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2024 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> ABC-TV thought Bigfoot footage was worth showing
> Sexy Bigfoot emblazoned on Colorado vehicle
> President Nixon showed Jackie Gleason alien bodies
> Uri Geller, world-famous magician, saw alien bodies
> Woman saw a “cold, wet and miserable Bigfoot”
> Have ETs put humans on evolutionary fast track?
> Genetic evidence of X-RATED alien encounter
> Michael Salla describes two kinds of Reptilian ETs
> “Northern Exposure” actress saw Bigfoot up close
> Photo of Baby Bigfoot hiding from 6’4” man
> Audio recording of Bigfoot speaking softly



ABC-TV thought Bigfoot footage was worth showing

Brandon, a tourist from Florida (R), was taking a scenic ride through the mountains of Southwest Colorado when he saw a creature moving in the rugged terrain.  He quickly grabbed his camera and started shooting. 

“Even from a moving train, Brandon’s video was way better than most clips we’ve gotten,” said Danny New with ABC-TV in Colorado.

The video created so much public interest that Brandon had to make his social media outlets private and only allowed his first name to be used in the ABC-TV broadcast.

Below are three frames from Brandon’s video of the creature which shows it walking and then crouching down to hide from view.

Click here to watch the ABC-TV news segment:



Sexy Bigfoot emblazoned on Colorado vehicle

Someone sent us a photo of a Bigfoot emblazoned on the back of a vehicle in Colorado. We found it humorously similar to “Cosmopolitan” magazine’s first-ever male centerfold which featured actor Burt Reynolds. – The editor



President Nixon showed Jackie Gleason alien bodies
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The following information about President Richard Nixon taking Jackie Gleason to see alien bodies is from Clark McClelland (R) who was an aerospace engineer with NASA for 35 years.  He also was trained as a Spacecraft Operator to test, operate and solve any vehicle problems from ground control.

Sadly, his NASA career abruptly ended after he publicly revealed that he’d seen a nine-foot-tall ET with two astronauts in the open bay of the shuttle during a 1991 space mission.  He felt the public had a right to know.

Jackie Gleason driving President Nixon in a golf cart at the National Airlines Golf Classic in Lauderhill, Florida in February 1973, the year Nixon showed Gleason the alien bodies at Homestead AFB

President Nixon knew that Jackie Gleason had one of the largest UFO book collections on the planet, so it’s not totally surprising that they became friends.  More importantly, Nixon eventually went through great efforts to sneak Gleason onto Homestead Air Force Base in Florida to show him alien bodies stored in a secured area within one of the base hangars.

Clark McClelland wanted to hear the story straight from Gleason. So, he won the comedian’s trust and was told the whole story.  Here is part of that story:

GLEASON: “Mac, I was never so amazed in my entire life! My God, there were bodies of small things, dead beings, which I had never seen before.  They appeared child-like in physical shape, small in appearance, except that they were older looking creatures, not youthful as children appear. Large hairless heads, slightly wrinkled faces, large sunken eyes, and a small mouth with what were apparently two ears, which were just holes in their head.”

McCLELLAND: “He (Gleason) said they had a fragile body with small hands and feet.  They were about three to four feet tall. Their skin appeared to have been damaged by extreme heat in certain bodily areas of two separate aliens.  Their skin color was hard to determine, but appeared to be a light tan or an off color of tannish-blue or gray.

“I asked Gleason, ‘How many aliens were there?’  He said he saw four creatures, one on each enclosed slab that they viewed.  He said there were about six to eight such freezers and they did not peer into all of them. Gleason then said that Nixon reared his head towards him and mumbled a bit, then mentioned another incident that had happened in what he thought he recalled being in the early 1960s, but was not entirely sure.  He told Jackie that he and another White House trusted advisor were privately shown a 16mm movie film.  The film they saw was said to be a movie of a factual event that had happened earlier.”

Considerably more details about President Nixon secretly taking Jackie Gleason to view alien bodies at Homestead Air Force Base are in the first chapter of Clark McClelland’s book “SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER – Secrets NASA doesn’t want you to know.”




