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"There are no miracles; there is only that which
is beyond human knowledge and understanding."

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2014 - 2015 Cosmic Miracles

» EMT's Christmas Miracles
» Three teens get glimpse of afterlife
» Blind woman sees during near-death experience
» Healer transforms drooling, nonverbal 8-year-old
» Healing miracle for Balsam Range musician
» Woman's MIRACLE could change how we all live
» Jesus appearing to Muslims in visions and dreams



EMT’s Christmas Miracles a

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following true Christmas Eve miracle story was written by Sally Larson who was a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for many years in South Brevard, Florida and now serves as a Patient Care Representative at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne.

flake One Christmas I was working my usual Thursday night shift 6 p.m. to midnight - or whenever we brought in the last patient. It was dark and gloomy and we were constantly busy with all sorts of accidents and mayhem, when my crew got a call for a ‘man down.’   This can be anything from a dog bite to a Code 99 which means no breathing, no heartbeat. 

When we arrived, the man was definitely a Code 99, so we started our emergency care. The room was cramped and we as rescuers were crowded. I held an IV in my teeth, a penlight in one hand, and was ready to hand my medic whatever he needed. We had no information or list of the man’s medicines to go by. 

We continued our medical assistance as we loaded the patient in the ambulance. Enroute to the hospital, we got the patient back – still unconscious but breathing and with a strong heartbeat.  It was a victory for us. Code 99 saves are rare and everyone on the crew was grateful and proud. 

When we arrived at the hospital, we were told that between 12 noon and midnight, there were seven Codes and seven saves - that’s almost unheard of.  When we finally got off our shift, my partner Chuck and I exchanged Christmas hugs and knew there was “someone” else riding with us that night.  We’d been blessed.

snow Years later close to Christmas, I was pulling my usual shift as a Patient Care Representative visiting newly admitted patients in our hospital. As always, I was impressed by the attitude of the patients and their families who usually were smiling after I’d spent time with them. Give a smile, get a smile - what a great reward.  

That particular night, I went into one room and the little old frail patient was sitting up in his recliner chair.  With a gentle chuckle, I told him he’d picked a lousy time to be in the hospital but at least he’d get a good Christmas dinner. 

He looked up at me and said his son, who had been on the floor above him, had lost a brave fight with cancer and had died that night. My own son had died the previous January so we opened our broken hearts and shared fond memories of our loved ones.  This was the first Christmas our sons would not be with us though we would hold them dear in our hearts.

When I went to leave my patient’s room, he struggled out of his chair, held open his arms and said “No one ever  has enough hugs.”  We shared a hug and he stepped back and looked at me and said “You were sent to see me today, I feel better.”  I felt better too.  
I think that was my ultimate Christmas gift. 




Three teens get glimpse of afterlife

Leanne Hadley (R) is a minister to children and families at the First United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado and also serves as a hospital chaplain.  The following miracle report is from her book “Touching Heaven.”

“I called the cystic fibrosis kids the “gang” because I rarely found one of them alone no matter what time of day or night it was,” Leanne Hadley wrote. “They treated the cystic fibrosis unit as their own personal clubhouse. . . The only time I could ever determine the toll the disease had on them was when one of the gang would die.”


When a teen named Julie died, Leanne knew the rest of the gang would need to express their true feelings so she gave them markers and paper.

“I explained that they needed to get their feelings out, and sometimes drawing could be an easier way to express them than using words . . . After they finished drawing, I suggested that everyone lay their pictures down in the middle of the circle so that we could all see them, and then if anyone felt comfortable sharing, they could.”

As the first girl showed her picture, she blushed and said, “I know this might sound weird, but I had a dream last night, and I saw Julie.  She didn’t say anything, but I think she appeared to me to let me know she was all right.  She looked so happy and the light around her was so bright, and the grass was the greenest color I have ever seen.”

“The look of shock that came over two of the other teens’ faces would have been funny if it had not been such a sad time,” Leanne explained.

Then a second girl said, “I can’t believe this.  See my picture?”  It too showed a girl in the midst of a bright yellow light standing on a green hill.  “I had a dream last night too! And this is what I saw.  It’s the same as yours!  Do you think Julie appeared to us both?  Did we see heaven?”

“No one spoke,” Leanne said.  “A stunned silence filled the room.  I was covered with goose bumps.  Finally one of the teens broke the silence by asking the person who had drawn the third similar picture if she had had a dream as well.

