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2011 Witness Testimonies

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‘V’ shaped craft over river road in Dillsboro, NC


Big sky ship returns to Cashiers


Itís a star. Itís a plane. No, itís a sky ship.


Pyramid UFOs spin above Arden, NC for hours


Square UFO with a belly of fire over Cherokee, NC

» Multiple UFOs seen from Black Mountain, NC
» Ship hovered low in vicinity of secret facility

Untold UFO stories near Cashiers, NC

» Triangle UFO near ground in Burnsville, NC
» Multiple UFO sightings over Atlanta
» Shape-changing Sky Ship over Asheville, NC

V Shaped Craft Location

EDITOR’S NOTE:   We received this report on December 3, 2011 from a man who lives in Sylva, NC.  He is a known professional in the community but prefers to be anonymous in this report.

‘V’ shaped craft over river road in Dillsboro, NC

I was traveling North River Road the evening of December 2, 2011 going from Dillsboro to Cullowhee, NC.  It was 8:35 p.m. when I saw something very bright in front of me.  It came close to lining up with my car’s rearview mirror.  It was a 'V' shaped craft.  

I thought briefly it could be a reflection of the moon but when I looked up and around, the moon was in another part of the sky.  I focused back on the craft which was fairly large. Through the windshield, it looked as big as my open hand.  If I had to guess its size, I'd say the craft was about 20-30 feet long and 10-15 feet wide.  It was hovering about 20 feet above the tree tops.

There weren't individual lights on the craft.   The whole ‘V’ was one bright white light.  I found it strange that it illuminated the tops of the trees yet the light didn’t illuminate the road.  Right after that, the light completely disappeared.  I don’t know if the light was simply turned off or if the craft transported faster than the speed of light.  I simply don’t know, but either way I’m left with more questions than answers.  The experience was very surreal.

I do recall that my cell phone wouldn’t work just before I saw the craft, but I was able to call a friend as soon as it vanished.  The next day, I felt like I’d been energized.  When I used either my computer or my Iphone, I felt something like an electrical charge.  Then with just a few hours of sleep, I put in a long and extremely productive day at work without feeling at all tired.  I have to wonder if all that extra energy might somehow have been the result of my encounter with the craft.

Sky Ship

This photo of a sky ship was taken in 2008 by Devon Heenan who was eight years old at that time.  It inspired the creation of this website.  Nearly 3.5 years later, the same ship reappeared close enough for its windows to be seen.

Big sky ship returns to Cashiers
Mary Joyce – website editor

It was a quiet evening until my phone rang Wednesday, November 2, 2011.  Glynis Heenan was calling from her car with heart-thumping excitement in her voice.  She had just rounded a curve on a road near her home in Cashiers, NC and at that moment was looking at a sky ship that was close enough for her to count its windows.

I glanced at my clock; it was 8:54 p.m.  After getting a few details about what she was seeing, I suggested she focus on the ship instead of talking to me and to call with the rest of the story in the morning.  At 6:30 the next morning, she called again - still excited.

“I was driving to pick up Devon at church,” she began.  “The sky was pretty busy that night with three or four distant ships flashing around the sky.  Then as I came to an open paddock, there it was, and it was close.”

Description of ship

 “It was circular but I was seeing it from its side so it looked sleek,” she explained.  “Around the circumference, I counted eight windows.  They were white from illumination.  Above the windows, the ship was blue but would sometimes flash red.  Below the windows the ship was dark.

“After years of driving the gravel road from my house to town, I know it takes six minutes.  During that time, I could see the same ship whenever there was an opening in the forest.

“Once I got to Highway 107 and turned toward town, I stopped to pick up Devon at the church.  After I picked her up, we pulled into the parking area at the Cashier’s newspaper and opened the sunroof so we could watch the ship together.

“From there we made a stop at the Exxon station at the intersection of Highways 107 and 64.   The ship was still in sight.

“Devon kept things moving though when she said, ‘There are weird people out at night, Mom.  Let’s go home.’

