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> When President Carter used a clairvoyant
> Jimmy Carter’s UFO sighting
> “The Force” was with me when I met Jimmy Carter
> Military base with most UFO sightings
> Possible ancient runway at bottom of Gulf of California
> Global warming exposes ancient murder victim
> Ukrainian soldiers digging trenches find ancient artifacts
> Man asked to kill MLK also saw live Roswell alien
> First recorded UFO sighting in America
> Astronaut John Glenn’s UFO revelations on “Frasier” sitcom
> Reason UFOs erratically dart around sky
> One reason we’re being lied to about aliens
> Congress now realizes it’s been gaslighted for years
> Secrecy order hides patents for stealth aircraft
> Humans originated in Australia – not Africa
> Humans primarily linked to stars in one section of sky
> What caused the giant scar on Mars?
> Whistleblower’s warning about whistleblowers
> Huge metallic mass discovered under Moon’s south pole
> Underwater UFOs “are engaging” with submarines
> Underwater UFO faster than speed of sound
> Triangular UFOs are manmade – evidence
> Brand-new AI tool wrote impressive retirement toast
> Ancient Cherokee engraving of thumb-sucking baby
> Beautiful robots embodied with Artificial Intelligence
> Shroud expert responds to email we posted
> Evidence Shroud of Turin is not a fake
> Alien black box mystifies NASA
> West Virginia’s observatory searches for extraterrestrials
> Successful brain surgery thousands of years ago
> Alien befriended ancient Chinese King


Zaire’s President Mobutu - Zaire in red – President Jimmy Carter

When President Carter used a clairvoyant 

The following statement by President Jimmy Carter, is from his 2015 book “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety.” It’s about a clairvoyant’s services being used to find a U.S. plane with secret documents onboard that crashed and was lost in Zaire, Africa which was ruled by a military tyrannt. – The editor

PRESIDENT CARTER: “One morning I had a report from the CIA that a small twin-engine plane had gone down somewhere in Zaire, and that it contained some important secret documents.  We were searching for the crash site using satellite photography and some other surreptitious high-altitude overflights, but with no success.

“With some hesitancy, a CIA agent in California recommended the services of a clairvoyant woman, who was then consulted.

“She wrote down a latitude and longitude, which proved to be accurate, and several days later I was shown a photograph of the plane, totally destroyed and in a remote area.

“Without notifying Zaire’s President Mobutu, we sent in a small team that recovered the documents and the bodies of the planes’ occupants.”



Jimmy Carter’s UFO sighting
By Mary Joyce, website editor

On September 18, 1973, Jimmy Carter filed a report with the International UFO Bureau about his UFO sighting in October 1969.

In that report, he said he and 10 to 12 other people were outside waiting for a Lion’s Club meeting in Leary, Georgia to start at 7:30 p.m. when a UFO was seen by all.

Carter described the object as “very bright with changing colors and about the size of the Moon” and that “the object hovered about 30 degrees above the horizon and moved in toward the earth and away before disappearing into the distance.”

Later, he told a reporter that after his sighting he would never again ridicule anyone who claimed to have seen a UFO.

Carter promised during his 1976 presidential campaign that if elected, he would encourage the government to release every piece of available UFO information to the public. However, after becoming president he said the release of some UFO information might have defense implications and pose a threat to national security.



“The Force” was with me when I met Jimmy Carter
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Evelyn Gordon and I were driving to Plains, Georgia to attend President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday school class one day in 2014.  Soon after passing a shiny white bus, we realized we were in a caravan of five white buses.  We guessed they were headed to Plains, so we slowed down and became part of the caravan. Later we learned the buses were carrying dignitaries from the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Once the buses arrived at the Maranatha Baptist Church parking lot in Plains, we got out of our car and followed the dignitaries through the church’s side entrance; past the Secret Service folks; and into a room behind the altar where I’m guessing the choir normally puts on its robes.

Many of the dignitaries were taken into the sanctuary but a few of us found ourselves sitting on folding chairs that were arranged in about four short rows.

Then the parade began.  Rosalynn Carter entered and sat directly behind us; two young men with Jimmy Carter facial features walked through; and then Jimmy Carter himself.  To our surprise, he took time to talk to the small folding-chair group.  Then we all filed into the sanctuary.

All this was unexpected but not surprising. We were there because we’d received a spiritual message for Jimmy Carter along with directions to drive to Plains to deliver it.

This was not the first message we’d received for Jimmy Carter.  The first one was dictated word-for-word and we didn’t know it was from Jesus and for Carter until the end of the dictation.  It also came with the direction that it should be sent via his pastor.  The pastor later confirmed that he’d given it to Carter.

Then another earlier message directed me to send my book “Tangible Evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find” because Carter was always curious to learn and taught Sunday school.  To my true surprise, he sent back my cover letter with a handwritten note on it that said “It is both interesting and helpful.”

I decided to share this information as a tribute to President Jimmy Carter because it shows how approachable he was and that he was open-minded enough to read and respond to spiritual messages and a book delivered by a woman he did not know.



