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> Regression Therapy often delivers quick cures
> 3-D bioprinter makes human skin in 35 minutes







Regression Therapy often delivers quick cures
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Many years ago, I read about an overweight woman who found it impossible to lose her excess weight – until she had a regression therapy session.  During that hypnotic regression, she found she had starved to death in a previous life.  Once she realized her extra weight was a subconscious effort to prevent starvation, her extra pounds began to rapidly melt away.  It was a quick, simple and remarkable cure for her lifelong problem.

Brian Weiss book

In his book “Miracles Happen,” Brian L. Weiss, MD, shares actual cases where regression therapy has healed a wide variety of physical and emotional problems.  Here is a case from his book as told by Maria Castillo, a social worker who uses past-life regressions in her private practice.

“David was a thirty-five-year-old man who came to see me as a last resort. He had been suffering with severe migraines since the age of twenty-two, when he joined the navy.  He had tried conventional medical treatments, to no avail.  The migraines affected his schooling, his jobs (as he lost time at work and would ultimately lose the job), and his career.  We uncovered three past lives in which he died from a blow to the head.

“In the most significant one, he was in the navy during the Spanish-American War.  He had served on a ship in the Caribbean, shoveling coal.  When he was twenty-two years old, his coworker accidentally hit him in the head with the shovel, leaving him paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  He was discharged and lived another year in excruciating pain and depression, until his death.

“David’s migraines improved significantly after the regression, and they have become more manageable.  Each area of the head where his migraines occurred in this life corresponded to one of the three blows that he had suffered in past lives.”

Dr. Weiss’ comment on this case: “Migraine headaches have plagued mankind for millennia.  Although effective new medicines have been developed, all medications cause side effects.  Remembering past lives is noninvasive and has no side effects.  It allows migraines to be alleviated while spiritual insights and wisdom are being achieved.  David has greatly benefited from this approach.

CLICK HERE to hear an interview with Dr. Brian Weiss.  The healing case he shares at the 13:12 minute mark is especially interesting.





3d printer

3-D bioprinter makes human skin in 35 minutes

According to a January 25, 2017 article in “Medical News Today,” researchers in Spain have developed a 3-D bioprinter that can produce a 39 x 39-inch sheet of human skin in under 35 minutes. The artificial skin has proven suitable for transplanting onto patients, like burn victims, or for drug and cosmetic testing.

The skin-printing technology developed by the Spanish team actually generates two layers of skin - the epidermis and the dermis – and contains fibroblasts which produce collagen that gives skin its strength and elasticity.

The 3-D bioprinter has cartridges somewhat like an ordinary computer printer, but instead of ink, the cartridges contain biological components.

This breakthrough technology was developed by scientists from (1) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; (2) the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research; (3) Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon in collaboration with the BioDan Group which is a bioengineering company specializing in regenerative medicine.





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