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  • There’s a new podcast about Jesus’ uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, who played an important role throughout Jesus’ life.
  • There’s a new video about Bigfoot and whistleblower information about Antarctica and Planet X from NASA insiders. 

 “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints” – My new book

There is so much more to know about the Bigfoot than their footprints.  They have families. They have made friends with some humans. They have helped and even rescued people in trouble. They have preferences, language and unique biology. This book presents all this and more as reported by eyewitnesses and research scientists.

This 8.5 x 11-inch book is visually appealing too.  There are color photos throughout the book.  It has a glossy cover and the pages are printed on high-quality paper. It easily qualifies as a coffee-table book . . . and it’s a great conversation starter.

The book is available through Amazon.  If you prefer to support an independent bookstore, then contact City Lights Bookstore in Sylva, NC at 828-586-9499 or copy and paste the following link into your Internet search bar:


We have had “Keep looking up!” T-Shirts made.  It is our hope that the T-Shirts will inspire people to look up more, and maybe even encourage conversations about UFOs and other phenomena in our skies.

If you would like to help with this “Keep looking up!” effort, send your T-Shirt size, your mailing address and a check or money order donation made out to Evelyn Gordon.

Evelyn Gordon
P.O. Box 1084, Dillsboro, NC 28725.

The suggested donation is $20 or the most you can afford.





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Night-Light Radio – On this November 13, 2019 show with host Barbara Delong, we talked about Jesus’ uncle who played an important role throughout Jesus’ life.  There are records of this relationship in the Jewish Talmud, the ancient Harleian Manuscripts, the Roman mining region of England and in the records of the Eastern Orthodox Church which is older than the Western or Roman Church.

Night-Light Radio - I was on this show with host Barbara Delong on October 16, 2019 talking about my latest book "BIGFOOT - Beyond the footprints." If you already know about my background, then start listening at the 4:35 minute mark.

"There is so much to know about the Bigfoot than their footprints. They have families. They have made friends with some humans. They have helped and even rescued people in trouble. They have preferences, language, and unique biology." - Mary Joyce


The Conspiracy ShowI was on this show on July 7, 2019 with host Richard Syrett who is a popular Toronto talk show host as well as a back-up host for George Noory on “Coast to Coast AM.”  He introduced me about six minutes into the show. The main topic was “Underground Military Bases” beginning with the facility beneath the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We also talked about other bases and tunnels that may connect them.


This little boy knew stunning details about flying a jet.

Night Dreams Talk Radio - I was on this West Coast show on April 11, 2019 with host Gary Anderson.  We talked about past lives, especially those revealed by young children.  This topic evolved into a conversation about reincarnation.  The hour-long show is broken into four segments.  The interview begins about four minutes into the first segment.

Bigfoot and Company - On February 25, 2019, I was on this radio show with hosts Dr. John Stamey (L) and Matt Delph.  Their weekly program is totally devoted to the subject of Bigfoot.  Once on the radio website, you will need to scroll down to the February 25 date.

Dr. John also is director of the Georgia Bigfoot Conference in Clayton, GA (April 26-27) and the Tennessee Bigfoot Conference in Kingsport, TN (October 25-27).

Lost River Legends – On March 2, 2019, I was on this radio show with host James Teerlink. We talked about many subjects including: ● unexpected discovery of a secret facility beneath a hydrologic laboratory ● Antarctica discoveries ● top Cabal members hide in plain sight ● evidence of new activity at secret underground facility ● UFOs seen around secret underground facilities ● Bigfoot stories including our new movie script and a printed message by a Bigfoot for dolphin expert Joan Ocean. 

Coast to Coast AM – I was on this show on February 26, 2019 with host George Noory.  We talked about Bigfoot and mysteries in Antarctica.  This late-night talk radio show has an audience in the millions and ranks in the top ten among all radio talk shows. Once the live shows are broadcasted, you have to join the “Coast Insiders Club” to hear past shows.  The underlined link will take you to the sign-up site. And, yes, there is a minimal fee of $6.95 for a month’s membership.

If you get into the show’s archives, I also was a guest on July 17, 2017.  In the last hour of the four-hour show, we talked about my book “Tangible Evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find.”  Then on July 12, 2014, I was on the show with host George Knapp talking
about my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real.”


