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2018 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Little People live on Sioux Reservation
> Bigfoot audio recording from Sioux Reservation
> Bigfoot terrorized hunters on Sioux Reservation
> Bigfoot and spirit orbs
> Video interview about Bigfoot encounter
> Woman's encounter with Cherokee Little Person
> U.S. government tries to hide Bigfoot/UFO connection
> Bigfoot and ETs may hang out together
> More evidence of Bigfoot in Cashiers, NC
> Actor Jimmy Stewart smuggled Yeti bone out of Asia
> North Georgia's Bigfoot Museum is worth seeing
> Archaic Japanese in Bigfoot language
> Famous "New World" explorers encountered giants
> Bigfoot seen swinging fire sticks
> Bigfoot footprint found near Spruce Pine, NC





Little People live on Sioux reservation
By Mary Joyce, website editor

When Evelyn Gordon and I were in South Dakota in October 2018, Marti Hart, a Lakota Sioux Indian woman from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, told us Little People live in the remote areas of the reservation. 

“In our language,” she explained, “we call the Little People the Wee-wee-lah-man (phonetic spelling). “It means something like ‘dwellers that hide by the rivers.’ If you cross their paths, some of them are mean.

“When I was like 14-15, we were fishing way out in the country with my grandmother.  We put her on a bank sitting on her chair fishing, then we went further down the river so we wouldn’t disturb her.

“We were swimming and playing around in the water and the next thing you know, we hear splashing in the water.  So, we looked over and we saw something go in the water, so we went swimming back to my grandmother.  She told us in our language not to go too far, to stay at a distance so she could see us.

“So, we stopped and started to go back and we heard something like stuff being thrown in the river.  We turned around and my grandmother had caught a fish and it was trying to break the line and it was going down river. She told us to go catch it.  So, we caught the big catfish and we took it back up to her. That’s when we noticed little bitty footprints in the mud going up the bank.  They were 2-3 inches long and looked like human footprints.

Samples of historic Sioux bows, arrows, quiver and drum

“At another time after that, one of my brothers-in-law and his buddies were in the same area where we went fishing, about a mile or two down the river, and found a little cave in one of the banks.  Inside they found little drums, bows, arrows and an arrow case like we had back in the day, only small.  They took what they found and showed their grandfather and he told them to take it back and not to bother anything.

“They took it back and they said the next two days the Wee-wee-lah-man killed a couple of their pigs and chickens. They found their pigs and chickens dead.”

What a clear message to leave the Little People and their stuff alone.





Bigfoot audio recording from Sioux Reservation
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Free-roaming horses on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota

On a trip to South Dakota in October 2018, Evelyn Gordon and I saw lots of fascinating scenery and wildlife, but more importantly, we connected with some fascinating people.  One of those was Frank Night Pipe who grew up on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. He told us UFOs, Bigfoot and Little People were all seen on the State’s reservations.

He said he saw his first UFO in the 1970s when he was five or six years old. “Four or five of us saw it,” he explained. “It had blinking lights in front. It was a disc.  It was silver.  We ran in the house and told mom and dad and everyone.”

When we asked Frank how big the UFO was in comparison to his thumb at arm’s length, he said, “It was huge.”  Then he spread his arms wide and add, “This big.”

He added, “At one time, my mom and dad were in the car and a light shone down on them and as they were driving, it kept pace with them.  And, it wasn’t a helicopter.”

Next, he took us to his computer and pulled up an audio recording of a Bigfoot that was recorded in the Spring Creek community of the Rosebud Reservation by a police officer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The community is located where the open plains meet the greenery of Spring Creek.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 2:07 minute audio recording of a Bigfoot that terrified the people and upset the dogs in the Spring Creek community for more than three hours.




Bigfoot terrorized hunters on Sioux Reservation
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This is a second Bigfoot story we recorded when Evelyn Gordon and I were in South Dakota in October 2018. It was told to us by Marti Hart, a 29-year-old Lakota Sioux woman from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  We found her family background interesting.  Her grandfather was a medicine man and her older brother has followed in his footsteps.

“In our culture, we call Bigfoot ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Night Watcher’ because he watches over us,” she told us. “Late at night he walks all over and keeps track of the land, the animals.

“There are four different tribes of them - Black, Red, Yellow, and White.  They are all over the United States.  The ones on our land are the Black ones, the darker ones.”

