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» Humans to Mars Summit 2016
» ISS Commander's photo reveals UFO
» Two UFOs "finger paint" in sky
» "The Martian" movie could be based on truth
» UFO by Sun - Look what's missing
» Dutchman's camera catches unusual UFO
» Huge spacecraft parked on Mars - photo
» NASA photos reveal "organic" UFOs
» Google Earth explorers find "new" ancient sites
» World's top ten UFO hotspots




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Buzz Aldrin
, Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot for the first manned lunar landing and second person to walk on the moon - Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator of NASA and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Systems at MIT – Andy Weir, software engineer and author of “The Martian” which was adapted into a 2015 film with the same title – Bill Nye known as “The Science Guy” – Penny Boston, a speleologist (cave specialist) who believes life on Mars might be found inside the planet’s caves – Ellen Stofan, Chief Scientist at NASA and principal advisor to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the agency’s science programs, planning and investments.

Humans to Mars Summit 2016

The above individuals are some of the speakers scheduled for “The Humans to Mars Summit” at George Washington University in Washington, DC May 17-19, 2016.  Those who register to attend by January 1, 2016 will get a discount on tickets – $175 for the three-day conference.

NASA’s stated goal is to have humans on Mars by 2030. Based on what we’ve seen in the past, by the time NASA goes public about anything new, it’s already happened.  So this conference may provide insights into what’s happening on Mars now.

In support of this premise, a growing number of whistleblowers say there already are humans and extraterrestrials on Mars. Here is brief information about four of those who’ve gone public with their claims.  Google their names for more information.

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WHISTLEBLOWERS: Randy Cramer – Corey Goode - Gary McKinnon – Arthur Neumann

Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye) says he was recruited from a covert branch of the U.S. Marine Corps to serve on the Earth Defense Force on Mars for 17 years protecting five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms.

Corey Goode says he was recruited into one of the Military Abduction (MILAB) programs at the age of six because of his intuitive and precognitive abilities. During his 20 years of service, he was a key communicator with extraterrestrials including those on Mars.

Gary McKinnon hacked into the U.S. Military computer system and found references to “non-terrestrial officers” and spaceships.

Arthur Neumann (aka Henry Deacon) was a high level physicist with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.  He had Top Secret Q clearance and said he commuted to Mars via a teleportation corridor that was disguised as a freight elevator. He said he worked at more than one base on Mars including the largest facility which was almost completely underground.





ISS commander’s photo reveals UFO

Scott Kelly, Commander of the International Space Station, tweeted the photo below on November 15, 2015.  He titled it “Once upon a star over Southern India” with no other comment.

Notice the unidentified flying object in the upper right corner of his photo.  An enlargement of the object is posted beneath his original photo.


Commander Kelly sometimes tweets photos he takes from the International Space Station. Anyone can follow him at






Two UFOs “finger paint” in sky

The following “finger paintings” were captured by an Italian observatory in the town of Val Pescara on October 15, 2012.  They were recorded with a digital reflex Canon EOS 60Da -- an astrophotography camera with a 3000 mm telescopic lens. The camera was mounted on a tripod to keep it steady and it was set on a timed exposure.

“Paintings” by first UFO

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 “Paintings” by second UFO

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matt damon mars astronaut

“THE MARTIAN” movie could be based on truth

The movie “The Martian” starring Matt Damon may seem like futuristic science fiction but maybe not. Here are links to articles we’ve previously posted with photographic evidence that intelligent life already is on Mars. – The Editor

Huge spacecraft parked on Mars – Photo (2015)

Entrance into Mars interior discovered (2014)

Eisenhower’s great granddaughter exposes Mars colony (2012)

Armchair astronaut discovers Mars ‘space station’ using Google Earth (2011)





UFO by Sun – Look what’s missing

In the past, we’ve been able to view a complete array of NASA satellite monitoring images of the Sun every 15 minutes.  Sometimes we’ve gotten lucky and caught great images of humongous UFOs like the one shown below.

NASA satellite images from August 12 and August 16, 2015 reveal two UFOs
traversing the Sun.  Even the smaller one is bigger than Earth.

In our search for UFOs near the Sun, it’s not uncommon to find the entire Stereo Science Center SECCHI website is offline.  We’ve noticed this sometimes happens just after UFO activity gets interesting.

More commonly, though, the public is simply denied access to the full array of images that once seemed to always be available. 

Take a look at the panels on the right from the Stereo Science Center SECCHI website from August 12 and 16, 2015. – The editor




Dutchman’s camera catches unusual UFO

According to a Google translation from Dutch to English, on May 19, 2015 a Dutchman was taking photos after a rain storm of “hauntingly beautiful skies somewhere above the Onlanden.”

“Suddenly flashed something,” he reported on his blog.  “At first I thought my device, but the flitskap was not up.  There was not a drop on my lens.  I decided it must have been a lightning.  But at home I see something strange in one of the photos that I made at the end of the lane of trees.”

The Dutchman’s original photo of the UFO is on the left. The photo on the right zeroes in on the object.  The red marker on the map points to Onlanden, Netherlands.

ufo far up close

map of netherlands






mars map

Polar ice cap on Mars – Yellow star marks location of spacecraft parked south of ice cap.