Task Force Gryphon – On Jan. 27, 2019, I was on this show with host Commander Cobra.  That evening the show HIT #1 in its timeslot on the Talk Stream Live network which carries nationally known programs such as Rush Limbaugh. We covered lots of topics including new digging at a secret base, a third entrance into Antarctica, and flights to the Moon and deep space before WWII.



Conspiracy Unlimited – I was on this show on Jan. 23, 2019 with host Richard Syrett who is a popular Toronto talk show host as well as a back-up host for George Noory on “Coast to Coast AM.” We covered many topics including new digging at a secret underground facility in North Carolina, noteworthy activity in Antarctica, reptilian/Nazi alliance, flights to the Moon before WWII, giant owls associated with alien abductions and more.


Radio show about ancient
races of Little People

The Paradigm Matrix – On January 11, 2019, I was on this show with host Willy Miranda. The interview is all about ancient races of Little People and includes information about the ones on lands of the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee and Yuchi Indians.

Radio interview entirely about Bigfoot

Quantum Mindfulness Radio
- I was on this show on December 21, 2018 with host Joel Ayala Ayapana.  Because of his curiosity about BIGFOOT, the entire show was devoted to the elusive creatures. 

Throughout the interview, I emphasized that all Bigfoot are not the same.  There are physical, mental and behavioral differences. Yet, all variations of Bigfoot have family units, language, telepathy and an evolved understanding of humans - even the capacity to forgive us.


Life in the Hologram (November 27, 2018) - This radio show is heard in 106 countries and is hosted by Madeline Rudy in the USA and Merlin Wizard in the UK.  If you are into astrology, you will want to listen to the show from the beginning, otherwise tune into the segments that interest you. Major topics and segment starting points are shown below.

11:55 Little People on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and in Western North Carolina . . . Underground bases in the USA
28:48 Evidence that the California wildfires of 2018 were deliberately started . . . HAARP weather manipulation . . . Why alien disclosure is difficult . . . Evidence of modern facilities on Mars
1:01:35 The man who developed perimeter security for Area 51 and what shocked him
most . . . Alien UFOs in Antarctica . . . Cosmic Miracles


Tangible Evidence of Jesus


The Conspiracy Show
– I was on this Toronto-based show on September 2, 2018 with host Richard Syrett who also is a back-up host on “Coast to Coast AM” for George Noory. Once you open this link, go to the September 2, 2018 listing and click on Download MP3 to most quickly get to the podcast. The second hour is listed separately below the first.

Since I was on the show for two hours, we were able to dive deeper into many topics. The first hour focused on secret underground facilities, particularly the ones beneath the Pisgah Astronomical Institute in North Carolina and Antarctica. We also talked about UFO/alien involvement, abductions, implants and more.

The second hour we talked about various types of Little People plus the latest news about Little People evidence being sent to the Smithsonian.  Other topics were types of aliens, Bigfoot and the Jesus family burial tomb.


Since May 2018, I’ve been a somewhat regular contributor on the West Coast show Night Dreams Talk Radio with Gary Anderson.  Below are highlights from some of those shows.

Night Dreams Talk Radio (October 25, 2018) - Based on Christopher Columbus’ logbook, some UFO enthusiasts believe he saw a UFO as he approached the Bahamian island of San Salvador on October 12, 1492. I talked about visiting the island one October many centuries later and discovering the real explanation for what Columbus and his crew saw.
I also talked about Sioux Bigfoot and Little People stories I recorded on a recent trip to South Dakota.

Night Dreams Talk Radio (September 12, 2018) - Topics included: ● Ancient Orientals in Grand Canyon ● Ancient skeletons/artifacts disappear at Smithsonian ● Sen. McCain helped ET victim ● Supernatural dog on Bigfoot land ● Bigfoot language

Night Dreams Talk Radio (August 1, 2018) – Our conversation started seven minutes into the show. Topics included: ● Russian spies within UFO organizations ● Nazi underground base in Antarctica ● Nazi/reptilian cooperation ● Nazis have gone to the Moon and stars ● Gary’s first-hand interactions with President Reagan and actor James Gardner about space wars ● Nazis may have lost World War II “battle” but maybe winning “the war.”


