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ET and military secrets revealed by whistleblower  
Secret base in Smoky Mountains - New witness  
Possible UFO seen on military vehicle in Cashiers, NC  
Secret underground tunnels - see how they're made  
Big booms near secret underground facility  
Deepest underground laboratory in USA  
Antarctica: Volcanoes helped Nazis build secret base  
Antarctica: Reptilian aliens helped Nazis  

Chemtrails, chemtrails, and more chemtrails

Nuclear missiles hidden right in front of us  
Did secret space program spark Trump-Kim summit?  
Glimpse into secret underground Russian city  
Whistleblower: Missiles caused Alaska quake  
Hawaii Missile Alert: Explosion seen over ocean  
Hawaii Missile Alert: Happened in Japan too  
Hawaii Missile Alert: More than a button to send it  
Hawaii Missile Alert: The Cabal may have launched missiles  

New digging at secret underground facility - UPDATE
By Mary Joyce, website editor

APRIL 2022 UPDATE – We’ve added two Google Earth images of the PARI facility at the end of this original article. Together they provide evidence that new underground digging at the facility began in 2018.

So, we’re back to the same question.  WHY would an astronomical educational facility be digging deep beneath the ground? – The editor

October 18, 2018 - Credible witnesses, including some with Top Secret security clearances, have reported a city-size underground facility is hidden beneath the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) near Rosman, NC. Some of that information has been previously reported on this website and in my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains.”

Then recently, a Rosman resident told us there is major ongoing underground excavation happening on the southwest portion of the PARI grounds.  Using Google Earth, we found photo evidence that might support the man’s claim.

The excavation activity seems to be centered around a large hole in the ground that appears to be almost entirely covered by two large tarps.  In the first photo below, there is a long-bed dump truck in the lower left corner. In the second, there is some kind of large earth-moving excavator equipment in the lower right corner.

Our Google Earth search revealed two large excavators and two long-bed dump trucks.

The last photo below, in addition to revealing a second dump truck, shows an abundance of vehicle tracks over dirt that some believe is being brought out of “the hole” and spread over adjacent open land.

This theory is supported by a photo (R) of a soil sample taken from the area that we found on the North Carolina Extension Services website.  Note that the light-colored soil is well beneath the darker topsoil.

UPDATE – Look below at the two Google Earth images of PARI.  The first is from 2017, the second from 2018. Together they make it obvious that major new digging at the facility was started in 2018.


ET and military secrets revealed by whistleblower
By Mary Joyce, website editor

If the government finds out Harold Anderson’s real name, he and his entire family will be in great jeopardy.  So, in 2020 the octogenarian published three short, easy-to-read books under an alias in order to reveal the extent of ET activity on Earth.  He also confessed to his role in keeping the public in the dark about all of it.

Throughout his military career, he was part of a top-secret disinformation team based at Area 51. Its code name was Palmdale. When the public saw a UFO (actually an advanced military plane) being shot at by a fast-flying vehicle zipping in all directions, the team had to explain it away.  When the plane was seen being hit by a blue-green light beam, they had to explain it away.  When the plane crashed and the pilot disappeared without a trace, they had to totally cover it up.

“The last thing they (the public) needed to discover was that the real threat
to freedom and the American way came from above, from the stars.”

Quote from “The Palmdale Files – Space Chase”

Anderson’s disinformation team was divided into two groups – “brains and brawn.”  The brains concocted bogus stories and figured out ways to get the public to believe them. The brawn, including the infamous but very human Men in Black, were the enforcers when the plans of the brain team failed.

In Anderson’s second book, “The Palmdale Files – Ancient Beacon,” he tells about his team’s life-threatening venture through underwater caverns and tight tunnels to find an ancient alien object deep beneath New Mexico near Carlsbad Caverns. Periodically, the object generated so much energy that the ground shook.

In his third book, “The Palmdale Files – Stormships,” he describes his rollercoaster ride in a Chinook helicopter as he and a teammate investigated the mother-of-all thunderstorms with red lightning.  They discovered a large ET spacecraft within the storm.  Later, they found that everyone in the motel beneath the storm disappeared without a trace.


Secret base in Smoky Mountains – New witness  

This is a new report about the secret base beneath the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) since I wrote my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains.”  It was provided to us on July 9, 2020 by a man who recently had completed a two-week camping vacation searching for underground military facilities in the North Carolina Mountains. 

