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> Ten lessons learned from near-death experiences
> ET giants and ancient continent once existed in Pacific
> Is this an airport runway built by ancient ET giants?
> UFO buffs think Columbus saw a UFO - reason itís unlikely
> UFO abruptly disappeared from government emblem
> UFO appears on brand-new U.S. intelligence emblem
> New kingís father and uncle were UFO researchers
> Lordís Prayer translated from Jesusí native language is so different
> Why is Washington State the #1 UFO hotspot?
> How did Roddenberry get idea for Star Trekís Borg Cube?
> Jesus at odds with many Christians about when life begins - Update
> Navyís ďArea 51Ē steps up security
> Bimini Wall once sheltered ancient harbor
> Alice in Wonderland author believed in wormholes
> Reason Antarctica is fastest warming place on Earth
> Antarctica's number one tourist attraction
> Nazi officer: "Silent Minute" of prayer helped defeat Hitler
> Boy's past life as fighter pilot - Incredible proof
> Evidence of reincarnation in Christian Bible
> NC man looks like Lincoln - Abe's real dad from same area
> Watch Russian Cosmonauts toss trash into space
> "Space is getting messy, and it's making life dangerous"
> Doomsday Glacier - simple explanation for its name
> Global threat: 220,000 melting glaciers
> Ancient artwork found in melting glaciers
> Admiral Byrd's broadcast from North Pole - NEW INFO
> Our wobbling Moon is about to cause trouble
> Jesus was a "shapeshifter according to ancient text




Ten lessons learned from near-death experiences

It sometimes seems near-death experiences (NDEs) are all basically the same.  The person has a life-ending disease or accident, sees angel-like figures, follows the light and gets a glimpse of a heavenly place and suddenly returns to Earth knowing there is life after death.

Well, Laura Mondragon had two NDEs – one from a traffic accident and one from complications during pregnancy - and came back with 10 lessons she learned that might be helpful to everyone.  Below are those lessons in abbreviated form.

Laura Mondragon (R) is a former copy chief editor for and Today, she is a

freelance editor of science, health,
 tech and academic content.

BE GRATEFUL “We all say we’re thankful; heck, in the U.S., we have a holiday dedicated to doing so. But when was the last time you truly stopped to think about what you have?” 

LET IT GO – “When you’ve been given your last rites, you don’t think about that BMW cutting you off (yes, it’s always a Bimmer) or that the cheese-free burger you ordered came loaded with gorgonzola. You think about hugging your kids again and hearing their voices. And you remember you almost lost it all.”

ACCEPT THAT SOME THINGS ARE BEYOND YOUR CONTROL – “I looked both ways before I crossed the street; a vehicle still swerved around another and hit me.”

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – “I knew deep down that something was very wrong. Other people brushed me off. If I hadn’t trusted my intuition and gone to the hospital, I would be dead. Period.”

TAKE CALCULATED RISKS – “Having endured two life-threatening ordeals, I’ve become much more cautious about some things: I don’t ignore worrisome symptoms, and I look multiple times before crossing the street. But when it comes to risks that could drastically improve my life, I take them, after careful planning.”

DO WHAT YOU LOVE – “When you realize your life could be over at any moment, you learn that there is no time to waste being miserable. If you’re lucky enough to make your greatest passion into a career, do it. If that’s not realistic, at least make time in your life to do what you love, whether it’s reading, running marathons or raising pet crickets.”

STOP JUDGING OTHERS – “One of the most isolating aspects of having survived life-threatening events is that most people have no idea what you endured. They just don’t get it. Likewise, you don’t know what they have been through. Every experience we have shapes our lives and makes us who we are, and you do not know why someone does what they do.”

SPEND TIME WITH THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER – “When you are in a life-threatening situation, you find out who is really there for you and who is not. Spend time with the people who matter to you, and forget about those who don’t. When you look back on your life, you’ll want to remember your loved ones, not your cheating ex-boyfriend or the PTA moms you were trying to impress.”

BE KIND – “Your mama was right. Although I’ve always tried to be compassionate and benevolent, the importance of kindness was amplified for me during and after my near-death experiences. When your life is in danger, you are vulnerable. You put yourself at the mercy of others. I remember every person who was especially kind to me when I was close to dying.”

SLOW DOWN – “I’ve done the New York City thing. I’ve shoved my way through hordes of confused tourists to catch the six train. I’ve worked in the fast-paced news industry. I did this for years … and I wonder where the time went. It may be a cliché, but it’s true: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Acute organ failure didn’t compare to the excruciating pain of being crushed by a 2-ton vehicle and being paralyzed from the waist down for months. I don’t wish these horrifying ordeals on anyone. But I hope everyone finds a way, somehow, to see the light.”

NOTE: These lessons are from an article Laura Mondragon wrote for the June 20, 2019 issue of “Ascent Publication.”




Carole Nervig – The Nan Mandol ruins on Micronesian island of Pohnpei are made
of a type of basalt rock that naturally fractures into geometric “logs.”

