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"There are no miracles; there is only that which
is beyond human knowledge and understanding."

Sky Ship message November 26, 2009

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» Photos of phenomenon at Virgin of Guadalupe statue
» A walking miracle
» Birth of “Miracle Stream”
» Mysterious sound works magic in Cashiers
» Healing energy pulsed like a Mother’s heartbeat
» An eye-opening experience
» Our Lady of Guadeloupe statue smiles again
» Second blinking statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe
» Knee healed while visiting blinking statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe
The blinking Virgin of Guadeloupe
Sky ship projects giant image of Jesus
Spaceman materializes three times

Photos of phenomenon at Virgin of Guadalupe statue

People have seen various manifestations of spirit at the Virgin of Guadalupe statue at Ydo Yumart’s spring near Dillsboro, NC. Some have seen the statue blink or slowly open and shut her eyes; some have seen her smile; some have seen aurora-like lights; some have been healed. This testimony from a woman who identifies herself as “EL” adds two new phenomena to the list.

When we visited the Virgin of Guadalupe statue on October 10, 2010, my mom took several photos of the statue. The first and third photos were clear and normal, but the second and fourth showed a whitish mist or haze around the statue. My mom felt a possible reason for this was to show us that the mist/haze was not a simple light phenomenon but was in fact something real manifesting. I did not see the eyes of the statue blink as others have, but did feel sacredness there.

My mom carried an empty bottle with her to capture some of the spring water. The bottle before hand, she claims, had no scent or residue smell, but after water was put in from the spring it smelled like lavender. I still have it and keep it in my refrigerator as sacred healing water.

click here to see photos

A walking miracle
Jane Spottedbird - A walking miracle
Jane SpottedBird
Jane SpottedBird is a walking miracle. Though her doctors gave her absolutely no hope of surviving stage IV cancer, she’s cancer free. How did she do it?

Born a natural storyteller, she spills words upon pages so fluidly that even reluctant readers find it easy and captivating to read her tale of victory. In her brand-new book, Still Here - Dancing to the Beat of My Own Drum, she weaves together very specific healing information with a life story worthy of a movie.

So if you’re well and want to stay well, or fighting a life-threatening condition, or need to be spiritually renewed, you’ll find Jane’s eclectic approach to life and health a perfect elixir.

You can purchase Jane’s book by contacting her by e-mail at You also can read about her experience when she visited the blinking statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe at Ydo Yumart’s spring on the Tuckaseegee River near Dillsboro, NC.

Birth of “Miracle Stream”

A giant image of Jesus appeared over the source of Miracle Stream on April 23, 2009. The caretaker of the land, Glynis Heenan, was beyond awestruck when she saw it. At the time, though, Miracle Stream didn’t exist. There was only a trickle of water and nobody knew there was a springhead hidden in the forest debris directly beneath the feet of the three-dimensional image of Jesus. Then on September 7, 2010, shortly after the trickle was transformed into a flowing stream, Glynis discovered the springhead. It was beneath the very spot where the 30 to 35-foot image of Jesus had appeared about 16 months earlier. To learn the whole story of Miracle Stream, scroll down and read “Mysterious sound works magic in Cashiers” and “Sky Ship projects giant image of Jesus.”

Mysterious sound works magic in Cashiers 

A mysterious sound seems to be creating magic on Glynis Heenan’s land in Cashiers, NC. It defies a phonetic spelling. It’s soft yet high-pitched. It pulses three times, pauses, and then repeats the sequence for about five minutes. It sounds like something from a sci-fi space movie and it has happened more than a dozen times since late May 2010.

“You can hear the sound starting above the head of the creek,” says Glynis, “and then it moves down the creek to edge of my property. Friends have heard it, too.”

The sci-fi sound seems to be helping Glynis with her project to revive the nearly dried up creek bed that runs through her property.

“When I started the project,” she explains, “the water was no wider than the width of my hand and not deep enough to measure, but I felt compelled to get it flowing again. So I’ve been digging out debris and silt since 2008. You see, I strongly believe we co-create with God and if everyone just threw out the dirt and rubble from their own stream or pond, we’d get more of a flow and the Earth would be able to breathe.

