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» Von Daniken: "I was in the lake under the pyramid."
» Scientists: Sun is cooling Earth
» Ancient "blackboards" may reveal ET classes
» First Humans in America were likely European
» Dowsers find UFO landing spot...and more
» Trucker: Spirits in my passenger seat
» Stunning! Two truths spliced into one BIG LIE
» New book:  "Cherokee Little People Were Real"
» Friendly ghosts at Kress hunting lodge
» Einstein & Oppenheimer's secret document about ETs
» Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP
» Weatherman talks about chemtrails on live TV
» Why is U.S. Air Force Major devoted to exposing UFO truth?
» Why is NASA in rain business?
» Pope John XXIII wrote about UFOs in his diary
» Website editor's book catches President Carter's eye
» Indications Rothschild behind 370 hijacking
» Secret mission to pick up Flight 370 "survivors"

Financial leaders dying like flies - Why?

» Theory on Malaysian flight 370
» Website editor: Why I wrote a book about Jesus
» Did sinister force cause snowstorm Leon?
» Rabbi:  “I have met the Messiah”
» Smithsonian hiding giant skeletons in its closets
» Newly discovered underwater pyramid
» “Uncovering Aliens” – New TV show



















Von Daniken: “I was in the lake under the pyramid.”

Nobody believed Greek historian Herodotus 2500 years ago when he said there was a sarcophagus in a lake beneath the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  Then on June 17, 2014, Erich Von Daniken made the following statement that gives credence to Herodotus’ claim:

“Some 2500 years ago the Greek historian Herodotus was in Egypt and at that time he wrote that under the Great Pyramid there is a lake and a lake with clear water.  Inside the lake there is a sarcophagus. Now nobody believed a word of Herodotus.

“In the meantime, and that is the news, the lake has been located.  I was down there.  There is a lake, in fact with clear water, under the Great Pyramid in Egypt and in the water is a sarcophagus.  Unfortunately the sarcophagus was empty. . . .

“At the moment the so called Department of Antiquities has no chief.  Nobody has been selected as the head of it.  Before it was Professor Doctor Zahi Hawass but he’s not there anymore. . . So nothing goes to the public.

I was in the lake under the pyramid.  I know the lake does exist.”

Erich Von Daniken
gave birth to the ancient astronaut theory in 1969 with his first book, “Chariot of the Gods.”  He’s written many other books on the subject since then and at almost 80 years of age continues to do research.  His entire interview conducted by J. Webb and Dr. J. Andy Ilias is posted at thirdphaseofmoon YouTube site.



Scientist: Sun is cooling Earth

By Mary Joyce, website editor

November 23, 2014 – Nobody needs to convince the folks in Buffalo, New York that our climate is getting colder.  And they’re right according to John L. Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation in Orlando, Florida and former Space Shuttle engineer, NASA consultant and White House space advisor.

“The Earth’s climate is the result of solar cycles,” Casey told “The Villages-News” in Central Florida. He says the new cold era we’ve now entered is caused by an historic decline in the Sun’s energy output which he calls “solar hibernation.” He may be right.  The Sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle had its weakest peak in 100 years in 2013-2014.  During those years, there have been record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfalls. 

In addition to the 11-year solar cycle, Casey says in his latest book, “Dark Winter,” that the Sun also has entered a 30-year cold cycle. 

The above chart only reflects data through the mid-1980s, but it clearly shows Earth’s temperatures (blue) rise and fall with solar activity (red).  The data was compiled by two space physicists with the Danish National Space Center – Henrik Svensmark and Eigil Friis-Christensen who is also the director of the agency.





My guide, Gary Stein, at Grapevine Canyon’s dry wash and looking at a “blackboard”

Ancient “blackboards” may reveal ET classes"

By Mary Joyce, website editor

It didn’t hit me as I ventured up the dry wash leading to Grapevine Canyon west of Laughlin, Nevada that it might be the entrance to an ancient teaching center.  I didn’t think of that until I stood on an elevated boulder with a 360-degree view of the canyon’s natural little amphitheater. 

From atop the boulder I imagined centuries of native teachers standing there speaking to their students below.  Then behind the “lectern” there were boulders and rock walls covered with petroglyphs that reminded me of a professor’s chalk drawings on a blackboard.


Some of the “blackboards” at Grapevine Canyon

Perhaps many places with an abundance of petroglyphs were once ancient schools.  More interestingly, some of those schools may have taught extraterrestrial courses.  Take a look at the following ancient “blackboards.”


Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Mishongnovi, Arizona

Kimberley, Australia

Val Camonica, Italy – Tzintzuntzan, Mexico



The left arrows show the long-accepted routes taken by the first humans arriving in North America from Asia between 13,000 and 16,000 years ago.  The right arrow shows the route the first Europeans may have taken to North America more than 20,000 years ago.

First Humans in America were likely European

By Mary Joyce, website editor

I didn’t know I was witnessing the discovery of history-shaking evidence when I went to an archaeological dig in Titusville, Florida back in the mid-1980s.  At the time, I was taking photos and writing an article about the dig for Brevard Community College in Cocoa, Florida.

The memories of that project came rushing back to me when I turned on the History Channel’s “America Unearthed” on November 2, 2014.  To my surprise, the Titusville site, known as the Windover Archaeology Site, was being featured.

According to the program, a total of 168 ancient skeletons estimated to be 14,000 to 25,000 years old were unearthed at the site.  Thanks to the natural preservative nature of the bog where they were buried, they were in remarkable condition.

And here’s where it gets interesting.  The History Channel program revealed that DNA testing showed that those ancient people, now known as the Salutrean People, were of European stock.  To further emphasize their origin, many of the tools buried with the skeletons were made of a flint found only in France.

In Vero Beach, which is about 80 miles south of Titusville, more evidence of prehistoric humans was discovered by James Kennedy when he was looking for fossils.  He found an ancient bone with a mammoth etched on it.  The artwork was quite detailed, indicating the artist must have actually seen such a creature.

Kenney said the artifact has been “put through every test known to man” and it’s proven to be the oldest mammoth carving in North America.

Though it was not mentioned on “America Unearthed,” ancient human remains also were found at the Old Vero Man Archaeology Site surrounded by the remains of long-extinct prehistoric animals like mammoths, mastodons, saber-tooth cats, and ancient species of tapir, horse and sloth.  All this further indicates that humans were living on Florida’s Space Coast in prehistoric times.

One other surprise in the History Channel program was when Dennis J. Stanford (L), an archaeologist with the Smithsonian, openly supported the history-changing theory that the first people to arrive in North America were from Europe.

If you wish to learn more from him on the subject, consider reading his book “Across Atlantic Ice,” which he co-authored with archaeologist Bruce A. Bradley.



Dowsers find UFO landing spot . . . and more

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Our dowsing experiment worked!  First we obtained instructions and a set of L-shaped dowsing rods from Tom Stewart, owner of FisherCreek Dowsing Rods.  Then we chose a willing guinea pig – a woman who had not read this website and had never done dowsing.

Next we took the woman, a well-known professional in her community, to the high mountain field in Cashiers where Glynis Heenan saw a spacecraft land the night of February 25, 2012. We gave the woman basic dowsing instructions and asked her to walk the field in search of the landing spot while holding the two L-rods straight in front of her.  She understood the rods might cross when she came upon the landing site but she had no idea where that might be.

Three of us affiliated with this website stood by the fence and watched the woman walk the field.  Of course she started in the middle of the field thinking that would be the most likely landing place.  Nothing happened.  It wasn’t until she reached the ridge-like edge of the field that the two rods began to slowly turn toward each other. As she continued forward, they swung into a perfect “X” when she reached the exact middle of the landing site.

Glynis Heenan’s original landing report, “Sky Ship lands in Cashiers, NC,” is in the 2012 archives of Witness Testimonies.