“The teen looked extremely embarrassed and said, ‘No.  I couldn’t sleep because I was so upset.  And for some reason I felt afraid that if I let myself go to sleep, I wouldn’t wake up again.  I felt like if I went to sleep I would die.  So I wasn’t sleeping. . . . I saw her, but I was awake.  She appeared to me, like a ghost, only not scary . . . I heard a noise, and when I looked up, there she was.  You would think I would have been afraid, but she was so beautiful and there was this calm feeling in the room.  I sat there looking at her for a long time.  We didn’t speak with words, but somehow she told me that I wouldn’t die if I went to sleep, so I should lie down and go to sleep.  I lay down, and when I looked up, she was gone.”

One of the teens asked the others, “So does this mean Julie is okay?  Does this mean she’s in heaven?”

“Everyone started talking animatedly, assuring him that the dreams and the vision were proof that Julie was fine,” Leanne said. “The atmosphere in the room shifted from the place of sorrow I had entered to an atmosphere found at a high school ball game.  The teens laughed and chatted, and then someone decided it was time to eat.  Life had returned to normal.”




Blind woman sees during near-death experience

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Right after her birth, Vicki Umipeg was carefully placed in an incubator but carelessly given too much oxygen.  Her optic nerves were destroyed and she’s been totally blind ever since.  She doesn’t even see black.  Without optic nerves, her eyes can’t see any better than her feet.

What makes her story so fascinating is that she’s been able to see twice in her life.  Both times were during near-death experiences – once after complications from surgery and once after a serious car accident.

In the emergency room after the car accident, Vicki says she was stunned to be able to see the medical team from above as they tried to save her life.

“The first thing I was really aware of is that I was up on the ceiling, and I heard this doctor talking – it was a male doctor – and I looked down and I saw this body, and at first, I wasn’t sure that it was my own.  But I recognized my hair.  It was very long . . . and it was down to my waist and part of it had had to be shaved off, and I remember being upset about that.”

After she found it impossible to communicate with the doctor and nurse, she literally went through the roof and found it “astounding” and “disorienting” and “frightening” to see the streets, buildings and lights from above the hospital’s roof. Imagine how startling it would be to see for the first time from above a building top.

NOTE: A more complete version of Vicki’s experience is included in “Lessons from the Light” by Kenneth Ring, PH.D.





At the beginning of her healing session, 8-year-old Pauline was lost in her own world.  She was oblivious to the audience and the healer trying to help her.  She constantly drooled.  Her body movements and her nonverbal sounds constantly expressed agitation.

In less than 20 minutes through the healing efforts of Doctor/Master Sha, her drooling and agitated sounds stopped.  She reached out to hug her mother and then looked directly at the audience and waved. For her grand finale, she turned and waved goodbye to the man who had changed her life.

Healer transforms drooling, nonverbal 8-year-old

Witnesses to miracles often wonder if they’ve been fooled by great acting or a magician’s tricks.  Doubts quickly vanish, though, when watching the video of eight-year-old Pauline Walny’s transformation through the healing efforts of Doctor/Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Doctor/Master Sha is viewed as an extraordinary healer who is both a medical doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.  He combines those disciplines with energy and spiritual healing secrets from ancient China. 

In the case of Pauline, Doctor/Master Sha determined karma was the source of the child’s problems so he focused entirely on using spiritual energy to heal her.  In less than 20 minutes she was better and improvement is expected to continue.

“Heal and transform the soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow.”

- Doctor/Master Zhi Gang Sha

CLICK HERE to view the video of Pauline’s transformation.



Buddy Melton is vocal tenor and fiddler for the Balsam Range Bluegrass band
which has been winning International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards since 2010.

Healing miracle for Balsam Range musician
By Mary Joyce, website editor

It’s a true miracle that Buddy Melton, vocal tenor and fiddler for the award-winning Balsam Range Bluegrass band is alive and able to perform.

In March 2012 while loading cattle, a cow kicked the heavy steel gate on the truck into Buddy’s face with such force that he was rushed to a hospital emergency trauma unit.  It took three surgeons and 11 hours in the operating room to piece him back together.

Everything was going well until a serious infection set in. Buddy’s fever and white blood cell count suddenly shot up and he was vomiting even though he had not eaten.  The pain became so intolerable that three heavy-duty pain killers -- morphine, Oxycodone and Percocet – couldn’t stop the pain.

“When the accident first happened,” his mother later wrote, “I had called a minister friend, Ron Childress, who has the gift of healing.” 

About 11:30 that evening, Childress returned Ann Melton’s call and said, “I have called to pray for your son. . . I’m going to ask God to send a healing angel to him.”

