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2016 - 2017 Sky Ship Messages

September 7, 2017 -A clarion call for natural healers
June 10, 2017 -Beware the Pirates of the Galactic Seas
June 2, 2017 -The Last Tree
May 25, 2017 - Don't leave Moral Compass in pocket
April 6, 2017 - Leaders in the wheelhouse
March 30, 2017 - The soul of a shoe
January 29, 2017 - Learn about Caligula and you will see the soul of Trump
December 9, 2016 - So many people feel trapped
October 10, 2016 - Change comes like a pouncing snow leopard
August 2, 2016 - America in the mirror
July 10, 2016 - Step out of the shadows and let your soul soar
June 15, 2016 - Hope is carried upon the Wings of Love
January 15, 2016 - Whispered warnings




junk hands

A clarion call for natural healers

September 7, 2017 – As disasters continue to stampede across the world, it becomes increasingly important that those gifted with natural healing abilities step forth from the shadows and use their gifts to help sustain people who no longer are able to depend on traditional medical resources.





Beware the Pirates of the Galactic Seas

June 10, 2017 – Earth is like a terrarium in the outskirts of its galaxy.  Conditions have been created within it for an abundance of life in its seemingly endless varieties.

It has become an eye-catching gem in a Sea of Darkness that so many extraterrestrial species want to claim as their own.  So, today the Creators of the Terrarium seek to guard it and protect all life within it from the Pirates of the Galaxy who wish to take it for themselves. Some pirates only want the water and the mineral resources, while others wish to steal genetic resources.

Humans living within the terrarium must not foolishly regard all extraterrestrial life the same.  It is important for humans to distinguish between the Creators of the Terrarium from those who covet it like a tyrannical king covets gemstones and gold.

At every level humans must strive diligently to protect their terrarium.  They are to assist in every way possible the efforts of the Creators of the Terrarium and stand staunchly resistant to the Pirates of the Galactic Seas.

Your Sky Brothers






The Last Tree

Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned  
and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.

– Cree Indian Proverb




Don’t leave Moral Compass in pocket


May 25, 2017 - Each soul comes into human form with a Moral Compass.  Sadly, there is a plethora of self-absorbed leaders running the world amuck because they bury their Moral Compasses beneath the trappings of materialistic desires.

It is time for everyone to extract his or her Moral Compass from the deep pockets of denial.  Each compass must be brought out into the sunlight and buffed and polished with new intentions to follow a Path of Truth.

A ship without a compass, a hiker without a compass, a cattle drive without a compass will lose sight of the intended destination.  More significantly, countries without a Moral Compass will lose their way and the repercussions will be felt, and indeed endured disproportionally, by the masses who choose to follow leaders who do not take time to make every decision according to a Moral Compass.






Leaders in the wheelhouse

April 6, 2017 message

The leaders in the wheelhouse of the Ship of State for every nation
need the prayers of their passengers because the seas of the world are roiling.

The passengers must pray that their leaders be imbued with wisdom
and that they keep a steady focus on the Horizon of Hope.

Without such sincere prayers, the Ships of State will be devastated
by tumultuous waves of chaotic change.







The soul of a shoe

If money and power are the two ends of a shoe’s lace,
then surely the soul of a shoe will be lost.

Polish cannot long cover
the dry cracked leather of a neglected shoe.

The soul of a shoe erodes quickly
in the saltwater tears of the downtrodden.

The soul is cobbled to the bottom of a shoe,
but envelopes a true moccasin.

- Yeshua




cali trump

“Learn about Caligula and you will see the soul of Trump”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following message is a departure from previous ones we’ve posted on this website but it came through with intensity so we decided to include it.


January 28, 2017
- While you drain the swamp, the gators get hungry and go beyond to find sustenance.

The more Trump goes through the swamp with a giant sickle, the more his fallen enemies will gather and conspire to bring him down. With every disheartened sentence that he speaks, he creates new foes.

Pray that sane minds will somehow prevail for we see not glory in the Houses of Cards that Trump builds.  He spends time carefully developing strong foundations for his real estate properties, yet throws up Houses of Cards in his political arena – and they shall surely fall.

This is a man who has commanded in past lives and only has a heart for those within his utmost inner circle.  Because of his actions in previous lives and the constant threats against him, he only feels safe within his circle of loyalists.

In the past, he has drawn his sword to fend off challengers before they have a chance to draw their own swords, as today.

He has been a Roman emperor.  Think of Caligula.  A cursory study will reveal he was a tyrant of tyranny.  His lust for power and control were that of a madman. 

Learn about Caligula and you will see the soul of Trump. - Your Sky Brothers


: After receiving the above message, we looked up Caligula. Below is what we found on the History Channel website. We’ve added the boldface highlights.