ET giants and ancient continent once existed in Pacific
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Carole Nervig, author of the brand-new book, “The Petroglyphs of Mu,” first moved to Micronesia, which is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, as a Peace Corp volunteer in 1969.  Ever since, she has researched Micronesian traditional culture, oral history and sacred sites. Her discoveries on the tiny Micronesian island of Pohnpei are extensive and give legitimacy to legends of ET giants and a continent swallowed by the Pacific Ocean in prehistoric times.

Tromping through a jungle on the Micronesian island of Pohnpei in search of the Takaieu Pyramid, Carole Nervig came upon a native family. Thank goodness she could speak their language. Here is her summary of that surprising and most revealing encounter:

“Although no one spoke English, the shy, diminutive family was welcoming. . . Not only did this family offer their two young sons to lead me to Takaieu, they provided me with a bit of the site’s lore. . . What was significant was that the family itself claimed ancestry from those who had created Takaieu.  They told me:

There were battles in the sky in the old times.  Stones were flying and dropping everywhere.  Some fell to Madolenihmw and made places like Takaieu.  The people in the sky were giants.  Those on Earth were our ancestors, and they hid because of the warfare and the noise.”

On the way to the Takaieu pyramid, Nervig learned the two boys, who looked quite young, were actually 18 and 26.  So, she asked them, Are you guys some of the aramas tikitik (little people or pygmies) of the legends?”  Their answer was “Yes.”

Nervig immediately recalled the words from the book “Kahuna Healing” by Serge Kahili King, a Hawaiian shaman who also has a doctorate in psychology:

“At some point in time long before the rise of Atlantis [that would be Mu], a group of men came from a group of stars known as the Pleiades . . . Most of the star men settled on a continent in the Pacific known today as MU.

“They called themselves the People of MU.  But others called them Manahuna or Menehune, ‘the people of the secret power,’ because of their advanced technology and psychic power.  Their knowledge was Huna, a fundamental philosophy for successful living . . . they began to teach this knowledge to the men on Earth.”

(R) Serge Kahili King

The two island boys spoke to Nervig about little people and giants.  They were themselves evidence of a race of little people. As for giants, my own research revealed that in the early 20th Century when Pohnpei Island was under German rule, Governor Victor Berg opened a sealed tomb in the Nan Madol ruins and found skeletons of giants, one nearly 10 feet tall.  

Then I discovered old island myths which spoke of three distinct races that once lived on Pohnpei Island:  (1) a human species capable of flight, (2) a race of giants who could fly and live under the sea, (3) a race of mega-giants who labored beneath the sea.

Ancient petroglyphs found on Pohnpei Island might be suggestive of rockets or flying craft.

NOTE: I’d like to thank Barbara DeLong, owner of “Night-Light Radio,” for letting me know about Carole Nervig’s new book.


Is this an airport runway built by ancient ET giants?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Compare the two photos below and notice the great similarity between the ancient undersea remains found in Mexico’s Gulf of California and the Spokane International Airport runway. Both look like runways that could have been designed by the same person with one huge difference.  The ancient runway is 89 miles in length while the longest runway today is slightly more than three miles. The difference in lengths is 86 miles, or roughly the distance between New York City and Philadelphia.

Read the previous article to learn about other discoveries that indicate ET giants may have lived during the time of the legendary continent of Lemuria, also known as Mu, before it was swallowed by the Pacific Ocean.

Photos of other large undersea ancient ruins discovered along the Pacific rim further support the idea that giants may have lived on the legendary continent of Lemuria before it sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Photos of those Pacific rim ruins are included in my book “SPY IN THE SKY – Secrets and cover-ups on Earth and beyond” which also features photos of recent discoveries ● in Antarctica, ● on Mars ● on the Moon ● around the Sun ● in deep space. There are photos on all but three pages of the book which is available on Amazon.



UFO buffs think Columbus saw a UFO - reason it’s unlikely
By Mary Joyce, website editor

So many articles, and even the History Channel, have declared that Christopher Columbus saw a UFO as his ships were approaching land in the New World – an island now known as San Salvador.   I seriously doubt those claims based on my own research while I was on that island in October 1975.

Those UFO claims are based on this portion of Christopher Columbus’ journal which was written during the night of October 11-12, 1492.

“The land was first seen by a sailor called Rodrigo de Triana, although the Admiral at ten o'clock that evening on the quarter-deck saw a light, but so small a body that he could not affirm it to be land; calling to Pero Gutierrez, groom of the King's wardrobe, he told him he saw a light, and bid him look that way, which he did and saw it; he did the same to Rodrigo Sanchez of Segovia, whom the King and Queen had sent with the squadron as comptroller, but he was unable to see it from his situation. The Admiral again perceived it once or twice, appearing like the light of a wax candle moving up and down, which some thought an indication of land.”

At the time I was on San Salvador, it was an undeveloped “out island.”  Even landing there was an adventure.  The leftover airstrip from WWII had no lights nor equipment.  Instead, the only pilot on the island, used a two-way radio to help guide our plane in for a landing.

