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2012 Sky Skip Messages

December 9, 2012 - December 21, 2012 – birthday for courage
September 9, 2012 - Be as brave and hopeful as pioneers in covered wagons
August 5, 2012 - NSA creates bogus channeled messages
August 4, 2012 - Lessons in the rearview mirror
June 17, 2012 - Human ETs bring hope for humanity
June 11, 2012 - More than stars in the heavens
June 17, 2012 - Human ETs bring hope for humanity
June 11, 2012 - More than stars in the heavens
June 8, 2012 - ETs travel via high-speed space corridors
May 14, 2012 - Revelations about huge sky ships near Sun
May 13, 2012 - Yeshua: Pleiadians returning to Garden Planet
April 23, 2012 - Media violence suffocates souls
March 27, 2011 - Planet-size spheres in sky - explanation
April 5th, 2012 - The reason the Earth is rumbling
February 24th, 2012 - Final plays upon chessboard Earth
February 23rd, 2012 - Don’t let freedom of religion die
January 23rd, 2012 - Better to live with hopeful anticipation
January 8th, 2012 - Stop those creating human-animal monsters
New Year 2012 - Even a quadriplegic can be a Warrior of Light

December 21, 2012 – birthday for courage


Sunday, December 9, 2012 - While the “Spark of Creation” may be at the core of every religion, that which is constructed around it, to house it, is manifested from the thoughts of men.

Throughout human history, people have chosen their favorite construct of religious thought and declared it to be the grandest and the best and the conflicts and fighting began – one box of believers against another box of believers.

The divisive walls must all come down so that everyone may see the “Spark of Creation” without the accoutrements of dogmatic faiths.


The Warlords of Fear have been ruling the people of Earth for too long and the masses of people must see that such tyrants have feet of clay even though they hide behind reprehensible facades of power.  These facades, like the walls housing mankind’s constructed faiths, must be broken down.  Only Common People united in a Common Cause can bring down the walls and rediscover the “Spark of Creation” which alone can bring freedom, happiness and indeed joy to the slaves of the Warlords of Fear.

The Warlords of Fear, whether they be in governments, military, corporations, religious institutions or the media, have created the suffocating fear that coats the Earth.  Perhaps when the infamous date of December 12, 2012 comes and goes without incident, the Common People will draw courage from the “Spark of Creation” and stand in opposition to any and all campaigns of fear by the warlords who wish to rule mankind for their own selfish reasons.

At this Season of Spiritual Renewal, may each and every Common Person actively seek to find a way to destroy fear by creating hope through their thoughts and prayers and actions, knowing that the “Spark of Creation” will fuel their efforts to transform a planet from darkness to Light.


Be as brave and hopeful as pioneers in covered wagons
September 9, 2012


Under the cover of canvas stretched over bowed arches of wood
brave pioneers in Conestoga wagons faced the unknown
with hearts full of hope and mouths filled with prayers.

The frontiers to be found and faced today are far vaster and
indeed mind-expanding than anything mankind has faced before,
but first mankind must bravely shake the shackles of outdated beliefs.

You cannot soar if you think you cannot fly.

You cannot breathe fresh air unless you dare to step outside
the boxes of moldy thoughts and teachings.

You cannot be healed until you cease to believe
in panhandlers’ bottles of elixirs.

You cannot find truth from tales told around campfires.

Instead, you must venture over the next hill, or through the next woods,
or over the next grassy plain to find truth.

Seek truth and do not wait to be fed pabulum from the spoon of another,
for pabulum is not sufficient to sustain those beyond the cradle and
no adult should wish to be rocked endlessly within the walls of a nursery.

Like the pioneers in the Conestoga wagons, leave behind the limitations of the past, whatever those might be, and go forward with hope in your heart and prayers upon your tongue for therein is the path to a grand awakening for mankind.

Your Sky Brothers & Sisters


  (L) NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland (R) The world’s biggest spy center is being built for the NSA
in Bluffdale, Utah. Other large and well-known NSA facilities are in Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii and Texas.

NSA creates bogus channeled messages

August 5, 2012 – Battles for control can be fought on many fronts.  Specifically, we would like to shine light on a little known battlefield within the vastness of Internet communications.

