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2020 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Space security expert reveals alliance with space aliens
> Healed by a Bigfoot Forest Person
> Portal to home planet of the Bigfoot
> Leader of Bigfoot Forest People speaks
> Photo of possible Bigfoot napping spot
> Young Sasquatch kept man awake all night
> ETs abort their open contact plan
> Verdant race of ETs believes in God
> Respected historian: Ancient TN pygmies were real
> Clear video of a Florida swamp ape
> ET activities confirmed by space expert
> Adrenaline high chasing Bigfoot
> The Airman, Buzz Aldrin, Kissinger and the Aliens
> Reptilian humanoids hidden beneath Edwards AFB
> Bigfoot friendship with Labrador dog
> Video shows Bigfoot tossing a tree
> Tall BLUE MEN rescue soldiers
> Reptilian ETs' dire plan for humans
> Bigfoot footprints in snow on Mt. Rainier
> Stinky smells during alien abductions
> Two Bigfoot dens found in Hudson Valley forest
> ETs warn we must save environment
> Clear Bigfoot print in BC, Canada
> How to fend off an alien abduction
> Tall White ETs - New video by former USAF specialist

Grey ETs - Details not commonly known

> New book by top MUFON field investigator
> Bigfoot prints found in North Carolina park
> Bodyguard sees Bigfoot for first time



Space security expert reveals
alliance with space aliens

Professor Haim Eshed (L) served as the head of Israel’s Security Space Program from 1981 to 2010 and has received the Israel Security Award three times, twice for confidential technological inventions.

Recently, Eshed went public about the long-term involvement of Israel and the United States with the Galactic Federation which is an alliance of various alien races.

Below are his exact words as published in The Jerusalem Post on December 8, 2020.

“The UFOs have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet. Trump was on the verge of revealing, but the aliens in the Galactic Federation are saying: Wait, let people calm down first. They don’t want to start mass hysteria. They want to first make us sane and understanding.

“They have been waiting for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will generally understand what space and spaceships are. There’s an agreement between the US government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here. They, too, are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers.

“There’s an underground base in the depths of Mars, where their representatives are, and also our American astronauts.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized. Wherever I’ve gone with this in academia, they’ve said: the man has lost his mind. Today they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards, I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”



Healed by a Bigfoot Forest Person
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson is a clinical psychologist, father of four, author and international speaker who just happened to encounter a Bigfoot in 2000.  He’s been trying to learn everything about them ever since. These photos reflect how he has changed in his attitude and approach to his research which has been a three-step evolution.  

At first, he was a gun-hoe hunter of Bigfoot. Then he set up habituation sites where he could become an unobtrusive observer of the creatures which he began to call Bigfoot Forest People.  Finally, after years of building up trust, he became their friend and experienced things and learned things that may sound like science fiction to many.

This is the FIRST of three articles based on information from
Johnson’s book “BIGFOOT – A Fifty-Year Journey Come Full Circle.”

“The DVT is gone,” the surgeon told Johnson.  “I don’t understand it.  I’ve been a vascular surgeon for over twenty years and I’ve never seen anyone survive DVT* like the one you had.  You should be dead.  It’s a miracle that you’re not dead. You should be dead.”

What the surgeon didn’t know is that Johnson was healed one night by a Bigfoot Forest Person while sleeping at his Southern Oregon Habituation Area.

“In the middle of the night, I woke up from a deep sleep and realized that I had been zapped,” Johnson explains.  “Although I was wide awake, my body was immobilized. I felt a large hand on top of the sheet sliding back and forth over my left leg, from my groin to my knee and back to my groin again. There was some kind of energy emanating from the hand into my leg. 

“After about five minutes, I heard the Bigfoot Forest Person engage in mind speak* to another one, ‘His leg is still okay.’  Immediately, I thought to myself, ‘My leg is still okay? Still okay? Wait a second, you guys healed my leg?’”

While “operating,” the Bigfoot Forest Person also healed Johnson’s prostate and removed or dissolved a golf ball-sized growth in his intestinal tract that previously had been discovered with a CAT scan.

* DVT = Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot in a deep vein)
* MIND SPEAK = Telepathic communication with Bigfoot


Portal to home planet of the Bigfoot
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This is the SECOND of three articles based on information from Dr. Matthew A. Johnson’s book “BIGFOOT – A Fifty-Year Journey Come Full Circle.” More information about Johnson can be found in the first article in this series.

This part of Johnson’s story reads like science fiction, but he and others who experienced it with him swear it’s absolutely true. It started one night at Johnson’s Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA), when two of the men in the group called to Johnson to come quickly.

“My jaw dropped and hit the ground,” says Johnson. What he saw was a wide-open portal that was about 10 to 12 feet in diameter and similar to those he’d seen in the “Stargate” television series (L).

Within the portal, he said he saw “a completely different world than ours. It was a world with a red sky and dark scraggly vegetation.”  The other men saw it too, but when they shone their flashlight at the portal, it vanished. Months later, he actually saw a Bigfoot walk out of the portal.

By the time the portal appeared, Johnson and the Bigfoot had a long and trusting relationship, so much so that one Bigfoot named “Onx” began to provide Johnson with stunning information.

Onx explained there were portals all over the Earth and across the universe and that some of his people had “learned how to manipulate the portals and travel through them.”  He said this was vitally important because their planet was dying and he and his people used the portals to flee their home planet.

Cloaking or disappearing from view

During the two-hour mind speak conversation with Onx, Johnson asked him “Are you willing to tell me how you are able to cloak and uncloak?” 

“Yes,” Onx responded. “Our natural state of existence is at a higher vibrational frequency than humans.  Therefore, we are outside of your visual field of range.  However, some animals can still see us such as canines and felines.  Your cameras can catch images of us too even when you can’t see us with your own eyes.  Your pictures are often blurry because of our high vibrational frequency.  If and when we are interested in having one or more humans to see us with their own eyes, we will intentionally slow down our vibrational frequency.  When we do this, we become solid beings just like humans are solid beings.”

NOTE: There is considerably more information in Johnson’s book about the Bigfoot Forest People’s portal at his habituation site.


