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2010 Sky Skip Messages

December 31, 2010 - Sustaining link through chaos of change
December 18, 2010 - The Moon is an ET space station
December 4, 2010 - Use your power
November 12, 2010 - Don’t be fooled again!
October 31, 2010 - Surviving the whirlwind of confusion
October 31, 2010 - Abduction Antidote
October 12, 2010 - Peering into the future
October 9, 2010 - Origins of sacrifices, scepters and wizards’ wands
October 7, 2010 - Ancient record of spacemen, giants and fabled cities
October 3, 2010 - Plea of the Ancient Ones
September 25, 2010 - EXTRA-ordinary changes – part four
September 25, 2010 - EXTRA-ordinary changes – part three
September 22, 2010 - EXTRA-ordinary changes – part two
September 20, 2010 - Mankind is being prepared for EXTRA-ordinary changes
September 4 & 5, 2010 - Ancient healing spring in Cashiers revived
August 7, 2010 - The Missing Link – Pleiadian influence
August 6, 2010 - The Missing Link – The Anunnaki of Nibiru
August 5, 2010 - The Missing Link
July 25, 2010 - We're serious - plant a tree
July 20, 2010 - Where are the optimists to turn the world around?
July 11, 2010 - Secret world slithers beneath the ground
July 4, 2010 - The magic of a flute
June 10, 2010 - No thumb twiddling in a crisis
June 2, 2010 - Request for prayerful invitation
May 20, 2010 - Killer ant hive beneath Appalachian Mountains
April 30, 2010 - Earth - the community garden
April 29, 2010 - Who are God and Jesus?
April 26, 2010 - Earth's subterranean HELL
March 7, 2010 - Maniacal moles on the BIG screen
February 2, 2010 - Seeing beyond normal perception
January 29, 2010 - Galactic Battles in the Heavens – NOW
January 25, 2010 - A call for action: STOP HAARP
January 19, 2010 - This HAARP is out of tune
January 4, 2010 - Passionate resolutions for 2010

Sustaining link through chaos of change
December 31, 2010
People around the world have been experiencing the acceleration of time for quite some time, and the rush to the finish line is not over.

Just as the winter storms have raced across the United States in a rapid-fire fashion so, too, will the events of the New Year gallop around the globe.

When the waters rise, stay on high ground.
When the winds blow, hunker down.

When the masses of people become anxious and chaotic, retreat to a hermit’s cave and focus exclusively on the bond that must be maintained between Earth and Heaven, man and God, for that is the link that will sustain anyone through the chaos and the bluster of change.

Your Sky Brothers

December 18, 2010
The Moon is an ET space station
Unlike the constructs envisioned by mankind for space stations to circle Earth, those of extraterrestrial origin are globe shaped. The spherical structure offers optimum stability and durability. This type of construct also can be camouflaged as a planetary moon.
The “Death Star” from the “Star Wars” movie and Lapetus an actual moon of Saturn
The “Death Star” from the “Star Wars” movie and Lapetus an actual moon of Saturn

The clearest photographic proof of a planetary moon that has been constructed by universal star travelers is Lapetus a moon of Saturn which clearly shows a sealing line around the equator where two giant hemispheres have been brought together. The Moon of Earth also was constructed as a space station by extraterrestrials. It was moved into place eons before recorded human history.

Human beings would be wise to wonder why human exploration of the Moon was not continued after the dramatic landing. Why was the focus then switched to building artificial space stations and to the exploration of Mars? The answer is quite simple. The extraterrestrials did not want pesky humans tromping upon and flitting about their space station. This was communicated to the intruders in a mind-shattering fashion.

At the present time and into the immediate future, mankind is and will be confronted with the enormous complexity of extraterrestrial life forms. There are life forms within the Moon and within the Earth and those of the Grander Light of the Creator are streaming into the higher realms of Earth to prevent the continued actions of those entities who are self-serving and wish to manipulate the Earth and its creatures for their own selfish purposes.

Your Sky Brothers of the Light

December 4, 2010
Use your power

There should be much rejoicing that both brave hearts and fools are exposing and challenging powerful entities, both human and organizational, that have an insatiable appetite for power and control.

If every common citizen endeavored to expose the outrageous backroom activities in his or her community, the very breath of the greedy could be squeezed out of them, and if common citizens join together, they can effectively expose the darkness in cities, counties, states and nations.

Let this be a rally call for common citizens to take actions, whether big or small, to take back government and business institutions that originally were intended to serve the people. Any able bodied citizen can attend public meetings, write letters, make phone calls and trumpet words of truth.

Finally, we would like to encourage every citizen with a reminder that so many common people have shaped mankind’s history, so be not lulled into the mistaken idea that common people have no power.

Please include images of well known shakers of history who arose from obscurity.

Your Sky Brothers
  “Common” citizens who became extraordinary human rights activists
Lech Walesa (Poland) - Martin Luther King, Jr. (USA) - Mother Teresa (Macedonia/India) – Rosa Parks (USA) – Shirin Ebadi (Iran) - Nelson Mandela (South Africa) - Emmeline Pankhurst (Britain) - Mohandas Gandhi (India) - Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma)

November 12, 2010:

Don't be fooled again!

Governments around the globe appear to be inefficient and inept making it difficult for the average person to believe that truly cunning forces hidden from sight are manipulating humankind.

Don’t be fooled again because the Cunning Masters of Deceit are destroying national economies so the coins will all roll into their pockets.

The Cunning Ones create health crises, both real and contrived, so coins will roll into their pockets from the sales of pharmaceuticals.

The Cunning Ones agitate situations to create wars and again the coins roll into their pockets from huge military expenditures.