The right photo of Uri Geller with Dr. Wernher von Braun was snapped
on the day Dr. von Braun showed Geller the alien bodies.

Uri Geller, world-famous magician, saw alien bodies

We have read and heard fragmented statements about Uri Geller, the world-famous magician, seeing actual alien bodies.  In an effort to present a more complete version of his experience, we transcribed an on-air conversation he had with UK television/radio host Howard Hughes about those bodies. The boldface questions in this September 11, 2023 interview were asked by the host. – The editor

URI GELLER: Fifty years ago, I was led into a refrigerator room in a secret massive base together with Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, a CIA agent and Dr. Wernher von Braun. . . He showed me alien bodies.  I’ve seen them with my own eyes, and this was 50 years ago.

Why have you not talked about this before now?

Because I was simply not allowed to talk about it.  But then I said “What the hell, everybody else is talking about it.”

You know my opinion is that America is hiding alien technology about it.  Why?  Because they want to weaponize it.  They want to be superior of Russia and China and they’re doing it very secretly.  But there are too many whistleblowers already.

Can you describe what you saw?

Absolutely. I will tell you exactly what I saw.  First of all, when Edgar Mitchell the astronaut told me that there’s somebody very important at NASA who wants to meet me, I was shocked that it was Wernher von Braun. . . I walked into Wernher von Braun’s office, and my daughter-in-law is with me.

Now, I had a CIA commissioned camera, a German camera, it is called a Minox, and I told Chitty (daughter-in-law) that whenever we walked into Dr. von Braun’s office, we had to snap a photo.  We actually have some photographs of me and Dr. von Braun in his office showing me a little piece of metal that he claimed came from a crashed UFO.

Okay, let’s go now to the refrigerator room.  He takes me out to his car park.  He tells me “Sit next to me.”  We were sitting in a limo and we drive deep into the base.  We arrive at a concrete building.  We descend into the abyss of the building three or four floors.  He takes me around the corner.  We put on Antarctica warm coats, you know, those all-orange warm coats that you wear when you’re out on an expedition in a very cold climate.  It had a NASA logo on it. 

He opened the refrigerator door, we walk in.  Well, I almost faint because what I see is the following.  I see alien bodies in a line, in kind of a glass-frosted coffin.  I’m using the word coffin because there’s no other explanation that I have for the case that they were in.

Some bodies were intact.  Some bodies were mangled, almost as if they were pulled out of a crash. . . But it was stunning.  I mean there I was.  At first, I thought I was dreaming.  Then I thought I was being taken for a ride, but it wasn’t.  This was real. . .

What do you think Dr. von Braun expected that
you would do with that information?

I don’t know what Dr. Wernher von Braun thought why was I shown this.  I’m not the only one who was shown this body. . . Probably they had an agenda.  I have no idea but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  I’ve told it to some Mossad agents.  You know, the people I told it to were not surprised.

The host showed Geller this photo of an ET that was taken in Mexico in 2004. Then he asked if it looked like the beings Geller saw in the refrigerator room.

Very much so, but let me expand what I’ve seen in that massive, huge refrigerator room.  The bodies resembled what we’re used to seeing, whether it’s on documentaries or on the Internet – big eyes, kind of elongated heads.  Definitely very similar.

Will you testify before a hearing in Washington about this? Absolutely!!!



Woman saw a “cold, wet and miserable Bigfoot”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We would like to thank Rebecca Wicks for sharing her Bigfoot encounter story with us and for providing the above drawing and photo.

REBECCA WICKS: “About two months ago, I was driving through The Pine Barrens which is a huge wilderness area in South New Jersey. It was raining really, really hard and it was really cold.  It was a miserable day.   

“I was on a backroad near Chatsworth and came upon a series of houses.  The last one was small but in the middle of a huge cleared yard. On the far edge of the yard there was a long low fence and a path on the other side of it that looked like a trail.  It was wide enough to drive on but it was a walking trail.