Then she told us about her own terrifying encounter with a Bigfoot which initially made us wonder why the Lakota Sioux call Bigfoot ‘Big Brother’ and say he watches over them.  Once we learned Marti was part of a hunting trio that had invaded the Bigfoot’s own hunting grounds, its behavior made more sense.

We had an encounter about 8-9 years back,” she said.  “We were out hunting.  It was me, my aunt and her husband driving around and we came to a gully about 10-20 miles off road in the hills.  When we drove down into a gully, we came upon something that just stunk. We stopped and saw a deer, so we were getting everything ready to hunt.  That’s when the truck died, a brand-new truck.

This Internet image is similar to what Marti saw.

“So, we were stuck out there all night.  We kept trying to start the truck, but the engine wouldn’t turn over and we couldn’t get cell service. That whole time, something was on top of that gully throwing rocks at us. We were stuck out there until 4-5 in the morning.

“My auntie’s husband climbed up a hill to get cell service and he did.  Then he came running back down, got in the truck and told us to hide, to get down on the floor.  Whatever it
was, it kept throwing rocks at us.  It came up even closer and rocked the truck and started hollering. That’s when we knew it was an angry Bigfoot.

“I was in the back of the cab so I got lower down on the floorboard. Then the truck started moving and the Bigfoot started hollering.  Then my uncle fired off a couple of rounds with his gun and it got quiet but then it started throwing rocks again at the truck.

Ironically, Marti added, “In our culture Bigfoot also is known as the ‘Bringer of Bad News.’  If someone is going to die or something bad is going to happen, he’ll show up.”




Bigfoot and spirit orbs

You don’t have to wade deep into Bigfoot research to know the elusive creatures don’t like to have their photos taken.  But while Bigfoot photos were hard to get at the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah, WA the first weekend in September 2018, the cameras did catch plenty of orbs.

Below is one of those orb photos that was snapped along a trail in the woods where people saw eyes shining in the woods, saw Bigfoot standing in the trees, heard tree knocking and footsteps, and even communicated with the Bigfoot.

It should be noted that in many cultures orbs are believed to be spirits of those who no longer are in physical bodies, and that they are drawn toward people who are spiritually attuned. With that in mind, look below and see how the number of orbs increased as a mass meditation progressed at the Ratu Bagus Ashram in Bali.

The lesson appears to be that in order to connect with Bigfoot and the spiritual realm, it helps to get in a peaceful meditative state. – The editor




Video interview about Bigfoot encounter

“This video interview is an account of my very first Sasquatch encounter. I was asked to be a mediator for a family in distress who had a scary experience with a Sasquatch family in the North Carolina Mountains.”

Cindy Carter

EDITOR’S COMMENT: In 2015 we posted an article titled “Valley of Bigfoot and Little Alien Dude” after three of us from this website visited the remote mountain valley and saw evidence of Bigfoot rage in three buildings on the property.
On our second visit, we invited Cindy Carter to come with us for reasons she explains well in this video interview with David Lear. Our second visit proved as stunning as the first because Cindy was able to connect mentally and emotionally with the Bigfoot.

Pharaoh Hound from ancient Egypt and today

There is only one thing about the video interview I feel needs to be clarified.  Cindy very accurately describes our encounter with a sentinel dog that transformed right before our eyes from physical, to transparent to POOF it was gone.  However, the artistic renderings of the dog which were added to the video do not match what we saw.
The encounter with the dog was so stunning that I spent at least two hours later that day searching the Internet for a dog breed that would match what we saw.  I never found a match but a Pharaoh Hound came the closest. The head of “our sentinel” was the same but its body was fuller and taller than that of a Pharaoh Hound.

CLICK HERE to see the video interview with Cindy Carter.




Woman’s encounter with Cherokee Little Person

EDITOR’S NOTE:  On June 20, 2018, a 22-year-old Cherokee woman told us about her encounter with a Cherokee Little Person.  She wanted to remain anonymous so we’ve chosen to call her “Woya” which is Cherokee for “dove.”

“I grew up in Hendersonville, North Carolina but I have a bunch of family in Cherokee,” Woya began. “My Mom and a lot of her family were raised in the Big Cove section so we would go there for special occasions, dinners and cookouts.

“One time when I was like eight years old, we went way up into Big Cove where the family had a little trailer.  While the grown-ups were doing their thing, a bunch of us little kids were playing hide-and-go-seek and running and hiding all around.

“One time, I went to hide in the bathtub of the trailer,” she explained with her eyes opening bigger as she recalled what happened next.