In an effort to exert maximum control over the flow of information regarding government involvement with extraterrestrial beings, there is an ongoing disinformation effort which needs to be exposed.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and its mighty fingers of control are fully aware of the plethora of channeled messages being posted on the Internet.  NSA data show that such channelings are being read by ever-growing numbers of people.  Therefore, the NSA has been responsible for distributing disinformation through channeled messages.

In some cases, distorted information is being beamed into the minds of established or well-recognized channels.  In other cases, illusions of newer channelers have been created and promoted throughout the vast network of the World Wide Web. Through these efforts, fear is magnified.

Seemingly contradictory information also is being disseminated.  Because of this, many channelers’ prophesies fail to come to fruition.  In this way, it is hoped that the influence of channelers will be undermined and therefore truth from true channelers will be dismissed.

True channelers are unflinchingly aligned with the Divine Energy of Creation and daily ask for that protection so that only truth comes through their messages.

It is a challenge today for the readers of channeled messages to distinguish nuggets of gold from fool’s gold.  This requires that the readers of channeled messages ask for Divine protection and discernment so they may distinguish truth from the deliberate barrage of disinformation.

This is a joint communique from the Bearers of Light
who have come to Earth on a rescue mission.

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Wired Magazine as well as other sources, the new NSA facility in Utah will be connected with established listening posts throughout the world.  The facility will essentially be a bottomless storage of everyone’s personal data since birth including content from private emails, phone calls, Internet searches and purchases.  This information quickly can be pulled up, as accurately demonstrated by Tim McGee the computer guru on the popular television show “NCIS.”


Rearview Mirror

Lessons in the rearview mirror

August 4, 2012 –Some people only learn lessons through the rearview mirror. It’s a rocky path, filled with regrets and lost opportunities.

In order to see opportunities, one must look through the front windshield and prepare wisely for opportunities by keeping the wipers clean and fresh like new; by keeping the window washer fluid filled and by checking tires, headlights and the gas tank, too.

Clutter in one’s life can be like smashed bugs and mud on the windshield that obscure opportunities even if one is looking forward with a hopeful heart.  Even conflicting chatter from those along for the ride can divert one’s attention and then one misses a ride most Divine.

There are so many opportunities along the Road of Life that are missed, even in the rearview mirror.

Your Sky Brothers


Human ETs bring hope for humanity


Satellite view of Earth at night

Father’s Day, June 17, 2012

Since the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb in 1945, extraterrestrial beings, who look quite human but of a more perfected form, began to congregate around Planet Earth.  For the sake of efficiency in words, they shall be referred to as “HETs” or Human Extraterrestrials.

Many of those HETs then began serving as ambassadors to a most troubled planet.  As you might expect, first contacts were made with Alpha Leaders.  A most notable example of this was a meeting shortly after the Korean War with President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A very kind and loving offer was made by the HETs to help quell the violence and assist with the resurrection of the hearts and souls and minds of men from the ashes and turmoil resulting from too much fighting and too much use of deadly technology.  The only thing that was asked of mankind was to cease all use of nuclear weaponry.

The Alpha Leader and his top military advisors rejected the offer and soon thereafter negotiated with renegade ETs that mankind refers to simply as “The Greys.”

Alpha Leaders

“Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts”

When the offer of the HETs was rejected, a different tactical move had to be initiated.  It was hoped that sanity could be brought back to Planet Earth by contacting common people, particularly those with higher mental and spiritual vibrations.  In other words, a plan was initiated to defuse a violent planet from the base up.

Thousands upon thousands of so called common people of the world were contacted by the HETs hoping to inspire positive changes on Planet Earth.  A notable example is Billy Meier who has had numerous face-to-face meetings with HET ambassadors to the planet.

Regretfully, the deviant plans of the Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts have almost totally extinguished that contact and his information through assassination attempts and assaults upon the man’s character and credibility.

In the broader arena, the Alpha Dogs and their Grey Cohorts have created a plague of fear that is suffocating the hearts and souls and minds of men. 

The Greys have come to represent all ETs.  They have abducted countless human beings for an array of experiments focused primarily on genetic manipulations.  They have killed cattle for the biological tissues that they need.  They have invaded peoples’ lives in most terrifying ways, and so much more.

