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UFO appears in chemtrail photo
EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this photo and brief explanation from a man with the moniker “BEARZ.” He lives northwest of Cashiers, NC. When we enlarged his photo, we found it interesting that there are two darker vertical areas equidistant from each end of the UFO.
I'm a fashion and narrative photographer; however, I've been an avid sky watcher ever since I was little. Today, November 10, 2010, was a heavy chemtrail spray day here in Western North Carolina. When I got home and started going through my photos, I noticed this unusual object in the chemtrail spray. I thought others might be interested in seeing the photo.

UPDATE: After sending this photo to our webmaster, we learned from Beck Horne that BEARZ/Bjorn also sent a copy to Coast to Coast AM which posted it as a Photo of the Day on its website.

Here is the original photo

enlarged photo - see two darker vertical areas



“Parachute” phenomenon captured in two countries

The top photo was taken near Crossville, TN by Bob Emery with a simple point-and-shoot Polaroid camera on August 10, 2010. Though he’s taken hundreds of “Blue Moon” photos since 2008, this is the first time he’s captured the phenomenon on the extreme left. It looks remarkably like the image in the second photo which was taken with a more powerful camera in Norway on January 20, 2010. To learn more about the Norwegian image, go to Global Links on this website and read New “parachute” phenomenon over Norway.

Parachute phenomenon captured

Sharp-edged streaks amongst the orbs

Here’s a puzzling photo from Bob Emery of Crossville, Tennessee who’s been snapping photos of the sky from his backyard nearly every night since 2008. That was the year he captured his first orb photos. Since then, he’s taken uncountable orb photos, including some that look a bit like angels. Then on June 19, 2010 around 2 A.M., he captured these sharp-edged streaks amongst the orbs. Oddly, there were smaller orbs within the streaks. The second photo was taken moments later and shows that the streaks' appearance was but a flash in time.

Sharp-edged streaks amongst the orbs - June 19, 2010 June 19, 2010 orbs
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For those who like another kind of mystery, there’s more to Bob’s story. Once some of his orb photos were posted on this website, the orbs didn’t show up for four to five weeks. Then on the night of June 19, 2010, Bob was at his desk looking at photos of his wife who passed away in 2009 and said, “Send me something that I can get a picture of this time.” Immediately after that, he went outside and snapped this unusual photo.

To add more intrigue, Bob was with a group of people in Florida in December 2009 that included a psychic he’d never met before. She called him later and said his wife’s spirit had been standing behind him with her hand on his shoulder at the gathering. She also conveyed a message from his wife that the two of them “would be doing something big together.” Bob says he’s left wondering if these unusual photos might be part of that “something big” that he and his wife are supposed to do together.

Scroll down to see other samples of Bob’s orb photos, plus a daytime shot he took of the “blue moon.” He’s taken them all with a simple Polaroid 7.0 MP point-and-shoot camera model i735.

“Blue Moon” spawns smaller “Blue Moon”
These three photos seem to show the “Blue Moon” spawning a smaller version of itself. They were taken sequentially by Spuz Shissler of Linville Falls, NC in May 2010. Though she’s taken hundreds of “Blue Moon” photos over the past year, this is the first time she’s captured this particular phenomenon.

You can find two of her other “Blue Moon” photos in the 2009 photo archives. They were taken on July 16 and November 24 of that year. All her photos have been taken with a simple Canon Power Shot A530 camera.

Blue Moon #1 Blue Moon #2 Blue Moon #3
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Sky Ship makes regular visits

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this photo and the story that goes with it from Ursula who lives near the Waynesville Country Club in Waynesville, NC. Her home is about 30 miles northeast of Cashiers.

I took this photo of a Sky Ship on March 23, 2010, but it’s not a onetime shot. My husband, young adult daughter and I, and often our neighbors, see it every clear night when we look west toward the Balsam Mountain Ridge.

It appears in the late dusk hours as the absolutely biggest star in the sky, grows in size, and then abruptly disappears about 30 minutes later. This happens every time. It’s always a steady green color and doesn’t twinkle or pulsate. Sometimes we see a second UFO farther off and to the right of our regular “visitor.”

This photo was taken with a very simple Nikon Cool Pix camera that only has seven megapixels.

Multi-colored orbs

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received these photos on April 25, 2010 from Chuck Willhide, a resident of the Isis Cove intentional community in Whittier, NC, which is about 30 miles northwest of Cashiers.

