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2021 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Bigfoot photo may reveal it's carrying a dog
> Jane Goodall believes Bigfoot exist
> Compelling Bigfoot video from Vancouver Island
> Einstein's assistant saw and heard Roswell ETs
> Bigfoot and their Shetland pony
> Man with Cosmic Top-Secret clearance says ETs on Earth
> Prehistoric Little People dwellings in India
> Way, way above Top-Secret ET disclosures
> Bear hunters encounter Cherokee Little People
> Bigfoot and the bodyguard - from foes to friends
> Trail of huge Bigfoot prints through snow
> Little Footers” – Young Bigfoot Researchers
> Woman’s encounter with a Little Person
> Legislator wants Bigfoot hunting season - UPDATE



Original Bigfoot photo on left, lightened photo on right

Bigfoot photo may reveal it’s carrying a dog
By Susan Crone

This Bigfoot photo was taken in late summer of 2017. It was standing at the edge of a thickly wooded forest near a small stream. This was in Colorado's Front Range just west of the Rockies. Although I have been a Bigfoot researcher since 2016, the day this photo was taken, I was out taking a solo hike, just enjoying the scenery.

I remember a sound, like a tree limb cracking, that prompted me to point my camera in the direction of that sound. I didn't see anything at the time, but looking through my photos at the end of the day, I found this large hulking figure standing next to a tree.

More remarkably, he appeared to be holding a small dog in one arm. To me, it looked like a Jack Russell Terrier with a rather frightened look on its face.




Jane Goodall believes Bigfoot exist

Jane Goodall is an English primatologist and anthropologist who is considered the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.  She is best known for her 60-year study of the social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees. 

Today she is 87 years old and continues her mission through the Jane Goodall Institute which has offices in England and Washington, DC. 

On September 21, 2021, she launched a new project, Trees for Jane, to help counteract climate change. Her goal is to have a trillion trees planted by 2030.

In the September 23, 2021 issue of GQ Magazine, Jane Goodall stated clearly that she believes in the existence of Bigfoot.  Here is an excerpt from that interview which was conducted by Gabriella Paiella.

PAIELLA: I have a silly question, if you'll indulge me, and I'm sure you know where this is going. You’ve said you’re not ruling out that Bigfoot exists.

GOODALL: For various reasons, and I'll tell you one, my most striking one. I was in Ecuador. We'd flown for two solid hours over unbroken forest in a small plane and we visited four tiny little communities, 30 to 50 people, no roads, and they communicate with each other by means of like in the old days — it was the town crier, but these are hunters actually, and they carry the news from one village to another and letters and things like that. So, I had an interpreter and I said to him, "When you next meet one of these hunters, could you ask if they've ever seen a monkey without a tail?" Three of the hunters came back and said, "Oh yes. We've seen monkeys without tails. They walk upright and they're about six foot tall."

PAIELLA: Oh, wow.

GOODALL: Now this was an interpreter from the village. He knew nothing about Bigfoot, nothing at all. Every single country has its version. Yeti, Yowie in Australia, Wild Man in China. So, I don't know if it's perhaps a myth that stems from maybe the last of the Neanderthals. But then is the last of the Neanderthals still living in these remote forests? I don't know. But I'm not going to say it doesn't exist and I'm not going to say people who believe in it are stupid.

Goodall’s belief in Bigfoot is not new

Over 19 years ago, Goodall publicly declared her belief in Bigfoot during an interview on National Public Radio (NPR). Here is an excerpt from that interview:

GOODALL: Well now, you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist.  Yeah, I’ve talked to so many Native Americans who all describe the same sounds, two who have seen them. I’ve probably got about, oh, 30 books that come from different parts of the world, from China, from all over the place, and there was a little tiny snippet in the newspaper just last week which says that British scientists have found what they believed to be a Yeti hair and that the scientists in the Natural History Museum in London couldn’t identify it as any known animal.” 




Joe in the woods on Vancouver Island – Joe and Wendy at their island home

Compelling Bigfoot video from Vancouver Island
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Joe and Wendy were hiking near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island when they came upon a a creature in the woods that looked and smelled like a Bigfoot.  It also was bigger and lighter in color than any black bear they’ve ever seen on the island. They both noticed the creature had a conical head and broad shoulders.

Luckily, Wendy had her video camera with her.
What she captured looks genuine and is worth watching.  While a single frame from the video isn’t convincing, the continuous motion of the creature is compelling.

CLICK HERE to see Wendy’s video.

(L) This drawing of the Bigfoot is from a page in Wendy’s sketchbook.