Military base with most UFO sightings
By Mary Joyce, website editor

There have been more UFO sightings over Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia than any other military base in the United States according to Listverse.*

Going back to the 1950s, Dobbins’ control tower operator Bruce Beach said the number of sightings was so significant that a 3D camera was installed at the tower.   It was most unusual to have that kind of equipment at a control tower in the 1950s. Sightings have continued since then and now include square and black UFOs the size of a Boeing 727.

(L) Dobbins Air Reserve Base is located about 16 miles northwest of Atlanta

Sometime during George W. Bush’s presidency, Evelyn Gordon and I did a bit of investigating at Dobbins Air Reserve Base because a former U.S. Air Force officer told us that underground tunnels from North Carolina connect with Dobbins.  We still cannot confirm if that is true.

However, we found it interesting that Dick Cheney (L), who was Bush’s vice president at the time, was at Dobbins the same time we were. His visit was on the QT, but we learned about it a short time later.  It’s interesting that ten of the eleven most recent U.S. presidents have been to Dobbins.  The exception is Nixon.

* Listverse is the internet’s original Top 10 site. Its respected team of researchers make certain each Top 10 list is credible and up-to-date. Their lists have been featured in a wide variety of media including CNN, BBC, PBS, Gizmodo, and the New York Times.



Possible ancient runway at bottom of Gulf of California
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Remains of the world’s oldest and largest airport runway may have been found at the bottom  of the Gulf of California east of the Baja Peninsula.  It is a whopping 89 miles long.  Compare that to today’s runways which max out at 3.5 miles in length.

Even though the size difference is enormous, the design of the ancient runway is remarkably similar to those today, like the Spokane International Airport runway shown above.

Ancient footprints of other submerged gigantic structures have been found along the coastline from Alaska to Baja.  Together, they present possible evidence that an ancient mythical land of Lemuria (also known as Mu or Pan) may indeed have existed in prehistoric times.

You can check out the ancient remains for yourself by typing the following coordinates into your Google Earth search bar: 26°50'31"N 110°37'00"W



Global warming exposes ancient murder victim
By Mary Joyce, website editor

A once frozen bog finally exposed a 2300-year-old murder.  The victim was discovered by two brothers in Denmark when they were cutting peat near their village of Tollund.  The body, now known as the Tollund Man, is remarkably well preserved and is on display at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.  

Visitors to the museum are amazed that Tollund Man’s face looks like he was killed rather recently, and that he looks like people today. The drawing on the right shows how he might have looked before he was murdered.

The victim was killed with a plaited leather cord found tight around his neck. Experts who have examined the body say he was a little over five feet tall and about 40 years of age.



Ukrainian soldiers digging trenches find ancient artifacts

NOTE:  This information and photos are from Ukraine’s 126th Territorial Defense Brigade.

Ukrainian soldiers digging defense trenches while trying to protect the city of Odessa from the Russians uncovered ancient containers.  They date back to the 3rd and 4th centuries when the area was a Roman settlement.  Before that, the area was occupied by ancient Greeks.

“Ukrainian soldiers dug trenches and found ancient amphorae. They have already been transferred to the museum. We are not Russians; we preserve our history.” - Yana Suporovska, journalist from Kiev

Amphorae are ancient Greek or Roman jars with two handles and narrow necks that were used to transport or store liquid or dry products.



Man asked to kill MLK also saw live Roswell alien
By Mary A. Joyce, website editor

Paul Epley awoke screaming every night of his life after the Korean War because of things the U.S. Army commanded him to do during the war.  He was an assassin and the deaths of his victims haunted him.

Thanks to pastor Don Cooper who tried to help Paul, I was able to interview him in 2010. That’s when Paul revealed he’d been asked to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr.  He also described the live Roswell alien that he saw at Camp Peary which he said “was the most secret place that we had in America” at that time.

After the interview, I learned that Camp Peary is a 9,000-acre US military base near Williamsburg, VA that is believed to be a CIA covert training facility known as “The Farm.”

Click on the link below to read the original 2010 article about Epley titled “Old soldier drops three bombshells.”  I was inspired to repost it when the 60th anniversary of King’s 1963 “I’ve got a dream” speech was being celebrated. Sadly, the link to the video interview within the article no longer works and I’m unable to find a copy of it.



Old pen and ink drawing of John Winthrop - Oldest photo we could find of the Muddy River

First recorded UFO sighting in America

EDITOR’S NOTE: We found this information posted by the editors of Yankee Magazine on its online website.

“The first documented UFO sighting in America dates back to 1639, when Massachusetts Bay Colony cofounder and governor John Winthrop recorded a secondhand observation of unidentified objects in the sky over Boston.

“In his diary entry of March 1 that year, Winthrop wrote that a ‘sober, discreet man’ named James Everell was rowing a boat up the Muddy River at night when he saw a ‘great light’ in the sky.

“Winthrop reports that ‘when it stood still, it flamed up, and was about three yards square; when it ran, it was contracted into the figure of a swine; it ran as swift as an arrow towards Charlton [Charlestown], and so up and down about two or three hours.’