“Just as I was passing the trail, something caught my eye and I turned my head to my right to take a better look.  I saw a huge figure with wide shoulders standing only 30 or 40 feet away from me.  It was at least eight feet tall and standing very still with its arms and head drawn close to its body and its feet close together.  I had the feeling it was cold, wet and miserable. I think it was staying perfectly still hoping not to be noticed.

“I passed the trail about 10 feet and slammed on the brakes. I thought ‘That was way too big to be a human.  Nobody’s going to be out here in this weather.’

“I backed up to get a better look and it was gone.  I mean like in two seconds it was gone.  If it had been a person who lived in the little house, there’s no way it could have sprinted the 100 yards to that house in two seconds.

“I wondered, ‘Did it literally disappear?’ So, I went back there on another day and walked down the path where I’d seen the creature.  I was surprised to find there were real ditches on the swampy side of the trail.  So, the creature easily could have jumped into the ditch, crouched down and instantly disappeared from view.”

The Pine Barrens on New Jersey map – Where forest meets swamp in The Pine Barrens



Have ETs put humans on evolutionary fast track?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Positive improvements in human DNA have occurred 100 times more often in the last 5,000 years than in any other period of human evolution according to anthropologist John Hawks, PhD, with the University of Wisconsin.* 

"Five thousand years is such a small sliver of time,” Hawks says. “It’s 100 to 200 generations ago. That’s how long it’s been since some of these genes originated, and today they are in 30 or 40 percent of people because they’ve had such an advantage.”

(R) John Hawks, PhD

Here is one example of a DNA improvement:  About 4,000 years ago, gene CCR5 first appeared in human DNA according to Hawks.  That gene signals and coordinates immune responses. Today, it exists in about 10 percent of Europeans and it makes those people resistant to HIV/AIDS.

Could the accelerated rate of DNA improvements be the result ET abductions of humans? After all, abductions seem to be increasing and abductees typically report that their eggs or sperm were taken from them.

* Current evidence shows that the oldest hominins appeared on Earth about 7 million years ago and modern Homo sapiens appeared about 190,000 years ago.


Genetic evidence of X-RATED alien encounter
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Mary Rodwell (L), shown here with Linda Moulton Howe, is internationally known for her research into alien encounters. 

She also is the co-founder and director of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE); founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN); and an author and documentary film producer.

Rodwell and her son Chris produced a documentary titled “My Mom Talks to Aliens” which included an interview with Peter Khoury who spoke about his X-RATED sexual encounter with a naked alien female who he described as an attractive blond with milky white skin, large eyes and a slightly longer face and nose.

What makes Peter’s encounter unique from other such encounters is that the alien left DNA evidence behind that has been analyzed. Here is part of the scientific report on that DNA:

The analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid type – one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals.
There was the strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA.

The study concluded, “The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much colour in her hair or skin, as a form of protection from the Sun, perhaps because she doesn’t require it.”


Michael Salla describes two kinds of Reptilian ETs
Michael E. Salla, PhD, is best known as a pioneer in developing “exopolitics” which is the study of institutions, political processes and individuals that are associated with extraterrestrial life.

Before plunging into that brave new world, he was internationally known as a scholar in international politics and a leader in resolving conflicts in many places in the world – from Kosovo in Europe to Sri Lanka in Asia. He also has held academic positions with multiple top universities in Australia and the United States.

● “There seems to be a lot of evidence supporting the existence of a Reptilian race being on the planet for thousands of years,” Salla says.  “In other words, we might consider them to be an indigenous Earth species, an advanced non-human species that has lived on the Earth for thousands of years. . .

“The indigenous Reptilians seem to have a very strong interest in the biosphere of Earth being stable. . . This is because the Reptilians view humanity as a resource and they don’t want that resource to damage itself or damage the biosphere.”

● “There also is evidence of an off-world Reptilian race.  It seems that Reptilians have not just evolved on the Earth, but have also evolved on off-planet locations and these off-planet Reptilian races appear to be much more aggressive, seem to be much more predatory, much more intent on establishing their own kind of system on the Earth where apparently they would like to have something that we would consider to be a fascist, autocratic system that is in charge of the planet. . .