While I was there, I explored the whole island and talked with many islanders. On the night of October 11-12, I was with a group of them around a campfire on a beach.  As long as any of them could recall, such fires were used to keep sandflies away which are prolific that time of year on the island. I noticed that every time wood was added to the fire, sparks would fly way up into the dark, dark sky.

On another day, I met with Ruth Durlacher Wolper, director of the island’s tiny New World Museum. She once had organized a re-enactment of Columbus’ voyage.  In order to make it as accurate as possible, she had consulted with ● Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison who translated Columbus’ journal and is considered an authority on the explorer ● astronomers ● U.S. military navigation experts.
During that re-enactment, she saw lights in the night sky that were similar to those described by Columbus. Later she learned the lights she saw were from campfires used to repel  sandflies. All her findings are preserved by the Smithsonian Institution.

So, even though I absolutely know there are UFOs, I think Christopher Columbus only saw rising and falling lights from a campfire used to repel sandflies.



UFO abruptly disappeared from government emblem
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Cartoon by Dave Granlund

Just one day after the public reveal of the above emblem on the official Department of National Intelligence NIM-Aviation website on September 26, 2022, it was removed.  We first learned this from someone who has proved repeatedly to have insider information when he emailed us this message: 

“Apparently they took this emblem down this morning (9-27-22).  My understanding is they say it was AN UNOFFICIAL release by someone internal to this organization.  The significance of this explanation is they do not claim it was a hacker, and that evidently it existed internally.” 

When we returned to the NIM-Aviation website, we found that he was right.  The emblem with the UFO image had been scrubbed from that website.

Then Phyllis Galde, editor-in-chief of “Fate” magazine, sent us a link to a September 30, 2022 article by Kyle Mizokami in “Popular Mechanics” about the vanished emblem.

Before the emblem disappeared, Mizokami found two versions of it on the NIM-Aviation website.  The second one below actually has two UFO images within it; one is faint and in the background. Mizokami found it on a message from the “Executive Director” of NIM-Aviation.

Mizokami believes the five aircraft depicted on these emblems are: 

(1) a civilian jetliner,
(2) a Sukhoi Su-57 “Felon” which is a fifth-generation Russian fighter,
(3) a hypersonic glide vehicle,
(4) a Bayraktar TB-2 drone (built in Turkey) which Ukraine has used with great success,
(5) a UFO which the military identifies as a UAP



Director of National Intelligence Manager for Aviation (NIM-Aviation), Major General Daniel L. Simpson, and the brand-new logo for his branch of the U.S. intelligence and defense community

UFO appears on brand-new U.S. intelligence emblem

News got out to the public on September 26, 2022 that there is an image of a UFO on the brand-new emblem for the office of National Intelligence Manager for Aviation (NIM-Aviation) which is a branch of US National Intelligence. The red arrow points to that image. Three conventional aircraft also appear on the emblem.  This is clear acknowledgement by the U.S. government that there are unidentified flying objects and that the government considers them to be a possible threat. – The editor

In typical governmental language, here is the description for the duties of NIM-Aviation: 

The National Intelligence Manager for the Air Domain serves as the Director of National Intelligence's principal adviser on air domain issues. NIM-Aviation leads Intelligence Community efforts to identify, analyze, and integrate intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities in the air domain. NIM-Aviation coordinates with air domain community stake holders (defense, federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, international, private sector, and academia) to support and advocate for intelligence priorities and opportunities to strengthen the safety and security of the Air Domain.



Young King Charles III with his great uncle
 Lord Louis Mountbatten and father Prince Philip

New king’s father and uncle were UFO researchers

King Charles’ father, Prince Philip, and his great uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten were both very interested in UFOs. However, their secret interest rarely was publicly revealed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, in more recent years, their secret interest has been exposed by some magazines and tabloids.  Since those aren’t always credible sources, we are providing the following excerpt from a biography about Prince Philip’s early life titled Prince Philip: The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II by Philip Eade.

The following quoted information is from the book’s preface.
British spellings have not been changed.  We have added the highlighting and two explanatory notes. – The Editor

“The idea for this biography of the man who married the future British monarch came unexpectedly from a book I briefly toyed with writing about prominent ufologists in the period just after the Second World War.  In the course of cobbling together a proposal to try and persuade my sceptical agent, I was struck by the revelation in Francis Wheen’s book How Mumbo Conquered the World that Prince Philip’s equerry once went off at the prince’s bidding to meet an extraterrestrial humanoid at a house in west London.”

NOTE: An equerry is an officer of the British royal household who attends or assists members of the royal family.

“The equerry in question, Sir Peter Horsely, had been on the prince’s staff from 1952 until 1955, before climbing to great heights in the Royal Air Force.  ‘Oh, God,’ sighed an official at the Ministry of Defence when Horsely’s memoirs came out in 1987, ‘how unfortunate that the public will learn that the man who had his finger on the button of Strike Command was seeing little green men.’