By the time the lights moved away, Everell and his boatmates had been delivered one mile upstream, although they had no memory of how.”

NOTE: The Muddy River is south of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) near  Harvard Bridge in Cambridge and flows into the Charles River.



Astronaut John Glenn’s UFO revelations on “Frasier”sitcom

It sure looks like Astronaut John Glenn confirmed that he saw UFOs in space when he guest starred on the sitcom “Frasier” in March 2001.  As the two lead characters Frasier and Roz argued in the control booth, Glenn talked on a live mic about UFOs and NASA’s cover-up efforts. This episode is the closest Glenn ever came to publicly acknowledging these things. It is thought-provoking and well worth watching. – The editor

Click on the link below to watch the 3:23-minute segment and keep an eye on Glenn in the background while Frasier and Roz fuss at each other in the control booth.

Astronaut John Glenn flew into space in 1962 and again in 1998

John Herschel Glenn Jr. (1921 – 2016) was the third American in space, and the first American to orbit the Earth, circling it three times in 1962. Following his retirement from NASA, he served from 1974 to 1999 as a U.S. Senator from Ohio. In 1998, he rocketed off again at age 77 becoming the oldest person to ever travel into space.


Reason UFOs erratically dart around sky
By Mary Joyce, website editor

A significant piece of information rarely is included in reports about Bill Herrmann’s UFO encounters. Reporters have stayed focused on photos he took of a UFO flying over the Charleston Air Force Base in 1978 and skipped the most interesting part of his story.

That happened one day while he was looking at a UFO through his binoculars and was abruptly hit by a blue beam of light and transported into the ship where he found himself surrounded by a group of aliens.

The ETs communicated with the young diesel technician telepathically.  During their “conversation,” they explained why they fly their craft so fast and erratically. They said it was to avoid human radar-guided weapons systems from locking onto their vehicles and blowing them out of the sky.

Herrmann eventually contacted UFO researcher and publisher Wendelle Stevens who believed the young man and eventually published his story in 1981 in a book titled “UFO. . . contact from Reticulum.”  Sadly, the book no longer is in print.


One reason we’re being lied to about aliens
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Dr. Carol Rosin (L)
founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space.  Before that, she was the first woman corporate manager of an aerospace company, Fairchild Industries. She also has served as a consultant for companies like TRW, government departments and the intelligence community.

She is best known for being the spokesperson for the first director of NASA, Dr. Wernher von Braun, during his dying years.

“I met the late Dr. Wernher von Braun in early 1974,” Dr. Rosin explained during her testimony for Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project. “At that time, Von Braun was dying of cancer, but he assured me that he would live a few more years in order to tell me about the game that was being played - that game being the effort to weaponize space to control the Earth from space and space itself.”

“Von Braun’s purpose in life during the last years of his life, his dying years, was to educate the public and decision- makers about why space-based weapons are dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary, unworkable, undesirable idea.”

In order to justify the creation of space-based weapons, Dr. Von Braun said scare tactics would be used and enemies created in the following sequence:

● Russians,
● Terrorists,
● Third-world crazies,
● Asteroids,
● Aliens which he said would be the “last card” to be played.

“Over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him,” Dr. Rosin emphasized, “he would bring up that last card – the alien card.”

He told her that “We’re going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it.  He said it is a lie, a lie.”

“But his greatest concern was about psychotronic weapons, mind control weapons,” Dr. Rosin stressed.

“He would add that the public, however, won’t understand that yet (1970s) so let’s just call for the ban on space-based weapons.  That can be understood, it can be measured, it can be done.”



Congressman Bruchett during the House Oversight Committee hearing
on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena held on July 26, 2023

Congress now realizes it’s been gaslighted for years

Since 1954, the United States has had man-made UFOs according to Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project.

“So, there are two things that are being confused as one thing,” he said in an interview on VladTV.  “There are both extraterrestrial and man-made UAPs or UFOs.”

“Until recently, the people in the government who were looking into this didn’t know that they were being gaslighted or deceived by people going up there and saying:

‘Well gee, we have no idea what these are.’

“The top investigator for the Senate who I’m working with - he’d be the equivalent of two or three star general if he was still in the military – went out to the Lockheed Skunkworks and was shown a bunch of old antique jet aircraft.  He knew he was being gaslit and deceived.  That’s when they called me. . . that was in February 2022.”

“So, they now know that was a big lie.  THE SECOND BIG LIE, which is of great concern, is that we don’t know how these operate.  Well, that’s what they want everyone to believe.”

Greer then explained that all our current energy sources could be replaced.  He said a compact box of technology that’s being withheld from the public could run a building 24 hours a day.

THE THIRD BIG LIE is that “extraterrestrial civilizations are a threat.  Let me assure everyone, they view us as a threat,” Greer stressed. “Humans are viewed as a threat. . . We started shooting these things down with electromagnetic systems in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s.  If they were hostile, they’re so far advanced, that they’d just shut this whole civilization down. It’s in the interest of the warmongering, endless-war psychopaths and sociopaths to convince the world population that there’s a threat from out there.”