Behind the Paranormal – I was on this show on June 24, 2018 with Paul and Ben Eno on WOON-1240 AM which serves the Providence and Boston region. At the beginning, I talked about meeting with Astronaut Clark McClelland who saw an 8 to 9-foot alien communicating with two NASA astronauts in the open payload bay of the Space Shuttle. I also shared some of my other experiences while living near the Kennedy Space Center.

Conspiracy Unlimited – I was on this radio show on May 16, 2018 with host Richard Syrett.  If you haven’t yet listened to Richard’s show, you may have heard him when he’s hosted Coast to Coast AMfor George Noory. Richard titled his interview with me “Cherokee Little People: The Archaeological, Anthropological, and Eye-witness evidence.”  At the end, we talked about Little People still living in NC and TN and their fear of a particular race of ETs they call “The Dominators.”


Spirit Radio – The Paranormal Experience

On March 14, 2018, I was on 106.1 FM radio in Portsmouth, NH with hosts Lynne Nickerson and Willy Hassell. The show also is broadcast on Paranormal UK Radio. ● In the first half hour of the show we talked about the Hawaii missile alert ● Elon Musk’s launch of a Tesla Roadster into space ● A recent discovery of a mystery object in Antarctica ● The vastness of the Atlantean empire and ancient underwater pyramids.

In the second half of the show, we talked about Planet X ● Global warming ● Gigantic UFOs cruising the universe ● John Reeves who had a variety of ET experiences with two kinds of ETs over a six-year period, including flights to the Moon and a planet beyond our galaxy ● A man whose boyhood ET experience inspired the movie “Flight of the Navigator” ● Flu shots.

Task Force Gryphon – I was on this show with Commander Cobra on March 4, 2018. The interview begins 5:39 minutes into his two-hour show. Since this host also serves as a military pilot, it isn’t surprising that we talked about such things as the Hawaii missile crisis ● The Cabal ● Underground bases ● Tesla Roadster in space ● ISS observations ● Human and alien interactions ● Genetic manipulation ● Earth as a battlefield between Light and Dark ● Humans and structures on Mars ● Giant ships cruising the universe.

But Commander Cobra has many interests so we also talked about spiritual messages and how I began receiving them ● Miracles ● Angels/spiritual messengers ● The human soul
● Little People in North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.


I was on “Caravan to Midnight” on August 2, 2017 with host John B. Wells. We talked about many subjects including recent CABAL information from a whistleblower with Cosmic Top-Secret security clearance, ISIS in America, secret underground facilities, contemporary structures on Mars and my book “Tangible Evidence of Jesus” which lead us into a philosophical discussion about the state of the world.  Subscribers of the popular show can listen to the program at

dwight lilly

The Dwight Lilly Show – On July 18, 2017, Dwight began his show with a monologue about nuclear storage in a quake zone near Yucca Mountain. Then he cautioned listeners about “confirmation bias” and the dangerous mixture of truth and disinformation on well known Internet sites.

At the 7:18 minute mark, he introduces me and around the 11:25 mark we begin talking about how top secret stories about underground bases have come my way.  Five minutes later, I talk about information from a whistleblower with Cosmic Top-Secret security clearance regarding the Cabal and its relationship with a species of ETs.  The conversation continues from there.

Willy Lynne

Willy Hassell and Lynne Nickerson host “Spirit Radio – The Paranormal Experience”
on WSCA 106.1 FM radio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Spirit Radio – The Paranormal Experience – When I was on this show on March 18, 2017, I spoke for the first time about our website story “Men with axes and guns attack Bigfoot.”  Then we moved on to other Bigfoot topics and listened to an audiotape of a Bigfoot talking.  Another major topic was Antarctica and the clandestine activities there.


man with guitar oer

Ohio Exopolitics Radio – On February 24, 2017, host Mark Snider and I cruised through a wide array of topics: the legendary city found beneath the Honduran jungle . . . glacial archaeology finds . . . developments in Antarctica . . . the man who was asked to assassinate Martin Luther King . . . new information on the Biblical Exodus . . . Bigfoot . . . exclusive interviews we’ve posted on our website’s YouTube channel . . . and more.


