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> A land where the people NEVER get cancer
> Encourage restaurants to help save our oceans
> Most relaxing/healing tune ever recorded
> ER technician's bombshell about flu shots
> Surprising reasons for low testosterone in men
> Are humans being cloned illegally?
> Alzheimer's cure working in lab studies
> Cannabis commonly used in ancient Egypt
> Immediate backlash from lack of sleep
> Solution for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
> Why has the flu hit so hard this year?
> The five side effects of kindness












A land where the people
NEVER get cancer
By Mary Joyce, website editor

There’s one place in the world where people live long and healthy lives and NEVER get cancer.  That magical place is the Hunza region of the high Himalayan Mountains, wedged between China, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Doctors, nutritionists, researchers and journalists have traveled to this seemingly utopian place in search of the ancient kingdom’s magical elixir. 

What they discovered is that the Hunza people eat apricots and apricot kernels every day and credit their good health to that fruit.

One of the curious doctors who trekked to the remote Himalayan kingdom, Dr. Allen E. Banik, later wrote a book titled “Hunza Land” in which he said:

My first experience with Hunza apricots, fresh from the tree, came when my guide picked several, washed them in a mountain stream, and handed them to me.  I ate the luscious fruit and casually tossed the seeds to the ground.  After an incredulous glance at me, one of the older men stooped and picked up the seeds.  He cracked them between two stones, and handed them to me.

The guide said with a smile, “Eat them. It is the best part of the fruit.” My curiosity aroused, I asked, “What do you do with the seeds you do not eat?”

The guide informed me that many are stored, but most of them are ground very fine and then squeezed under pressure to produce a very rich oil. “This oil,” my guide claimed, “looks much like olive oil.  Sometimes we swallow a spoonful of it when we need it.  On special days, we deep-fry our chappatis (bread) in it.  On festival nights, our women use the oil to shine their hair.  It makes a good rubbing compound for body bruises.”

Apricot orchard in the Hunza Kingdom (circled on map) which is now part of Pakistan

With Hunza elders often living beyond the century mark, why are apricot kernels so disparaged in the West?  Yes, it’s true that when the kernels are chewed and digested, the amygdalin (B17) in them is converted to cyanide, which is a poison. 

But, according to a 2013 study published in International Scholarly Research Notices: Toxicology, a 160-pound person would need to eat 1,150 apricot kernels in one day to get the amount of cyanide necessary to be poisoned.

The real reason apricot seeds are maligned is all about making money according to G. Edward Griffin, author of “World Without Cancer.” 

“With billions of dollars spent each year in research,” Griffin explains, “with additional billions taken in from the cancer-related sale of drugs, and with vote-hungry politicians promising ever-increasing government programs, today, there are more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the (cancer) riddle were to be solved by a simple vitamin, this gigantic commercial and political industry could be wiped out overnight.”

In an effort to prevent the public from learning about possible health benefits of apricot kernels, doctor’s careers have been threatened or destroyed; information seminars and websites have been shut down; bogus information has been widely spread even by organizations and institutions that people so often turn to for accurate data.

“This is happening in a land which boasts of freedom and whose symbol is the Statue of Liberty,” Griffin says.



Encourage restaurants to help save our oceans 
By Mary Joyce, website editor

If we all stop using plastic straws will that really un-strangle our oceans? I doubt it!  So, I started looking for companies that produce biodegradable plastics.

That proved to be a disappointing solution.  Yes, these will breakdown in composting facilities where there is a cocktail of oxygen, organic substrate and temperatures of at least 140 degrees.  However, biodegradable plastics that wash into the oceans or pileup in landfills will stick around for a very long time.  It can take 1000 years to breakdown a fork that is labeled “biodegradable.”

But there is another solution: COMPOSTABLE products and packaging that will decompose along with food garbage. 

BELOW is a list of a few companies that make compostable products.
There are more.

I encourage everyone to share this information with restaurant owners in your town and also send it to corporate headquarters for national chain restaurants.