We know that mankind quivers in fear dreading what might happen next and for that reason this message comes.  It comes to let mankind know that the HETs outnumber the Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts.

HETs walk the planet and have infiltrated the restricted halls and underground facilities of the Alpha Dogs.  They serve as secret agents and have been able to accomplish much through their undercover operations to foil the plans of the Alpha Dogs.

While such HETs operate upon the planet and beneath its surface, there are even greater numbers of HETs just beyond the stratosphere of Earth.  Under crucial circumstances, the planet-size ships of the HETs and their smaller transportation vehicles are prepared for rescue missions.

This should be comforting to mankind.  However, each human being must work diligently now to increase his or her vibrational frequency.  The higher the frequency, the brighter the light emitted.


Please for a minute envision the Earth encased in a covering of thick clouds.  Only the brightest of lights can penetrate through such clouds and be seen by the rescue teams above.  So instead of putting so much effort and money into purchasing and storing excessive amounts of survival food and materials, put your time and energy into uplifting your vibrational frequency so that you might be seen by rescue teams.

We know your world is severely polluted, but drink the purest water and eat the purest food that you can get.  Eat more fruits and vegetable that are themselves of a higher vibration, and take steps to eliminate the dense toxins from your bodies.  And most important of all, realize that the spirit within you, when aligned with the Creator, becomes a mighty source of light.  So be diligent in your efforts to align fully with the Creative Energy of the Universe.

You do not want to be just a pinpoint of light at this time.  Strive the best you can to become a Beacon of Light that can penetrate through the density that has engulfed the Earth, for therein lies your hope.


CLICK HERE to read the 2011 article “Eisenhower made a treaty with an evil race of aliens.”


More than stars in the heavens

June 11, 2012

There’s a gathering in the heavens of ships from faraway.
They come to rock the cradle where mankind still sleeps today.


The baby’s eyes must open to see beyond the veil
that flutters like a chiffon drape on the window to the world.

The baby knows the baubles that dangle above its head.
He even gives them names like Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

But there’s so much more than these familiar baubles
that gather just beyond the nursery walls.

Yet, the baby has no comprehension of what he sees dancing in the sky.
To him they are just more baubles like Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

But they are unpredictable dancers leaping about on their own accord.
They’ve come to rock the cradle and wake the baby from its sleep.

It’s time for the baby to crawl to the sill
and see the new baubles and dancers in the sky
and wonder why so many have come
to dance just beyond the nursery walls.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are
especially when you scoot about
in irregular zips and zags.

The baby must quickly stand up tall
and comprehend that the dancing balls
that scoot about are ships of state from other realms
who’ve come to uplift the baby to a higher state of grace,
a higher state of knowing, a higher state of hope.

This comes from the one who once inspired the rhythmic prose of Solomon.

ETs travel via high-speed space corridors

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Star Wars

Galaxy map from “Star Wars”

In late 1986, while living on Cocoa Beach in Florida, spiritual/sky ship messages began coming through during my meditation times.  Early on, a tremendous amount of information was downloaded including details on interplanetary travel.

Now that we’re getting access to mysterious satellite videos of cables or tubes in deep space, it seems a good time to share some of that downloaded information.

  • I was shown something that looked like a shiny silver CD.  I was told it was a star map that could be inserted into the command panel of a spaceship.  Once it was inserted, the ship could cruise on automatic. 
  • I was told there were star discs for different parts of the universe that were stored like maps Earth travelers keep in the glove compartment of a car.
  • I was told that before going into automatic cruise, the command pilot would fly his spaceship into a high speed corridor where vast distances could be covered quickly.
  • I was told that as a ship approached a planet, the command pilot would switch from automatic to manual control.  It was compared to exiting a freeway and entering a residential area where one must drive slower and more attentively.
  • CLICK HERE to view a video titled
    “Giant Space Tubes ~ UFO Teleporter Tubes?”


    Revelations about huge sky ships near Sun

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  A NASA satellite that constantly monitors the Sun captured a sky ship near the Sun on May 2, 2012.  It is shown in the lower left of the photo along with an enlargement of the donut-shaped ship.

    Go to the “Global Links” section of this website to see other satellite photos showing spacecraft of various sizes and shapes that have been caught cruising near the Sun.