After success with our experiment, I met again with Tom Stewart who has been dowsing for 36 years.  He first learned about dowsing from a 93-year-old gentleman and then found dowsing useful in his construction business.  He used it for practical things like finding the best place to drill for water or for locating underground electrical lines.

His curiosity, however, led him far beyond the common uses for dowsing.  He, for example, has successfully used dowsing to locate unmarked graves and a sunken yacht.

Tom also manufactures glow-in-the-dark dowsing rods for ghost hunters.

“Probably 8-10 percent of the rods I sell are used for ghost dowsing,” Tom said.  “I’m personally not into ghost dowsing, but I did go on a city ghost tour and found nothing.  One place where I did find the energy really strong was on a tour of Alcatraz.”

(R) Tom Stewart in his shop where he produces dowsing rods which are available at

Tom got scientific verification of his dowsing accuracy when he was asked to dowse for graves in an old unmarked indigent cemetery on a hill behind Ingle’s in Sylva, NC. 

“I was able to locate over 100 graves,” he said, “and marked them with construction flags on wires sticks.  When we got done, the exciting thing for me was that Western Carolina University brought in ground penetrating radar equipment that confirmed the grave site locations I’d found.”

While working on that project, Tom learned dowsing can provide more detailed information about those buried in the graves.

“When I go across a grave, I go perpendicular to the length of the grave site and the L-rods cross in the middle,” he explained.  “I also learned they don’t cross where the land has been disturbed but where the body actually is.  Then if I go back over the grave in the opposite direction, I can determine the length of the body.

“By using just one L-rod over a grave,” he continued, “I learned that when I would go across a grave perpendicular to the length of the body, and if I focused on locating the head, the rod would turn toward it.”

Tom emphasized that anyone can be successful at dowsing but to be really good he says “it takes practice, practice, practice.”

He gave me more information than could be included in this article, but I found the following quotes worth sharing:

● Some famous people were dowsers.  Einstein dowsed a lot.  He said how it worked was that it was physical and also psychological.  General Patton kept a dowser in his unit to find water for his Army.

● I kinda’ lean toward the scientific explanation for dowsing but probably more than 50% of dowsers believe that a higher source like personal angels make it work especially when using a pendulum for health concerns. (A pendulum is a type of dowsing tool.)

● Great Britain used dowsing to locate landmines. Later during the Vietnam War they used to teach dowsing to the Marines.  They used it in Vietnam to find buried ammunition and underground tunnels.

● Dowsing has been used a lot in archaeology.  The Russians used it to find buried cities and buildings. 

● Dowsing is for finding lost things – that means anything.

● There are pictures on caves in Africa dating back 8,000 years ago of people dowsing.



Trucker:  Spirits in my passenger seat

by Jeffrey Jordan


I’m a truck driver.  One night on my way to Tulsa, Oklahoma I stopped to get a cup of coffee.  When I was getting back into the truck, I felt a presence behind the curtain that separates the driver’s side from the bunk.  I thought somebody had broken into my truck and cautiously turned around to look, parted the curtain slightly, but didn’t see anybody.

I wasn’t really afraid but I didn’t know
what was going on until I recognized that the presence was my father.  I couldn’t see him if I looked straight in his direction, but I could see him out of the corner of my eye.

I motioned for him to sit down in the passenger’s seat.  I even asked him if he wanted me to move my cooler so he could sit down. He said, “No, I’m fine.  I can hold it.”

So he was holding my cooler and sitting in the passenger seat and we talked for hours, all the way to Tulsa. We talked a lot about when I was growing up and he told me how proud he was of me.

When I asked him how he was doing, he said he was very happy and in a very peaceful and joyful place.  He added that there were a lot of people and family members there that he knew including my brother who had died at a young age from a heart condition.

Occasionally after that a few other family members made brief appearances.  Then spirits I didn’t even know would appear when I was training a new driver.  At first I’d just brush them off because I really didn’t understand what was happening.  Finally, I’d have to ask the student driver questions like “Do you know somebody named Mary? Was that your grandmother?”

When the guy would say “Yes,” then I would relay a message.  Usually, it was something simple like the spirit wanted the guy to know he or she was fine.  Others had more specific messages.  For example, one spirit wanted me to relay a message to a certain woman.  He said, “Tell her I forgive her.”

As I’ve become more relaxed with unexpected passengers in my truck, I realize I’m more than just a messenger for spirits.  I think God is using me to help counsel those who receive the messages.  He seems to inspire me to say the right words.

I would be very interested in hearing stories from other drivers.  My email is



Stunning! Two truths spliced into one BIG LIE
By Mary Joyce, website editor

On June 25, 2014, someone sent us a brief 19-second clip from President Obama’s March 26, 2014 speech before the European Union in Brussels, Belgium.  What Obama said in the brief clip was stunning and we found it posted on many Internet sites.

. . . and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign. . .

Even if the President might feel that way, it seemed incomprehensible that he would make such a statement on an international stage.  So after some searching, we found a video of his entire speech. Below is the portion from which the above statement was spliced together.  The words that were used in the false statement are in boldface.

Leaders and dignitaries of the European Union, representatives of our NATO alliance, distinguished guests, we meet here at a moment of testing for Europe and the United States and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build.  Throughout human history, societies have grappled with fundamental questions of how to organize themselves, the proper relationship between the individual and the state, the best means to resolve the inevitable conflicts between states.

Further along in the speech, Obama says:

And those ideas eventually inspired a band of colonialists across an ocean, and they wrote them into the founding documents that still guide America today, including the simple truth that all men, and women, are created equal.  But those ideals have also been tested here in Europe and around the world. 

Those ideals have often been threatened by an older, more traditional view of power.  This alternative vision argues that ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign. 

Often this alternative vision roots itself in the notion that by virtue of race or faith or ethnicity, some are inherently superior to others and that individual identity must be defined by us versus them, or that national greatness must flow not by what people stand for, but what they are against.

We decided to help expose this splicing of two pieces of truth into one BIG LIE because it’s an example of truth-twisting that has become too prevalent on the Internet. If you wish to hear the brief spliced segment of Obama’s speech and/or his entire speech, type in the titles beneath the photo frames into your search bar.



New book: “Cherokee Little People Were Real”

By Mary Joyce, website editor

I wrote “Cherokee Little People Were Real” to help preserve a unique bit of American history – a history that captivates the imagination.  The book features testimonies of men who discovered ancient little tunnels and skeletons during early construction projects at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.  Interesting finds also were found at old moonshine and mining sites.

My  interviews with those eyewitnesses were published in 2001 just to make sure the information was preserved.  Then in 2014, I added totally new chapters with previously unpublished information plus lots of photos, including one of a very unique face on an ancient metal oval that was discovered after an historic flood washed away significant topsoil south of the campus.

All the discovery sites are clearly pointed out on maps throughout the book that may help archaeologists find even more evidence that an ancient race of Little People once live in Western North Carolina.

On Thursday, July 17, I will be talking about Cherokee Little People at the Qualla Boundary Public Library at 5 p.m.  It is located at 810 Acquoni Road in Cherokee, NC. For help with directions, call the library at 828-554-6728.


Then on Friday, July 18, I will be speaking about the book at City Lights Bookstore in Sylva, NC at 6:30 p.m.  The store is located at 3 East Jackson Street. For help with directions, call the store at 828-586-9499.

I am available to speak about the Cherokee Little People or about my other book “Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find.”  You can reach me by email at or call 828-631-0607.

Both books are available through Amazon.




The Tuckasiegee River Mountain Lodge and view from its front porch

Friendly ghosts at Kress hunting lodge
 By Mary Joyce, website editor

Tuckasiegee River Mountain Lodge was built by Samuel H. Kress (L), founder of one of the country’s first chain stores commonly called Kress Five and Dime.  The stores were on the main streets of hundreds of cities during the first half of the 20th Century.  With their success, Kress became a philanthropist.  Notably, he and Paul Mellon funded the creation of the National Museum of Art in Washington, DC.  Kress also built something for himself -- a grand hunting lodge perched atop a ridge above the Tuckasiegee River between Sylva and Cherokee, North Carolina.