Good Start Packing
● straws ● take-out containers ● utensils ● tableware ● produce/carry-out bags

Green Paper Products
● trash bags ● cold/hot cups ● tableware ● cutlery ● containers

cold/hot cups ● plates and bowls ● utensils ● napkins ● clear and paper containers

● cups and bowls with lids ● utensils ● take-out containers ● straws ● reusable dishware
● trays ● paper napkins and towels

● dinnerware ● cutlery and cooking utensils ● straws ● napkins

● compostable replacements for Keurig K-cups in an assortment of coffee flavors

NOTE:  Mary Joyce is the editor of




Most relaxing/healing tune ever recorded
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Music can improve medical outcomes and quality of life in a variety of ways according to an article in Harvard Women’s Health Watch published on November 5, 2015.

The school’s research studies have shown that people undergoing invasive procedures (colonoscopies, cardiac angiography, knee surgery) are less stressed and need lower amounts of sedatives and painkillers when relaxing music is played before, during and after the medical procedures.

Music also is helpful to cancer patients because it reduces their anxiety as well as nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Actual singing, rather than just background music, has proven helpful in restoring speech to those recovering from strokes or traumatic brain injuries.  After a gunshot wound left U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords unable to speak, music therapy was key in reclaiming her ability to speak.

Music improves the quality of life for dementia patients even into the late stages of the disease.  It reduces their agitation, helps them recall memories, assists with communication and improves physical coordination.

Based on the research of Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson (above right) with Mindlab International, the tune “Weightless” by Marconi Union is the most relaxing tune every recorded.  Brain imaging has shown that the tune works in the deep regions of the brain associated with processing sound and emotions.  He cautions people not to listen to it while driving.

CLICK HERE to listen to “Weightless.”

While this tune is at the top of Dr. Lewis-Hodgson’s list, any music with pure tones and a rhythm in sync with the human heart can be almost as effective – and certainly preferred as background music if you want or need to stay alert.  The choices are endless.  Relaxing and healing vibrations can be found in many genres including aboriginal flute melodies from around the globe, smooth jazz, Caribbean music, and some classical, soft rock and country music.  BUT, loud music with dissonant sounds has quite the opposite effect.  Researchers like Dr. Katrina McFerran with the University of Melbourne have found that heavy metal music may contribute to the rise in depression among young people today.




ER technician’s bombshell about flu shots

After 20 years as an emergency room technician at an Atlanta hospital, Lori Ciminelli dropped a BOMBSHELL on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on October 25, 2018.  

She told the CDC committee that she and her colleagues (doctors, nurses, lab techs) don’t believe in the efficacy of flu shots. She also said she never took flu shots and never got the flu because she knew how to wash her hands and took vitamin D and elderberry syrup.

CLICK HERE to see Lori Ciminelli’s
brief presentation before the CDC committee.




Surprising reasons for low testosterone in men

The following information is from an article by William Rawls, MD, titled “Six surprising factors that cause low testosterone in men.” 

Dr. Rawls (R) graduated from Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University and holds his medical license in North Carolina.

He has written extensively on health topics such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and Chronic Immune Dysfunction and has contributed to various health websites.  He also is the author of two books - “Suffering Long Enough” and “Unlocking Lyme.”

“Why are males all over the country suffering from low testosterone?” writes Dr. William Rawls.  “Healthy human males should maintain normal reproductive function until the day they die. Low male testosterone levels are a strong indicator of poor health. . .

“So, what do we do for all these guys who have lost their mojo? We can start by looking for the causes of low male testosterone. . . Here are the six primary factors that contribute to low testosterone.”

(1) Refined carbohydrates – “Our entire food supply is now saturated with processed carbohydrates. The habit of a bowl of cereal with cow’s milk for breakfast, a burger and bun with fries for lunch, and pasta for supper leads to chronic elevation in insulin secretion from the pancreas. . . Elevated insulin disrupts central hormone pathways in the body, which suppresses testosterone production, and it takes about a year of strict carbohydrate rationing to restore insulin secretion back to normal.”

(2) Hormones in meat – “Hormones are heavily used in the beef, pork, and dairy industries. If you're a modern meat and potatoes kind of guy, it may be contributing to the loss of your manhood. . . When you eat meat, insist on grass-fed hormone-free meat and dairy.”