Huge spacecraft parked on Mars - photo

We want to thank the people at “Secureteam10” for locating an object on Mars that looks like a parked spacecraft and for providing the longitude and latitude of its location. 


On May 14, 2015, we went to Google Earth.  Using the above coordinates, we found these satellite images for ourselves.  They appear to reveal a very large circular object parked just below the Mars polar ice cap.  Since the object casts a shadow on one side, it cannot be a crater. The third photo below shows a view from approximately 20 miles above Mars so the object has to be huge.  Compare it to a photo of the Eiffel Tower taken from 20 miles above Paris, France.  The tower is the tiny red speck in the middle of the image immediately south of the arc of the Seine River. – The Editor


dot bigger biggest gray




NASA photos reveal “organic” UFOs

By Mary Joyce, website editor

When most people think of sky ships or UFOs, they envision metallic spacecraft designed by engineers. That’s why it’s so perplexing when we see photos of very organic-looking UFOs.

The photos below were taken during NASA’s Gemini 9 spaceflight mission.  After NASA made the photos available to the public, Mart Padmos of the Netherlands used his computer skills to “dust and clean” the images so more details could be seen.  “Organic” UFOs were more clearly revealed.  You might use your computer’s zoom feature to see more details.

The last photo is quite different but equally intriguing.  It shows a burst of light that only appeared in one photo frame.

It’s worth noting that people on Earth also have been getting photos of “organic” UFOs. Take a look at the January 24, 2015 posting in the “Sky Ship Photos” section titled “It looked like a gathering of Star Trek Ships.”

to see Mart Padmos’ 12:05 minute video of these and other quite different photos from the Gemini 9 spaceflight mission. 




Google Earth explorers find “new" ancient sites
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Angela Micol stunned archaeologists around the world in August 2012 when she discovered long-lost pyramids in the Egyptian desert west of the Nile.  That was news enough, but it was more newsworthy because she made her discoveries 5,000 miles away in Maiden, North Carolina using Google Earth on her personal computer.

A year later, Mocel’s computer discovery was confirmed by an Egyptian expedition team led by Mohamed Aly Soliman.  The three photos below are from a video taken when the team arrived at the site Mocel originally located via Google Earth.  The pyramid entrance can be seen in the second photo.  The third photo was taken just inside the entrance.

We decided to post this information to encourage others to use Google Earth to search for “new” archaeological sites.  Incredible things are being discovered, even on Mars, by armchair explorers. If you find something to report, or you want to learn more about Angela Mocel’s nonprofit Satellite Archaeology Foundation, go to




World’s top ten UFO hotspots

EDITOR’S NOTE:  According to the “Latest UFO Sightings” website, here are the top ten UFO hotspots in the world. We’ve edited the information and added photos, a map and bits of information.

(10) Sochi, Russia – Sochi is best known for the 2014 Winter Olympics but long before that it became known as the Black Sea’s UFO hotspot.  Locals often report strange events involving flying saucers and luminous objects.

(9) Broad Haven, Wales, UK – In the 1970s, the “Broad Haven Triangle” started to become famous after 14 children witnessed a UFO land in a field next to their school. They also reported seeing a 7-foot entity in a silver suit coming out of the craft.  The children were so affected by what they’d seen and so upset that their teacher wouldn’t believe them that they actually petitioned the police to investigate the incident.

(8) Wycliffe Well, Australia – UFO sightings in this area date back to World War II. UFO seekers often stay at the Wycliffe Well Holiday Park which features an assortment of UFO displays, paraphernalia and souvenirs.  

(7) Mexico City, Mexico – Mexico City joined the top ten list after many people saw UFOs while viewing a solar eclipse in 1991. In the mid-1990s someone released video footage showing a UFO flying over a restricted airspace. Then in 2005, mass UFO sightings were reported in which thousands of people witnessed hundreds of lights and objects travelling across the sky.


(6) UFO Trail, Chile
– Many hikers on Chile’s number one UFO trail report seeing spaceships land on the country’s massive, seemingly natural, block area known as El Enladrillado. It’s part of the trail to the top of the 12,959-foot Volcan Descabezdo, which means decapitated volcano. Some say it’s an alien airport.

(5) The Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada, USA –
This highway is near Area 51 which whistleblowers say houses crashed spaceships and alien bodies.

(4) The Bonnybridge Triangle, Scotland, UK – This place, also called the Falkirk Triangle, is widely known for flying discs, floating cubes and cigar-shaped objects. At least 300 sightings were reported there in just one year. Local residents have been clamoring for proper and comprehensive government investigations of these strange activities even making their pleas to the last three prime ministers of the United Kingdom.

(3) Nazca City, Peru - This place is known for ancient geoglyphs that only can be fully viewed from 1,500 feet above the site. Since ancient Nazca people didn’t have equipment to fly, the creation of the designs is very mysterious. Many believe some of them were designed as spacecraft landing strips.

(2) Warminster, Wiltshire, UK - Early in the 1960s, four witnesses observed a UFO leaving a trail of sparks. This was followed by someone claiming she saw a UFO from her window after she was awakened by peculiar sounds. Adding intrigue to this hotspot, Stonehenge is almost due east of Warminster.

(1) California, USA – This is the top hotspot when it comes to UFO sightings. UFOs are commonly reported from San Diego to San Francisco.



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