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2011 Sky Skip Messages

November 18, 2011 - Cosmic events not aligned with human calendars
November 7, 2011 - Please ask for help
October 21, 2011 - The future is like malleable clay in a potter’s hands
October 16, 2011 - Jesus’ cloaked clues about cosmic realities
September 4, 2011 - Jesus wasn’t always meek and mild
September 2, 2011 - Be not cowering slaves
August 3, 2011 - Spiritual message about crystal skulls
July 31, 2011 - Help break the spell of doom and gloom
June 5, 2011 - Slay the Dragons
April 30, 2011 - Madmen amplify Earth changes
April 16, 2011 - Why did a Sky Ship hover over the Dome of the Rock?
April 10, 2011 - Revealing the face of Jesus
March 27, 2011 - Artificial planet to anchor in the harbor of man
March 26, 2011 - Preparing for a grand sloshing of the oceans
March 13, 2011 - Galactic Fleet Commander explains Japan’s disasters
February 18, 2011 - Tap dancing instead of agilely stepping into the future
February 13, 2011 - Gardeners could have toppled Mubarak years ago
February 12, 2011 - FDA like Mubarak’s police force
February 5, 2011 - Do not despair over Middle East chaos
February 3, 2011 - Spielberg movie helped misshape alien reality
January 16, 2011 - Mayan Calendar doesn’t point to deadly end
January 7, 2011 - Hope beyond bunker mentality

Cosmic events not aligned with human calendars

November 18, 2011 – Cosmic events are not synchronized with human clocks and calendars. 

Human constructs measuring time have been reinvented many times.  Therefore, look to the heavens for alignments that truly are cyclical and can be, with enough information, reputable clues to cosmic events.

It should be further pointed out that time is malleable and shaped by traversing speeds as well as the degree of human thought.  For example, human beings involved in intense creative activities find that time flies by, while those with only mundane thoughts find that time creeps wearily along.

All this is being pointed out because human prophecies involving specific times or dates have repeatedly failed in the past and should not be given exorbitant attention.  In the future, only the season of things can be known from the human perspective and we encourage you to keenly observe the signs and symbols surrounding you for they will more accurately foreshadow events than time clocks and calendars.

Your Sky Brothers

Please ask for help


November 7, 2011 – If you believe that Earth should be a peaceful planet – no matter what philosophical or religious tag you wear – then it is essential that you ask for assistance from beyond the planet.

The powerful forces of self-serving greed have spread like cancer that will ultimately suffocate all life forms.  This must be stopped but those of Earth must ask for help in order for the help to come.

May those of peace, both individually and in communion with others, focus or meditate upon positive outcomes and positive intervention.

Your Sky Brothers

Clay in a Potter's Hands
The future is like malleable clay in a potter’s hands

October 21, 2011 – Twisted anticipation of frightful events must be unfurled into Banners of Hope for a positive transformation of humankind and the restoration of the Earth.

The future is malleable like fresh clay in a potter’s hands.  It is not a computer program that is locked into certain outcomes.

The greatest obstacle to a bright and hopeful future is fear.  Fear shatters the potter’s creations.
Fear often immobilizes potters at their wheels of creation and too often they blankly stare at their lumps of clay as their hopes and dreams dry and crack before their eyes.

So instead of becoming fearful and immobilized, let each person tenaciously shape his or her dreams and hopes into positive realities.  And take heart in knowing that every human being comes into the Earth plane with a fresh lump of clay to be molded into something useful and beautiful.

Together the Potters of the World can reshape the world if they simply focus upon their individual missions instead of thoughts and images of doom and gloom.


Jesus’ cloaked clues about cosmic realities

Jesus' Cloaked Clues

October 16, 2011:  These two simple quotations from the Christian Bible provide hints that (1) worlds exist beyond the Earth and (2) the spiritual gifts Yeshua (Jesus) demonstrated could eventually be manifested by those who sincerely seek spiritual at-one-ment with the Creative energy of the universes.

HINT ONE:  “In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” - Spoken by Jesus as recorded in John 14:2

HINT TWO:  “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”               - Spoken by Jesus as recorded in John 14:12

While we are providing hints of greater spiritual realities from the Christian scriptures, we will add another.  It is one of the few hints remaining from the original writings indicating that reincarnation is a reality which Yeshua shared in his revelations to mankind.