“All the way home,” Glynis continued, “we could see the ship through the openings in the forest.  It was still in view when we got home at 9:30 p.m.  We didn’t watch it after that.  It was a school night; Devon was tired and wanted to get ready for bed.”

When I asked about the size of the ship, Glynis reported that it was slightly smaller than her thumb at arm’s length.

Ship appears the following night

Friday morning I received another early morning call from Gylnis.  She was anxious to report that the same ship had appeared over the tree tops in her backyard around midnight – just six hours earlier.

“It looked like the same ship but it was closer and was bigger than my thumb at arm’s length,” she explained.  “There were six other ships in the distance.”

“As I looked at it, my whole body felt really warm and there was this wonderful feeling of peace.  I also heard the words in my head from the song ‘New World Coming.’

“I watched the ship for about 20 minutes before I went to bed with the song still playing in my mind.”


New World Coming
There's a new world coming
and it's just around the bend
there's a new world coming
this one's coming to an end

There's a new voice calling
you can hear it if you try
and it’s growing stronger
with each day that passes by

There's a brand new morning
rising clear and sweet and free
there's a new day dawning
that belongs to you and me

There's a new world coming
the one we've had visions of
coming in peace, coming in joy,
coming in love


    Daylight photo of the paddock where the large sky ship was first seen – Night photo taken from the same paddock on November 8 showing overlapping circles of translucent light instead of the ship that was in the sky

Glynis and Devon returned to the paddock the night of November 8, 2011 to take a photo of another ship they saw in the sky.  Instead of capturing the ship, the photo revealed a brilliant light in the upper left corner with more subtle overlapping circles of light filling the rest of the sky.

Glynis said it was pitch black that night with no source of light anywhere around.  Having been there, I have seen how dark that paddock is at night.  There are no house lights, floodlights or street lights anywhere around it.
As of November 10, 2011, Glynis has seen one large ship she calls “The Boss” with three to ten smaller ships moving around in the distance every night.  This is happening after a year of minimal sky ship activity in Cashiers.


Itís a star. Itís a plane. No, itís a sky ship.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this sky ship report on October 23, 2011 from Johnny Rice and Lamar Brogden, two young men about 30 years old.  They live in Horse Shoe, NC which is located south of the Asheville Regional Airport and northwest of Hendersonville.

We were out in our backyard sometime in late August 2011 and looked up and saw shooting stars.  After that, we started seeing shooting stars like crazy and learned we were seeing the annual Perseid meteor shower.

Then one night, we saw two shooting stars that were traveling slower than the others.  As we watched, they started circling each other and then they split off in opposite directions, so we knew they weren’t stars.

We also knew we weren’t seeing two airplanes.  There were no flashing lights and no sound.  Since we live about three miles from the airport, we’re familiar with planes and the flight pattern so we’re confident the “stars” weren’t planes.

At that time, we weren’t into UFOs, so we checked a NASA website to make sure we hadn’t seen satellites or the Space Station.  What we saw wasn’t either of those. 

Now it seems we’re seeing UFOs every two to three days.  Some have been pretty close - pea size when compared to a thumb at arm’s length.


The latest thing is that we get tingles and then we look up and “BAM” we see them. The more we pay attention, the more we’re aware of that kind of clue that they’re around.  There seems to be some kind of telepathic communication going on.  We’re even trying to communicate with them and they have an open invitation to land in our garden.

Pyramid UFOs spin above Arden, NC for hours

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this report of two spinning pyramid-shaped UFOS over Arden, NC on August 9, 2011 from Trey New. Several days later, Trey sent an update explaining he looked at the night sky the following three nights and didn’t see the phenomena again. In his words, “They weren’t there anymore because they weren’t stars.”

One view of Arden, a predominantly residential area south of Asheville, NC
One view of Arden, a predominantly residential area south of Asheville, NC

I just wanted to let you guys know about something my fiancé and I witnessed around 1 a.m. this morning from her house in Arden, NC. We had been outside and it was very overcast for a large portion of the night. I had noticed something that was very much brighter than anything I have ever seen before! I could see glimpses of it through the clouds. It was golden in color and large; twinkling but throwing rays of light from it in a fascinating way so that I couldn't stop looking at.