On the last night of his vacation, he stayed at the Mile High Campground on Heintooga Road, which is as close as the public can get to the base beneath GSMNP. The little-known road can be accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway on the North Carolina side of the park. The following account is in his own words. Keep in mind that his discoveries began at two in the morning. - The Editor

Campfire view from Mile High Campground

WITNESS: On the drive to the location, I rode through some of the thickest patches of fog I have ever experienced. It was so thick that I drove into a median for the first time ever. Later, when I was standing on the road, the fog was so dense that I could barely see the double yellow lines at my feet even when shining a beam flashlight straight downward. I have heard about secret bases obscuring their operations with artificial fog and I believe that is what I may have experienced.

About 2 a.m., I parked at the place where Heintooga Road is closed, right at the Masonic Marker. This area is called “Black Camp” which would be fitting for a secret military Black Site. I was getting my stuff and feeling a weird sense of urgency. I don’t know if it was the Great Spirit or the spirits but something was nudging me to “Go now, leave now, stop searching for the bear whistle, just go, seriously, stop looking and start walking.”

So, I did. And not two minutes later, once I was just past the road closed sign and just out of sight from the Masonic Marker parking lot, a truck speeds from around the corner and swoops down to investigate my car and then speeds away again. I kept walking and expected to be stopped any second, but I wasn’t. They let me walk along that closed road without interruption, but I’m sure that’s because they had sensors everywhere and I wonder if they chuckled as they watched me wander. I was there for more than four hours and walked between 13-15 miles total, approximately seven miles each way.

First off, I definitely heard the underground rumbling and grinding and machine noises. Something is there but the underground machine noises stopped promptly at 5 a.m.

I didn’t feel like I was alone. I am an energetically sensitive person with a large aura bubble and the energy of this area seemed like it was occupied even though it was a completely empty and closed road. The forest always feels alive, but this felt alive and active. I wonder if I had this feeling because I walked over an underground corridor or occupied chamber.

I also heard voices a few miles into my walk. I stopped walking to listen to make sure I wasn’t just misinterpreting the sounds of my walking, but I was still able to hear some more words and sentences when I was motionless. I couldn’t make out what was said, just that they were talking. Maybe these were clandestine campers or maybe they were underground employees on a smoke break or something.

Beyond the Heintooga roadblock – known locally as Heintooga Round Bottom Road

I got down to a little service road and went around the road closed sign for that too. A little way back was some sort of little machine house. It could be a regular forest pumphouse or maybe an elevator. I went back further and found a hidden ventilation shaft. I don’t know if it was a natural thing for a pumphouse but it was strange and seemed out of place.

Also, this dark, obscure, lightless mountain is the perfect place for an underground base. The lack of lights again adds to the “Black Camp” title. It looks like some of the pull-offs and overlooks on Heintooga were destroyed and grass placed over them. Perhaps they were closed off to help hide a base.

I had to stop my walk after getting confronted by a gigantic defensive Elk. Some strange Divine synchronicities from earlier in the day convinced me to turn around at that point, especially since I couldn’t go around him. He was slightly frightening but extremely majestic. 

Also, even though I am a conspiracy theorist, I don’t tend to like Masonic conspiracy theories because I think they’re being used as scapegoats, but the Masonic marker being right there is fascinating. Masons brought stones from all over the world to build a monument on that mountain, and that’s literally the furthest you can go on that road before the barricade.

After getting home, I felt the strangest that I have ever felt. It was as if I were being suppressed by some sort of dampening field. I have heard of Black Military Projects hitting people with directed energy weapons and I believe that I experienced this. It was hard to even talk and my motivation to even think about seeing loved ones was absolutely gone. It felt so strange and I genuinely wasn’t sure if I had actually died that night. It was a strange dissociation.

I was able to begin regaining my spiritual defenses after I restarted and sustained spiritual techniques that are familiar to me. I felt like I was under a dampening field and that I had to fight hard to be able to stand up again. I wonder exactly how these directed energy weapons work but I’d rather not be on the receiving end again to find out.




Possible UFO seen on military vehicle in Cashiers, NC
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Nobody expected to see a vehicle like this doing a slow crawl through the mountains west of Cashiers, NC, especially since there is no acknowledged military facility in the area. Yet, the vehicle was seen going west from Highway 107 in Cashiers to Buck Creek Road, which is north of Highlands.

