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2013 Sky Ship Messages

September 8, 2013 - Antidote for a cauldron of hate in Syria
August 11, 2013 - The “New World Order” is an “Evil Empire”
July 20, 2013 - WANTED: Courageous insiders
July 7, 2013 - Whistleblowers vs. Monsters in the Garden
March 17, 2013 - Compassion, celibacy and the new Pope
December 23, 2012 - ET scientists/engineers work to prevent pole shift disaster


 Antidote for a cauldron of hate in Syria

September 8, 2013 - A huge cauldron of hatred and revenge has been brewing in the Middle East since a concubine and her son were cleaved away.  Centuries later, the imposed nation of Israel fueled the fire beneath this cauldron to such intensity that the brew has boiled over in all directions – from India to the Americas.
The hot molten tar of hate threatens to envelope the Earth in darkness.

Only love through actions can melt away the tar-like darkness.  There is no other antidote for retaliation against retaliation. 

Instead of bombing and missile strikes, Syria should be encircled with camps of Hope and Healing.  Even battleships could become transfer points for refugees who should be scattered amongst all the nations of the world rather than being dumped endlessly upon the nations adjacent to Syria, for those nations are fast becoming overloaded barges about to capsize from the sheer number of refugees clinging to their shores.


Regretfully, people of the world do not seem able to open their arms and hearts, so the neglected refugees’ hearts will harden and hatred will continue to fester within them.  So somehow mankind must heal the world with Love and Hope for nothing else will work.


CLICK HERE to see ways to help the Syrian refugees.


Some well-known members of the powerful and secretive Bilderberg Club

 The “New World Order” is an “Evil Empire”

August 11, 2013 – The term “New World Order” should be crushed into oblivion for it is simply a benign sounding name for an “Evil Empire” which is strangling mankind into submission.  Indeed, the term “New World Order” was coined by those within the Evil Empire.  It is a moniker that camouflages the Evil Empire’s true intent.

The emperor and his minions have demonic hearts but come so often clothed in superficial beauty and the finest clothes.  They indulge in the finest luxuries and have the grandest toys.  Their riches and finery, however, are brought to them on platters by those they enslave to do their bidding.


As with any military hierarchy, the Evil Empire has many tactical brigades through which it exerts its power and control.  The Evil Empire uses a nation’s military branches to conjure up wars with the ultimate purpose to collect the spoils of war for its coffers.

Beyond the military, there are tactical brigades that are less obvious in carrying out the Evil Empire’s purposes.  As a general rule, any entity that can be reduced to a few call letters is an instrument of the Evil Empire:  FEMA…CDC…CIA…NSA…FDA…IRS, etc., etc.  And, it must not be overlooked that a whole tactical brigade manipulates the media to control the peasants.

The peasants and the slaves far outnumber those within the Evil Empire and must rise up individually and in mass to bring down the Evil Empire and replace it with freedom and justice for all.

The Grand Creator, too, has minions – minions of Angels, Beings and Spirits of Light that the peasants of Earth can call upon for assistance in freeing themselves from the shackles of slavery, but the assistance must be called for or requested and the peasants must be more courageous in seeking freedom from the Evil Empire.

This message comes with the blessing of The Creator from all in the higher realms whose hearts are truly breaking over the unrighteous enslavement of humankind.



 WANTED: Courageous insiders

July 20, 2013 – This message is unlike any we have sent before.  It specifically is aimed at those within the government, military and their contract handmaidens who work in secrecy to carry out the wishes of those with craven hearts who wish to enslave the masses to do their bidding.

There are still those within the government, military and subcontracting units who know right from wrong and value the principles upon which the United States of America was formed.  They must come to fully realize that the enemies of freedom have infiltrated the nation and no longer remain outside the walls of freedom.

Those within government must stop the funding of black-hearted projects, and those within the military must execute covert operations that will corner the enemies of freedom into submission.

The enemies are within the House of Freedom and if they are not brought down from power, the nation will truly fall like a house built with the playing cards of gamblers.

Such an enormous battle cannot be fought just from the air.
Valiant troops on the ground are required to save a nation from despair.

Your Sky Brothers



 Whistleblowers vs. Monsters in the Garden

July 7, 2013 - The seeds of hope, freedom, fairness, truth and justice were planted in abundance in the United States of America, but the monsters of greed, power and control are trampling down the garden intended to be a blossoming example for the world to emulate.

These monsters must be eradicated from the garden and it will require each and every person to muster courage to stand against the foes.

Foes come in every size so that even shy and meek citizens can find one to resist because tiny monsters can be found on school boards, within churches and even in garden clubs.  There’s a foe for every size of courage.

Common citizens must also come together as a united front to support the truly courageous ones with sickles in hand who confront the Big Monsters who trample upon the land.  Such courageous ones must listen to the Universal Heartbeat of Justice, often violating laws contorted by the monsters to constrict the flow of freedom which is the life blood of a utopian garden paradise intended for mankind.

This is a plea from the higher realms that the whistleblowers be recognized for their heroic attempts to stop the desecration of freedom by the monsters.



  Before becoming Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio humbly served the poor as archbishop and cardinal in Buenos Aires.  These photos show him washing the feet of drug addicts and newborns in the slums of that city.

Compassion, celibacy and the new Pope

March 17, 2013 - Ah, the symbolism of it all.  At the very least, the new Pope will inspire common followers of that faith to emulate the life of Yeshua and through his simplicity inspire them to shed the need for ornate rituals which have replaced true communion with the Creator.