Leader of Bigfoot Forest People speaks
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This is the THIRD of three articles based on information from Dr. Matthew A. Johnson’s book “BIGFOOT – A Fifty-Year Journey Come Full Circle.” More information about Johnson can be found in the first article in this series.

Zorth, a leader among the Bigfoot Forest People, spoke to Johnson about many things including the following bulleted quotes. But first, it’s important to know that Zorth told Johnson he was the leader of a global council of Bigfoot leaders.  “The Council of Twelve,” he explained, “consists of two elders from each habitable continent on Earth.”

● “We can transform into anything we want to be,” Zorth told Johnson.  “We can be a deer, bear, cougar, wolf, raven, or squirrel.”  His statement brings to mind the Native American stories about shapeshifters.

● “We came over from our dying planet during the time of your dinosaurs.  We’ve been here on the Earth longer than the human race.  Eventually, we chose to shapeshift into an upright, bipedal, hairy human-looking hominid in order to get the attention of the human race.  If we were a deer, we would just be another deer to you.”

● “We all come from the same God.  Our souls are the same.  We are all beings of light.  We just have different bodies. . . We go back to God after we die.”

● “We never rebelled against God.  That is why we keep our distance from most humans because they are self-centered and mean spirited.  They are not kind to one another.  They steal, rape and kill one another.  They do not take care of God’s creation.  We are only interested in interacting with kind humans with good hearts and open minds.” 

● “We eat fish, eggs, birds, and vegetation.  We do not eat mammals.  It’s the Treykon who eat the mammals.” 

When asked about the Treykon, Zorth responded, “The Treykon were brought to Earth a long time ago to mine it for its minerals.  When the aliens were done mining the Earth, they left the Treykon behind.  They’re a vile species.  They stand about six to eight feet tall.  They’re menacing creatures and not very bright.  They’re the ones who eat the mammals and occasionally take humans in the forest.  It’s not us.  We don’t eat mammals and we don’t harm humans.”

● “If kind hearted people with good hearts and open minds reach out to us, then we will reach back to them.  It is our hope to help improve humanity as well as their stewardship of the Earth, one person at a time.  Please share this message with others of your kind.



Photo of possible Bigfoot napping spot
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Christy Hughes
lives in Western North Carolina and often hikes the mountain trails.  On October 8, 2020, she and a friend were hiking a remote trail on the Plott Balsam Ridge and came upon a possible Bigfoot structure (L).

“I don’t just take a photo,” she says.  “I’m drawn by the energy of a place and I was drawn to take this photo.”

Based on known Bigfoot structures we’ve seen and/or posted on this website, this looks like a place a Bigfoot might take a nap. More significantly, two other hikers saw a Bigfoot to the west of this structure a few years ago.

Christy also heard a bird call that didn’t quite sound like a bird when there were no birds to be seen.  A unique “bird call” often is heard by those in known Bigfoot territory.  Below are photos of the area around the shelter.

Christy Hughes
is a massage therapist and yoga instructor who lives in Sylva, NC near Western Carolina University.  She also has studied with shamans in Nepal, Peru, Ecuador and the USA.

You can visit Christy’s yoga channel by typing Christy Hughes Yoga in the YouTube search bar.



Young Sasquatch kept man awake all night
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Johnny Manson
(R) is a 20-year veteran radio personality in Washington State.  His current show, “Strange Harbor Radio,” has been on KBKW (FM and AM) for 15 years. He also started the “Sasquatch Summit” conference in 2013.

“I kept hearing about Bigfoot conferences in other parts of the country and wondered why we didn’t have one here since this is ground zero for Sasquatch,” Johnny says. “So, I approached the Quinault Indian Nation and pitched them the idea and they jumped onboard.  They have been absolutely vital in the success of the conference.”

Some of the Olympic Mountain peaks in Washington State

For five bone-chilling days in December 2013, Johnny camped on a mountain peak in the Olympic Mountains at a Sasquatch habituation site.  The only other human with him, or anywhere within miles, was Dr. Matthew Johnson who established the remote site to study and interact with the Sasquatch who he calls Forest People.

“We got there in the early afternoon, it was eerily silent,” Johnny recalls. “Then I started looking around and saw multiple stick tree structures and barefoot prints everywhere, from 7 inches to 22 inches in length. According to Dr. Johnson, the largest ones were the Dad’s prints who stands 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

“But the action really started when we climbed into our sleeping bags for the night.  We didn’t stay in tents; we stayed outside on cots and I could hear everything.  There was a ‘crow’ that was 100 times louder than any crow I’ve ever heard.  Then I could hear and feel the vibration of someone running around our campsite – thump, thump, thump – which actually had started earlier in the day. No human could make the ground vibrate that way. 

Johnny slept on a cot with their vehicle as a headboard.  He says the whispering
young Sasquatch “was within five feet, behind the small green bush in this photo.”

“All night long, I heard a little girl whisper at the foot of my cot.  When she whispered, I could hear at least two others reply from further back. I was too scared to go to sleep or look out. Instead, I hid in my sleeping bag. I also could hear rock clacking and sticks being hit together.

“Every time I started to drift off, she’d wake me up.  At one point, it sounded like she said NIP-KEE-YA. Dr. Johnson ran a parabolic disc recorder all night, so we were able to replay the word for others to hear too.

“About a month after this, a friend of mine was looking up old Native American words and she found NIP-KEE-YA to mean ‘to bring a friend’ or ‘brought a friend.’ So, the obvious meaning is that Dr. Johnson brought a friend.

“The morning after my sleepless night, Dr. Johnson, who had no problem sleeping, said he calls my night whisperer Chatty Cathy because she never shuts up.  He said she was an adolescent in a family of five which also included a toddler, two older siblings and the parents.”

NOTE: As frightened as Johnny was that first night on the mountain, he has returned to the Sasquatch habituation site five times.



ETs abort their open contact plan
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Phillip H. Krapf (R) was taken aboard an alien spacecraft along with other humans he described as “a virtual Who’s Who of the World” on the night of June 11, 1992.  They were kept onboard for three days to learn their intended roles in preparing humankind for direct contact with a peaceful race of ETs known as the Verdants.

