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> Antarctica formation like ruins on other continents
> Proof NASA erased evidence of activity on Mars
> Naval officer saw evidence of ETs in Antarctica
> Huge UFO near Sun captured by NASA camera
> Russian video of UFO fleet flying near Moon
> Antarctica's ancient forest older than dinosaurs
> Deep space UFO seen near Earth
> Antarctica: video of secrets beneath ice
> Admiral Byrd met "The Master" inside Earth
> Antarctica: Newly found entrance to interior
> Artificial sun hides rogue planetary system
> Monster celestial system coming toward Earth
> Earth is cracking up - photo story
> Unknown object flees disaster in Antarctica


Antarctica formation like ruins on other continents

The formation to the left, which was found in one of the most remote places in Antarctica, could be the remains of an ancient structure that is strikingly similar to ancient ruins found in other parts of the world.

Compare it to the photos below of some of the ancient “wheels” of the Azraq Oasis in the Middle East where there are thousands of similar ruins that range from 82 to 230 feet in diameter.

Also compare the Antarctica structure to the three ancient ruins below that were found in South Africa.

NOTE: Find the Antarctica formation for yourself by copying and pasting the
these coordinates in your Google Earth search bar:  66°17'10.5"S 100°29'07.8"E



Proof NASA erased evidence of activity on Mars

The following Google Earth images of tracks on Mars were posted in 2012 and 2014, along with their location coordinates.  But when we used the same coordinates in 2019 to find them again, orange blurs were all we could see. If you’d like evidence of NASA’s erasures, copy and paste the coordinates below into your Google Earth Mars search bar.  To learn more about the tracks, watch the YouTube videos, especially the one from 2014.

28°35'43.59"N 28°33'42.41"E
30°10'34.94"N 2°09'32"E

Of course, tracks in the videos might be explained away as those of the Mars Rover, but there are reasons to doubt this idea.  First, compare the tracks above to those of the Mars Rover shown below which appear to wobble with every bump and stone encountered.  Second, if the tracks were only those of the Mars Rover, then why erase them from view?  It’s also possible NASA is doing things in that area of Mars that they don’t want us to see.



Naval officer saw evidence of ETs in Antarctica

Linda Moulton Howe is an investigative journalist, author and documentary filmmaker who has been covering on-the-edge subjects for decades. She brings honesty and integrity to all her projects which is why whistleblowers often contact her when they want to reveal top-secret information they feel the public has a right to know.

One of those whistleblowers is a former naval officer who flew on more than 300 missions in Antarctica and saw things he and his crew were not supposed to see – evidence of extraterrestrials.

The interview is worth hearing but many people have not listened to it because it’s nearly two hours long - more time than many busy people can spare.  But the time can be whittled down by skipping the introduction and begin listening at the 15:25 minute mark.  Then another nine minutes can be knocked off during the commercial break from 00:57:37 minutes to 1:06:50 minutes. After that, listen to the end if you have time. – The editor

This is the “Black Sun” image that verbally is described
in the interview.  It was found in an ancient structure beneath the ice.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.




NASA satellite photos taken on July 17, 29 and 31 of 2019

Huge UFO near Sun captured by NASA camera

A colossal UFO first appeared near the Sun on July 17, 2019.  Exactly two weeks later, it was completely in view as it continued traveling by the Sun. Notice there is a similarly-shaped UFO in the distance in the middle photo taken on July 29.

To emphasize the enormous size of this UFO, it would take about 109 Earths to equal the diameter of the Sun, and this UFO spans at least the width of eight Suns.

The above photos were captured by NASA’s LASCO C3 satellite camera.*  It is an impor- tant tool in forecasting the impact of the Sun’s Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and solar winds on Earth’s weather, electronics and communication systems.

The dark circle in the middle of each photo is a disc that protects the camera from the intense light of the Sun. – The editor

*LASCO is an acronym for Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph.




Russian video of UFO fleet flying near Moon

These two photos are from a video of a fleet of UFOs flying near the Moon.  A man in Moscow took the video which was posted on the Russian YouTube channel ФотОхота on May 18, 2019.  It is titled Армия нло на луне which translates as “Army UFO on Moon.” – The editor

CLICK HERE to watch the 4:39 minute video.

Three UFOs appear 2:07 minutes into the video,
then the fleet appears at 3:05 minutes.



