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2020 Sky Ship Photos

Photos from around the world and deep space are in “Global Links” section.


Video of constantly changing UFO over Clayton, GA

to watch a really brief video of a UFO that has been appearing over Clayton, Georgia since April 2020.

It is almost impossible to count how many times the UFO changes shape within just 20 seconds. 

The video is one of many taken by Brittany who lives in Clayton.  Currently, she’s been seeing the UFO southeast of Clayton but previously it’s appeared west and northwest of town as well as directly above it.

  A sampling of Brittany’s still photos of the sky visitor
are featured in the posting below this one.



UFOs over Clayton, GA for six months

Since April 2020, Brittany has been seeing UFOs over Clayton, Georgia on an almost regular basis. In six months, she says she’s taken “a ton of pictures and some videos.” Above is a sampling from her photo collection. 

Brittany says the UFOs she’s seeing “pulsate and change an average of one to two shapes per second.” She also has seen a cluster of five or six star-size UFOs “moving erratically around an extremely bright large ‘star.’”

Using her cellphone for research, she determined that none of these UFOs were registered aircraft, planets, satellites or part of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system.

NOTE:  As the crow flies, Clayton, GA is 23 miles southwest of Cashiers, NC.



Multifaceted photo of UFO over Lake Lure, NC

There is much to contemplate in these photos taken from the front porch of the La Strada Restaurant in Lake Lure, North Carolina.  They were snapped by a diner about 6 p.m. on July 26, 2020 as she looked north toward Chimney Rock State Park.

Most importantly, her photos show a UFO below the horizon that has a visible energy field around it that is at least 10 times the size of the object.  Then in a matter of seconds, the core blue UFO sprouts “wings” and the energy field becomes more pronounced. 

To make these photos more intriguing, some people see an angelic form directly below the energy field of the UFO.  Of course, the beam of light and energy field around the Sun are worth contemplating too. – The editor

Below, we’ve zoomed in and lightened the core images from the original photos.



Intriguing light phenomenon in tree

Sometimes there are no sure explanations for photos we receive, like these three.  They were snapped in rapid sequence at 6:38 p.m. on or around June 20, 2020 near Ingles Market in Cashiers, NC. 

Interestingly, the woman who took these photos is the same person who took photos of a translucent UFO she saw dive into Lake Keowee, SC in April of this year. You can scroll down to see those photos in a posting titled “Translucent UFO dove into Lake Keowee, SC.”




Orb peeks out from Sun – Canadian photos
By Mary Joyce, website editor

These photos were found by chance when we looked up Merritt, British Colombia, Canada on Google Maps. They were taken by a local guide, Ravichandra Rays, in February 2020. Both of his photos show an orb peeking out from the Sun. Note there is a second orb on the far left of the photo below that appears blue.

We first discovered an orb around the Sun, or peeking out from the Sun, in 2009. Since then we periodically have posted photos of the phenomenon that have been taken from many places around the globe.

In the beginning, we dubbed the orb the “Blue Moon” because it went from white to blue when we zoomed in on it. In all cases, cameras have caught something the naked eye cannot see.

Because people are quick to dismiss the orb as a lens flare, we showed some of the photos to a man who was involved in designing the Hubble Telescope.  He assured us that what the cameras were capturing was not the result of lens flares.









Translucent UFO dove into Lake Keowee, SC

EDITOR: This is the first of two UFO reports received by Glynis Heenan, our sky-watcher in Cashiers, on April 12, 2020.
The second one follows this posting.
“My friend Maya was driving back to Cashiers from South Carolina on Saturday, April 11, 2020 and saw a UFO over Lake Keowee,” Glynis told us the next day. “She saw it about 7 a.m. and was able to snap two photos before it dove into the lake.”

Zoom shots of the UFO (below) reveal it to be translucent.  Though the circular shape remains pretty much the same in both photos, the inside appears to morph.

(R) The red marker points to the middle of Lake Keowee which is about 26 miles long. The town of Cashiers is within the red box



The UFO is in the extreme left portion of the first photo.  An enlargement of it is on the right. The light in the top center of the first photo is the moon but the clouds around it are intriguing.

UFO over busy parking lot in Cashiers, NC

EDITOR: This is the second of two UFO reports received by Glynis Heenan, our sky-watcher in Cashiers, on April 12, 2020.