HINT THREE:  “For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John (the Baptist).  And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.” - Spoken by Jesus as recorded in Matthew 11:13-14

We should point out that Elijah was an Old Testament prophet who lived nine centuries before John the Baptist so Yeshua’s statement implies reincarnation.

Your Sky Brothers

Jesus wasn’t always meek and mild

Jesus Meek & Mild
Jesus chasing the merchants from the temple*
Painting by James Jacques Tissot (1836-1902)

September 4, 2011 – The spiritual philosophy I bequeathed to mankind was indeed one of Love, Peace, Hope and Forgiveness; but too many people fail to remember that I forcefully confronted that which is evil and seeks to destroy that which is of the Light.

While Love, Peace, Hope and Forgiveness are always there for those who truly seek for them, the evil that boldly parades upon the Earth today must be confronted by those who are allowing it to step upon them and crush them. Indeed, evil has so permeated the planet that Spirits of Light find it murky like swamp water whenever attempts are made to enter into the realm of mankind.

Those of the Light must always carry a platter of Love, Peace, Hope and Forgiveness in one hand and a Warrior’s Sword of Righteousness in the other. If evil throws the platter upon the ground then the Sword of Challenge must be swiftly pulled from its sheath to stop evil before it chokes to death the planet with its pollution and greed and strangles life from the righteous.

The evil that tromps upon the planet today is far worse than anything seen during the reign of Rome. So may each of you go forth with your platter of Love, Peace, Hope and Forgiveness but wisely use your Sword of Righteousness when the platter is cast upon the ground.


*On reaching Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves, and would not allow anyone to carry merchandise through the temple courts. And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’” – Mark 11:15-17

Be not cowering slaves

EDITOR’S NOTE: All these people work hard to make big profits for large corporations.


September 2, 2011 - Americans have become like slaves on a master’s plantation. The bounty of their work is no longer theirs. Their fate lies at the end of a whip that seldom stings but always threatens.

Because of their numbers, slaves have the capacity to overcome the tyranny but are fearful to do so and lack the knowledge and determination to organize their efforts. Consequently, it may be those beyond the plantation who shall free the slaves.

In the beginning there is God, and in the end there is God, and in between only chaos.

You my children must reclaim your Birthright of Freedom. Be not the cowering slaves. You outnumber the tyrants and have the capacity to snatch away the whips and chains and shackles from them.

If you think not that you are such a slave and lie upon a couch mesmerized by boxes of electronic diversions then you shall never reclaim your Birthright of Freedom.


Spiritual message about crystal skulls

EDITOR’S NOTE: This message came through early on August 3, 2011 - the day the guardian of one of the crystal skulls of Mayan legend was spiritually directed to make an unscheduled stop at the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina. We were directed to hand deliver this message to Mario Bojorquez, the guardian, which we did. With so many people interested in the crystal skulls and the prophecies associated with them, we decided to post the message. If you want to learn about this particular crystal skull, go to .

Crystal Skulls

August 3, 2011 - The crystal skulls are communication instruments intended to be found prior to apocalyptic changes for mankind and planet Earth.

Crystals have been used in some of mankind’s earliest electronic communication devices. Therefore, it should not be surprising that crystal skulls have been activated for similar yet more sophisticated communication.

Long ago, crystal skulls were deposited in various locations for future discovery – for a time when the true forefathers of humankind would be returning to check on their children of a grander evolutionary process.

These crystal devices could have been left behind in various shapes or forms, but the skull shape was selected because primitive peoples would most likely treasure and protect them more than if the devices were shaped like cubes or eggs for example.

As these crystal skulls become known, it is important that they be not revered like embodied idols with hearts and souls of their own. They are to be seen for what they are, which are devices through which Spirits of Light and the returning Space Brothers can communicate with humankind preceding the Great Awakening.

Prayerful and astute attention must be paid by those seeking guidance via the crystal skulls because there are those human beings with active imaginations seeking, perhaps subconsciously, to impose their own ideas on others by saying the skulls gave validation to their own imaginative thoughts. So let that be a cautionary statement to those seeking extraterrestrial knowledge through the crystal skulls.

