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2020 Sky Ship Articles

> COVID-19 predicted by psychic 16 years ago
> USA's ancient pyramid larger than Egypt's
> Warning from social media designers
> Werner von Braun was a "cold son of a bitch"
> Headphone sets depicted in ancient Maya art
> Award-winning soccer player abducted by aliens
> Crop circle blueprint for electromagnetic propulsion
> Tumbleweed residue helps validate Crucifixion
> Navy's U.S. Patent for unconventional spacecraft







Sylvia Browne was a psychic medium who appeared regularly on television and radio shows in the 1990s and early 2000s including “The Montel Williams Show” and “Larry King Live.” She also was a prolific author who penned more than 50 books with 22 of them making the New York Times Bestsellers List.

COVID-19 predicted by psychic 16 years ago

Sixteen years before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sylvia Browne predicted it. Below are her exact words from her book “PROPHECY,” which was published in 2004.

“By 2020, we’ll see more people than ever wearing surgical masks and rubber gloves in public, inspired by an outbreak of severe pneumonia-like illness that attacks both the lungs and the bronchial tubes and is ruthlessly resistant to treatment.  This illness will be particularly baffling in that, after causing a winter of absolute panic, it will seem to vanish completely until ten years later, making both its source and its cure that much more mysterious.”



USA’s ancient pyramid larger than Egypt’s
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Monks Mound is the largest prehistoric pyramid in the USA.  Its base is larger than that of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and it stands 10 stories tall.  There once was a structure, perhaps a temple, on top of it.

Of the original 120 mounds on the six-square-mile site, 68 have been preserved, along with remnants of plazas, a circle of posts used for astronomical observations and defensive structures.

Many artifacts have been found at Monks Mound, which is east of St. Louis, plus the body of man in his 40s whose elaborate burial indicates he was a ruler. Archaeologists also found 280 skeletons, mostly those of young women they believe were sacrificial victims. Fifty of the skeletons were found haphazardly dumped in a single deep pit.  Some of those had arrowheads in the back or were beheaded which indicates a war or a crushed rebellion.

Monks Mound got its name because Trappist Monks once lived near the mound.  It also is known as the Cahokia Site because the Cahokia tribe previously lived there. They, however, did not build the site. They said it was the remains of a city built by a long-forgotten tribe.



 Warning from social media designers

We all would like to think we are independent thinkers. But former computer designers with major social media companies (Google, Facebook, etc.) have come together to warn us, and show us how we are being manipulated in devious and imperceptible ways. The results are staggering. So, if you use any form of social media, take time to watch their brand-new Netflix documentary – “The Social Dilemma.” 




 Werner von Braun was “a cold son of a bitch”
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Werner von Braun is known and even revered as “Father of the U.S. Space Program.”  So, a starkly different description of him may be surprising.

“And he was very cold, he was a cold son of a bitch. . .
All the Germans hated his living guts.  They hated that man.”

June Crain

June Crain, who had Top-Secret security clearance, actually ‘Q’ clearance, worked at Wright-Patterson AFB between 1942 and 1952. During those years, debris and alien bodies from the Roswell crash were brought to the base; and Werner von Braun (WVB) and about 40 other German scientists were imprisoned there.  They were the elite among several hundred German prisoners held at the base during and after World War II.

“And do you know that in his biography he never mentions that he was ever at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,” June said,but he was there for quite a long time. He was living in compound with the rest of the Germans.  There was this eight-foot fence around it, and they had their little houses. They had this temporary housing and all those scientists that we had stolen.”

“And he was very cold, he was a cold son of a bitch.  And another thing, all the Germans hated his living guts.  They hated that man.  He was a killer. People, men, people were expendable.  He got those, you know, the Jews and people that he put into factories to build those (German) rockets.  And when they passed out and died, they’d get those bodies out of there, and get some more in.  He was a brutal man, brutal. . . human beings didn’t count with him.”

In 1997, June decided to violate her security oath and divulged secrets she’d held within her since the World War II era.  As she explained, “I’m 72 years old.  I’ve outlived two husbands and survived cancer twice.  What are they going to do – shoot me or put me in prison?  I can do either one.”

One of June’s experiences with WVB stands out in her memories. She was escorted by an armed officer and an armed lieutenant colonel to a very secure area on the base so she could take dictation from WVB about the budget needed to start a rocketry program in the USA.  He dictated to her for three hours as she stood writing at a counter.  She vividly recalled his “very cold eyes” and said “He never stopped talking to give me any break.”