Those who are astute already recognize these and many other deceptions that create wealth and power for the Cunning Masters. Don’t be fooled again.

Grand Deceptions

Now we wish to warn you about deceptions that have not yet played out and are intended to bring mankind to its knees before the Cunning Masters. With governments being so inept, it’s hard to image that masterful cunning plans are at work.

The Cunning Masters are capable of great illusions and their finest magical tricks will be ones in the skies. They already have sky ships that cannot be distinguished from those from other dimensions and other regions of the universe. Now with these craft they are perfecting the use of holograms through the orchestrated efforts of multiple sky ships. They have the ability to perform a masterful Second Coming of Christ that will fulfill End Time beliefs of Christians and cause them to acquiesce like sheep for slaughter to the powers of the Cunning Masters.

Don’t be fooled again for even the Bible warns of a grand deception. The only protection from such grand deceptions is to listen to the internal spiritual guidance that connects all creation to the Supreme Creative Force of the universes.

Warning for the deceivers

As a footnote, we would like to send out a stern warning to those human beings who are knowingly participating in such grand deceptions and remind them that they do not need to participate in the grand illusions. Indeed, they can unite to resist the further execution of such plans. Furthermore, if they proceed, their very souls will spend eons of time rectifying what they have done in this lifetime.

The Sky Brothers on behalf of the Supreme Creator


October 31, 2010:
Surviving the whirlwind of confusion

It is not in the human imagination that time has sped up and that good and evil, hope and fear, and freedom and tyranny are in extreme conflict. All this creates agitation and confusion in the minds of human beings. They frenetically search for prophets who might see beyond the whirlwind of confusion. But looking outward is not the answer for the Gyroscope of Balance and the Compass of Direction are within each human soul.

advanced flying vehicleThese spiritual gifts must now be relied upon as never before because the changes and the challenges are coming so quickly. Often there is no time to search and find a leader or a prophet for guidance.

We would like to now apply this advice to the subject of advanced flying vehicles, for only looking within ones soul for spiritual guidance will it be possible to distinguish the ever-growing fleet of manmade ships from those that come from a higher dimension.

At this point, we would like to assure you that rogue extraterrestrials from afar are relatively few in number. The evil and militaristic vehicles are of human creation. Yes, humans have garnered their technology from extraterrestrials but they use it in ways to manipulate and control the masses.

October 31, 2010:
Abduction Antidote
Too many human beings have had frightful encounters with strange entities and have been abducted and poked and prodded against their will. Such things violate the Universal Laws of Creation and must be stopped. Victims assume, incorrectly, that they have no power against such intrusions into their lives, but they must call out for the Creator’s intervention. On a freewill planet, a sincere calling out to the Creator is required.

October 12, 2010:
Peering into the future

stonesSince times long forgotten, mankind has used countless methods of divination with the hope of peering into the future. Special tiny bones or tiny stones have been tossed upon the ground in hopes that the future might be revealed. People have peered into teacups and crystal balls; they have spread cards upon table tops and sought oracles and channelers with the hope of learning personal or cosmic secrets of the future.

While it is true that the spirit realm sometimes uses such methods to communicate with human beings, it must be understood there are Divine restrictions upon that which can be communicated through such instruments. That is especially true during this time of enormous changes on Planet Earth.

As it is clearly stated in the writings compiled into that which is labeled the New Testament, the Grand Creator allows the seasons of enormous changes to be identified. However, specific dates for global events will not be broadcast in advance. Yet with that said, those with pure hearts who follow their intuitive feelings will be guided through the changes.

Your Sky Brothers

EDITOR’S NOTE: Two chapters in the New Testament, Matthew 24 and Mark 13, address this subject.


October 9, 2010:
Origins of sacrifices, scepters and wizards’ wands

There were GIANTS in the days of old who plundered and raped and seemed to devour everything in sight because of their insatiable appetites. To keep themselves from being beaten or roasted on a stake, human beings sought to appease the frightful beasts by offering the GIANTS goats and lambs.

This was the origin of human beings sacrificing lambs in the temples. This is something the Grand Creator would never want though this ancient fear still drives some to make such sacrifices to a frightful god that they still fear.

To this day, certain extraterrestrial races carry RODS that seem magical. When on low frequency, these RODS can be used to alter the frequency of the mind of another and actually create altered states of consciousness. When turned to a higher frequency, such RODS can be used to stun or immobilize another. When turned to the highest frequencies, such RODS can injure or even kill a victim.

In the early days of mankind, the Earth was invaded by extraterrestrials wishing to plunder the planet for precious metals and use examples of wandsEarthmen as their slaves. Human beings would quiver and shake whenever such a ROD was pointed at them.

Such RODS are the origin of kings’ scepters and wizards’ wands. So down through human history, humans seeking power and control have used scepters, and their like, to command authority even though their scepters and rods had no power.

It is hoped by these two examples that human beings today will realize that ancient fears continue to permeate the thoughts of men and must be vanquished for they impede the spiritual uplifting that is intended for mankind.

Your Sky Brothers

October 7, 2010:

Ancient record of spacemen, giants and fabled cities
David & GoliathThe ancient rabbinical scholars were meticulous in making copies of the first five books of the Old Testament which is known as the Pentateuch. Because of the efforts of those unknown scholars, mankind today is left with an important historical record that should not be dismissed as a quasi-historical document.

It was not a slip of the pen that they sometimes wrote down multiple gods and sometimes a singular God for they bore witness to an Almighty Creator as well as those who arrived in Sky Chariots and could manifest great wonders.

It was not a slip of the pen or exaggerated stories that they bore witness to the existence of frightful giants in ancient times.

It was not a slip of the pen that they bore witness to unknown cities and trade routes even though remnants of those could not be found.