The Sky Brothers


Help break the spell of doom and gloom

gloom and doom
Sunday, July 31, 2011 -
Each one of you has in some way been touched by the hand of God and it is essential that you put on your combat boots and fully participate in the overall plan by each of you carrying out fully, and with full attention, the mission to which you have committed yourself before entering your present physical body.

Conditions will only continue to intensify in the world. This should not cause you to slump back, for the doom and gloom must be confronted by each spiritual warrior upon the Earth in order for the spell of ignorance, fear and greed to be broken.

Each of you was born with your purpose tucked within you and that should not be left within an unopened cocoon. It is time for every spirit of love, hope and renewal to burst forth.

For those who already know their ultimate mission, it is time to transform from butterflies to doves of peace or hawks of prey dedicated to eliminating manifestations of ignorance, fear and greed.

Now when we speak of mission in the cosmic realm, we speak of ultimate purpose – a purpose that will assist in the transformation of the Earth and all life upon it.

It is time to break the restraints of humdrum life and burst forth with great vigor to accomplish your particular mission in the grandest way possible. Try to change a class not just a student; transform a school not just a class; transform a community not just a school; transform a state not just a county; transform a nation not just a state.

Do as much as you can as fast as you can to break the spell of ignorance, fear and greed which is engulfing the world, and please know that every step you take will be magnified, amplified, intensified by those in the unseen realms of God’s creation.


Slay the Dragons

June 5, 2011
– The evil that is raging in the world today far exceeds what ordinary people can imagine.

In West Africa and the Middle East, ordinary people have found their strength and are heroically slaying their Dragons that have ruled over them without mercy and compassion. As heroes’ blood flows in the streets, hope still arises and courage miraculously energizes common men to slay the wounded Dragons.

Those in Western Nations must arise with equal determination to slay the Dragons that are devouring love and hope and freedom behind the guarded doors of banking, commerce and government.

No longer can apathy of common men allow the Dragons to grow bigger. There must be thoughtful, deliberate actions taken by the common patriots of the West to reclaim their Divine Right of Freedom.

Be not blind to the tyranny of the Dragons for they have lairs of evil everywhere behind doors and facades hiding unholy alliances.

Please provide visual evidence of the tyranny of which we speak.

- Your Sky Brothers


EDITOR’S NOTE: You can copy and paste any of the following video titles into YouTube search to view examples of tyranny.


● DON'T COME BACK! Police Threaten CNN Journalist Looking For "Secret Morgue"


● Video of police assault on Ian Tomlinson, who died at the London G20 protest

● Police Trap Peaceful Protesters in Denver Police Abuse

● Cop Puts Cameraman In Chokehold for Filming Peaceful Protest

International Monetary Fund meeting inside – Peaceful protestors outside
U.S. Senate inside – Protestors outside – Police pepper spraying protestors at 20 th and Pennsylvania Avenue

Pentagon – Police confronting protestors outside Pentagon

Madmen amplify Earth changes
April 30, 2011 – Anyone who has dug deep into the Earth and studied the tiers of time knows there periodically have been abrupt geological Earth changes. At this time, mankind once again teeters on the edge of such changes which are brought on when the long cycle of the Sun and the extremes of the Earth’s askew orbit and axis come together in a cacophony of disharmony.

This is quite enough distress, but rogue elements of humankind are exacerbating this with their misuse of technological instruments of destruction.

Remnants of civilizations that existed before previous cataclysms can be found deep within the Gulf of Mexico, off the eastern shore of Florida, off the western shore of Spain and northern Africa, deep beneath the Sahara and off the shore of Japan.

But such cyclical upheavals are being made so much worse by the incessant withdrawal of the Earth’s internal fluids, by nuclear testing, and by the intense frequency manipulation of the Earth and its atmosphere (HAARP).

The Sky Brothers who have gathered from many regions of the universe have within their power to buffer the impact of the natural cyclical changes, but cannot counteract that which is being perpetrated upon the Earth by scientific madmen whose efforts are magnifying the intensity of earthquakes and amplifying weather into monstrous eddies of death and destruction.

Common men must respond with uncommon efforts to stop the madmen from any further destruction.

