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2015 Sky Ship Messages

November 20, 2015 - Slaughter in Paris - What now?
August 19, 2015 - Is the U.S. as soft as ice cream?
August 16, 2015 - God's truth revealed to a three year old
April 20, 2015 - U.S. citizens must break their velvet chains
January 18, 2015 - Meaning of number "1619" in night sky




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Slaughter in Paris – What now?

November 20, 2015 - Psychics, prophets, sages and seers have prophesied the future for years and years. Most prognostications have been sorely askew and have fallen by the wayside, but there is a core prophesy that is true and will remain so.  It speaks of battles between Good and Evil – more than can be listed. Yet at this time, skirmishes and explosions of conflict have escalated from regional battles to one that is rapidly encompassing the world.

While everyone focuses on physical battles and strategies, humankind must be told once again that boots on the ground only are manifestations of a much greater battle between unseen forces of Good and Evil that is as real as airplanes bombing and foot soldiers shooting.  Even those who are unwilling or unable to participate in the physical combats between Good and Evil can be most effective by daily focusing on thoughts and prayers and visualizations of hope and peace and love.

Your Sky Brothers




ice cream cone

Is the U.S. as soft as ice cream?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This message came through in apparent anticipation of a meeting in late September in Washington, DC between President Obama and China’s President Xi Jinping.

August 17, 2015 – China’s president comes like a Mafia Dutch Uncle to deliver ultimatums and he feels confident he has the clout to back up his demands.  It is simply the way of the bullies of the world.

The leaders of dictatorial countries who seemingly have unchecked power view the leaders of the United States as soft as vanilla ice cream that will melt before their very breath.

Even President Carter who has done so much to uplift the lowly ones of Earth was but a dish of vanilla ice cream in the hardball games of the international powerful.  Like so many of the diplomatic nature, he had not the grit to stand firm before the bullies.  Diplomats have not the wherewithal to stand nose to nose in defiance against the blood thirsty bullies of the world. It is not the time to negotiate with tyrants.

The reason Trump is doing so well is because so many citizens of the country see the desperate need for unabashed boldness.

China is threatening the United States economy and if it were to come to collect on the debt the nation has foolishly accumulated, the country would melt like vanilla ice cream.  If China continues to weasel into the Internet of the United States, security of the nation will melt like vanilla ice cream.

China realizes that nuclear war would devastate everything, but targeted pulse weaponry can be used without devastating the entire world.  The U.S. realizes this also.  So as warning shots, both nations have used pulse weapons to remind the other to step back.

Your Sky Brothers




God’s truth revealed to three year old

August 13, 2015 – Those like little Akiane who have met me can speak the truth of who I actually am.  Yet, clerics of every stripe who have not met with me in their quiet Chambers of Reflection fail to express the truth of who I truly am.  Over the centuries, their assumptions have led so many of their flock on a path that forever winds away from the essence of who I am and what I speak.

For those who have not the confidence to seek me out in search of truth, then at least search for those who have indeed communed with me for this is a time when truth must be the staff upon which people lean when trodding through troubled times.

Truth is alive and ever present and not pickled in a jar.

Truth flows with the River of Life and is like a boat that cannot be capsized by tumultuous currents.  I am the Way of the River and the Truth of the Light and am ever present as a Hand of the Creator which is there to grab in troubled times and there to guide each and every Child of Creation toward a Sea of Tranquility.

Seek the truth and all will be well.  Avoid the dogma of mankind’s religions for that heavy weight can sink a boat and sink a soul.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following is an article about little Akiane Kramarik that we posted in the “Cosmic Miracles” section of this website in 2012.

Akiane Kramarik
was a most unlikely child to see visions and dreams of heaven and Jesus.  Why?  Because she was raised by atheist parents in a home without television, had no babysitters and was homeschooled.  In other words, there was no chance she was exposed to ideas of God and heaven in her little world.

Then life for the Kramarik family drastically changed when three-year-old Akiane began having her dreams and visions.  By age four she proved to be a painting prodigy as she captured her extraordinary visions on canvas.  Since then, she’s become known around the world for her paintings, especially the ones of Jesus – and, yes, her parents no longer are atheists.

Another child, Colton Burpo, whose near-death experiences are revealed in the book “Heaven is for Real,”says Akiane’s painting of Jesus is the only one that looks like the Jesus he met in heaven.

Once, according to an article in New Connexion magazine, Akiane was staring off into space with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. When asked what was going on, she replied:

“I was with God again, and He told me to pray continually.  He showed me where He lived.  I was climbing transparent stairs; underneath I saw gushing waterfalls, and as I was approaching Him, His body was pure and intense light. What impressed me the most was His hands – they were gigantic!  I saw no bones, or veins, no skin or blood, but maps and events. Then He told me to memorize thousands upon thousands of wisdom words on a scroll that did not look like paper, but more like intense light.  And, in a few seconds, I got somehow filled up.  From now on I will get up early to paint.  I hope one day I’d be able to paint what I was shown.” 

Akiane was three years old in 1997 when she had that experience, but it was only a year later when she began painting those images to share with the world.

“I have been blessed by God,” says Akiane, “and if I’m blessed, there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others.  I am donating a big portion of money to charity and to combat poverty.  I want to help people.  I want people to find hope in my paintings and draw people’s attention to God.”