According to a respected local resident who provided the photo, it was taken on Buck Creek Road by a local governmental official on either April 9 or 10, 2020. 

The vehicle appears to be some kind of military transport hauling two mystery loads.  The top one looks like it could be a small tarp-covered spacecraft.  This is not so farfetched; a few years ago, a small disc-shaped scout ship was seen in a high-mountain pasture northwest of Cashiers. The second item at the rear of the vehicle looks like it could be a multiple missile launcher.

Whatever the load, the transport vehicle is wider than a traffic lane and has an unusual number of wheels – a number more typical of a military tank.  The number of wheels indicates the vehicle is carrying a heavy load or they are needed to steady the vehicle during the firing of missiles. 

Below are samples of multiple missile launchers mounted on three different military vehicles.  Notice the launchers all look like flat metal boxes that can be tipped upward for missile launching. In the third photo, braces can be seen to help support or anchor the vehicle during missile launches.





Secret underground tunnels – see how they’re made

A former U.S. Air Force staff sergeant who was investigating the secret military facility beneath the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) in North Carolina, told us back in 2011 that he believed PARI is connected by underground tunnels to other facilities in the Appalachian Mountains.

This idea seems to be confirmed by testimonies we’ve received from several residents who live along the Balsam Mountain Ridge – the same ridge where PARI is located. They have reported perplexing vibrations and mechanical, grinding and pounding sounds coming from deep within the ground.  For some, the cacophony only lasted a few days; for others the sounds continued for weeks or months.

It’s hard for some people to imagine how such tunneling is accomplished, so we found a video that shows how a tunnel boring machine (TBM) works.  The video was produced by Australia’s 7MATE Television Network. – The editor

CLICK HERE to see the video.




Big booms near secret underground facility

There are credible testimonies and evidence that Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)
 is a capstone cover for a large secret underground facility in North Carolina.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received this email early in 2019.  I had hoped to interview the man in person but unexpected events in both our lives kept getting in the way.  Then he went silent.  For that reason, his name is not revealed. We’ve made minor edits, added boldfacing and broken the email into paragraphs for easier reading.

I recently discovered your website Googling old silos in my state. I am a native of Transylvania County . . . I have known of what locals call the tracking station or PARI.

I’ve seen a huge bright light blocking the sky directly toward the mountains over PARI. I was in the town of Rosman looking northwest.  This happened in the early 1980s. I know this is not a recent sighting but there’s more. When it was part of the Department of Defense, in the middle of night, we’ve seen a convoy of military semi-trucks with covered cargo going up the mountain toward PARI with armed escorts. So, we all have our suspicions about this place.

I have spoken to many doctors in this area about the extremely high cancer rates here. One doctor even tried to do a study on it and tried to get government funding with no success. There are a lot of stories surrounding this place. And the cancer rates are on the rise. In my dad’s days you never heard of these rare cancers you do now in this area.

I still live not far from PARI and for months now we’ve been experiencing big booms that shake the ground - so many I’ve lost count and I’m not the only one. Most are writing it off to earthquakes that have been rising in this region too. Some we feel and hear are not reported nor are there any reports of earthquakes.

I have seen and heard lots of things my entire life here. We all wonder what went on there or what’s still going on up there. I know this is not an extremely important sighting but something is going on up there still, I just know it. Thanks for listening.





Deepest underground laboratory in USA
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Wild Bill Hickok – Homestake Gold Mine in 1889

The deepest underground laboratory in the USA is three miles south of Wild Bill Hickok’s town of Deadwood, South Dakota and nearly a mile down into the ground. During Hickok’s days, it was the Homestake Gold Mine.

Today that gold mine has been expanded beyond anything Hickok could have imagined. It now houses the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) where multiple physics experiments are conducted including those involving dark matter and neutrino research.

Early construction of Sanford Underground Research Facility

Snapshots of Sanford Underground Research Facility today

One of the ongoing research projects at SURF is to understand the role neutrinos play in the creation of the universe.  In trying to understand this, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois shoots beams of neutrinos through the earth to detectors 800 miles away in Lead, South Dakota.

Neutrinos are interesting to physicists for some of the same reasons that pottery shards are interesting to archaeologists,” says Joseph M. McClain, Director of Research Communications at the College of William and Mary. “Just as archaeologists study broken clay pieces to construct a story about the society that produced them, physicists examine neutrinos to learn more about the events and processes from which these sub-atomic particles have their origins.”

