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» Mexican government to reveal Mayan secrets
» Test results: Early Christian metal books authentic
» Pope’s diary: ETs coming to save Earth
» UFO/ET Disclosure Petition
» Possible antidote for radiation exposure
    By Mary Joyce

Norwegian’s 1968 prophecy already proving true

» Presidents denied UFO files - even threatened
» Disinformation suspected in “AREA 51” book
    By Mary Joyce

Eisenhower made a treaty with an evil race of aliens

» William Pawelec's widow reveals national security secrets
    By Mary Joyce
» Mysterious markings discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza
    By Mary Joyce
» Something “not of this world” in Egyptian pyramid
     By Mary Joyce
» CIA started debunking UFOs in 1952
     By Mary Joyce
» Atheist taken on sky ship - finds ETs believe in God
    By Mary Joyce
» Triangular UFOs are manmade – the evidence
» Evidence of weather manipulation
» Pontius Pilate’s Description of Jesus
    From a letter to Caesar
» Ancient Native American legends describe Jesus
» Recent find: Early Christian metal books with “pictures”
» Don’t blame 12th planet for a pole shift
    By Mary Joyce
» South Pole Telescope (SPT): America’s New Planet X Tracker
    By Jacco van der Worp
» HAARP* insider dropped big hints
    By Mary Joyce
» Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans
» Close Encounters at PARI: UFOs and Subterranean Secrets
    Bold Life Magazine – December 2010
    By Jonathan Rich
» Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport
    The Tampa Tribune – January 5, 2011
» Linville Gorge - "coliseum" of the unexplained
    By Mary Joyce

Mexican government to reveal Mayan secrets


Mexican President Filipe Calderon - Former Mexican President Vicente Fox – Actor Raul Julia and
his son Raul Julia-Levy who is producing the Mayan documentary film

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was picked up by the respected British news agency Reuters, but originally was written for TheWrap which covers Hollywood news. We’d like to thank Bob Alexander for bringing this story to our attention.

Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by
Mexican Government in '2012' documentary
By Steve Pond at TheWrap

August 17, 2011 - The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," TheWrap has learned.

The information -- protected for 80 years -- is expected to reveal Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as "shocking," producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia, told TheWrap.

The end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 has long given rise to theories and speculation about the end of the world.

The agreement will allow Julia-Levy to film in never-before-seen locations.

Filmmakers allowed to see never-explored rooms within the Calakmul pyramid
which is deep in the jungles of the Mexican state of Campeche.

"The Mayans used to construct one pyramid over another," tourism minister for the Mexican state of Campeche Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado told TheWrap. "In the site at Calakmul, workers for the National Institute of Anthropology and History have discovered rooms inside the pyramid that have never been seen or explored before.

"And we're letting this documentary film there, to see what has been discovered inside the pyramid."

Julia-Levy said he'd been made aware of the secret Mayan information by former Mexican president Vicente Fox -- a friend of his family -- and that it took four years of phone calls to finally get the OK from current president Felipe Calderon.

"This is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico” said Julia-Levy.  "This information has been protected for 80 years, and now it's important for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us."

The English-language documentary will be directed by Juan Carlos Ruflo (whose other films include the 2006 Sundance winner "In the Pit"), and will begin shooting later this year. . . .

"It has to be released before the end of the Mayan calendar
, which is Dec. 21, 2012," said Julia-Levy. That’s the date that the Mayan calendar -- which some believe predicts a worldwide cataclysm -- comes to the end of a 5,126-year cycle, and resets for another cycle.

Julia-Levy has been specifically ordered not to talk about any of the more mystical possibilities that might strain credulity as Mexico prepares to launch the far-reaching (and tourism-inducing) 2012 Mayan World Program.

At one point, Rosado was quoted in a press release talking about contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials. That statement has been recalled, and Rosado now paints this as a simpler, more archaeological-oriented documentary. . . .

The project is similar in some ways to a novel Julia-Levy was writing, variously entitled "Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel" and "Secrets of the Mayan Time Machine."

. . . . Asked if the movie will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, Julia-Levy declined to elaborate.

"I'm not allowed to speak about that," he said. "Everything is going to come out in time, but I can't comment on aliens or on 2012.

"I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity
and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live,
for the way we've been handling the planet."

Test results:  Early Christian metal books authentic

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We posted an article about the newly discovered 2000-year-old tiny metal Christian books in March 2011.  Then in late October 2011, we searched for updates on the story and found the following Jordanian Times article posted on The Archaeology News Network.  If you would like to read our original posting and see more photos, scroll down to the article titled “Recent find: Early Christian metal books with ‘pictures.’”

Tests support 'Jordan texts' authenticity
By Taylor Luck for The Jordanian Times

June 15, 2011 - Preliminary lab results indicate that a collection of metal books unearthed in northern Jordan may indeed represent the earliest Christian texts ever discovered, according to experts.


According to the Department of Antiquities (DoA), initial carbon tests to determine the authenticity of lead-sealed metal books billed as the greatest find in biblical archaeology since the Dead Sea scrolls have been “encouraging”.

“We really believe that we have evidence from this analysis to prove that these materials are authentic,” DoA Director Ziad Saad told The Jordanian Times.

The tests, carried out at the Royal Scientific Society labs, indicate that the texts may date back to the early first century AD, at a time when Christians took refuge from persecution on the east bank of the Jordan River.

The codices, which were retrieved by Jordanian security services from the black market last month, are believed to be part of a greater cache of 70 lead-sealed books allegedly uncovered in Jordan and smuggled across the River Jordan into Israel.

The majority of the texts are currently in the possession of Hassan Saeda, an Israeli Bedouin farmer who claims that the books, which may tell of the last days of Jesus Christ, were uncovered by his shepherd grandfather some 90 years ago.

Jordanian authorities, however, believe the codices were unearthed four years ago in a cave near the northern village of Sarhan and are property of the Hashemite Kingdom.

The texts made international headlines in March when Jordanian authorities and British author David Elkington announced their existence in a bid to prevent Saeda from selling the cache to a private collector and to launch a campaign to repatriate the books.

Efforts to repatriate the texts from Israel are pending the final results of the carbon dating, currently being carried out at the University of New Mexico, the Getty Conservation Institute and Sheffield University.

Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII reigned from 1958
until his death in 1963.

Pope’s diary:  ETs coming to save Earth

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We first became aware of the article about the secret diary of Pope John XXIII in the mid-1990s.  Since it received little or no coverage in the Western media, we decided to post the information because it remains timely and thought-provoking.

A cleaning lady discovered a “dusty, leather-bound diary” of Pope John XXIII when sorting through boxes in a little used Vatican storage room, according to a story in the “Manila Bulletin” that was later reprinted by the “Philippine News” on March 10, 1993.  The article also included diary entries which were released by Father Guiseppe D’Angelo who thoroughly studied the diary.

Here is a portion of the article:
The entries clearly spell out the assassination of John F. Kennedy, America’s plunge into the Vietnam War, unrest in the Middle East and the fall of communism years before they took place.  Later entries call for even more troubled times.

“Pope John had periodic visits from both Jesus and the Virgin Mary,” says Rev. Guiseppe D’Angelo, who’s pored over the wondrous tales. “These sessions in the Pope’s chambers resulted in fantastic glimpses into the future of mankind. . .

“Pope John writes of Heavenly visitors arriving by June 1995 in flaming chariots of steel.  These special visitors will arrive at the height of despair and help man heal his wounds and work together to right all the horrible wrongs.”