Today, because of various forms of scientific instrumentation and study, the accuracy of the Pentateuch has been proven; and that historical record of mankind no longer can be pushed aside as old tales told around campfires.

Your Sky Brothers

: Archaeologists were spurred by biblical stories to excavate mounds in what is now Iraq and uncovered the ancient civilizations of Assyria, Babylonia, Sumer and Ur. These excavations, along with others, confirmed and expanded the historical accounts in the Bible. This satellite image reveals the shadowy foundations of the ancient City of Ur which was the home of Abraham of the Old Testament.


October 3, 2010:
Plea of the Ancient Ones
Cherokee hand
he held the little seeds in his hand and let them scatter to the wind.. and he said we are cherokee but we are also men..and within us is the spirit and when we take our masks off..o our bodies may fall but nothing real is ever lost..and who can pick up a seed and see what it is and what it will be..and who can look at a man and see to where the spirit leads.
With few exceptions, the Native Peoples of the Appalachian Mountains have succumbed to the ways of the Europeans who conquered and continue to dominate their land.

With few exceptions, the Native Peoples no longer listen to the whispers of the Great Spirit that still wishes to guide them.

Yet, the Ancient Ones in the Spirit Realm will quickly come to those of the Light who seek solace in their ancient sacred places. It matters not if such ones are brown, black, yellow or white, for it is the eternal glow of the Spirit dwelling within them that draws the Ancient Ones to them. Many such sacred places still can be found in the more pristine Places of Wonder in the ancient mountains.

It is through tears of sadness that the Ancient Ones beckon those of the Light to their ancient sacred places which are portals to the Spirit Realm where the whispers of the Great Spirit can more easily be heard. That is why the call of the wild cries out from deep within the heart and soul of every human being. Most people tune it out like they tune out repetitive commercials coming from their televisions, but the call is always there and each one who reads these words needs to take time to seek out the sacred Places of Wonder and listen for the whispers of guidance from the Great Spirit.

A shaman for the Great Spirit
who once walked the land of the Cherokee People

September 25, 2010:

EXTRA-ordinary changes – part four
  Sept 25 message - EXTRA-ordinary
Those of us in Sky Ships encircling Earth periodically manifest upon the planet in human form to help uplift mankind by example and through our teachings. Since the current human epoch began, thousands of us have done tours of duty upon the Earth. Here are seven examples which should be familiar:

The first was Zarathushtra who chose to be born in ancient Persia many millennia ago. It was his primary purpose to introduce the concept of one Supreme Creator to people who believed in many gods. You know him as Zoroaster.

Another amongst us chose to be born in ancient Syria. His mother called him Jekuthiel and he grew up to free the Israelites from the tyranny of Egypt’s pharaoh and delivered commandments of behavior to those he had freed. You know him as Moses.

Another from our ranks chose to be born in ancient China. His name was Kong but once he was recognized as a wise sage, his followers called him Kong-fu-tse or Kong the Master. You know him as Confucius.

Another one of us was born a prince in Nepal but shed his regal robes so he could shed the Light of Wisdom on those around him. His name was Siddhartha Gautam but you know him as Buddha.

Our Commander of the Galactic Fleet also took an assignment as an Earth man. You know him as Yeshua or Jesus.

But our tours of duty did not end two millennia ago. More recently, one amongst us was born as George Gist who became a wise chief of the Cherokee People. You know him as Chief Sequoyah.

To complete our list of seven, another of us was born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. You know him as Mahatma Gandhi.

Many from our ranks presently are living in human form upon the Earth to assist mankind during this period of great changes. You can expect to see many more of us with your own eyes, just as three disciples witnessed Elijah and Moses reappear when Jesus was transformed back into his celestial form.

Your Sky Brothers

September 25, 2010:
EXTRA-ordinary changes – part three

The Galactic Federation, the Federation of Light and the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light are some of the names by which a “United Nations” of the heavens is known. Our representatives have been assisting with the evolution of Earth and its many species of life for eons of time.

beautiful Ble Marble Ball of Creation
Since Hiroshima, the number of interplanetary travelers to Earth has increased quite dramatically to prevent madmen within the human species from destroying the beautiful Blue Marble Ball of Creation.

Within the last decade, satellite viewing instruments and night vision devices have enabled an ever-growing number of human beings to actually see our Sky Ships in the high heavens. These viewing instruments reveal an enormous fleet of Sky Ships which is protecting of the planet.

The instruments also reveal some military-like skirmishes with rogue star travelers who wish to take over and dominate Earth for their own selfish purposes. Such ones, we assure you, are in the minority yet continue to keep us concerned and guarded so they will not interfere with the Creator’s plans for Planet Earth.

As the great sages and masters of wisdom have tried to explain to humankind, it is the purpose of Creation to evolve spiritually and the human species has arrived at a critical point where each soul must decide between lives of three dimensional density or lives in the higher frequencies. Helping with that transition - after saving the planet from destruction - is our primary purpose for encircling Earth at this time.

Every member of the Galactic Federation understands that his or her very essence is part of the Breath of Creation and we come to help bring the Pure Breath of Creation to those of Planet Earth.

The Commander of the Galactic Fleet

September 22, 2010: This is a continuation of our previous message.
EXTRA-ordinary changes – part two

The economy and weather are driving people away from the most vulnerable coastal regions.
EXTRA-ordinary changes
Political dissatisfaction, even if brewed in a teapot or contained beneath burkas, is preparation for the washing away of oppressive governments and religious institutions.
The global Internet, while infiltrated by negative and debilitation discourse, is a stalwart instrument for truth that is not readily contained by bastions of power.
Books about mankind’s ancient past have been opened for more eyes to see.
Well polished and calibrated viewing instruments allow more eyes to see the grander universe as well as the Sky Ships from afar.
More Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light have come to Earth to open hearts and minds and spiritual eyes to see the Spiritual Reality that is the very breath of the universe.