The prayers must have worked.  When Ann Melton walked into her son’s hospital room at nine the next morning, her daughter-in-law Carla said, “We had a really good night; Buddy slept all night and so did I.”

Then Carla explained, “I have to tell you, Jesus visited us last night.  It was around 11:30.  Buddy was asleep.  The room was dark, and I had my eyes closed.  I was praying so hard.  I was so afraid, so worried, so sad and heart-broken for Buddy when suddenly I realized that a light had come on in the room.

“I opened my eyes and Jesus was standing on the other side of Buddy’s bed.  His face was so bright that I couldn’t see his features, but I know he was smiling at me.  He laid both hands on Buddy’s chest.  In a few moments, he was gone.”

At 5:30 the next morning, Buddy’s mother received a text message from her daughter-in-law which read:  “Amazing! This is the most amazing thing!  Buddy jumped out of bed and is walking around the room, whistling, and cracking jokes.  He had no pain medication all night.”

According to an article about Buddy’s accident in “Bluegrass Today,” the head of the Balsam Range record label asked Buddy for a statement for the press and was told “One cow, free to good home.”

NOTE:  Ann Davis Melton’s version of her son’s miracle healing is the first chapter in her book “I Will Lift Up My Eyes.”  All but the last quote are from her book. I’d like to thank Bill Crawford who told me about Buddy’s miracle.




Anita Anita's book

Woman’s MIRACLE could change how we all live

Anita Moorjani was a comatose, skin covered skeleton filled with tumors when she was brought back to the hospital on February 2, 2006.  Doctors told her family she wouldn’t last more than a few hours.  Her four year battle with cancer was over, or so it seemed.

Even though she was in a coma, Anita recalls, “I was aware of everything that was going on around me.”  More significantly, she was transported to another realm where she was greeted by her father and best friend who were in spirit.  Together they helped Anita understand so many things about life and about herself.

Considering her dire physical condition, perhaps the most important insight was how her own behavior had fed the cancer.  Her lack of love and respect for herself fed it.  Her feeling of not living up to other people’s expectations fed it.  Her fears fed it.  She had even obsessed on preventing cancer before she ever got it.

But all those negative thoughts and feelings vanished when she was in that other realm and just before returning to her physical body, her father and best friend said:

“Now that you know the truth of who you really are,
go back and live your life fearlessly.”

With that farewell, she opened her eyes and said to everyone in her hospital room, “I’m fine.  I know I’m going to be fine.  It’s not my time.”

Within five days the tumors, some as big as lemons, shrunk by 75 percent.  Within five weeks, she was completely cancer free and was released from the hospital.

To learn more about Anita’s miracle, read her book “Dying to be me” or
CLICK HERE to view an 18:05 minute



Jesus appearing to Muslims in visions and dreams



KHOSROW, an Iranian, felt depressed and without hope when Jesus appeared in a vision, reached out his hand and promised that his “life would change forever.”  When he took Jesus’ hand, he said “waves of electricity flowed through my body over and over again. I wept for the first time since I was a child and joy filled by heart.”

DINO, an Indonesian teenager who’d been let down by family and friends became a Christian the night Jesus appeared to her in a vision.  She was filled with peace that stayed with her even when she was persecuted for her conversion.

KHALIL, a radical Egyptian terrorist who hated Christians and Jews, was transformed after Jesus visited him in a dream.

MOHAMMED, a Nigerian herdsman had a series of dreams in which Jesus appeared.  His father tried to kill him after he became a Christian but Mohammed survived and eventually his father became a Christian.


All over the Muslim world people are having vivid dreams and visions of Jesus that overwhelm them with a love they’ve never experienced.

At the risk of death – often by their own families – they abandon Islam and follow the teachings of Jesus.

(L) Dr. Hormoz Shariat

While it’s impossible to know how many Muslims are having Jesus visitations, it is known that seven to nine MILLION Iranians regularly watch Dr. Hormoz Shariat’s around-the-clock Christian satellite television program, “Iran Alive Ministries.”

The former radical Muslim, who is now known as “The Billy Graham of Iran,” was inspired to reach out to Iranians after his brother was arrested at the age of 16 for a minor political charge, jailed for two years and then executed by a firing squad.  The tragedy inspired him to dedicate his life “to loving Muslims and sharing the Gospel with as many of them as possible.”

NOTE:  If you wish to learn more about Muslims who’ve had dreams and visions of Jesus, you might start with Tom Doyle’s book “Dreams and Visions.”  Also, some “Iran Alive” programs are posted on the Internet with English captions.

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