This is being penned on behalf of all the
Sky Brothers and Sisters
who look in horror upon the unnecessary
destruction of a beautiful planet and its diverse life forms.

Did these pioneers know what they were unleashing on the world?
- DEEP OIL DRILLING: Erle P. Halliburton, George & Herman Brown
- ATOMIC BOMB: Leo Szilard, Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi
- HAARP: Nikola Tesla, Sheldon Meth, Bernard Eastlund

Why did a Sky Ship hover over the Dome of the Rock?
April 16, 2011 – Now that there has been adequate time for truth seekers to validate the authenticity of the Sky Ship performance over the Dome of the Rock on January 28, 2011, it is time for them to seek the answer to a more pertinent question: Why did this occur?

The Sky Ships came to mark the stage where ancient relics will be revealed to confirm the ancient stories; where advanced brothers and sisters of the higher realms will once again extend uplifting help to mankind; and where a Cosmic Creator will be more fully revealed to those who have been smothered by the dogma and rituals of outdated expressions of faith.

Dome of the Rock - Rock beneath the Dome
Dome of the Rock – Rock beneath the Dome – One of many caverns beneath the Old City of Jerusalem
Beneath the Dome over which the Sky Ship hovered is a rock of great significance to the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. Beneath the rock, and indeed the entire Old City of Jerusalem, lies a labyrinth of old quarried caves and manmade cavernous structures in which a cache of treasures was hidden hurriedly before the destruction of Solomon’s grand temple. This includes the elusive Ark of the Covenant and the tablets within it that Moses brought down from the mountain.

Beyond this unimaginable treasure trove, there are stones that still provide evidence that Yeshua/Jesus was crucified by the Romans. The very bedrock beneath the site of the Crucifixion harbors an enormous crack from the earthquake that occurred during the Crucifixion, and indeed extends from the posthole that held the cross to the hidden chamber where the temple treasures remain hidden until the appropriate time for them to be revealed to mankind.

All of this and so much more is known to a select few in Israel but they deny it to the public for fear it would trigger what some would call a Holy War. We however, see nothing holy about war.

So the stage is set and now that the spotlight has been focused upon it, the show will soon begin.

Your Sky Brothers

CLICK HERE to see actual videos of the Sky Ship that appeared over the Dome of the Rock on January 28, 2011.

Revealing the face of Jesus

April 10, 2011 – I am the one with many names and every human culture has portrayed me
in its own image. Yet, there is but one face that the world has seen
and it is time to begin that “reveal-a-lation.”
Yeshua, Jesus, Iesous, Isa,
Yieh-su, Esa, Yasu, Waikano,
Mahnt-Azoma, Tl-Acoma, Kate-Zahl,
Tacoma, Tacobya, Wakea, E-See-Co-Wah,
Wako-Wah, Chee-Zoos, Hea-wah-sah, Wis-ah-co,
Waicomah, Ee-me-shee, Ta-copah, Ahunt Azoma, E-see-cotl, Tama, Sume, Vira-Cocha, Master, Captain, Adam, Sananda, etc., etc
drawing - face of Jesus
Explanation of the drawings

Dictated spiritual messages first started coming through me in late 1986 and were signed off most frequently by Adam, Yeshua or The Captain. I was told they were one in the same. Then on the evening of December 22, 1986, he revealed his face to me – one looking quite serious, the other more friendly, perhaps even playful. I did the best I could to capture the faces I’d been shown. This is the first time they have been shown in a public way since I drew them more than 24 years ago and I’m only doing so now at his direction.

Many years later, I found descriptions of Yeshua/Jesus that matched what I’d been shown. One description was in a letter to Caesar written by Pontius Pilate. Other descriptions were from legends of Native Peoples in the Western Hemisphere that predate the arrival of the White Race.