These are some of the key ways in which mankind is being prepared for EXTRA-ordinary changes that most living upon the planet will see with their own eyes.

We conclude by asking everyone who’s reading these words to embrace the coming changes and not resist them for those who refuse to leave their outdated boxes of thought will sink like blocks of stone into the great abyss.

It is essential at this time for each and every human being to have an open mind, an open heart, an open spirit and open arms to embrace a new reality that is coming quickly to planet Earth.

Your Sky Brothers

September 20, 2010
Mankind is being prepared for EXTRA-ordinary changes

As the editorial team, you understand that the Sky Ships over Cashiers website is being used to open people’s minds and expand their perceptions of greater realities which are coming fast and furiously to those of Planet Earth.

Through this communication instrument, and in many other ways, mankind is being prepared for Cosmic Spirituality that cannot be contained within the walls of any manmade religion.

Mankind is being prepared to both recognize and welcome Beings of Light from other planets, other galaxies and other dimensions.

Mankind is, of absolute necessity, being prepared to embrace and work harmoniously with all Earth life forms in order to save the Earth and its many species from destruction. wiggling of its own toes

No longer can mankind be captivated by the wiggling of its own toes. Mankind must stand up, look up and speak up for that which is noble and spiritually pure.

Angles, Beings and Spirits of Light already have encircled Earth as overwhelming changes have begun and will come like ever-rising waves of the ocean both physically and spiritually.

We speak with one voice for the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light
and with the direction of the Grand Creative Force of the Universe.

September 4, 2010
Ancient healing spring in Cashiers revived
Glynis Heenan has freed the source of water on the surface of her land. After that necessary work was accomplished, an electromagnetic pulsing devise has been used to clear the flow beneath the ground. It is the same instrument used in etching crop circles. Just as the length of a laser beam can be calibrated so, too, can this instrument be adjusted to different depths. Water is a conductor of energy. Healing energy is beamed down from above. The water is a conductor of that energy and the water also carries away toxic byproducts.
September 5, 2010

Painting by Georgia Lesley
What we are about to say has been true throughout the ages. Miraculous healings occur when wounded ones have a steadfast belief that the Creator and His Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light can indeed do wonders in their lives.

Even with such faith, however, there are some who only are spiritually uplifted while their human frailties continue. There can be a multitude of reasons why physical healings do not occur.

Such a life of frailty may serve as a living, breathing, teaching example of courage and determination for others to witness.

Such a life of frailty may be necessary to kindle compassion and understanding within a soul that has grown too arrogant.

Such a life of frailty may have been chosen to help others become more compassionate and understanding.

Whatever life a soul has selected to live, it always can be spiritually uplifted and many times by the grace of the Creator the burdens a soul has taken on, for whatever reason that might be, can be lifted from the mind, from the spirit and often times from the body.

We are delivering these words in conjunction with the announcement of a new spring of renewal that once bubbled profusely in ancient times in Cashiers. It was a place where indigenous people of long forgotten cultures submerged themselves daily to cleanse their bodies, minds and spirits.

With the help of a dedicated caretaker, the ancient spring of renewal is being revived to once again serve as an instrument of renewal for troubled souls and wounded bodies.

Your Sky Brothers

CLICK HERE to read about and see a photo of the new spring of renewal in Cashiers.


August 7, 2010

The Missing Link – Pleiadian influence

There are certain individuals like Zecharia Sitchin whose earthly lives are singularly focused on one grand purpose. Another such as he is Billy Meier. Though he is a man of great intelligence, he has not the erudite education of Zecharia. Often times, simple individuals and innocent children are the best instruments The Creator can use in introducing revelatory information to mankind.

Once again, we encourage those with intellectual curiosity to learn about Billy’s life which has been singularly devoted to revealing Pleiadian visitations to Earth. In addition to capturing photos of Pleiadian ships, he interacted with Pleiadians. Through those interactions, he learned and revealed to the world that Pleiadians look like human beings but in a more perfected and beautiful form. More importantly, he learned of that society’s more spiritually balanced approached to life.

Billy is not the sole conduit of Pleiadian information. Indeed, Pleiadians have played a most significant role in the spiritual uplifting of Native Peoples in what you call the Western Hemisphere. Much of the treasured information, diligently protected by Native Elders, has been bestowed upon them by Pleiadian visitors to Earth.

Interactions with Billy Meier and Native American Elders are just two examples of Pleiadian efforts to bring spiritual wisdom to the conflicted species created by the Anunnaki.

-- Your Sky Brothers

It’s a minefield

EDITOR’S COMMENTARY: It’s a minefield when investigating Billy Meier’s life story because powerful people want him silenced. Miraculously, he’s survived assassination attempts, but discrediting his reputation has never stopped.

Some of his photos of Pleiadian ships have been stolen. Obviously faked photos have been attributed to him in an effort to discredit all his photos. His words and messages have been twisted and sometimes fabricated.

Once he gave a metal alloy from the Pleiadians to well-respected UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens (retired lieutenant colonel, USAF). Stevens had the metal analyzed by Marcel Joseph Vogel who was a research scientist with IBM for 27 years. Vogel said the alloy had been produced using cold fusion which, as far as he knew, was not possible at that time. After Vogel revealed his conclusion, the unknown metal alloy was stolen, making it impossible for other scientists to corroborate the finding. To this day, there are statements on the Internet saying Vogel never existed.

Highlights of Pleiadian spiritual teachings, which are the point of the above message, can be found by going to Google and typing in Spiritual teachings by Semjase.