Secrecy order hides patents for stealth aircraft

We were contacted by a man who was trying to prove or disprove the existence of manmade UFOs by searching U.S. patents for stealth aircraft.  So, we started doing our own digging and found the following information in a New Scientist article that was published on March 23, 2010. It may explain why patents for advanced stealth aircraft, including those that fly like extraterrestrial vehicles, cannot be found at the U.S. Patent Office. – The editor

“A secrecy order is applied to a patent if patent office staff and their military advisers think the idea could be used to threaten national security. A patent cannot then be published until the technology is no longer considered to be a threat.”

In addition to finding confirmation for the above statement, we discovered the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued 120 secrecy orders.  Number 37 CFR 5.2 includes this statement:

“When notified by the chief officer of a defense agency that publication or disclosure of the invention by the granting of a patent would be detrimental to the national security, an order that the invention be kept secret will be issued by the Commissioner for Patents.”



Alan C. Wilson, PhD, and Rebecca L. Cann, PhD

Humans originated in Australia – not Africa
By Mary Joyce, website editor

It’s rare for those in the scientific and academic world to reverse their published positions on anything, but that’s exactly what professors Alan C. Wilson and Rebecca L. Cann did. They publicly acknowledged they had been wrong about humans originating from Africa about 200,000 years ago.

That was not an easy thing to admit after they had received international acclaim for their April 1992 article in Scientific American titled “The Recent African Genesis of Humans.” Even though they reversed their original conclusion, the Out-of-Africa theory of human origin still is widely believed.

So, what changed their minds?  It primarily was extensive DNA research conducted over several continents that revealed the Australian Aboriginals arose about 400,000 years ago from two even earlier racial types. Significantly, no Negroid DNA was found among the Australian Aborigines.

The DNA data are too complicated to explain here but some of the supporting evidence that all humans originated in Australia is interesting starting with this photo of a Japanese full-descent elder (R) taken in the late 1800s by German anthropologist, Dr. Herman Klaatsch. The elder’s features are noticeably like those of an Australian Aborigine.

Plus, the Dravidian and Tamil people of southern India use a type of boomerang to hunt and protect their cattle from predators.  Their boomerangs, however, do not return to them like those made by the Australian Aborigines.

There also are similarities in language. Robert Caldwell (L), a missionary to India for the London Missionary Society in the 1800s, studied the local language so he could talk to the people.  Later, he dove deeper into comparative grammar and wrote there was a remarkable general resemblance which exists between the Dravidian pronouns and those of the aboriginal tribes of Southern and Western Australia.”

Sample words found in both cultures: NAGARAM (town), MANGAI (women), ANGE (here), ENGE (there), MUDHALAI (crocodile)



Humans primarily linked to stars in one section of sky
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Human life on Earth, according to many ancient cultures, is linked to one particular region of our visible sky. 

The old legends often speak of those who came from the star clusters of the Pleiades, Aldebaran, Orion and Sirius which are all in the direction of the constellation Taurus.

Below, those stars clusters are depicted in the lower right quadrant of an old Pawnee drumskin chart of the heavens.

The cross marks on this Pawnee drumskin chart represent stars.  The bigger they are, the brighter the star. The reddish tints on the edges of the skin represent sunrise and sunset. The circle and crescent symbol in Pawnee culture represents harmony.

The Pawnee believe they came from the Pleiades, and they are not alone. Many Native American tribes believe this, plus other cultures including the ancient Greeks, Aboriginal Australians, the M?ori, the Balinese, Taiwanese, and the Japanese.

The Pawnee drumskin star chart shows the Pleiades, Aldebaran, Orion and Sirius star clusters.

In Japan, the Pleiadean cluster of stars is named SUBARU which also is the name of a well-known Japanese car brand.  In fact, the Subaru logo features the six brightest stars in the Pleiades.



Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

What caused the giant scar on Mars?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The giant scar on Mars, known as the Valles Marineris canyon, is the biggest gash on any planet in our solar system.  According to SPACE.COM, it is about 2,500 miles long, 125 miles wide and reaches depths of six miles.  Compare it to the Grand Canyon here on Earth which is only 227 mile long, 18 miles wide and a mile deep. 

So, what caused this giant Martian scar?

“Unlike Earth's Grand Canyon, Valles Marineris probably wasn't carved out by billions of years of rushing water,” according to the LiveScience website.  “The Red Planet is too hot and dry to have ever accommodated a river large enough to slash through the crust like that.”  

Instead, NASA scientists believe Valles Marineris is a large tectonic crack in the Martian crust that was formed as the planet cooled.

By contrast, the European Space Agency scientists believe the crack formed as the nearby Tharsis volcanic plateau rose and stretched the planet’s crust.

So, we’re left wondering. Did it cool and crack, or stretch and crack, or was it caused by something else?



Whistleblower’s warning about whistleblowers
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Eric J. Hecker, a whistleblower at Dr. Steven Greer’s June 12, 2023 Disclosure Project presentation at the National Press Club, was raised on Long Island, the home of the now famous Montauk Project. During his childhood, he was part of the Stargate Project run by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Later on, he had experiences in the Submarine Service, which is a branch of the U.S. Navy.