CLICK HERE to read Pontius Pilate’s description of Jesus.
CLICK HERE to read ancient Native American descriptions of Jesus

Mary Joyce

Artificial planet to anchor in the harbor of man
March 27, 2011 – Throughout the universe there are constructed spheres that look quite like planets but indeed serve as protective capsules for intelligent beings who wish to traverse the universe. These artificially designed planets (ADP) also can lock into orbit around stars and authentic planets.
Deep space photo taken through Hubble Telescope
Deep space photo taken through Hubble Telescope

Eons ago, advanced intelligent beings recognized that spheroid shapes exist throughout the universe and endure better than other constructed shapes. Consequently, cities of life within spheres cruise the universe and often, like grand yachts, anchor at points of interest or concern within galaxy harbors. Such a grand yacht or city sphere is headed toward Earth at this time and it is incorrectly being called a deviant planet of Earth’s galaxy typically labeled the 12th Planet, Planet X or Nibiru.

The grand yacht embarked on its voyage with the specific purpose of assisting Planet Earth and all its creatures during a time of enormous change which will be like that of a phoenix arising from chaos.

While the Bible contains only remnants of truth interwoven with distortions by errant pens of scribes, it does reveal correctly that there shall be in time a New Jerusalem and that is the yacht of which I speak which is coming to anchor in the harbor of man.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Hebrew word “salem” means peace, so “Jerusalem” most commonly is called “City of Peace.” A Biblical reference to “New Jerusalem” can be found in Revelation 21.

Preparing for a grand sloshing of the oceans

March 26, 2011 – The large underground facilities that have been constructed by governments, military and large institutions and corporations are impervious, so they believe, to great inundations from the oceans during a pole shift. This concern far outweighs concerns about bombs, radiation and electromagnetic fields.

These underground structures began decades ago unbeknownst to the general population. Those who have constructed these facilities expect a grand sloshing of the oceans and they want to be prepared for business as usual as soon as the waters subside into their new geological contours.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We cannot vouch for this US Navy map showing the continental United States after cosmic and geophysical events during 2011 through 2012, but we found it from several sources. A similar map was presented in a 2008 lecture by John R. Moore, a retired Green Beret who was involved in multiple covert operations and intelligence analysis during his military career. The map also is similar to future maps by psychics Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Adaile Toye and author John Goodman who wrote We are the Earthquake Generation.

New Heaven New Earth
This composite future map by David Sunfellow, Thomas J. Dunn and Robert Perry
was first published in 1995 on the NHNE (New Heaven New Earth) website.
(click on the map above to see a full size version)

to see a video of one underground facility. Other such facilities can be viewed in the Undercover Operations archives of this website.

Galactic Fleet Commander explains Japan’s disasters

March 13, 2011 – Neither God nor the World Cabal nor Extraterrestrials has caused the vast destruction in Japan. The geological instability of Japan combined with cosmic cyclical forces is solely responsible for what has occurred.

The ancient ones of Earth who predicted such devastation for this time period simply knew of the cosmic cyclical forces that periodically push and pull the very fabric of the planet.

Even the Bible, which is a primitive teaching tool for humanity, provides the simple directive of where and where not to build a home; and even simple logic should keep people from building upon unstable fault lines, ocean sands and river flood plains.*

Mankind arrogantly thinks it can defy the forces of nature and the cosmic forces of the universe. Now those forces have come to a culminating crescendo and even the innocent ones suffer from the decisions of fools.

Think not that fools are blathering idiots on city streets. The real fools are those with educational certificates upon their walls who do such things as build nuclear plants when they have no means of safely disposing of the resulting toxic matter and more foolishly build upon fault lines.

Though our ships encircle Earth in great numbers, we have not the capacity to save everyone within a species that has not learned to limit its number; and here again so many innocent ones suffer because there are no wise elders to control the endlessly expanding population of Earth.Japan warning

Japan has become an ant hill, like so many other places in the world, where everyone is so crowded together that spiritual links to the Creator are difficult to establish and maintain, and quiet places of spiritual renewal are hard to find.

Let Japan serve as a warning to everyone else in the world who lives in precarious places that are vulnerable to the forces of nature, the cosmic cycles and the foolish constructions of mankind.

These words come to you from the one who commands the Galactic Fleet and who is known on Earth by many names, indeed too many to list, but most commonly I am known as Yeshua or Jesus.

* Matthew chapter 7, verses 24-27

Tap dancing instead of agilely stepping into the future

tap dancerFebruary 18, 2011 - Sometimes it takes major demolition of structures before new edifices can be constructed. That is what is happening in the Arab World today and the United States cannot tap dance around its purported principles in dealing with those nations.

