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2013-2014 Witness Testimonies

» Camera catches orbs in cave
» Brown Mountain Lights - more than just lights
» UFO shows up like clockwork over Cashiers, NC

Jets chased spaceship flying toward Cashiers


Orange ball of fire floats over Asheville, NC


Pilot plus three saw UFO near Franklin, NC


UFOs seemed to communicate with each other


Glowing sphere seen near Swannanoa, NC


Real UFOs perform for UFO conference


5th year of sky ship “performances” over Cashiers, NC


“Hotdog” UFO seen over Bryson City, North Carolina


Woman “totally freaked” by low-flying UFO


UFO “sucked all the sound” out of the air


Huge donut-shaped UFO over Linville Falls, NC


Camera catches orbs in cave

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this photo of orbs from Jeffrey Jordan on November 5, 2014 along with a brief explanation.

My daughter took a photo of my wife, Patricia, as she walked with our dog at Moore Cove Falls.  It’s located north of Brevard, NC off Highway 276 in the Pisgah National Forest between Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls. Later when we looked at the photo, we saw at least seven orbs in the shallow cave behind the waterfalls.


Moore Cove Falls with location map

NOTE:  Scroll to the bottom of the next posting to see a spectacular number of orbs that appeared during a mass meditation at an Ashram in Bali.



Brown Mountain Lights - more than just lights

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Don Cooper is a retired Presbyterian pastor who has been observing North Carolina’s mysterious Brown Mountain Lights (BMLs) since 2005.  After observing and documenting the BMLs on more than 60 occasions, he’s become a bit of an expert on the phenomena.

“On the night of October 20, 2014, I took seven people to view the lights from Wiseman’s View near Linville Falls,” he told us. “Almost immediately, we witnessed an enormous white light that disappeared and reappeared several times over the left tip of Hawksbill Mountain. Later it slightly zigzagged in the sky and turned colors – green, yellow, red and blue.

(L) View from Hawksbill Mountain, (R) Brown Mountain Lights have been reported in North Carolina’s Linville Gorge in Avery County (shown in brown) since the late 1700s – long before electric lights.

“We saw other orbs of light, too,” he continued, “but more significantly three beams of light shot directly toward our group. In my nine years of observing the BMLs, I’ve never seen that happen.  Some in the group, including myself, felt like personal telepathic information was sent our way.

“That might not have happened if I hadn’t lost my voice upon arrival at Wiseman’s View,” he explained.  “At the time I was disappointed because we had several new viewers with us.  However, without me talking everyone grew quiet, focused on the lights and seemed to drift into a meditative state.  That no doubt helped us become more receptive to telepathic information. As if to confirm that I might have been deliberately silenced, my voice was perfectly okay the next morning.”

Don then quoted from a Sky Ship Message he received on March 10, 2010:

When souls are not encumbered in a body, and when they choose to make themselves known, they appear as balls of light or orbs of light.  In a true meditative state, true communion can occur between human beings and those who are beyond the constraints of a physical body.

These photos were taken at the Ratu Bagus Ashram in Bali and demonstrate how
orbs/souls are drawn to people when they quietly meditate.



Whiteside Mountain in Cashiers, NC

UFO shows up like clockwork over Cashiers, NC

By Mary Joyce, website editor

We received this information from a resident of Cashiers, North Carolina on October 17, 2014.  She identified herself to us but asked that we use the pseudonym “Francine” in this report.  Why? Because she is a medical professional who reports to a board of directors that might not appreciate her going public about her sightings.

“It’s been happening like clockwork for nearly a year,” Francine told us. “A UFO appears at exactly 9:05 p.m., pulses alternating red and blue lights, and then blinks out at exactly 10:05 p.m. – not 10:04 or 10:06 but 10:05 p.m.  I see it every night unless it’s cloudy.”

When we asked the standard questions, she said the UFO is about half the width of her thumb when her arm is fully extended.  To put this in perspective, you can cover a full moon with your thumb at arm’s length.  She also said the UFO always appears in the southwestern sky at more than 45 degrees above the horizon.

“I know it always appears in the same spot in the sky,” she said, “because I see it between the same two branches of a tree in the yard every time.”

Whiteside Mountain, which is just west of Francine’s home, has long been a magnet for UFOs. A Sky Ship Message from June 29, 2008 explained that the energy from the crystalline quartz of Whiteside Mountain “is strong enough to be used as an Omni for space travelers.  That is why it is truly not uncommon for space vehicles to be seen in the mountain region in which you live.”