From the History Channel website

The third of Rome’s emperors, Caligula (formally known as Gaius) achieved feats of waste and carnage during his four-year reign (A.D. 37-41) unmatched even by his infamous nephew Nero. The son of a great military leader, he escaped family intrigues to take the throne, but his personal and fiscal excesses led him to be the first Roman emperor to be assassinated.

Caligula’s Early Life

Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus was born in 12 A.D., the third son of the renowned Roman general Germanicus and his wife, Agrippina the Elder. During his childhood, his family lived at his father’s posting on the Rhine, where the general’s troops gave the future emperor his nickname “Caligula,” meaning “little boot,” in reference to the miniature uniform in which his parents dressed him.

Did You Know?

Though known for his harsh treatment of others, the infamous Roman emperor Caligula lavished attention upon his horse Incitatus, giving the animal his own house with a marble stall and ivory manger. As an expression of his absolute power, Caligula planned to appoint the horse to the high office of consul, but he was assassinated before he could do so.

After Germanicus died in 17 A.D., Caligula’s family fell from favor in the eyes of the emperor Tiberius and the powerful Praetorian guardsman Sejanus, who saw the elder sons of the popular general as political rivals. Caligula’s mother and brothers were accused of treason, and all died in prison or exile. Caligula’s grandmother Antonia managed to shield him from these intrigues until Sejunus’ death in 31. The next year, Caligula moved in with the aging Tiberius, who gleefully indulged his great-nephew’s worst habits, commenting that he was “nursing a viper in Rome’s bosom.”

Tiberius adopted Caligula and made him and his cousin Gemellus equal heirs to the empire. When the emperor died in 37, Caligula’s Praetorian ally Marco arranged for Caligula to be proclaimed sole emperor. A year later, Caligula would order both Marco and Gemellus put to death.

The Emperor Caligula

Caligula was not quite 25 years old when he took power in 37 A.D. At first, his succession was welcomed in Rome: He announced political reforms and recalled all exiles. But in October of 37, a serious illness unhinged Caligula, leading him to spend the remainder of his reign exploring the worst aspects of his nature.

Caligula lavished money on building projects, from the practical (aqueducts and harbors) to the cultural (theaters and temples) to the downright bizarre (requisitioning hundreds of Roman merchant ships to construct a 2-mile floating bridge across the Bay of Bauli so he could spend two days galloping back and forth across it). In 39 and 40 he led military campaigns to the Rhine and the English Channel, where he eschewed battles for theatrical displays, commanding his troops to “plunder the sea” by gathering shells in their helmets.

His relationships with other individuals were turbulent as well. His biographer Suetonius quotes his oft-repeated phrase, “Remember that I have the right to do anything to anybody.” He tormented high-ranking senators by making them run for miles in front of his chariot. He had brazen affairs with the wives of his allies and was rumored to have incestuous relationships with his sisters.

Caligula was tall, pale and so hairy that he made it a capital offense to mention a goat in his presence. He worked to accentuate his natural ugliness by practicing terrifying facial expressions in a mirror. But he literally wallowed in luxury, allegedly rolling around in piles of money and drinking precious pearls dissolved in vinegar. He continued his childhood games of dress-up, donning strange clothing, women’s shoes and lavish accessories and wigs — eager, according to his biographer Cassius Dio, “to appear to be anything rather than a human being and an emperor.”

Caligula’s Downfall

Caligula’s profligacy was draining the Roman treasury faster than he could replenish it through taxes and extortion. A conspiracy formed between the Praetorian Guard, the Senate and the equestrian order, and in late January of 41 A.D. Caligula was stabbed to death, along with his wife and daughter, by officers of the Praetorian Guard led by Cassius Chaerea. Thus, Cassius Dio notes, Caligula “learned by actual experience that he was not a god.”

The Senate attempted to use the disastrous end of Caligula’s reign as a pretext to reestablish the Roman Republic, but Claudius, the heir designate, took the throne after gaining the support of the Praetorian Guard. The Julio-Claudian dynasty would remain secure for another 17 years, until Nero’s suicide in 68.




So many people feel trapped

December 9, 2016 - So many people feel trapped – trapped in a job, trapped in a relationship, trapped in other people’s expectations, trapped, trapped, trapped.

In most cases, people have slammed the door on their own jail cell.  For some, there is a sense of security within a cell of familiarity, but being locked away from the world is devastating to the soul, for without freedom to roam through the pastures and the forests, the hills and the mountains of life, there can be no joy nor spiritual growth.  Ironically, most people have slammed shut their own cell door but it is a door without a lock.

This is a brief message to beckon everyone to open their cell door and walk forth forevermore in freedom, for a soul locked in a cell withers without basking in the Light of Creation.


b cv d e

You have not come to Earth to waste away in confining spaces of familiarity.
You have come to grow spiritually and to help water
the Roots of Hope within one another.





snow leopard

Change comes like a pouncing snow leopard

October 9, 2016 - People always look to the past to forecast the future yet change comes in unexpected ways.  Do you think the bison with food in its mouth that was found as a frozen historical record had any inkling of its imminent demise?  No.  True change pounces like a snow leopard.  Yet from a mountaintop one might observe the snow leopard on its track before it pounces.

