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Security contractor snaps photo of UFO over Asheville, NC 

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the following sighting report and photos on August 25, 2012 from Bob who’s a security contractor in Asheville, NC.  He formerly served in military security for the U.S. Air Force and later worked as a police officer.

One day I was at a security gate servicing it for a client, and I had a little down time as the guys with me began to pour some concrete and I was in the way.  I have a new 18 MP digital DSLR camera.  A turkey buzzard flew overhead and I snapped a shot. I love taking pictures of everything from flowers, to insects, water to the skies.  A beautiful shot it was with the silhouette of the bird, blue sky and the Sun. When I got home that day and looked at the photo, here is what I saw.



There is a silver orb that’s shiny on top with a shadow under it which is equidistant from the Sun and the bird.  I zoomed in and saw it has "dots" around it.  I hypothesized it to be Nibiru and its planets that day. I now do not believe the visiting solar system is what I saw.

For the week following, I looked up often but we had clouds and "hazy" skies – probably from the daily chemtrailing.  However, last Tuesday I was at the same location.  I parked and stepped out of my truck to service the gate.  I instantly looked up and there was a silver orb, shadow underneath, at least two thumb widths wide, almost directly overhead.  After the five seconds it took for me to pick up my jaw, I reached in the back seat to get my camera.  I am a former cop and military security trained guy so as I came out of the truck I looked up again.  As I was raising the camera, the orb was still there but by the time I looked into the viewfinder, in a streak it was gone.  I had a several mile view on that mountain and the orb was nowhere in sight.

I have to tell you that I believe that the "things" we are seeing in the sky are from one of two sources. First, I do believe in aliens, but I believe that they are more extra-dimensional than extraterrestrial, although both are true. I do believe that there have been and may still be life on the Moon and Mars including humans from Earth for a long time.  Most importantly I believe that the aliens are actually fallen angels, Nephilim, demon human hybrids, who enjoy deceiving and dominating us along with human evil governments filled with evil people.

Secondly I believe that humans have spacecraft the design of which has been taught for a long time by the "aliens" to us.  I am former U.S. Air Force and have seen some radar blips at 10,000 miles an hour and other things.

I wanted to share the picture I did get with you.  I now believe that the "craft" or beings hide in the Sun’s glow most of the time and I also have some video now.  If I happen to get any more photos, I will share them with you.  God Bless.

Puzzling shape hidden in Sun’s glare  

Puzzling Shape

Sun just before sunset on May 30, 2012 - Sun at sunrise on May 31, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received these photos and the following testimony on May 31, 2012 from Joyce who lives near the mountain town of Andrews, NC.  We encourage you to use your computer ZOOM feature and examine the details of the darker shape in the center of the Sun. Our own observations are at the end of this testimony.

I  used to be able to glance at the Sun through the corner of my eye years ago, but now it’s so bright that I avoid looking anywhere near it.  As I thought about that, I decided to take a picture of the Sun just before sunset on May 30, 2012. 

I was totally shocked when I looked at the cell phone photo and saw a darker shape in the Sun’s center.  Thinking it might be a fluke because of the camera angle; I immediately went to two other rooms in my house and snapped more photos.   The darker shape appeared in those photos, too.

The following morning I woke up early to catch the sunrise.  I was anxious to see if the spot in the middle of the Sun was still there.  I must have taken over 20 photos from different vantage points and the darker shape was in every photo.  Using a magnifying glass, it looked a bit like a donut.

I would appreciate it if you would let me know if this resembles anything you have seen before.  Possibly you could enlarge the photos.

Code and Chromosome

Sample images of a computer code and chromosomes

ENLARGEMENT RESULTS:  We used the tool icon, which is a tiny round gear in the upper right corner of our computer screen, and set the magnification at 400 percent.  That’s when we saw that the darker shape in the center of the Sun actually looks somewhat like a donut, especially in the sunrise photo.  The “donut” itself seems to have been created by something akin to vertical lines of computer code.   The image within the “donut hole” was more horizontally oriented and reminded us of chromosomes under a microscope. 


Nature photographer captures anomaly in sky

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this witness testimony and photos on April 15, 2012 from “Joe” who lives in Whittier, NC.

I took this photo of an ornamental pear tree in bloom on March 14, 2012.  It was about 1:30 p.m. and the sky was completely cloudless and without haze.  I didn’t see or hear anything in the sky but when I looked at the photo in the camera there was an anomaly in the upper left quadrant.  

There have been many nighttime UFO sightings in and around Whittier, NC, which is where this photo was taken near Shoal Creek Road.  After enlarging the photo on my computer, it seems I may have caught a craft in broad daylight.

Photos show new disk near Sun

Spuz Shissler’s new and more powerful camera has revealed a new disk shape that tilts at different inclinations as it moves around the Sun.  To the right are four sequential photos Spuz took on March 8, 2012 around 2 p.m. from her home in Linville Falls, NC.