This was mind-blowing for Krapf but he was chosen because of his writing ability, his 25 years as an editor at the Los Angeles Times, his Pulitzer win and because he was a known skeptic who didn’t believe in ETs.  In other words, he was a most unlikely person to make up an ET contact story; the public was more likely to believe him.

● THE PLAN: The Verdants said they had been studying humans over the past generation and now they wished to establish open contact with Earth’s humans.  This was not a casual decision.  The Verdants had an elaborate plan to gently prepare humans for direct contact with them. It began with abducting several hundred people, including well-known cultural leaders in the world to serve as ambassadors between the Verdants and humans.

● DESCRIPTION OF ETS: Krapf said the ETs called themselves Verdants because their home planet is like a garden of green vegetation.  He described them as slender, a little over five feet tall, with prominent eyes that shone out from slanted openings and with pointed ears like Mr. Spock from “Star Trek.”  He said their skin was greyish-green and they wore flowing garments.

● WHY PLAN WAS ABORTED: The Verdants’ plan was set to go in late 2001 but it came to a screeching stop after the barbaric act that brought down the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. After that, all the human ambassadors were instructed to abort their assignments.  As one Verdant said in exasperation, “Your whole world is insane!”

Another Verdant added:

“But we still stand by the 80-20 percent hypothesis. . . We still believe in the 80 percent. . . We will continue to monitor the planet.  We have not given up.  It will happen someday.  That is inevitable unless you blow yourselves up first.”

In 2020, there still is divisiveness and hate on Earth. Some would say it is more pervasive now than in 2001. So, somehow, Peacemakers must turn things around.

Krapf wrote two books about all of this: “The Contact Has Begun”(1998) and “The Challenge of Contact”(2001).


Garden by the Bay in Singapore might be a bit like the Verdant’s home planet.

Verdant race of ETs believes in God
By Mary Joyce

Phillip H. Krapf, a skeptical journalist who worked at the Los Angeles Times for 25 years, didn’t believe in ETs or God until he was whisked away in an alien spacecraft in 1992. The ETs onboard called themselves Verdants because their planet is like a lush green garden.
In his own words, here are a few things Krapf learned during his face-to-face conversations with the Verdants about their perspective on religions and God:

● “The only thing the Verdants know for absolute certain about the merits of religions other than their own is that God does not enter into unholy alliances.”

● “The bond between God and his various peoples is a private matter, a sacred bond that cannot be known from the outside.”

● “Each species has its own worldwide belief system, set of values, and codes of conduct, as well as its own unique conventions for practicing that religion, its particular covenant with God.  The Verdants themselves also have their own religion.”

● “The Supreme Theologian – the spiritual leader within the intergalactic federation – has a special relationship with God in which they communicate regularly. . . He didn’t mean simply a mortal supplicant praying to the Almighty and hoping his prayers would be answered.  He meant that actual two-way conversations take place and that these can be scientifically and factually documented. . . This position is rotated among the member species of the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.”

● “The soul is the link between intelligent beings and God and takes the form of spirit.”

● “All sentient beings with souls are equal partners in the universal family. . . The soul itself is universal and does not differ from one species to the next even though individual ones may temporarily reside in creatures of different physical bodies.”

● “All individuals in every species are like brothers and sisters under God, the ultimate parent.  It is hardly a surprise, then, to learn that there is a universal love between the species who have progressed to the status of star travelers, since they are all of the same spiritual family.”

● “There is no right or wrong way to praise God. . . it’s not the style of worship but the manner in which individuals conduct their lives that determines their piety.”

NOTE:  This information is from Phillip H. Krapf’s book “The Challenge of Contact.”



Respected historian: Ancient TN pygmies were real

John Haywood (1753-1826) was a respected judge who also is known as the “Father of Tennessee History.”  With those credentials, perhaps his published account about Tennessee pygmies helps uplift an ancient race of Little People from legends and tall tales into bona fide history. Information regarding the size of the Little People and their graves has been highlighted. – The editor

(R) Painting of Judge Haywood

“A number of small skeletons were discovered a few miles from Sparta, Tennessee, in White County, an account of which was given by a Mr. Lane. The graves were about two feet in length, fourteen inches broad, and sixteen inches deep. These extend promiscuously throughout the farm of Mr. Lane, and in a large and closely connected burying-ground in the vicinity; there were others of the same description four miles south of Sparta, and it is said that hundreds of them might be found throughout the locality. . . From the great number of small graves found here, says Mr. Lane, all of the same description and, among them all, but one being of a large size, it seems to indicate that there was, in ancient times, a race of people whose height was from two feet ten to three feet.”

Judge John Haywood

According to Tennessee Archaeology, Turner Lane (1762-1840) was a well-educated person who served as a teacher in White County, Tennessee for a number of years.  After pygmy graves were first unearthed on his property, he continued probing the land with an iron rod and discovered four more small graves containing tiny human remains, pottery vessels and shell artifacts.

NOTE:  The ancient Tennessee pygmies would have been toddler size.



Swamp adjacent to Lettuce State Park where a Florida Swamp Ape was seen and videotaped

Clear video of a Florida Swamp Ape

A canoeist paddling in a swampy area adjacent to Lettuce State Park northeast of Tampa, Florida saw a creature he first thought was a bear.  It wasn’t. Thank goodness he pulled out his video camera and captured 3.5 minutes of the creature splashing through the water as it appears to be chasing down its lunch. The video is the clearest and most convincing we’ve seen of a Swamp Ape, which is Florida’s name for Bigfoot. – The editor

CLICK HERE to watch the 3:32 minute video.



ET activities confirmed by space expert
By Mary Joyce, website editor

It would take a book to cover William (Bill) Tompkins’ professional accomplishments.  Suffice it to say that he was born with a high IQ, a photographic memory, an engineer’s mind and became a key player in aerospace developments even before NASA was created in 1958.  Eventually, he served as a confidential adviser to the top two men at NASA – Dr. Werner von Braun and Dr. Kurt Debus.