Francine was not easily convinced that her nightly visitor is a UFO.  “I even called NASA in Texas to see if it might be a satellite or a planet like Venus.  For various reasons, they said it couldn’t be either of those.”

It’s interesting to note that Sky Ship Messages so often start and/or stop exactly on the five minute marks on the clock. Other people report that their “clock cues” appear at other times such as two minutes before or after the top or bottom of the hour. So we encourage those who are seeing time patterns on the clock to get quiet and see if they can receive telepathic information.



EDITOR’S NOTE:  On November 14, 2013, we received the following brief sighting report from Lee Simmons who lives in the area marked with the red “A” on the map.  The star marks the intersection known locally as the “Cashiers Crossroads.”

Jets chased spaceship flying toward Cashiers

On November 14, 2013 at 8 p.m., I saw a spaceship about 300 feet from my home through the window.  It was flying silently about 50 feet above the ground and going up Cullowhee Mountain Road (in the direction of Cashiers).  I live on Coral Bell Lane.  I saw it for seven seconds and then one minute later two jets flew over in pursuit of it.


The purple marker on the first map shows the Beaverdam area north of Asheville, NC.  The marker on the second map shows the Kenilworth area.

Orange ball of fire floats over Asheville, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This sighting report was received on October 26, 2013 from Amanda of Asheville, North Carolina.

Tourists I live in downtown Asheville, North Carolina above the McCormick baseball field where the Asheville Tourists play. Yesterday, October 25, 2013, at dusk I saw an orange ball of fire about the size of a basketball at a quarter mile distance rise over the Beaverdam area.  Then it floated toward me from north to south along the mountain ridge immediately east of downtown. The object made no noise and just floated at a steady speed upward in my direction; then it went over the mountain into Kenilworth.


Pilot plus three saw UFO near Franklin, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received the following sighting report the evening of September 28, 2013 from Sally Lowdermilk.

Tonight at 7:45 p.m., September 28, 2013, we were driving west on US Highway 64 about 13 miles west of Franklin, North Carolina.  There were four adults in the car and we all saw a white or silver fireball traveling west to east. It looked like a giant sparkler as it flew parallel to the horizon, not losing or gaining altitude.

My husband who is a pilot estimated the object was traveling approximately 700 mph at an estimated altitude of 12,000 feet.



UFOs seemed to communicate with each other

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We were given this report by Annie of Sylva, NC on September 23, 2013.  Since this website began over five years ago, we’ve received many reports of sightings near the Balsam Mountain Preserve.  The first report was in 2008 when D.C. Buchanan, a photographer for The Mountaineer newspaper, shared a photo with us that he snapped of a UFO over the Preserve’s golf course during a visit by Arnold Palmer on June 7, 2008.  The photo is at the end of this report.


Saturday evening, September 21, 2013, my husband and I spent the evening with friends. The couple lives on the east side of Sylva, NC near Highway 74 and the Balsam Mountain Preserve residential community.

At one point my friend mentioned she’d seen a hexagon-shaped UFO from their yard the week before.  She said it was rotating three colors – red, yellow, green.  Since it was a clear night, we went outside to look at the sky about 10 p.m.  To our surprise, there were two UFOs in the sky.

The larger UFO was north of us. The smaller one - or maybe it was just further away - was to the northeast.  Both were rotating the same three colors my friend had seen the week before.  The larger UFO was about the width of my thumb.

We were able to watch the larger UFO until the fog rolled in about an hour later. The smaller UFO was only in view for about half that time, but before it disappeared there seemed to be communication between the two UFOs. For 5 to 10 minutes, they would alternately flash brightly.  It was like they were signaling each other.


Mountaineer newspaper photo of a UFO over
Balsam Mountain Preserve golf course


Glowing sphere seen near Swannanoa, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this report on August 31, 2013 from Ellen Stroman of Black Mountain, North Carolina shortly after her sighting at 8:55 p.m.

My husband and I were traveling east from Asheville on Route 70 towards Black Mountain, North Carolina. As we passed the entrance to the Swannanoa KOA Campground on our left, we looked up to our left (southwest) and saw a glowing reddish-orange sphere that seemed to be hovering.

Using a thumb at arm’s length, it would have appeared to be the size of a baseball. Not being able to pull over or come to a stop because of traffic, we had to travel 1/4 mile before we could turn around to hopefully see it again.