Then in 2010, Hecker accepted a year-long contractor’s position at the South Pole with Raytheon Technologies which is an American multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate and one of the largest providers of intelligence services.

In my search for information about Hecker, I found the following statement in which he actually warns the public about whistleblowers even though he himself is a whistleblower. It is from an interview Cristina Gomez did with him for the “Shifting the Paradigm” podcast on May 31, 2022.

“No truth is going to come from any direction associated to the United States Federal Government.  It is not their job to tell you the truth.  They’ve been lying to you for decades.  They will continue to lie to you.  That’s what’s going on.

“There are all kinds of supposed whistleblowers coming out of the direction of the U.S. Federal Government.  Oddly enough, these supposed whistleblowers used to be paid to lie to you.  Now we’re being told they’re being unpaid to tell you the truth.  Boy, what a bunch of malarkey that is.”



Huge metallic mass discovered under Moon’s south pole

The dashed circle on this graphic shows the location of a metallic mass at the Moon’s south pole.  The warmer colors indicate high topography and the bluer colors indicate low topography.

Graphic credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Arizona

The Moon’s largest crater - 1,240 miles across and four billion years old – is located at the Moon’s south pole. Hidden beneath it is an enormous metallic mass that was discovered by scientists at Baylor University and first revealed to the world on June 10, 2019.

So far, all theories explaining the metallic mass have holes in them including the one from NASA which has been seriously questioned by Lee Paqui, editor of the Australian magazine “UFO Encounter.”  In the April-May 2023 issue of the magazine, Paqui explains why there’s no merit to NASA’s explanation for the Moon’s metallic mass. Only the boldfacing and mile measurements have been added to his commentary. – The editor

“More recently NASA has revealed the existence of a ‘structure’ (curious choice of word) - buried beneath the South Pole of the Moon – coincidentally (or perhaps not) the first place China chose to land their Rover, and the location of a number of mysterious anomalies, not to mention a motherlode of water.

“This mystery ‘structure’ is supposedly 2,000 kilometres (1242 miles) wide and is buried 300 kilometres (186 miles) beneath the surface of the Moon. The NASA boffins posit that this so-called ‘structure’ is nothing more than the remains of a metallic asteroid that slammed into the Moon and penetrated so deeply into the planetoid that the Moon’s surface must have washed back over it like a placid marshmallow ocean and hid all visible trace of impact.

Not likely. The Moon’s diameter is a mere 3,474 kilometres (2,158 miles), so if a body that was 2,000 kilometres (1242 miles) wide slammed into it… well, instead of just having one satellite, the Earth would instead have a lovely ring of Moon-chunks orbiting around it.

“This mysterious metallic anomaly has a diameter just over half as wide as the Moon – if it were an asteroid, it would have been a veritable Moon in and of itself before it met its untimely end.

“It seems much more likely that this mysterious anomaly is either part of the Moon’s own internal structure, or it is an artificial metallic construct, buried 300 kilometres (186 miles) under the ground. But since neither of those ideas are palatable to the Great Gods of Science, who have decreed that the Moon is made of cheese and only cheese through and through, the most whimsical and non-sensical of theories is preferred – a planet-killing asteroid that discarded the laws of velocity and mass and did nothing more impactful than sink slowly into the soft green fromage of the Moon, and nobody ever knew it was there. . .

“But if this mystery ‘structure’ isn’t simply a pile of exotic asteroid and is instead an artificial construct built by an unknown interstellar race and buried for all eternity against the prying eyes of Man… well, that’s another can that will have to be opened, on another day.”

NOTE:  We would like to thank Warren Aston for sending us the latest copy of “UFO Encounters,” which is produced by the UFO Research organization in Queensland, Australia.



Underwater UFOs “are engaging” with submarines

Ross Coulthart is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist who has worked more than 30 years with newspapers and television news, including The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, ABC-TV and 60 Minutes. He’s also an author.  His most recent book, “IN PLAIN SIGHT,” is about his UFO investigations.  Below is a revealing snippet about underwater UFOs from one his podcast interviews. – The editor

“I’m told there are technologies in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean that give the United States in particular a very good idea of how fast objects move, especially objects that display a huge magnetic anomaly because they’re metallic.

“And, people have briefed me on the underwater telemetry of these objects and they’ve described objects moving as fast as 800 knots under water.  And I mean the fastest submarine, I think, is probably what, 40 to 50 knots, if you’re lucky.

“And these objects are going to incredible depths, whatever they are.  The other thing that was made very, very clear to me, they are intelligently controlled.  They are engaging with these submarines.  They are moving toward them, moving around them, operating intelligently around them.”

Link to the 47:23-minute podcast interview:



Dr. Robert W. McGwier and the USS Hampton, a nuclear submarine

Underwater UFO faster than speed of sound

Dr. Robert W. McGwier, was doing classified National Security work onboard the USS Hampton when there was a stunning encounter with an underwater UFO in the late 1990s.  Here is his account of that event. – The editor

“We were on our way and all of a sudden I hear this sound.  It’s really strange because it’s clear that what is going on is something is whizzing by us and it’s moving so fast. I just can’t believe it because this submarine is limited in the speed it can go by the incompressibility of the water in front of us.  And this thing blew by us like we were standing still.