There were even what looked to be squiggly green and yellow webby-looking fields around it a couple of times!!! When I focused on it, it seemed as if I sometimes saw tunnel vision. Everything around me, except for that anomaly, seemed almost fractal in a way. I have always looked up my entire life and seen many crazy things, but this by far is one of the top ones.

The clouds eventually broke for a few hours and we could finally clearly see this bright anomaly. It was a large pyramid that was casting light and spinning wildly. We watched it for hours, and were completely sober by the way.

I tracked stars on the horizon and this item moved against the rotation. It did look like the most brilliant star I have ever seen - times 40!! It stayed in a small area in the sky. If you focused on it, which we indeed did, you could see it move right, or left, or go straight up or go in small circles. There were a couple of times when it appeared to jerk up or down or wobble; and it was all the time spinning wildly!

My fiancé and I were both focused HARD on it! She was freaked out and I admittedly was too. I wish I had had a telescope or binoculars but I had nothing. She was telling me the exact motions I witnessed every time it moved. I would call out what I saw and it was
spot on for her eyes as well. It couldn’t be our eyes playing tricks on us at the same time. I even fixated on known stars several times to verify that it wasn't my eyes. This was a craft that moved in a manner that I have never seen, and displaying technology that we do not know about.

About an hour or so after seeing this pyramid shaped anomaly, another one that had red, blue, green, yellow, and other colored lights going wild all over it appeared. It also was pyramid shaped, but appeared to be stretched and elongated. It was diagonally to the north of the first one and appeared to be at a lower altitude. It, too, appeared to be spinning VERY wildly!!

As it was spinning, it seemed that one corner was fixed, somewhat like a gyroscope, only shaped like a HUGE elongated pyramid. Once this one started "twinkling," the other one
moved its position to a lower altitude and closer to where we were. It was also spinning slowly.

We could both see that it was indeed a lighted pyramid. I could see every "face" of the pyramid. It was just a little off of vertical and tilting to the right and slowly rotating. All of the faces were illuminated. (1) One of them had a green beacon illuminating it in a swoosh curved kind of way. (2) The next side was somewhat glowing all over and had blinking lights along the left edge with two of them that alternated. They appeared white and grey almost. (3) The next side was a dull shine and (4) the last side had a large black area in the middle and was illuminated at top and bottom. I literally sat there and watched this for 15 minutes, seeing each face over and over again as it rotated. It was the most unusual thing I have ever seen.

At around 4 am we had to go to bed. The second one we saw was still spinning wildly and had moved more toward the North. Again, it moved completely against the rotation of the horizon. The first one that was now spinning slowly was high in the sky. It also was going completely against the rotation of the horizon.

We saw these crafts from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. this morning, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. I was wondering if anyone else reported this to you or if you may have seen it yourselves.

Square UFO with a belly of fire over Cherokee, NC

Rattlesnake Mountain Ė Ridges behind Harrahís Hotel & Casino in Cherokee
Rattlesnake Mountain – Ridges behind Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Cherokee

The town of Cherokee, NC is at the base of Rattlesnake Mountain. One of the Cherokee names for the 3,707-foot peak is Atsilwo-I, which means “where fire comes down.” The mountain got this name from a Cherokee legend about a ball of fire that flies around it. This ball of fire sometimes still can be seen – even from as far away as Highlands and Cashiers which are on a mountain ridge about 30 miles south of Cherokee.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this sighting report from Carrie Hux of Cherokee, North Carolina on August 8, 2011- the day after her sighting.

I was sitting on my front steps Sunday evening, August 7, 2011, looking east toward Rattlesnake Mountain in Cherokee. About 9:30 p.m., something came over the top of the mountain from the southeast. It was huge. At arm’s length compared to my thumb, it was as big as a soccer ball and only about three fingers above the tree line.

I dashed about 20 feet to the edge of my garden to get a better look. The object was moving a little faster than a hot air balloon from the southeast toward the northwest. I ran into my home to get my glasses and dashed back to the garden. The object was coming right toward me.