“After my friend Anna saw the Lake Keowee UFO photos, she sent me a UFO photo she took back on February 8, 2020 from the Ingles’ parking lot in Cashiers,” Glynis told us. “It’s not the first time a UFO has appeared over that busy parking lot.  Both my daughter and I have taken photos of UFOs from there.”

It’s worth noting that the photo which inspired us to start this website (R) was taken from this same parking lot in 2008 by Glynis’ daughter Devon.




Photo shows UFO touching

down in man’s backyard

Vickie McMahan, our Facebook manager, received the above photo on the left from Jason, a Facebook friend in Merrillville, Indiana.  It reveals a possible Sky Ship in the upper left quadrant. He captured the object quite by chance when he went outside to photograph the moon peeking through the clouds.  We then enlarged and lightened the object, above right, to reveal more details.

Because there’s a barn in Jason’s photo, we had to consider that the unidentified object might be a silo or a water tower.  So, Vickie asked him to take a photo of his yard in the daylight (R).  Clearly, there is no structure behind the trees.
– The editor





Blue beam and gold-colored UFO

EDITOR: These two photos are from a short video we received on February 11, 2020 from Rick Vandersteen along with the following brief explanation of what he saw.

“I took this video on July 1, 2017 from the backyard in Orange Park, Florida. I steadied my camera phone on the top of a wood gate next to the house.

“First, a blue beam appeared. Then, about the 13-second mark, an exotic bird flashed over and a gold colored ship appeared behind the clouds. At that same exact moment, the blue beam appeared again.

“I take this encounter as intended specifically for me because the blue beam of light terminated in front of me as it appeared to come down beneath the roof line, and the ‘bird’ flew DIRECTLY over me.”

EDITOR: You have to look closely to see the “gold colored ship.”  It is wedged between the white clouds at the tip of the tail of the “bird.”  An enlargement is shown on the right.




Planet-size objects
over Cascade Mountains

This is Jana Horst’s view from an airplane as she flew from Phoenix to Seattle on November 29, 2019.  Her plan was to take sunset photos but in the vicinity of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams near the Oregon-Washington border, something more interesting appeared.

“I was shooting the sunset with my camera when through the lens I could see two planet-size objects near the Sun,” Jana explained.  “The lower ‘planet’ which was closer to the Sun popped in and out of the cloud which never moved. The ‘planet’ above was more oval shaped.”

Note that the top orb is encircled with a very faint glow. It’s a bit more visible in the first photo. The second photo shows the lower orb right after it popped out from the ‘cloud.’ Those who have looked at Jana’s photos think the ‘cloud’ may be a larger UFO hidden in or disguised as a cloud. It, too, suddenly appeared in a cloudless sky.




UFO constantly pulsed from small to large

The UFO in the video constantly pulsed back and forth in size from small to large.

These UFO photos are from a video taken and then posted on YouTube by Victoria Liljenquist (R) on January 22, 2020. She has been capturing Light Ships or Sky Ships with her cameras since 1994. She also has encountered angels, spiritual masters and light beings all her life.  The messages she receives often are about humanity not being alone in the universe, about Earth changes and the transformation humanity is presently experiencing. She has produced an award-winning documentary film titled “Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages.”

to see the 3-minute video.



Photos of multi-colored orbs around Sun

We’ve been posting photos from around the world of an object or orb near the Sun since 2009. In the beginning, we called the object a “Blue Moon” because it typically appeared blue in photos.  Ten years later, people are still catching the orb with their cameras.  Then on December 11, 2019, we received the following email along with photos from Jewell in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Her photos reveal turquoise blue, coral, gold and white orbs moving around the Sun which is the largest white orb in these photos. - The Editor

“I watched the skyfishing video this morning and tried it out with my plain phone camera (not smartphone) this afternoon (12/11/2019) while out doing errands at Stuarts Draft, VA. At 4 p.m., the sun was in the west and very bright. I couldn't see anything unusual with my naked eye but I clicked some photos anyway, one right after the other in quick succession.

“When I got home and opened them on my computer, I saw some interesting orbs, an orangey pink one and some blue ones that changed color as they changed position. There were also some dusky pinkish purply ones. Is this the kind of thing you were talking about?

Thanks, Jewell” 

NOTE: To learn about Skyfishing, click on the YouTube icon at the top of this page.



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