August 6, 2010
The Missing Link – The Anunnaki of Nibiru

The one who has best deciphered the Sumerian texts knew before his quest that the information was there for in an earlier lifetime he had impressed with special tools into clay the stories of those who first ruled on planet Earth. We speak of the one known today as Zecharia Sitchin, and we encourage those with intellectual curiosity to read his words so that a greater understanding of the history and destiny of mankind can be attained.

Though the Anunnaki of which Zecharia speaks get full credit for genetically upgrading Homo erectus to a species of man that is known today, they did it for self-serving reasons.

Though the Anunnaki brought language, art and science to the planet, they also brought conflict, wars and destruction.

Though some among the Anunnaki brought love and compassion; others came with a lust for conquest and material things.

Indeed, the Anunnaki embedded conflict within mankind by their example and by their genetic input, creating a species that loves and hates, that shares and steals, that makes peace and war.

As the result of the creation of mankind, beings more evolved spiritually than the Anunnaki felt duty-bound to come to Earth at various times and in various ways to assist with the spiritual uplifting of a most conflicted species.

Though this has been said before, we must restate the fact that the Grand Creator of the Universe is so vast and so beyond human comprehension that He uses various emissaries – Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light – for direct communication with humankind.

Those from the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius, in that order, have been the primary beings in physical form to assist with the spiritual uplifting of mankind and have sought in many ways to correct and heal a most conflicted species.

Your Sky Brothers

August 5, 2010
The Missing Link

The basic building blocks of life, or DNA structures, exist throughout the universes. The ways in which they are assembled are endless, but at the very core the strands of life are like threads that can be woven together to make a rag or a beautiful tapestry.

Over immeasurable time in the chronicles of Earth, the building blocks of life have evolved from simple stacks on a nursery floor to mountain-size pyramids, from simple protozoa to man.

Through eons of time, the strands of life on Earth have woven together with ever-increasing intricacy until a creature was manifested that your scientists have labeled Homo erectus, then suddenly without apparent explanation, mankind as it is known today appeared, and this abrupt evolutionary jump has been a puzzlement for Earthman ever since. It has caused the endless search for the missing link in the evolutionary process.

We now would like to explain that at that point of puzzlement, more evolved bipedal beings of life from other parts of the universe began to interbreed and sometimes genetically manipulate Homo erectus causing the birth of mankind as it is known today.

The primary influences have come from civilizations of Sirius, Orion’s Belt, Pleiades and Nibiru. This is a very complicated story, but today we will conclude by emphasizing that the souls that enter into these various bodily creations are each twinkles of light emanating from the Grand Creative Force or the Grand Creator of everything.

Your Sky Brothers

July 25, 2010:
We’re serious – plant a tree


hand holding a tiny tree

Save a forest, plant a tree.
Spread vegetation from sea to sea.

Plants and trees are the lungs of Earth,
and without them the Earth is dirt,
the ground grows hard, the air turns gray,
and even mankind will fade away.

Plant a flower in a pot.
Plant a tree in the ground.
Donate to an environmental group.
Somehow turn the world around.

If everyone who reads this,
took time to plant one seed,
the world would begin to change
back to blue and green.

As for all you naysayers,
the Sun, it’s true, is heating up
but mankind’s stripping of the green
is turning Earth into a dump.

So together, men of Earth, plant lots of seeds.
Turn the world green or you’ll crumble to your knees.

We’re serious,
Your Sky Brothers

EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation; start a tree-planting project through schools, neighborhoods, civic-minded organizations; or just go out on your own and plant a tree.

July 20, 2010:
Where are the optimists to turn the world around?

We’re tired of people spewing gloom and doom.
Where are the optimists to turn the world around?

Everyone knows they’re living in dire times with changes that are almost incomprehensible. Such conditions make it ripe for all those who dwell on strife, but the naysayers must be quelled, and those with solutions must begin to tell of ways to turn away from hell.

How can the oil most effectively be cleaned up?
How can the creatures of the sea be rejuvenated?
How can the lives of those on the shores be restored?
How can disasters looming in the future be quelled?

Answers to such questions must be pursued with due diligence and those who prefer to quake and shake and spew must, at the very least, focus their thoughts and prayers on hopeful possibilities.

The continuous spewing of dreadful predictions is like a stench in the nose of the Creator. Instead, may the fragrance of hopeful actions permeate the Earth and the Heavens above.

Your Sky Brothers


July 11, 2010
Secret world slithers beneath the ground

pictoral representation of NY subway system
The purpose of this message is to help people understand that a secret world beneath the ground is not science fiction but a concrete reality. To help illustrate this point, we would like a New York subway map to be included with this message. It shows a vast underground transportation system that is known throughout the world as the grandfather of such systems.

The idea for this subway system was first conceived in the late 1800s and its execution began at the beginning of the 20th century – more than 100 years ago. A similar subway system, only deeper and vaster, also exists out of the sight and minds of the general populace.

An equivalent of Grand Central Station lies beneath Washington, DC. It is directly linked to the main transportation corridor spanning the length of the Appalachian Mountains. Many connecting spurs join this corridor throughout the system so that all the pods of secret activities can be linked together.

Some pods are like underground cities and have multiple purposes.
Some pods are specialized. One might house sophisticated computer and communication equipment, some of which is used to monitor or eavesdrop on surface communications.
Some pods are for storing deadly weaponry.
Some pods are laboratories where genetic experiments are done on plants, animals and people.
Some pods might be likened to engineering garages where manmade flying vehicles, that emulate those from other star systems, are built.
Some are psychiatric madhouses where mind control is developed and implemented.