NOTE: Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley (R) was a senior Royal Air Force Commander. Here are the meanings of the letters beneath his photograph:

KCB =  Knight Commander of the Bath – For exemplary
civilian or military service
CBE =  Commander of the British Empire
MVO = Member of the Royal Victorian Order
AFC =  Air Force Cross - Military decoration awarded to officers

“For better or worse, the public also learned that for several years in the early 1950s, Prince Philip had enthusiastically swapped UFO stories with his uncle, Lord Louis ‘Dickie’ Mountbatten, a fellow subscriber to the Flying Saucer Review, and kept himself abreast of developments in the field.

“According to Horsely, ‘Prince Philip was open to the immense possibilities leading to space exploration, while at the same time not discounting that, just as we were on the fringe of breaking into space, so older civilisations in the universe might already have done so.’

“Horsely also recalled that the prince ‘agreed that I could investigate the more credible reports provided that I kept it all in perspective and did not involve his office in any kind of publicity or sponsorship.’  A number of witnesses were invited to the prince’s library at Buckingham Palace to discuss their experiences, partly, as Horsely later explained, to ‘put them on the spot’ and to test their honesty ‘in the presence of royalty, a method as effective as any truth serum.’”



Lord’s Prayer translated from
Jesus’ native language is so different

The Lord’s Prayer as it is known today is based on early translations from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English. Below is Jesus’ prayer directly translated from his native language of Aramaic to English. It is considered the best translation available. It was done by Neil Douglas-Klotz (R) who has a PhD in religious studies. His scholarly background includes hermeneutics and Middle Eastern languages.

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos,
focus your light within us – make it useful,
create your reign of unity now.
Your one desire then acts with ours,
as in all light, so in all forms.

Grant what we need each day in bread and insight.

Loose the cords of mistakes binding us,
as we release the strands we hold of others’ guilt.

Don’t let surface things delude us,
but free us from what holds us back.

From you is born all ruling will,
the power and the life to do,
the song that beautifies all,
from age to age it renews.

Truly – the power of these statements –
may they be the ground from which all
my actions grow. Amen



Why is Washington State the #1 UFO hotspot?

In searching for the answer to this question, I contacted Cherie De Sues (R) who once interviewed me on the “Strange Harbor” radio show in Washington State and revealed she was a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigator and knew quite a bit about UFO sightings on the West Coast.

Below is her response to my question but first I should mention that Cherie also is an award-winning and bestselling author of thrillers, paranormal and suspense romances. You can find her books on Amazon. – The editor

“Okay, here are my thoughts,” Cherie began. “My parents had a sailboat and my father and I were both US Navy sailors. We lived near the water in Huntington Beach, California and saw many USOs (Underwater Submerged Objects).

My father worked on the Space Shuttle, the Global Positioning Satellite System, Stealth Bombers, Skunkworks, etc. He knew there were "others" on this planet as did many of his buddies at the Rockwell and Hughes corporations and all the other sites where he worked.”

Then she provided possible reasons
for so many UFO sightings in Washington State.

● “Washington has many of the items that UFOs keep an eye on - volcanoes, missiles and nuclear sites. The Hanford, Benton and Franklin sites are the hottest spots for UFO reports with MUFON.”

● “That brings me to UFOs that use the "coastal route" for long trips from Mexico to Canada. Many UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) or UFOs are seen on their way north and south in a straight line at high speeds. While it is true that polar satellites move north to south, UFOs are easier to spot because they are much faster than our satellites.”

● “Washington state is filled with retired senior citizens who spend time watching the night sky. Most of my MUFON UFO contacts were over 65 or young men (35-50 years old) who worked outside.”

● “I believe more people are watching the skies and reporting their sightings because of MUFON and other UFO clubs and websites. So, people today are less concerned about being ridiculed for making a report.”



Gene Roddenberry and his Borg Cube creation for “Star Trek”

How did Roddenberry get idea for Star Trek’s Borg Cube?

We’ve been unable to find photographic evidence of cube-shaped UFOs before 2011.  So, how did Gene Roddenberry come up with the idea of the aerodynamically-challenged Borg Cube for his “Star Trek” television series back in the 1960s?

According to internationally known psychic medium Phyllis V. Schlemmer, Roddenberry participated in her international parapsychology research group that included scientists, doctors, teachers, ambassadors, athletes and filmmakers from several countries.  During their sessions, Schlemmer says she would go into deep trances and receive information from “an enlightened circle of universal beings known as The Nine.”

According to Schlemmer, those sessions inspired many of Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” ideas. She recalls that during one session, Roddenberry asked “The Nine” where they were from.  The answer was “Deep Space.”  So, Roddenberry created a sequel to “Star Trek” that he titled “Deep Space Nine.”




Jesus at odds with many Christians about when life begins - Update
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Christians who believe life begins at conception need to take a moment to reflect on this: Jesus was a rabbi and never broke from Jewish teachings which to this day include the teaching that LIFE BEGINS WHEN A NEWBORN INHALES ITS FIRST BREATH.