Today, the lodge is owned by John and Nancy Hopp who have transformed the lodge into a unique vacation retreat for tourists – and for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the friendly ghosts who sometimes make appearances there.

One ghost, who has been clearly identified, is Samuel Kress’ brother Claude.  He was seen by a guest when she first stepped into the grand parlor.  Turning to Nancy, she asked, “Who are the two gentlemen standing by the fireplace?”   Nancy couldn’t see them, but the woman told her they were dressed in formal attire as if going to a banquet or a party.  Shortly after that, the woman noticed a portrait on a wall that looked like one of the two ghosts. The brass name plate read: C.W. Kress.

The grand parlor with fireplace on left -  Portrait of C.W. Kress

“Then there was the ghost I named George,” Nancy says.  “At one period for about a month, he opened doors for me whether I was going in or out.  I couldn’t see him but I could sense his presence.  Finally, I said, ‘George, that’s enough.  I can open the doors for myself.’  He no longer opens the doors but he’s still around.”

Nancy’s friend and former housekeeper at the lodge, Eileen Valardi, says she’s had spiritual gifts since she was a young child and can hear and sometimes see ghosts in the lodge in her peripheral vision.  She describes George as the “resident valet or the man responsible for running the lodge.

“George is 40-ish and very well put together with thinning hair on top,” Eileen says.  “He’s very particular and wants the lodge to be run properly.  He’s also very opinionated and when he doesn’t like something, we definitely know because he’ll close doors and even lock them, but he’s not caused harm.”

Nancy adds, “We’re not sure what his real name is, but he has not objected to us calling him George.”

Nancy Hopp with her cat Ambie who intently stares at any ghosts she sees in the lodge.

“There’s another regular ghost in the lodge,” Eileen says. 
“She’s in her middle years, tall and stately and very well
put together.  She’s very Victorian in her dress.

“Oddly enough, she’s not associated with the history of the
lodge.  The furniture in the lodge has come from all
different places and eras and she may be connected to
some of the furniture that’s been brought into the lodge.

“She at first was very stiff and unyielding with me because
I was doing housework.  I felt her presence quite
frequently.  Then she saw that I did a job that was up to                                
par for her and she seemed to become more relaxed.”

There is quite a variety of ghosts at the lodge.  One night Eileen saw “Native Americans in their full regalia.  Then I started seeing Colonialists. I think the lodge is on land that is a portal of some kind because we see people from all different eras appearing at different times.”

The two women try to help the ghosts

Often the two women encourage troubled ghosts to move on toward the Light or to their next physical life.  One of those was a young girl named Clementine.

“She was 16 or 17 years old,” Eileen says, “and she wore white a lot.  She was pretty and very friendly and died from consumption (tuberculous).”

“This was one ghost I have actually seen at least three times,” Nancy interjected.  “I would look at pictures in the Lodge and see the reflection of the young woman in the glass.”

“As Clementine began to feel more comfortable with me,” Eileen continued, “she let me know she wanted to move on, that she wanted to go into another lifetime in a physical body because her life had been cut short.  I encouraged her to do so and we haven’t felt her in the lodge since then.

“Then there was a priest or a monk from Medieval times who showed up when the lodge was decorated for Halloween,” Eileen says.  He must have gotten into some kind of trouble and was cast out of the Church.  He felt he couldn’t be forgiven and he just kept wandering around as a ghost.

“I told him, ‘You can come back in another life and try again.’  I think a lot of the ghosts are lost and haven’t had a chance to resolve the problems that they had from different lives.  Both Nancy and I try to help them.”

Each suite at the Tuckasiegee River Mountain Lodge has a unique design and
its own ghost history. To learn more about the lodge go to





Einstein & Oppenheimer’s secret document about ETs

The following is from a TOP SECRET DOCUMENT by Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer that addresses the problems of extraterrestrial beings landing on earth. It became available under the Freedom of Information Act.

It is significant that the document was written in June 1947 which was before the “Roswell Daily Record” newspaper published the story on July 8, 1947 about the infamous UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Clearly, the nation’s top military and political leaders didn’t know what to do about the ET problem if they called on two of the world’s most renowned scientists for advice.  The document reveals the two geniuses had multiple reasons for being very concerned about ETs landing on our planet.

The copy of the document was not sharp enough to easily read, so we retyped it but did no editing. You will find that even Einstein made spelling and grammar mistakes. It is not commonly known today that Einstein was not fluent in English.  His writings were typically translated from German. We have added the boldface highlights.

The original document is too long to post here in its entirety, but if you would like to read it, send your request to and it will be sent to you via email.  On your subject line, please type in EINSTEIN DOCUMENT. – The Editor


DRAFT June 1947

Relationships with Inhabitants
Of Celestrial Bodies

          Relationships with extraterrestrial men presents no bascially new problem from the standpoint of international law; but the possibility of confronting intelligent beings that do not belong to the human race would bring up problems whose solution it is difficult to conceive. . .

          In the first place, it would be necessary to establish communication with them through some language or other, and afterwards, as a first condition for all intelligence, that they should have a psychology similar to that of men.

         At any rate, international law should make place for a new law on a different basis, and it might be called “Law Among Planetary Peoples,” following the guidelines found in the Pentateuch. . . .

         If these intelligent beings were in possession of a more or less culture, and a more or less perfect political organization, they would have an absolute right to be recognized as independent and soverign peoples, we would have to come to an agreement with them to establish the legal regulations upon which future relationships should be based, and it would be necessary to accept many of their principles.

         Finally, if they should reject all peaceful cooperation and become an imminent threat to the earth, we would have the right to legitimate defense, but only insofar as would be necessary to annul this danger.


         Another possibility may exist, that a species of homosapiens might have established themselves as an independent nation on another celestrial body in our solar system and evolved culturely indenpendently from ours.  Obviously, this possibility depends on many circumstances, whose conditions cannot yet be foreseen. . . .


          Now we come to the problem of determining what to do if the inhabitants of clestrial bodies, or extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE) desire to settle here.

1. If they are politically organized and possess a certain culture similar to our own, they may be recognized as a independent people.  They could consider what degree of development would be required on earth for colonizing.

2. If they consider our culture to be devoid of political unity, they would have the right to colonize.  Of course, this colonization cannot be conducted on classic lines.

          A superior form of colonizing will have to be conceived, that could be a kind of tutelage, possibly through the tacit approval of the United Nations. . . .


         It is difficult to predict what the attitude of international law will be with regard to the occupation by celestrial peoples of certain locations on our planet, but the only thing that can be foreseen is that there will be a profound change in traditional concepts.

         We cannot exclude the possibility that a race of extraterrestrial people more advanced technologically and economically may take upon itself the right to occupy another celestrial body. . . .   

         4. A moral entity?  The most feasible solution it seem would be this one, submitt an agreement providing for the peaceful absorbtion of the celestrial race(s) in such a manner that our culture would remain intact with guarantees that their presence not be revealed. . .


         And now to the final question of whether the presence of celestrial astroplanes in our atmosphere is a direct result of our testing atomic weapons?

         The presence of unidentified space craft flying in our atmosphere (and possibly maintaining orbits about our planet) is now, however, accepted as defacto by our military.

         . . . .The use of the atomic bomb combined with space vehicles poses a threat on a scale which make it absolutely necessary to come to an agreement in this area.  With the appearance of unidentified space vehicles (opinions are sharply divided as to their origin) over the skies of Europe and the United States has sustained an ineradical fear, an anxiety about security, that is driving the great powers to make an effort to find a solution to the threat.