This photo was taken of Tompkins when he was 93 years old.  He died a year later on the day of the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 – an appropriate exit day for such a man.

In 2017, we posted an article titled “ETs were at NASA from the beginning” which was based on information from Tompkins’ book “Selected by Extraterrestrials.” CLICK HERE to read that article.

Then in 2020, editors published a posthumous second volume of “Selected by Extraterrestrials” based on files and computer notes Tompkins had turned over to them. 

A few statements by Tompkins from
“Selected by Extraterrestrials – Volume 2”

● “It has been known for thousands of years that the Moon is not a planetary Moon.  It is a hollow Moon ‘station’ that was built out in the galaxy by one of the Federations, towed into Earth orbit and parked with one side facing earth.  It is just a solar system command center handling situations in this sector of the galaxy.”

Photo from website files
of UFO fleet flying over Moon on April 21, 2014

● “First, it’s not our Moon.  Planet Earth is not our planet.  We are just allowed to use it while working for them at slightly above the slave level. The Moon and Earth both belong to several entities out there.”

● “Aliens have built hundreds of Moon structures . . . And of course, the aliens have built extensive facilities, not just in caverns like those that cover the entire inside of the Earth, but many cities on the backside of the hollow Moon.”

● “We know the aliens drop their five gases frequently and yes, we have photos of squadrons of their tankers dropping stuff right on Orange and San Diego counties at 300 feet.  One or two of those gases contain elements that prevent us from using the other 95% of our brain, probably most of the stuff floating around between our ears.”

● “The aliens have definitely prevented us from understanding our distant past. . . The schools don’t even teach history anymore.  If it is taught, it is a totally incorrect version to prevent us from knowing our real planet history of continued wars to control population, and other civilizations in our distant past.”

● “Aliens move into the past and into the future.  They step across time zones and live in the future.”


Adrenaline high chasing Bigfoot

Many Bigfoot hunters seem to get an adrenaline high tracking down the elusive “monster” in the woods.  The scarier the better. The bigger the better. The louder the better.  And if one comes at them, that is the ultimate rush – and another campfire tale to tell.

This point of view dominates Bigfoot movies, books and videos, but it is not a fair assessment of the elusive creature.  What I’ve found since I first began investigating Bigfoot reports in 2010, is that the “monster” side of Bigfoot typically comes out when their space is invaded by gun-toting humans who ignore their warnings to stay away.

There is another side of the Bigfoot.  They have families.  They have made friends with some humans and even have rescued people in trouble.  They have language.  They even have human maternal DNA though the paternal side is that of an unknown hominid. Like humans, they do not all look the same.

Because of all this, I wrote “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints” which focuses on the gentle side of the “monster” in the woods.  It features eyewitness testimonies from coast to coast and from as far away as Siberia.  Some call it a coffee table book because it’s packed with so many full color photos.

This is an entertaining and eye-opening read for young and old alike, so I encourage anyone who wants a fair and balanced understanding of Bigfoot, to consider reading the book. It is available through Amazon.

Mary Joyce, website editor



Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Dr. Henry Kissinger

The Airman, Buzz Aldrin, Kissinger and the Aliens
By Mary Joyce, website editor

For some reason, a video we posted a few years ago caught the attention of several well-known researchers and writers in August 2020. With renewed interest in the video testimony, we decided to highlight it again.

It is titled “The Airman, Buzz Aldrin, Kissinger and the Aliens.” It is the testimony of a man who had Top Secret security clearance at Edwards Air Force Base in California and saw things he wasn’t supposed to see beneath the base.

But his testimony reveals more than the secret facility beneath Edwards AFB.  The witness, also had a private conversation with Buzz Aldrin who told him about cigar-shaped vehicles on the Moon; about telepathically communicating with an ET; about NASA wiping away evidence of ET activity on the Moon from the photos the astronauts took; and about the astronauts being threatened if they talked about what they saw.

Then the witness tells of flying on a small Learjet from California to Ohio when an unexpected passenger boarded the plane at the very last minute. It was Dr. Henry Kissinger who was U.S. Secretary of State at the time.  In the ensuing conversation, Kissinger confirmed the existence of the underground facility at Edwards AFB and what Buzz Aldrin saw on the Moon.

Both Buzz Aldrin and Dr. Henry Kissinger warned the witness that he’d be in jeopardy if he talked about any of this.  

CLICK HERE to see the 24-minute testimony.



Linda Moulton Howe, is one of the most respected and trusted investigative journalists in the world when it comes to topics like UFOs, secret military projects and life on Mars and the Moon. For decades, she’s been known as an author, journalist and convention speaker, but since her appear- ances on “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel, she has become well recognized around the world. You can follow her research and discoveries at


Reptilian humanoids hidden beneath Edwards AFB
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Linda Moulton Howe (LMH), was one of several well-known individuals who contacted us in August 2020 about the video testimony of “Robert of Ohio.” She asked if she could post his story on her website which she did on August 13, 2020. 

She made her request because Robert’s testimony corroborates another witness testimony about a secret underground facility at Edwards Air Force Base in California which she posted on her website on August 10, 2020. That posting is quite extensive and we hope the following highlights from it will encourage you to read the entire posting.

The witness is the wife of a man who had Above Top Secret Security Clearance at Edwards AFB.  She tells LMH how she and her husband could never talk at home about his experiences at the base because he said “our home was tapped.”

But finally, his experiences with the Reptilians at the facility beneath the base became too much to keep to himself.  Taking advantage of his high security position, he actually took his wife to the base so she could see a Reptilian for herself.

They got in an elevator and went down many levels.  Once they exited the elevator, he leaned against the wall “and he kind of nodded to me to look in the window.  And the window was small, rectangular with very thick glass.  And I reached up and I looked in and it almost stopped my heart.  In there was a Reptilian being.”  

She described the Reptilian as “Fierce looking, probably about 7 feet tall. And just as I was gazing in, it turned its head and it had the Reptilian face . . . It looked like a lizard person standing up, but the hind legs were much bigger, stronger arms and muscular chest. Green, green skin, scaly. Different colors of green to yellowish, you know yellow-green around the inside of the arms. Hands with sharp claw-like hands. . . it was very menacing.”