“When I pulled back the curtain to step into the tub, there was some tiny dude behind the curtain.  He just looked at me and grinned at me really big.

“He looked like a man, a tiny man. He was toddler size.  He was wearing jeans and had dark hair that was straight cut like Mowgli in ‘The Jungle Book.’ (R)

“My eyes just popped open. He really spooked me out.  I didn’t give him time to talk or anything.  I was out of there in like 2.5 seconds and ran to my Dad.  I didn’t say anything ‘cause I remember my Grandmother saying you’re not supposed to talk about the Little People or follow them ‘cause they’ll take you away where nobody can find you.  I don’t know if those stories are true or not.

My Mom told me a story too the other day because she grew up in Big Cove,” Woya continued. “She and her little cousins had a trail around where they lived.  They would follow it up deep into the mountains to play.  Once they saw six Little People in a circle. She said in all her life she only saw one girl; the rest had just been boys.

My Grandmother used to go up there and play too.  She told me she’d seen the Little People like three or four times.

“Then one time when we went to visit my Aunt in Snowbird (Robbinsville, NC area), my Uncle put flour all over the floor one night and said, ‘Just wait until morning.’

“Well the next morning, there were little footprints all over the floor.  I don’t know if it was just a joke but the footprints looked real. And, my Uncle is very into the Cherokee culture and can speak the language so I’m inclined to believe the footprints were real.”




U.S. government tries to hide Bigfoot/UFO connection

Kewaunee Lapseritis, an academic with several letters after his name, was not prepared when a Bigfoot and an extraterrestrial simultaneously came into his life and telepathically communicated with him back in 1979.  It was the shock of his life and changed him forever. 

Since then he has dedicated his life to Bigfoot/Sasquatch research and communication and has written two books about the creature.

The following is an excerpt from his book “The Sasquatch People,” which was published in 2011.

“Our government knows all about the Bigfoot/UFO connection.  They don’t want to lose control of the masses, as they might if ETs told us about our true origins and how the Sasquatch are really a race of ETs that migrated here via friendly Star People eons ago. . . 

“For example, in the fall of 2003, a man wrote me from North Carolina.  He told me that he was living at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains where there is still vast wilderness in the east.  I called him on the telephone and he was very congenial.  Once he had read my book, he invited me out to research with him, since he sees UFOs hovering over the mountains quite regularly. . .

Then suddenly, he did not return my call when I left him a message.  He had two telephone numbers and one was abruptly disconnected.  The guy wrote me one final letter and I never heard from him again.  The letter said that his phones were tapped, black unmarked cars followed him without trying to hide from view, and it seemed he was being harassed by one of our clandestine agencies.  Finally, they confronted him and told him to stop his involvement with the Sasquatch.  It scared him so badly that he did.”

CLICK HERE to read another article about the Bigfoot/UFO connection that we posted in 2010.  It is based on Kewaunee’s first book, “The Psychic Sasquatch.”



Bigfoot and ETs may hang out together

Many witnesses report Bigfoot and UFO sightings in the same area.  That certainly is the case in Cashiers, NC but another small North Carolina town 350 miles away also has evidence that Bigfoot and ETs may hang out together.

In the tiny town of Littleton, NC, there is enough Bigfoot activity that Stephen Barcelo established the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum about five years ago. 

Lake Gaston, which is a huge lake north of town that stretches along the Virginia-North Carolina border, is thought to be a major lure for the Bigfoot.

ETs also may be attracted to Lake Gaston; their scout ships often have been seen over lakes and power plants throughout the country.  And, Lake Gaston is a huge hydroelectric reservoir that serves the Eastern United States. – The editor

(L) A Bigfoot footprint found in Medoc Mountain State Park south of Littleton, NC in May 2016
(R) A cross-shaped UFO over Lake Gaston caught on camera in June 2013





More evidence of Bigfoot in Cashiers, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Monday morning, April 2, 2018, we received a call from Glynis Heenan of Cashiers, NC about possible Bigfoot evidence she had discovered that morning.  She also emailed photos of two footprints she believes were made by the Bigfoot. Since the creature was walking in heavy brush, the prints are not clear but the unique Bigfoot smell indicates the elusive creature probably made them. Below is what Glynis told us.

“I was leaving the house about 7:50 a.m. to take my daughter to school and noticed the plastic trash bag I’d put on the porch had been opened. I thought that was odd because it hadn’t been torn open like a wild animal or a dog had gotten into it.  The tie string had been undone.