         Military strategists foresee the use of space craft with nuclear warheads as the ultimate weapon of war. Even the deployment of artificial satellites for intelligence gathering and target selection is not far off. . . . Attack no longer comes from an exclusive direction, nor from a determined country, but from the sky, with the practical impossibility of determining who the aggressor is, now to intercept the attack, or how to effect immediate reprisals.  These problems are compounded further by identification.  How does the air defense radar operator identify, or more precisely, classify his target?

         . . . . When artificial satellites and missiles find their place in space, we must consider the potential threat that unidentified space craft pose.  One must consider the fact that mis-identification of these space craft for a intercontenental missile in re-entry phase of flight could lead to accidental nuclear war with horrible consequences.

         Lastly, we should consider the possibility that our atmospheric tests of late could have influenced the arrival of celestrial scrutiny.  They could have been curious or even alarmed by such activity (and rightly so, for the Russians would make every effort to observe and record such tests).

         In conclusion, it is our professional opinion based on submitted data that this situation is extremely perilous, and measures must be taken to rectify a very serious problem are very apparent.






Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP

The following article by Dermot Cole was published on May 14, 2014 by the Anchorage Daily News.  The original headline was “Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown.”
After several years of posting evidence of HAARP activity before major hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, earthquakes and blizzards, we wonder if such activity really is ending. We hope so but there are indications in this article that a more sophisticated way to manipulate weather has been developed. Please note that the final HAARP experiment ends in mid-June which is the same time a six-week satellite rain monitoring project in Western North Carolina will be completed.  Scroll down to read “Why is NASA in rain business?” We’ve added the photos and boldface highlights to the article. – The Editor


Dr. David Walker, a deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force – Sen. Lisa Murkowski

FAIRBANKS -- The U.S. Air Force gave official notice to Congress Wednesday that it intends to dismantle the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona this summer.

The shutdown of HAARP, a project created by the late Sen. Ted Stevens when he wielded great control over the U.S. defense budget, will start after a final research experiment takes place in mid-June, the Air Force said in a letter to Congress Tuesday. . . .

Responding to questions from Sen. Lisa Murkowski during a Senate hearing Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, said this is "not an area that we have any need for in the future" and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. "We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do," he said, "to inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed."

. . . .At the hearing on defense research and innovation, featuring six representatives of the Pentagon, no one said HAARP has a future in the defense budget. . . .

Walker said the Air Force would like to remove critical equipment this summer to avoid the expense of winterization. . . .



Weatherman talks about chemtrails on live TV

The above photos are from a video clip for the upcoming documentary “SKYSCRATCH.” They show meteorologist Bryan Bennett with the NBC-TV station (WFLA) in Tampa, Florida as he talks about military planes dumping “chaff” (chemtrails) from the air.


He acknowledges that chaff contains plastic and aluminum and is “admitted from the aircraft to confuse radar in times of war.”  He adds, “Obviously it’s just an experiment over the Fort Meyers area.”  He says chaff creates no known health problems.

It should be pointed out that Bennett is an Emmy nominated meteorologist who has been a member of the American Meteorological Society for nearly 15 years.  He also worked for Weather Services International, the largest private weather company in the world, and was a weather systems trainer for local TV stations all over North America.

It’s thought-provoking that such a competent meteorologist chose to talk about chaff or chemtrails during his live weather report.

CLICK HERE to watch the 4:20 minute video.




Why is U.S. Air Force Major devoted to exposing UFO truth?

May 14, 2014 - When someone like Major George Filer USAF (Retired) devotes so much time and energy to exposing truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials, one has to wonder why.

Even in retirement, he serves as the eastern regional director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), operates the National UFO Center website and speaks at UFO conferences.

Surprisingly, the reason for his dedication is not because he saw a UFO up close when he was a U.S. Air Force pilot.

The reason goes back to childhood when he was repeatedly brought onboard a spacecraft that was operated by human-looking ETs.  He was told many things, especially by a beautiful blonde ET who told him why they had come to Earth and what his future mission in life was to be.

CLICK HERE to watch a very to-the-point interview of George Filer by Neil Gould.
The video is 10:11 minutes long but if you’re strapped for time, go to the 5:15 minute mark to hear about his childhood experiences.





Why is NASA in rain business?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Why is the U.S. space agency interested in rainfall levels in the North Carolina Mountains? It seems so far afield from NASA’S mission that we have to consider that something else might be going on.  One theory is that NASA is involved with HAARP – a massive electro-magnetic tool for manipulating weather by changing the Earth’s ionosphere.

We’ve posted quite a number of articles about intense HAARP activity before major storms,
but as a reminder, here is a sampling of HAARP monitoring maps as they appeared before
three major storms:  Hurricane Sandy, Snowstorm Nemo, Snowstorm Leon.

We want to thank Jane Spottedbird for letting us know about NASA’s April 30, 2014 article about monitoring precipitation in Western North Carolina titled:

NASA Begins Field Campaign to Measure Rain
in Southern Appalachians.

When Jane read the article, she thought something was “askew” enough to send it along
to us.  Because it is so tediously written, we’ve chosen to sum up its major points.  If you
wish to read the entire article, go to the NASA news site.

NASA launched a six-week project to monitor precipitation in the mountains of Western
North Carolina on May 1, 2014 that will run through June 15, 2014. Rain gauges have been
set up throughout the region. It’s really a test to see if satellite monitoring of precipitation
in the mountains is accurate.

The monitoring is part of the Core Observatory’s Global Precipitation Measurement mission
which began on February 27, 2014 with the launch of its own satellite.  It’s an international mission “to observe rain and snow around the world.”

The article goes to some length to explain that the North Carolina Mountains were chosen because the region experiences such a wide range of weather.  Flash floods, severe thunderstorms, hail, severe winds, hurricanes, tropical storms and landslides were all listed
in the article.

(L) Core Observatory weather satellite which was launched February 27, 2014
(R) NASA’s high-altitude ER-2 aircraft

In addition to the Core Observatory satellite, NASA is using its high-altitude ER-2 aircraft for the monitoring project.  It is equipped with three specialized radars and a radiometer.  The original article was misleading. It made it sound like a radiometer was used to measure rainfall at 65,000 feet.  However, a radiometer actually is used to measure
electromagnetic radiation.

It should be pointed out that 65,000 feet is really up there and that HAARP is an electromagnetic tool to manipulate weather at very high altitudes.  According to a man
involved with the creation of HAARP, it originally was designed to be a bloodless tool of war. Perhaps this short-term project to monitor rain in North Carolina’s mountains is preparation
for using HAARP more effectively.

One final thought, breaking a nation’s economy with weather disasters would
certainly be a bloodless form of war, but why would anybody do that?  Well, the Russians
and the Chinese have HAARP.  Some also suspect powerful, behind-the-scenes groups
known as the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group.


Pope John XXIII wrote about UFOs in his diary


The diary of Pope John XXIII, who will be declared a saint by the Catholic Church on Sunday, April 27, 2014, reveals he was given glimpses of future events such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the fall of the USSR and “heavenly visitors arriving by June 1995 in flaming chariots of steel.”

The following report originally was published The Manila Bulletin and later reprinted by the Philippine News on March 10, 1993.  We have added the boldface highlights. – The Editor




The world will suffer through a painful period of violent wars, deadly famine and destructive natural disasters over the next eight years, but that nightmare will be followed by a lengthy stretch of love and harmony – a beautiful, serene Heaven on earth.

The startling predictions come from the sensational lost diary of Pope John XXIII, the beloved pontiff who died June 3, 1963.  The dusty leather-bound diary containing handwritten predictions was found by a Vatican cleaning woman who was sorting through boxes stacked in a little-used storage room.

The entries clearly spell out the assassination of John F. Kennedy, America’s plunge into the Vietnam War, unrest in the Middle East and the fall of communism years before they took place.  Later entries call for even more troubled times.