The Western World is being held hostage because of its gluttonous need for oil and its foot-dragging about embracing natural, clean and almost free energy sources.

The Western World looks askance at the extreme divisiveness in the Arab World, yet the same kind of bickering and obstinacy is keeping the West from quickly and agilely responding to change. When edifices are burning down, there is no time to argue and debate about who mans the bucket brigade and the fire hoses.

Those in the United States need to be reminded that they have a republic not a true democracy and it is the duty of each citizen to vote for representatives who are of the highest moral integrity and education. Instead, the citizens succumb to manipulative mind games orchestrated by advertising experts and media moguls resulting in a dearth of intelligent and ethical leaders.

If the United States does not quickly return to its founding principles, and if it does not quickly and agilely step into the future, it will become trapped in outdated structures and smothered as the wrecking ball of change demolishes the Hallowed Halls of the Past.

So let this be a call to action for every common citizen to exert pressure upon their belligerent leaders locked in combat with their perceived opponents instead of focusing upon the true needs of a Faltering Republic.

Your Sky Brothers

Gardeners could have toppled Mubarak years ago

February 13, 2011
– Citizens of Western nations have haughtily viewed themselves above the fray of third world tyrannical rule. All the while, they have failed to pick up their gardening tools so Seeds of Tyranny have become seedlings in their own yards.

If these seedlings are not soon plucked and burned, they will overtake the lush grass and bountiful gardens which Western citizens have grown accustomed to having.

Seedlings of Tyranny, like common weeds, have popped up everywhere. You will find them within religious institutions both large and small. You will find them within educational institutions, medical facilities, businesses, governments, law enforcement and the military. Indeed there are so many Seedlings of Tyranny in every yard that every citizen should grab his or her gardening tools and immediately begin destroying the seedlings before they entangle everything with roots and vines of destruction.

It took 30 years and a united army of gardeners to topple the tyrant Mubarak, but just a few conscientious gardeners could have plucked him from fertile soil when he was but a seedling.

Let this be a cautionary warning to the neglectful gardeners of the West.

Your Sky Brothers

FDA like Mubarak’s police force

February 12, 2011 – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a handmaiden to the Pharmaceutical Mega Entity that is no less a tyrant than Mubarak was for 30 years.
This Mega Entity pays legislators and governmental administrators to acquiesce to its desires in the same way Mubarak purchased the services of Egypt’s police force.
Those in the center of this Mega Entity live in comfort beyond their worth just like Mubarak lived in palatial elegance while his people lived on the equivalent of a few dollars a day.
This Mega Entity views itself like a god just as Mubarak considered himself a modern day pharaoh.
Both are without true compassion and neither recognizes a Creator grander than themselves.

This is being pointed out because tyranny does not arise just from wicked leaders of nations and the new People Power within the Western World must arise and cut away the shackles of the Mega Entity dressed in corporate vestments.

As we bring this other type of tyranny to your attention, we assure you that Unseen Brigades carrying the Banner of Truth and Justice will be there to support every effort, big or small, to bring down and cast away tyranny. It was the Unseen Brigades that guided the successful revolution in Egypt and they stand ready to guide, protect and inspire all those who indeed must arise and banish all tyranny from Earth.

Your Sky Brothers

Do not despair over Middle East chaos

February 5, 2011 - Egypt long has basked in the glory of its ancient history and monumental structures, but it also is where the Seed of Tyranny was planted millennia ago. Recent events, like giant earth movers, are attempting to dig up that Seed of Wickedness along with all the tendrils and nodules that have sprung forth from that original Seed of Tyranny.

Throughout the world, Seeds of Tyranny are being plucked from the soil and eradicated, therefore much of the civil revolt is necessary to free the Earth from the Tyrannical Weeds that have encircled it, blocking out the Light of Hope and Renewal.

Those in leadership positions, wherever they might be, must be champions of freedom, fairness and justice and quit making decisions based upon self-serving greed, or they, too, will find themselves dug up and mowed down by the earth movers of change.

Change is coming and it is coming fast and those who do not put freedom and justice first will find themselves at the tail end of a beggars’ line for basic food and sustenance.