Dr. Shirley Wright shortly before her death in 2015 - Dr. Albert Einstein in 1947

Einstein’s assistant saw and heard Roswell ETs
By Mary Joyce, website editor

After 74 years, there actually is a newly-revealed eyewitness testimony about the Roswell crash that was just released this month (October 2021).   It’s a taped interview with Dr. Shirley Wright who accompanied Dr. Albert Einstein at the Roswell investigation in 1947.  At the time, she was his student at Princeton University. She described herself as his go-fer, but one who required security clearance in order to make the trip with him to Roswell.

UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia gained access to the taped interview with Dr. Wright and posted it on his website “UFO Explorations.” It’s worth listening to the interview because she describes the ship, the ETs and the question-and-answer exchange with the ETs.

Dr. Wright revealed that two ETs survived the crash and then one of those died while speaking to the assembled audience of military, government and science elites.

Bragalia’s posting is titled “Einstein’s secret trip to view Roswell UFO revealed in taped confession.” It includes background information regarding the audio tape, but if you are short on time, scroll down to the boldface heading THE TELLING TAPE to listen to the interview. CLICK HERE to get to Bragalia’s website.



Bigfoot and their Shetland pony

The following article is from my book “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints.” It is a sweet story Robin McCray told me about the Bigfoot on her property. The book is available on Amazon. – Mary Joyce, website editor

“At one time, I lived on 10 acres of mostly wooded land,” Robin told me. “I had a Shetland pony that could not be kept within a hotwire.  He could not be kept within a fence.  He’d climb it, jump it, run through it, trash it.  So, this pony lived tethered on a 250-foot boat rope because he could not be contained any other way.

“Well, the Bigfoot were fascinated by the pony and loved playing their game of ‘Let’s Move the Shetland Pony.’  Now the pony was always tied to its rope when I went to bed at night, but in the mornings, I’d find the rope untied and the pony retied in various places on the property.

Knots the Bigfoot tied in the pony’s rope were not simple loops.

“When the Bigfoot didn’t anchor the pony down with tight knots in his rope, they draped the rope around the trees. If the pony had done that just by walking around, the rope would not have been above his head.

“They also took care of all the pony’s needs. His feed bowls and water bucket would be taken into the woods.  Finally, I used a half drum as a water bucket.  Even that didn’t slow the Bigfoot down.  They dragged that thing around the woods and everywhere.

“I also saw evidence that the young Bigfoot were enjoying pony rides.  I would find muddy handprints on the pony and little tiny muddy butt prints on his back.”



Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean

Man with Cosmic Top-Secret clearance says ETs on Earth

Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean broke his Cosmic Top-Secret clearance oath because he felt the public has a right to know that we are not alone in the universe and that some ETs look human and walk among us. He was in a position to know these things because he served as an intelligence analyst at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) from 1963-67. SHAPE is the defense branch of NATO. – The editor

CLICK HERE to listen to a 7-minute video in which Dean talks about these things, and more, and shares his very positive view about mankind’s future.



This is one of hundreds of small prehistoric stone structures found on a remote hilltop in India.

Prehistoric Little People dwellings in India
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Even though prehistoric Little People dwellings were discovered in 1972 by a team of archaeologists from Tamil Nadu State Archaeology Department, Praveen Mohan is the one who has brought world attention to them in a YouTube video he posted in 2019.

They look like miniature stone huts,” Mohan says, “but the main fact is that all these  stone huts are only about two feet tall. It’s almost impossible for human beings to go inside these stone huts.”

Mohan found circular holes in some of the stone huts which, for some reason, always face east.  The one in the photo to the left is 13.5 inches in diameter.

The structures are commonly known as the Kullar Caves or Dwarf Caves but they’ve been constructed with stone slabs and do not fit the description of a cave.

Then archaeologists say the structures are dolmens, or prehistoric tombs, but no bones have ever been found. Local legends don’t support the dolmen idea either.  They say that small beings, who existed before humans, once lived in the structures.

CLICK HERE to watch Mohan’s 24:21 minute video.
We’d like to thank Jill Stokesberry for letting us know about Mohan’s video.



Way, way above Top-Secret ET disclosures
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Whistleblowers with way, way above Top-Secret clearance choose Linda Moulton Howe (R) to get their information out to the public because of her stellar reputation as a trust-worthy investigative journalist.  People around the world trust her too because she thoroughly vets or investigates whistleblowers before she ever shares their secrets.

Well, their secrets about extraterrestrials are stunning.  I’ll give you a few examples and then encourage you to watch the interview Linda gave at the “Awakening Expo” in Manchester, England.  I seldom recommend watching an hour-long video because I know people have busy lives, but I make an exception in this case. It is worth the time.