“Pope John had periodic visits from both Jesus and the Virgin Mary,” says Rev. Guiseppe D’Angelo, who’s pored over the wondrous tales.

“These sessions in the Pope’s chambers resulted in fantastic glimpses into the future of mankind.

“The Pope was saddened to learn conditions will get much worse before they take a sudden, sensational turn in the year 2000 that will return the world to its pristine beauty that was here for Adam and Eve.

“Pope John writes of Heavenly visitors arriving by June 1995 in flaming chariots of steel.  These special visitors will arrive at the height of despair and help man heal his wounds and work together to right all the horrible wrongs.”

Father D’Angelo, 73, has agreed to release some of the diary entries made between February of 1959 and April of 1963.  The scrawled messages reveal a frightened and excited pontiff who decided to keep his meetings with Christ and the Madonna a secret.

The first appearance of Christ took place February 12, 1959, Pope John notes:  “Dear God, I have been blessed like no man before me.  The Savior has granted me a special audience here in my chambers.  He tells me that I have been chosen to hear the truth no matter how awful it may be.  It scares me a bit to be so entrusted, but I am honored all the same.  Jesus tells me the Virgin Mary will come soon to deliver the first news of what will be.”

“April 7, 1959:  She is more beautiful than I had ever imagined.  The Madonna is a joy to behold.  I just wish her message was a more positive one.  She says in four years time the world will lose a great leader and a powerful nation will find itself involved in a conflict it cannot win.  The fighting will take its toll on the battlefield and from within as the population despises the loss of its young men.  The Holy Mother sheds tears as she describes the heartbreaking vision.”

“August 17, 1959:  The Madonna’s second visit is much like the first.  She speaks sadly of unrest in her homeland, a change in the balance of power, and much blood being spilled in the sand.  She says several madmen will send their people into battles in the name of God.  But the Creator has nothing to do with these senseless struggles among brothers.”

“January 3, 1960:  Christ comes to me again.  I yearn to tell my fellow Christians of these miraculous appearances, but I am advised to keep quiet until the time is right.  I cannot help but think I could perhaps head off some of the trouble that looms for us all.  But Christ tells me that misery must take place for the master plan to succeed.”

“June 13, 1960:  The Virgin Mary says the world will get a false sense of hope 30 years from now when the chains of repression are shattered throughout Eastern Europe.  The joy will be short lived though as the freed peoples fight among themselves on how to run their countries.  Thousands of poor innocent children will perish due to the foolishness of their fathers. . .”

“March 6, 1961:  Just when I thought my Heavenly visits were over the Madonna comes to me once again.  She seems tired of the heartache she must share with me.  My heart aches to see him (sic) hurting so.  The news again forbidding.  The early 1990s will be a period of deadly natural disasters.  She says paradise will be struck by powerful winds and wales (sic), while killer floods and violent earthquakes will shatter man’s dwellings.  By the middle of the decade, regional skirmishes will develop into full-fledged conflicts.  As the casualties mount, worldwide famine will strike.

“The devastation will be like none seen before, especially throughout Africa, where millions will perish.”

“September 23, 1961: She has returned with yet more bad news.  It is becoming truly difficult for this humble servant to hear of such overwhelming hardships.

“The Madonna tells me terrifying diseases will be unleashed on the already weakened population of the world by late 1984. Wars will begin to wind down because the fighting nations will be greatly weakened from within.  This is the beginning of the change.  Hallelujah!”

“May 19, 1962:  From the Heavens will appear the saviors.  They will arrive on June 5, 1995, and begin their task of assisting the clean up and repair of the environment and the crippled countries.

“Many will fear these odd looking beings, but they come in peace and will with God’s guidance transform Earth from a charred, spinning rock to a lush oasis in space.  The survivors will flourish in a world without war, disease or hatred.  My heart is finally at peace with this knowledge that there is hope for humanity.”

“July 2, 1962:  The Madonna tells me this will be her final visit.  It is a joyous one for she shares tremendous news.  As the year 1998 arrives, our Heavenly friends will have shared much of their advanced knowledge.  Mankind will at last wipe out most of its diseases and our life spans will increase to the length of those listed in the Bible.  The visitors will also share the remarkable power of resurrection, and throngs of the wrongly dead will rise again.

“Finally, a wondrous miracle will take place in the sky above New York City on December 25, 2000, when millions will witness the sensational appearance of a messiah who will announce the new beginning of a second paradise here on Earth.”

Pope John XXIII died a year later before he ever had a chance to release his predictions.  Experts say the diary is 100 percent authentic, and they urge people to prepare themselves for even leaner times before the New Beginning next century.




Website editor’s book catches President Carter’s eye
By Evelyn Gordon

President Jimmy Carter, the world’s most famous Sunday school teacher, has read the latest book by Mary Joyce, editor of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website.  His handwritten note to her included the statement: “It is both interesting and helpful.”
“Receiving his note was a complete surprise,” Mary says.  “In fact, I didn’t open it right away.  At first glance, I thought the Carter Center envelope was just another bulk mailing.”


church president carter

President Jimmy Carter often teaches Sunday school at Maranatha Baptist Church
in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

As for her new book, she was surprised by that, too, when she was abruptly awakened in the wee morning hours of October 5, 2013 with directions from Jesus himself to write the book and have it completed by early November.

marys book

He wanted the book, which is titled “Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find,” to be very visual and easy to read for all the busy people of the world.

“It seemed like a tall order,” Mary says, “but over the years, I’d unwittingly already done a great deal of the research just because I was curious.”

After an intense month of writing, the former newspaper editor and graphic design artist had the book completed.  She jokingly calls it a “picture book for adults” because it’s packed with color photos and illustrations.

More importantly, Joyce magically translates the discoveries of archaeologists and other researchers into concise and crystal-clear language that anyone can understand.  It’s information that will be new to most people.

Mary will be speaking about her book at 7 p.m.
on Monday, April 28 at the Jackson County Senior
Center at 100 County Services Park in Sylva, NC near
the intersection of Highway 107 and Webster Road. 
There is no charge.  For more information, contact
the center at (828) 586-4944.

Signed books will be available that evening or they
can be purchased at City Lights in Sylva, NC
or through

picture of Mary





Jacob Rothschild, key player in New World Order – Philip Wood with fiancée Sara Hamil Bajc

Indications Rothschild behind 370 hijacking

EDITOR’S EXPLANATION: By now, everyone should realize the perpetual “BREAKING NEWS” on CNN and other mainstream media is a smoke screen hiding the truth from the American public.  For that reason, we’re posting the following story from the Forbidden Knowledge website which often is correct in its early reports.  It’s a longer article than we usually post but it’s filled with thought-provoking information. We’ve added the boldfacing, photos, logos and map.

March 31, 2014 - It has recently come to light that an American IBM employee working in Beijing, Philip Wood, was aboard hijacked Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. His fiancée has been all over national TV expressing her hopes that he is still alive. 

What has not released publicly in the breaking news was that Wood was apparently able to 
secret his smartphone between his butt cheeks, while the plane was hijacked, as reported by Jim Freestone. 

While blindfolded with one of those newfangled bags that are locked around your head and are not removable, he allegedly claimed to be in a prison cell, in a location unknown to him and he said that he believed he had been drugged - but he was still able to activate his smartphone, using voice commands to text that message plus this photograph (totally black image), which reveals the GPS coordinates for Wood's whereabouts to be the Joint RAF-USAF base at Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean - the same base from which most sorties have been made during the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marker shows location of Diego Garcia Island

Although Freestone claimed that counter-intelligence trolls tried to assert that this person does not exist, his fiancée has been doing TV interviews throughout the past week and his LinkedIn account has been located, with his profile picture matching photos posted by his fiancée to her Facebook account, which are viewable with a simple Google image search.
As to the motives behind this apparent hijacking, which is being covered-up by several governments, the following is a redacted translation from an article by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, from the Mexican news site, La Jornada, entitled: 

'Under the Microscope: Blackstone and Jacob Rothschild, 
Beneficiaries of the Disappearance
of the Malaysia Airlines Plane'

"In the post-Crimea tripolar, geostrategic world of the US, Russia and China, it is becoming 
imperative to test the West's [i.e., the Criminal Mainstream Media’s] overwhelming disinformational news campaigns, against reports from the Russian government's almost indispensible multimedia website, Russia Today (see pages published on 3/22/14).