“Now, I’m not going to throw anybody else under the bus, but I guarantee you the following happened.  A person with knowledge of onboard systems came out and said:

Oh, My God, this god-damn thing is going faster
than the speed of sound underwater!!!

“That’s faster than the speed of sound in air.  Nothing can move faster than the speed of sound in air underwater because water is incompressible.”

This statement is from an interview conducted by Chris Lehto. Click here to see the entire interview:




Triangular UFOs are manmade – evidence

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is significant information from our 2011 archives that many people still do not know.  We felt it was important to post it again because it explains the origin of the smaller triangular craft that are seen flying through our skies.

By the 1990s, triangular UFOs were being seen around the world but were never acknowledged by the U.S. government until Senior Master Sergeant Edgar Fouche, a former Area 51 employee, spoke at the International UFO Congress in 1998. In his introduction at the conference, he said: 

“I am perhaps the only person who has actually worked at the top-secret Groom Lake Air Base, within Area-51 of the Nellis Range, and have proved that I had the position, training and clearance to be there. . .

I absolutely believe that all the triangular shaped vehicles that have been spotted belong to the U.S. government.”

(R) Senior Master Sergeant Edgar Fouche

The top photo and diagrams of the U.S. military’s secret triangular vehicle, known as the TR-3B, were part of the evidence presented by Fouche at the IUFOC in 1998.

After Fouche’s revelation, we searched through U.S. patents and found one for a triangular-shaped aircraft that was granted to Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical Company (division of Teledyne Industries) on April 26, 1977.  The patent number is 4019699.  The first two letters in the craft’s name (TR-3B) are believed to stand for Teledyne Ryan. 




Brand-new AI tool wrote impressive retirement toast

The following teacher retirement toast was almost instantly generated by ChatGPT, a brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) natural language processing tool which was just released in a stabilized form to the public on May 12, 2023.

A friend in Florida decided to try it out. She only “told” ChatGPT to create a retirement toast for her friend Sandra who had taught high school English for years.  She added “Some humor would be nice.”  It’s unsettling how quickly ChatGPT created this surprisingly well-crafted retirement toast. – The editor

Ladies and gentlemen,

Gather ‘round, for today we celebrate the retirement of an extraordinary individual who has graced the halls of academia with wit, wisdom, and a whole lot of English charm.  I raise my glass to our dear friend Sandra, the Queen of Quills and the Maestro of Metaphors!

Now, if you’ve ever had the privilege of being in Sandra’s class, you know that she can make Shakespeare come alive like nobody else.  From dissecting sonnets to deciphering the mysteries of iambic pentameter, she has enlightened generations of high schoolers with her infectious passion for literature.  And let’s not forget those memorable grammar lessons! Oh, the joy of correcting misplaced modifiers and dangling participles!

But it wasn’t just her knowledge and expertise that made Sandra an exceptional teacher.  No, she had a special gift for turning even the most mundane topics into hilarious adventures.  Who could forget her rendition of Romeo and Juliet with sock puppets?  Or her infamous “grammar police” hat that made students quiver in fear and laughter?

Sandra’s dedication went far beyond the classroom.  She was a constant source of support and encouragement, helping her students navigate the challenges of high school with grace and humor.  Countless aspiring writers owe their success to her keen eye for storytelling and her ability to nurture their creativity.

So, my friends, let us raise our glasses to Sandra, the wordsmith extraordinaire!  As she embarks on this well-deserved retirement, may her days be filled with endless novels, tea sipped from literary mugs, and grammar-free relaxation.  May she never run out of puns or metaphors, and may the stacks of books on her nightstand never cease to grow.

Here’s to Sandra, the master of prose, the conqueror of syllabi, and the bringer of laughter!  May her retirement be a joyous chapter filled with adventures, writing endeavors, and a well-deserved break from grading essays.  We thank her for her years of dedication and wish her a future as bright as the literary classics she so adores.

To Sandra, the teacher we’ll never forget, and the friend we’ll always cherish.  Cheers!




Ancient Cherokee engraving of thumb-sucking baby
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Even the avid artifact hunter who found this curious engraved stone was shocked to see this image of a thumb-sucking baby.

“Richard Hasle found it on one of his hunts,” says Robert Shook, director of the Macon County Historical Museum in Franklin, North Carolina.  “He found it face down in the Little Tennessee River in the nearby town of Otto.  At first, he thought it was another ancient stone tool until he turned it over.  He’s found hundreds of other artifacts but nothing like this.”

(R) Smooth back side of the engraved stone

“Richard hunts the Little Tennessee River a lot,” Shook explains. “At one time, there were villages all along this river, almost its entire length.  He found this engraved artifact south of Coweeta which was a huge Cherokee village. He just stumbled on it and brought it to us to see.  None of the members of the Macon County Historical Society have ever seen anything like it. As with all his finds, Richard donated it to our museum about a year ago.”

