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> Why are we seeing more UFO fleets?
> Evidence of “LEGO BLOCK” construction on Mars
> Pulsing UFO flies by Space Station
> Notice star colors as UFO fleet passes the ISS
> Uncountable UFOs flew toward Antarctica on Groundhog Day
> UFOs survive metal-melting temperatures
> Nazca Desert discovery – 168 “new” geoglyphs
> Surprise! Neptune has rings like Saturn


Photo of UFO fleet flying past the International Space Station on November 26, 2022

Why are we seeing more UFO fleets?

When Mary Hall had a stroke in 2017, the entire hospital staff doubted she would survive.  Today she has rebounded in so many ways and has created a unique mission for herself. She monitors the live-feed camera onboard the International Space Station (ISS) every day.  If she finds anything notable, she posts the video on her “Mary Hall” YouTube channel.

Often Mary sees up to a dozen UFOs flying by the camera but since 2022 she’s noticed an increasing number of fleets of uncountable UFOs.  Just during the short month of February 2023, she saw eight different UFO fleets fly past the ISS camera. – The editor

Mary Hall today and back in 2017 after a severe stroke



Evidence of “LEGO BLOCK”
construction on Mars

The NASA satellite photos below reveal a sampling of pegged blocks that have been found scattered around Mars.  They may be the remains of construction blocks from a once great Martian culture that was destroyed in the ancient past.

The peg-and-hole construction method is similar to building toys and models today with Lego Blocks.

We found these photos amongst the extensive photo collection of Jean Ward, a South African researcher who scours NASA/Mars satellite photos looking for anomalies. – The editor



Pulsing UFO flies by Space Station

It’s common for sky watchers to see UFOs pulsing from dull to bright in the night sky. These sequential photos taken by the live-feed video camera on the International Space Station provide a closer look of that pulsing.  The video was preserved by Mary Hall who was watching the ISS live-feed video the early morning of January 22, 2023. – The editor

Click here to watch the 54-second ISS video:



Notice star colors as UFO fleet passes the ISS

There are two reasons to watch the video taken from the International Space Station (ISS) on February 17, 2023. 
First, it shows a large fleet of UFOs cruising past the International Space Station.

Second, if you expand your screen when watching the video, you will be able to see the colors of the stars in the sky.

Click here to watch the ISS video that Mary Hall preserved for us all to see:



Uncountable UFOs flew toward Antarctica on Groundhog Day
By Mary Joyce, website editor

A constant stream of uncountable UFOs flew toward Antarctica on the morning of February 2, 2023 when most people were watching the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil make his annual weather prediction. 

Thank goodness, Mary Hall chose instead to watch the live-feed video from the camera onboard the International Space Station and saved a 6:11-minute video of the UFOs flying toward Antarctica that morning.

You only need to watch the first minute of the video to comprehend the staggering number of UFOs that were racing toward the South Pole that day.  If you decide to take a look at the video, click on the link below and expand the screen for a better view:


UFOs survive metal-melting temperatures

Mexico ranks seventh in the world for UFO sightings according to research journalist Leigh Thelmadatter with Mexico News Daily. Significantly, many of those UFO sightings are caught by multiple webcams monitoring the Popocatepetl and Colima volcanoes.  Because those are active volcanoes, it is most curious that UFOs often are caught flying IN and OUT and OVER and AROUND those volcanoes even during eruptions.

It might seem UFOs would be destroyed by the heat from an erupting volcano but NASA SOHO satellite cameras often snap photos of planet-size UFOs that seem to appear much too close to the Sun which has a surface temperature of approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below is one example. These NASA satellite photos reveal a globe-shaped UFO that attached to the Sun with an umbilical-like cord for more than three days, actually 80 hours, from March 8-11, 2012. Clearly, the extraterrestrials have technological knowledge beyond what we know that makes their spacecraft impervious to metal-melting temperatures. – The editor


Nazca Desert discovery – 168 “new” geoglyphs
By Mary Joyce, website editor

It was announced on December 9, 2022 that 168 “new” geoglyphs have been discovered in the Nazca Desert of Peru.  They include images of humans or humanoids, birds, orcas, cats, snakes and llamas.

The discoveries were made by a research group lead by Masato Sakai, professor of cultural anthropology and Andean archaeology at Yamagata University in Japan, and Jorge Olano, a Peruvian archaeologist.  Drone photography was essential in making their discoveries.

Masato Sakai and Jorge Olano

Over the years, hundreds of geoglyphs have been found within a 170-square-mile area of the Nazca Desert that were created between 1500 and 2500 years ago.  A great number of them only can be seen from the air which continues to puzzle researchers like Sakai and Olano.


Evolving images of planet Neptune taken by
● Voyager II (1989) ● Hubble Telescope (2021) ● Webb Telescope (2022)

Surprise! Neptune has rings like Saturn

Scientists have been slow to learn about Neptune because it was just a blue dot in the dark outermost region of our solar system.  Then the new Webb Telescope snapped photos of Neptune in 2022 and VOILA, it has rings like Saturn.

Normally, Neptune appears blue due to small amounts of methane gas in its atmosphere, but the Webb Telescope’s Near-Infrared Camera sees more.  It revealed the planet’s rings plus seven of its 14 moons.





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