“The moment it looked around; it pierced my heart.  It was like it scanned me.  And I jumped back from the window and I almost fell on the floor.  I was trembling. . .”

She said her husband “needed me to know.  He wanted the world to know.”

. . . and that is why we decided to do our part
by sharing this introductory information on our website.



Bigfoot friendship with Labrador dog
By Mary Joyce, website editor

I found this story of a Bigfoot’s friendship with a Labrador dog in the book “On the Trail of Sasquatch – True Stories of Bigfoot Encounters which was published in 2020 by Gary and Wendy Swanson. The story is part of a longer eyewitness testimony by Lee Cooper.

Since boyhood, Cooper remembers his grandfather befriending the Bigfoot at his hideaway cabin in the Lake Hubbard region of Michigan. It was a secret the man only shared with his grandson, mostly to protect the Bigfoot.

Cooper recalls watching his grandfather’s Labrador Penny “wagging her tail so rapidly it looked like a propeller” as a young Bigfoot scratched and petted her.”

“Grandfather seldom visited the cabin after Penny suddenly passed away. She was 12 years old, and Grandfather was crushed.  He mourned for a year, and he was never the same after her passing.  That bond between them was closer than two humans could be!”

“One of the rare times after that when Grandfather and I stayed at the cabin, we were reminiscing on the deck when suddenly the familiar rapping echoed from the lakeshore.”  

For years, Cooper says the Bigfoot announced their arrival at the cabin by loudly knocking on a tree, and then his grandfather always met them outside with bundles of food.

On this visit, “after the usual nods of approval, the animals turned to leave, but the bigger one kept looking around as if something was missing.  Then it stopped and laid its bundle on the ground, and turning to face Grandfather, it put its massive paws up to its ears and sort of moved them up and down like ‘flapping.’

“We immediately understood and Grandfather said, ‘Penny,’ to which both animals nodded and excitedly moved their heads up and down.  Grandfather pointed to the well-manicured mound on the edge of the lawn with the wooden cross that had her name meticulously etched in with a woodburning iron and said, ‘Penny.’  I know I saw a genuine, human-like sadness on the faces of the two Sasquatch, and as they passed her grave, each of them reached down to gently pet the mound with their giant hands.”



Video shows Bigfoot tossing a tree

It’s been quite a while since we checked out Bigfoot videos on the ThinkerThunker YouTube channel.  Unlike most Bigfoot video sources; the owner of this channel uses a scientific approach and state-of-the-art software to analyze other people’s videos.

CLICK HERE to watch one of those videos which shows a Bigfoot tossing a tree a great distance; and see why ThinkerThunker concludes it is not a faked video. – The editor




Tall BLUE MEN rescue soldiers
By Mary Joyce, website editor


TALL BLUE MEN have been rescuing soldiers during battles since at least WWII. Whether they were in Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam, Korea or WWII, soldiers describe the BLUE MEN the same way.
Below are three brief quotes from soldiers who encountered BLUE MEN during battles. They are taken from the book “Space Age Indians – their encounters with the Blue Men, Reptilians, and other Star People” by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Montana State University.

SOLDIER ONE: “I heard another VC rocket pierce the air.  I sat up trying to get my bearings, when suddenly the jungle was ablaze.  My leg was searing hot.  I was in excruciating pain.  At that moment, I doubted I would ever see home again, but just as that thought crossed my mind, the BLUE MEN appeared.  One of them shielded my body as several blasts fell nearby. . . an unusual sense of peace flowed over by body. . . Once the bombing stopped, one of the BLUE MEN came forward and placed his hand over my wound and the pain stopped. As I struggled to my feet, the BLUE MEN stood and disappeared into the jungle.  I knew I would be okay, but I never even got to thank them.”

SOLDIER TWO: “They were tall, taller than me. Maybe seven or eight feet tall. The one that shielded me from the blasts covered my entire body, and I was a big man back then.  Strange thing, I never felt his weight on my body although he was on top of me. . .

“I don’t think the BLUE MEN are physical beings like humans.  They are glowing, shimmering blue lights that appear as human forms.  I can’t describe their faces because the shimmering blue light concealed their faces.  I think they are made up of energy.  Perhaps, in their world, they take a physical form, but on Earth they are pure energy.  But I believe they don’t like war.  They are peaceful beings, and in their presence, I felt peace and love.”

SOLDIER THREE: “I saw the BLUE MEN in Afghanistan.  The brightest blue, translucent color you can imagine. . . We were sent out to recover the bodies.  I volunteered to go; these men were my brothers.  We rescued only one soldier, Dustin, who had made it through the night.  The other seven were missing.  We found some signs of their existence, a rifle, a St. Christopher medal, but no bodies. . .

“Dustin claimed that the STAR MEN came for them. . . a beam came down, and he watched them recover the bodies one by one and lift them into a tubular craft that rested above the scene. . .

“He said that after the bodies were recovered, the STAR MEN came to him.  He said they were tall, BLUE MEN, maybe as tall as eight feet.  Very muscular and strong.  They told him they were going to take his friends. . .

“Out of nowhere, the BLUE MEN materialized before us.  They told us that our friends were fine, and they were able to save our fallen comrades. . . They said they took them away to live in another world free of war.  Their past memories were gone and new memories in their place so they would no longer remember the war or their life on Earth.”

NOTE: None of the seven soldiers who died and were taken to another world to begin new lives had families or next of kin on Earth. Only Dustin had a family.


Reptilian ETs’ dire plan for humans
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Reptilian ETs don’t all look the same, but they all have physical features of cold-blooded reptiles on Earth – think bipedal lizards and snakes.