(3) Xenoestrogens – “There are thousands of man-made chemicals present in the environment that were not here a hundred years ago, and many of them have estrogen-like activity. Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as BPA and phthalates have been demonstrated to lower testosterone levels at all ages and even jeopardize the onset of puberty in young boys. Eating organic foods is one of the best ways to avoid them.”

(4) Estrogens in your water – “Estrogens (derived from women taking pharmaceuticals containing synthetic estrogens) are showing up in municipal water supplies. . .  The best protection against estrogen-contaminated drinking water is installing a reverse-osmosis filtering system in your drinking water, or buying filtered water.”

(5) Stress – “If you're constantly under stress, your reproductive ability is likely suffering. Chronic stress raises cortisol levels, which suppresses central hormone pathways. This suppresses reproductive hormone secretion, including that of testosterone. Stress has also been shown to block testosterone from having an effect on your body.”

(6) Beer – “Moderate alcohol consumption has been found to decrease testosterone levels by up to 6.8%. Believe it or not, the hops in most types of beer have estrogen-like properties and can adversely affect testosterone. In fact, the estrogenic properties in hops are so strong that they are currently being studied as a treatment for hot flashes in menopausal women. This is another reason to avoid having a beer belly!”


If you are considering having your testosterone levels checked, have your blood drawn between 7 am and 10 am when your testosterone levels peak. Otherwise, the test may come back falsely low. . .

“If testosterone levels do come back low, consider the long-term consequences before you start taking a prescription. Using testosterone replacement may not only increase your risk of stroke, but it could also increase your risk of prostate cancer. In addition, using testosterone will further suppress natural testosterone production.

“This means the response you get from using testosterone will likely be short lived.
A better option is changing your health habits. It might take a year or two to get things back to normal, but your testosterone levels can be revived.”




Are humans being cloned illegally?

Below are five photos of successfully cloned animals. Though the UN General Assembly adopted a Declaration on Human Cloning prohibiting all forms of human cloning, there is evidence it has and is continuing to be done.

Masha the Mouse
was the first successfully cloned mammal. Dolly the Sheep was the first mammal cloned from adult DNA.  She is shown with her first-born lamb, Bonnie. Twin Baby Monkeys were born from cloned embryos.

The world’s first Cloned Camel was born in Dubai.  This Cloned Foal was born in Italy.

There are many hard-to-prove claims that human cloning has been going on for many years in secret underground military/government facilities.  But indications of human cloning can be found above ground too. Back on March 3, 2009, The Telegraph in the UK posted the following article.

Italian doctor claims he cloned three babies

An Italian doctor known for helping post-menopausal women to have children has claimed to have cloned three babies who are now living in eastern Europe.

"I helped give birth to three children with the human cloning technique,"
Severino Antinori, a gynaecologist, told Oggi weekly in an interview Wednesday.

"It involved two boys and a girl who are nine years old today.
They were born healthy and they are in excellent health now."

Mr Antinori did not provide proof of his claims, but said cells from the three fathers, all of whom were sterile, allowed the cloning to be carried out.

The women's eggs were impregnated in a laboratory through a method called "nuclear transfer," he said.

Mr Antinori, who became famous after he helped a 63-year-old woman to have a child in 1994, declined to give further details, saying: "Respect for the families' privacy does not allow me to go further."

He added that the method used was "an improvement" over the technique used to clone Dolly the sheep in 1996.

Reminded by the journalist that such cloning is prohibited in Italy, which is predominantly Catholic, the doctor said he preferred to "speak of innovative therapies" or "genetic recoding" rather than cloning.

Two weeks ago, Mr Antinori sparked controversy by announcing that he would artificially impregnate a woman whose husband is in an irreversible coma following a brain tumour.
It would be the first procedure of its kind in Italy if successful.

SEVERINO ANTINORI’S BIO:  According to editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Antinori was born in 1945 in Teramo, Italy.  He studied medicine at the University of Rome specializing in gastroenterology.  Later he shifted to obstetrics and gynecology. He worked at various hospitals and institutions in Italy and then established his own clinic. In 1987, he founded International Associated Research Institute for Human Reproduction in Rome.





< I’m not losing my memory.
   I’m living in the now.

According to, more than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and the number keeps increasing.  So, a cure recently discovered in a lab is encouraging. 

