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2018 Witness Testimonies

» Pilot gives details of his UFO sighting


Pilot gives details of his UFO sighting

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received the following UFO sighting report on January 16, 2018 about a sighting in Burnsville, NC on June 6, 2017.  Normally, we wouldn’t post a UFO testimony from that far back unless it included a great photo.  However, this testimony is from a private airplane and helicopter pilot.  Since pilots are very knowledgeable observers, we decided to post his unedited testimony which he provided in a very pilot-like format. He gave us his full name but asked that we not include it.

Location:  Burnsville, NC
Date: June 6, 2017
Time: 15:45 (3:45 pm)

Object description
: disc shaped with apparent dome, bright shiny metallic, highly polished surface like chrome. The disc appeared to be about 100' in diameter.

There were no lights or markers, and no sound, no con trail from the object. Looked like a giant flying chrome hardhat!

Weather: clear sky, one cloud, small cumulus to the SW., temp 72 deg. f.
Note: the afternoon sun was bright and illuminated the object perfectly

Observation: object traveling from the North East toward South West, observed in Eastern sky initially. The disc was in a right banked constant speed turn.

I estimated the speed at 500-600 knots, altitude above ground 2500' (AGL), my elevation here is approximately 3000' (MSL).

The actual distance between myself and the object was less than one half mile, (1/2 mi.)

The disc flew in a slight arc was observed by me for about 10-20 seconds and disappeared into the only cloud in the sky, I did not see it reappear on the backside of the small cloud and do not comprehend why this was not observed by me.



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