“But it proved to be too much work for just one person,” she continues. “So I started trading haircuts for manual labor, rocks, little bridges and plants to go along the creek. A few people, who understood the ultimate goal, donated some time and materials. For that I will always be grateful.”

The two year effort paid off. A long-dead laurel stump that’s estimated to be at least 100 years old sprouted fresh leaves and the dry creek was transformed into a little stream. Then in the spring of 2010, the magical sound started and with it the creek began to rise. It now has little ponds and a tiny waterfall.

Glynis' almost dried up creek bed
BEFORE: Glynis Heenan’s nearly dried up creek
Glynis in her new pool of water
AFTER: Glynis in her new pool of water

Just part of the magic

“I do a lot of physical work in the yard and I’m also a hairdresser,” she says, “and that’s taken a toll on my hands. Well, one day they were really aching and I couldn’t even bend one finger, so I went down to the creek to soak them in the water. By the time I walked out of the water, the pain was gone and I could bend my finger again.

“Nearly everyone who comes to my house or salon likes to go down to the stream,” she adds. “They feel the magic. They feel energized. I think the water is healing; I do, I really do. Labor Day weekend, we completed a better pathway down to the stream so disabled and hurting people can more easily get to the creek. With God’s help, maybe there will be greater miracles.”

CLICK HERE to read a Sky Ship Message titled "Ancient healing spring in Cashiers revived."

Healing energy pulsed like a Mother’s heartbeat

For over a year, I’ve been told I should meet Ydo and see her land. On July 8, 2010, I met Ydo. She is pure joy and resonates as an exceptional healer. My experience on her land that day was incredibly profound. Honestly, I could take my pillow and live on that hillside at the Virgin’s pond for the rest of my days.

Alone, I entered the archway at the top of the stairway to the Virgin’s pond. Gentle pinpricks of electric energy filled my being and I knew I was entering a sacred place. Barefooted, I descended 60 steps into the tree-shaded hillside. Despite recent knee pain, I felt only joy. Feeling the power of the energy grow, I was being drawn to the source. I stopped at the bottom of the long stairway to allow my body to adjust to the growing energy around me.

The energy pulsated strong and soft, like a Mother’s heartbeat. That energy was intense. I bowed my head and brought my palms together in prayer as I continued walking. I stopped in front of the Virgin statue, but I did not look at her. I didn’t need to; I knew that she was there. I was humbled by my emotional response to the energies I felt. Head still bowed, I saw only the water falling into the small pond below the Virgin’s feet. I knelt down, palms still together prayerfully. The energy pulsated and grew, like ripples in a pond. I said prayers of gratitude for what I was experiencing.

Still kneeling prayerfully, the sound of the water was harmonious music to my soul. My entire being was filled and pulsated with love energy. I drank of the water and bathed my eyes gently. Finally, I looked up at the statue of the Virgin. I noticed that her hands, and mine, were held together exactly the same way. I looked at her face closely and asked aloud why she did not smile and then the answer came as the sound of the water grew. The pulsating energy grew. Overwhelmed, I decided to lie down on the small wooden bridge in front of the Virgin’s pond. My back relaxed into the warm wood. The sun was exactly overhead, shining through the canopy of trees. I looked up into the sun and was inspired to thank the Sky Brothers for their protective watchfulness.
aurora borealis
This photo of the aurora borealis looks like the waves of energy Jane SpottedBird saw when she visited Ydo Yumart’s special spring in Sylva, NC.

Open-eyed, I watched the sun’s rays expand and contract into a daytime aurora borealis. Long, vertical waves of iridescent colors shimmered in my gaze. Colors turned into images. I saw a long-stemmed flowering plant with two stalks growing from the Earth. The stalk on the right side was healthy, tall, strong, and had vibrant blue flowers. The stalk on the left arched left toward the ground, touching the Earth. Its flowers were dull gray, and dying. That image shifted. Next I saw teardrops falling in an arc to the left. The tears were the color of dried blood with a darker background behind them.