"As often happens in mysterious accidents, the unusual disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, whose various explanations have been wholly unsatisfactory to everyone, has led to endless speculation, some of which is rather wild and disturbing.

"While waging war against sanctions by the United States and the European Union against 
Vladimir Putin, Russia Today published the following patent for a semiconductor, approved by US Patent Office.

"The patent was shared among five principal holders, owning 20 percent each: FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR Company, located in Austin, Texas, with the other four holders being Chinese nationals employed by this Texas Corporation, all hailing from the Chinese city of Suzhou and all of whom were aboard the plane, along with 16 other employees of this same company.

 "The Russian site says that if any patent holder dies, the other owners would share equally the dividends of the deceased, provided that there would be no dispute in his will.

"The four Chinese patent-holders, now missing and/or killed would leave 100 percent ownership of the patent in the hands of the Texas-based FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR Company, which, in turn, is partially owned by the controversial BLACKSTONE GROUP, a New York-based Private Equity-Investment Banking firm, owned by Israeli-British banker Jacob Rothschild.

"...It is also interesting to note that among the 239 passengers, 20 were employees of 
the Pentagon, in addition to the fact that four passengers had dubious passports [not 2, 
as widely reported].

"Above the inevitable guesses, what is relevant is the likelihood that these 20 
Pentagon employees were well-versed in the art of electronic warfare, such as the 
avoidance of detection by military radar systems. . . .

"FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR boasts that its products have applications in communications on the battlefield, avionics, missile guidance, electronic warfare and identification of friend or foe.

"The controversial Texan company, one of the first semiconductor companies in the world, began as a division of Motorola, which then split, to be acquired in 2006 by Blackstone, the Carlyle Group and TPG Sovereign Capital.

"The Carlyle Group holds the title of dynastic nepotism, including members of the Bush family members and cronies, like Frank Carlucci (former National Security Adviser and former Pentagon Secretary) and former British Prime Minister, John Major.


TPG Capital is a powerful investment firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, chaired by Israeli-American, David Bonderman, whose extravagant excesses include paying US $7M to the Rolling Stones to play at his 60th birthday party in 2002.


FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR specializes in electronic warfare and stealth "cloaking 
technology" using strategies based on radar electronic countermeasures (ECM): 
1) radar interference; 2) changes in the objectives and; 3) the change in power air 

According to The Daily Beast, an Israeli attack on Iran would go further than an air strike and would probably deploy an electronic war against the entire electrical system of Iran; the Internet, cellular network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and policemen.

The Daily Beast asserts that Israel has developed a weapon capable of mimicking the maintenance of cellular signal, which effectively stops the transmissions.

Also of note: YouTube popstar, DAHBOO7 claims that the plane purported to be missing in this incident, per its tail number, was  purchased by an Israeli firm and has been held in storage in Tel Aviv since November 2013, according to the plane-tracking websites, and
In the past decade, Israel has amassed a wide range of high-tech weapons that would allow a billionaire to jam, blind and deafen Tehran's defenses, in the event of a preemptive air strike.

Moreover, there is a new stealth technology that makes aircraft invisible to radar and hidden from human eyes, with the high-tech camouflage based on electromagnetic fields, as discussed on

Currently, Beijing and Washington are each accelerating the arms race in concealment technology, to create invisible plane.

The powerful British military company BAE systems and linked to the NSA, DHS 
and the ominous Wilson Center. . . owns the Swedish-founded Adaptiv Program, another firm specializing in cloaking technologies for motor vehicles, boats and helicopters.

Are the grim financial behemoths of the Blackstone Group, the Carlyle Group and 
TPG Capital behind the missing plane?



Secret mission to pick up Flight 370 “survivors”  

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following words and title were posted by the editor of the “Before It’s News” website on April 2, 2014. His report adds credibility to the information in the previous posting.  We’ve added the photo below of an Ocean Shield cargo ship.

MH370 Diego Garcia Calls For Empty Cargo Ship
For Travel And Relocation. Moving Bodies??

OK, this is pretty creepy. Normally, Diego Garcia calling for an empty container ship to move ammo, or whatever, wouldn’t be too alarming. But notice the classification of the request.

I did some time in the Navy. The wording of the classification makes it sound like they will be transporting people. Hmm. Interesting to note, the Ocean Shield, a cargo ship, left port the 31st, the date of the request. Ocean Shield tracking goes dark.
Edit to add: The TBD (To Be Determined) status on most of the details suggests this contract was done in haste. 

SKY SHIPS FOOTNOTE: The TBD designation is on items 11-15.  The Classification Code is highlighted in gray. Also note that item 16 is about the possible destination of the ship. Some who have seen this military request believe that all or most of the survivors of the flight have since been killed and will be dumped at sea.


Some of the financial leaders who have died untimely deaths since the first of 2014:
Richard Talley – Autumn Radtke - William Broeksmit – Mike Dueker - Karl Slym

Financial leaders dying like flies – Why?

At the end of this list of key financial leaders who’ve died untimely deaths since the beginning of 2014, a well-respected investigative reporter gives his slant on what it could mean to the rest of us. – The Editor

January 26, 2014: TIM DICKENSON, communications director in the United Kingdom for Swiss Re AG, was found dead under undisclosed circumstances.

January 26, 2014:  WILLIAM BROEKSMIT, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank, was found hanging in his home from an apparent suicide. Deutsche Bank is under investigation for reportedly hiding $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis and for potentially rigging the foreign exchange markets.

January 27, 2014:  KARL SLYM, Managing director of Tata Motors was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. Police said he “could” have committed suicide. He was staying on the 22nd floor with his wife, and was attending a board meeting in the Thai capital.

January 28, 2014:   GABRIEL MAGEE, a Vice President at JPMorgan in London, plunged to his death from the roof of the 33-story European headquarters of JPMorgan in Canary Wharf. It’s important to note that JPMorgan, like Deutsche Bank, is under investigation for its potential involvement in rigging foreign exchange rates. JPMorgan is also reportedly under investigation by the same U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for its alleged involvement in rigging the physical commodities markets in the U.S. and London.

January 29, 2014: MIKE DUEKER, who had worked for Russell Investment for five years, was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State.   The company is under subpoena from the New York State regulators who are investigating “pay-to-play” schemes involving New York pension funds.   Before joining Russell Investment, Dueker was an assistant vice president and research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  He also served as editor or assistant editor for two financial publications.

February 3, 2014: RYAN HENRY CRANE died from a yet determined cause pending a toxicology report.  He was the executive director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group and had working ties with Gabriel Magee with JPMorgan in London who died a few days earlier.

February 6, 2014:  RICHARD TALLEY, founder and CEO of American Title Company, was found dead in the garage of his Colorado home.  He reportedly died from seven or eight wounds from a nail gun fired into his torso and head.  Talley and his company were under investigation by state insurance regulators at the time of his death.

February 17, 2014:  LI JUNJIE, an investment banker with JP Morgan jumped to his death from the roof of the bank’s headquarters in Hong Kong’s central business district.

February 20, 2014: JAMES STUART, JR., former National Bank of Commerce CEO, died suddenly in Arizona with no explanation.

February 26, 2014: AUTUMN REDTKE, an American who was the CEO of the Bitcoin Corporation First Meta, was found dead in her Singapore apartment.