For those who wish not to be surprised by change, they must climb the spiritual mountain so they might see and thus prepare for changes not foreseen by those who dwell on the shores and valleys of distractions.

For those who find comfort in clinging to the familiar without allowing themselves to look up and scan the horizon for changes, they too easily will become victims of the pouncing snow leopard of unexpected changes.

The signs of change are there to be seen but when people live in denial and cling to what is familiar, they will be defeated by those changes.

It is time for all to climb the spiritual mountain and listen for changes in the wind for sometimes only the fleet of foot can stride through the changes which are part of the matrix of life on Earth.

This comes as a warning and a plea from those in the spirit realm who strive only to be guiding Shepherds for Humanity.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Most people have heard about an ancient mammoth that was quickly frozen with undigested food in its mouth.  Deeper research reveals a whole host of animals, including the bison, were instantly freeze dried by a dramatic event sometime during the Pleistocene age.




America in the mirror

August 2, 2016 - Each of the summer gatherings for power consolidation is like a two sided mirror.  One side reflects back to the American people what they ought to become while the other side reflects back all the warts and wrinkles of the reality that has been allowed to manifest.

The question becomes, can Americans, who are obsessed with viewing themselves in mirrors and photographs, be able to rectify what they and their country have become?


The cracked and wrinkled face of the American Dream can only be restored with the balm of compassion, love and understanding.  With that comes enlightenment that can ignite a Beacon Bright upon a mountain top to serve as a Guiding Light for the Ships of State bobbing upon an ocean of turmoil.

With introspection rather than self-obsession,
America can become the Guiding Light it was envisioned to be.

Your Sky Brothers





Man giving his sandals to a poor woman in Rio de Janeiro,
city of the 2016 summer Olympics

Step out of the shadows and let your soul soar

July 10, 2016 - Against insurmountable odds, some people make it to the top.  Consequently, we shall remain steadfast in our efforts to spark the Spirit of Light within anyone who chooses to step forth from the shadows to be touched by the Light of Creation.

It must be realized that all human paradigms are like boxes that shield you from the Truth of Creation for there are countless souls far beyond the dimensions of Earth who can materialize and dematerialize before human eyes when they pop in and out of dimensional levels of life.

The one best known to you as Jesus is such a one who took on the role of supreme harbinger to Earth in a continuous effort to ignite the spirit within humankind.  He is from the future toward which all souls seek to eventually reach, but that goal cannot be achieved without stepping out of the darkness and into the Light of Creation for without that Light, souls never soar and they eventually are sucked down into quicksand that smothers all that would allow them to reach the realm of love, light, beauty, music and endless creative expansion of their very beings.

There is much that can be said, there is much that can be told, but at this point it is essential that the Shadows of Darkness be illuminated with diligent and true expressions of love and care toward one another.

Let these words stand alone
for Truth need not be attributed to anyone.







Hope is carried upon the Wings of Love

JUNE 15, 2016 - It’s been said by so many sages and philosophers that love is the key.

It’s been said so many times that it may seem trite to those who hear this seed of truth that is to grow within the heart of every human soul so all might arise, and the Earth too, into a Realm of Peace and Tranquility.

This need not be amplified and explained, for it makes perfect sense to anyone who surveys the condition of humankind, that without love and compassion everything runs amuck.

Humankind’s only hope is carried upon the Wings of Love.

Words of love and compassion fly like birds far beyond the one who utters them, and if every human upon the planet spoke from the heart with love each day, mankind and its home planet would rise above the greed, the selfishness and the violence that cloak the Earth in darkness and despair.

This is wisdom that has been and continues to be from
those in the Higher Realms of Love and Light.






Whispered warnings

January 10, 2016 - Every creature upon Earth, including humankind, has an intuitive connection to its Creator.  It is as important as the beating heart and must be nourished with love and attention for it is the key to survival especially when boulders of change roll down the mountains and insanity roars in the valleys.

Everyone hopes and prays and wishes for a New Year to be bountiful with good health, happiness and financial freedom.  However, this New Year will be but a crescendo of the year that just passed, bringing with it boulder-size changes and increased turmoil in the valleys and fortresses of humankind. 

For some, it will be like tiptoeing through minefields of conflict, but do not think the New Year will be without bountiful blessings, yet they only will be found if one heeds the whispered messages from the intuitive essence found within each and every one.

With each New Year that stacks upon the table of life, it becomes increasingly essential to heed the whispers of the intuitive aspect the Creator has installed within each creature.

This is not a year to ignore those intuitive whispers for deafened ears will not hear the warning rumbles of change.






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