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> One of the strangest things seen on Mars
> Two enormous UFOs near Sun for more than a week
> Machine-cut slab found in Mars debris field
> All of Mars deliberately out of focus – See cracks in cover-up
> Curious formation at bottom of Sea of Japan
> Odd-shaped UFO in dark cloud above Manchester, England
> Uniquely-shaped golden UFOs over UK and USA
> Would you be fooled by this fake Mars image?
> UFO photo before Photoshop and resulting ET contact
> UFO shaped like child’s Lego rocket
> Zoom shots of two winged craft near Sun
> Four hot pink UFOs videotaped by flight attendant
> Blue object crashed into Mars crater
> ESA photo reveals true colors of Mars
> Giant UFO’s mechanical structure revealed
> Giant pristine spaceship found in Moon crater


One of the strangest things seen on Mars
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“This is one of the strangest things I’ve seen on Mars,” says Jean Ward (L) who is a South African researcher dedicated to searching for anomalies on Mars.  We agree with him; we’ve never seen anything like this.

Jean certainly has discovered a dark hole in Mars but what are the strands that partially cover it? Tubes of some kind? Remains of structural rebars? Some kind of organic growth?  We only can imagine how or why they were created.

This oddity was found when Jean was carefully examining a NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter photo taken on May 19, 2009. Its identification number is ESP_013177_1800.  Then he posted it on his Jean Ward channel on July 7, 2024.

Jean estimates the anomaly to be approximately 20 meters (65.6 feet) across. Click here to learn more:




These NASA satellite photos of two large UFOs near the Sun were taken
 on June 15, 18, 20 of 2024 and should be looked at from right to left.

Two enormous UFOs near Sun for more than a week

Two enormous UFOs traveled in parallel paths near the Sun for over a week, and were in full view from June 15 to June  20, 2024.

These photos were taken by a NASA SOHO* camera that constantly monitors the Sun and snaps a photo of it every 12 minutes.  The dark disk in the center of each photo is a shield that protects the camera from the intense light of the Sun.  The white ring within the disk indicates the diameter of the Sun which is about 865,000 miles.  By comparing the UFOs to that ring, it becomes clear that these UFOs are enormous in size. – The editor

* SOHO = Solar and Heliospheric Observatory



Machine-cut slab found in Mars debris field

This photo was taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover on June 4, 2024.  It reveals a large slab that is very symmetrical and looks like it was cut by a machine. It was found in a huge debris field on Mars.

It is a common theory that debris fields on Mars were caused by an atomic explosion or by a collision with an asteroid or another planet whose shattered remains are known today as the Asteroid Belt.

We’d like to thank Jean Ward for finding this.  He is a dedicated South African researcher who diligently scours Mars for anomalies like this one. – The editor



All of Mars deliberately out of focus – See cracks in cover-up
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Mars satellite images that we see on Google Earth appear to be deliberately out of focus, but we’ve discovered cracks in the cover-up.

When carefully cruising the planet, we’ve discovered many small photo strips that are in sharp focus compared to everything around them. Here are three sequential zoom shots of one Mars crater.  Notice the sharpness of the image within the small photo strip in the third zoom shot and compare it to everything around it. The coordinates for this crater are:

37°05’51.43”S 168°02’16.55”W

Below are three more samples of sharply focused photo strips within Google Earth’s satellite images of Mars.  You can use your computer’s zoom feature to see the details better. If you wish to search for more photo strips like these, you will need to do a lot of zooming in and out to find them.



Curious formation at bottom of Sea of Japan

We’ve been searching again for signs of ancient sunken civilizations.   This time, we found a curious formation in the Sea of Japan.  It is about 10 miles long and 3 miles wide with a pattern similar to a tire track. The length of each nub in the track is a bit more than a half mile. We don’t know what this is or was, but it certainly doesn’t look like something Mother Nature created.

Copy and paste the following coordinates into the Google Earth search bar to check it out for yourself. – The editor

41°08’42.0”N 138°28’55.0”E




Original photo and two zoom shots of object in sky above Manchester, England
Odd-shaped UFO in dark cloud above Manchester, England

We received a photo of an odd-shaped UFO in April 2024 from Erica Gregory who lives in Manchester, England.  She took it from southwestern Manchester in 2022.

“The sky was clear but when a dark cloud appeared, I snapped a photo of it,” Gregory explained.  “There was no noise or movement from it.” 

Later, she looked at her photo and saw the object. It looked much like it was plunging through or from the dark cloud. – The Editor



Uniquely-shaped golden UFOs over UK and USA
By Mary Joyce, website editor

On April 10, 2024, we received a photo (R) of a uniquely-shaped golden UFO from Paul Gregory with the Worsley Paranormal Group in Manchester, England. He said it appeared over Manchester one day in 2022.  He said no sound was heard and it remained in view until a cloud came over it.

The photo triggered a memory of another uniquely-shaped golden UFO that was seen over Georgia in 2023. So, I dug through the files and found the video of object. It was taken on July 31, 2023 by Les Durrant in Mineral Bluff, Georgia.

Durrant described the object in Georgia as “a bus-sized craft that floated slowly, stayed constant for a while, then disappeared.” 

Below are five sequential zoom shots from Durrant’s video which show how drastically the UFO changed its appearance. 

Original video:
Close-up video:



Would you be fooled by this fake Mars image?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Beware, there are many fake images of Mars anomalies on YouTube.  Most are laughably obvious but some have been photoshopped so well that you might be fooled. Below is a good example of one that might fool you. It includes “Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech” in the upper left corner which makes it appear legitimate.

Well, we dug deeper and found the original photo of the Martian rock taken by NASA’s Perseverance Rover (shown below). It doesn’t have any hieroglyphic markings on it.  The video has since been deleted from YouTube.