According to abductees, who sometimes have claw mark scars as proof of their encounters, the Reptilians have terrible plans for humankind and planet Earth, but let’s begin with one abductee’s description of the Reptilians he encountered:

“They were huge, scaly, figures with flat faces, big wide mouths.  They looked like lizards.  They must have stood eight feet tall.  I felt like a dwarf next to them.  They wore no clothes, although they had some kind of belt around their waist.  They had flashlights and what I assumed were weapons strapped to their arms.  And their arms were huge. Twice the size of my leg and they possessed tremendous strength.  Their eyes, they were the scariest part of all.  Huge oval-shaped eyes that wrapped partially around the sides of their heads.  Their pupils were yellow and oval shaped.”

Now let’s focus on the CHILLING PLANS of the Reptilian ETs in the words of abductees.

· “They have one purpose in mind and that is to kidnap victims and do their horrendous experiments.  They are more malevolent than the Greys, but since their visits may result in the death of the abductees, no one really knows how often they visit Earth.”

· “Both Fred and I were subjected to experiments where the abductors informed us that they were copying all of our knowledge.”

· “I’ve seen them take the human body and make it half machine and half human, and then control it to the point that the person will do anything they want them to do. . . The star visitors use mind control and energy harvesting to control those humans they abduct.  From my perspective, it has extreme spiritual implications.  They are not spiritual beings, and they show their power by destroying spirituality.”

· “They were stealing our minds, our memories, and our souls. . . I think that’s why we see so many people wandering the planet with no conscious or moral compass.  They have lost their souls.”

· “Once they have completed the energy harvesting, those individuals are subject to manipulation that cause them to act in ways that would shock humanity.  Riots, serial killings, torture, human trafficking.  These events have become common around the world.  We are losing our humanity. And it is the aliens who have brought that upon us with the assistance of power-hungry individuals who work in consort with them.  Some are politicians.  Many are the extremely wealthy in society.  They’ve given their souls to gain their wealth.  They cooperate with the enemy.”

· “I think they plan to one day control the Earth.  They already are doing it just a little at a time.”

· “I had a spotlight in my car, and I shined it toward the creature.  I saw it crouch down, and when it stood again it was a human. . . I asked him again why he had taken the form of a human, and he said it was to put me at ease.  I was confused by that statement since he didn’t seem to care about my feelings when he kidnapped me.  I think it was because he wanted to ask me questions.”

· “I’ve seen them torture humans and non-humans.  I’ve seen them steal their souls.  They have machines that take your soul. . . Once a person or creature is put into the machine, they follow orders blindly.  They have no will of their own.  It worries me.”

This person was put in a soul-stealing machine.
Here is how he prevented his soul from being taken.

I recited an ancient prayer my grandfather taught me when they put me in the machine.  My Pops taught me this prayer as a means to overcome fear.  Over and over again, I recited the prayer.  The machine didn’t work.  I think the words of my grandfather were too powerful for them.

“I wanted you to tell my story because I believe the Reptile Men have plans for Earth.  I think they want to make humans subservient to them.  If you write my story, tell the people that if they are taken to pray their own prayer to prevent the Reptile Men from capturing their soul.  Perhaps if everyone did this, we will discourage them.  This is why I tell you my story.  It’s maybe the most important thing I will ever do.”

NOTE: All of the above quotes from abductees are taken from the book “Space Age Indians – their encounters with the Blue Men, Reptilians, and other Star People” by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Montana State University.  We’ve added the highlighting.


Bigfoot footprints in snow on Mt. Rainier

These Bigfoot footprints were discovered by Julie Wright and her family on a hike up the northside of Mt. Rainier, WA on July 5, 2020. Below is her report. – The editor

JULIE: We drove up a steep logging road to a remote trailhead at Summit Lake. About a mile before we reached the lake, we saw large trees, most without branches, arranged strangely.  The branches seemed too long and heavy for humans to lift and arrange.

Tree branches “arranged strangely” – Julie and Craig Wright

Then a half mile from the lake, there were medium-size boulders in the road. It was eerie, but it also looked like there would be more to see if we hiked up in that area.

From the trailhead, it was about a mile to snow and a smaller lake. That’s where we saw an extra-large footprint in the snow.  From there, it appeared footprints went up the hill in the snow, but those prints were melting.



Stinky smells during alien abductions
By Mary Joyce, website editor

“As the gray helped him down, Joe saw that the table was not symmetrical, but instead appeared to be curved, with a minor dip in the center.  The bright light above him was now extinguished, and the room seemed enveloped in a hazy twilight.  A low-lying fog or mist swirled around the base of the floor.  Joe detected an acrid odor like sulfur.

From page 116 of “Onboard UFO Encounters”
by Preston Dennett

This wasn’t the only time Joe smelled sulfur. Once he went home and found his girlfriend distressed because a UFO had hovered over the house.  They both “noticed a strange odor of sulfur in their home.” 

· Another UFO researcher, Dolores Cannon, also found some people recalled stinky smells during their UFO abductions.  One of her hypnotherapy clients, LeeAnn, struggled to describe the smell:

“That smell – not like anything I ever smelled.  You know how rotten eggs smell?  It wasn’t like that, because that is like a sulfur smell.  It wasn’t organic. . . This smell is like a burning, like a metal.  We used to live in Chicago right by the steel mills.  And it reminds me of the smell when they burned metal.”

Dolores Cannon said another abductee, Christine, “was overwhelmed by a smell that she found difficult to describe.  The closest she could come was that it reminded her of something electrical burning, like a burnt-out engine.  She did not think it was coming from the beings themselves, but instead from a room where the power supply was located.”

· A third UFO researcher, Antonio F. Rullan, published an extensive research paper on the subject back in 2000.  Below is one chart from his paper titled “Odors from UFOs.”




Two Bigfoot dens found in Hudson Valley forest

Hikers reported two apparent Bigfoot dens to the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley on June 1, 2020.  The dens were found by a small creek in a Cairo, NY forest. In addition, the hikers found a trackway on a ridge and an extra-large footprint. Regrettably, the footprint was in fallen leaves and not clearly delineated.

The hikers said they were grunted at when they were there; and some Cairo residents claim they have heard howling and tree-knocking in the area.

Second den more heavily covered – Footprint on trackway



ETs warn we must save environment
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Whether or not ETs want to save our planet for themselves or may actually care about humankind is up for discussion.  But, it’s significant that their warnings to save the planet have increased dramatically since Donald Trump became president according to Yvonne Smith, a hypnotherapist and UFO researcher.