Antarctica’s ancient forest
older than dinosaurs

Fossil remnants of a 280-million-year-old forest were found by Dr. Erik Gulbranson and Dr. John Isbell of the University of Wisconsin and their international team of researchers when they trekked across Antarctica in late 2017.  This means the ancient forest of Antarctica existed before the dinosaurs which lived on Earth between 252 and 66 million years ago. – The editor

Petrified tree stumps and fossilize leaves from Antarctica




Deep space UFO seen near Earth

Until now, we’ve only seen UFOs with this type of mechanical structure in enormous ships near the Sun that have been photo- graphed by NASA satellite cameras. But the picket fence makes it clear this V-shaped UFO was flying very near the Earth. 

The UFO was photographed about 3.5 miles northeast of Manchester, England in the town of Failsworth and then posted on February 22, 2019 on the SecureTeam10 YouTube channel.

Below are two enlargements of the UFO.  The contrast has been increased in the second one so details might be a bit easier to see.

To compare this UFO to ones seen near the Sun, scroll to the bottom of the 2013 archives of this “Global Links” section.  There also are some at the bottom of the 2014 archives. The archival photos show considerably more detail because Mart Padmos, a technical whiz from the Netherlands, was able to “dust and clean” the original NASA photos.




Antarctica: video of secrets beneath ice

If you want a condensed overview of secret activities and discoveries in Antarctica, the following YouTube video is worth watching.  It is only 12:23 minutes long, has good visuals and easy-to-understand voiceovers. BUT there is no attribution to those voices. While I recognize David Wilcock and Linda Moulton Howe, the other voices remain a mystery to me. 

Yes, at the end there is a screen stating that credit to the speakers can be found in an attached list of videos. That doesn’t prove very helpful.  It requires opening every video and correctly matching what is found with the original YouTube voiceovers.  In spite of this major production blunder, the video is still worth watching. – The editor

CLICK HERE to see the 12:23 minute video.





Admiral Byrd met “The Master” inside Earth

“The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd” is a very short account of Byrd’s journey into “a paradise inside the Earth” on February 19, 1947.It was published as a booklet by Global Communications in 1990.  The beginning diary entry indicates Byrd wasn’t even sure the public would ever see it. This is NOT from his better known diary about his 1934 polar adventure.

I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity,” Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd wrote.  “It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven.

“I am not at liberty to disclose the following documentation at this writing . . . perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny, but I must do my duty and record here for all to read one day. In a world of greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress that which is truth.”

He then wrote about his Arctic flight. At first, he recorded that his plane was running smoothly but then the gyro-compasses began to “gyrate and wobble” and he saw a green valley where there should only be ice and snow.  Next, the plane’s controls became unresponsive and the plane seemed to be remotely brought in for a landing in a paradise inside the Earth. Byrd’s full description of what he saw and experienced can be found in the above-mentioned diary, but here is some of what he wrote about his audience with the one introduced to him as “The Master.”

“I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral. . . We have let you enter here because you are of noble character and well-known on the Surface World. . . You are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth. . .  But now, Admiral, I shall tell you why you have been summoned here.

“Our interest rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bombs. . . It was at that alarming time we sent our flying machines, the ‘Flugelrads,’ to your surface world to investigate what your race had done. . . we have never interfered before in your race’s wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy. . .

“Your race has now reached the point of no return, for there are those among you who would destroy your very world rather than relinquish their power as they know it. . . So now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world, a black fury that will not spend itself for many years.

“There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science.  It may rage on until every flower of your culture is trampled, and all human things are leveled in vast chaos.  Your recent war (WWII) was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race. . .

“Yes, my son, the dark ages that will come now for your race will cover the Earth like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm . . . We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping.  When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race.  Perhaps, by then, you will have learned the futility of war and its strife. . .

“You, my son, are to return to the Surface World with this message. . .”

One has to wonder if all this is true, how might things be different today if Byrd’s message had not been suppressed for so long.  And, of course, can the worse-case scenario be avoided?  With a twinkle of hope, it’s been more than 70 years since Byrd’s 1947 experience and humankind is still here. But with or without Byrd’s message, it would behoove us all to be busy making our world a more peaceful place. – The editor




Antarctica: Newly found entrance to interior 
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This is the third apparent entrance into Antarctica that we’ve posted on this website. It measures from 115 to 149 feet across and 71 feet at its maximum height.  To put this in perspective, the popular A320 Airbus has a wing span of 117 feet.

Beyond the size of the entrance, there are other indications it might be a secret entrance.  First, it is located 215 miles from any known research facility in Antarctica.  Second, when you zoom out, there is a mile-long line of 22 structures.  At a distance, the first 18 look a bit like badminton cocks with two seeming to emit a reddish light. Together, they might suggest a lighted airport runway.