    Monday, May 14, 2012

    You have been encouraged to post satellite photos of large sky ships near the Sun to help dissolve pseudo-science myths.

    THE PHOTOS CLEARLY SHOW it is possible for advanced spacecraft to withstand the intense heat and radiation from your Sun.

    THE PHOTOS REVEAL that advanced spacecraft come in various designs.  With enough information, it is possible to identify the origin of each craft by its design and also identify its purpose.

    Residential crafts are like gigantic cruise ships in the shape of planets.  The more oddly shaped crafts are like giant airline hangars from which fly equally unique crafts.  Some are designed for monitoring while others are used for defensive purposes and might be likened to your F-22 Raptor or B-2 Spirit Bomber jets.


    THE SATELLITE PHOTOS ALSO REVEAL to mankind the enormity of the ships that flock to an Earth in crisis.  All of this activity is being organized under a command team that might be likened to the fleet admiral and his highest ranking officers.

    Closer to Earth, mankind sees small sky ships that would be more like PT boats from your last world war or Coast Guard boats.

    This information is being provided by the communications officer on behalf of the “Fleet Admiral” of this enormous operation.

    Yeshua:  Pleiadians returning to Garden Planet

    Sunday, May 13, 2012 - Our true home is a world where everything pulses with a much higher energy or faster energy than that of Earth.  Colors are more vibrant and span a greater range of hues; and an internal light emanates from within every form of life.  To Earth eyes we seem to glow.

    We live our lives in the present just as you do, but from your perspective we appear to be Light Beings from your future returning to lead the Children of Earth ever onward and upward toward the Source of all Creation.

    We live on an orb-shaped mother ship that is bigger than Earth and is presently cruising toward your planet in a much anticipated rejoining of the elder brothers and sisters with the Children of Earth.

    Whenever we have returned to Earth in this way, we have shared spiritual and technological knowledge.  These times of reuniting have been responsible for great bursts of progress and enlightenment on Earth.

    Though so many of Earth are fearfully shaken by the upheavals from within the planet and the devastations that mankind hath wrought, please know that we are returning once again to pick up the Children of Earth, as a father would pick up his infants, and carry them ever onward and upward toward the Source of all Creation.


    The ship of state upon which we sail embarked eons ago from a harbor nestled in the star system you know as the Pleiades.  We are a bit like the medical ship Hope setting anchor at planets of life scattered within our portion of the universe.  Like the medical ship, we arrive in each port imparting knowledge and spiritual enlightenment to help heal, uplift and inspire those living in each outpost.  We are like missionaries on the Cosmic Sea of Life.

    Do not confuse us with the Ananaki of which Sitchen wrote.  They came to Earth for their own purposes and desires and inflicted upon mankind some its worse attributes such as greed and lust for power.  Because of their selfish purposes, and those of such other ones, Earth has become a classic battlefield between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light, and the beautiful garden planet God created is the prize that is being sought.

    One side comes with seeds of new life, hope and renewal, while the greed of the other side is destroying the very prize it seeks to win.  Mankind should not stand by idly in fear and apprehension.  Instead, mankind must join in the Cosmic Battle to save and renew the Garden Planet.

    I, too, will return but not in the tattered garments of another time.
    I will return and I shall not come alone.



    Today King Arthur’s sword for righting wrongs most likely would be a pen or a computer.

    Media violence suffocates souls

    April 23, 2012 - At one time it seemed to be that only little old ladies and extremely conservative religious believers objected to the media violence on television and in movies.  Today there is reason for everyone to be concerned because the portrayal of violence has grown like a cancer that is eating away at the hearts and minds of mankind and radical action must be taken.

    Letters must be written and email petitions must be signed and sent to media moguls, directors, producers and even actors objecting to the constant portrayals of violence and greed.  Movies portraying the dark and seamy side of life must be boycotted.  Advertisers for television programs exalting the darkness must be warned and, if necessary, boycotted.

    You see mankind is entrapped in a colossal battle between the Forces of Light and those of Darkness.  Already the lights have dimmed and the shadows have darkened and the souls of mankind gasp for a breath of fresh air and renewal.