Smith says abductees “feel a sense of urgency and fear for the future” and that concern “spiked dramatically during the 2016 Presidential election.”  She adds that the ETs’ warnings to abductees spiked again when Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

It’s worth mentioning that Smith has worked closely with notable abduction researchers like Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, PhD, and John Mack, MD.  She’s also appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and has been a consultant for producers, directors and actors for film and TV projects.                                     

(R) Yvonne Smith

Dr. Young-hae Chi
(L), Professor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, believes there is a strong correlation between climate change and alien abductions.

In a presentation at the Ammach Conference in 2012, Dr. Chi said “it is not only scientists and theologians, but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species.”

According to Dr. Chi, aliens and humans share the same biosphere which means ETs also are affected by climate changes on Earth. He says this accounts for their increased interference in human affairs.


Clear Bigfoot print in BC, Canada

THE EDITOR: The Bigfoot footprint photos on this page were posted on the Sasquatch Watchers Facebook page on May 25, 2020 by Shelly Marie from British Colombia, Canada. We thought her photos and explanation were worth sharing. Minor editing has been done to make her explanation easier to read. 

SHELLY MARIE: I was out in the mountains of Merritt, BC and came across this single print on a vertical slope of a logging road. It had rained the previous day, so this ground had a sandy-mud type surface. The print was not far from where I live (20 km or 12.5 miles).  I spend hours in the back country and have never in 30 years seen anything like it.  There was a partial print just in the ditch close to the road, so I would say the stride going uphill was, at minimum, 10 feet. The boot in the photo is size nine. I think I just became a true believer!!!




How to fend off an alien abduction
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Those who claim to have been abducted by aliens typically feel they have been violated and terrorized.  They live in fear the aliens will return and snatch them away again.
Because we’ve heard many firsthand abduction accounts and read about many more, we want to suggest a book that has proven helpful to abductees since 1998.  It is titled “How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction” by Ann Druffel.

Druffel presents nine different tech-niques for stopping an abduction along with actual accounts of those who’ve successfully used the techniques.  Her book is a smorgasbord from which people can choose the method that feels best to them.

“Appeal to Spiritual Personages is perhaps the most powerful technique yet uncovered,” Druffel says.  “The technique is readily available to a majority of people, of all religions and walks of life . . . as well as by many of the great philosophers down through the millennia.”

Then she specifically mentions God, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, saints, angels and spirit guides as spiritual personages who have helped those who have turned to them for protection from alien intruders.

But you do not need to be religious to find a technique that can work.  The Mental Struggle Technique is the first one Druffel writes about in her book.  She says “intruding creatures almost invariably react with surprise when human beings show resistance.  This fact alone indicates that these harassing creatures, whatever or whoever they might be, seem to feed on fear.  If a witness confronts them self-confidently . . . the creatures seem powerless against them.”

One story in Druffel’s chapter about the Physical Struggle Technique is an EXTREME EXAMPLE but shows how vulnerable the Grey aliens can be.  It is the story of a woman who had reached her breaking point with the intruders.

“Patsy’s anger increased beyond tolerance,” Druffel says.  “She jumped out of bed and ran toward them attacking the one in the center, who was slightly taller than the other two.  Without thinking, she seized its neck and squeezed firmly.  She did not have any intention of hurting or killing it but only wanted to get the idea across to the creatures that she was fed up with their repeated harassments.  The entity’s neck felt somewhat warmer than human skin.  To her astonishment, the thin neck snapped and the entity’s oversize head fell onto its back.  She heard the sound of its neck breaking.”

There are six more techniques covered in Druffel’s book plus an encouraging array of firsthand success stories to go along with the techniques.




Tall White ETs – New video by former USAF specialist
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Sixteen years ago, I discovered Charles Hall’s four-book series “Millennium Hospitality” about a race of Tall White ETs he got to know while working as a USAF Weather Specialist in a remote section of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada from 1965 to 1967.

Later, Evelyn Gordon and I met Charles and his wife and found them to be honest and sincere; we saw no indications of an ulterior motive in publishing his information.  In fact, his original purpose was only to record his experiences for his children and grandchildren.

Sadly, his information about the Tall Whites is spread over four books or 1,552 pages. This is more reading than most people have the time or inclination to read. So, I was delighted to learn about a recent video where he focuses only on important details about his two-year involvement with the Tall Whites at Nellis AFB.

In the April 27, 2020 video, Charles provides basic information about his background and military career, but more importantly, he shares in-depth details about the Tall Whites including:  · physical descriptions · why they are on Earth · the location of their base · descriptions of their spacecraft and propulsion systems · their cooperative arrangement with the U.S. military · their families · variations in their personalities and more.

For some reason, it stuck in my mind that one of the Tall Whites Charles got to know was born on Earth during the presidency of James Madison (1809-1817), so they’ve been coming to Earth at least since then and live much longer than humans.

If you want to learn about the Tall Whites, this video is worth watching.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.




Grey ETs – Details not commonly known
By Mary Joyce, website editor

While Charles Hall was serving as a Weather Specialist at Nellis AFB from 1965 to 1967, he interacted with three different races of ETs, primarily the Tall Whites, but also the Greys and Nordic ETs.

Charles learned that of the three races, only the Greys have trouble breathing in Earth’s atmosphere, especially as they get older.  He says as their bodies grow, the Greys’ most important internal organ - a heart/lung combination - does “not grow correspondingly larger.” So, it becomes increasing difficult for them to breathe Earth’s thin air without the help of a breathing device.

This breathing problem limits the activities of the adult Greys and that is why humans are more likely to see or encounter Grey children and teens, not adults.  Charles says many people falsely have concluded the adults are a different race of ETs and have labeled then the “Tall Greys.”

Because the adult Greys cannot easily accompany their children or discipline them when they are on Earth, humans who encounter Greys often find themselves dealing with very undisciplined teens and children who do not know how to relate to humans or how to respond to human threats.

