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> 3-D bioprinter makes human skin in 35 minutes






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3-D bioprinter makes human skin in 35 minutes

According to a January 25, 2017 article in “Medical News Today,” researchers in Spain have developed a 3-D bioprinter that can produce a 39 x 39-inch sheet of human skin in under 35 minutes. The artificial skin has proven suitable for transplanting onto patients, like burn victims, or for drug and cosmetic testing.

The skin-printing technology developed by the Spanish team actually generates two layers of skin - the epidermis and the dermis – and contains fibroblasts which produce collagen that gives skin its strength and elasticity.

The 3-D bioprinter has cartridges somewhat like an ordinary computer printer, but instead of ink, the cartridges contain biological components.

This breakthrough technology was developed by scientists from (1) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; (2) the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research; (3) Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon in collaboration with the BioDan Group which is a bioengineering company specializing in regenerative medicine.





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