Father D’Angelo, 73, has agreed to release some of the diary entries made between February of 1959 and April of 1963.  The scrawled messages reveal a frightened and excited pontiff who decided to keep his meetings with Christ and the Madonna a secret.


Here are two entries from the Pope’s diary:

MAY 19, 1962:  “From the Heavens will appear the saviors.  They will arrive on June 5, 1995, and begin their task of assisting the clean up and repair of the environment and the crippled countries.  Many will fear these odd-looking beings, but they come in peace and will with God’s guidance transform Earth from a charred, spinning rock to a lush oasis in space.  The survivors will flourish in a world without war, disease or hatred.  My heart is finally at peace with this knowledge that there is hope for humanity.”

JULY 2, 1962:  “The Madonna tells me this will be her final visit.  It is a joyous one for she shares tremendous news.  As the year 1998 arrives, our Heavenly friends will have shared much of their advanced knowledge.  Mankind will at last wipe out most of its diseases and our life spans will increase to the length of those listed in the Bible.  The visitors will also share the remarkable power of resurrection, and throngs of the wrongly dead will rise again.”

Pope John XXIII died a year later on June 3, 1963 without sharing with the world the spiritual messages he received in his private chambers.


UFO/ET Disclosure Petition
We hope you’ll sign and encourage others to sign, too.


In 1996 Stephen Bassett walked away from a 15-year career in business development and consulting to focus on busting down the government’s walls of secrecy around UFO and extraterrestrial information.  That’s a long time to fight for disclosure.

During that time, Bassett has spoken about disclosure to millions of people through radio and television talk shows, documentaries and major conferences. 

Now he’s asking us to help by simply signing a petition.  The more signatures, the greater the chance the White House will pay attention to the plea for full disclosure.  

We wish you could simply click and send the petition but here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Type “Paradigm Research Group” in your search bar.
  2. When you open that website, click on the line “Sign the Disclosure Petition Now.”
  3. Click on “Create an Account.”  Once this is done, you have to go back to your incoming emails to receive your password or code.
  4. Go back to the petition with your new password and click on “Sign Petition.”

The DEADLINE for the petition is October 22, 2011.

Possible antidote for radiation exposure
By Mary Joyce

Dr. Michio Kaku – Fukushima nuclear plant – Little victim of Chernobyl nuclear meltdown – Everett Storey
Dr. Michio Kaku – Fukushima nuclear plant – Little victim of Chernobyl nuclear meltdown – Everett Storey

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are veering from the themes of this website but felt this is important information because each of us is being over exposed to radiation since the Japanese nuclear disaster in March 2011. It’s also worth mentioning that almost exactly 25 years earlier there was a meltdown at Russia’s Chernobyl nuclear plant and it still spews radiation into the atmosphere.

Dr. Michio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at two New York Universities, but for this topic it’s more important to mention that he studied at the University of California’s Berkeley Radiation Laboratory. Since the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan, Dr. Kaku often has expressed concern about radiation spreading around the world. Here are some of his brief statements:

“In fact the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from Fukushima.”
“We (in the U.S.) are already getting radiation from Fukushima.”
"We'll see increases in leukemia and thyroid cancers."
“The Fukushima crisis is far from over. The crippled nuclear power plant is still leaking; and, judging from Chernobyl, recovery will not be measured in years, more like centuries.”

All that is quite grim, but when a similar though smaller radiation problem happened during the testing of the hydrogen bomb, one man created an antidote.

In the 1940s, Everett Storey was exploring ways to split water into its two components - oxygen and hydrogen. The War Production Board found his work very interesting and asked him to turn over his drawings and water-splitting technology. They wanted to develop a hydrogen bomb.

After the war, Storey and other witnesses to bomb testing realized they’d been exposed to KILLER DOSES of radiation. That’s when he began developing a conceptual blueprint for a product eventually called CELLFOOD.

Storey believed that his life and that of other witnesses to hydrogen bomb testing were saved by his antidote. As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding; Storey defied the odds stacked against him and lived well into his seventies.

Today most health food stores carry CELLFOOD because it helps with so many health problems and also is used by athletes. If you want more information about the product, contact Lumina Health Products at 800-749-9196.

Norwegian’s 1968 prophecy already proving true
A church in Valdres, Norway – The town of Valdres – Dr. Emanuel Minos who recorded the prophecy
A church in Valdres, Norway – The town of Valdres – Dr. Emanuel Minos who recorded the prophecy

Having lived in Minnesota for 10 years with many Swedes and Norwegians, I am aware of the natural reserve of the Scandinavian people. So, when I read the prophecy by a 90-year-old Norwegian woman, I felt it was worth considering because her culture is so reserved - not at all inclined toward hysterical spirituality.

It was in 1968 that the elderly woman revealed her vision to Dr. Emanuel Minos, a well-known evangelist in Norway, when he was speaking at a Lutheran church in the town of Valdres. After he spoke, she approached him and said, “I have seen a vision, I have seen in the time before Jesus' coming is and what should happen, and when World War III breaks out. Do you want to write it down?”

After he wrote it all down, he concluded: “This cannot be read aloud in a public assembly,” because he didn’t believe it. Even so, he put the written account in a drawer. Twenty-five years later he came across it again and was “amazed” at how much of the prophecy already had come true.

When he checked on the woman’s credibility, those at the church said she was “trustworthy” and “extremely reliable.” He also recalled the woman saying to him, “I have never seen a sight before, this is the only vision I had and the only message I have received in this way.”

Woman's vision as written down by Dr. Minos:

"I saw the time just before the coming of Jesus and the outbreak of the Third World War. I saw the events with my natural eyes. I saw the world like a kind of a globe and saw Europe, land by land. I saw Scandinavia. I saw Norway. I saw certain things that would take place just before the return of Jesus, and just before the last calamity happens, a calamity the likes of which we have never before experienced.”

SUPER POWERS AT PEACE BEFORE WORLD WAR III - "First before Jesus comes and before the Third World War breaks out there will be a ‘détente’ like we have never had before. There will be peace between the super powers in the east and the west, and there will be a long peace. In this period of peace there will be disarmament in many countries, also in Norway, and we are not prepared when it (the war) comes. The Third World War will begin in a way no one would have anticipated - and from an unexpected place.” Minos noted that the Cold War was still going on in 1968.

LUKEWARM CHRISTIANITY - "A lukewarmness without parallel will take hold of the Christians, a falling away from true, living Christianity. Christians will not be open for penetrating preaching. They will not, like in earlier times, want to hear of sin and grace, law and gospel, repentance and restoration. There will come a substitute instead: prosperity Christianity.

"The important thing will be to have success, to be something; to have material things, things that God never promised us in this way. Churches and prayer houses will be emptier and emptier. Instead of the preaching we have been used to for generations - like, to take your cross up and follow Jesus - entertainment, art and culture will invade the churches where there should have been gatherings for repentance and revival. This will increase markedly just before the return of Jesus.”

MORAL DISINTEGRATION - “There will be a moral disintegration that old Norway has never experienced the likes of. People will live together like married without being married. Much uncleanness before marriage, and much infidelity in marriage will become the natural and it will be justified from every angle. It will even enter Christian circles and we pet it - even sin against nature. Just before Jesus’ return there will be TV programs like we have never experienced.” Minos noted that television arrived in Norway in 1968.