    Lest this battle be lost, letters must be written, petitions must be initiated and boycotts must be started.  This battle does not require physical strength or agility.  It does not even require a great deal of time and effort, but there must be a groundswell of effort to stop that which is suffocating the souls of mankind.


    Planet-size spheres in sky - explanation

    Year-old information on a website is probably forgotten, but the following message from March 27, 2011 is even timelier now.  It is titled “Artificial planet to anchor in the harbor of man.” We believe the information is so important that we’re also posting two messages from the Andromeda Council website that not only confirm but elaborate on it.  We’re grateful to Beck Horne for letting us know about the Andromeda Council messages. We’ve added the boldface highlighting to the messages. – The Editor

    Ship  MESSAGE ONE of three:

    March 27, 2011 – Throughout the universe there are constructed spheres that look quite like planets but indeed serve as protective capsules for intelligent beings who wish to traverse the universe.  These artificially designed planets (ADP) also can lock into orbit around stars and authentic planets.

    Eons ago, advanced intelligent beings recognized that spheroid shapes exist throughout the universe and endure better than other constructed shapes.  Consequently, cities of life within spheres cruise the universe and often, like grand yachts, anchor at points of interest or concern within galaxy harbors.  Such a grand yacht or city sphere is headed toward Earth at this time and it is incorrectly being called a deviant planet of Earth’s galaxy typically labeled the 12th Planet, Planet X or Nibiru.

    The grand yacht embarked on its voyage with the specific purpose of assisting Planet Earth and all its creatures during a time of enormous change which will be like that of a phoenix arising from chaos.

    While the Bible contains only remnants of truth interwoven with distortions by errant pens of scribes, it does reveal correctly that there shall be in time a New Jerusalem and that is the yacht of which I speak which is coming to anchor in the harbor of man. – Yeshua

    Road  MESSAGE TWO:

    On March 18, 2012, the following question was asked of the Andromeda Council:  What is the planet, or moon, that people in the region of the South Pole are seeing in the sky?  What is it?  Is it a moon of Nibiru?  Here is the answer that the Commander of the Primary Andromeda Council Biosphere gave via a channeler known as Tolec:

    No, it is not a moon of Nibiru. The things people will think of without having the proper information. It is a good thing this question is being asked.

    Yes, there is within sight range, and has been recently seen within the range of sight of Antarctica, aka the 'South Pole', a large, spherical planetoid. Though know that this planetoid, it is completely artificial. It may look like a planet, seem like a planet or a moon but again, it is a completely artificial structure.  And it functions as a science space station.  It is, has been, and continues to function as a science space station - monitoring, capturing and measuring a lot of activity, Sun and Earth activity.

    This science space station was sent by the people of Jupiter (5th dimensional people) . . . to monitor the sun's solar flares and measure their cause & effects as continual changes happen to the fluctuating magnetics of Earth's North & South poles.  Keep in mind there is a pole change coming.  It also monitors & measures solar activities on the other side of the Sun that we on Earth don't ever see.

    It is also monitoring & measuring the melting of Earth's ice caps, the rising of the water in the Pacific Ocean, the increased highly abnormal weather patterns, etc. You get the idea, and yes there is a trend here. This science space station is performing its duties close to Earth - because this moment in time is the beginning of a period of great change on planet Earth.

    Know that this space station is operated by about 200 Jupiterian - astro physicists, geologists, other scientists and engineers, etc. to monitor, capture and examine this data. And to report this data and all of these changes to the people of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere. Know that this science space station, this is specifically the kind of work it does over & over again... to monitor planets which are going through a time of great change. And it is providing a great service to keep such a close watch on Earth as she changes and evolves in the process of becoming a 4th dimensional world. This biosphere is just one of four (4) scientific space stations that is 'docked' in space at each corner of the globe, of planet Earth, monitoring it, and measuring its rate of change, transformation & evolution.

    Object on the Sun   MESSAGE THREE:

    On March 12, 2012, the Commander of the Primary Andromeda Council Biosphere was asked about the planet-size object that seemed to attach itself to the Sun for more than three days in March 2012.  Here is his answer via the channeler Tolec:

    This explanation is three-fold:  (A) What appears to be a connective 'umbilical cord' is functionally the same thing.  It is a conduit that is connected from one of our Andromeda Council biospheres to your sun. The reason that the color of our biosphere is black and dark is because an ultraviolet radioactive protective shield is in place to protect the biosphere while the work is being done. This biosphere is one of the Andromeda Council's ships. . . .