March 11, 2014: EDMUND REILLY, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, jumped in front of a Long Island Railroad train.

March 12, 2014: KENNETH BELLANDO, a JP Morgan investment banker, was found dead after reportedly jumping from the roof of his apartment.

March 22, 2014: JOSEPH GIAMPAPA, a JP Morgan bankruptcy attorney, was killed when his bike was struck by a minivan.  The killer allegedly confessed but no charges were filed.

An inside slant on these deaths

Douglas Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, has spent years doing private sector investigations for many Fortune 500 companies.  Here is some of what he shared with News Watch about the recent deaths of so many financial leaders.

I feel that this is one of the most important investigations I’ve ever done. If my findings are correct, each of us might soon experience a severe, if not crippling blow to our personal finances, the confiscation of any wealth some of us have been able to accumulate over our lifetimes, and the end of the financial world as we once knew it.  The evidence to support my findings exists in the trail of dead bodies of financial executives across the globe and a missing Wall Street Journal Reporter who was working at the Dow Jones news room at the time of his disappearance.

If the bodies were dots on a piece of paper, connecting them results in a sinister picture being drawn that involves global criminal activity in the financial world the likes of which is almost without precedent.  It should serve as a warning that we are at the precipice of something so big, it will shake the financial world as we know it to its core. It seems to illustrate the complicity of big banks and governments, the intelligence community, and the media. . . .

Based on my findings, these are not mere random, tragic cases of suicide, but of the methodical silencing of individuals who had the ability to expose financial fraud at the highest levels, and the complicity of certain governmental agencies and individuals who are engaged in the greatest theft of wealth the world has ever seen. . . .

We are told by the media that the untimely deaths of these young men and men in their prime are either suicides or tragic accidents. We are told what to believe by the captured and controlled media, regardless of how unusual or unlikely the circumstances, or how implausible the explanation. Such are the hallmarks of high level criminality and the involvement of a certain U.S. intelligence agency intent on keeping the lid on money laundering on a global scale. . . .


Map of Kazakstan           Picture of plane

Theory on Malaysian flight 370
Mary Joyce, website editor

Everyone has a theory about Malaysian flight 370 and we’d like to contribute ours.

First, it was a well-planned hijacking. The plane never crashed nor did it go into the ocean.

Second, the pilot used the flight simulator to practice landing at a remote or makeshift landing site.

Third, the plane landed in one of the “stan” countries south of Russia, most likely Turkmenistan which is a known terrorist stronghold and has more flat land than other “stan” countries.

Fourth, the passengers are now hostages who will be used in bartering for the release of imprisoned terrorists.  They also are an insurance policy for the pilots.

Fifth, it is the hijackers’ intention to repaint the plane and eventually use it as a weapon against Russia, Israel or the United States.  Turkmenistan has long wanted its independence from Russia and terrorists in that country also hate Israel and the United States.

Sixth, Western intelligence knows the plane is not in the ocean but allows the bogus story to continue.  Why?  Because they think they’re lulling the terrorists into a feeling of safety that will give the West a better chance to track down the terrorists, free the hostages and stop plans to convert the plane into a weapon.

Whatever the scenario, if the plane is still in one piece, we really need the Navy Seals.



Website editor: Why I wrote a book about Jesus
By Mary Joyce

Several people have suggested that I post something on the website about why I wrote the book Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find. Well, here goes.

First, it's important to know that most of my life I lived in the VERY REAL WORLD working for big city newspapers, Fortune 500 companies, an inner-city school, a community college, an air pollution control agency and a promotional business with Evelyn Gordon who now works with me on this website.


Somewhere along the way, I began reading and researching OTHER REALITIES.  In hindsight, it was all preparation for the day when the door to spiritual realities blasted open for me.  It's too long a story to tell, but suddenly I could receive spiritual messages that either came through when I was relaxing in a comfortable chair or I'd be awakened in the middle of the night with crystal clear information.  Thank goodness, evidence of the truth of those messages always followed, though not always as quickly as I would have liked.


Then in the wee morning hours of October 5, 2013, I was abruptly awakened with directions to write Tangible evidence of Jesus. . . and to have it completed by early November.  It seemed like a tall order but over the years I'd unwittingly already done most of the research.

The direction came from one most commonly known as Jesus or Yeshua.  It was not the first time he made an appearance into my life; that started 28 years ago but I was surprised by the apparent urgency to get the book in print.  And, he wanted the book to be very visual and an easy read for all the busy people of the world.

When the project was completed, I jokingly said it was a picture book for adults, but it's not a kid's book.  It's packed with archaeological and scientific evidence of the very real life of Jesus.  While the book validates his life in ways not known to most people, it might shake up some Christians who've become too comfortable with one particular slant on Christianity.

The purpose of my life as Jesus, he told me, was to show how a son of man can be transformed when he permits the love and power of God to flow through him.  It's a powerful gift of the Creator that awaits to be opened by every child of God.

After he used the term son of man, I did a quick search and found Jesus spoke of himself this way in all four New Testament gospels - and at least 70 times depending on what version of the Bible is used for the count.  Linguists add that in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, the term son of man meant an ordinary human being.

The book is available at


Icy Cold
Icy Cold
Icy Cold


Photos of Atlanta, Charleston and Birmingham during snowstorm Leon on January 28, 2014

Did sinister force cause snowstorm Leon?



Snowstorm Leon brought unusual snow, ice and chaos to the Deep South and Southeast on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.  What’s worth pondering is the day before the storm the HAARP monitoring map showed high frequency magnitude readings. At the very least, it appears HAARP’s electromagnetic manipulation of the atmosphere may have contributed to all the chaos.




Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Rabbi:  “I have met the Messiah”
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The old rabbi took a seat at the front of his synagogue on October 13, 2005.  It was the high holy day of Yom Kippur and the temple was packed.

Soon everyone became concerned when the world-renowned Torah scholar and Kabbalist bowed his head, shielded his eyes, and seemed to go into a trance – for 45 minutes! He didn’t even respond to those who tried to check on him.

Finally to everyone’s relief, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri raised his right hand and motioned for silence.  Then he lifted his head and said:

I have met the Messiah. He appeared to me in a vision.  He has attached his soul to a particular person in Israel.  I will spend this day teaching you how to recognize the Messiah, for he shall appear soon.  You must be ready for his coming.  Many events of awe will take place before his coming. . . but they will happen quickly.

“I must tell you something disturbing. I have no specific information to give you on the following matter other than what I am about to share with you now. . . The Messiah has revealed to me that he will not present himself until after the death of our prime minister, Ariel Sharon.

Ariel Sharon died on January 11, 2014 after lingering in a coma since 2006. Now Christians and Jews alike are wondering if the Messiah will soon appear.

Rabbi revealed Messiah’s name

Rabbi Kaduri wrote down a brief statement in Hebrew shortly before his own death on January 28, 2006, but he said it could not be revealed until a year after he died.

When the message was opened in 2007, the name of the Messiah was encrypted in Kabbalistic style.  By taking the first letter of each word in the significant portion of his primary sentence, the name YEHOSHUA was spelled out.  Translated into English, the name was JESUS.  Below is the English translation of the rabbi’s statement.  The portion that contained the encrypted name is in boldface.


Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah’s name,
He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

This I have signed in the month of mercy,
Yitzhak Kaduri

This was a bombshell. Some Jews were enraged.  Some declared the statement was a hoax. Some said their revered rabbi had lost his mind. Yet, he had the presence of mind to withhold the release of his statement for a year.

Shortly after its release, Israel Today published an article about it.  Here is an excerpt about the verboten crosses the rabbi had scribbled all over his handwritten manuscripts.

Israel Today was given access to many of the rabbi’s manuscripts, written in his own hand for the exclusive use of his students.  Most striking were the cross-like symbols painted by Kaduri all over the pages.  In Jewish tradition, one does not use crosses.  In fact, even the use of a plus sign is discouraged because it might be mistaken for a cross.