“Richard did some research on the stone engraving himself,” Shook adds.  “He found a story that the Indians would heat it with fire and put it on a pregnant woman’s belly while she was giving birth to take the pain away.”



Beautiful robots embodied with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at a skyrocketing pace and is being implanted in some very human-like robots like the ones shown above.  If you’d like an easy to understand crash course in the mindblowing possibilities of robotic advances, watch this video:



Shroud expert responds to email we posted

Could the following two paragraphs from an email we recently posted about the Shroud of Turin possibly be true?  Many of us immediately began searching for the answer.

Warren Aston even contacted Barrie Schwortz (L) who was the official documenting photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project and the current editor of  Schwortz’s response is below the two paragraphs in question. It was sent to Warren Aston on April 18, 2023. – Mary Joyce, website editor

EMAIL IN QUESTION: “Since then, I have watched some of the most informative videos on YouTube in scientific analysis of the 2000-year-old textile.  Using the most sophisticated techniques in spectral light, scanned imaging and 3-D mapping in the last few years, the most extraordinary artifacts on the human figure itself are shown - a necklace, a girdle of a rabbi, and a floral wreath placed on the head before burial.

“Also, DNA of the blood was found to be AB negative and from the matriarchal line to an ancient sect of Hebrews that well could account for Jesus to have had light eyes and light reddish-brown hair. . .”

Dear Warren,

This is another case of claims being made that are not supported by any scientific data. After 120 years of intense study, I am always suspect of claims being made about secondary images on the Shroud that “no one has ever seen before.” This is now the most studied artifact in history and every square centimeter of that cloth has undergone intense scrutiny. If any of these secondary images were actually there, they would have been “discovered” long ago.

The late Ray Rogers, STURP chemist from Los Alamos National Laboratory, frequently reminded me that “I think I see… is NOT a scientific statement.” He was correct. If everything people have claimed to have found on the Shroud were actually there, there would be no room left for Jesus!

Flowers were not a part of Jewish burial customs. The Man of the Shroud was completely naked and not wearing any “girdle.” No DNA analysis has ever been formally authorized or published in any scientific literature. However, an unauthorized test was done in 1995 (by a qualified researcher) that found the blood was very old and degraded and concluded that consequently, no DNA profile could be obtained. It determined the blood was of a male with normal chromosomes. However, it is actually more complicated than that. I am including below some information I send out when DNA questions arise.

I hope this is helpful. Sadly, so many false claims are being made about the Shroud on the internet these days, it is impossible to challenge them all. I hope this is helpful.

Warmest regards,



Evidence Shroud of Turin is not a fake
By Mary Joyce, website editor

At the last minute but in time for Easter, I posted a bit of information on my Facebook page about the Shroud of Turin that is not commonly known.  A number of people responded to the posting but I found the following one worth sharing on this website:

“I have been interested in the Shroud of Turin since 1979 when working for one of the largest photographic labs on the East Coast in Philadelphia, PA.  I was employed as a photo restoration artist. Berry & Homer (the company) received the contract to reproduce photos of the Shroud for its members in The Shroud of Turin Project. 

“I had never seen such detailed photos and was convinced the image was a miracle since its most significant details were in the negative image.  You can’t fake that.

“Since then, I have watched some of the most informative videos on YouTube in scientific analysis of the 2000-year-old textile.  Using the most sophisticated techniques in spectral light, scanned imaging and 3-D mapping in the last few years, the most extraordinary artifacts on the human figure itself are shown - a necklace, a girdle of a rabbi, and a floral wreath placed on the head before burial.

“Also, DNA of the blood was found to be AB negative and from the matriarchal line to an ancient sect of Hebrews that well could account for Jesus to have had light eyes and light reddish-brown hair.  What a wonderful time to learn these things.  Happy and blessed Easter.” - Anita Jo Intenzo



The Shroud of Turin is one the most studied objects in the world and has been examined by a host of scientific experts from such institutions as ● Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratories ● NASA ● Sandia Laboratories ● U.S. Air Force Weapons Laboratories ● Brooks Institute of Photography and ● world-respected universities in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. 

DR. MAX FREI, an eminent Swiss criminologist and botanist who studied the Shroud, found the burial cloth contained a large amount of debris that accounted for 10 percent of the Shroud’s total weight.   WITH ADHESIVE TAPE AS HIS TOOL, he lifted debris samples from the cloth and then examined them under a microscope.

Dr. Frei concluded that 75% OF THE DEBRIS on the Shroud was the remains of plants found in Palestine, but it really got his attention when he found pollen of TUMBLEWEED THISTLE THAT ONLY BLOOMS IN AND AROUND ISRAEL between March and May which helps confirm the April date for the Crucifixion. 

This information is included in my book “Tangible evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find” which is available on Amazon. – Mary Joyce


Debate about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin will probably go on forever.  Here are some of the twists and turns about it:

For almost 2,000 years, the Shroud of Turin was believed to be authentic.  Then in 1988, tiny swatches were cut from the Shroud and sent to laboratories in several countries for carbon dating.  All the results dated the samples between 1260 and 1390 AD.  The conclusion at that time was the Shroud of Turin was a medieval forgery.