The Cosmic Switchboard – On January 13, 2017, I was a guest on James Bartley’s show which is based in Australia. He’s very knowledgeable and we covered a lot of topics.  If you’ve heard me talk about Cherokee Little People, you may want to jump to the 5:50 minute mark where I talk about Little People who still live in Eastern Tennessee.  After that we talk about Bigfoot, underground facilities and an Isis camp in North Carolina.

Beyond the Strange –This interview was recorded on November 13, 2016 with host Dave Cruz who is based in Napa Valley, CA.  Because of the length of the show, the starting times for the segments are listed below so you can skip the introduction and commercials.  A few topics talked about in each segment are included.

5:53       ● For the first time on air, I talked about how my interest in secret
                                            Underground bases and UFOs started. 
33:30     ● The focus was on the different kinds of Little People, plus giants.
1:03:12  ● The theme was secret underground facilities in NM, CO and NC.
1:34:40  ● I talked about the Jesus family tomb, physical descriptions of Jesus and his
                 travels with his great uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.


Spirit Radio – The Paranormal Experience – This is a popular program on WSCA 106.1 FM radio based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  The two hosts, Lynne and Willy, and I talked about two subjects never before presented on any radio show:
(1) our website’s new video about two kids who secretly tested Roswell UFO material, and
(2) a recently revealed ancient race of Little People who still live in Eastern Tennessee.

After that, I gave an update on our Bigfoot DNA testing; talked about concerns regarding the CERN Hadron Collider; and presented a new witness report about a power plant that may be fueling hidden underground military facilities. The conversation begins at the 5:40 minute mark.

slc wide

The Fringe Radio Show
– I was on Salt Lake City’s popular talk radio station (KTKK-630 AM) on April 2, 2016 with host Pat Daniels. We started talking about evidence of life on Mars NOW and then moved on to Bigfoot, hoaxers, underground facilities and aliens.


Far Out Radio
– On March 4, 2016, I was a guest on Scott Teeters’ live radio show out of Lake Placid, Florida.  We covered a variety of topics:  holograms, Project Blue Beam, President Carter’s use of a clairvoyant and the real story of President Lincoln’s birth.

Below are links to two other “Far Out Radio” shows I have been on with Scott.

Far Out Radio - On July 27, 2015, Scott and I talked about my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains.”  

Far Out Radio
–On May 11, 2015, Scott and I talked about my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real” plus we discussed the sad reality of educational institutions, including the Smithsonian Museum, covering up or denying evidence that doesn’t fit the established view of history. In the last segment of the program we talked about UFOs.


Intrepid Radio – Many people know co-host Scotty Roberts from his appearances on the History Channel’s “Ancient Alien” program. Since his co-host was in Europe on October 18, 2015, it was just the two of us so it was a very natural back and forth conversation that sometimes dipped into subjects we hadn’t anticipated.


Click on the underlined headings
to watch the videos.

The Edge Broadcast – I was on this show with host Daniel Ott on November 16, 2019.  We primarily talked about Bigfoot and recent whistleblower information from NASA insiders about Antarctica and Planet X.  We touched on other topics too.


Michael Mary

Mysterious Outpost TV – Michael, the host of the show, and I covered many topics on November 22, 2017 including: the night UFOs filled the sky over Sylva, NC; Cabal secrets told by a man with Cosmic Top Security clearance; military and alien abductions and mind control; a man’s account of spacecraft beneath Edwards AFB and his conversations with Buzz Aldrin and Henry Kissinger about aliens on the Moon.

mary Other realities in Jackson County, NC – This is a lecture I gave to a hometown audience at the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva, NC on October 19, 2017 about Bigfoot, Cherokee Little People, UFOs and secret underground bases in Jackson County.



glynis1 glynis2 glynis3

UFOs and Apparitions – Witness testimony by Glynis Heenan
Those who are familiar with our website, know Glynis Heenan has provided us with photos of many different kinds of UFOs that have appeared over the mountaintop community of Cashiers, NC.  It’s not well known that on occasion she has seen remarkable apparitions.

