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Sky ships over California close up

UFOs posing again in Cashiers

UFO looked like a battleship in "Star Wars"

Photos support Ezekiel's description of UFOs

UFO beneath double rainbow

UFO over High Point, North Carolina

Colorful morphing UFO over nuclear plant

UFO over Mickey Mouse's city

Old photo of UFO over Cashiers, NC

UFOs - Raleigh NC - Jan 2014 (Update)

Multiple UFOs over Detroit area


Sky ships over California close up

Three sky ships were caught on camera as they flew in a triangle formation over Grapevine, California on December 1, 2014. It was speculated they might be manmade because of the flying formation.  However, close-up photos revealed each craft had its own unique shape which increases the chance they were from “out there.”



UFOs posing again in Cashiers

Glynis Heenan has been seeing and often photographing Sky Ships over Cashiers since 2008. She says it’s always been a thrilling experience until November 1, 2014.  That was when an ominous ship that looked like a battleship from “Star Wars” hovered over her.  You can see her report and photo about that in the posting immediately below this one.

After that unnerving experience, she is happy to report the “battleship” hasn’t returned and the seemingly benign ships have been posing for her camera again.

She took the top left photo on November 14 which we enlarged.  We also put it into the blue color range which revealed fuzzy “stuff” all around it.

Then on November 21 she snapped the photo below.  Enlarging it and putting it in the blue range didn’t provide additional details or clarity.



UFO looked like a battleship in “Star Wars”

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the top photo on November 2, 2014 from Glynis Heenan who lives in Cashiers, NC along with her description of what she saw the night before.  In an attempt to see more details in her photo, we changed the photo color to blue.

This is the most puzzling UFO photo I’ve taken.  As I was walking into my house the night of November 1, 2014, I felt something and looked up.  There was a huge spacecraft hovering directly above me.  I glanced at my watch and it was 9:16 p.m. 

The craft was round and pulsed alternating red and gold with a little bit of white.  I got my cellphone camera and tried to take photos of it but every time I tried, it would blink out.  It played hide and seek with me for 20 minutes before it completely disappeared.  I did manage to get this one shot but it only shows a small portion of the craft.

I can only speculate that this might be a different type of spaceship than I’ve seen before.  First, it seemed to deliberately avoid being photographed.  Second, it made me feel anxious.  Now I’ve been really excited when I’ve seen UFOs at close range before, but never anxious.  I couldn’t help but think of galactic battleships in “Star Wars.”



Photos support Ezekiel’s description of UFOs

Ezekiel, an Old Testament prophet, may have given a good description of space ships when he said:

“The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, and all four of them had the same form, their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another.” (New American Standard Bible)

Below are photos of three uncut beryl gemstones.  It’s easy to see why Ezekiel used them to help describe the bright and reflective metal surface that is typical of many spacecraft.
(R) 15th Century painting of Ezekiel by an
unknown Russian Orthodox icon painter

Then there are photos of UFOs that are round like wheels; some even suggest a wheel within a wheel.  The titles for the photos have been left in place in case anyone wants to view the entire YouTube videos.




UFO beneath double rainbow

This photo of a UFO beneath a double rainbow was taken from Fort Lauderdale, in southeast Florida about 10:30 a.m. on September 15, 2014.  It originally was posted on Latest UFO Sightings.




UFO over High Point, North Carolina

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the following photos and short note on September 9, 2014 from a man who identified himself but didn’t give permission to use his name.

Look at what I discovered in one of the photos I took of some storm clouds south of High Point, North Carolina three days ago (September 6, 2014).  It looks like a UFO since it was darker than anything else in the photo and didn’t look like a bird or a plane and there was no wind blowing debris.

Also, concerning a recent posting titled “Real aliens caught on camera,” I lived just 30 kilometers from there!  I recognize the little hill near the city of Reutlingen. Exciting!

high high
high high


Colorful morphing UFO over nuclear plant

We took these photos from a video taken in April 2014 of a UFO dancing above a nuclear
plant in Cornelius, North Carolina. The witness said the object appeared over a period of
several evenings above the facility, made no detectable sounds and moved in an erratic
way.  The morphing shapes and colors are intriguing as is the fact it was hovering above
a nuclear plant. – The editor


CLICK HERE to view the entire 8:29 minute video.


UFO over Mickey Mouse’s city

The above snapshots are from a 54 second video of a UFO
flying over Orlando, Florida on March 24, 2014.  If you
wish to see the video, go to and type in:

UFO filmed over Orlando, Florida – 24 March 2014

The cartoon to the left is one of the oldest Mickey Mouse
cartoons showing his early interest in flying.  Notice he
originally had a tail.



Old photo of UFO over Cashiers, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received the above photo on March 20, 2014 from Wes Deyton.

This picture of my great grandmother and her friend was taken on Laurel Knob Road in Cashiers, North Carolina in 1975.  The entrance to Mountain Top golf course is now located near the field where the two women were standing.  The picture contains what I believe to be a UFO in it.


Walmart-size UFO over Raleigh, NC (UPDATE)

picture of an officeThis update could be titled “Anatomy of a hoax.”  Since the article was posted, Israel Curiel, public relations director for the Mutual UFO Network in North Carolina, contacted us.  He said two of his associates went to the 10th floor of the building where the witness said the photo was taken. There was no balcony, so the photo was taken through a window. The investigators took the photo to the left of the of 10th floor office.  It supports their conclusion that the UFOs were actually reflections of the office lights. – The Editor


UFO over RaleighMap of North Carolina

Walmart-size UFO over Raleigh, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It would be easy to dismiss the above photo as a Photoshop creation, but we’ve had credible sighting reports in the past from the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and have to consider that it might be authentic.  We found the January 30, 2014 photo and witness report on the Latest UFO Sightings website.

I saw four disks in the clear sky. I took a very clear photo of what I witnessed. I was on the 10th floor of a tall office building when I walked out on the balcony to look at some unusual clouds. I was on an interview and was immediately called back in, but not before I could take a picture.

I didn’t look at the picture until later that day when I remembered how strange it was. I looked at it closely and DID NOT alter it at all. I showed a few friends and family members and the feedback was all the same. Nobody could explain it at all!

         Closeup of UFOs over Raleigh

I’m completely baffled and really would like some answers to this strange sighting. The objects looked like disks with a hole in the center. One was extremely large - Maybe the size of a Walmart store. The other three around it were much smaller but in a triangular formation and slightly above the larger one.



Multiple UFOs over Detroit area

A resident of Hamtramck, Michigan snapped this photo of a large UFO hovering low over his neighborhood the evening of January 15, 2014.  The object is in the upper left portion of the photo.

The witness took the shot through an upstairs window of his home as a snowstorm was approaching.

While it might be easy to dismiss the object as a weather phenomenon, the witness said it disappeared so fast he couldn’t get a second shot.  A weather phenomenon of this size would not dissipate so quickly.

In the center of the photo there is a window reflection of the University of Michigan cap the witness was wearing when he took the photo.

Five days earlier on January 10, 2014, multiple witnesses reported seeing UFOs flying over other Detroit area communities.

According to Fox-2 News reporter Ron Savage, the station’s Facebook page was “blowing up with hundreds of posts” about sightings that night.

One witness said “black triangle-shaped objects” were making circles over the suburban communities of West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills.  He added “there was no noise and they had bright lights.”

Another eyewitness, David Levy, told Fox-2 News he was with a group of friends in Flat Rock around 9:30 p.m. and they “could actually see the triangle shape of the object.”

Detroit Detroit Detroit

Photos from videos taken of of UFOs over the Detroit area on January 10, 2014

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