TV WILL CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY’S BREAKDOWN - "TV will be filled with such horrible violence that it teaches people to murder and destroy each other, and it will be unsafe in our streets. People will copy what they see. There will not be only one ‘station’ on TV; it will be filled with ‘stations.’ TV will be just like the radio where we have many ‘stations’ and it will be filled with violence. People will use it for entertainment. We will see terrible scenes of murder and destruction one of the other, and this will spread in society. Sex scenes will also be shown on the screen, the most intimate things that take place in a marriage. It will happen, and you will see it. All we have had before will be broken down, and the most indecent things will pass before our eyes." Minos noted that the woman used the word “stations” instead of “channels.”

POOR WILL INVADE RICH NATIONS - “People from poor countries will stream to Europe. They will also come to Scandinavia - and Norway. There will be so many of them that people will begin to dislike them and become hard with them. They will be treated like the Jews before the Second World War. Then the full measure of our sins will have been reached.

"I will not see it, but you will.” Minos recorded that tears streamed from the old woman’s eyes and down her cheeks. “Then suddenly, Jesus will come and the Third World War breaks out. It will be a short war."

NUCLEAR WAR AND RICH FLEE TO POOR NATIONS - "All that I have seen of war before is only child’s play compared to this one, and it will be ended with a nuclear atom bomb. The air will be so polluted that one cannot draw one’s breath. It will cover several continents, America, Japan, Australia and the wealthy nations. The water will be ruined. We can no longer till the soil. The result will be that only a remnant will remain. The remnant in the wealthy countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will be as hard on us as we were on them.”

COURAGE TO SHARE PROPHECY - "I am so glad that I will not see it, but when the time draws near, you must take courage and tell this. I have received it from God, and nothing of it goes against what the Bible tells. The one who has his sin forgiven and has Jesus as Savior and Lord, is safe."


HOPE - This, of course, is all quite gloomy, but prophecies are intended to be warnings to inspire people to change their behavior and thus the outcomes. Though much of this woman’s prophecy has come to pass, the worst outcomes can still be stopped or at least modified – not by couch potatoes but by those who take action to spread love and stop destructive forces.

Presidents denied UFO files – even threatened

George Bush Sr. may be the only president since Eisenhower who’s had access to the nation’s most classified UFO files. That might be because he once served as director of the CIA. Many sources, however, say he’s been involved in clandestine business and political operations all his life with some of the most powerful people in the world. Here are three brief examples of what other presidents have encountered when they’ve sought access to the highly guarded UFO files.

White House reporter Sarah McClendon covered presidential politics for 50 years.
White House reporter Sarah McClendon covered presidential politics for 50 years.

When White House reporter Sarah McClendon asked President Clinton why he wasn’t doing anything about UFO disclosure, he replied: “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it.

George Bush Sr., Director of CIA when Jimmy Carter was President, and a man in “a suit” stopped President Carter’s inquiries about UFO files.
George Bush Sr., Director of CIA when Jimmy Carter was President, and a man in “a suit” stopped President Carter’s inquiries about UFO files.

“I met a good friend of President Carter who told me that Carter, in his early days as President and during the transition into his presidency, tried to find out about the entire covert UFO matter. . . . So Carter tried to get a briefing from then-CIA Director George Bush - the current President’s father – but Bush told him he would not give him that information and he should get it elsewhere!

Later, as Carter pushed further on this, he was visited by ‘a suit,’ who said, “Sir, if you would like to complete your first term as President, you will keep your God-damned mouth shut about this UFO matter.” This insider and friend of Carter’s told me that he – and perhaps his family – were directly threatened.”

Steven Greer, MD – from his book
“Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge”

CIA Director Allen W. Dulles’s denied President Kennedy access to UFO files.
CIA Director Allen W. Dulles’s denied President Kennedy access to UFO files.

“President John F. Kennedy’s desire to cooperate with the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar missions led to him asking the CIA to release classified UFO information to the Soviets. On November 12, 1963, Kennedy issued two Presidential Memoranda and participated in a Hotline discussion with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to finalize details for future joint space missions. Most importantly, agreement was reached on the need for sharing both countries most sensitive UFO files. Both Kennedy and Khrushchev were concerned that a mistaken identification of UFOs could lead to nuclear war and jeopardize space cooperation.

“Kennedy’s Memorandum to the Director of the CIA to share UFO files was relayed on to the James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence, who controlled access to the nation’s most sensitive UFO files. In responding to Kennedy’s request, Angleton followed a secret directive from former CIA Director Allen W. Dulles to ensure that under no circumstances would any U.S. President or his staff gain access to classified UFO files.

Michael Salla
Excerpt from June 12, 2009 article
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you want to learn more about the double lives of the Bushes, begin with “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker, an award- winning journalist who has written for such publications as the New York Times, the Nation, the New Yorker, Esquire and the Los Angeles Times. Baker spent years investigating, interviewing and reading hundreds of volumes about the Bushes before he wrote “Family of Secrets.” In his book, he tells how the Bush dynasty began with Prescott Bush who was a senator who also made a fortune doing business with the Nazis. Then Prescott’s son and grandson followed his example; each had a foot in government and legitimate businesses but another foot in behind-the-scenes activities.

Disinformation suspected in “AREA 51” book

EDITOR’S NOTICE: We posted information on the book “AREA 51” by investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen when it first made the media circuit in May 2011. Since then, we have done our own research and suspect that disinformation was inserted into the book regarding the aliens at Roswell, New Mexico.

Up till page 367, there seems to be valid information regarding Area 51, advanced craft, nuclear testing, the Cuban missile crisis, etc. However, the assertion that the Roswell craft was remotely flown by Nazis and occupied by deformed children that were biologically altered by the Nazis is highly in doubtful. For that reason, we’ve removed the two articles about the book “AREA 51” from the website. Please read the article “Eisenhower made a treaty with an evil race of aliens” in this section of the website to gain another perspective.

Eisenhower made a treaty with an evil race of aliens

William Cooper with his daughter, his wife and his dog
William Cooper with his daughter, his wife and his dog

BACKGROUND ON AUTHOR: Before reading about President Eisenhower and his treaty with aliens, it’s important to know about the man who is quoted. He is William Cooper, a former member of the United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team. He knew lots of secrets. Eventually he decided the public needed to know those secrets and revealed them in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” which was published in 1991.

The government, however, doesn’t like its secrets told and he spent the rest of his life being maligned and looking over his shoulder. He became so concerned about this family’s safety that in 1999 he sent them to live in another country. He remained behind in Arizona to continue his mission to expose truth as he knew it. Those efforts ended when he was killed at his home by Apache County sheriff’s deputies on November 6, 2001.

There are reports that Cooper was entrapped that day and that deputies were delivering arrest warrants based on an anonymous person’s complaint that Cooper had drawn a pistol on him or her. Other reports say he was falsely painted to be a crazy man who violently resisted arrest. Still others say the Federal Government was behind the killing and responsible for false stories to cover-up the truth of what really happened that day.

Cooper’s autopsy report by forensic pathologist Eric D. Peters, MD provides some insight into all this. Cooper was hit on the right side of his forehead with a C-shaped blunt instrument. Then, based on blood flow, he was shot in the head. Deputies shot him eight more times, hitting his lower right leg, right forearm, right hand plus they fired five shots into his torso. If they were close enough to hit him with a blunt instrument, was it really necessary to shoot him? If so, the shot to the head certainly would have brought the man down especially since it perforated his right vertebral artery. The other eight shots, many believe, were to assure he was forever silenced.

