, he was healed one night while he was sleeping at his Bigfoot habituation area in Southern Oregon.

“In the middle of the night, I woke up from a deep sleep and realized that I had been zapped,” Johnson says.  “Although I was wide awake, my body was immobilized. I felt a large hand on top of the sheet sliding back and forth over my left leg, from my groin to my knee and back to my groin again. There was some kind of energy emanating from the hand into my leg.”

When the Bigfoot Doctor was through, three of Johnson’s medically-verified health issues were gone: a large blood clot in his left leg, a golf-ball-size growth in his intestines and his prostate was healed.  Johnson’s three-part healing was later verified by his doctor.

Johnson’s experience that night is more fully told in his book “BIGFOOT – A Fifty-Year Journey Come Full Circle.”

Robin McCray (L) has had Bigfoot living on her land since she was a child.  Like Dr. Johnson, she interacts and communicates with them. Like Dr. Johnson, the Bigfoot helped heal her.

“I had COVID and almost died and God bless their souls. I was getting worse,” she says.  “I had nine weeks of long-term severe COVID.  I didn’t know who I was or where I was and I ended up at the hospital.

“There wasn’t a hospital anywhere around that had a bed and they had people on respirators in the hall and I didn’t need a respirator so they sent me home.  There was nothing they could do. Then the Bigfoot showed up outside my bedroom and bathroom windows and chanted all night long and the next morning I was better.”


Female Bigfoot are very protective mothers
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This is more insider information about the Bigfoot told to me by Robin McCray who has had Bigfoot living on her land since she was a child.

Because of her ability to interact and communicate with the elusive creatures, she was invited to Russia in 2012 by Dr. Igor Burtsev with the International Scientific Conference of Hominology in Siberia to help prove the existence of the Yeti/Bigfoot. In recent years, and at the request of the Bigfoot who want people to know who they truly are, Robin has gone public with her information.

“The female Bigfoot are different than human females,” Robin told me. “Number one, they love their children and much deeper than we do, they really do. I don’t mean to be cruel or knock down human mothers. In fact, I consider myself to be a very devoted and protective mother of my own children, but I still see that the love of a female Bigfoot for her children is so much deeper.  Actually, all their emotions – love, hate, anger, sadness – are at a much deeper level than ours.

“They are highly, highly protective and excessively maternal.  When you think human mothers are protective, that’s nothing compared to how they are.  That’s why they become so enraged if there is any human contact with their kids, I mean they just go nuts.  So, don’t mess with their kids.”

Even though the Bigfoot have interacted freely with Robin nearly all of her life, it wasn’t until 2012 that a female allowed Robin to see her baby. Click here to learn about that experience:


Secret meeting with ETs - possible supporting evidence
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Dr. Michael Salla, who specializes in exposing secret space programs through his EXOPOLITICS TODAY podcasts and books, has reported the following about a secret January 7, 2023 meeting with ETs at an underground facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

“On JANUARY 7, 2023, an alleged meeting occurred at a secret underground military facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains to discuss an extraterrestrial disclosure plan developed by an Earth Alliance of military leaders and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. . .” – Dr. Michael Salla

Possible supporting evidence

We have no way of knowing if such a meeting actually occurred, but the following email we received on JANUARY 6, 2023 from a U.S. Air force veteran might give support for the claim that there was such a meeting. The veteran saw a massive UFO flying low over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the day before the alleged intergalactic meeting.

“I saw something very strange today. About 3:30 in the afternoon, clear blue skies, enjoying the ride, I was returning from Gatlinburg on 441 through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and had passed the TN line coming down the mountain when I saw a flash on the left on the ridgeline.

“I then saw a massive silver, metallic object between the peaks. It seemed to be moving in the same direction as I was traveling. It disappeared and showed at the next dip in the ridgeline. I heard no sound, saw no lights or windows. I pulled over. I was trying to rationalize what I saw and couldn't.

“I think it was cigar shaped but I did not see the leading edge or trailing edge, only the center mass. I can't wrap my head around it. I am an Air Force veteran, and have worked the flight line, and nothing about this makes sense. I was curious, frightened and strangely enough very angry afterward. I thought I'd put this out to see if someone else saw it too.”

One more thing

In February 2013, a former military man told me about a secret underground military facility being built beneath the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (GSMNP).  I immediately began searching for more witnesses and evidence and eventually concluded the GSMNP facility is real. So, the massive UFO seen on January 6, 2023 had to have flown over, or hovered over, that secret facility.