Because the grand purpose of that which is beneath the ground is of a dark and sinister nature, we are doing all we can to expose it, but this effort only can be successful when the surface people of the planet pull off their blindfolds and take out their ear plugs so they can see and hear clearly what slithers beneath their feet.

As a footnote, we should add that such underground worlds also exist in the western part of the United States as well as in other nations.

All this evil must be confronted and exposed, and with the help of the Grand Creator and His minions of Light Beings, this can be accomplished. Already rogue aliens have fled from some of the underground facilities where Ships of Light have intensified their efforts above their lairs of darkness.

Ask for the Creator’s help and His Warriors of Light
will come to assist every noble effort to confront the darkness.

--Your Sky Brothers

July 4, 2010
The magic of a flute
The Sky Ship website has been inspired and guided by those of us in the Celestial Ships representing the Divine Creator. It is being used as a floodlight to vanquish the darkness so that creatures of the dark have no place in which to hide and continue their evil works.
photo of Native American playing a flute

Of course, we are using floodlights throughout your world in an orchestrated effort to vanquish the darkness so the planet and its inhabitants can be uplifted to a higher energetic spiritual level, but in this message we are focusing upon the restoration of the Appalachian Mountains.

These are the oldest mountains still standing above the ocean waters. Their history is unfathomable to mankind. Many tunes on wooden flutes have been played upon Appalachian Mountaintops throughout the ages and the music must be reestablished and played with heartfelt hope.

Music is a means by which every human being can assist with the uplifting of the energetic and spiritual resonance of the planet and all life upon it. Let this be a call out for everyone to sing and play music daily and let that music be harmonious and not filled with dissonance. Even those bedridden and without a voice to sing can play musical discs of harmony.

- Emissaries of the Grand Conductor

June 10, 2010:
No thumb twiddling in a crisis

Mankind is at its best when united in a crisis – the minds open up, the imaginations ignite, tools are brought forth and solutions are found.

At this point, Angels, Spirits and Beings of Light are working hard to telepathically inspire and guide those with the necessary capabilities to rectify a disaster. It takes this kind of united effort to wrestle the corporate and governmental entities that are siphoning the life blood out of humankind in the same way they siphon vital fluids from the Earth. As in all situations, the source of the problem must be resolved, in this case, extinguished.

Every human being is capable of connecting with the Creator’s emissaries seeking ways in which he or she might assist with this most necessary reclamation of mankind and the Earth. Even those confined to beds and wheelchairs can use the power of visualization prayers to help improve the dreadful conditions that have engulfed the planet. If this is possible, then those with working bodies certainly can do so much more.

This is a time of war, not with one nation upon another, but the Forces of Light rallying together to overcome the darkness – the selfish darkness, the greedy darkness that is devouring all that is good on Planet Earth. This is not a time to idly twiddle ones thumbs and divert ones attention with idyll pursuits and diversionary activities.

When the Master of the Garden returns, may He find you working. Please make reference to the Biblical story reflecting this command.

Your Sky Brothers

EDITOR’S NOTE: We found three stories or parables of Jesus in the book of Matthew that have relevance to this message: The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (chapter 20), The Parable of the Tenants (chapter 21 starting at verse 33) and the Parable of the Talents (chapter 25 starting at verse 14).


June 2, 2010

Request for prayerful invitation
Shoshanna Moser

If everyone who opens this e-mail were to say a prayer requesting help from the Spirit Realm as well as the Grand Federation of Light, then all those in the Heavens could only respond as the twinkling lights of prayerful hope send out an unmistakable invitation for assistance.

With completion of each prayer and with a few keystrokes, a chain letter to the Heavens can be initiated.

As so many already understand, any type of intervention from above requires an invitation from a significant number of people on the planet. Therefore, we now are pleading with mankind to come together in a united effort to request assistance from all the Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light.

NOTE: Periodically, we receive messages from The Sky Brothers to be posted on the Sky Ships over Cashiers website. This is the first time we’ve been requested to post their words via e-mail. We received this on June 2, 2010 – Editor of

May 20, 2010

Killer ant hive beneath Appalachian Mountains

Photo of little boy with cross section of ant farmIf you’ve ever seen a cross section of an ant hive, then you more easily can imagine the subterranean world that has been created by those who think they hold all the cards in a high-stake gambling game. Such a human-hive world has been chewed out by powerful boring engines throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

Unlike a true ant colony where all the little six-legged creatures work in harmony for the benefit of the entire colony, human ants with their boring engines are like killer ants looking out only for themselves and caring not a whit for the worker ants scurrying on the surface to bring sustenance to the hive. That is the reality from one end of the Appalachian Mountains to the other.

Since self-centered greed is ruining that which is good and beautiful and pure on the planet, we are supporting all efforts to expose, subdue and eradicate evil pestilence from the roots, and we offer our guidance and protection to those humans carrying the Torch of Light and the Banner of Hope. We encourage more to kindle courage within their hearts and hold high their own Torch of Light and unfurl their own Flag of Hope so that the humble human ants of the world can retake the world as their colony of hope and love and cooperative ventures.

The Watchers of the Hive,
Your Sky Brothers.

April 30, 2010

Earth - the community garden

Earth should be viewed as a community garden where multiple farmers have planted their seeds, and if one examines this garden carefully, it is abundantly filled with hybrids.

Most of the farmers have come from Sirius, the Pleiades and Nibiru. There also are rogue farmers without community spirit who seek to take over the garden and make it all their own. These rodents in the garden of life come from other locations in the universe. So today, there are battles in the garden.

As you can see from this and other recent messages, we are addressing fundamental questions that arise in the minds of any human beings who take time to contemplate greater realities.