“At the same time, I felt a presence.  It felt sad and hungry.  I didn’t have time to think much more about it.

“Then on my way back home, about 8:10 a.m., I was driving with the window down and suddenly smelled that unpleasant Bigfoot smell.  It was in the same area where I’ve found Bigfoot prints before - and smelled the creatures too.  It also was about 100 yards from the spot where I’ve left food for them in the past.

“I stopped by the side of the gravel road and snapped two photos. The first footprint (R) is hard to see because it was in thick straw-like brush.  The second photo (below) shows a footprint further up the hill.  It’s easier to see because the creature stepped in soft soil.”

Glynis’ second footprint photo with an enlargement on the right




Actor Jimmy Stewart smuggled Yeti bone out of Asia
By Mary Joyce, website editor

These photos show an accurate and expensive replica of a skeletal Yeti hand from Nepal.
It is on display at the EXPEDITION: BIGFOOT museum in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

On one of his first Himalayan Mountain treks searching for Yeti, oil businessman and adventurer Tom Slick heard that Pangboche Monastery in Nepal (L) possessed the skeletal hand of a Yeti which is considered by many to be a Bigfoot cousin.  Two years later in 1959, expedition member, Peter Byrne, reportedly stole a Yeti finger bone and a skeletal thumb after the monks wouldn’t allow removal of the bones from their monastery for analysis.

Yeti bone smugglers: Tom Slick, Peter Byrne and actor Jimmy Stewart and wife Gloria

from Peter Byrne to Tom Slick dated February 3, 1959
as posted at 

“I shall not go into the details of how we got the thumb and the phalanx of the Pangboche hand. The main thing is that we have them, and that the lamas of the monastery do not know that we have them. Because they do not know, it is of the utmost importance that there is no news releases on this or any publicity for some time . . .The Pangboche hand is still complete, as far as the lamas are concerned. It still has a thumb and an index proximal phalanx. What they do not know, and what they must never know, is that the thumb and the p. phalanx at present on the hand are human ones, which we switched.”

Sometime after Byrne wrote the above letter, actor Jimmy Stewart and his wife Gloria became involved and agreed to smuggle the finger bone into the United Kingdom and give it to Dr. William Charles Osman Hill, a primatologist with the Zoological Society of London, for analysis.

The couple hid the finger bone within Gloria’s undergarments in a small suitcase. Jimmy Stewart explained their role in an introductory statement for a book written by Peter Byrne.

(R) A replica of Gloria’s suitcase and Yeti finger bone on display at EXHIBITION: BIGFOOT


This is from an introductory page of Peter Byrne’s book
“Tula Hatti: The Last Great Elephant.”

“My wife Gloria and I first meet Peter Byrne in Calcutta, India in 1958. At that time, he was running the American Yeti Expedition in the northeastern Himalaya of Nepal. Gloria and I were friends with the sponsors of that expedition, so when Peter found some bones in a cave in the mountains and wanted to get them to England for scientific examination – and as we were passing through India at the time – we offered to help.” 

Dr. Hill bequeathed the Yeti finger bone to the Hunterian Museum, a division of the Royal College of Surgeons in London.  As far as we know, no DNA analysis has been made on it since Dr. Melba Ketchum’s five-year Bigfoot DNA research was released in late 2012. Her team’s scientific results showed that the maternal DNA of Bigfoot is human BUT the paternal DNA doesn’t match any known species. So, researchers need to be able retrieve and test the Yeti’s nuclear DNA to determine if it is a unique species.  pjh




North Georgia’s Bigfoot Museum is worth seeing
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Recently, Evelyn Gordon and I visited the “Expedition: Bigfoot” museum in North Georgia and were pleasantly surprised at what it offers.  Yes, it has the expected giftshop full of Bigfoot books, videos, caps, T-shirts, postcards and novelties but it offers much more.

Here are some of the things we were surprised to find:

There are two theaters.  One shows continuous short films about Bigfoot.  The other features full-length Bigfoot movies like “Wildman of Kentucky,” “The Legend of Boggy Creek” and “Creature of the Black Lagoon.”  There also are several continuous-playing short videos in the exhibit area.

There are five headphones at several of the exhibits so a family or group of friends can listen to information at the same time.

Some of the exhibits are quite elaborate such as the one about gold miners in 1924 who were terrorized by the Bigfoot after a miner shot one of the creatures.  There are earphones with this display so you can hear the entire story.