President Eisenhower
Ironically, this photo of President Eisenhower was used in an advertising campaign titled

“Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex watches.”

Excerpts from William Cooper’s book

● “We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the United States Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect-like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico.”

● “An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948, on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948, in White Sands Proving Ground. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two crafts. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles.”

● “During his first year in office, 1953, at least 10 more crashed discs were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. . . . Early in 1953 the new President turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began planning the secret structure of alien-task supervision which was to become a reality within one year. The idea for MJ-12 was thus born. . . . Asking Rockefeller to help with the alien problem was to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower ever made for the future of the United States and maybe for humanity.”

● “In 1953, astronomers discovered large objects in space which were tracked moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be spaceships. . . . When the objects reached the Earth they took up a very high geosynchronous orbit around the equator. There were several huge ships and their actual intent was unknown. Project SIGMA and a new project, PLATO, through radio communications using the computer binary language, were able to arrange a landing that resulted in face-to-face contact with alien beings from another planet.”

● “In the meantime, a race of humanoid aliens landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida and successfully communicated with the U.S. government. This group warned us against the race orbiting the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology we already possessed. These overtures were rejected. . . . It may have been an unfortunate decision.”

● “President Eisenhower met with the aliens (first group) on February 20, 1954, and a formal treaty between the alien nation and the United States of America was signed. . . . Shortly after this meeting President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack. . . . The treaty stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development. They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, would have no memory of the event, and that the alien nation would furnish Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis. . . . It was agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the alien nation and that two bases would be constructed for the joint use of the alien nation and the United States Government.”

● “By 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had deceived Eisenhower and had broken the treaty. Mutilated humans were being found along with mutilated animals across the UnitedStates. . . . it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned. . . . The aliens stated that they had been, and were then, manipulating masses of people through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult, and religion. You must understand that this claim could also be a manipulation. After several Air Force combat air engagements with alien craft it also became apparent that our weapons were no match against them.”

William Pawelec's widow reveals national security secrets
By Mary Joyce

Annie DeRiso with husband William Pawelec
Annie DeRiso with husband William Pawelec

William (Bill) Pawelec had a long career working on top secret security projects around the world. In 2000, he shared some of those secrets in a video interview for Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project.” There was one stipulation; the video could not be released until after Pawelec’s death.

Though Pawelec died in 2007, it was three years before his wife, Annie DeRiso, found a letter among her husband’s papers from Greer and learned about the video interview and her husband’s stipulation. When she contacted Greer, he sent her a copy of the interview. After watching it, she gave him permission to release it to the public. It went viral in December 2010 but there are even more secrets to be told. In July 2011, Annie decided to share some of those in this article.

Pawelec saw alien craft at secret underground facility

“Seeing an alien craft changes your life forever, as it did for my husband,” says Annie. “Even while he was still in the Air Force, he joined APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) and began his quest to find out what they are, where they are from and what the extraterrestrials want here on Earth. It became a lifelong mission and led him into many mind expanding discoveries. Unfortunately, the discoveries shuddered his soul.

“Even though Bill had seen a craft in the skies,” she explains, “what he saw in the secret facility beneath the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada left no doubt in his mind that beings from other worlds are here on Earth.

“Because of his profession, Bill knew all the buzz words to get someone's attention which often led higher ranking individuals to tell him ‘secrets’ above his clearance level,” she says. “During one of those conversations, he was taken to a building at Tonapah where a large section of the floor is actually an elevator that goes down many floors. I don't remember how far down they went, but Bill was taken to an area where they were reverse engineering a typical saucer shaped alien craft.

“This is what he is talking about when at about seven minutes into the “Disclosure Project” video he kind of laughs and says ‘Our guys used to chuckle about the model not being quite right.’ The craft Bill saw being worked on was later made into a plastic model by the Testors model kit company and is known as ‘Area S4 UFO Revealed.’ This craft is also commonly known as ‘The Sport Model’ and is based on Bob Lazar’s description. Lazar worked on his craft at Area 51 but Bill saw his craft at Tonapah.”

Testor’s model kit “Area S4 UFO Revealed”
Testor’s model kit “Area S4 UFO Revealed” is similar to the alien craft William Pawelec saw at the secret facility deep below the Tonapah Testing Range in Nevada.

Pawelec trys to stop nefarious plans for injectable chips

“Bill was a security consultant for alphabet soup organizations like the CIA, FBI and NSA,” Annie continues. “He also worked for those in Washington D.C. who are known as the ‘Beltway Bandits.’

“He was tops in his field and worked on keyless card entry systems, security systems for Air Force One and American embassies, including the now infamous Moscow Embassy where the Russians had listening devices hidden in the walls so they could easily spy on international diplomats.

“Bill and his friends also were involved with the development of the RFID chip. When they learned about the nefarious plans for its use, ‘The Powers That Be’ stole the technology. Two of those friends were assassinated and Bill’s own death remains suspicious.”

It should be explained that a RFID chip is a tiny radio-frequency identification chip that is small enough to inject into animals and humans for monitoring purposes. Pawelec speaks about this in his video interview with Greer. There is a link to the video at the end of this article.

Pawelec shaken to core at secret meeting

“Another project Bill worked on was at Area 51,” Annie continues. “It was his job to upgrade the perimeter security systems for Area 51 and it was his idea to install cameras in fake rocks. It was during this time that he learned about the Tonapah base which is more remote and inaccessible than Area 51. It also was where Bill’s rose-colored patriotic glasses began to cloud over.

Satellite view of the Tonopah Test Range area
Satellite view of the Tonopah Test Range area

“His disenchantment began when he was called to give what he thought was going to be a regular project status report at Tonapah. The meeting was held in a heavily controlled room that was built like a Faraday cage making it impossible for communications to come in or out of the sealed room.

“Briefcases, papers, pagers and any form of identification were not allowed at that meeting,” Annie says. “Only the generals could be recognized by their uniforms. The tension was really high and Bill was surprised at how nervous the high-ranking generals were. He knew something BIG was up.

“Bill saw a private jet escorted by two of our military jets land on the tarmac. Surprisingly, this private jet rolled all the way to the building where the meeting was scheduled as the escort jets departed.

A very imposing man stepped out of the jet and entered the room. He was relatively tall, and wore a very expensive European suit. His shoes and briefcase were equally luxurious and there was an aide or bodyguard by his side. His demeanor was very aristocratic and he spoke with a High German accent.

“The room was electrified with nervous tension as each person gave his status report and answered questions. When everyone had spoken, the German man thanked them for their good work and simply left. He was never introduced nor identified in anyway. It is believed he was Baron Jesco von Puttkamer, one of the Germans who came to the United States with Werner von Braun.

“Whatever happened that day convinced Bill that the United States,and probably the whole world, was being controlled by Europeans,” says Annie, “but exactly who ‘they’ were was the big question. It drove Bill and his friends on a quest to find out what was really going on. After that, he frequently quoted his friend Jim Marrs who often says, ‘The Nazis may have lost the battles but they won the war.’

“The men also wanted to discover the true alien agenda and the reasons they were interacting with humans,” Annie continues. “They concluded that while there are many benevolent extraterrestrials, the negative or dark ETs were using the Nazis, the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers as pawns in their plan to take over Earth and claim it as their own. They learned that a parallel battle for Earth has been going on in space for thousands of years.

