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2023 Sky Ship Photos

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Photo of reddish object flying past Moon

David Hall of Waynesville, NC stepped outside about 10:15 p.m. on October 26, 2023 to take a photo of the almost full Moon.  To his puzzlement, he saw a reddish-colored object “moving fairly quickly” across the sky.  He managed to snap this one photo before the object disappeared. – The editor



Corn Moon and painting of Selu the Spirit of the Corn

Bar of light crossed the full Moon
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This photo of a bar of white light crossing the full moon was taken about 1:30 a.m. on August 1, 2023 – the night of the Corn Moon or the Sturgeon Moon.  It was photographed by RuthAnne Brown from her home in Whittier, North Carolina.

“I stood watching it at least five minutes, perhaps more,” she said, “and the bar of light never changed or moved. I took several photos and it appeared in all of them. As for the blue orb, it only showed up in the pictures.”

After seeing RuthAnne’s photo, we went to the Internet and looked at many full Moon photos that were taken that same night.  None showed a bar of white going across the Moon.  So, whatever RuthAnne saw was very localized. 

Perhaps it’s significant that the Cherokee reservation is adjacent to Whittier where RuthAnne lives and during the Corn Moon, the Cherokee traditionally have celebrated Selu, the Spirit of the Corn.  Maybe the bar of light was a sign for them.



Mesmerizing UFO above nuclear plant

A mesmerizing and constantly changing UFO was seen dancing above a nuclear plant in Cornelius, North Carolina in April 2014.  We’ve never seen anything quite like it since then so we decided the colorful morphing images were worth reposting. The witness said the object made no detectable sounds, moved erratically and appeared over the facility for several evenings. Many people speculate that the UFO was getting a power recharge. – The editor



Why did UFOs create “1619” in night sky?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

We all scratched our heads and wondered about the significance of the number 1619 that appeared in the night sky over Cashiers, North Carolina on January 9, 2015. 

At the time, we thought it might be an important date in history because the numbers were like those from a 17th Century type font (sample below).  Before that night, we’d only seen a few photos or videos of numbers in the sky and they all looked like computer digitized numbers.

In our search for important historical events in 1619, we missed one. That was the year the first Black slaves were brought to America. It is a very significant date in Black history, so we’re re-posting these UFO photos for Black History Month.

The photos below of the number 1619 were taken by Glynis Heenan when she was driving into Cashiers. “When I reached an open horse pasture,” she recalls, “I looked up and saw 1619 in big, white, illuminated numbers in the sky.  I stopped, grabbed my cellphone camera and started shooting.”

JANUARY  9, 2015:  9:25 p.m. . . . .  9:28 p.m. . . . .  9:28 p.m.
Notice how quickly the numbers morphed into four overlapping curves of light.

On her trip back from town after midnight, Glynis once again saw 1619 in the clear night sky and snapped the photo on the right at 1:34 a.m. This time the numbers were more sharply focused.

At the time this number appeared, there had been many UFO sightings in the area.


Dogs barked, cats squalled when UFOs appeared
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Ronda Moore has been seeing some remarkable things in the sky when she takes smoke breaks from her nightshift job at a group home in Franklin, North Carolina.  For example, on January 23, 2023 about 9 p.m., she and a coworker looked north and saw a large number of UFOs in the sky.

“We watched probably close to 30 flying objects swiftly liftoff, straight up into the sky,” she told us.  “They all followed the same path.  They flew so fast and zig-zagged so much that it was nearly impossible to get a photo of them.  I took over 60 photos and this is best one I got.”

She also noticed that “all the animals started screaming, dogs barking and cats squalling but to the extreme.”

She said UFOs were still flying about when she had to go back inside.


Woman sees UFO “hatch” two smaller UFOs
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Ronda Moore was working the night shift at a group home in Franklin, North Carolina the night of January 7, 2023.  When she stepped outside for a smoke break about 10:15 p.m., she saw “a bright ball moving steadily across the sky.” She was able to snap a few photos which are shown above.

A year earlier, Ronda saw something similar but much more dramatic.

“That was when I saw a UFO moving westward from Balsam Mountain Ridge. I immediately jumped up to get my boss to tell him I was seeing a UFO. As he looked up, the UFO split.  A smaller one and then a second small one came out of the original UFO.  Then all three continued on the same path and stopped.  The first and bigger UFO sent a bright beam of light downward and both little ones zipped straight up and were gone.”

Like many UFO witnesses, Ronda has seen multiple UFOs over the years.  On the night of the lunar eclipse in May 2022, she saw “two UFOs zig and zag across the entire sky.”  She says “they would come together and then part but stayed close together.”

She’s also seen a UFO take off from land at Yellow Mountain; a triangular UFO over Walmart in Sylva; and another triangular one come out of the water at the Wolf Creek Dam. All of her sightings have been in Jackson County, North Carolina.

Franklin, Sylva, Cashiers and Wolf Creek Dam can be found on this map. The yellow
Star marks the approximate location of Yellow Mountain which is west of Cashiers.



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