According to the Jewish holy books, the TORAH and the TALMUD, the fetus is considered a physical part of a pregnant woman’s body, not yet having life of its own or independent rights.  The fetus is not viewed as separate from the woman’s body until birth begins and the FIRST BREATH of oxygen into the lungs allows the soul to enter the newborn. The following information regarding this is from the National Council of Jewish Women:

“Does Jewish law state that life begins at conception? No, life does not begin at conception under Jewish law. Sources in the TALMUD note that the fetus is “mere water” before 40 days of gestation. Following this period, the fetus is considered a physical part of the pregnant individual’s body, not yet having life of its own or independent rights. The fetus is not viewed as separate from the parent’s body until birth begins and the first breath of oxygen into the lungs allows the soul to enter the body.” 

“Does Jewish law assert that it is possible to murder a fetus? No, Jewish law does not consider a fetus to be alive. The TORAH, Exodus 21:22-23, recounts a story of two men who are fighting and injure a pregnant woman, resulting in her subsequent miscarriage. The verse explains that if the only harm done is the miscarriage, then the perpetrator must pay a fine. However, if the pregnant person is gravely injured, the penalty shall be a life for a life as in other homicides. The common rabbinical interpretation of this verse is that the men did not commit murder and that the fetus is not a person. The primary concern is the well-being of the person who was injured.”

*The TORAH is the first five books of the Old Testament of the Bible. The TALMUD is a compilation of ancient Jewish teachings.

Here is the link to the full NCJW article:




Navy’s “Area 51” steps up security
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The U.S. Navy has its own Area 51 but in a much more pleasant location – Andros Island in the Bahamas.  The facility is known as AUTEC which is an acronym for “The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center.”

Since 1966, AUTEC has conducted undersea simulated warfare in the island’s deep-water basin known as “the tongue of the ocean” which has depths well over a mile. The sheltered basin is perfect for testing, calibrating and measuring the accuracy of underwater vehicles, equipment and weapons.

(L) The box encompasses the “tongue of the ocean” where AUTEC does deep-water testing.

THE BIG SECURITY CHANGE came in February 2022, when local Bahamians lost their jobs at AUTEC after the U.S. Navy awarded a $461.8 million contract to the Amentum corporation to operate the facility. The corporation is a leading contractor to the U.S. government and provides support for critically significant programs around world involving national defense, security, intelligence, energy and environmental cleanups. More than half of Amentum’s employees have some type of security clearance.


Bimini Wall once sheltered ancient harbor
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Above is a precise drawing of the stones that form the ancient underwater Bimini Road or Bimini Wall off the northwest coast of Bimini Island in the Bahamas. It certainly does not look like a natural formation or a pile of ballast dumped from boats as some naysayers have declared it must be.

Photos of two sections of the Bimini Wall

The Bimini Wall is a personal interest of mine. Decades ago, I read a lot about it and even visited the island.  Then recently, I checked to see if there were any new discoveries about the wall.  Sadly, I found the same old naysayer theories are still languishing on the Internet.
So, here are some reasons I’m convinced the Bimini Wall was deliberately built.

● There are no similar formations anywhere else around Bimini Island.
● There are similar ancient harbor walls around the world. Compare the Bimini Wall to this 2400-year-old submerged harbor wall near Limassol, Cyprus (below).

● The Bimini Wall is on the edge of the Gulf Stream, which was and is like a river in the Western Atlantic. To this day, it speeds along northbound sailing.  So, a boat harbor on the edge of the Gulf Stream might make a lot of sense.

(L) The dark blue in the aerial photo of Bimini Island is the Gulf Stream.
(R) Professor Dimitri Rebikoff explored the wall with sophisticated equipment.

● Many credible researchers have jumped in the water and explored the Bimini Wall for themselves and concluded it is a deliberately created structure.  Those researchers include Professor Dimitri Rebikoff who invented all sorts of underwater filming equipment and even developed several underwater cameras for the U.S. Navy.
● It’s worth adding that in 1938 the most famous psychic of the 20th Century, Edgar Cayce, predicted remnants of Atlantis would be found near Bimini in 1968 or 1969.  And yes, that was when the Bimini Wall was first discovered.



Charles Dodgson (1832-1998) is better known as Lewis Carroll.

Alice in Wonderland author believed in wormholes

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” are more than children’s stories.  They were written by Charles Dodgson (AKA Lewis Carroll) who was the top mathematics student at Oxford University and went on to lecture on mathematics at that highly-regard institution.

Dodgson was way ahead of his time. He believed in the wormhole concept which didn’t become a word until it was coined by theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler in 1957. But back in the 1800s, scientists found the concept laughable. So, Dodgson expressed his ideas by using a pseudonym and writing about a girl falling into a rabbit hole or through a looking glass into another universe where the known laws of physics did not apply.



Antarctica’s Mount Erebus volcano
Reason Antarctica is fastest warming place on Earth
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Antarctica is warming faster than any place on Earth.  The likely reason is 138 volcanoes that stretch along the westside of the continent.  It is the largest volcanic range on Earth.