“Bill and his friends wanted the people of the world to know all this but it took Bill four years of telling "them" what they wanted to hear before he could slip from their control and begin to live a somewhat normal life.

“He still wasn't talking publicly about all of this until we met,” Annie explains, “and he came to know that all of my friends were also in the UFO arena. About the same time, Bill's cancer started to grow and he began talking about what he knew. By the way, two of his close friends are professional remote viewers and see Bill’s death as being highly suspicious.

“All this leaves me and Bill’s friends wondering WHAT ARE “THEY” NOT LYING TO US ABOUT?”

CLICK HERE to view William Pawelec’s “Disclosure Project” video interview in which he reveals many other long-kept secrets.

CLICK HERE to listen to an eight-minute radio segment where William Pawelec talks about the New World Order.

Mysterious markings discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza
By Nuala Calvi, for CNN
May 28, 2011

London, England (CNN) -- A robot explorer has revealed ancient markings inside a secret chamber at Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

The markings, which have lain unseen for 4,500 years, were filmed using a bendy camera small enough to fit through a hole in a stone door at the end of a narrow tunnel. . . .

The markings take the form of hieroglyphic symbols in red paint as well as lines in the stone that may have been made by masons when the chamber was being built.

According to Peter Der Manuelian, Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University, similar lines have been found elsewhere in Giza. "Sometimes they identify the work gang (who built the room), sometimes they give a date and sometimes they give guidelines to mark cuttings or directional symbols about the beginning or end of a block," he said.

"The big question is the purpose of these tunnels," he added. "There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations - even ones relating to the alignment of the stars - but the final word on them is yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots."

Robotic camera photos of red markings within secret chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza
Robotic camera photos of red markings within secret chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Pictures of the markings have been published in the Annales du Service Des Antiquities de l'Egypte, the official publication of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, following an international mission led by the Minister for Antiquities. . . .

The camera also scrutinized two copper pins embedded in the door to the chamber at the end of the tunnel. In a statement, Shaun Whitehead, of Scoutek UK, said: "People have been wondering about the purpose of these pins for over 20 years. It had been suggested that they were handles, keys or even parts of an electrical power plant, but our new pictures from behind the pins cast doubt on these theories.

"We now know that these pins end in small, beautifully made loops, indicating that they were more likely ornamental rather than electrical connections or structural features. Also, the back of the door is polished so it must have been important. It doesn't look like it was a rough piece of stone used to stop debris getting into the shaft."

The team's next task is to look at the chamber's far wall to check whether it is a solid block of stone or another door. . . .

Something “not of this world” in Egyptian pyramid

Alaa el-din M. Shaheen, Department of Egyptology, Cairo University
Alaa el-din M. Shaheen, Department of Egyptology, Cairo University

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following title and paragraph were published by Ancient History News on November 28, 2010. Some have discredited the report because they could not find evidence the archaeologist was ever affiliated with Cairo University, but an Internet search requires the correct spelling of his name which is Alaa el-din M. Shaheen. We also checked on Marek Novak in this report and found that he is with the Institute of Archaeology at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Egyptian archaeologist admits that pyramids
contain UFO technology

In a shock statement, head of the Cairo University Archaeology Department, Dr. Ala Shaheen has told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza. On being further questioned by Mr. Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland, as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO with its structure, Dr. Shaheen, was vague and replied “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is not of this world.” Delegates to the conference on ancient Egyptian architecture were left shocked, however Dr. Shaheen has refused to comment further or elaborate on his UFO and alien related statements.

CIA started debunking UFOs in 1952

EDITOR’S NOTE: The article below, of course, was much longer, but the headlines and lead paragraph provide a hint of the government’s grave concern about swarms of UFOs over Washington in 1952.

Clearly the military immediately did its job, but behind the scenes the CIA set up the secret Robertson Panel to deal with widespread reports of UFOs. One of the panel’s conclusions was that a public relations campaign should be undertaken to debunk and explain away UFOs and thus reduce public interest in the subject. The plan included monitoring UFO groups to learn what was being discovered and said, and then refute that. Sometimes the infiltrators also provided disinformation. Anyone who wants to do deep research will find this debunking and monitoring continue.

July 1952 - The Washington Post

'Saucer' Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals
Washington Post, July 28, 1952

Investigation on in secret after chase over capital
Radar spot blips like aircraft for nearly six hours - only 1,700 feet up

 By Paul Sampson, Post Reporter

“Military secrecy veils an investigation of the mysterious, glowing aerial objects that showed up on radar screens in the Washington area Saturday night for the second consecutive week. A jet pilot sent up by the Air Defense Command to investigate the objects reported he was unable to overtake the glowing lights moving near Andrews Air Force Base. . . . ”

Atheist taken on sky ship - finds ETs believe in God
By Mary Joyce

The Challege of Contact - Atheist taken on sky ship finds ETs believe in GodWhat a perfect witness. Phillip H. Krapf is a 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Times news staff and a professed atheist - not a likely believer in UFOs nor God.

Then he was taken onboard a sky ship and came face-to-face with an advanced race of extraterrestrials he calls the Verdants who look similar to humans. Needless to say, he now believes that ETs and their ships are real. He also learned ETs believe in God.

In one chapter of his book, “The Challenge of Contact,” he provides insights into the Verdant’s perspective on religions and God. Here are a few excerpts:

“The only thing the Verdants know for absolute certain about the merits of religions other than their own is that God does not enter into unholy alliances.”
“The bond between God and his various peoples is a private matter, a sacred bond that cannot be known from the outside.”
“Each species has its own worldwide belief system, set of values, and codes of conduct, as well as its own unique conventions for practicing that religion, its particular covenant with God. The Verdants themselves also have their own religion.”
“The Supreme Theologian – the spiritual leader within the intergalactic federation – has a special relationship with God in which they communicate regularly. . . . He didn’t mean simply a mortal supplicant praying to the Almighty and hoping his prayers would be answered. He meant that actual two-way conversations take place and that these can be scientifically and factually documented. . . . This position is rotated among the member species of the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.”
“The soul is the link between intelligent beings and God and takes the form of spirit.”
“All sentient beings with souls are equal partners in the universal family. . . . The soul itself is universal and does not differ from one species to the next even though individual ones may temporarily reside in creatures of different physical bodies.”
“All individuals in every species are like brothers and sisters under God, the ultimate parent. It is hardly a surprise, then, to learn that there is a universal love between the species who have progressed to the status of star travelers, since they are all of the same spiritual family.”

“There is no right or wrong way to praise God. . . it’s not the style of worship but the manner in which individuals conduct their lives that determines their piety.”

Triangular UFOs are manmade – the evidence

Fouche, center, in front row at a 1987 Pentagon hearing on Black Programs
Triangular UFOs are seen all over the world with increasing frequency. The fact they first appeared on the scene in the 1990s is the first clue they might be manmade. The fact they appeared after the Stealth Bomber’s debut is another clue.

Concrete evidence, however, was not presented to UFO researchers until Edgar Fouche, a former Area 51 employee, spoke at the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) in 1998. In his introduction, the whistleblower said: “I am perhaps the only person who has actually worked at the top secret Groom Lake Air Base, within Area-51 of the Nellis Range, and have proved that I had the position, training and clearance to be there.”

“I absolutely believe that all the triangular shaped vehicles that
have been spotted belong to the U.S. government.” – Edgar Fouche

military's secret triangular vehicle
Fouche presented these diagrams and photo of the U.S. military’s secret triangular vehicle,
known as the TR-3B, at the 1998 International UFO Congress.