● Secret operations by the U.S. government have discovered humongous rooms that are two to three miles beneath the ice of Antarctica.  The walls are covered with hieroglyphic symbols. The exact same symbols have been found on the Moon and Mars.

● There are three categories of ETs competing for dominance of Earth. One is hostile, one is neutral and one strives to help and protect humans.

● Extraterrestrials have been using Earth as a laboratory for genetic manipulation for millions of years.

● There is a reason Astronaut Neil Armstrong never would talk about his experiences during the Apollo 11 mission.

● There is a well-established secret Space Force.

● A few powerful elites on Earth are secretly capitalizing on their involvement with ETs.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

CLICK HERE to purchase Linda’s documentary film “Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice.”  Once at the site, there are purchase options through Amazon, Vimeo or Linda’s own Earthfiles shop.



Bear hunters encounter Cherokee Little People

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this account of a Little People encounter on May 30, 2021 from Bill Owens who lived in Cherokee, North Carolina at the time of his experience.  He is 70 years old but says his encounter with Little People when he was in his 20s is still vivid in his memory.

I was told to put food on my back porch and the Little People would watch over me if I needed help.  Because I did that, they may have been watching over me one time when two of my friends I and went bear hunting. 

“This happened in the early 1970s when we went out near Chimney Rock and got a bear.  We had gone a long way and deep into the woods.  A storm was coming, so we looked for a dry place.  We found a cave and waited out the storm which lasted all night.

“During the night, my friend Kenny woke me and told me not to say a word because there were Little People outside the cave.  We lay there quietly in the dark listening.  They spoke in Old Cherokee.  Today’s Cherokee speak slang so Kenny nor I could understand what they said, only a word or two.

“The Little People were there all night.  The next morning outside the cave there were little footprints about the size of a five or six-year-old child.” 


Bigfoot and the bodyguard – from foes to friends
By Mary Joyce, website editor

NOTE: To protect Bigfoot locations, psynodymns are used in this article.

Back in 2015, Jack was the bodyguard for Samantha who lived in fear after Bigfoot invaded her property.  At the time, he admitted he also was afraid and wouldn’t go on her property without his gun.  To this day, their story is the most multi-faceted Bigfoot photo story we’ve ever posted on this website. CLICK HERE to read the article.

Shortly after posting that story, Jack discovered he had at least four or five Bigfoot on his own property, which is just a few miles from Samantha’s place.  That’s not so surprising, but it is surprising that he has become friends with the Bigfoot.

When I asked Jack why he no longer feared the Bigfoot, he said, “I stopped being so afraid when you guys came to Samantha’s place for an interview.  That’s when we learned we were responsible for their aggressive behavior.  Their cave had been flooded when the dam for the pond was being repaired – and they were angry and retaliated.”

The Bigfoot reign of terror stopped after Samantha communicated with the Bigfoot that they never intended to flood their cave and she was so sorry it happened.  That also was when Jack stopped carrying his gun.

“Now I regularly see Bigfoot tracks on my own driveway,” he explained.  “I’ll go out some nights and they will whistle at me as soon as I step out of the house, and I’ll whistle back.  I believe there is at least one, if not a couple, that will hoot-owl at me and I’ll hoot-owl back.  And then the real owls will hoot.  It’s kind of a playful thing.  We also put food out for them all the time.”

My wife is a bit of a doubter and didn’t believe the Bigfoot were whistling and hoot-owling with me,” Jacked added. “Then one night she came into the house as white as a sheet. I could tell there was something really the matter. The Bigfoot had whistled at her as she was walking from the car to the house and she was scared to death.  I told her not to be afraid because if they wanted to eat us, they would have done that a long time ago.”

Jack added that the Bigfoot have made a long path through the laurels on his land.

“There’s a path through the laurels that looks like the Bigfoot have walked over them and mashed them down for at least 60 feet,” Jack said, “and several small trees were just snapped off or broken over.”

(R) One of the snapped trees on Jack’s property



Trail of huge Bigfoot prints through snow

The following Bigfoot prints were found on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota by a member of the Ojibwe tribe.  He said he found the Bigfoot trail in 3.5 feet of snow. To help show the huge size of the footprints, he placed a rake handle next to the prints for the second photo. The handle is 4.2 feet in length.

Red box on map shows location
of the Red Lake Indian Reservation




“Little Footers” – Young Bigfoot Researchers
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“You don’t have to be an adult to do Bigfoot research,” says Lauren Smith, host of ‘Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio.’  My boys are five and eight years old and I often take them with me when I’m out in the woods doing Bigfoot research.  It’s an education for them in so many ways. They learn all about nature, camping safety and how to do accurate Bigfoot investigations.