Then, I closed my eyes and saw another view of long, vertical, shimmering, iridescent, aurora borealis colors. They undulated, rippled in waves and then changed direction. I felt the colorful, horizontal waves and ripples as they washed over my body. They washed through my body time after time. I do not know how long I laid there before the healing energy receded and the images diminished. Slowly, I sat up and opened my eyes. Breathing deeply, I again heard the sound of the water. I stood up slowly. The energy of sacredness was still profound. I knelt again before the Virgin, saying prayers of gratitude for my healing. I thanked her for her guardianship of that sacred place. I did not want to leave.

Slowly, I retraced my steps, stopping frequently. My body still felt like a live wire with electricity pulsating through me. That healing was enormously significant to me. One year ago, I survived a 6-12 months death sentence. Following my intuitive guidance, I’ve been cured of stage IV cancer though my body is still healing other afflictions. I am immensely grateful to Ydo for being the loving and protective steward of that sacred site.

Jane SpottedBird
Bryson City, North Carolina, USA

An eye-opening experience

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this testimony and title from Bob Emery of Crossville, Tennessee after he and two friends from Bowling Green, Kentucky saw the blinking statute of Our Lady of Guadeloupe near Dillsboro, NC.

On April 30, 2010, we stopped at the residence of Mrs. Ydo Yumart who owns the Moonlight Spa and Retreat Center just outside the Village of Dillsboro. She has a painted concrete statue about 3 ½ feet in height of Our Lady of Guadeloupe located in a small rock garden very near to a spring that was recently discovered by accident.

I had heard from a few friends verbally that this CONCRETE STATUE would, at various times, be seen to “blink its eyes” at certain people who came to view this phenomenon. Since we were on our way to Cashiers, NC, it was the perfect opportunity to stop and see this for ourselves.

Once there, we walked down the 60 steps built into the hillside and approached the garden area where we saw the statue standing in its beautiful chapel-like garden beside a bubbling spring. We stood there on the walkway and watched the statue for maybe two minutes, when all of a sudden I jumped backwards and loudly said, “Whoa, did you see that?” I then quickly realized that had it not been for the railing along the walkway behind us, I might have tumbled backwards down the hillside and on to the road below.

YES, there was never any doubt, the statue did “blink” at least a total of three or possibly four times during the ten minutes we stood there watching. The couple I was with also saw it “blink.”

I then found myself, for some unknown reason, concentrating on the right eye of the statue more than on both eyes, so I received not only a “blink” but also a “wink,” which I had been told also can occur at various times.

I must say that I approached the garden with the expectation of seeing for myself that this statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe does actually “blink its eyes” -- and that it indeed did for us that day.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe statue smiles again

Early January 2010, I went to visit my friend, Ydo Yumart, who lives on a bluff overlooking the Tuckaseegee River in Sylva, NC. After catching up on each other, she took me down the steps to where her statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe resides. It’s a lovely walk down with a nice view of the river.

Seeing beyond normal perception
There are three primary ways human beings can perceive phenomena beyond their normal spectrum of perception

. . »
read Feb 2, 2010 message
Before I tell you what I experienced, I want to say I went with no expectations whatever. I simply kept my mind open. Also, I was not raised in the religious belief system of the Roman Catholic Church.

As we approached the statue, which resides by a tree overlooking a small fountain, I felt the peacefulness of the Earth. As I looked at the statue, I could see an energy field around her -- her aura. Then she gently smiled. It was not dramatic in nature, just gentle.

And as I write this, I realize Our Lady of Guadeloupe is not strictly a symbol of any one belief system. She is for everyone, leaving aside labels or restrictions. She supports the feminine in us all.

I did not partake of the water at that time, but I did see the stone that Rafael, Ydo’s husband, found from which the water flows.

RuthAnne Brown
Whittier, NC

Second blinking statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe

There is a second blinking statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in Jackson County North Carolina. The first is on a bluff overlooking the Tuckasegee River near the town of Sylva. The second is near the town of Whittier at Isis Cove which is an intentional community, retreat center and home of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts.

The two painted statues are alike in every way. Each was purchased about two years ago. Each was the only one displayed at Wal-Mart when purchased. Each now watches over a natural spring of water.

“We thought it was strange to find her at Wal-Mart and felt compelled to bring her home instantly,” says Star Wolf who co-founded Isis Cove with her husband Brad Collins.