Spuz is to be admired for her tenacious efforts to capture photos of the “Blue Moon” phenomenon around the Sun.  Her first such photo posted on this website was taken on July 19, 2009 with a simple Canon Power Shot A530.  Since then, she’s aimed her camera at the Sun two or three times a week.

Now that she has increased her zoom power five times with her new Nikon Coolpix L120, she’s been able to capture a disk near the Sun instead of just circles or orbs.

Spuz and others who have looked at these photos don’t know if they reveal a new ship near the Sun or a “Blue Moon” at a new angle.

By the way, before Spuz goes outside to take photos she sends out a prayerful request to the Sky Brothers that they show up.  It seems they’re listening because she almost always gets a shot and has a box of photos as proof.

Part of May 31, 2009 Sky Ship Message:

“Next we would like to explain what has been dubbed the “blue moon” phenomenon that appears when digital cameras are zoomed in upon the Sun. This is the grandmother of all mother ships currently in Earth’s grander atmosphere. It also is the command center for the Forces of Light. Most of the time this blue moon is hidden in the brilliance of the Sun, but for certain ones, it will perform for their cameras. . . . So that this blue moon cannot be dismissed as an optical camera effect, mother ships will gather around the grandmother ship just so Earth scientists will be unable to dismiss what they see as camera effects.”

FOOTNOTE:  There are “Blue Moon” photos throughout this section of the website starting with the 2009 archives. They’ve been taken by people in several states and countries but these are the first photos of disks.


Sky Ship

UFO appears over sky ship landing site

On Monday evening, February 27, 2012, Glynis Heenan returned with a camera to the paddock in Cashiers, NC where she saw a sky ship perched on a hill two nights earlier.  She parked on the road going by the paddock and waited.  At 8:25 p.m., a UFO appeared directly above the Saturday night landing spot and she was able to snap this photo. – The Editor

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Curious anomaly near secret underground facility

EDITOR’S NOTE: This aerial photo and enlargment of a UFO are from “The Squad” which is a source of information about secret government/military facilities.  Members of “The Squad” have prior U.S. Air Force ties in supervisory positions.  Their current area of work is in geospatial analysis.

These photos are of interest because they were taken over Rosman, NC which is a town just south of the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI). Credible sources say PARI is a capstone cover for a secret, city-size, underground facility.

On February 5, 2012, we were scanning aerial photos of Rosman, NC which is immediately south of the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI).

During our search, we found this 2010 image of an anomaly that is about 15 feet in length or about the size of a pick-up truck.

This image data is available to the public at:  The coordinates are latitude 35.1257, longitude -82.8388.


Is a secret facility creating oddities in Texas sky?


EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this report and photos on January 4, 2012 from Tammy who lives in San Juan, Texas.  The town is near the Mexican border and immediately east of McAllen.

I have been seeing a lot of unusual activity in the sky around my home in San Juan, Texas which is near the Mexican border.   I’ve seen blue orbs and round glowing objects shooting toward Mexico that are preceded by loud rumbling sounds.  But it was really bizarre when I saw a very strange rectangular object in the sky.  It was a semi-clear image of the top half of a city scene.  The “city” was floating in the air and moving toward the southwest.  It included a tower surrounded by other smaller buildings.

One has to wonder if this “city” might have been a hologram generated by the military.   Perhaps something is going on at the Moore Field Air Force Base northwest of me.  Supposedly, it’s an inactive base but it’s still secured. 

About four years ago, UFO activity was occurring in that direction about every two weeks for about two months during the winter.  This happened every winter until last year.  Basically, I would see different shapes in the sky that would come together in a perfect circle.  I watched this through my $50 telescope.

Now I have a new piece of equipment.  After my brother saw the same round glowing UFO from his home in McAllen that I saw one day from work, he bought an infrared flash digital game scouting camera.  It is activated by heat or motion so we put it over my house on December 6, 2011 where there would be no ground interference to set it off.  The sensor range on the camera is 50 feet.  Here are three photos the camera took during the dark of night.

Air Base
December 6, 2011 (1:20 a.m.)       -       December 7 (12:19 a.m.)       -       December 7 (12:21 a.m.) 

Air Base
U.S. Geological Survey photo of Moore Air Base
taken on November 24, 2011

EDITOR’S FOOTNOTES: In our research into Moore Field Air Base, we learned its name was later simplified to Moore Air Base.  When it was deactivated in 1963, part of the base was sold to private entities.  We have been unable to learn who they are. The rest was transferred to the Department of Agriculture which uses it for such things as screw worm research. 

The department continues to maintain and use the three runways at the base which are reported to be in excellent condition, as are the adjacent buildings and water tower.  The rest of the facility is overgrown and in various stages of deterioration.  The based is still gated and not open to the public. Permission is required for planes to land there. 

Those familiar with the government’s methods of hiding secret operations say the old base is a perfect set-up for developing its secret Project Blue Beam holographic program.  They also are concerned holographic  images are being developed to create a false Second Coming of Christ or a false alien invasion in a dramatic effort to manipulate mankind.

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