The owner and staff are very knowledgeable about everything Bigfoot.  They also are very friendly and approachable.  Owner David Bakara has been interested in Bigfoot since he was 12. Staff member Sybilla Irwin has done research for the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) for 10 years.  She also is an artist who specializes in working with Bigfoot witnesses so she can depict what they’ve seen as accurately as possible.

Expedition: Bigfoot is open every day but Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  It is located at 1934 Hwy. 515 South, Blue Ridge, Georgia.  For more information, call (706) 946-2601.





Archaic Japanese in Bigfoot language
By Mary Joyce, website editor

R. Scott Nelson (L) was a Cryptologic Linquist with the U.S. Navy with over 30 years’ experience in foreign languages and linguistics. 

The following information about the language of the Bigfoot is from a chapter Nelson wrote for the book “How Sasquatch Matters.”  He titled his chapter “On the Frontier of Language – Analyzing Ninety Minutes of Sasquatch Speech.” 

Like so many discoveries, he stumbled upon his findings.

“By accident, one night in 2008, I stumbled onto what we think is a pretty big discovery,” Nelson wrote in his chapter. “My 11-year-old son wanted a subject for a school paper, so we’re Googling ‘Bigfoot Sounds’ and found the BFRO website, and I clicked on ‘Samurai Chatter.’

“Of course, I was curious, since I’m a linguist. . . Almost immediately, I recognized this as having characteristics of language.”

“These are not humans,” Nelson told his son.  “Yet, they’re speaking a language.”

Later, Nelson played the audiotape of the Bigfoot for one of his colleagues – a math teacher and native Japanese speaker.  He told the person nothing about the tape but the person immediately said, “My God, Scott, that sounds like an old form of Japanese . . . It sounds like they’re saying the archaic word for danger or to be careful.”

After that, Nelson told his colleague, “It’s believed that these are Bigfoot creatures.”  The person replied, “You know, it really does not sound human.”

Nelson explained that the Bigfoot “have a much larger range in their vocal abilities, the resonance is much greater, not even counting when you throw in all the whoops and howls. Just the tone and the resonance of the voice alone is enough to tell me that they are not like any human I have ever listened to on tape, and I can tell you I don’t know anyone who has listened to more human voices on tape than I have.

“Five seconds of vocalization might take three hours to transcribe.  Very painstaking.  And, this speech is much too fast for me to imitate. . . When you slow it down and you retrieve the sounds out of it, phoneme by phoneme, there are a lot of things that could sound like English words or phrases. . .

“I have sat native Spanish speakers down and had them listen to the tapes and they’ve heard a lot of Spanish words and phrases. . .

“I’ve played them for a colleague of mine who is a native Farsi or Persian speaker.  And virtually anyone who listens to it, and at various speeds, can pick out something that they recognize. . .

“Interestingly, on the two tapes, two years apart, we can make out two different dialects.  There are some words that were shared, but not many words.  I believe we are essentially listening to two different clans, or tribes. . .”

Nelson pointed out that it’s very difficult to define words in the Bigfoot language but that morphemes, or units of meaning, can more easily be understood.

On one tape, Nelson said there is a Bigfoot who seems to be constantly talking about food.

“There’s one spot where it says, “Me wat food plen food,” which is a very close pidgin – just what these creatures would speak if they’d assimilated some English from us. . .”

There’s another point in the tapes where it sounds like a verbal exchange between a Bigfoot couple.

“There’s one spot on Ron’s tape,” Nelson explained, “where the female comes out with what very much sounds like English, where she says, ‘Are you talking with them?’ and the male very clearly comes out and says, ‘No . . . I . . . won’t.’ And very slow; that one you can almost hear in real time.”

to listen to two brief audio recordings of Bigfoot speaking. They were recorded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California by Bigfoot researcher Ron Moorehead. Once you get to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) page, scroll down to the posting titled: Interaction vocalizations (AKA “Samurai Chatter”).





Famous “New World” explorers encountered giants

Most American students were introduced to “New World” explorers in history classes, but were not told that many of those explorers encountered giants in the Americas.

Magellan – Coronado - De Leon - Drake

Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) was the first “New World” explorer to circumnavigate the Earth.  On the voyage, he and his men came face-to-face with giants while cruising along the coast of PATAGONIA in southern Argentina.  An especially memorable encounter was recorded by crew member Antonio Pigafetta.