It is not the purpose of the Creator to destroy, but to nurture that which is good.

The selection of the new Pope truly was inspired, for by his humility and love and compassion for the poor, he shall inspire others to emulate Yeshua and His teachings rather than cowering before ornate rituals that serve only to energize those within the church who wish to control and dominate the flock.

The new Pope spoke truth when he said that he suddenly chose the name Francis, for indeed the idea was poured upon him at the moment he accepted his new responsibilities.  He had free will and could have chosen another name and he resisted not the chosen name from heaven – that was the chosen outcome.

St. Francis of Assisi held true to the teachings of Yeshua, even a seagull upon the Sistine Chapel chimney foretold of the intended and hoped for results – results that would shepherd the flock back to the loving simplicity of the life of Yeshua.

Your Sky Brothers


FOOTNOTE:  St. Francis of Assisi lived the high life of a 12th Century wealthy young man before he was spiritually trans-formed and became an itinerant preacher walking barefoot and in rough garments. He eventually founded the Franciscan Order.  He also is known for his love for animals. Legends say that one day Francis was travelling with some companions when they happened upon trees filled with birds.  He told his companions to “wait for me while I go to preach to my sisters the birds.”  The birds surrounded him because of the power of his voice and not one flew away.  He often is portrayed with a bird in his hand.  That is why the seagull perched on the Sistine Chapel chimney preceding the selection of the new Pope was seen as symbolic.

March 20, 2013
– In our previous message, we expressed hope that the new Pope would, by example, bring back compassion and simplicity to the Roman Catholic Church.  Now we would like to express concern because children have been abused by the leaders of the church - from the Vatican to the local parishes - so extensively that the institution is eroding away from within.  Consequently at this time, we wish to address the rule of celibacy which is based upon a false premise.

Yeshua came into his earthly life as a Jew so he could build upon the monotheistic revelations of Abraham and Moses.  In every way he fulfilled the role of rabbi or teacher within the Jewish faith.

If he had not been a true rabbi, he could not have taught within the temple, which he did.  Neither would he have had the authority to be within the temple and chase the money changers out.

If he had not been a rabbi, he could not have taught the children.   It’s important for people today to do true research about rabbis at that time and within conservative and orthodox temples even today.

Men at the time of Yeshua could not teach children unless they were married and marriage also was expected of rabbis.  Deep research will validate this and it must be remembered that the Bible, as it is known today, has been edited in many ways.

It will surprise many that the wedding at Cana was that of Yeshua himself.  Were it not true, his mother Mary would have had no authority whatsoever to ask Yeshua to transform water into wine.  She would have stood mute if it had been the wedding of any other young man.

Do the deep research.  There is so much to know and nothing from the time of Yeshua speaks of celibacy which has indeed fed the monster of pedophilia within the Roman Church.

The new Pope himself must come to understand this so he can free himself and his church from the cancer within it.

Your Sky Brothers

ET scientists/engineers work to prevent pole shift disaster


A satellite camera caught a planet-size ET ship “docked” by the Sun
for more than three days from March 8-11, 2012. 

December 23, 2012
– Extraterrestrial scientists and engineers are working diligently to prevent a pole shift from annihilating life on Earth.  They have come from beyond your galaxy in planet-size ships to assist in very technological ways to minimize the impact of an inevitable switching of the polarity of Earth.

Proof of galactic ships occasionally is captured by Earth’s satellite cameras, but the actual number of ships is quite large.

The Sun of your galaxy is very erratic.  When it is in its calmer state, it breathes out its electromagnetic breath approximately every 10 to 15 years, but it has epic convulsions in a cycle that can be measured in tens of thousands of Earth years.  Whenever this happens, Earth’s magnetism is overwhelmed and the polarity of the planet is changed.

The last major convulsive breath of the Sun wiped out the dinosaurs.  More recently, during the time of worldwide flooding, extraterrestrial scientists and engineers were able to prevent such extensive annihilation of life on Earth.  Today, at the time in which you live, significantly more extraterrestrial scientists and engineers are at work to help ease the Earth into a new polarity without such extreme devastation.


On October 7, 2012, a satellite camera caught an ET ship working
to turn an electromagnetic eruption back toward the Sun.

The extraterrestrial team of experts in their planet-size ships are constantly encircling the Sun as they gallantly strive to calm the erratic Sun.  Their techniques and methods to accomplish this far exceed that which can be comprehended by those who most likely will be reading this message.

While the extraterrestrial fleets are busy calming the Sun, there also is an extensive fleet of scientific ships trying to calm the Earth itself.  This mostly is being accomplished by subduing the shifting of the Earth’s geological plates and limiting volcanic activity.  Sometimes cameras on Earth catch glimpses of extraterrestrial efforts to do this, but these are merely glimpses of a much vaster effort to calm the planet.

There are Earth scientists who understand Earth’s current predicament.  Indeed, their chemtrail activity is a primitive attempt to shield Earth from the Sun’s electromagnetic bursts which deplete the planet’s protective ozone layer.  This primitive effort, however, has proven to be a bit of a health hazard to mankind, but it is indeed an effort to save mankind.

Earth scientists need to be asking for assistance from the extraterrestrial scientists and engineers instead of belligerently proceeding with their very limited understanding of their own galaxy and true science.
This is a joint communique from the extraterrestrial scientists and engineers who currently are working to protect the Earth from the electromagnetic breath of its Sun.


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