Paintings by Akiane






EDITOR’S NOTE: This message came through in three segments on April 18, 19 and 20, 2015. The first day only the name “Aldous Huxley” was spoken.  The second day a brief direction was given to present the essence of Huxley’s book “Brave New World” on the website.  On the third day, a wilted sunflower was shown followed by a dictated message.

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) was a prolific English writer, philosopher and visionary who authored 47 books.  He’s best known for his novel “Brave New World” which describes a perfect dictatorship. He wrote the book in 1931 before Hitler and Stalin rose to infamy, yet what he depicted skipped over WWII and may describe the United States today.

Huxley said the perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy but would be a prison without walls, an enchanting place from which nobody would wish to escape. Through entertainment and consumption he said the slaves “would love their servitude.”

It’s interesting that Huxley died on November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy and dreams of Camelot died.


APRIL 20, 2015 - In a nation intended to be a shining example of freedom, a massive number of individuals waste their time, and indeed their life energy, in the pursuit of pleasurable distractions.  They quite literally twitter away their lives on electronic games and superficial social communications.

When not so engaged, they shop and dine and shop some more or remain transfixed before TV screens, movie screens and corporate sponsored games.

Too many people are so satiated with carnal pleasures and mesmerizing distractions that few are standing guard to protect themselves from tyranny – tyranny from within and without the nation.

Every single person needs to be doing something to take back the freedoms that have been lost and to preserve the freedoms that remain.  No matter how diligently those in the heavens, be they spiritual or physical, work to establish utopian goals upon the Earth, it is all for naught if humankind does not strive for them too.

  Your Sky Brothers





Meaning of number “1619” in night sky

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Above are the first photos taken by Glynis Heenan of the number “1619” that appeared over Cashiers, NC the night of Jan. 9, 2015. The photos left our minds spinning about the possible meaning. While we found videos of other numbers in the sky, they all were in a digital style; none was in Gothic script. Then the following message came through.CLICK HERE to see all the photos and video taken that night.

January 11, 2015 - As has been photographically documented, there were many sky ships over Cashiers the night of January 9, 2015.  They were working as a team to create holographic images in the sky. 

Even those with only a cursory understanding of holographic technology know that images must be projected from more than one source to create a hologram.  Consequently, the sky ships that night had to coordinate their efforts to create the “1619” number in the sky for Glynis to see.

Much thought preceded the demonstration.  The Gothic style numbers provide a clue because they suggest a much earlier time in human history.  It is a printing style used in early editions of the Bible.  If you look at the history of early editions of the Bible, you will see that 1619 will be of interest.  When you find that, ponder the history of the time when that edition was published.  What happened then will provide clues to what is happening now.

As you know, this is not the first holographic image projected for Glynis to see.  It certainly was more dramatic and significant when a holographic image of Jesus was projected in her yard.  This is another clue that the number “1619” has spiritual significance and is more than a four digit prime number.

Based on ancient esoteric numerology, one represents the ultimate creative force of the universe.  Six represents man at his most basic level.  Nine represents transformation and completion.

Creation is complicated and time-consuming and not done with a snap of the finger, but for simplicity’s sake, the one represents creation coming in and creating mankind, thus the one and the six.  Now creation is stepping in again as represented by the second one and then will follow an upgrading and transformation of mankind as represented by the number nine.

The sky writing was a team effort and this information
truly comes from a team of Sky Brothers.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here are a few history highlights to ponder that we found from 1619 A.D.

King James Bible – In 1619, eight years after King James of England had a committee of 54 scholars translate the Bible into English, he had an encyclopedic edition printed. It included a letter to the reader, the Apocrypha, two concordances, an early version of the Book of Common Prayer and the genealogy of Christ’s descent from Adam.  The book was bound in calf skin leather and included woodcut art and a map of Canaan.  Nearly 400 years later, 67% of those who own a Bible today have the King James Version.

Great Britain’s Solomon – King James was only one year old when his father was murdered and soon after that his mother was imprisoned.  Consequently, he was greatly influenced by his tutors who gave him a great classical education. He learned to speak fluent Greek, Latin, French, English and Scot as well some Italian and Spanish.  He grew to become a powerful king with a powerful pen who created the beginning of a United Great Britain.  Because of his knowledge, wisdom and efforts for peace, he was known throughout Europe as Great Britain’s Solomon.

Harmony of world - In 1619 Johannes Kepler, a German mathematician and astronomer published his book “The Harmony of the World” in which he explained the laws of planetary motion, geometry and the harmonics of music.

First Thanksgiving – Thirty-eight colonists from Berkeley Parish in England landed in Virginia on December 4, 1619 and gave thanks to God.  It is considered to be the first Thanksgiving in America.

First African Americans – A Dutch ship landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619; the captain traded approximately 20 African slaves for a supply of food from the colonists.

Colonial America’s first epidemic - A smallpox epidemic in 1619 wiped out 90% of the Native Americans in the Massachusetts Bay area.

Rome without an emperor – On March 20, 1619,  Roman Emperor Matthias died leaving the Empire without an official leader to deal with the Bohemian Revolt which grew into the Thirty Years’ War that devastated vast areas of Central Europe.


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