In this video, she tells about a man in a maroon spacesuit momentarily appearing in her home and later in her home beauty salon.  Not long after that, she saw a UFO in the sky just east of her house, followed by a giant apparition of Jesus in the tall trees in her yard.
We’d like to thank Vickie McMahan, our Facebook manager, for videotaping Glynis as she
talked about those experiences.  We’d also like to again thank Cindy Carter for transforming the two exclusive audio interviews below into visual experiences too.


pic of buzz

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – This is the first time Robert of Ohio talks publicly about his venture into a vast and secret underground facility beneath Edwards Air Force Base in California.  It drastically changed his life.  After that, he had unexpected and revelatory conversations with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Henry Kissinger who at that time was National Security Advisor for the Nixon administration.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - This is a true story of two kids who grew up on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and got their hands on some magical metal from the UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

They didn’t just see or touch the metal; they tested the magical metal in many inventive ways.  What they discovered has been their secret since 1957.  Now, 59 years later, “Jill” has decided it’s safe to share the most memorable adventure of her life.

Australian interview – Thanks to Skype, I was interviewed on July 23, 2015 by Australian Peter Maxwell Slattery (R) about a variety of topics.  We started with postings from the Global Links section of this website and then moved on to secret underground military bases, UFOs, our latest Bigfoot investigation, a hologram of Jesus and the Jesus family burial tomb.

Tangible evidence of Jesus – I gave this lecture at City Lights Bookstore in Sylva, NC on December 7, 2014.  The 38:19 video was taped by Beck Horne.

Cherokee Little People Were Real –This presentation was given at the Henderson County Heritage Museum in Hendersonville, NC on November 8, 2014.  The 38:12 minute video was taped by the museum.

Skyfishing for UFOs in Western North Carolina – This 2:08 minute video is about one method of catching UFOs with your camera.  It was produced by Beck Horne.

Mary Joyce on the base at Pisgah – In this video, I talk about a secret underground military facility beneath the Balsam Ridge in Western North Carolina. It was taped in 2010 at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada by Miles Johnson, a documentary filmmaker from Great Britain. This is version two because the first one mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. 

Sky Ships and Cosmic Spirituality – This is an hour long presentation Evelyn Gordon and I made at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada in 2010.  It is the largest UFO conference in the world.

podcast logo


Click on the underlined headings to listen to the shows.


The Scott Helmer Show - I was a guest on this show on August 8, 2017 with this high-energy host who is best known as a seasoned entertainer with more than 1,000 concerts under his belt.  He also has opened for performers such as Jeff Bridges, Eric Burdon & The Animals, 3 Doors Down, Eddie Money and Heart.  More importantly, since 2012 he has helped raise more than $2 million for a wide range of good causes.

Scott introduced me about 18 minutes into the show.  We covered many topics starting with my first UFO sightings in Florida, some of my interactions with NASA folks, and new Cabal information that a high-ranking whistleblower recently shared with me.




The night of July 4th, I was on “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory for hours three and four of the show. George is a very relaxed host so our conversation flowed in and out of many subjects from the website and from my books. The fourth hour primarily focused on my book “Tangible evidence of Jesus.”  He even questioned me about the true nature of the Resurrection and the possibility of Jesus being an extraterrestrial. For those who may not know about the show, it is the most listened to overnight radio program in North America.  “Coast Insiders” can listen to the show at



Paranormal Experienced – On February 15, 2017, I was on WCJV radio in Youngstown, NY with host Kat Hobson.  It was a two-hour show so we covered a wide range of topics.  If you already have heard about my background, you might want to start at the 16-minute mark where we begin talking about happenings in Antarctica. Then at approximately 36 minutes, I talk about cosmic miracles for the first time on any radio show.




The Higherside Chats – The podcast of this San Diego-based radio show was posted on September 6, 2016. The next day I learned the show has an international audience when I began receiving emails from European listeners.

The host, Greg Carlwood, is a knowledgeable host who keeps his shows flowing smoothly. We talked about a variety of subjects.

(R) Cartoon portrait of Greg Carlwood







Unknown Origins Radio – This December 3, 2015 show proved to be an interesting three-way conversation with hosts Mark Johnson and Bruce Pearson about multiple topics.  I was introduced 14 minutes into the show and for the next 10 minutes we talked about Islam in light of the San Bernardino massacre that occurred the night before. Then we moved on to discussions about Cherokee Little People and the Sky Ships over Cashiers website. 

Bruce, with his military background and 30 years as an investigative journalist, was especially interested in the second hour of the show when we talked about secret underground military bases.