My findings about the GSMNP underground facility, along with four others in Western North Carolina, are included in my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains.”


BEWARE: Grey ETs are deceiving humans
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“The beings known as the Greys are the main species that are behind this breeding program. The reason why is because they are a dying race. They are in the face of extinction and they claim to be us from the future so they can convince people that we are somewhat related genetically so we develop compassion and actually agree on a higher level, or a lower level, to give away our genetics and they are doing this. And, I have to say that I consider this to be one of the greatest threats in human evolution right now.” – Marina Seren

NOTE: Marina Seren describes herself as a human hybrid. She specifically is concerned about the devious actions of the species of Greys that is about four feet tall and have pointed chins.

It’s a pretty bold claim to say you are a human hybrid created by ET genetic engineering but there are reasons to consider that Marina Seren may be telling the truth. First of all, she reveals a wide range of plausible yet mind-stretching information that few would know about.  Secondly, we seem to have been repeatedly blocked from posting an article about her.

The first block was dramatic. When we attempted to watch Linda Moulton Howe’s video interview with Marina, there was continuous visual interference. We have never seen anything like it. While watching the video, we opened other YouTube videos that were listed on the right-hand side of the computer screen and none of those had any visual interference. Below are a few screen shots showing some of the interference during the interview with Marina.

The second block happened later.  We had saved sample screen shots showing the interference we experienced while first watching the interview.  When we attempted to copy one of those screen shots to post in this article, it disappeared forever.  On our second and third attempts, the photos once again disappeared forever but this time they were replaced with screen shots of Linda Moulton Howe who conducted the interview with Marina.  We were only able to post the ones in this article by taking screen shots of our screen shots.

The third block happened as we tried to do the final layout of this article.  Paragraphs repeatedly froze and could not be edited. 

Here is the link to Linda Moulton Howe’s interview with Marina Seren:



Bigfoot seen on lake shore in Northern Ontario

A boater was videotaping his cruise on a lake in Northern Ontario and happened to catch a Bigfoot walking across an open space within the trees along the shore. Fortunately, the video was later analyzed by the owner of the Thinker Thunker YouTube channel who has the technical and photographic skills to determine if such Bigfoot videos show authentic images of the elusive creature. He posted his analysis of this boater’s video on December 9, 2022. Click on the following link to get a closer look and see how he determined that the Bigfoot in this video was real:



Bigfoot females want to look pretty too

The following stories about female Bigfoot wanting to look and smell pretty were told to me by Robin McCray who has had Bigfoot living on her land since she was a child.  Because of her ability to interact and communicate with the elusive creatures, she was invited to Russia in 2012 by Dr. Igor Burtsev with the International Scientific Conference of Hominology in Siberia to help prove the existence of the Yeti/Bigfoot.

In recent years, and at the request of the Bigfoot who want people to know who they truly are, Robin has gone public with her information.  Below is a sampling of her Bigfoot stories in her own words. - The editor

I don’t think people realize that not all Bigfoot are dirty.  In fact, the females often strive to smell good and look pretty.  For example, they will weave flowers into their hair and create a perfume made from flowers.

Surprising to most people, the Bigfoot use fire. So, the females will use a container and heat up water and then put flowers in the water to create a fragrance that they splash on themselves.  They do this a lot and they smell wonderful.

Like human women, many of them put a lot of effort into making their hair look beautiful. When one of the females brought her baby to see me, she literally looked like Cousin Itt from “The Addams Family” TV show.  That’s how much hair she had and it was a shiny copper color and soft and silky.  There was not one knot anywhere on her body.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  It was just amazing.

Then there was one female on our land who pulled all her hair back in a ponytail bun on top of her head. At first, we thought she had a baby on her back and behind her head until I got close enough to see it was her latest hairstyle.

It’s also common for the females to braid their hair and design their hair with leaves, feathers and flowers.  One asked me to have a red ribbon put out for her.  She wanted it for her hair.

I also have seen them make combs by breaking small tree branches into Y-shapes and fork shapes - anything they could use as a comb.

Then one day, a female must have been watching my youngest daughter playing with her Barbie dolls under a tree in our front yard.  When it was getting late, my daughter brought her Barbies inside but forgot her special “Finding Nemo” hairbrush by the tree.

After taking the kids to school the next morning, I came home and found the brush on the porch.  It was broken in half and had long reddish-brown hair tangled in the bristles. When I asked the Bigfoot what was going on, they said one of the females was brushing her hair with it and that it wasn’t intentionally broken.



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