“For example,” Charles says, “during the early 1950s, many Grey children thought humans enjoyed playing the game ‘Chicken’ – as depicted in a number of famous movies back in the 1940s and the 1950s . . . It was common for the alien children to use their high-performance scout craft to play Chicken with airplanes.”  Of course, the human pilots didn’t know it was just a game.

Even so, Charles says adult Greys allow their teens to fly their young children to remote areas to play on the Earth’s surface where it is safer, more comfortable and healthier than playing in space or on the surface of the Moon.  Charles says it was such a vehicle that went down in Roswell, NM back in 1947 – a craft full of children.

By the way, the young pilot that day did not fly a clunker vehicle.  Charles, who has seen such a vehicle in operation, says it was a scout craft that “was capable of tremendous performance . . . It could travel from the Earth’s South Pole to the Earth’s North Pole in less than 15 minutes.  It could journey to the Earth’s moon in the same amount of time.”

To learn more about the Grey ETs and the Roswell crash, read Charles’ book “Millennium Hospitality V – The Greys.”  I personally would recommend reading the back section of the book first.  It is labeled “BOOK TWO – DISASTER AT ROSWELL.”  The first half of the book bogs down in details similar to those covered in his earlier books, but does include a touching story of a Grey ET couple saving two Asian orphans.




New book by top MUFON field investigator
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Angelia Sheer and her new book “UFO ENCOUNTERS – How high
strange events transform human perception”

Angelia Sheer will do whatever it takes to investigate UFO sightings – camp out, hike, ride an ATV or even a horse.  Her sleuthing tenacity is why MUFON named her its Field Investigator of the year in 2019, and why she has served as Chief Investigator and Director of the organization in Tennessee for over five years.

But Angelia’s interest in UFOs started long before joining MUFON.  She recalls watching the original “Star Trek” shows when she was only five or six years old and sometimes crying because she felt she was “supposed to be on that ship exploring with those people.”

As an adult, she’s been doing UFO research for 37 years and founded her own investigative organization, Parasheer Research, and a website (

Beyond her life-long interest in UFOs and her enormous curiosity, Angelia brings a wide range of knowledge and talents to her investigations.  First, she is well trained in the sciences.

“My father was a professor of biology,” she says, “and I was tutored in the hard sciences and math.  I also have an MBA and my regular job is doing analytics for businesses.  All this helps me see patterns in the UFO phenomena which helps open doors to understanding of other realities.”

Second, Angelia has a mother’s heart and compassion for those who have had UFO or alien encounters.  When a witness is really stressed, she is just a phone call away, even in the middle of the night.  In extreme situations, she’s been known to sleep on the floor next to a distraught witness.

Third, Angelia’s compassion is enhanced by years of meditation and psychological studies, plus she is a hypnotherapist and has studied at the Monroe Institute which is the world’s leading educational center for the study of human consciousness.

Finally, it should be added that Angelia is highly regarded by some of the best-known paranormal experiencers and researchers.  Above, she is shown with Travis Walton who wrote “Fire in the Sky” after his abduction experience; and Dr. Igor Burtsev, director of the International Centre of Hominology in Russia.

NOTE: MUFON stands for “Mutual UFO Network” which is one of the oldest and largest organizations of its kind in the world.




Bigfoot prints found in North Carolina park

Notice that the Medoc footprint on the left is broader than the human print on the right. It also shows no indication of an arch and the toes line up differently.

Above left is a photo of a large footprint found on an out-of-service road in the Medoc Mountain State Park in North Carolina on April 20, 2020.  It is one of a series of prints discovered by a park visitor from Delaware who, fortunately, reported it to the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum in Littleton, NC.

Stephen Barcelo, owner of the museum, immediately headed to the park.  He measured the prints, which were 12.5 inches long and 7 inches wide, and then made a plaster casting for his museum. The length of the print is not unusual for a human, but such a foot would never be 7 inches wide.  The size of the print indicates the Bigfoot was an adolescent.

On the right is one of the out-of-service roads through Medoc Mountain State Park.



Bodyguard sees Bigfoot for first time
By Mary Joyce, website editor

NOTE:  To protect a Bigfoot location, pseudonyms for the witnesses are used.

On March 28, 2020, I received the following text from Jack who I met back in 2015 when we were investigating the most complex Bigfoot story we’ve ever posted on our website.*  At that time, he served as a pistol-carrying bodyguard for Samantha whose home had been invaded by multiple Bigfoot.  He admitted back then that he was afraid of the creatures.

“Mary, I saw him!!! Last night on my way home I saw him, probably half a mile from my house.  He was huge.  I can’t believe it.  I actually saw a Bigfoot.”

“Probably two weeks after the Bigfoot activity began at Samantha’s place, it started taking place at mine,” he told me back 2015. “It was almost as if the Bigfoot sent a letter to those who live up next to me.” Jack lives a couple mountain ridges and an eight-minute drive from Samantha’s land.

Well, over time, Jack’s fear of the Bigfoot began to melt away.  He stopped wearing his pistol and three years ago he started putting food out for the Bigfoot.  Interestingly, in the past three months, he says Bigfoot activity on his land has dramatically increased. 

Brief summary of Jack’s recent Bigfoot sighting

Jack lives on a mountaintop ridge off a gravel road in Western North Carolina.  He was born there and has lived there all but seven years of his life.  On the night of March 28, 2020, when he was driving home, he saw a Bigfoot bound down a slope and take just one step on the road before continuing down the slope.

Jack’s sighting was less than a half mile from his home.  There was no time to snap a photo but he did have the presence of mind to look at his watch.  “It was 10:30 p.m. on the dot,” he told me. He also estimated the creature’s height to be about eight feet. 

When it was daylight, Jack went back and took a photo of the spot where Bigfoot had bound across the road (L).  He also took a photo of each side of the road which are shown below

*You can read about Jack and Samantha’s experiences in three stories in the 2014-2015 archives of this section of the website.  They are titled: (1) “Valley of Bigfoot and “Little Alien Dude,” (2) “Bigfoot home base found in North Carolina” and (3) “Adventure on way to Bigfoot cave.”




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