UFOs over Hawaii
This short video covers the important essence about the TR-3B. It also includes some fascinating information about unusual goggles Fouche was required to wear at Area 51.

Evidence of weather manipulation

weather manipulation
Predicted storms swept across the country: Oklahoma (4/14) – Georgia (4/15) – North Carolina (4/16)

There’s increasing evidence that our weather is being manipulated. This video from, which many people turn to for weather information, provides some of that evidence.
UFOs over Hawaii

On April 13, 2011, that site predicted severe weather would hit the eastern half of the United States within 24 to 48 hours. That came true when a wide band of severe storms began its sweep across the country a short time after the prediction.

What makes this prediction intriguing is that it was based upon a swarm of unusual concentric patterns that appeared on a number of radar weather maps on April 13. To add credence to the weather manipulation theory, radar maps from several sources are shown in this video.

Pontius Pilate’s Description of Jesus
From a letter to Caesar

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following physical descriptions of Jesus are from letters written to Tiberius Caesar during the lifetime of Jesus. The first was written by Pontius Pilate. The English translation is in Appendix A of the book "The Resurrection Tomb." According to the author E. Raymond Capt, who has archaeological credentials in the U.S.A. and Scotland, a copy of the letter is in the Congressional Library in Washington.


“A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the name of the God that had sent him. At first I was apprehensive that his design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between him and those who were listening to him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between him and his bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews—not the poor but the rich and powerful.

“Later, I wrote to Jesus requesting an interview with him at the Praetorium. He came. When the Nazarene made his appearance I was having my morning walk and as I faced him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary man. There was nothing in him that was repelling, nor in his character, yet I felt awed in his presence. I told him that there was a magnetic simplicity about him and his personality that elevated him far above the philosophers and teachers of his day. All in all, he made a deep impression upon me and everyone because of his kindness, simplicity, humility and love.

“Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any crime.

Your most obedient servant,
Pontius Pilate”

Appendix B of the same book provides another description of Jesus. According to the author, it was written by Publius Lentrelus, a resident of Judea, to Tiberius Caesar in Rome. Capt says the earliest copy he could find was in the writings of St. Anselm of Canterbury in the 11th century.

“There lives at this time in Judea a man of singular virtue whose name is Jesus Christ, whom the barbarians esteem as a prophet, but his followers love and adore him as the offspring of the immortal God.

“He calls back the dead from the graves and heals all sorts of diseases with a word, or touch. He is a tall man, well-shaped, and of an amiable and reverend aspect; his hair of a color that can hardly be matched, falling into graceful curls, waving about and very agreeable crouching upon his shoulders, parted on the crown of the head, running as a stream to the front after the fashion of the Nazarites. His forehead high, large and imposing; his cheeks without spot or wrinkle, beautiful with a lovely red; his nose and mouth formed with exquisite symmetry; his beard, and of a color suitable to his hair, reaching below his chin and parted in the middle like a fork; his eyes bright blue, clear and serene. Look innocent, dignified, manly and mature. In proportion of body most perfect, and captivating; his arms and hands delectable to behold.

“He rebukes with majesty, councils with mildness, his whole address whether in word or deed, being eloquent and grave. No man has seen him laugh, yet his manners are exceedingly pleasant, but he has wept frequently in the presence of men. He is temperate, modest and wise. A man for his extraordinary beauty and perfection, surpassing the children of men in every sense.”

Ancient Native American legends describe Jesus

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re posting this information because of an April 10, 2011 Sky Ship Message titled “Revealing the face of Jesus.” CLICK HERE to read that message.

Archaeologist L. Taylor Hansen spent 25 years gathering Native American legends about a mysterious pale God-like healer and teacher who visited tribes throughout the Western Hemisphere about 2000 years ago. The legends predate the arrival of the White Race and yet they seem to describe Jesus. Hansen compiled the legends in a 1963 book titled “He Walked the Americas.” Here are a few physical descriptions from the legends:

MAORI OF POLYNESIA: "As the spot of white came closer, they saw in amazement that this was a Fair God, man-like in form, but unlike their people. Soon they could see Him clearly, the gold of the dawn-light shining behind and around Him, making a halo of His long-curling hair and beard. They saw the foam-like swish of His garments. As He came up on the wet sand, the warriors stared in fright at His garments; they were dry. Now they knew that a god stood among them, for none but gods can walk on water! From His garments, so foam-white, they looked to His pale face and then into His eyes. They were strange eyes, grey-green as the depths of the water, and like it, ever changing.”

PERU: “Upon the summit stood The Pale One, beard and hair and robe gold-tinted, as was the incense which swirled above Him with its scent of burning cedar.”

BRAZIL: “Before them stood the Holy Master: He Who Is Called Waikano. Softly the pale jade sunlight fell upon the white folds of His toga, slightly tinting His golden sandals, His soft curled beard, His light brown tresses.”

PAWNEE: “”To this happy and peaceful land came the Great White Robed Master with His sea-grey eyes and His golden sandals. . . . Then the fire lit up the east sky, where cloud banks had been piled up, and everyone turned in wonder as consternation hushed the chanting. Suddenly He was there among them! Like a creature from another planet, shining with a strange radiance, each hair of His head luminescent, a weird glow rippling from His garments and His sea-eyes flashing with lightning, He stood staring at the Pawnee People.”

CHIPPEWA: “He was bearded, and pale of feature – without doubt a White Man. His eyes were as grey-green as still green water, and just as changeable in their color. He came to us one day at dawning and the light touched His hair with the sheen of red-gold until it shone like newly-mined copper.”

SERI: “They marveled at His long white toga, His hair and beard gleaming with red lights, and His eyes the color of deep-sea water.”

Recent find: Early Christian metal books with “pictures”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photos below show sample pages from 2000-year-old metal books that were made public March 31, 2011. Following the photos is an article explaining the discovery and significance of the 70 tiny books. For those who want more detailed information, begin your search by going to the Internet site of Britain’s The Daily Mail newspaper and search for an article titled “Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls?”

Metal books with pictures
Initial metallurgical tests indicate the books could date from the first century AD. Experts speculate that the tablets might be the lost collection of codices referred to in the Bible's Book of Revelation. Scrolls, tablets and other artifacts, including an incense bowl, also were found at the same site as the tablets. The FIRST PHOTO shows one of the book covers which some say may depict an image of Christ with a crown of thorns. The LAST IMAGE is a high contrast photo which clearly shows a Jewish menorah and maybe the cup from the Last Supper.

Report: Portrait of Jesus May Have Been Found in Jordan
By Elad Benari for the Israeli National News

Originally published April 6, 2011

Historians are trying to determine whether a portrait found buried within a cave in a remote village in Jordan is authentic and if it is the first-ever discovered portrait of Jesus.

According to a report on Monday in Britain’s The Daily Mail, the portrait was found on a lead booklet, slightly smaller than a credit card. It was part of an astonishing hoard of 70 books said to be found on the site, each with between five and 15 cast lead pages bound by lead rings.

The discoveries were supposedly made between 2005 and 2007, after a flash flood exposed two nooks inside the cave, containing the booklets, metal plates and scrolls.

The speculation is that the picture, which shows a man wearing a crown of thorns, was created in Jesus’ lifetime by those who knew him. If true, it would be the first ever portrait of Jesus. However, a crown of thorns is not limited only to the story of Jesus.