“One of the disturbing questions about this whole Reptilian presence is what way is humanity used as a resource? I think they’re used as a resource in a number of different ways.  I think we’re used as a genetic resource where our genetic material is used to somehow create new species, new hybrid races.

“I think we also are used as a resource whereby our emotional energy somehow is used by Reptilians for their own benefit.  In other words, it seems that just as we require food sources to nourish our own physical bodies, these Reptilian races, because they have a slightly different kind of frequency, they can actually feed off the emotional energies of humans which is a very new concept for us because we don’t think of emotional energies as food, but it does seem that emotions are a food source for certain extraterrestrials such as the Reptilians.”

NOTE: This is a partial transcript of Salla’s commentary about Reptilians. Click on the following link to hear it all.  It starts 22 minutes into this video:



Elaine Miles in 2024 and center bottom of  “Northern Exposure” poster from 1990s

“Northern Exposure” actress saw Bigfoot up close
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Native American actress Elaine Miles, who is best known for her role as Marilyn Whirlwind in the “Northern Exposure” TV series (1990-95), recently revealed her close encounter with Bigfoot in the Oregon woods.

While Elaine has seen Bigfoot footprints, heard their sounds and smelled them since childhood,  she was an adult before she finally saw one. That happened when she was in the woods with friends and they were stopped by rock-throwing Bigfoot who were aggressively protecting their territory. Here is Elaine’s description of the Bigfoot she saw:

“There were these big tall bushes and you could see something.  It was somebody, but it wasn’t like a normal somebody,  it was Bigfoot.  It was just standing there looking, like it was trying to figure us out. .  . Then when I looked, it kind of ducked down, but you could see it like peeking around, like it was trying to hide from us. . .

“It’s like a cross between an animal and a human because it walks upright like we do. . . People say they are like an ape but if you see it, you don’t see that.  It’s just like a hairy man.  It’s like literally a man but very hairy.”

Click on the following link to learn more about her Bigfoot experiences in this “A Flash of Beauty” podcast:



Baby Bigfoot trying to hide - Randy Hutching, a Bigfoot researcher since 1996

Photo of Baby Bigfoot hiding from 6’4” man
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The above baby Bigfoot photo needs a bit of explaining.  (1) Randy Hutchings hastily snapped the photo and didn’t know what he’d gotten until he viewed it at home.  (2) The young Bigfoot is not puckering its mouth like a chimp.  There is a twig with a dark bud or berry in front of its mouth. (3) Its arm is stretched out and holding onto a slim branch.

And here’s the rest of the story . . . Randy was out in the Tennessee woods and thought he saw a black hole in the ground next to the roots of a fallen tree.  He thought it might be a coyote den and was about to make a quick getaway, but then the black hole moved.  It didn’t make sense, but it proved to be a young Bigfoot covered in black hair that was trying to hide from him.

Until that moment in 2017, Randy thought Bigfoot probably was a descendant of an extinct genus of ape, but when he looked directly into this creature’s eyes his theory crumbled.  He saw a human-like child cowering in fear.  As father of four children, he was filled with compassion.

The experience touched him so deeply, that when he got home he wouldn’t talk about it. His wife, though, instantly knew something was wrong. She followed him into their bedroom, shut the door and he finally told her about his unbelievable encounter.  And, when he did, he said he began to uncontrollably “bawl” which is something this hulking man had never done before. 

Randy continues his Bigfoot research but now with deep compassion and respect for another clan of people as Native Americans have always believed.



Audio recording of Bigfoot speaking softly
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Since he was a boy, James Lady (above) has been interested in Bigfoot. As an adult, he is a dedicated Bigfoot researcher and founder of the Michigan Aboriginal Project.

In addition to collecting and photographing evidence of Bigfoot in Michigan, he also has recorded their vocalizations. With only one exception, those vocalizations have been recorded at the base of Bigfoot stick structures like the one shown below.

While many people have heard recordings of spine-chilling Bigfoot howls, most have not heard their quiet verbalizations like the ones James recorded the night of October 22, 2022 in a Northern Michigan valley. Turn up the volume on your device to better hear the vocalizations.




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