At the end of those three hours, she was escorted back to the lab and told, “You can’t go home.  You are going to finish this before you go home tonight. Cause it is highly sensitive.”  It was three in the morning before she had the dictation transcribed.

NOTE: This information is from the book “Tell My Story” in which she divulged military and alien secrets to UFO researcher James E. Clarkson in 1997, a year before her death.





Award-winning soccer player abducted by aliens

Argentine soccer players Guillermo Marino and Gustavo Lorenzetti

On June 16, 2020, ESPN reported that Guillermo Marino, a former award-winning Argentine soccer player, was late to a training session because he had been abducted by aliens.

It happened sometime between 2011 and 2013 at the University of Chile according to Gustavo Lorenzetti, a friend and former teammate of Marino.

"He (Marino) says that he arrived late to one training because he was abducted by aliens,” Lorenzetti explained.  “He gave us the entire explanation of what he felt and the rest of it. . .

"He started to explain that he was suddenly lost and abducted by aliens. He explained that they take out your soul, analyze it, and all the while on the journey they are looking after you. He said something like that.

"Honestly, I believe in aliens,” Lorenzetti said.  “He gave a great explanation and we will have to believe him. . . I believed in him because he tells you that way and if you know him, you realize that he is a serious person. He will not be late anywhere; he is very correct.

"He (Marino) explains it to you. He is a big believer. He reads books about it so I didn't have other option but to believe him, because with the seriousness that he told it to us, we have to believe him."



Crop circle blueprint for electromagnetic propulsion
By Mary Joyce, website editor

This seemingly simple crop circle has proven to be a blueprint for electromagnetic propulsion. Though it was discovered on August 8, 2014 in the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, England, it wasn’t until late 2019 that an Australian man figured out its significance.

He believed the circle showed a tight ring of six wire-coiled electromagnets.  When he built a model (R) based on the circle blueprint, he found it created electro- magnetic energy that could both attract and repel a metal ring. This is the type of energy many people believe extraterrestrials use to propel their Sky Ships.

Below are photos from the video he posted on YouTube on December 3, 2019 showing a metal ring being repelled and attracted to the magnets.

CLICK HERE to watch the short video demonstration.

It’s worth noting that plant stalks in the very center of the above crop circle are pointed upward which might support the idea that the blueprint is for an anti-gravity device.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the crop circle was found in the village of Avebury which is encircled by prehistoric monuments that include the largest megalithic stone circle in the world.




Tumbleweed residue helps validate Crucifixion
By Mary Joyce, website editor

There is a surprising amount of scientific evidence indicating the Shroud of Turin might really be the burial cloth of Jesus.  But nobody ever expected the humble tumbleweed would provide supportive evidence for its authenticity.

Dr. Max Frei, an eminent Swiss criminologist and botanist, found the burial cloth contained a large amount of debris that accounted for 10 percent of the Shroud’s total weight.   With adhesive tape as his tool, he lifted debris samples from the cloth and then examined them under a microscope.

He concluded that 75% of the debris on the Shroud was the remains of plants found in Palestine, but it really got his attention when he found pollen from the Gundelia tournefortii plant.  It’s a tumbleweed thistle that only blooms in and around Israel between March and May which helps validate the April date for the Crucifixion.

In my book “Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find,” I present this tumbleweed information and other scientific and archaeological findings that indicate the Shroud of Turin might be authentic. I wrote the book for those who would like proof of Jesus beyond what is written in Christian Bibles. It is concisely written and filled with photos and graphics.  Check out a sample chapter in the “Editor’s Corner” section of this website.





Navy’s U.S. Patent for unconventional spacecraft
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Yes, the U.S. military is very interested in space-age transportation.  Evidence even can be found at the U.S. Patent Office.  Check it out for yourself by copying and pasting this patent number into your Google search bar: US10144532B2

Here are a few things that jumped out at us from the patent:
· The patent is assigned to the “US Secretary of Navy.”
· The classification for the patent is for “B64G1/409 - Unconventional spacecraft
   propulsion systems.”
· There is a lengthy “Background” explanation for the patent.  Below is how it begins. 
   We’ve added the boldfacing.

“There are four known fundamental forces which control matter and, therefore, control energy. The four known forces are strong nuclear forces, weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force. In this hierarchy of forces, the electromagnetic force is perfectly positioned to be able to manipulate the other three. . .” 

At first, we skipped over the classification number B64G1/409 but when we looked into it, we found 487 other space-related patents.



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