Those results shook the Christian world, but the Shroud’s authenticity was redeemed when researchers realized the swatches were cut from the edge of the Shroud.  That was significant because in December 1532 there was a fire in the chapel where the Shroud was kept in a silver chest.  The fire melted the chest and burned parts of the Shroud.  The Clarisas nuns then carefully patched the holes in the Shroud and stitched on a backing to give it support. That repair and all the smoke from the fire seem to have been responsible for the false medieval dating of the Shroud.

Then last year a new type of X-ray testing was done which once again confirmed that the Shroud did originate about 2000 years ago.  So, the debate goes on.



Alien black box mystifies NASA
By Mary Joyce, website editor

While on a trolley tour of Old St. Augustine in Florida, I got into a conversation with another tourist.  When he told me he was from Huntsville, Alabama, I asked if he worked there for NASA.  Yes, he answered.  He had recently retired from the space agency.

As the conversation continued, I gave him my Sky Ships Over Cashiers business card and asked if he had ever seen or had knowledge of UFOs.  As expected, he hesitated and then said he couldn’t talk about it, BUT after another pause, he said there was a black box of alien origin that nobody could ever figure out.

He used his hands when he mentioned the black box.  If his hand measurements were accurate, the mystery box was approximately a foot-square cube.  After that, the conversation ended and the trolley rolled on leaving me in a cloud of questions.


West Virginia’s observatory
searches for extraterrestrials

West Virginia’s Green Bank Observatory Telescope, the largest of its kind in the world, is part of the Breakthrough Listen Project which scans the stars and galaxies in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. . . and it’s open to the public.

You can take a bus tour around the facility, see its nearly 400-foot-tall telescope up close, go inside the complex and visit the science center where you can learn about Green Bank’s discoveries and its ongoing search for extraterrestrials. – The editor

The Green Bank Observatory is located at 155 Observatory Road in Green Bank, WV.
Learn more at the website.


Illustration of Pazyryk warrior – Skull of Pazyryk person who survived brain surgery
Successful brain surgery thousands of years ago
By Mary Joyce, website editor

As the world thaws, ancient relics are emerging, like the above skull found in the thawing permafrost in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, Russia.  It was exhumed from a burial site of the Pazyryk people who were nomads during the Iron Age which is roughly 2600 to 3200 years ago. Surprisingly, the skull shows clear evidence that the individual continued to live for years after the surgery.

The individual endured a surgical process called trepanation which is a high-risk medical procedure where a hole is drilled into a human skull.  It most likely was done to relieve brain swelling or a hematoma caused by a head injury according to neurosurgeons working with anthropologists and archeologists who made the discovery.

NOTE:  This discovery was first reported by the The Siberian Times.


Alien befriended ancient Chinese King

Researcher and author Yin Zhe diligently combed through Chinese dynastic writings searching for ancient UFO sighting reports. Many were found, but the following one stands out because it’s about an alien befriending King Zhou Mu who reigned for 38 years, from 956 to 918 BC. 

Below is the translation of King Zhou Mu’s unique story. It was translated by Yin Zhe and included in his book “Aliens and UFOs in Ancient China.” – The editor

“During the time of King Zhou Mu, there was a mysterious figure from the west who was unaffected by the elements, had alchemical abilities, had the ability to pass through rocks and mountains, and displace whole city in one piece and ability to fly. The entity possessed multiple talents, with skills to change form of things and affect the mind.

King Zhou Mu worshipped this entity and gave him the best residence available, providing him with offerings, sacrifices, hostesses. The entity did not fancy the lodging, food and the women, which caused King Zhou Mu to rebuild the lodging with finest ornate craftsmanship.

“The state’s resources are dwindling and finally the ‘Watchtower’ was completed.  This building was about 1000 ren (3.2 km) tall and situated at the Zhong Nan peak.  It was called ‘the Midheavens Tower.’

“The finest women were selected to perform songs and finest cuisines were offered. The entity was still reluctant but obliged to stay in this place.”

“Not long after, he invited King Zhou Mu for a tour, and the latter grabbed the entity’s robe and they flew to the original home palace of the entity.  The palace was bedazzling and astonished the King Zhou Mu as his own palace cannot compare to this spectacle and felt that perhaps he was in heaven.

“He felt like he had lived for several decades without care and concern for his own home.  The entity invited the King to another tour, and he ended up in a void without sun and moon, without rivers and sea, confusing his sight and hearing, and feeling uncontrollable sensations in his body.  Then he begged the entity to bring him back to his own palace. The entity gave him a push into a void and he returned to his palace with servants and ministers around him when he opened his eyes, and they claimed he was ‘tripping’ for a while.

“In the next few months, the king was frequently in daze and queried the entity.  The entity then answered ‘What are the differences between your palace and mine, your gardens and mine? You are used to material things and now you are shown the true illusive nature.  Can you grapple with the true nature of the cosmos?’”

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