“Because of them, I was inspired to launch a little segment on my YouTube channel called Little Footers – The Next Generation where I interview my own children and those of other Bigfoot researchers.  I’ve enjoyed the segment so much because when I talk to the kids, I realize how much they pick up and what profound thoughts they can have.  It will just blow your mind what they come up with.

“My two boys are actually the third generation in my family that has gotten into Bigfoot research,” Lauren says. 

“It started with my mother, Laurie Dyer Hood. She was scrolling thru the Internet and found a Bigfoot chatroom which made her laugh. She thought it was the biggest malarkey she’d ever heard.

“Then at one point they played a recorded Bigfoot sound that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She had heard the sound before so she became more interested. Then she had her own sighting and it launched her into her research.”

(L) Lauren Smith with her
mother Laurie Dyer Hood

“When I was 12 or 13, I started going out in the field with my mother until I stopped for a while after I graduated high school.  But then as an adult, I started researching again with her and also on my own.  I’ve been doing it since 2000.

“Then around 2010, my mother launched the “Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Show.’  I eventually became her co-host.  Recently she retired from her job and the radio show so she can do more Bigfoot research, so the reins have been turned over to me.”

Here is a link to Lauren’s video interview with me for her show:



The box in the first photo highlights the sticks-and-bark depiction
of Susan hiking that appeared on her patio.

Woman’s encounter with a Little Person
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The following account of an encounter with a Little Person was sent to our website on February 12, 2021 by Susan Crone who lives in Denver, Colorado.

Some people might doubt her story, but there are two reasons I have to consider that it might be true.  First, I have interviewed down-to-earth construction workers about their Little People discoveries in the North Carolina Mountains. Their testimonies are in my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real.”  Second, I have since met with people who have had face-to-face encounters with Little People who still live in remote areas of the Appalachian Mountains.

SUSAN’S ACCOUNT: “I just had a really cool Little People experience. I was suddenly compelled to take a second look at a photo I’d taken of a glyph that appeared on my patio last fall (above left).  As I did, I heard, clear as day, a tiny voice say, ‘Don’t you know who that is, silly?  That’s you hiking!”  That was followed by tinkling laughter. 

“I looked at the glyph photo again and saw the red hair.  I got chills.  It really looked like me - walking stick and all.”

Though this was a unique experience for Susan, she added that she is of Irish descent and has had “encounters with the wee folks” since she was a small child, and that her Dad believed in them also.



"Establishing an actual hunting season and issuing licenses for people who want to hunt Bigfoot will just draw more people to our already beautiful part of the state. It will be a great way for people to enjoy our area and to have some fun.”

Justin Humphrey
Oklahoma State Representative

Legislator wants Bigfoot hunting season - UPDATE
By Mary Joyce, website editor

UPDATE:  The Oklahoma Legislature DID NOT PASS Rep. Justin Humphrey’s bill that would create a Bigfoot hunting season. But this is not stopping his efforts to encourage Bigfoot hunting. According to a March 19, 2021 article on NBC-TV Internet news in Oklahoma, Humphrey is now working with state officials to set up rules for a “Sasquatch Quest” which would give a reward for the capture of an unharmed Bigfoot.

If there’s anything you might want to say to Rep. Justin Humphrey, leave him a message at 405-557-7382 or type E-mail Representative Justin Humphrey in your search bar and send your message via the email form provided.


Justin Humphrey, Oklahoma State Representative, has filed legislation that would establish a Bigfoot hunting season in his state. He also hopes to secure at least $25,000 as a bounty for the first person to trap the creature.
This is stomach-churning for many reasons.  First, Dr. Melba Ketchum discovered several years ago that Bigfoot DNA is half human and half some unknown primate.  Other DNA researchers have since confirmed her findings.  That makes Bigfoot some kind of distant cousins to us humans.

Second, Native American tribes long have regarded and respected Bigfoot as another clan of people who have much in common with them.

Third, there are many reports of Bigfoot actually saving humans.  Two of those reports are included in my book “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints.”  There are others such as a Bigfoot killing a wildcat that was about to pounce on a man.

Humphrey’s House Bill 1648 will come before the legislature in February 2021. If you find his proposal reprehensible as we do, give a call to:

● Rep. Charles McCall, Speaker of the House – 405-557-7412
● Rep. Terry O’Donnell, Speaker Pro Tempore – 405-557-7379
● Rep. Ty Burns, Chairman of Wildlife Committee – 405-557-7344
● Rep. Eddy Dempsey, Vice Chair of Wildlife Committee – 405-557-7363

There are lists of the 101 members of the Oklahoma House of Representative, so if you have the time and inclination to contact more of them, their phone numbers are available.




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