As we approached where we initially saw it, it had left but we could track it heading towards Asheville at a considerable speed.  At that point, it was no more than an orange dot in the sky. We realized there was no way we could have kept up with it. There was no sound whatsoever that would indicate a helicopter or airplane. The entire experience lasted a mere 5 minutes.




Real UFOs perform for UFO conference
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Anyone attending a UFO conference has to be thrilled when actual UFOs make an appearance.  It’s not common, but that’s exactly what happened the night before the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium in Sebring, Florida the weekend of May 10-12, 2013.

One attendee who spoke with two of us from this website on August 2, 2013, told us that the night before the conference a number of people saw large orange lights from the parking lot of the conference hotel.

We also learned that another attendee filed a sighting report which we found on the UFO Stalker website. The person chose not to be identified by name or gender, so for easy reading, we’ll refer to the witness as a woman named “Pat.”

According to “Pat,” she was driving from Tampa to Sebring about 8:45 p.m. on a “dark two-lane Highway 66.”  About 20 miles west of Sebring, she came around a curve and saw a “large orange light” that seemed to be “just above the tree tops.”

Immediately after that, she “noticed one light dropping or separating from the light above it.”  She said the lights were “roughly 10 times larger than the oncoming traffic headlights” and “larger than the lights of a large commercial aircraft landing headlights.”

At about 9 p.m. she once again saw an orange light flare up to a larger size and then dim back down again. “Then all of a sudden there were seven to nine lights coming on in a symphony in front of me,” Pat reported.  She said they randomly flared into larger sizes and blinked on and off and appeared “to dance with each other . . . I had the feeling that the lights knew I saw them and the lights interacted with each other in an intentional way.”

As Pat drove into the parking lot of the Chateau Elan Hotel and Conference Center adjacent to the Sebring Raceway she saw “a group of people standing outside looking up” and suspected they might also have seen the orange lights in the sky.

“As I passed them, I rolled down my window and shouted, ‘Did any of you just see a large display of large orange lights?’  One woman and her husband saw the same event minutes earlier.”


Glynis, Devon and Grace Heenan in 2008  - Devon and Glynis in 2013

5th year of sky ship “performances” over Cashiers, NC
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“We saw our first sky ships in the summer of 2008,” says Glynis Heenan, who lives in a remote wooded area of the mountaintop town of Cashiers, North Carolina.  “Five years later, we’re still seeing ships about twice a week – so frequently that we only report the most unique sightings.”

The newest thing, which we haven’t reported before, is our “dance” with the ships.  Of course, it’s not really a dance, but when we aim a flashlight at a ship and then blink it on and off, the ship responds by blinking back a response.”

Glynis says that while the “dance” is fun, it pales in comparison to other past “performances.” Looking back, she says there have been some truly jaw-dropping encounters.



“The day after I saw my first UFO – EVER!” Glynis explains, “Devon decided to snap photos of the sky.  She took one from the Ingles’ parking lot in Cashiers.  At the time, she didn’t see anything special, but when we looked at her photos at home, we were shocked to see a saucer-shaped UFO in the middle of the Sun.”

Devon’s photo on the left was taken on June 28, 2008 about 4 p.m.  It along with multiple sky ship sightings by Devon, Glynis, and her mother Grace were the inspiration for starting this website.

“We’ve seen ships in many shapes, sizes and colors,” Glynis continues.  “Once seven of them formed a circle over our house.  Another time when we were watching a meteor shower from a nearby paddock with a friend, a ship flew directly toward us and then abruptly stopped and hovered just above the treetops before disappearing.  While any of those sightings is memorable, the most stunning. . . .

Instead of having Glynis retell her experiences, the links to her original reports are listed below:

(1) “Spaceman materializes three times”
(2) “Sky ship projects giant image of Jesus”
(3) “Sky ship lands in Cashiers, NC”



“Hotdog” UFO seen over Bryson City, North Carolina

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this report on July 29, 2013 from a woman who lives on the west side of Bryson City, North Carolina.

At 10 a.m. on June 22, 2013, I was out in my yard weed eating.  When I stopped to restring the weed eater, I heard a small private plane flying over.  It sounded low, so I looked up.  As I watched it head toward town, I also noticed something else flying to my right of the plane.   It was totally silent and kind of silvery in color.  It was shaped almost like a hotdog.  It was long, very big and it was moving slowly.

I am sure the pilot of the small plane must have seen the “hotdog” too because in a couple of minutes he circled back toward the object.  He flew fairly close to the object before heading back again in the direction of town.  My mother came outside and we watched the object for about 10 minutes.