Now, I’ve seen UFOs before but this one just didn’t compute in my mind. Unlike anything I’ve seen or even heard about, this object was square, maybe slightly rectangular in shape. Then right in the middle of the bottom of it was a circle of fire – at least it looked and moved like fire - but nothing was flaring out from the circle. The object was almost directly over me and was totally silent.

Next, I ran toward my neighbor’s home, about 50 to 70 feet from mine. I was yelling for them to come outside and look, but before I could get their attention, the object veered toward the north. I got one final glimpse of it through the trees and then it was out of sight.

Multiple UFOs seen from Black Mountain, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brad and Ellen Stroman saw something much more interesting than fireworks on July 4, 2011 from their hometown of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Map of Black Mountain, NCOn the evening of July 4th, 2011 driving through Black Mountain, NC heading home from watching the fireworks display, we noticed four bright, red, glowing lights in the western sky towards Asheville. Amazingly, the hundreds of people we passed on lawn chairs were so focused in watching the fireworks display in the opposite direction that they had no idea what was appearing in the night sky behind them!

These were not fireworks from another locale. These were definitely UFOs. We pulled over in downtown Black Mountain hoping to get a picture with our cell phones, but the objects were too distant. Instead, we stood in amazement and watched them change position, first in a perfect alignment from two pairs side by side to one vertical line of four.

One by one, they slowly disappeared until just one much larger red sphere (about the size of a thumbnail with arm fully extended) appeared above the horizon and began to ascend to a height above where the other ones had been and then that too disappeared. This all took place at approximately 10:00 PM on Monday, July 4. They were visible to us for at least three to five minutes.

Ship hovered low in vicinity of secret facility

EDITOR’S NOTE: We normally wouldn’t post a decade’s old sky ship sighting report, but this is another that occurred above a lake in the vicinity of a secret facility that sprawls deep beneath portions of Jackson County North Carolina and Ocoee County South Carolina. Some witnesses have even seen ships fly in or out of area lakes. The report also includes a great deal of detail about the sky ship.

You can learn more about the secret facility in the “Undercover Operations” section of this website. If you have time, scroll to the bottom of the archives of that section and watch a video that highlights some of the information we’ve received about the secret facility.

Lake Jocassee
Lake Jocassee is a 300-foot-deep manmade lake in South Carolina at the North Carolina border.

REPORT: A friend of mine and I were fishing for brown trout at night on June 3, 1980. We were in my 21-foot boat with flounder lights hooked to its side which created a kind of halo around the boat. It was a beautiful sight as lots of little blue back herrings were drawn into the light.

Suddenly about 2:30 a.m. something spooked the fish and with great commotion they were gone. At the same time, the hair on my neck stood up and I got a funny feeling. I heard a quiet humming noise, the kind you hear from high power electrical lines.

I do not know why I looked up, but when I did there was a flying saucer about 150 to 200 feet above me. It looked to be about 300 feet wide and blocked out the whole sky. It just hovered there, rotating very slowly. It was so close that I could see lots of details of the bottom of saucer.

It was battleship gray with yellow and red lights on the edges.
In the middle was a round opening, maybe 25-30 feet wide. It was covered by something that looked like the iris or aperture of an old camera.

There was dim white light coming from the bottom of the saucer.

There also were short pipes sticking down from the saucer that were about a foot in length with 90-degree elbows with quick disconnect male fittings. There may have been 40 to 50 of these.
After a minute or two, the saucer turned on its side and I could see a dome centered on the top of it.

In a split second, the saucer zoomed toward the stars in the distant horizon. Next I saw a brilliant light on the horizon. At arm’s length, it appeared as big as a 50 cent coin on the horizon. It stayed there for about a minute or so and then blinked out. As soon as it did, it reappeared directly above me without a sound. That was enough for me. I was super scared and pulled in all the fishing lines and headed straight home.

I told my wife but no one else until 2008 – 28 years later. I just blocked it out of my mind. I should add there were no houses on the lake back then. The only light came from the powerhouse intakes which were about 300 yards from where we were fishing.