    (B) This work being done to feed and transfer via the connective 'umbilical cord', the conduit, to the Sun - the proper amount & adjusted vibratory rate - helium to help raise the overall vibrational frequency of the Sun so that it will become a blue white star.  This work is being done in addition to the 4th dimensional frequency rays eminating from the new crystal blue star, that used to be comet Holmes 17P, that is now also bathing Earth in these frequencies, as well as your sun.

    (C) During this time of the solar flares storms, know that we also use shield technology from our combined biospheres to protect the various planets of your solar system, including Earth, to minimize the strength & frequency of solar flares in recent days, as well as in the coming days.

    Know that we are monitoring the solar flare storms of your sun. They will lessen with time.

    There will be more signs in the sky for your astronomers and other prospective fields of science to see, or shall I say, activities in the skies will become more active in appearance.  People will see things that they have never seen before.

    I am reassuring the people of Earth that we have the best experts in the field of quantum star phenomena to bring about evolvement of the Sun, and the entire solar system, without side effects (i.e. radiation from the flares, heat storms, fires, etc.) as part of the overall changes to the solar system, including your planet.

    Know that this solar system will become a binary star system. Thus, you will have a blue white star shining in your solar system, your evolved sun, and Tekoma the brown dwarf that will appear as a small reddish star, that will bring about the beautiful colorful prism of rays to Earth for the 4th dimensional life that will exist on the planet.

    FOOTNOTE: To get more information, go to the “Global Links” section of this website and open “Planet-size ship refuels at ‘Sun Station’” and “Strange Phenomena in South Pole Sky.” 


     The reason the Earth is rumbling

    April 5, 2012 - A man sleeping on a lumpy mattress or perhaps a pile of hay will toss and turn all night.  In a similar way, the Earth is seeking a comfortable harmonic balance which has been disturbed from above and from below.

    From above, the Sun bombards the Earth with electro-magnetic waves of energy and the moon and other planets pull at its comforter.  These influences disturb the deep energy core of Earth but mankind contributes to the restless sleep of the planet by drilling deep and withdrawing its lubricating fluids.

    Just as an old man creaks with arthritis from dry and brittle joints, so the planet creaks and rumbles and tosses and turns with discomfort.  This is why the sleeping giant rumbles and vibrates beneath the feet of people around the globe.

    Your Sky Cousins

    We have chosen to sign off in this way because there is no appropriate singular word in English for brothers and sisters.  The word “cousins” also shows that we are family.

    EDITOR’S FOOTNOTE: Unusual booms and rumbles are being heard and often felt beneath people’s feet around the world.  Typically, there have been no damages beyond a few minor cracks in floors and walls.

    But according to the “Times Colonist,” the newspaper for Canada’s Victoria and Vancouver Islands, “mysterious rumbles” were blamed for the collapse on March 16, 2012 of this old barn in Otter Point on Vancouver Island.



     Final plays upon chessboard Earth

    February 24, 2012 – The game of chess was originally conceived as a means of developing strategic thinking for battles.  Today in your world unseen powers are manipulating kings and queens and knights and pawns upon a giant chessboard that is Earth.

    In the beginning of such a game, the moves are slow and fail to entertain those observing the game, but late in the game as the board grows bloody with slaughtered pawns and knights, the tension mounts and observers dare not break their gaze from the final throws upon the bloody board game.

    With that imagery in mind, we wish to alert you to final moves upon the board.

    One, the slaughter of innocent pawns in Syria will suck the world into unforeseen battles and the blood will spill beyond the borders of Syria.

    Two, the king and queen of Israel are increasingly bereft of defensive pawns of protection.

    Three, Russia does not like the game that’s being played and threatens to destroy the game board.  This might seem to be insanity, but the Russians are acutely aware of the unacknowledged forces of the Western world manipulating people and situations.

    Four, the unseen powerbrokers of the West view all followers of faith as fools to be manipulated.  They are prepared to project sophisticated hologram images of religious figures or icons in an effort to manipulate the masses, but these shall not be silent black and white films of the early 20th Century.  These shall be Technicolor wonders accompanied by sounds and voices.