One of those volcanoes, Mount Erebus, is the most active volcano in Antarctica, and one of the few in the world with a permanent lake of molten lava in its crater. It regularly spews out gas, steam and occasionally rocks.

According to the Library and Information Science Network, if there were a major eruption of the 12,447-foot volcano, all of Antarctica’s ice would melt.  That would cause global sea levels to rise about 200 feet which would reshape the world’s landmasses and create weather havoc everywhere.  

This map shows the location of some of Antarctica’s volcanoes. Deception Island volcano at the north end of the volcanic region and Erebus at the south end are both currently active.


Antarctica’s number one tourist attraction
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The most popular tourist destination in Antarctica is Deception Island (R) which is a volcano at the north end of the continent’s chain of 138 volcanoes.

Curious tourists take cruises to the island mostly to enjoy the unique experience of soaking in the volcano’s hot-water caldera while surrounded by ice-topped mountains.

One might expect to find a classy spa on the edge of the caldera, but the restless volcano makes building anything on the island much too risky.

In 1970, the British had to abandon their research center on the island after two volcanic eruptions dumped mud and ash on their compound.  The photo below shows remains of some of their compound.

Man walking in volcanic ash at the British research center
 destroyed by Deception Island volcano eruption

If you want to make the Antarctic plunge, it is comforting to know geologists constantly monitor the volcano and ships won’t go there if it’s seriously rumbling. But, the cost of the trip might keep you away. First, you have to get to Argentina.  As of March 2022, flights from Atlanta, GA to Buenos Aires, Argentina were in the $900-$1100 range. From there to Deception Island, the cheapest 14-day cruises we found were in the $5,000 to $9,000 range.



Nazi officer:  “Silent Minute” of prayer helped defeat Hitler

Because of Putin’s War in Ukraine, we’re posting the following excerpt from the book “Creating Peace by Being Peace” by Gabriel Cousins, MD which provides evidence that thoughts and prayers for peace may have affected the outcome of World War II.  We’ve added the highlighted type. – The editor

“The concept of the Silent Minute each day was developed in Britain during World War II. People were asked to devote one minute of prayer for peace at nine o’clock each evening.

“This dedicated minute received the support of King George, Sir Winston Churchill, and his Cabinet. It was also recognized by President Roosevelt and observed on land and sea, on battlefields, in air raid shelters, and in hospitals.

“With Churchill’s support, the BBC, on Sunday, November 10, 1940, began to play the bells of Big Ben on the radio as a signal for the Silent Minute. This continued daily from 1942 to the end of the war, totaling millions of people.

“An interesting anecdote emphasizes the profound power of the group meditation of the Silent Minute. In 1945, a British intelligence officer was interrogating a high Nazi official. He asked him why he thought Germany lost the war. His reply was:

‘During the war, you had a secret weapon for which we could find no countermeasure, which we did not understand, but it was very powerful. It was associated with the striking of the Big Ben each evening. I believe you called it the Silent Minute.’”

There are temples, churches and spiritual organizations all over the world.  Imagine what might happen if each assembly took a minute or two at the end of each gathering to
Pray for Ukraine and world peace.


Boy’s past life as fighter pilot – Incredible proof
By Mary Joyce, website editor

I’ve read many books on reincarnation, starting with the research of Dr. Ian Stevenson who studied 3,000 cases of children who claimed to remember past lives.  In fact, he devoted much of his 50-year career at the University of Virginia School of Medicine to documenting evidence for  children’s claims.

But none of those 3,000 cases, or those of any other researcher, are as compelling as the story of James Leininger, a tiny little boy who revealed his previous life in stunning snippets throughout his early childhood

James’ father was adamantly opposed to the possibility of reincarnation.  Yet, every time he sought facts to disprove his son’s information, he found only facts substantiating everything his son said about his previous life as a fighter pilot during World War II.

For example, James had three G.I. Joe dolls – one with dark hair, one with red hair and one with blond hair.  He named them Billy, Walter and Leon. Bruce’s research confirmed those were the names of three of James’ fellow WWII fighter pilots.  Even the hair color of each doll matched each man.

Eventually, Bruce’s research connected him to WWII survivors who knew James, one even had seen him moments before his plane was shot down.  His description of that deadly moment matched that of little James.

Amazingly, Bruce and his wife eventually found James’ sister from his WWII life.  She provided more information that confirmed James’ stories.

In this photo, the joy on James’ face upon meeting his WWII sister, Anne Barron, appears obvious.

After years of research, James’ parents wrote about their son’s entire saga in a book titled “Soul Survivor.”  It reads like a well-written detective novel. 



Evidence of reincarnation in Christian Bible
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Though the word “reincarnation” is not found in the Bible, there are verses indicating it was an accepted belief at the time of Christ. At least seven verses speak about Old Testament prophets returning as Jesus or John the Baptist.  Elijah (Elias in Latin) is most frequently mentioned and he lived during the kingship of Ahab (854-873 BC) – centuries before Christ.

Mark 8:27-28 - And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am? And they answered, John the Baptist; but some say, Elias; and others, One of the prophets.