We saw the UFO near the intersection of Grassy Branch and Mineral Springs roads.  I would love to talk to anyone else who might have seen it, especially the pilot.  Has anyone else reported this?


Woman “totally freaked” by low-flying UFO

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the above drawing of a spacecraft and the following sighting report on May 9, 2013 from a woman in Durham, North Carolina.

I experienced a sighting in Durham, NC on April 5, 2013.  I would like to remain anonymous.  My sighting was similar to one posted on your website back in 2010 by Ms. Shirley Lumsden.

I was driving home from my cousin's house around 10 p.m. on Highway 147 heading north.  As I was approaching the Elba Street exit, something to the left of me caught my eye.  I looked up and saw what I thought was an airplane flying low and thought “Wow, why is that plane flying so low?”

As I looked at this object, my mind was flooded with thoughts.  I thought “Oh, it's a helicopter, Duke Med Center life flight or whatever.”  Then I thought “Wait, it's NOT a helicopter and Duke Med Center doesn't use airplanes to do their medical transport.”

This aircraft was shaped sort of oblong, like an airplane without wings, and had different colored lights.  It appeared to be descending.  I totally freaked but was driving so I had to pay attention so I wouldn’t hit a car on the freeway.  In my mind I just thought, “No, no, no, no, no, no, I did not see what I thought I saw.”

About 30 to 60 seconds later I got to my exit – the Hillandale exit. I decided that since I was at the bottom of the exit ramp that I could look up and back again.  Surely something that large would still be there.  I wanted to confirm that it was not at all what I thought it was, but it was gone as if it was never there.

Two days later on Sunday morning April 7 between 9:30 and 10 a.m., I had to take the same route to 147 South.  I hadn't been in that area since my sighting on Friday and I felt very, very nervous even though it was daylight.  I looked up and I saw two chemtrails which I've seen before, but two in the same spot, and the same spot where I saw this aircraft?

I tried to draw a picture the day after I saw the object.   I'm not the best artist but I've attached an illustration of what I saw that night.  The arrow is pointing to something that looked like a windshield or something to that effect.

UFO “sucked all the sound” out of the air

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We’re posting this report from the UFO Sightings Report website because it occurred in Marion, North Carolina – a town southeast of Linville Gorge known for the Brown Mountain Lights and a possible secret underground facility.  According to the report, a sphere-shaped UFO was seen on January 6, 2013 at 6:20 p.m.  We’d like to thank Don Cooper for sending us the information.


I'm an avid sky-watcher, so I am constantly looking towards the heavens for meteors, planets, etc. I happened to be looking south and noticed a bright orange orb. It appeared to be bobbing up and down because I could see it rising and falling behind some tree branches. I then observed it go up vertically and the object then appeared to get larger, so I knew it was coming straight in my direction.

Also, there was absolutely NO noise coming from this craft. Unfortunately, I ran back inside to get my camera (which wasn't any longer than about 10 or 15 seconds) and by the time I got back outside, the craft had completely disappeared.

This is the second time I have observed an orange orb craft at this location. I saw one back in June of 2012 at about 4 a.m. This one I watched for about 10 minutes as it traversed northeast and went directly overhead. It also had no sound. As a matter of fact, it was almost like it sucked all the sound out of the environment.  I could hear no crickets, cicadas, or any wind blowing - very eerie.

After this one passed overhead, I observed it wobble; then it shot straight up like a bullet from a gun. It was gone that quickly!

Huge donut-shaped UFO over Linville Falls, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the following report and sketch from Spuz Schissler of Linville Falls, North Carolina in December 2012. 

I’m enclosing a small sketch of what I saw in the morning sky either November 29 or 30, 2012.  When I first saw it, I thought “What a strange cloud.” Then as I watched it on my drive home, it didn’t move like a cloud. 


Spuz’s sketch is shown between photos of Linville Gorge and Linville Falls.

The “cloud” just seemed to stay in one place.  The inside of it was  flat and gray.  The outside was bright, almost white.  The bottom of the white area also was flat and didn’t seem curved.   In fact, the edge didn’t really look like a cloud’s edge because  it was not irregular. The edges of  the gray inside area and the outer light band were both quite crisp.

Also, this thing was HUGE!  When I raised my forearm to a right angle in front of my face, the thing was as big as from my elbow to my hand.  I don’t know what I saw,  but there were no other clouds in the sky near it.


These are photos of actual donut-shaped UFOs.


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