He also points out that the Big Bang, our Sun, supernovas and atomic power plants all produce neutrinos.  So, there is plenty of “material” for physicists to study.



Antarctica:  Volcanoes helped Nazis build secret base
By Mary Joyce, website editor

It seems illogical, but the world’s most active volcanic region is beneath Antarctica’s ice sheets. 

In August 2017, Edinburgh University researchers announced they had found 91 previously unknown volcanoes, making a total of 138 known volcanoes in western Antarctica. The map to the left shows where some of those 91 volcanoes were discovered.

In ancient times, erupting volcanoes created extensive underground cavern systems which the Nazis began to trans-form into a secret base during the 1930s. Their activities beneath the ice are said to continue to this day.

The photo to the left shows an underground cavern formed by a volcano. The photo was taken at the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii.

According to William Tompkins, who was in U.S. Navy Intelligence during World War II, the Nazis reached the caverns by submarines. In fact, there was so much Nazi submarine activity in Antarctica during World War II that President Roosevelt became very concerned. Here is a brief quote regarding his concern from The New York Times on July 7, 1939:

“President Roosevelt moved today to prevent possible extension of Germany’s claims to Antarctic areas into the Western Hemisphere by directing Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd to leave in October to territory within the sphere of influence of the Monroe Doctrine.”

The illustration to the right shows an ice-free Antarctica.  It reveals waterways the Nazi submarines travel beneath the continent’s ice sheets.

The map was done by Heinrich Berann (1915-1999) who is still viewed as a world-famous cartographer and the father of modern panoramic maps.  He also served in the German Army in Norway and Finland.

(L) This World War II photo shows three German U-Boats or Undersea Boats.

The photo below was taken in 1938 just before the MS Schwabenland left on Germany’s third expedition to Antarctica which the Nazis claimed as their New Swabia.  The original Swabia was a historical region in southwest Germany.

CLICK HERE to see Google images of two entrances into Antarctica’s interior.




Antarctica: Reptilian aliens helped Nazis
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Reptilian aliens helped the Nazis establish a secret base beneath Antarctica according to
William Tompkins who worked for U.S. Navy Intelligence during World War II.  Later he played significant roles within the upper echelons of the aerospace industry and NASA.

(L) William Tompkins in his later years, when he began to go public with his
long-kept military secrets, (R) Tompkins when he served in U.S. Navy Intelligence

William Tompkins, at age 92, revealed the Reptilian-Nazi alliance during a February 25, 2016 interview conducted by Dr. Robert Wood and Dr. Michael Salla.  Here are excerpts from his interview with them:

“The move from Germany to Antarctica was in operation from 1934 - way before the war started. In fact, some of the stuff went down in 1913. Large portions of equipment were sent down there.

“But right next to them were three tremendous size caverns which the Reptilians had - not Grays, but Reptilians. Germany got two more, about a tenth the size of the big Reptilians’ [cavern]. . .

“They built these fat submarines, these regular class that they built, so they could ship all this stuff down. . . They had almost 90 percent of everything that it takes to build extraterrestrial vehicles, whether they were saucers or cigars.  They had that down to Antarctica by 1932. . .

“They had copies of everything that was necessary to build these. They were building them in production all over the occupied countries. The production facilities were slave labor. . . The German population didn’t know anything about this. It was all classified. . . The people in Germany new nothing about it; Antarctica knew everything. . . and they continued to build similar vehicles in Antarctica. . .”

It should be noted that in a later interview on April 4, 2016, Tompkins more clearly declared the Nazi-Reptilian alliance when he said:

“The Germans were given this information from the Reptilians – they set up the program, they designed the program to support Germany and they’re giving Germany UFOs. . . They had consultants, Reptilian consultants, assisting with all these different things that it takes to design and build these spacecraft carriers and propulsion systems.”

When Tompkins was asked if the Germans had made it to the Moon, he responded this way in the February 25 interview:

“It was well known that the Germans had numbers of vehicles that flew out and came back. One of the first ones, they got into trouble and they crashed and the whole group died. But that was almost all coming from Antarctica. . .

“Four years before the war ended, they were always moving all of this stuff out. So, the flights, almost everything, came from Antarctica with the same people.