We should add that the farmers from Nibiru are not as united within themselves as those from Sirius and the Pleiades. Within their ranks there are some who do and some who don’t fully embrace the philosophy of a community garden. The most benevolent and compassionate tillers of the garden come from the Pleiades with those from Sirius a few steps behind.

Humankind must now bare its own fruits and not remain unthinking plants in the garden. Like young children following their parents, humans must be helping with the weeding and tilling of the garden.

-- Your Sky Brothers

April 29, 2010

Who are God and Jesus?
GOD: God is a non-embodied intelligence and energy that IS the universe. Each individual expression of life is but a cell in the body of God. When cells come together with a uniting purpose, they then form tissues or organs in the universal body that manifest as celestial entities such as planets, solar systems and galaxies.

Because God is vastness beyond human comprehension, He depends upon Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light to guide and enlighten humankind, as well as other expressions of life throughout the universe. It is to such spiritual beings that humankind has bowed before as gods, but such ones are only emissaries of the Creator for the Creator’s whispers would be perceived as raging winds to the ears of humankind.

JESUS: The one with many names, best remembered as Yeshua or Jesus, is, as He said, an elder brother of humankind. He is a highly spiritual being of God’s creation who should be thought of as a cosmic entity because He can manifest in different dimensions, the lowest being the human form on planet Earth.

His normal state of being is at such a high vibration that the human eye cannot perceive Him. Yet, at this time in human history, He once again is manifesting in the human realm and at this very moment commands a spherical ship which you have proclaimed to be the “blue moon” which can be seen with digital eyes when viewing the Sun. From this ship, He commands or directs smaller ships and a host of Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light who have joined him in the ongoing effort to uplift the species and save the planet from human destruction.

Yes, Jesus is a son of God, but certainly not the only one, and His particular assignment at this time is humankind and planet Earth.

This information is being dispatched with the seal of approval by the Captain of the Ship of State, and with it comes an admonishment for humankind to shed its childlike images of a God that looks like Charleston Heston and a Jesus forever cloaked in a simple robe from a simple time in mankind’s history.

-- Your Sky Brothers

April 26, 2010
Earth's subterranean HELL

Because men throughout the ages have tampered with the ancient writings of the Jews and early Christians, the Bible, as it is known today, is a mixture of true history and true spiritual teachings along with additions and subtractions by men without spiritual anchors. That is why it is essential that true spiritual guidance be sought whenever one reads the Bible.

Ask that the truth stand out in undeniable ways
as if glowing from a darkened page.

With that said, we would like to present insights regarding HELL.
* Some people think HELL is simply a metaphor for that which is without Light and Love and Hope.
* Some people speak of HELL on Earth, thinking it only to be created by mankind when poor choices are made.
* Some people have a nebulous concept of HELL as some place in God's universe where He banishes souls who have denied Him and have trampled upon the lives of others.

While it is true that mankind sadly is capable of creating HELL on Earth, there is indeed HELL beneath the surface of the planet. It is not a place to which God has banished evil doers. It is a place where evil beings take sadistic joy in torturing their captives and doing unimaginable genetic manipulations to create Frankensteins to manipulate and control human beings living on the surface of the planet.

You are living during a time when those subterranean monsters have gained sufficient numbers and strength to attempt take over of the entire planet. Consequently, this is a time of foretold battles between Good and Evil of which the Bible speaks.

It is absolutely essential, and we do mean absolutely essential, that those with the spark of the Creator within them seek the protection of Him and His Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light.

A great many of the underground facilities around the world harbor the subterranean creatures, including human beings which they use to spread their tyranny.

They have tapped into the economies of the world for the necessary funding of their projects. They wear the cloak and carry the banner commonly known as Black Ops or Black Operations. They have taken over aspects of the military, both troops and equipment, to further carry out their plans to own the Earth.

HELL is an actuality, a tangible reality beneath the surface of planet Earth, and this knowledge must be spread far and wide so the Battle for Light and Love and Hope can be won.

-- Your Sky Brothers

March 7, 2010
Maniacal moles on the BIG screen

We have come with our messages to encourage spiritual uplifting of humankind, but we also come to defuse the darkness of its power. At every nuclear facility and every bunker of darkness, Sky Ships of Light hover above to prevent evil from erupting and destroying that which is good on your planet.

As we have said in an earlier transmission, those of us who have inspired the creation of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website intensely monitor military and nuclear activities in Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and the Virginias, including Washington D.C. Through the website and the resulting coverage which we enable to happen, we are letting your country’s government, military and operators of secret activities and facilities of our ever-increasing presence.

They may dig labyrinths beneath the ground like maniacal moles and think they are not seen, but they are. We will checkmate their every move because their diabolical plans and activities are known in the Spheres of Light as if broadcasted upon an IMAX, 3-D, Olympic-size movie screen.

With this Declaration of War against the darkness, we also hope to encourage those with a spark of goodness within their hearts to escape from the labyrinths of darkness and assist with the bringing of Light to Planet Earth so that it can be returned to a pristine state and all its creatures can bask in the Light of the Creator.

Who but a blind mole would want to live in a labyrinth of darkness?!

Your Sky Brothers

February 2, 2010
Seeing beyond normal perception

There are three primary ways human beings can perceive phenomena beyond their normal spectrum of perception:

Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light can manifest within the human visual spectrum by reducing their normal vibration. This method most easily conforms to human religious teachings.
A second way this can be accomplished, which we have mentioned in an earlier transmission, is through hologram imagery projected from our Sky Ships.*
The third way is another form of visual projection from our Sky Ships. This method is a quite personal or individual form of visual contact because it is projected directly to the visual portion of the human brain.

It is this last method that explains why one person in a group may see a smile, a wink or a blink from the Virgin of Guadeloupe statues when no one else does. Often times this occurs in answer to an individual’s call or prayer. It also can be used to startle people into contemplating the grand spiritual realities of the universe. All three methods are used to help spiritually awaken human beings.