But there they were, scribbled in the rabbi’s own hand.  When we asked what those symbols meant, Rabbi David Kaduri (son of Yitzhak Kaduri) said they were “signs of the angel.”  Pressed further about the meaning of the “signs of the angel,” he said he had no idea.  Rabbi David Kaduri went on to explain that only his father had had a spiritual relationship with God and had met the Messiah in his dreams.

Because the Israel Today article stirred up so much controversy in the Jewish world, it was soon removed from the publication’s website.  The above excerpt was found in the book “The Rabbi who found Messiah” by Carl Gallups.






Whistleblower's book - Giant skull found in serpent mound of Adams County, Ohio

Smithsonian hiding giant skeletons in its closets
By Mary Joyce, website editor

   Evidence of giants in America is almost overwhelming in Richard J. Dewhurst’s new 2014 book “The Ancient Giants who Ruled America.”   Not only does he document finds of giant skulls and skeletons in at least 25 states from California to South Carolina, he blows the whistle on the Smithsonian’s cover-up of those finds.

“What my research has revealed,” Dewhurst says, “is that the Smithsonian has been at the center of a vast cover-up of America’s true history since the 1880s. . . . After the Civil War the Smithsonian began to adopt a policy of excluding any evidence of direct foreign influence in the Americas prior to Columbus.”

After providing encyclopedic evidence of giants, Dewhurst adds, “As we have seen time and time again in this book, major caches of archaeological material are handed over to the Smithsonian, only later to disappear down the memory hole of traditional research.”

Old newspaper reports about giants

Some old newspaper reports give credence to the idea that evidence of giants in America disappears down the Smithsonian’s “memory hole.”  Here is a sampling of excerpts from  newspaper articles written when giant skeletal remains were first found:

THE CHARLEROI MAIL (Pennsylvania) - May 7, 1953:  “All together, forty-nine skeletons were exhumed, the tallest being eight feet tall.  These skeletons were reportedly taken to the Harrisburg Museum for reassembly and then shipped to the Smithsonian for further study.  However, the Smithsonian denies any knowledge of them.”

THE CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL (South Carolina) – September 23, 1923 – “In this vault were five skeletons, four of whom had been placed in each corner in an erect position, and the fifth was lying flat on the floor.  The four seemed to be standing guard over a chief or important person.  This man was a giant, seven feet, six inches tall. . . . Other mounds were excavated and records made, writes the Smithsonian in 1883.  In one a large skeleton was found surrounded by ten other skeletons.”

THE GEORGIA BANNER (Athens) – May 6, 1884:  “The stones were removed, when in a kind of vault beneath them, the skeleton of a giant, who measured seven feet two inches, was found. . . . All the relics were carefully packed and sent to the Smithsonian Institution, and are said to be the most interesting collection ever found in America.”

Smithsonian ignores other institutions

When it comes to giants in America, it appears the Smithsonian also chooses to ignore significant archaeological digs and collections by major universities and museums.  Below are some of the institutions mentioned in old newspaper articles regarding giant skeletons. The dates of the source articles are in parentheses just in case the institutions no longer exist or the old skeletal remains have since disappeared.  All the articles can be found in Dewhurst’s book.

American Indian Museum (1916)
Golden Gate Park Memorial Museum (1911)
Museum of Ohio State University (1897)
Ohio Museum (1926)
American Investigating Museum (1916)
Missouri Archaeological Survey (1964)
Oshkosh Public Museum (1961)
University of Wisconsin (1912)

University of Utah (1959)
State University of Iowa (1958)
American University of Washington (1975)
Carnegie Museum (1920)
University of Minnesota (1930)
Salem College (1930)
University of Oklahoma (1939)
University of Alabama (1930)

CAUTION:  Many people have created photo and video hoaxes of giant skeletal remains, which is why old newspaper accounts before Photoshop are so important.






The coastline of an island in the Azore

Silva     Azores

Diocleciano Silva, the sailor who found the pyramid in the Azores

Newly discovered underwater pyramid

Most of the world is just learning about the discovery of an underwater pyramid in the Azores, but the news was reported by the “Portuguese American Journal” on September 19, 2013 and is posted below.  Since that article, it’s been determined that the pyramid is 60 meters tall (197 feet) and has a base of 8,000 square meters (26,247 square feet).  It’s also estimated that the pyramid is at least 20,000 years old. We’d like to thank Rebecca for giving us a heads-up on this discovery. – The Editor

Terceira: Subaquatic pyramidal shaped
structure found – Azores

An underwater pyramidal structure was identified at a depth of 40 meters off the coast of Terceira Island. The perfectly squared structure was sighted by a private yacht owner, Diocleciano Silva, during a recreational trip.

Estimated to be approximately 60 meters high, the enigmatic structure was recorded through GPS digital technology. “The pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal points,” Silva told Diário Insular, the local newspaper.

Most recently, archeologists from the Portuguese Association of Archaeological Research (APIA) have identified archaeological evidence on Pico Island that supports their belief that human occupation of the Azores predates the arrival of the Portuguese by many thousands of years.


Image collected by Silva using GPS technology

The evidence comprises of a great variety of protohistoric pyramidal rock structures, some of them 13 meters tall. The structures may have been built according to an oriented plan, aligned with the summer solstices, which suggests they were built with an intended purpose.

The Azorean archipelago was discovered uninhabited by the Portuguese around 1427.
Last year, archaeologists claimed to have found rock art on the island of Terceira, which they believe to be many thousands of years old.

In the last three years, a variety of ancient archaeological remains have been identified on all the nine islands of the Azorean archipelago. They include an epigraph from Roman times, Carthaginian sanctuaries, cave art, and megalithic structures.






 “Uncovering Aliens” – New TV show
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Sometimes it pays to jump from one TV channel to another.  That’s how I stumbled upon a special screening of a new program titled “Uncovering Aliens” that was broadcast on Animal Planet on December 15, 2013.

When I saw it was about three guys and a gal chasing down aliens, I thought it might be a variant of “Finding Bigfoot” where three guys and a gal endlessly chase the elusive Bigfoot with little or no success.  To my surprise, the debut of “Uncovering Aliens” had more substance.  At one point the four investigators got too close to restricted land where many UFOs have been seen and were buzzed by an ominous, unmarked black helicopter right during the taping of the program.  Everyone involved swears it was not a staged.

The cast members of the show also bring credibility to the program.

Sims    Jones    Bara    Elsberry

Derrel Sims – Steven Jones – Mike Bara – Maureen Elsberry

DERREL SIMS is a former military police officer and CIA operative who has spent more than 38 years investigating alien abductions and seeking physical evidence such as alien implants and alien fluorescence.  He’s also a certified master hypnotherapist who has helped hundreds of witnesses and abductees to remember and cope with their experiences.

STEVEN JONES was born in Britain in the late 1950s and has been an abductee since the age of five.  He’s written a book about his experiences titled “An Invitation to the Dance.”  When he was on a U.S. lecture tour in 2011, about a dozen followers of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website attended his presentation in Linville Falls, NC.  He gave a most entertaining and well-organized presentation.

MIKE BARA spent 25 years as an engineering consultant for major aerospace companies.  Today he describes himself as a “born again conspiracy theorist.”  In that role, he’s written several books including “Ancient Aliens on the Moon” and “Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA.”  He’s made appearances on “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory and is a regular contributor to the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.

MAUREEN ELSBERRY is a journalist who specializes in space, UFO and paranormal investigations. She’s also the marketing director for Open Minds Productions and a co-host of the UFO web series “Spacing Out!”

Stay on lookout for “Uncovering Aliens”

As of this writing, several episodes of “Uncovering Aliens” have been completed but not yet scheduled.  The special screening was on a Sunday evening which may be the intended time period for future shows, so keep monitoring the Animal Planet channel.



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