So be not in despair when you see chaos erupting everywhere for it is a necessary cleansing of the Earth so mankind can be uplifted to a higher level and be truly blessed and engulfed by the Creator’s energy.

Your Sky Brothers

Spielberg movie helped misshape alien reality

February 3, 2011 – Everyone fell in love with E.T which was a deliberate creation executed by Steven Spielberg but initiated by Manipulators of Truth within the government.
ET -

The purpose of the movie was to instill openness to the Grey ETs who are here upon the Earth for their own self-serving reasons and have not a whit of concern for the human species except in ways which would benefit the Greys. The movie demonstrates the degree of extremely subtle manipulation done to shape the thinking of the masses of people.

The powerful forces working behind the scenes throughout the world have accessed power for themselves by bartering for space technologies, primarily from the Greys and the Reptilians.

The Manipulators of Truth also suppress the reality of benevolent ETs who are the progenitors of mankind but of a higher vibrational level - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. They know that knowledge of benevolent ETs would help release the stranglehold of fear upon which they depend in order to maintain their power and control.

It is important that human beings become acutely aware of the manipulating efforts by the Dark Forces which so often are accomplished through movies and television programs. A current example is the television series where pleasant looking humanlike ETs suddenly transform into monstrosities. That program alone plants seeds of doubt regarding the return of the progenitors of the human race who are the very ones needed to confront the Dark Forces that have engulfed the planet.

So be aware of the manipulations of truth that are being cast upon the Earth by the Madmen of the Dark Brigade.

Your Sky Brothers

Mayan Calendar doesn’t point to deadly end

January 16, 2011 – Evil is rampant, it’s out of control. It is not just a fantasy or a dreamer’s hope that forces beyond mankind will intervene out of absolute necessity. Just watch!
Mayan Calendar

The writings, conversations and concerns about 2012 have reached a crescendo. It is time for clarification. The troublesome Mayan Calendar is not a timetable marching to a deadly end. Instead, it delineates the time of the return of the very ones who initiated its creation.

Just as a soldier going into battle might carry a token of hope, like a religious medallion, so too has mankind been left with a token of hope in the form of a timeline medallion.

The return of mankind’s elder brothers and sisters is not a dreamy hope somewhere out in the future. The elder brothers already have congregated in the heavens of Earth. They already are stopping evil in its tracks and many deadly events have been stopped. Indeed, the battle between Light and Dark, Good and Evil has reached a crescendo and those of Earth must be assisting with this effort.

Expose evil and injustice wherever it is found. Express words of hope and love and compassion. By doing these things, the Forces of Light will be amplified and will help reduce the battle time for this unavoidable conflict.

Your Sky Brothers

Hope beyond bunker mentality
January 7, 2011
hidden bunker
The prophets of the Old Testament may have admonished the people from temple steps to city streets to hilltops. Modern day prophets are much more numerous and cast their seeds of wisdom and foreknowledge through various forms of electronic media.

There were warnings then in ancient times and warnings now, and a wise man must carefully sort through what he hears and adjust that to what he directly receives from the Realm of the Almighty Creator who supersedes lesser ones on the totem pole of creators.

Every human being who aligns him or herself with the Creative Goodness of the Universe is already imbued with the Creative Force and can directly receive guidance if emotional, physical and mental barriers are dropped.

Wait not for the king of the mountain to physically manifest because such theater can be manipulated by Dark Forces to fool the masses into various forms of submission. It is each person’s individual connection to the Ultimate Light and Energy of Life that will be the necessary shield of protection during this time of true battle between Light and Dark, Good and Evil.

Remember, when the fleeing Hebrews from Egypt found themselves without sufficient nutrients, manna from heaven was sprinkled like dew before them.

Remember, that a rod, like King Arthur’s sword, was thrust into a rock and brought forth water.

Remember, that throughout human history true believers in an Almighty Creator have been healed of afflictions by the touch of a hand or by the whisper of the Very Breath of Creation.

So know that your safety goes beyond that which might be hoarded and saved in a bunker. But, of course, the key to the spiritual survival kit depends totally upon a direct and personal connection to the Grand Creative Source of Life.

We, as always, come on the behest of the Grand Creative Force of the Universe.

Your Sky Brothers

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