“We placed her as a guardian to what we refer to as Magdalene Spring. She has a sweet presence but she also feels like a protector of the spring which feeds the whole cove and valley and all the creatures and beings that live there.”

Then one day a woman who lives across the road from Isis Cove decided to sit and rest by the Lady of Guadeloupe statue.

“I looked at her face and indeed her eyes did blink,” she explains. “The experience felt as natural as breathing – as if all the love we need is available if we approach the divine as our rightful inheritance. An experience with the Lady of Guadeloupe was for me an affirmation of the Holy which is inside us and around us. Now when I remember that moment, I sense a kindness at the core of me and it has the face of Our Lady.”

Knee healed while visiting blinking statue of
Our Lady of Guadeloupe
EDITOR’S NOTE: Three women, wishing not to have attention drawn to themselves only to the miracles they experienced, hand delivered the following testimony to us after visiting the blinking statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in Sylva, NC on December 12, 2009. They chose that day because it is The Lady’s liturgical holy day. To learn more about the blinking statue and see photos, scroll down to the November 26, 2009 article titled “Virgin of Guadeloupe statue with the blinking eyes.

With two friends, I approached the long and steep stairway leading down to the renowned statue of The Lady of Guadalupe with an open mind and a practical concern; climbing down the stairs with my left knee hurting, at that moment, didn’t seem the wise thing to be doing.

Casually, I said to myself “Dear Lady, please bless me with your healing love that I might come down these stairs free of pain to celebrate your birthday with my friends.” Coincidence or not, the pain eased and was then gone. I made my way down the stairs gratefully but aware that coming back up the steep stairs could be another test for my knee, and The Lady.

We went to where the statue stood on a flat rock above the spring water that pours into a little rocky basin. It was said the water was blessed, so being in the moment, we lit candles we brought with us. Then I dipped my fingers into the cold water, and saying another silent prayer, asked The Lady to bless me with her healing love as I put the water on my forehead.

We each had different feelings and experiences. One friend was joyful and celebratory; the other was quiet and reverent. I was mellow as time seemed to not exist. The cold wind held no effect whatsoever. It was really quite a cozy feeling. We said a prayer of thanks to The Lady for our being there on her sacred day and we asked for her blessing on our lives.

We studied her face to see if she would choose to open her eyes as some previous visitors had experienced. Then slowly her eyes opened and closed. I grabbed one friend’s shoulder and whispered, “Did you see that?” She replied, “Yes! Yes!”

Then The Lady astounded us and opened and closed her eyes four more times. I was amazed. I stepped to the right and The Lady looked right into my eyes as her lovely cheeks and lips turned up in a smile. Even her eyes glowed with the smile. The others did not see the smile.

I can only say, as I walked back up the steep stairs, pain free, that I was experiencing a quiet feeling and didn’t want to talk. I guess peace is what I felt. I didn’t feel surprised and I didn’t doubt what I saw. Finally, as we stood once again at the top of the bluff, we all began to chatter and feel joyful about our experience. We especially didn’t care about what others might think about our experience.

I saw what I saw, and felt what I felt, and that’s all I care about. Thank you, Lady of Guadeloupe, and happy birthday.

Virgin of Guadeloupe statue with the blinking eyes
November 26, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just when Ydo Yumart was thinking she should be more public about her blinking statue of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, a Sky Ship message came through on November 26, 2009 confirming her thought (see message section). It then was decided we would post her story by December 12th to commemorate the day the original image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe was revealed in 1531. Ydo has a doctorate degree in naturopathy, is nationally certified by the Board of Massage and Bodywork and owns the Moonlight Spa and Retreat in Sylva, North Carolina.

The Blinking
Virgin of Guadeloupe Statue

Ydo Yumart, Moonlight Spa & Retreat
Ydo Yumart
Moonlight Spa & Retreat
Ydo Yumart couldn’t have imagined what would start the day her husband, Rafael, tumbled down their embankment overlooking the Tuckasegee River in Sylva, North Carolina.

“Our house shared a common well with our neighbors,” Ydo explains, “but the water was not clear, so we were wishing and asking for a spring. Then one day my husband and a friend were cutting some trees and he fell down the hill. When he stopped rolling, he was right on top of a pretty clear spring with water that later proved to be extremely pure. It was a blessing. We felt the water was so special that we tapped the spring for our home.”

