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2014 Sky Ship Messages

November 20, 2014 - Message: Sea of financial change
October 11, 2014 - Ebola: How it came to be and why
October 11, 2014 - Undercover spiritual agents
September 14, 2014 - "It's serious!" - Timely message about Mideast
May 30, 2014 - The evil alien challenge
February 2, 2014 - Sky Brothers’ Announcement

Message:  Sea of financial change

November 20, 2014 – There is a Sea of Change coming to the shores of a once grand nation and we wish to throw out life jackets to those who have the will to listen to the Clarion Call of Truth.

Like the spoiled son of a rich man, the United States has indulged itself excessively and now all the credit cards have been maxed out and even the interest cannot be paid. 

Other nations no longer think United States money is worthy to be the dominant instrument of international business and many efforts are underway to replace a debtor nation’s dollars with alternate currencies of exchange.

To make matters worse, the rich man’s decadent son still thinks he has power to get his way throughout the world.  For example, by punishing Russia with economic restrictions, that nation instead has moved toward collaborative efforts with China and other Far Eastern nations in establishing economic exchanges that circumvent the U.S. Dollar.

This will affect everyone.  Many innocents will fall victim to the upcoming monetary changes so we offer lifejacket ideas for survival.

Everyone should live below his or her means.

Everyone should shed debt as if it were a stinky, oily coat made of bear skin.

Those who still have financial funds beyond their needs should invest in precious metals because they have survived through every economic upheaval.

And finally, those with pure hearts need to attune to spiritual guidance for that will be the only clarion call to guide people into safe harbors.

This message comes from the realm in which all spiritual masters
dwell when not manifesting upon the Earth.


EBOLA: How it came to be and why

October 12, 2014
– The sinister aspect of Ebola is that it was developed in the laboratories with the intention to reduce the population of the planet.  It is a very real threat to mankind and the resulting fear of it spreading will enable governments to exert authoritarian control that has the potential to reduce representative democracy to a withering memory, and that becomes like a secondary plague upon mankind.

A similar effort was initiated years ago with HIV.  It, too, was created in the laboratories; it, too, was aimed at people who were deemed not to be productive assets.  As you will note, both contrived plagues were initiated in Africa.

Your Sky Brothers



Undercover spiritual agents

  The following message originally came through on September 22, 2014 for a group of eight individuals.  Then on October 12, 2014, we were directed to post it on website because it would be encouraging to so many others.

Each of you is an undercover agent with your own unique mission to uplift and inspire, teach, guide and heal those who come within your sphere of influence.  You do not wear garments that identify you as spiritually wise ones, for if you did your sphere of influence would be limited to those within the religious box associated with your particular garment.

As a truly free and independent agent you can offer pearls of wisdom and raindrops of enlightenment upon anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Your form of delivery of these blessings is uniquely your own and may change so it is tailor made for each recipient.

You have been brought together by the higher realms to praise you for what you have done and to inspire you for what you shall do.  You have been brought together to show that you are not alone in your undercover spiritual work and to be assured that you are part of a network, like a fisherman’s net, that covers the globe.

Though you work in a solitary fashion, be comforted in knowing that other undercover agents like yourselves are also working to uplift and inspire, teach, guide and heal. . . .

We bless you so that you will be a greater blessing to humankind.

Ended at 7:45 a.m.



 “It’s serious!” – Timely message about Mideast

EDITOR’S NOTE:  When this website was started in 2008, many Sky Ship Messages came through, but those have dwindled in number because the Sky Brothers do not wish to constantly repeat things that have been said before.   In fact, this is only the third message this year which indicates to us that it is significant. There also were interruptions in the message which might indicate difficulty in transmitting it.  This has not happened when previous messages have been given.

September 14, 2014 - You have heard of the Biblical prophecies all your lives but now they are exploding.

When good men do not speak up or take action, evil wins.  Throughout the Middle East evil has not been confronted by those who wish to live in peace, therefore the hope for peace has died.

Break. . .

Gather your resources and make sure you are safe
for the future is happening right before your face.

Break. . .

Acknowledge not the evil one. 

Break. . .

Instead of turning toward God or looking within for resolve, people will flap about like headless chickens when the caldron of the Middle East explodes.

Break. . .

Biblical prophecies have been expounded upon for so long that they have become like a background drumroll lulling people’s minds to sleep, but now the battle trumpet is blasting loud and clear as the caldron of hate in the Middle East flares toward the heavens for all the world to see.

Break. . .

These interrupted bulletins are like tiny patches to be quilted together into a cohesive message.

Break. . .

