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> Looks like UFO was watching ISS spacewalk
> Illuminated structure deep within Antarctica - UPDATE
> Sixth cluster of structures emerging in Antarctica


Looks like UFO was watching
ISS spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts kicked off the new year with the first spacewalk of the year on January 19, 2022.  It was a big success.  What might be more interesting is that a UFO appeared to be watching them as they clung to the outside of the International Space Station (ISS).

Thank goodness, Mary Hall was watching the ISS live-feed video during the walk and caught the seemingly curious UFO.

The above photos are from a brief ISS video taken during the spacewalk. 
Click here to watch it:


Illuminated structure deep within Antarctica - UPDATE
By Mary Joyce, website editor

UPDATE:  After this article was posted, we received an email on January 8, 2022 from a retired U.S. Navy captain. He studied this site from different elevations and directions and felt the lights were reflections of sunlight and did not originate from within Antarctica.
Assuming his conclusion is correct, we still are puzzled by the uniform size and spacing of the “lights” and the right-angle cut into terrain behind them.  We could not find any similar right-angle trenches in the area. – The editor

(L) Star marks general location of the structure (R) Terrain above the structure

The structure shown below, which looks like it might be internally illuminated, was found in a deep crevice within Antarctica’s ice covering. The gap in its “wall of windows” at first appeared to be a geological break caused by an earthquake or earth shifting.  However, when we lightened the image and looked more closely, the gap looked more like an entranceway.

The path or driveway beyond the entrance goes back about 104 feet and then makes a right-angle turn.  This might indicate that a rectangular building is behind the bank of “windows” in the right-hand segment of the wall. The entire length of the illuminated outer wall is about 385 feet. We only can imagine what is happening behind the lighted wall but it certainly doesn’t look like something Mother Nature created.

You can explore the structure for yourself by copying and pasting the coordinates below into your Google Earth search bar.  Once there, use the compass in the upper right corner of the screen to rotate the structure so you can view if from different angles.

82°57'31.5"S 161°37'10.0"E


(L) Lightning bolt points to location of newly found structures
 in Antarctica (R) Terrain around structures

Sixth cluster of structures emerging in Antarctica

All the right angles within the brownish portion of the Google Earth image below indicate another cluster of structures is emerging from Antarctica’s ice covering.  It’s the sixth one that has been discovered and posted on this website since September 2021. Sadly, it appears it’s been deliberately blurred to hide the site.  Again, we ask why is evidence of an ancient civilization in Antarctica being hidden from the public?

It’s worth mentioning that scientists have determined that Antarctica most likely has been covered in ice for 34 million years.  That means the ruins emerging from the continent’s melting ice are the oldest in the world.  That should be exciting news, not something to be hidden from the public. – The editor

You can explore the site for yourself by copying and pasting the follow coordinates into your Google Earth search bar.   Sadly, it looks even more blurred since we captured this image.

71°50’08.35”S 6°35’15.84”E




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