Later, Ydo and Rafael decided to create a fountain for the overflow from the spring. There were plenty of rocks for the project, but Rafael wanted to buy a special rock for the overflow pipe.

Ydo's spring at Moonlight Spa & Retreat
Ydo's spring

“The very first rock he saw looked like a woman holding a baby,” Ydo says. “He thought it was the perfect rock for the overflow pipe. Then we created the little fountain.”

In the spring of 2009 when the project was completed, Ydo walked through Wal-Mart and saw a statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. It was the only one there.

“I have always been attracted to the story of the Guadeloupe Virgin even though I am not Mexican,” she says, “so I bought it to place above the spring. Ever since the fountain was finished, I go almost daily to the spring to meditate and pray and drink the water because I think it’s special.

“One day, I looked up at the statue and saw her painted eyes were opening and closing. I thought it might be an optical illusion. At first, I was the only one who saw this, but eventually my husband, friends and some of my clients began to see it, too. She doesn’t do this for everybody and I don’t see it every time either, but more and more people are seeing it.

“It’s interesting that my cat loves to be there,” Ydo adds. “She always sits in front of the statue. That means it’s a good energy because animals know.”

Witness Testimonies
Lady of Guadeloupe statue
Our Lady of Guadeloupe statue

Ydo and I walked down to her statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. Immediately I felt a warm and comforting sensation as if I were being hugged by the side of the mountain where the statue sits. We stood together and looked into her eyes. I knew she was going to blink for me even though Ydo told me that she did not blink for everyone. We stood solemnly, reverently, and waited. After a few moments, I saw a quick blink. I kept watching to see if she would do it again. The next few times she blinked more slowly and I heard the words in my head “You are blessed, my child.” I quietly thanked the statue and I thanked Ydo for sharing this amazing experience with me. Once again as I turned to leave the area near the statue, I felt a great peace and warmth as if the surrounding rhododendrons were holding me in a loving embrace.

S. Bunn, webmaster
Sylva, North Carolina

In August 2009, a friend and I visited Jackson County, North Carolina. Our trip included a visit to Ydo’s place on the 15th. While there, she took us down the many steps from her house to the spring and the Virgin of Guadeloupe statue. Ydo mentioned the healing power of the spring water and told us about the statue blinking on rare occasions. I then gave special attention to the Virgin's eyes while Ydo was explaining many unusual things at the location. At the moment my friend and I were ready to go back up the stairs, we both looked at the Virgin at the same time, and both were pretty sure she blinked at us. I remained below while Ydo went up to her house to bring down jars so we could take spring water home with us. When she returned, the two of us happened to simultaneously look at the statue, and in unison said, "Look, she just blinked!"

Donald Cooper
Retired Presbyterian minister and MUFON investigator
Spruce Pine, North Carolina

I went to Ydo’s spa to take her information about the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. She was very gracious and showed me her spa which is lovely and beautiful. Then she took me down to her spring. As she was explaining how they found the spring and the Our Lady of Guadeloupe statue that overlooks it, I recalled stories I’d heard about some Virgin Mary statues crying real tears. With that thought, I looked up at the statue and it blinked and continued to blink at me. Blinking, though, really is not the right word. The statue’s eyes slowly closed and opened repeatedly. I felt chills and such a wonderful feeling. I haven’t been the same since. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Pat Doyle
Sylva, North Carolina

Sky Ship Projects Giant Image of Jesus
By Glynis Heenan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ever since a sky ship hovered over her yard on June 28, 2008, Glynis Heenan has seen sky ships so frequently that she takes them for granted, but that complacency vanished nearly a year later. It was such an extraordinary experience that we didn’t know quite how to put it on the website. Then three months later, we received a sky ship message directing us to do so. You can read that July 18, 2009 directive for yourself in the Sky Ship Messages section.

Before I tell you about the most extraordinary experience of my life, I’ll set the scene for you. I live in a two-story house in Cashiers, North Carolina that is completely encircled with trees. The bedrooms and television room are on the second floor.