Below is an excerpt from an article about that discovery which was published in Science Daily on April 9, 2018.

Alzheimer’s cure working in lab studies

Using human brain cells, scientists at the Gladstone Institutes discovered the cause of -- and a potential solution for -- the primary genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, a gene called apoE4.

“Having one copy of the apoE4 gene more than doubles a person's likelihood of developing Alzheimer's disease, and having two copies of the gene increases the risk by 12-fold, as compared to the most common version of the gene, apoE3 (good gene).

“The apoE4 gene creates a protein of the same name. The apoE4 protein differs from the apoE3 protein at only one point, but that single change is enough to alter its main structure and, thus, its function. Scientists have been unclear about why apoE4 is so much more damaging to brain cells than other versions of the protein.

“In a new study published in Nature Medicine, researchers revealed how apoE4 confers its risk for Alzheimer's disease in human brain cells. What's more, they were able to erase the damage caused by apoE4 by changing it, with a small molecule, into a harmless apoE3-like version. . .

“Treating human apoE4 neurons with a structure corrector eliminated the signs of Alzheimer's disease, restored normal function to the cells, and improved cell survival. Huang* is now working with his collaborators in academia and the pharmaceutical industry to improve the compounds so they can be tested in human patients in the future.”

* Yadong Huang, MD, PhD, is a senior investigator and director of the Center for Translational Advancement at Gladstone Institutes, an independent and nonprofit biomedical research organization.




Cannabis commonly used in ancient Egypt

We found it interesting that cannabis was commonly used in ancient Egypt according to an article published by “Ancient Origins” on March 17, 2017.  Below are excerpts from that article which was written by Robert Brusco. – The editor

“Cannabis is widely considered to be one of the most widespread options when it comes to medicinal herbs. However, in ancient times the plant’s popularity was far greater. . .  

“Ancient Egyptians had uncovered and used the medicinal properties of cannabis even beyond what modern medical science has been able to do so far.

The Ebers Papyruswas written roughly around 1550 BC and is one of the oldest finished medical textbooks to have been found so far. It mentions a number of formulas which make use of hemp to alleviate pain and inflammation caused by various diseases and injuries. Apparently, women in particular used marijuana as a way to waive off depression and other psychological problems in the early days of Egypt. . .

“The oldest medicinal use of the herb in the region may date back even further, to 2000 BC, when it might have been used to treat glaucoma, cataracts, hemorrhoids, vaginal bleeding, and even cancer. . .
“When the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II was uncovered and examined back in 1881, traces of cannabis in the remains was the last thing anyone was expecting, but it was there. Since then, a lot of the uncovered mummies have shown similar traces of the herb in their systems, confirming the suspicion that cannabis was indeed a part of the regular culture in ancient Egypt. . .

Seshat, the goddess of wisdom (R), was often depicted with a leaf of the cannabis plant above her head in paintings from thousands of years ago. . . Evidence also suggests that worshippers may have consumed marijuana in one form or the other during certain religious festivities and rituals. . .”




Immediate backlash from lack of sleep

“Humans cannot live without sleep and will suffer from some
immediate backlash if they ignore the primal urge to shut their eyes.”
- Alliance for Natural Health
January 2, 2018

Neuroscientist Dr. Claudia Aguirre reports that 30% of adults and 66% of adolescents are not getting enough sleep (7-8 hours/night) which results in daytime sleepiness, slower reflexes, poor concentration and increased risk of car accidents.

Long-term sleep deprivation can increase health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, susceptibility to illnesses and even weight gain.

There are many safe and natural ways to help you fall asleep that easily can be found on the Internet but this may be one you haven’t heard about.

According to a Baylor University study, writing a TO-DO LIST at bedtime may aid in falling asleep. Research compared sleep patterns of participants who took five minutes to write down upcoming duties versus participants who chronicled completed activities.

Preliminary research indicates that offloading thoughts and worries onto paper before bed reduces worry and may make it easier to fall asleep.





Solution for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

War veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) found significant relief by practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) according to a new study published in the December 29, 2017 issue of “Military Medicine.”  Reduction of symptoms was so great that 80% of the participants no longer were considered to have the disorder.