Here are other verses that imply reincarnation: ● Matthew 11:13-14 ● Matthew 16:13-14
● Matthew 17:10-13 ● Luke 9:7-8 ● Luke 1:17 ● Malachi 4:5

Images of St. Jerome, Origen and St. Augustine

It is significant that three esteemed early Christian leaders – St. Jerome, Origen and St. Augustine – all believed in reincarnation which at that time was referred to as the “Transmigration of Souls.”

ST. JEROME: “The doctrine of transmigration has been secretly taught from ancient times to small numbers of people, as a traditional truth which was not to be divulged.”

ORIGEN: “Is it not rational that souls should be introduced into bodies, in accordance with their merits and previous deeds, and that those who have used their bodies in doing the utmost possible good should have a right to bodies endowed with qualities superior to the bodies of others?”

Origen also said the soul “puts off one body, which was necessary before, but which is no longer adequate in its changed state, and it exchanges if for a second.”

ST. AUGUSTINE: When talking about the philosopher Plotinus, St. Augustine said he was “so like his master (Plato) that one would think they lived together, or rather – since so long a period of times separates them – that Plato is born again in Plotinus.”

There was roughly a century between the two philosophers.



NC man looks like Lincoln - Abe’s real dad from same area
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The man in the right photo used to work at the recycling center near my home in Western North Carolina.  He always reminded me of Abraham Lincoln.

Then I read an 1899 book titled “The Genesis of Lincoln” and learn that Lincoln was not the son of Thomas Lincoln as recorded in most history books.  His biological father was Abraham Enloe, a pioneer and founder of a community on the North Carolina side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So, the man at the recycling center and Lincoln just might share a wee bit of DNA from the same Western North Carolina gene pool.

The early life of Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks, and her relationship with Abraham Enloe in North Carolina reads like a soap opera. Click on the link below to read their story.

The posting includes photos of Lincoln’s half-brother, Wesley Enloe, and first-hand descriptions and testimonies about Abraham Enloe who was a farmer, businessman and a justice of the peace. 

Those who knew Abraham Enloe said he had a “great compassionate heart” and was “far above the average man in mind.” Just as Lincoln sought to free the Negroes of his day, Enloe was a trusted friend and defender of the Cherokee.



Watch Russian Cosmonauts toss trash into space
By Mary Joyce, website editor

THE RED ARROW points to a model of Russia’s science module that was attached to the underside of the International Space Station on November 26, 2021. It has five docking sites within its spherical-shaped “head” so visiting spacecraft can lock onto the module.

In preparation for visits, two Russian cosmonauts went outside the ISS on January 19, 2022 to get their module ready for the arrival of spacecraft. In the process, they “cleaned house” and threw their trash into Earth’s precious envelope of space.

The photo on the left shows one of the house-cleaning cosmonauts outside their Prichal science module.  A discarded black container can be seen in the lower right corner of the photo.

Click on the link below to watch and listen to a short video of the cosmonauts tossing their rubbish away.



European Space Agency image of space debris circling Earth

“Space is getting messy, and it’s making life dangerous”
By Mary Joyce, website editor

An estimated 100 tons of space junk hit Earth every year.  That is equivalent to the weight of about 80 classic Volkswagen Bugs.  Thank goodness, dead satellites and spent rocket boosters break into pieces before crashing to Earth. Still, more than 23,000 objects larger than a softball drop from space each year according to NASA.

So far, Lottie Williams (above left) is the only known person to be hit by falling space debris.  A six-inch-long shard hit her shoulder while she was walking in a park in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1996. But a much larger and more lethal object fell from space in 2003.  It was a spherical tank (above right) from the disintegrating Space Shuttle Columbia. Similar objects are known to have fallen in South Africa and Saudi Arabia. We all should be very grateful that most space debris plunges into the oceans.

“Space is getting messy, and it’s making life dangerous,”
says Paul M. Sutter, astrophysicist with the State University of New York.  In addition to dead spacecraft, spent rockets and satellites, he says there is a glove, a camera, a blanket, a wrench, a toothbrush and plenty of screws and bolts orbiting Earth.

Space debris doesn’t need to be big to damage space shuttles, satellites and the International Space Station. Look what a fleck of paint did to a space shuttle window (R).

The danger of space junk is growing astronomically. As of January 2022, Elon Musk (L) alone has launched 1,993 satellites into space with plans for a total of 42,000 according to SPACE.COM.  Those are staggering numbers when compared to NASA with 60 satellites and the Department of Defense with 45.

Strong objections to Musk’s pollution of space are being voiced by international corporations, countries and astronomers around the world but so far, the FCC has failed to rein in Musk and his SpaceX corporation.



Doomsday Glacier – simple explanation for its name
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica (above) doesn’t look like the world’s Doomsday Glacier until you see its profile.  Then it becomes clear that it’s a precarious ice shelf – one that is being eroded by warm water flowing beneath it. When the shelf ultimately breaks from the sea floor, water levels will rise around the globe.