On April 23, 2009, I was headed up to bed about 10:30 p.m. when I decided to stretch out on the futon in the TV room and look out the window at the night sky. When I looked up, I saw a pulsating, silvery sky ship. It was like many sky ships I’ve seen before -- very bright, smaller than my thumb but much bigger than any star.

Right after that, I noticed a beam of light shining from the sky ship to the parking area. It was like a movie projector spotlight that was bigger than a softball in diameter. If I leaned forward or backward, I couldn’t see it. I even went to my bedroom to check out the light, but could only see it from one spot on the futon.

Suddenly I heard an absolutely huge banging noise on the side of the house. Of course, I was frozen with fear but then turned toward the sound, only to be awestruck. There in the tall trees south of my house was a gigantic image of Jesus. He was as tall as the trees – at least 30 to 35 feet tall. The image looked as solid as a rock, not transparent, and stayed in the same place for 20 to 30 minutes.

My fear fled and I just felt peaceful and light. I telepathically heard “I stand at the right side of my Father. My rod and my staff shall comfort thee.” The words made me think of Psalm 23. I was overwhelmed with peace. I felt total love. I was so awed by the power and so humbled that I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to get down on my knees, yet I didn’t want to move. I was blown away. I was truly blown away.

Description of Jesus

Anyone I’ve told about this experience has asked me what Jesus looked like, so I’ll try to describe what I saw with as much detail as possible.

First, I saw him from his head to his sandals. He was looking straight at me with loving but piercing eyes. His eyes were very light, perhaps hazel would best describe them.

His hair was light, sandy brown with reddish or chestnut highlights. It wasn’t one solid color. It was parted in the middle and flowed like freshly washed and dried hair in a gentle breeze. It was beautiful, I mean beautiful. His beard was darker but it still had the chestnut hue and was neatly trimmed.

He was wearing a white flowing muslin robe with three-quarter length sleeves. There was a long, loosely fitting vest jacket over the robe made of the same muslin material. The robe was belted at the waist with a sandy brown cord which was a little bit darker than his hair. The knot in the cord was on his left side. A leather pouch on a long leather cord hung from his neck.

In his right hand he held a rod that came up to his shoulder. It was shiny wood that had irregularities you’d find on a tree branch. It was larger at the top and tapered downward.

His brown sandals had thick soles with a cord over the arch of each foot and another cord wrapped around each ankle. They looked very comfortable.

Spaceman materializes three times

After months of observing sky ships and receiving spiritual messages from the Sky Brothers, Glynis Heenan’s adventures took a new turn. Small orbs of light appeared in her nearby trees, then her yard and finally her home. Because of the messages, she understood the orbs of light were helping to gently prepare her for something big.

Not long after that, a spaceman in a maroon jumpsuit suddenly materialized in solid form next to her breakfast bar while she stood stunned at her kitchen sink.

“Of course it startled me,” Glynis says, “but almost instantly a feeling of peace came over me. He was there just long enough to see he had the shape and height of a human man, but I didn’t see his face.”

The spaceman appeared on March 17, 2009 and then made a second brief appearance two days later.

“Once again I was in the kitchen; once again I didn’t see his face,” Glynis says. “This time, though, he appeared in the doorway to my front room”

Spaceman finally shows his face

After the second appearance, Glynis repeatedly asked to be shown the spaceman’s face. On April 7, 2009 her wish was granted. As she relaxed and meditated on the sofa in her living room, the spaceman returned. This time he showed his face.

“You have to know that I was raised Jewish,” Glynis emphasizes, “so there’s nothing in my background that would make me conjure up a Jesus visitation. But when the spaceman revealed his face, it was Jesus or Yeshua. It was the most loving and compassionate face.”

It is interesting to note that the spaceman first appeared on St. Patrick’s Day and then revealed his face during the Christian Holy Week or just before the Jewish Passover.

“He communicated telepathically that he was from our future or another dimension,” Glynis explains, “and that he and other spiritually enlightened ones periodically come to Earth to help uplift mankind to a higher spiritual level. They come in inter-dimensional sky ships of light that Ezekiel of the Old Testament tried so hard to describe. During his life on Earth as Jesus, it was said he was taken up in a cloud, but in actuality it was a sky ship. This he explained is an important clue for what is to come.”

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