UFO photo before Photoshop and resulting ET contact
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Sometimes the most convincing UFO photos were taken before Photoshop debuted in 1990.  This is one of them.   It was taken in the early hours of March 23, 1981 by Carlos Diaz, a young photographer from Mexico City who had been commissioned by a magazine to take pictures of sunrise from the Ajusco National Park near the city.

As Diaz sat in his car waiting for the Sun, a yellow-orange light suddenly appeared above the mountain in front of him.  At first he thought it was a fire, but then he realized it was a UFO.

Immediately he grabbed his camera and snapped a photo before the object shot off at high speed and disappeared.  He noted that the engine of his car stopped running at that very moment.

(R) Diaz explaining the UFO’s movement

Diaz couldn’t forget what he had seen and repeatedly returned to Ajusco National Park hoping to get more photos of the UFO.  Eventually, a humanoid entity with fair hair approached him and told him that if he wanted to know more he should return to the same spot at noon the following day. He did and that led to years of ET contact and flights in their craft. 

Many photographic experts, including Dr. Robert Nathan at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, a known UFO sceptic, have said Diaz’s UFO photos are genuine and there is no evidence they have been faked.

Significantly, Diaz credits the ETs with showing him the interconnectedness of all life and inspiring him to become an environmental activist. They also warned that mankind is on a path of destruction if we don’t change out behavior.



UFO shaped like child’s Lego rocket

The seemingly all black photo on the left is a deep-space NASA photo taken on December 19, 2012.  If you look carefully, you will see a tiny upside-down “T” in the upper right corner.  The other two photos are zoom shots revealing the object’s child-like rocket shape and its mechanical construction. – The editor




Zoom shots of two winged craft near Sun
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Twice we were lucky enough to catch winged-like craft flying near the Sun in NASA SOHO satellite photos.  The craft look similar but are not the same.

It should be explained that the partial disk in each of the above photos is a shield that protects the satellite camera (R) from the Sun’s intense light.

The white circle in the second photo represents the size of the Sun behind the protective disk.  Since the Sun is about 864,000 miles in diameter, these winged craft are enormous.

The two craft became much more interesting after Mart Padmos eliminated the debris in the original photos and zoomed in for closer looks.

Zoom shots of craft in first SOHO photo
taken February 17, 2011

Zoom shots of craft in second SOHO photo
taken September 5, 2012




Four hot pink UFOs videotaped by flight attendant


Four hot pink UFOs were captured on video on January 11, 2024 by Denisa Tanase (L), an airline flight attendant with Wizz Air based in Hungary.  At the time, she only was focused on videotaping a city at night during her flight between England and Poland. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that she looked at the video and saw the pink UFOs.

“I thought, ‘How is this possible?'I’ve seen stuff before on the Internet and thought, ‘Hmm, this could be photoshopped,’ but I had it on video myself.”

Tanase, a wife and mother of two, said she didn’t feel scared.  Instead, she felt excited and says the video is proof to her that extraterrestrial life exists. – The editor

Tanse first shared her video with South West New Service (SWNS), an international press agency headquartered in London.  However, the following link is to the New York Post article and video about Tanase’s experience.

The red in the photo on the left from Tanse’s video is the airplane’s wingtip.

Click here to watch the video:



Blue object crashed into Mars crater
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The scorched skid mark behind the blue object in this Mars satellite photo indicates it crashed into a Mars crater. But what is the blue object?

Some people immediately guess it’s a doomed spacecraft, but it also might be a rare blue hibonite meteorite formed during the earliest days of our solar system.

According to Andrew Davis, professor of geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago, hibonite was formed before the planets when the region close to our Sun was hot enough to melt lead. As things began to cool down from about 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, the blue hibonite crystals were formed.

The shades of blue hibonite vary.
Here are two samples demonstrating that variation.

To see the Mars crash site for yourself, copy the following link and paste it into your Google Earth Mars search bar:  70 39’34.86”S 47 49’07.88”E



ESA photo reveals true colors of Mars

Mars no longer can be called the “Red Planet” since the European Space Agency (ESA) released the above satellite photo of the planet in 2023.

The image is a composite of 90 photos taken from a high altitude by the high-resolution stereo camera onboard the Mars Express satellite (R).  Those photos were then carefully pieced together to form a global image of Mars.

The satellite also discovered evidence of ● water ice at the planet’s poles ● ancient water flows ● volcanic activity ● and traces of methane which suggest possible biological or geological activity. – The editor



Giant UFO’s mechanical structure revealed
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Check out the white line in the lower right corner of the first photo which is a NASA SOHO satellite photo of the Sun.  The line doesn’t look impressive but it is as long as the diameter of the Sun which is represented by the white ring in the middle of the camera’s protective disk.  The Sun’s diameter is about 864,000 miles, so whatever this line is, it is beyond gigantic.
Then check out the first zoom shot of the line which reveals a T-shape with a zig-zag line going out from it. The last two shots zoom in even more and make it clear that this object that flew past the Sun is clearly a mechanical structure.

NOTE:  Dutch researcher, Mart Padmos, used his computer skills to zoom in and remove debris from this NASA SOHO photo so the details of the object could better be seen.



Giant pristine spaceship found in Moon crater

Scott Waring was just “poking around” in the USRA Lunar Orbiter photo files and found one of a giant pristine spaceship parked in a Moon crater. He estimates the spaceship to be five to 15 kilometers (3-9 miles) in length. His find was a like a Christmas present which he posted on his website on December 26, 2023. To make it easier for all to see, Scott highlighted the ship in banana yellow. – The editor

● Scott’s four-minute video about his discovery:

● Original Lunar Orbiter photo from the files of the Universities Space Research Association (USRA):



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