Ancient Mysteries on the Air - On August 5, 2015, I was on the program with host Jim Harold who has a personal interest in so many ancient mysteries. As you might expect, the subject of the interview was my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real.”


SPIRIT RADIO On August 22, 2015 I was interviewed on 106.1 FM in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire about my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains” with hosts Willy Hassell and Lynne Nickerson. Once on the website, scroll down to the August 22, 2015 date.


BEHIND THE PARANORMAL – This is a podcast of my July 13, 2015 radio interview on 1240-AM (WOON) out of Rhode Island which serves Providence and Boston. I was interviewed by Paul and Ben Eno, a father and son team, about my two most recent books:  “Cherokee Little People Were Real” and “Underground military bases hidden in North Carolina Mountain.”

Paul Eno (L) began researching the paranormal and ancient history in the early 1970s with some of the true pioneers in the paranormal field.


Coast to Coast AM
– If you’re a “Coast Insider,” you can listen to George Knapp’s July 13, 2014 interview with me about my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real” at

If you’re not familiar with “Coast to Coast AM,” it’s an after dark radio talk show that features a wide range of cutting-edge topics and boasts an audience in the millions.


big pencil Books I've Written . . .

All my books are 8.5 x 11 inches in size and available through Amazon.
If you prefer to support an independent bookstore, then contact City Lights Bookstore in
Sylva, NC at 828-586-9499.


“BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints” ~ There is so much more to know about the Bigfoot than their footprints.  They have families. They have made friends with some humans. They have helped and even rescued people in trouble. They have preferences, language and unique biology. This book presents all this and more as reported by eyewitnesses and research scientists. The book is visually appealing too.  There are color photos throughout the book.  It has a glossy cover and the pages are printed on high-quality paper. It easily qualifies as a coffee-table book . . . and a great conversation starter.

“Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains” ~ There are military bases hidden beneath North Carolina’s mountains that most people have never heard about.  Remarkably, they are located near well-known tourist attractions: ? Great Smoky Mountains National Park ? Mount Mitchell State Park ? Linville Gorge ? Devil’s Courthouse on the Blue Ridge Parkway ? Chimney Rock State Park.  Yet, the underground facilities are so well camouflaged that few people know they exist. The information is mostly from those with military, law enforcement and high-security backgrounds.

“Cherokee Little People Were Real” ~ I wrote this book to help preserve a unique bit of American history that was about to disappear forever.  The book features testimonies of men who discovered ancient little tunnels, small skeletons and even a child-size skull with all its wisdom teeth when they were working on early construction projects at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC.  Discoveries also were made at old moonshine and mining sites south of the campus. The book features lots of photos, including one of an intriguing face on an ancient metal oval. Other area mysteries – Judaculla Rock, Judaculla Giant and Bigfoot – are included.  Discovery sites are clearly pointed out on maps.

“Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find” ~ This was written for those who would like proof of Jesus beyond what is recorded in Christian Bibles.  It is intended to be a bridge between scholarly researchers and scientists and most of the rest of us.  The writing style deliberately is condensed and to the point for easy reading.  There are plenty of photos, art and graphics to help bring the information to life. I call it a picture book for adults because there are visuals on nearly every page.


CLICK HERE to read a chapter from “Tangible evidence of Jesus. . .” about Jesus’ travels in the Far East.  It was posted on the Dublin-based “Ancient Origins” website which features the latest archaeological findings as well as out-of-the-box perspectives on science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe.

The above four books are available through Amazon and
City Lights Bookstore in Sylva, NC at



A brief bio . . .

In addition to editing this website, I’ve worked for The Orlando Sentinel in Florida as an artist and columnist and The Oakland Press in Michigan as a Sunday magazine editor and then feature editor.

Because of this website and the books I’ve written, I’ve been a frequent guest on radio and TV shows including “Coast to Coast AM” which has an audience of about 3 million listeners, The Travel Channel and Internet TV shows in Ireland and Australia.

In addition to writing, my career includes working for a major metropolitan air pollution control agency, a community college, eight successful political campaigns, the world’s largest private printing company and a Fortune 100 company where I worked directly with many creative teams including those at Marvel Comics, Golden Books, Mr. Rogers, Berenstain Bears and Steven Spielberg’s “ET” book staff.


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