“It could snap off into the ocean in as little as five years,” according to a January 14, 2022 article in Technology Review by James Temple.

Since the glacier is the size of Florida, that snap “could raise ocean levels by two feet or as much as 10 feet if the collapse drags down surrounding glaciers with it,” according to scientists with the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration.  When that happens, coastal cities around the world and tens of millions of people will be in grave danger.

Diagram from the University of Pittsburgh’s
Climate and Global Change Center


Olivares Alfa Glacier in Chile lost 66 percent of its mass between 1953 and 2019.

Global threat: 220,000 melting glaciers

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following information is from an April 29, 2021 broadcast by “France 24” which is an international news network in Paris.

The Earth has around 220,000 glaciers. Sadly, between 2000 and 2019 they were shrinking at a rate of 267 billion tons per year.  That is enough water to submerge Switzerland under 20 feet of water every single year according to the broadcast.

Significantly, melting glaciers caused 21 percent of the sea level rise between 2000-2019. Not only is that threatening coastal areas around the world, it is threatening the water supply for billions of people who depend on glaciers for water.



Ancient artwork found in melting glaciers
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Climate change is rapidly melting glaciers around the world. That’s foreboding to coastal communities everywhere, but it’s a boon to archaeologists who are finding many ancient artifacts in the melting ice.

Typically, they find hunting and survival tools like daggers, axes, bows and arrows in the melting glaciers.  They even find skis, snowshoes, clothing and tinderboxes, but rarely do they find artwork created before the big freeze.

ABOVE are a pendant and a human-shaped statuette that were found in the melting Arolla Glacier near Valais, Switzerland.  They are about 2,000 years old and impressive creations by Iron Age artists.  BELOW are two of four vases found in a Mongolian glacier. Three of the 800-year-old vases contained frozen clotted cream and one frozen butter.



Admiral Byrd’s broadcast from North Pole – NEW INFO
By Mary Joyce, website editor

After posting photos of entrances into Antarctica’s interior on my Facebook page, there was one response that caught my attention.  It was written by Leslie Mitts who had a personal memory about Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s live radio broadcast from his plane as he flew over the North Pole.

Plane Admiral Byrd flew over North Pole

“My grandparents knew him because my grandmother was a Byrd from Virginia,” Leslie Mitts wrote on January 5, 2022. “They were listening to his live broadcast as he was flying over the Pole area. . . I just remember they tuned in to listen because he was a close relative of my grandmother and they were very interested in what he was going to say.

“They were very surprised to hear him describe people and large animals with the people looking up at his plane.  And, it wasn’t all snow and ice.  There was a lot of vegetation, too.  I think they said the people were wearing animal skins and the animals were like huge elk.  As he was describing it, the sound stopped suddenly with no explanation.  They wondered, why?  That’s all I can remember.

“All the older members of the family have passed on, so I’m the only one left who has this information.”

This simple childhood memory gives a bit of credence to
information Admiral Byrd wrote in his secret diary.

I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity,” Admiral Byrd wrote. “It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven. I am not at liberty to disclose the following documentation at this writing . . . perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny, but I must do my duty and record here for all to read one day.”

Learn about his astonishing visit into Earth’s interior and the warning message he was given for mankind at:


Our wobbling Moon is about to cause trouble
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Surprise! Our Moon wobbles and has a predictable 18.6-year wobble cycle. In the past, this wasn’t a concern but soon it will be when our Moon enters the tide-amplifying part of its cycle. Then the entire coastline will be in for a one-two punch from the combined influence of the Moon’s increased tidal pull and rising seas due to global warming.

High tide flooding in Charleston, South Carolina

Half the Moon’s cycle suppresses tides on Earth, while the other half amplifies them.  These two cycles are separated by a lunar standstill which will be in 2024-25 according to Dr. Judith S. Young with the Department of Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts. Then the tide-amplifying cycle will begin, reaching its peak in 2033.  This cycle is guaranteed to help escalate coastal flooding around the world.

In 2021, high tides flooded USA coastal communities twice as often as 20 years ago. That upward trend is expected to continue in the decades to come according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).



Jesus was a “shapeshifter” according to ancient text

This is a quote from one of about 60 Coptic manuscripts that were found in 1910 in the desert near Al Hamuli, Egypt.  They were uncovered by villagers digging for fertilizer where the Monastery of Archangel Michael once stood.  Apparently, monks at the monastery sought to hide and preserve their centuries-old manuscripts by burying them in a stone cistern sometime during the 10th Century.

According to the ancient text, which was written in the 4th Century by St. Cyril of Jerusalem, the physical description of a shapeshifter would not have been helpful to the Roman soldiers, so Judas identified Jesus for them - with a kiss.

Jesus as a shapeshifter was implied even earlier by Origen (185-254 AD) who was an early Christian scholar and theologian.  He wrote that "to those who saw him [Jesus] he did not appear alike to all."

NOTE: The Hamuli manuscripts were purchased in 1911 by American financier J.P. Morgan (1837-1913) and are now housed at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City. 



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