    So be not fooled by such orchestrated productions creating a reality that is not there.

    Your Sky Brothers

    Save Religion

    They’re all Americans but you might not want his or her religion imposed on you. – The Editor

      Don’t let freedom of religion die

    The Founding Fathers of the United States, being students of human history, saw the absolute necessity of separating religion from the governing of a nation.  Why?  Because fundamentalists of every faith are driven to dominate the masses with their particular dogmas. 

    That which the Founding Fathers feared is rising up once again with fervor within a nation established upon the tenant of religious freedom.  Though God is to be central within the hearts and minds and souls of men, the manmade interpretations of religious understanding must not destroy the rights and freedoms of individuals.

    Your Sky Brother


      Better to live with hopeful anticipation

    January 23, 2012 – It is of no value for you to fret and worry about that which may come to pass.  If a global catastrophe were to bring the Earth to its demise, all the worry, fretting and preparation would be for not.

    It is much better to live in hopeful anticipation of a new era of more utopian hope, justice and freedom for all.

    It is much better to anticipate the return of the Elder Brothers and Sisters who have within them the knowledge and spiritual power to transform mud covered human beings into beacons of light; who have the technology to return the Earth to a pristine state; who have the wisdom to enlighten mankind about the Grand Creator who never can be squeezed into tiny boxes of religious traditions.

    It would behoove all of you to focus on Light and Hope instead of the Dark and Dreary.  By your positive thoughts and actions, may you help with the most necessary uplifting of mankind, the Earth and all its creatures.

    Your Sky Brothers

    Stop those creating human- animal monsters

                 Dark Labs

    Centaur – Minotaur – Satyr – Sphinx

    January 8, 2012 – All life upon planet Earth originated from other parts of the universe.  In its beginning, Earth was a hot and inhospitable place but as it cooled through eons of time, various forms of life began to be deposited upon it. 

    First, microscopic life was pelted into the planet by meteorites.  Ions after that, advanced beings began bringing more complex forms of life in an effort to establish a colony of creation on Earth.  Some of those more complex forms were simply transferred from planets in other solar systems.

    However, those advanced beings had extensive technical knowledge and the means to genetically alter existing life forms.  Some, with the blessing of the Grand Creative Energy of the universe, did their genetic engineering with purity of purpose. Others, who disconnected from the Grand Creative Energy, dabbled in Dark manipulations for their own selfish purposes or for mere intellectual amusement.

    The Satyr, Centaur, Sphinx and Minotaur were the result of such dabbling.  Less you think such creatures are mythology, please think again.  Proof of them can be found etched in stones of previous cultures – cultures that twined the genes of man with an array of animals and birds.

    What concerns us today is that scientists cloaked in black lab coats dripping with blood continue genetic dabbling.  Until recent decades, they have worked in torture dens hidden beneath the surface of the planet.  Now some of them are boldly working in surface laboratories under the banner of scientific research.

    Whether they work above or below the surface of your planet, they need to be exposed and stopped from unleashing torment upon their victims and they must be stopped from releasing their Dark creations upon mankind.

    It is time that those with knowledge of these Labs of Dark Dabblings muster courage and work together to expose and ultimately shutdown the Dens of Iniquity.

    Your Sky Brothers

    Even a quadriplegic can be a Warrior of Light

    New Year 2012 - The airwaves and the Internet are abuzz with fearful reports and dreadful predictions.  Therefore, it is essential that individuals, groups and even multitudes parry (as in fencing) the onslaught of negativity with hopeful visualizations, prayers and actions.

    Mankind must realize without delay that thoughts have energy that must be focused with the intensity and penetration of a Laser Light Beam.  Focus the Laser Beam of Light, Hope and Love upon those who are striving to counteract the Darkness.  And, yes, focus the Laser Beam of Transformation upon those who feed the Darkness.

    Anyone can join the Laser Light Beam Club.  A quadriplegic can be as mighty a Warrior for the Light as an able body athlete.  So we ask that each of you designate time each day to battle the Darkness in this way.

    Your Sky Brothers


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    P.O. Box 742
    Cashiers, NC 28717