It’s harder to imagine the purpose of the third formation which is located between the “runway lights” and the entrance.  It looks to be three aligned structures on a shadowy triangular mound.

If you would like to explore this Antarctica mystery for yourself, copy and paste the following coordinates in your Google Earth search bar:

75°00'46.98" S 0°04'52.71" E

You also can CLICK HERE and see an 8:15 minute video by the man who made the discovery which the general public first learned about in a September 13, 2018 article in The Daily Mirror.

The man is from the UK but doesn’t reveal his name.  He simply states, “I have had a deep interest in the paranormal for nearly 40 years and decided to create this channel to share what I find.  My main passion is the UFO phenomenon and the mystery surrounding it.”




Artificial sun hides rogue planetary system
By Mary Joyce, website editor

There’s been great interest in an article we posted on Monday, April 23, 2018 about a monster celestial system coming toward Earth.  It is posted directly below this article and includes a video that shows and explains phenomena that keep appearing near our Sun.

Note that the black dot casts a shadow on the water

One phenomenon is the result of a “Sun Simulator” or a “Flashlight Sun” that is used to hide the rogue planetary system whenever it passes into view.  Here is a statement about it from the video:

“The flashlight sun has a black center during eclipses
 and near eclipses. This black dot is not a camera anomaly;
it casts its own shadow upon water.”

With this in mind, I went to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weather camera site on Friday morning, April 27, 2018 and found images of the “Flashlight Sun” with the black center from six locations in Alaska.

Central and North Slope, Alaska

Chalkyitsik and Point Hope, Alaska

Nuiqsut and Chandalar Shelf, Alaska




Monster celestial system coming toward Earth
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Astronomers who dare to make waves have reported for decades that a celestial system consisting of multiple planets and their moons is headed right toward Earth. At first, evidence of this foreboding system was only picked up with infrared telescopes, but as the monster system has gotten closer, it’s being caught on web cameras around the world.

When the planetary interlopers no longer could be obscured with chemtrails, the government began to use a platform it has installed between the Sun and the Earth to further hide the encroaching celestial system.  Basically, the platform acts as a Sun Simulator that can generate enormous light that helps obliterate the rogue system from being seen by those of us on Earth.  It is thought to be a second sun by many people.

So, why is the government working so hard to hide the invading celestial system?  Could the ancient prophesies about the return of Planet X be real? – The editor

TOP PHOTO: Sun Simulator appears to the right of our actual Sun. BOTTOM PHOTOS: Arrow points to a rogue planet not obscured by Sun Simulator. Enlargement of that planet is shown in right photo.

CLICK HERE to see a 9:20 minute video showing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weather camera images of the rogue celestial system and learn how the Sun Simulator is used to obscure the planets and their moons from view.  This is not a one-of-a-kind video.
Below are sample images of the phenomenon from other FAA weather camera videos.

This 2018 map shows the locations of FAA weather cameras in Alaska and Canada.





Earth is cracking up – photo story

Many massive cracks in the earth have been opening up around the world.  Here is a sampling of some of those that have formed since the beginning of 2017. – The editor

On March 31, 2018 a massive crack stretching over several kilometers suddenly formed in Kenya, Africa.

A huge crack in the earth near Yakima, Washington has been expanding at the rate of about 1.3 feet per week since October 2017.

The media reported in January 2017 that the Arizona Geological Survey had discovered a two-mile-long crack in the Arizona Desert.

In September 2017, the Central American town of Jaltipan de Morelos in Veracruz was split in half after it was hit by tropical storm Katia and then by an 8.1 earthquake - the most powerful earthquake in the region in the last 100 years.

On June 4, 2017, a gigantic crack stretching over four miles suddenly formed in Manipur, India destroying a number of villages.

In February 2017, a massive crack appeared in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan. It is several hundred miles in length.

It was reported in January 2017 that a massive crack had opened in the Northern Cape of South Africa.  It is several meters deep and hundreds of meters long.




Unknown object flees disaster in Antarctica

It looks like an unidentified object barely escaped complete disaster on one of Antarctica’s northern archipelago islands.  When looking at Google Earth images, it’s easy to imagine that something beneath the surface exploded and triggered an avalanche.  Whatever the cause, a track-making object made a beeline away from it. The approximate length of the object after it plowed to a stop in the snow is about 200 feet.

We would like to thank SecureTeam10 for making us aware of this discovery which you can see for yourself by putting the following coordinates in the Google Earth search bar:

54°39'44.62"S 36°11'42.47"W





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