“But one day we saw a giant who was on the shore, quite naked, and who danced, leaped, and sang, and while he sang he threw sand and dust on his head.  Our captain (Magellan) sent one of his men toward him, charging him to leap and sing like the other in order to reassure him and to show him friendship.  Which he did.

Immediately the man of the ship, dancing, led this giant to a small island where the captain awaited him.  And when he was before us, he began to marvel and to be afraid, and he raised one finger upward, believing that we came from heaven.  And he was so tall that the tallest of us only came up to his waist.

● Francisco Vazquez de Coronado (1510-1554), another Spanish conquistador, led a large expedition from MEXICO through the southwestern United States in search of gold.  Along the way, they encountered giants “so large and tall that the best man in the army reached only to his chest.”

● Pedro Cieza de Leon (1520-1554) was a third Spanish conquistador who encountered giants that the indigenous people of PERU and ECUADOR called “Chancos.”  He wrote that “the Spaniards were astonished at their great size.”

● Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) was an English sea captain who carried out the second circumnavigation of the world.  The chaplain of the voyage wrote about their encounter with giants on the coast of PATAGONIA.

They found the print of the feet in the soft ground, the breadth whereof was the length of one of our men’s feet of largest size, which could be no other than the foot of a giant. . .  We thus coasting along, perceived that the main land from the river of Plate to the Straight of Magellan is wholly inhabited of the giants . . . for we touched with no land anywhere along that land where we met not with them in great numbers. . . The men in height and greatness are so extraordinary that they hold no comparison with any of the sons of men this day in the world.”

NOTE: You can learn more about evidence of giants in Xaviant Haze’s book “Ancient Giants of the Americas” which was published in 2017.






Bigfoot seen swinging fire sticks
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The names “Bigfoot” and “Sasquatch” didn’t enter the American vocabulary until the middle of the 20th Century. Before then, the creatures were typically called wild men, hairy giants, hairy monsters and gorillas.  Those are some of the names used in old newspaper reports about beings who displayed characteristic Bigfoot behavior.

The following is an excerpt from a 19th Century newspaper article about an “Old Hunter” who saw “a gorilla or wild man.”  We found the story interesting because it’s the first report we’ve seen about Bigfoot playing with fire.  The story was first published in the “Petaluma Weekly Argus” in Petaluma, CA on November 5, 1870.

“. . . The creature, whatever it was, stood fully five feet high, and disproportionally broad and square at the shoulders, with arms of great length.  The legs were very short and the body long.  The head was small compared to the rest of the creature, and appeared to be set upon his shoulders without a neck.  The whole was covered in dark brown hair, quite long on some parts, that on the head standing in a shock and growing down close to the eyes, like a Digger Indian’s.

“As I looked, he threw his head back and whistled again, and then stooped and grasped a stick from the fire.  This he swung around and round, until the fire on the end had gone out, when he repeated the maneuver.

“I was dumb, almost, and could only look.  Fifteen minutes I sat and watched him, as he whistled and scattered my fire about.  I could easily have put a bullet through his head, but why should I kill him?

“Having amused himself, apparently, all he desired, with my fire, he started to go and having gone a short distance, he returned and was joined by another – a female, unmistakably – when they both turned and walked past me, within twenty yards of where I sat, and disappeared in the brush.

“I could not have had a better opportunity to observe them, as they were unconscious of my presenceTheir only object in visiting my camp seemed to be to amuse themselves with swinging lighted sticks around.

We found this article in Timothy Renner’s book “Bigfoot – West Coast Wild Men”
which is a compilation of Bigfoot newspaper reports from 1886 to 1921.

The above article portrays the Bigfoot
as very simple creatures that are easily amused.  However, there also are reports of Bigfoot who are very intelligent, knowledgeable and wise.  

CLICK HERE to learn about Joan Ocean’s experiences with a very evolved clan of Bigfoot.  She is a world-renown dolphin expert who the Bigfoot call “water woman.”




Bigfoot footprint found
near Spruce Pine, NC

This photo of a Bigfoot footprint was taken by North Carolina resident Kelly Greene Chun.  

“We found a huge footprint on my great uncle’s private land off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Spruce Pine, North Carolina,” Chun told the East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization (ECBRO).  “My son’s huge size 12 foot is next to it for comparison.”

The organization thought the footprint looked authentic and posted it on their site on November 26, 2017.


Spruce Pine is in Mitchell County, NC which is shown above in red.



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