The booklet, say finders, has been buried for 2,000 years and the features are barely distinct as that of a human face, reported The Daily Mail.

Some historians believe the book collection was made by followers of Jesus in the decades immediately after his crucifixion. The most convincing evidence that the books are Christian might be that one plate appears to show a map of Jerusalem with crosses outside the city walls, if that symbol was in use at the time (see note at end of article).

The director of Jordan’s Department of Antiquities, Ziad al-Saad, told The Daily Mail that he believes the booklets were made by Jesus’ followers shortly after his death.

“They will really match, and perhaps be more significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls,” said al-Saad. “The initial information is very encouraging and it seems that we are looking at a very important and significant discovery – maybe the most important discovery in the history of archaeology.”

According to the report, the booklets are currently in the hands of a Bedouin trucker named Hassan Saida who lives in the village of Shibli-Umm Al-Ghanam, a Bedouin village in northern Israel. He has refused to sell them, claiming the books have been in his family since they were found by his great-grandfather. Two samples, however, have been sent to England and Switzerland for authenticity testing.

Some claims have been made that Saida’s Bedouin business partner bought the books from a villager in Jordan five years ago, and took them to Saida in Israel. The Jordanian government said that it would make efforts at every level to return them to Jordan.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The cross became a Christian symbol later. At the time of Jesus, Roman executions were done on crosses outside the city wall so the map may show an execution site, perhaps the one where Jesus was crucified.

Don’t blame 12th planet for a pole shift
By Mary Joyce

Many people believe a 12th planet is rapidly approaching Earth on its elongated 3600-year orbit. This coupled with the Mayan end-of-time prophecy fuels fear that the rogue planet will cause a devastating pole shift in 2012.

This fear must be looked at rationally because there is no historical or geological evidence of a pole shift 3600 years ago in 1588 BC, nor 3600 before that in 5188 BC, nor 3600 years before that in 8788 BC. Actually, many scientists say geological evidence indicates the last major pole shift happened about 780,000 years ago. So while the Earth may be on the brink of a significant pole shift, the 12th Planet or Planet X or Nibiru will not be the cause of it.

The theoretical orbit of the 12th Planet is shown in red.
The theoretical orbit of the 12th Planet is shown in red.

South Pole Telescope (SPT)
America’s New Planet X Tracker

By Jacco van der Worp
Originally published on
EDITOR’S NOTE: This 2006 article was one of the earliest to expose a significant reason the United States built a telescope at the South Pole. It was written by Jacco van der Worp, a Dutch physicist who received his masters degree from Twente University where he studied laser physics and laser engineering. He also co-founded the website YOWUSA.COM which began researching Planet X or Nibiru in late 2000. Various sources say Planet X was first seen from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere which helps explain why a telescope was built in such an inhospitable location.
South Pole Telescope
The installation of the South Pole Telescope (SPT), the BICEP telescope and the Dark Sector Laboratory (DSL) was completed after this article was written.

April 26, 2006
- America is now spending huge sums to deploy the massive The South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica. The final installation will be the size of a mini-mall and will require a massive C-130 airlift effort to transport pre-assembled modules and a large staff to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world. Why? Because Planet X / Nibiru was first sighted in 1983 and this discovery spurred the USA to build the SPT — humanity's new Planet X tracker.

Amongst independent researchers like us at YOWUSA.COM and the equally committed researchers with whom we share data, the 1983 IRAS observation of Planet X / Nibiru has always been a hot topic. On a private level, we often discuss how the NASA's IRAS spacecraft first captured infrared images of it back in 1983 with the same lament. Given the lack of corroboration, how can you publish a story that can easily be shot down as a rumor? That was then.

Now we have the corroboration we've lacked for years, The South Pole Telescope (SPT). Far more powerful capable and survivable than the 1983 IRAS spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope put together, this manned observatory will soon begin tracking Planet X / Nibiru from the pristine skies of Antarctica.

HAARP* insider dropped big hints
By Mary Joyce

March 6, 2011 - Notable people are known to quietly retire and fade into obscurity in the mountains of North Carolina. I met one of those who, over time, revealed he had been involved in the creation of HAARP technology.

I tried my best to get his story recorded on tape, but he was unwilling to do that even though I promised him anonymity. Actually, I was a little surprised by his reluctance because he appeared to be a man about eighty who was in very poor health and seemed to want to get a burden off his mind. So now that he’s passed on, here are a few tidbits he shared with me that I think are important.

First, he said HAARP originally was intended to be an instrument for bloodless warfare. An enemy nation, he explained, could be destroyed with droughts, hurricanes or floods with little or no blood being lost. He emphasized that was more humane than wars fought with bombs and guns.

strange clouds
Strange clouds sometimes form when HAARP technology is turned on.

Then he hinted, with an obvious expression of regret, that later HAARP was used for other purposes. He would not elaborate nor would he deny my speculations that HAARP might also be used to destroy economies or reduce populations even within non-hostile nations.

HAARP locations
This is a HAARP facility in Alaska along with a map showing HAARP locations around the world. We have no way to independently confirm the accuracy of the map.
(click on the map above to enlarge it)

My conversations with this gentleman took place before Katrina and before there was speculation that HAARP could be used to initiate earthquakes such as the one that destroyed Haiti in 2010. Today, with a growing number of HAARP installations around the world and with increased earthquakes and extreme weather events, one has to wonder if HAARP is a contributing cause. Perhaps we all need to learn about HAARP and help expose how it’s secretly being used to manipulate our world and our lives.

stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Its publically stated purpose is to advance knowledge about the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect military and civilian communication and navigation systems. There is, however, growing evidence that HAARP is used as a tool to interfere with communication systems, to manipulate weather, to initiate earthquakes and perhaps much more.

Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans

EDITOR’S NOTE: We found this story on the “Russia Today” news network and decided to post it. Reading UFO news from a country not closely aligned with the United States is always interesting. The original article was published on July 21, 2009 and edited by “Russia Today” on February 17, 2010. The boldface has been added.

The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website.

The records dating back to soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says.

Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value.

underwater UFO“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the wate
r,” he said.

On one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean, detected six unknown objects. After the crew failed to leave behind their pursuers by maneuvering, the captain ordered to surface. The objects followed suit, took to the air, and flew away.

Many mysterious events happened in the region of Bermuda Triangle, recalls retired submarine commander Rear Admiral Yury Beketov. Instruments malfunctioned with no apparent reason or detected strong interference. The former navy officer says this could be deliberate disruption by UFOs.

“On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, of 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” Beketov said.

Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay comments:
“Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.”

Another place where people often report UFO encounters is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water body in the world. Fishermen tell of powerful lights coming from the deep and objects flying up from the water.

In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.

“I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Vladimir Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”

Meanwhile Russian Navy officials have denied the collection of UFO-related encounters exists. A source in the Navy’s service staff said the story may have its roots in the reports of vessel commanders, which describe locating objects of unclear but Earthly origin.

“An illusion of a UFO encounter can result from large fish shoals, floating garbage or natural phenomena,” ITAR-TASS news agency cites the source.

Close Encounters at PARI: UFOs and Subterranean Secrets
Bold Life Magazine – December 2010
By Jonathan Rich

Underground at PARI - Photo by Matt Rose
Underground at PARI
Photo by Matt Rose
While PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute) and its Star Parties promote the educational aspects of astronomy, some people believe there is something more ominous going on below the surface.