Then Tompkins was specifically asked if the Germans were launching spacecraft from Antarctica to the Moon during World War II, Tompkins answered:
Yes,” then he added, “I don’t know if it was true or not, but it was stated by some of those fellows [Navy spies] that they had gone to other stars and come back.”
Dr. Sallas concluded by saying “So that would be corroboration that the so-called Andromeda Device, which was based on some principle of teleportation, actually was viable that they were able to use the Andromeda Device to get to other star systems like Alderbaran, and come back?”  Tompkins respond with a simple “Yeah.”




Chemtrails, chemtrails and more chemtrails

We were contacted by a person who wondered why we had not covered the topic of chemtrails.  Realizing many viewers of this website have not followed it from its beginning, here is a list of chemtrail articles we’ve posted in the past.  To read the articles and see the photos, copy and paste any title that interests you in the search bar on the home page of this website. – The editor

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Nuclear missiles hidden right in front of us

Mobile nuclear missiles, which can be launched from nearly anywhere, are hidden in ordinary-looking cargo containers commonly seen on ships, trains and trucks, but they are not ordinary.  Each cargo container holds four missiles which can be loaded with any one of four weapons - biological, chemical, EMP or nuclear – plus a launch system to send the missiles toward the intended target.

Officially, the weaponized cargo container is known as a Club-K container but often it is called Pandora’s Box. It is the creation of a Russian weapons manufacturing company, Rosoboronexport, which sells its creation to many countries.

Sadly, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) appears to be either broken or corrupt because the Club-K can get into Port Canaveral, Florida due to a 35-year lease agreement with Gulftainer, a United Arabs Emirates (UAE) company.




Did secret space program spark Trump-Kim summit?

The following perspective on the USA-North Korea peace summit is that of Dr. Michael Salla who is an internationally recognized scholar on international politics, US foreign policy and conflict resolution.

Then in 2004, he wrote “Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence” in which he applied his expertise to the concept of galactic diplomacy. After that, he wrote other books addressing extraterrestrial subjects and founded The following information is from a June 11, 2018 posting on that website.

According to Dr. Michael Salla, the threat of space-based weapons caused the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, to begin peace negotiations.

“At the official level, space-based weapons are non-existent and are merely being planned for the future,” Dr. Salla explained on his website on June 11, 2018.

“However, whistleblowers/insiders have revealed the existence of operational space weapons such as “Rods of God” which drop large rod-like projectiles from space with pinpoint accuracy and devasting results. . .

“Trump’s secret plan to use ‘Rods of God’ and other space-based weapons against North Korea had greatly worried Kim, but it was the Hawaii ballistic missile alert on January 13, which took him down the path of cooperation

“The missile alert coincided with Kim’s decision to begin secret talks with South Korea to improve relations through the 2018 Winter Olympics, which was officially announced only four days later, January 17. . .

“Essentially, once Kim realized that he had been betrayed by the Deep State/CIA faction that had secretly helped him develop a ballistic nuclear weapons program, he decided to abandon his nuclear weapons program and bellicose rhetoric against President Trump. . .”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The use of weapons from a “space platform” is revealed in a series of four articles we posted about the 2018 Hawaii missile crisis in the “Undercover Operations” section of this website.




Glimpse into secret underground Russian city

Sydney Sheldon
(1917-2007) is the most translated author in the world.  He’s written 18 bestseller novels and won an Emmy, an Oscar and a Tony for his film and television scripts.  Even young people today may have seen reruns of his “I Dream of Jeannie” television show which won him an Emmy.

Though he’s a fiction writer, he gave us more than a spy thriller when he wrote “The Sky is Falling.” He gave us a glimpse into a real secret underground city in Russia which he confirms to be real in his author’s note at the end of the book. – The editor

Author’s note at end of “The Sky is Falling”

“This is a work of fiction, but the secret underground city of Krasnoyarsk-26 is real, one of thirteen closed cities engaged in nuclear production.  Krasnoyarsk-26 is located in central Siberia, two-thousand miles from Moscow, and since its creation in 1958, it has produced more than forty-five tons of weapons-grade plutonium.  Although two of its plutonium-producing reactors were shut down in 1992, one remains active, currently producing half a ton of plutonium a year, which can be used to make atomic bombs.

“There have been reported thefts of plutonium, and the United States Energy Department is working with the Russian government on increased security measures to protect nuclear material.”

Excerpts from chapter 22 of the book
Photos of the real Krasnoyarsk-26 have been added.

They debarked from the train and started toward an odd-shaped cement building one hundred yards away.  In front of the building stood two forbidding-looking barbed-wire fences, patrolled by heavily armed soldiers.