“It’s remarkable that after just one month we would see such a pronounced decrease in symptoms, with four out of five veterans no longer considered to have a serious problem with PTSD,” said the lead author Robert Herron.

Participants were taught the standardized TM method formulated by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (R) who founded Transcendental Meditation. It is reported that he taught his techniques to more than 5 million followers.

In the late 1960s and 1970s he became known in the West as the guru of celebrities including the Beatles, Donovan and Mike Love of the Beach Boys.       




Why has the flu hit so hard this year?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“This year’s flu shot may not be up to the task,” according to Dr. Pardis Sabeti on CBS-TV and in a follow-up CBS article on December 5, 2017.

“It is the same formulation that was used during Australia's most recent flu season - which typically sets a pattern for what the U.S. will face - and it was only 10 percent effective there.”

Nevertheless, she feels 10% is better than none, and personally gets the flu shot.

A simple explanation
for the ineffectiveness of this season’s flu shot is well summarized by Katherine Ellen Foley in her article for the “Quartz” website:

“The annual flu vaccine development process begins several months before each flu season.  In February, a global group of researchers meets at the World Health Organization to identify three or four strains of the influenza virus they think will infect folks in the northern hemisphere, based on what made people sick in the southern hemisphere’s most recent flu season.

“This approach usually provides effective coverage from the flu for most vaccine recipients – well, 40 to 60% of the time, which is pretty good as far as vaccine coverage goes.  The trouble is, the make-up of the viruses can change in the blink of the eye, because virus strains constantly mutate.  Although researchers have clues about what a virus did previously, they’re usually guessing what specific changes will happen next.”

Rima A. Laibow, MD
, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, has a much grimmer view of flu shots.  She believes vaccinations are “weaponized” to weaken the population so profits will increase for the pharmaceutical industry.

She says “the pseudo-science touted by Big Pharma-funded outlets like the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ is unworthy of trust.” 


Dr. Laibow also believes much of the media is in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry and help promote its “pseudo-science” and help frighten people into getting the flu shot.

She may be correct about the sinister side of flu shots. We were able to get a list of ingredients in last year’s flu shots from the “Passport to Health” website and found three very toxic ingredients which are in boldface type below.

● Flu Strain A/(Michigan) (H1N1)
● Flu Strain A/(Hong Kong) (H3N2)
● Flu Strain B/(Brisbane)
● Flu Strain B/(Phuket)
● Formaldehyde
● Aluminum Salts
● Gelatin
● Thimerosal (Mercury)
● Chicken Egg Proteins
● Antibiotics

It’s fairly well known that heavy metals like aluminum and mercury can be detrimental to one’s health.  As for formaldehyde, it is found in glues, adhesives, pressed-wood furniture and embalming fluid.  According to the “HealthLine” website, it is “linked to eye and throat irritation, breathing trouble and a higher risk for certain cancers.”





The five side effects of kindness


David R. Hamilton has a PhD in organic chemistry and spent four years in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, he left the industry to write books and educate people on how they can harness their minds and emotions to improve their health.

He's written nine books including three bestsellers: “Your Mind Can Heal Your body,” “I Heart Me” and his most recent book “The Five Side Effects of Kindness” which was published in 2017.

Kindness is more important than ever in a world increasingly divisive. It’s just too easy to anonymously hurl insults through the Internet or from cars.  It’s too easy to see the world as “them” versus “us” and then throw harsh words or even stones at anyone who is different or has opinions unlike our own.  That’s why messages like Hamilton’s are so important today.

The introduction to Hamilton’s book on Amazon states: “Scientific evidence has proven that kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system, is an antidote to depression and even slows the aging process.  We’re actually genetically wired to be kind. In ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness,’ David Hamilton shows that the effects of kindness are felt daily throughout our nervous system. When we’re kind we feel happier and our bodies are healthiest.”

Hamilton personally says kindness “builds relationships and thus strengthens society.  So, by extension, it ensures our protection and survival. . . In this modern interconnected world, there are no isolated acts of kindness.  Kindness creates ripples in the fabric of human relationships and human society.  These ripples impact the hearts and minds of other people, who in turn create ripples of their own.  Each seemingly isolated act of kindness matters more than we think.”

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