Jim Padgett
South Carolina resident

Untold UFO stories near Cashiers, NC
By Mary Joyce

As editor of this website, many people have told me about their UFO experiences in the southern half of Jackson County, NC; most occurred between Tuckaseegee and Cashiers. Much to my personal frustration, many of those individuals refused to have their stories posted even when they were assured their names would not be revealed. So while I cannot tell their fascinating stories, I’d like to provide some intriguing snippets. The last two seem to support posted testimonies about a secret Black Operations facility beneath Balsam Mountain Ridge which runs along Jackson County’s eastern border.
Jackson County map
One man had a sky ship hover over his house one night and all his electrical power went off. The ship was even seen by a neighbor.
One couple looked up through the skylight of their home one night and saw a ship hovering as close as a helicopter in a police raid.
Two men were driving on a remote road through the forest and a ship hovered just above the road directly in front of them.
One man has seen ships around Yellow Mountain since he was a boy.
One man over a period of years has seen small ships land in an open field near his home.
One elderly man has seen sky ships near Whiteside Mountain all his life.
One woman periodically hears heavy mechanical sounds coming up from the ground beneath her home.
One couple heard mechanical sounds coming from deep in the ground for several years and then the sounds abruptly stopped.

I should add that in Jackson County people are seeing sky ships that are from “out there” as well as manmade ones that many believe are associated with the underground facility beneath the Balsam Mountain Ridge and/or area military bases.

Triangle UFO near ground in Burnsville, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this witness testimony and diagram from John Sutherland of Burnsville, NC. We found it interesting that his sighting was near an off-limits hexagon mound in the Pisgah National Forest south of Burnsville. CLICK HERE to see a photo of that mound.
On May 1, 2010 around 10 p.m., I sighted a large triangle-shaped object in the sky. It was just east of Burnsville, NC on the south side of Highway 19E at Shoal Creek Road. I was looking south toward the mountains. The object stayed illuminated for about 90 seconds and did not reappear.

There were very bright round lights around the perimeter of the triangle shape. There also was a bright white light at lower left corner that did not look connected to the triangle shape.

My approximate distance from the object was about 1.5 miles. It was huge from my perspective and appeared to be about 150 feet both in width and height. It was near the ground because the mountains were like a backdrop behind it.

Multiple UFO sightings over Atlanta
EDITOR’S NOTE: The following testimony is about multiple UFO sightings over Atlanta, Georgia on March 11, 2011. Go to to read the original report and view the video that goes with it. While the video is long and rather tedious, it contains segments that provide convincing support for this testimony.

Atlanta - Multiple UFO signtingsIt is official. It is an invasion. This was a city-wide event that sent even my head spinning. I have deterred from using words like INVASION in the past, however, what would you call this?

I know that all Leslie and I could hope for was a glance at a couple of odd aircraft in our short one hour sky viewing up on the parking deck. The tsunamis and earthquakes of Japan set an odd somber tone for the day. That was all about to change.

They were everywhere, these odd aircraft - everywhere. As we left the parking deck, I counted about fifty or so hovering, glowing, silent aircraft that trailed into the horizon.

So, if you could, please don’t misquote me guys. As usual, I am not naming this stuff outside of using the term UFO. I don’t know who, why, what . . . just speculating. How odd. Thank you. Author (ses76@youtube)

Shape-changing Sky Ship over Asheville, NC

Bob, a former professional pilot living on a mountain east of Asheville, NC, was standing on his deck on February 5, 2011 shortly before 5:30 p.m. casually watching three hawks circling in the sky. Beyond the hawks, he saw what he thought was a jet airliner with a solid red tail. Upon closer observation, he realized the “airliner” was traveling at a lower than normal speed and had no discernable wings.

After quickly getting his binoculars, he observed the “airliner” changing into a long cigar-shaped, bright silver craft. He estimated the craft disappeared behind some tree branches for about five second but it never reappeared.

Though Bob says he’s seen many kinds of aircraft and UFOs during more than 25,000 flight hours, he’s never witnessed one that shape changed.

NOTE: To read Bob’s original sighting report, go to

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