● To Dana’s astonishment the structure they entered was the top of an elevator station that went below ground. . . Dana looked at him incredulously. “We’re going six hundred feet under a mountain?  Why?  What’s down there?”

● They stepped out of the elevator and had walked no more than twenty feet when Dana stopped in shock.  She found herself looking down the street of a modern city, with shops and restaurants and theaters.  Men and women were walking along the sidewalks, and Dana suddenly realized that no one was wearing an overcoat.

● “Krasnoyarsk-26’s sole purpose for existing is to make plutonium.  One hundred thousand scientists and technicians live and work here, Miss Evans.  In the beginning, they were given the finest food and clothes and housing. But they are all here with one restriction . . . They must agree never to leave. . . They cannot go outside.  Ever.  They must cut themselves off completely from the rest of the world.”

● There were three giant reactors housed in the immense cave. . . “The machines in this room can produce enough plutonium to make an atomic bomb every three days.”

● “Because of the state of the Russian economy, there is no longer the money to pay the scientists and technicians who work here. . . You see the paradox?  The amount of plutonium stored here is worth untold billions of dollars, yet the people who created it have nothing and are starting to go hungry.”

● “. . . and his partner collaborated with some of the rebel scientists and began smuggling plutonium to a dozen countries, including Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, and China.”
NOTE:The name “Krasnoyarsk-26” is actually a postal code that refers to an area some miles away from the surface city of Krasnoyarsk.




Whistleblower: Missiles caused Alaska quake
By Mary Joyce, website editor

When a 7.9 earthquake sent Alaskans running from the coast on January 23, 2018, weather and geological experts fully expected a tsunami to hit from Alaska to Southern California.  To their surprise, a tsunami didn’t happen.
There was no tsunami because the quake wasn’t the result of tectonic plates shifting,” a source with Above Top-Secret security clearance told us. “The quake resulted when thermonuclear missiles onboard a rogue and damaged Dolphin sub were destroyed before they could explode, leak or be stolen by unscrupulous parties.

“Two of the Dolphin’s eight missiles actually were launched on January 13, 2018 which triggered the Hawaii missile alert that day.  Six of the missiles were still onboard when the submarine was destroyed.”

The Dolphin submarine, like the one shown above, is a diesel-electric sub developed and built by a German company for the Israeli Navy.

Early reports said the Alaska earthquake was 8 to 8.2 magnitude. 

It later was determined to be 7.9 earthquake.

“After the Dolphin sub was destroyed,” our source continued, “it drifted southeast of Kodiak Island and near a well-known submarine route. For safety’s sake, the remaining missiles could not be detonated until other subs could get far enough away.

“To prevent a tsunami, The Third Party on a space platform used a magnetic beam to settled the water or neutralize the wave action before and after the detonation.  This prevented a tsunami.

According to our source, “The Third Party” is a clandestine alliance of a humans and a particular group of aliens who want to protect the Earth.  This alliance is especially concerned about the Cabal’s desire to start a war and blame it on North Korea.  



Hawaii Missile Alert: Explosion seen over ocean

By Mary Joyce, website editor

A regular “Joe Citizen” was one of the first people to report that the missile warning in Hawaii on January 13, 2018 most likely was NOT bogus. 

His YouTube moniker sounds goofy but “Marfoogle Watutu” presented information that can be corroborated in other ways.  Here is most of what he said in the video:

“My sister has lived in Maui for eight years and what she is finding out is that a group of boaters that actually run a tour company say now that they saw something get blown out of the sky

“So, they said it looked like a meteor and then all of a sudden there was a big boom and it lit up the entire sky.  It was 8 o’clock in the morning. . .

Maybe this was not a drill after all.  Maybe our Boys in Blue and Boys in Green shot it down. And I would think that the U.S. would not want to cause more panic if they did try to launch something at Hawaii.  Then, of course, they would say it was a mistake.  They took responsibility very quickly that it was a mistake. . . This could be bullshit but I just had to relay that. . .

“It’s a group of nine guys and I think 13 or 14 tourists that all saw it explode and now I guess they put their stories on one of the local news channels and it got pulled almost immediately.  And now when I look, there is even weird notifications on the message my sister sent me . . .

“They say there are like five stages to do that kind of alert so it’s not just one button. . .”