“I have never seen so many orbs in any one photo,” says Willhide “nor have I ever seen so many different colors and sizes, and I’ve been looking at this kind of stuff for probably 20-plus years.

“What you’re looking at in these photos,” he explains, “is a gateway to our outdoor Fire Temple. We were getting ready to dedicate the temple by lighting up the metal archway using two propane tanks. The second photo was taken a few minutes after the orb photo.”

Multi-colored orbs
Fire Temple

“Blue Moon” phenomenon not localized
We’ve posted “Blue Moon” photos from other places than Western North Carolina to show it is not a localize phenomenon.

“Blue Moon” photo from California
This photo was taken in the San Gabriel Mountains of California on January 7, 2010 by someone affiliated with the Lightworkers website.
Blue Moon - California
“Blue Moon” photo from Canada
We found this photo on The Big Wobble website. It was taken by a friend of the website in November 2009 from British Columbia, Canada.
Blue Moon - British Columbia
"Blue Moon" photos from Michigan
These photos further demonstrate that you don't have to be in the Western North Carolina mountains to capture "Blue Moon" photos. Patty Shrum took these from the deck of her home in the flat lands of Trenton, Michigan between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on September 1, 2009. She used a Canon Power Shot A1000 IS camera.
Click to enlarge
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Blue Moon from Tennessee
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"Blue Moon" photo from Tennessee

For those who might think "Blue Moon" photo images only can be captured from Western North Carolina, here is one from Bob Emery who lives about 10 miles south of Crossville, TN. He took this photo around 3:30 p.m. on April 10, 2010 from his backyard. He used a simple Polaroid 7.0 MP point-and-shoot camera model i735.

Sky Ship Squiggles

Glynis Heenan took each of these photos from her home in Cashiers, NC between 8:45 p.m. and 9 p.m. in early April 2010. They were taken with the same 10-pixel Samsung camera she's been using for the past two years. This time, though, she captured squiggles when she snapped a photo of a Sky Ship. Since squiggles never have appeared in her photos before and didn't appear in her April 8, 2010 shot of a Sky Ship, the phenomenon cannot be attributed to a shaky hand. Then on April 12, 2010, the following brief message came from the Sky Brothers:

Sky Brother's commentary on photos

"The recent photos demonstrate the speed at which Sky Ships can operate. It's another way of showing how humankind barely can perceive the workings of advanced technologies. Human craft, no matter how advanced, cannot perform in this way. This is a clear demonstration that true Sky Ships, not human reproductions of Sky Ships, are standing guard above the chosen place of revelations."
click on the images below to see the full-size image
April 4, 2010
April 4, 2010
April 6, 2010
April 6, 2010
April 6, 2010
April 6, 2010
April 8, 2010
April 8, 2010

Sky Ship bouquet

Like every skeptic in the world, those of us at Sky Ships over Cashiers would dismiss this photo as a pretty optical bouquet of colors if we didn’t know its history. It was taken on January 12, 2010 by Spuz Shissler who’s been taking midday photos of the Sun from her backyard in Linville Falls, NC since she learned about the “Blue Moon” phenomenon in June 2009.

“On clear days,” she explains, “I’ll snap 12-15 photos in hopes of getting an especially good one of the ‘Blue Moon.’ So far I’ve taken around 250 shots and this is the only one that looks like a rainbow bouquet.”

Shissler has sent a great many of her photos to this website and we’ve never seen the rainbow bouquet before. One is the best we have of orbs encircling the “Blue Moon.”

“So far, this bouquet photo is a one-time thing,” adds Shissler. “It hasn’t appeared in any photos I’ve taken before or since January 12th.”

See Shissler's other photos Nov 29, 2009 and July 16, 2009

Rainbow cross turns into orb of light

Becky Rodriguez of Sylva, NC snapped these three photos from her car on January 15, 2010. She was going from Waynesville to Sylva on Highway 74 when she noticed a very unusual rainbow shaped cross in the sky near Balsam Mountain Ridge. Later, when she looked at the photos, there was an orb of light in the cloud to the right of the Sun where the rainbow should have been. The shape made her think it might be a UFO hidden within a camouflage cloud. There are many reports of UFOs hiding within artificially created clouds so this could be an example of that.
Pics over Balsam
Pics over Balsam
Pics over Balsam
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