Your Sky Brothers

*Read the July 18, 2009 Sky Ship Message titled “Miracles and Holograms”

January 29, 2010
Galactic Battles in the Heavens – NOW

It would be quite nice if the world as you know it, or life as you know it, could neatly be organized like a team sport – “A” team versus “B” team or Light versus Dark. Instead, life is convoluted and complex, especially regarding terrestrial and extraterrestrial life forms in, on and around Earth.

There are those of us who are much like you, indeed your progenitors, who have simply reached a higher degree of spiritual understanding and physical evolvement. We have come to Earth like older, wiser brothers and sisters to help you uplift yourselves in every way possible.

When we are around, whether you see us or not, you will have a sense of peace and protection, for indeed we come as emissaries of the Grand Creative Force of the Universe. That is how you will know us and you must trust that feeling for it will protect you from the chaotic confusion created by the selfish extraterrestrials seeking only to exploit Earth and all its life forms for their own purposes.

Your Christian Bible, which is a compilation of both truth and distortions, is accurate in foretelling of Battles in the Heavens between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. That truly is going on at this time. So while we struggle to spiritually uplift mankind, we are engaged in Galactic Battles so that Earth might be encircled with Light rather than smothered by the Forces of Darkness.

Those who operate and monitor satellite and telescopic instruments have seen these Galactic Battles and attempt to prevent the general population from knowing about them because they fear panic from the people. We, however, wish for mankind to know this reality so that waves of uplifting prayers of Light can come from mankind to help in overcoming the Dark Forces.

Truth must always come forth
in order for Light to overcome Darkness.

Your Sky Brothers
on behalf of a large federation of Warriors for the Light

January 25, 2010
A call for action: STOP HAARP

All the messages thus far have been of an informative or educational nature. Today, because of the serious and intensified activities of those operating within the shadows, we are ringing the alarms and calling everyone possible to do his or her part to stop continuing HAARP attacks upon the Earth, the Sky, the Seas and, indeed, Humanity.

Leaders in every arena, not just politicians and those within the media, need to be bombarded with educated outrage about HAARP. With that technology, the mad scientists of the world and the members of the Grand Cabal who wish to dominate the Earth must be stopped.

This is not a call for action that can be postponed.

Anyone who can send e-mails, write letters or talk on the phone can be part of the wave of action that is absolutely necessary to prevent a man-made global disaster.

It is with grave concern that we issue this Call to Action.

Your Sky Brothers

January 19, 2010
This HAARP is out of tune

Originally HAARP* was presented in a Cloak of Benevolence. It was promoted as a bloodless, thus more humane, weapon of war. The plan was to manipulate weather in order to incapacitate any adversaries. However, the Cloak of Benevolence quickly dropped away as obsessed and insane scientists pushed the technology far beyond its intended purpose.

Next they began to play with HAARP as a tool to protect the vanishing ozone that encases the Earth like a protective coating. This is when real trouble started to manifest because HAARP began to shoot holes in the Earth’s protective encasement to the detriment of all.

Not only did the insane scientists fire their experiments toward the heavens, they turned them toward the Earth itself and found they could displace the Earth along fault lines. Soon they learned this, too, could be used as a weapon against adversaries.

Of course the Earth quakes on its own, but the quaking also can be initiated by the mad scientists with their HAARP technology. Naturally such a powerful technology captured the attention of another group of madmen who have striven in a very calculating and methodical way to dominate and rule the world. They began to see HAARP as a means of eliminating population groups they regard as annoying barnacles on their ships of state. Through HAARP generated disasters, they could wipe away many of the useless barnacles.

Next they began to use their powerful tool to created agricultural disasters which accomplishes two things. Such manipulation reduces food supplies and then cripples economies. This makes it easier for the powerful elite madmen to rule the world.

We have and will continue to inspire and protect those who have the wherewithal to expose, curtail and ultimately shut down the workings of the mad scientists and the insane power mongers. We hope this will give encouragement to those who have the ability to assist in bringing down those two groups of madmen.

Your Sky Brothers

*HAARP = High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program

January 4, 2010
Passionate resolutions for 2010

Willing Warriors of Light on the Earth will find their efforts will be amplified dynamically in the New Year by those above, both spiritual beings and physical beings, who are diligently orchestrating change for the planet.

It’s really quite like a matching grant program. For every hour of effort to improve the plight of man and the planet, a thousand Spirits or Beings of Light will rush to assist. Therefore, no one should be dismissive of his own ability to right wrongs, conquer dragons of evil, enlighten minds and spiritually uplift themselves and those around them.

With these words, we seek to encourage and indeed embolden those of the Light to give great thought to what they each can individually do to uplift themselves, their brothers and sisters, and the vibration of the planet.

Each person should follow his passion and then he will be most effective in his particular contribution in the evolution of all life upon the planet including the planet itself.

Some will passionately work to bring down those who seek to dominate the rest of their fellow brothers and sisters.
Some will seek to save the choking, gasping planet.
Some will seek to protect the lesser life forms from neglect and abuse of selfish men.
Some will seek to help enlighten others through true education.
Some will carry the Torch of Truth boldly through the streets and into the temples of the selfish rulers.
Some will take a similar torch and seek to ignite the Spark of God within as many others as possible so that together the Earth will be brightened and uplifted.

Whatever a person’s passion or individual purpose might be, it always can be further amplified when kindred spirits come together.

So let not your resolutions for the New Year be ordinary. Rise above resolutions to lose weight, exercise, stop smoking, eat better. Instead contemplate upon a passionate purpose that will make life for everyone better and brighter.

The Sky Team

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