All beings of the Light of Creation who reside in the quadrant of the universe encompassing Earth are intently focused upon the Little Blue Planet that is trembling from the horrors that mankind has inflicted upon it.  Those of Earth must be equally focused in putting out the fires, stopping the deluges and comforting the traumatized.  This only can be done by turning inward for stamina and resolve and looking outward for spiritual strength beyond themselves.

Let it be said that since messages began to be dictated for this website that no message has been communicated of such a serious and awesome nature because a repetition of such warnings have been said so many ways over such a great number of centuries that no one pays attention.  But now we tell you true that what’s happening in the Middle East and Africa is as dire a reality as the ancient ones foretold.

Each human being of the Light must stoke his or her spirit while dowsing the fires of destruction.


It’s serious!  It’s serious!  It’s serious!  Hiding ones head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich will only leave one with burned tail feathers.

Each soul of the Light must turn to the Light of Creation for instructions regarding each ones mission during this period of the Shaking Blue Planet.

I am but a simple messenger by the name of JO-EL.



The evil alien challenge

May 24, 2014 - There are extraterrestrials that come to Earth to protect the planet and help uplift mankind, but there are several alien species vying for Earth.  They have come to conquer it and take it over as their own.  They might be compared to the conquistadors of Spain who came to the Americas in search of land and gold, choosing to subdue and enslave the native peoples and thinking nothing at all about slaughtering those who might resist them.

They have come to Earth because their own homelands have been decimated by cosmic events which were drawn to them because of their own selfish ways – ways that negate the positive energies of Creation.

Do not have compassion for those who drag their negative and evil ways across the universe contaminating all they encounter.  These alien beings are not only alien to Earth; they are alien to positive Creation. 

They are physically weak compared to humankind, but they excel in using the powers of their minds.  They hypnotize, they mesmerize and use the tool of fear.

The extent of their infiltration into Planet Earth is mirrored on television, movie and computer screens.  Darkness and fearful imagery is broadcast for all to see.  It is now common for programs to depict gory dead bodies, vampires and zombies, while in reality the ones with the evil faces are abducting people, slaughtering animals and sometimes people for genetic material to create for themselves new bodies which will make it easier for them to survive on Planet Earth.  They understand that a body is simply housing for a spirit.

What is happening on Earth at this time is spiritual warfare in the truest sense.  At one level mankind must stop supporting evil enterprises whether they be dark movies upon screens or efforts through corporations to weaken humankind physically through polluted foods, medicines, the earth, the waters, the skies.

And finally, every human being must realize that he or she, or even large groups of people, cannot withstand the evil ones except by calling in the help of the Creator and his minions of angels, beings and spirits of Light.

In the names of all the enlightened ones
who have ever come to Earth to uplift mankind, we ask
you to call upon the Creator to protect yourselves and your planet.




A sampling of Bilderberg members at the apex of world power

 Sky Brothers’ Announcement

February 2, 2014 - Those at the apex of power on Earth have been consumed by greed and a desire for self-serving control of all mankind and the bounty of the planet.  A list of their atrocities should be unnecessary but they must be stopped.

Human beings must not roll over and play dead before such evil ones.  Do not be taken off guard by their polished social manners and tailored suits.  Their unrestrained actions are decimating the planet and choking the air from the lungs of the humble ones.  Stand up, unite to reclaim the bounty of life that was intended for everyone not just a few.

It must be recognized that those like Edward Snowden put their lives in jeopardy in a genuine effort to protect his people and the people of the world from the stranglehold of those at the apex of power. His ultimate goal is virtuous and there needs to be an army of such ones willing to risk their lives for freedom and hope and justice for all.


Edward Snowden and General Dwight D. Eisenhower during WWII

We wish to address one other topic today.

The former president of the United States, Eisenhower, was never able to step out of his military mindset and made an agreement with deviant extraterrestrials whose ultimate goal is to take over planet Earth.

Why did he do this?  Because he wanted to keep nuclear power in his arsenal and wanted to acquire more advanced defensive technologies so he as theleader of the United States could assure that his country would remain forever as the number one power on the planet.

In simple terms, he sold the soul of his nation for an arsenal of technical power.  Before that agreement, there were NOT frightening abductions and demonic intrusions into people’s lives. Before that, extraterrestrials, many looking quite human, came to Earth to assist with the uplifting evolvement of their younger brothers and sisters on Earth.

By Eisenhower’s foolish agreement with those you call Greys, “THE GENERAL” cast aside mankind’s benefactors. 

WE WILL NO LONGER BE CAST ASIDE! We are coming in greater numbers to resuscitate the planet and save human beings from destruction.

Do NOT pray to us for help.  Pray to the Creator for he is “OUR GENERAL” and we take actions at his command.

Humankind has given us many names, but we at this time prefer to be known as Galactic Light Workers, or for those of you with a sense of humor, you might like to call us

The God Squad


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