CLICK HERE to watch his 2:31 minute video that
was posted the day after the missile alert. 



Hawaii Missile Alert: Happened in Japan too

By Mary Joyce, website editor

The following is an Associated Press article posted on January 16, 2018 about an erroneous missile warning issued by Japan that same day. One has to wonder, what are the odds that two missile alerts would be mistakenly broadcast just days apart in two countries within missile range of North Korea?

Japanese broadcaster issues
North Korean missile alert by mistake

“NHK posts online messages urging people to take shelter, days after similar error in Hawaii.

“Japan’s public broadcaster mistakenly sent an alert warning citizens about a North Korean missile launch and urging them to seek immediate shelter, then retracted it minutes later – days after a similar error occurred in Hawaii.

“NHK television issued the message on Tuesday on its news websites as well as on Twitter, saying North Korea appeared to have fired a missile at Japan. It said the government was telling people to take shelter.

The false alarm came two days after Hawaii’s emergency management agency sent a mistaken warning of a North Korean missile attack to mobile phones across the state, triggering panic.

“NHK deleted its tweet after several minutes, issued a correction and apologized several times on air. It said a mistake in using the alert system caused the error”.

NOTE:NHK is Japan's largest broadcasting organization.



Hawaii Missile Alert: More than a button to send it

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado which is the underground operations
 center for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

It seems unbelievable that one person pushing one button could release a missile alert to all of Hawaii. Our doubts about this happening on January 13, 2018 were confirmed when we contacted a military man who held Above Top-Security clearance during his career.  He explained there would have been multiple steps taken before such an alert warning would be sent out to the public.

At first, it seemed it would take too long to go through these steps, but thanks to a secured and lightning-fast computer network, it can be done.  Here are the steps he outlined for us in his own words:

● First, the missile would have to be detected by the Navy, Air Force or by intelligence satellites, then the information instantly would be relayed to Cheyenne Mountain where it would be evaluated and a decision would be made about the next action to take.

● Next the President would be notified along with the Joint Chiefs and other appropriate government staff.  Their decision immediately would be relayed back to Cheyenne Mountain.  In turn the Navy, in this case, would be directed to confirm, respond, track, launch aircraft or possibly do nothing.

● Once the missile is tracked and confirmed, then a trajectory and a proposed impact area is determined.

● The Civil Defense system would be notified via a secure network along with an encoded authorization that would go directly to the Civil Defense system.  All of this would be done whether it was a drill or an actual incident.

● Only after all of that, can the Civil Defense system be armed for the appropriate and authorized response and the local office would respond by inputting its own authentication codes into a computer system that then would send out messages, radio alerts and activations to police and fire responders.

“Explosions were reported over the ocean that day,” he added.  “If it was just a mistake, then there would have been no explosions. The alert was sent to the public in Hawaii in case efforts to destroy the missile or missiles were not successful.”



Hawaii Missile Alert: The Cabal may have launched missiles

By Mary Joyce, website editor

In 2017, we posted a “Deep Throat Testimony” on this website from a man with Cosmic Top-Secret security clearance.  In that testimony, he said “There is a global organization, a hidden hand, that runs everything.  For simplicity, I’ll refer to it as The Cabal.”

From our own findings, it appears The Cabal is an elite and most secretive group that aspires to control the world and its riches.  Instigating wars is one method it uses to accomplish these goals.

So, when we realized actual missiles may have been launched toward Hawaii on January 13, 2018, we were happy to hear from our Deep Throat Source. Though we have no way to independently confirm what he said, it’s certainly worth considering. Here is what he told us:

“Missiles were launched toward Hawaii on January 13, 2018 from a submarine operated by a clandestine military group at the behest of The Cabal which desires to start a nuclear war and blame it on North Korea. The plan was to launch eight rockets - all with thermonuclear warheads - at Washington State, California and Hawaii. 

“Only two of those eight missiles were actually launched. The rest were stopped when two THIRD PARTY submarines fired four torpedoes each and destroyed the submarine that was launching the nuclear missiles. 

“The THIRD PARTY, which is composed of Earth humans and a particular group of aliens with a distinct interest in Earth, destroyed the two airborne missiles before they could reach their targets.  This was accomplished by firing a Magnetic Disintegration Beam from a space platform. This technology is not even imagined by Earth scientists.

“From the space platform, the THIRD PARTY also did a cursory clean-up of radioactive material, reducing it by 60 to 70 percent.”




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