Mary Joyce lives in the Sylva area and is the editor of, an online resource for local UFO sightings and unexplained phenomenon in Western North Carolina.

Joyce claims she has reliable information about an underground network of secret government buildings beneath the Balsam Mountain ridge that has PARI as its entrance.

"We know from many sources that there is an underground facility that they never talk about," Joyce says. "We have two people who have come to us and been quoted on the website who have inside knowledge. One is still involved in training people about counterespionage, so he really knows his stuff."

Joyce also wonders why online satellite photos of PARI posted by Google show the location shrouded in shadows and says she has heard about strange incidents involving caged animals that she thoroughly researched before sharing online.

"We have heard things from the father of a man who has or is still working there, but it's all secondhand and I can't put that on the site because we can't run with it until we get more information," she says. "That's just being responsible."

PARI's Dr. David Clavier has read Joyce's postings, but he promises there is nothing sinister going on. "Every inch of the site has been explored and there are no hidden or secret areas," Clavier says. "The only underground facility on the site is a 1,000 foot walking tunnel between the first floor of the main administration building and the ground floor of our research building. Animals and pets are not allowed on the site as per our policies."

He also explains away the shadows on the Google Earth aerial photo.

“The image of the PARI site on Google Earth appears to have a shadow of a cloud across it.
However, all the building and antenna that are on the site are easily spotted in that image. I can see my car parked next to the administration building since it was here that day," he says. "If you look at the areas around our site on Google Earth, you can see many similar cloud shadows."

Joyce anticipated PARI officials might refute the material she has presented online and at the International UFO Congress in Nevada earlier this year.

"It would be my guess that the people who are operating what I call the surface facility may totally be in the dark about what's going on underneath it," she says. "Don't think for a minute that the astronomy research isn't real. It is. We call it a capstone cover. It's a legitimate thing that makes everything else seem unreal."

NOTE: Boldface has been added to the original article.

Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport
The Tampa Tribune – January 5, 2011

TAMPA - Scientists say the magnetic north pole is moving toward Russia and the fallout has reached -- of all places -- Tampa International Airport.

The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to repaint the numeric designators at each end and change taxiway signage to account for the shift in location of the Earth's magnetic north pole. . . .

The Federal Aviation Administration required the runway designation change to account for what a National Geographic News report described as a gradual shift of the Earth's magnetic pole at nearly 40 miles a year toward Russia because of magnetic changes in the core of the planet.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’d like to thank our Florida connections for letting us know about this story as well as several others who keep a close eye on the news. Since there is a link between Earth changes and increased Sky Ship activity, we felt it was worth posting.

Linville Gorge – “coliseum” of the unexplained
By Mary Joyce

Cindy Peters
Cindy Peters
EDITOR’S NOTE: Cindy Peters was interviewed on December 19, 2010 at her Linville Falls, NC home. Upon further delving, we learned that Peters is well respected in her community. She has held the position of president of the Avery County Museum and Historical Society for eight years; was chosen Avery County’s Woman of the Year (2009-2010); was the chair person for the restoration of the Old Linville Railroad Depot for three years; and co-chair for Avery County’s Centennial Celebrations.

More happens in the gorge at Linville Falls, NC than the famous Brown Mountain Lights and even those appear in a wide variety of ways according to Cindy Peters who’s been viewing the lights for about 18 years.

Linville Gorge
Linville Gorge with Table Rock Mountain protruding on the left

“My husband and I own Parkview Lodge and Cabins in Linville Falls,” Peters says, “and I’ve been taking my children, friends and motel guests to the see the lights for years and we’ve seen all different kinds. Some are just sparkles, almost like static electricity, and some are much bigger. Some shoot up into the sky, some are red, some are blue and some are white. Sometimes we see solitary lights, and sometimes the whole gorge is lit up with lights.”

Thousands of lights – like a rock concert

“I was at Wiseman’s View one night and there were thousands of lights in the Linville Gorge,” she says. “It was reminiscent of my younger days when I’d go to a concert and I’d sit in a big coliseum and when the lights would dim, everybody would bring out their Bic lighters and flick them on. At Wiseman’s View that night, it was very much like that. We probably viewed that light show for four or five hours and the lights were still blinking on and off when we left.

“Though the lights seemed small,” she adds, “they had to be pretty big because they were more than a mile away.”

“Another evening, we were looking at a rock formation called The Chimneys and the whole side of the mountain, which is a sheer cliff, looked like it was on fire with red and blue lights. We watched that for hours, too.”

Mind-bending encounter with a huge light

On another night at Wiseman’s View, Peters was one of 13 people who had a mind-bending encounter with one of the lights.

“This huge flat white light appeared on the tip of Table Rock Mountain,” says Peters. “It looked like it was the size of the Moon – huge! It sat there for minutes and then it went north toward Hawksbill Mountain and stopped again. Then it made a 90-degree turn and came right at us. It stopped 30 to 40 feet from us. The 13 of us were absolutely stunned.

“Looking back on that night, I still can’t explain what happened next,” she continues. “At the exact same moment, all 13 of us stood up, posed and smiled for the light as if it were a photographer. The next thing I recall is feeling very sad, crying and being comforted by a woman from the group. Later I figured out there was missing time and to this day none of the others wants to talk about that night.”

Creature in the forest

As Peters was leading a group one evening to Wiseman’s View, she had a quite different encounter - one with a creature about the size and shape of a stereotypical grey alien.

“As I was leading the way down the trail,” she explains, “I heard a branch snap and I looked quickly toward my left and saw something that was maybe three and a half to four feet tall. When it saw me, it ducked and disappeared. Now I was bothered by that, but kept it to myself.

When we got to Wiseman’s View, a friend of mine who’d been walking directly behind me asked me what I’d seen. When I told him, he said, ‘Well, I didn’t see it, but I heard it, and I feel there is something here watching us tonight, something watching you.’ Others in the group reported feeling uncomfortable and they, too, felt like something was watching them.”

Secret underground activities

“There are a lot of folks who think there is a secret underground facility in the Linville Gorge area,” says Peters. “Some think it’s a military base. Some think it’s a UFO base, or maybe a cooperative venture of the two.

“Years ago,” she adds, “there was a fellow named Jeremy who spent many nights at Wiseman’s View. He was always in search of the lights and told many people that one night he saw the top of Hawksbill Mountain open up, just like a hatch, with lots of craft going in and out of the mountain.”

Blue Ridge Parkway - an escape from Washington

“The Blue Ridge Parkway, which is only 500 feet from our motel, was built as an escape route from Washington, DC for the president and other government elites,” says Peters. “During a disaster, every single gate on the parkway can be closed to keep other people off, and there are safe houses all along the way. It is believed that one of those safe houses, or underground bunkers, is beneath Grandfather Mountain which is just north of Linville Gorge.”

Warning for the curious

“There’s powerful energy at Linville Gorge and the mountains surrounding it,” say Peters, “that can attract both good folks and the not so good folks. Plus there is the added concern about unexplained creatures in the woods and Special Forces who have been doing survival training in the gorge since the Vietnam War. So I caution everyone, especially young women, not to visit Wiseman’s View alone and to stay alert and constantly aware of their surroundings. “

NOTE: A four part YouTube video interview of Cindy Peters was done by Beck Horne and his Skywatch Productions crew. They have been avid supporters of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website since its inception in 2008. We appreciate their efforts to add another dimension to Cindy Peters’ story.

Cindy Peters' 4-part Testimony
on YouTube


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