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Army stops using China-made drones - cyber concerns  
Long trains of military vehicles seen all over USA  
Backroom interview about underground bases  
Newly exposed: Underground facility near TN/NC border  
North Carolina's secret survival territory for the elite  
Helicopters disappear into and around NC mountain  
Reports of low-flying Chinooks over Dillsboro, NC  
Power plant may supply secret underground facilities  
Secret military bases use "people repellent"  
Man tells secrets of Wright-Patterson AFB  
Travel Channel film to focus on NC secret facility  





Army stops using China-made drones – cyber concerns

The entire U.S. Army was ordered to immediately dismantled all its DJI drones.  The directive came in an August 2, 2017 memo from Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, deputy chief of staff, because the Chinese-made drones are now considered to be a cyber threat.

According to the “Drone Business Marketer” website, six of the 12 top-rated drone models are made by DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer.  Analysts at Goldman Sachs and Oppenheimer estimated that the Chinese company produced about 70 percent of the world’s drone market in 2016.





Long trains of military vehicles seen all over USA
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Regular citizens have videotaped long, long, long trains all over the country transporting military tanks and combat equipment. We checked out 150 of those citizen videos posted on YouTube. There were many more but we ran out of time and energy to view them.

The videos we viewed were recorded in 31 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

The obvious questions are why so many trainloads of combat equipment and why are they being seen all over the country?  Some people say it’s a build up to war.  Some say it’s preparation for an enactment of Marshall Law.  Others say it’s just business as usual for the military.  Whatever the reason, the videographers often felt an ominous chill up their spines as they recorded the passing trains. 










Backroom interview about underground bases

By Mary Joyce, website editor

We were only a few hours ahead of a menacing snowstorm on March 11, 2017 when Evelyn Gordon and I arrived for a private backroom interview at a restaurant in a small North Carolina mountain town. The original plan was to interview someone who once worked at a secret underground military base.

That key witness, though, decided not to risk coming for the interview. She told “Janet Jones,” one of two other people in our backroom huddle, that she had to keep her vow with the government and not talk about what she had done and what she had seen.  She explained she now had a very simple, quiet life and grandchildren and didn’t want to be involved anymore because she didn’t want trouble coming from Uncle Sam.

So, we ended up with the following brief account of the first meeting Janet (JJ) had with the key witness (KW).

JJ:  I went into a store and a lady liked the jacket I was wearing.  It reminded her of her military jacket.

KW:  Where did you get your jacket?  It looks like a military jacket.  I had one just like it when I worked for the Army.

JJ:  Oh, really.  When was that?

KW:  That was so many years ago.  I’m retired now.

JJ:  What did you do?

KW:  I worked in an underground base.

JJ:  Really?  I know a little bit about underground bases.  Tell me what you did.

KW:  I can’t tell you what I did but I saw a lot of things. 

JJ:  I’m pretty familiar with ETs working with the government, UFOs and things like that.

At that point, Janet said the woman’s eyes got very wide
and she gave a “heads-up confirmation.”

JJ:  I would like to talk to you about this sometime because I’m so curious about it and I believe it’s all going on.

KW:  I’m really not supposed to.  I’m not really even supposed to tell you that I worked there.  I can’t tell you “yes” or “no” whether or not there are ETs down there.

At this point, Janet said the Key Witness gave her a nonverbal
confirmation by simply nodding her head up and down.

AF logo

Janet explained to us that on another occasion she had gotten acknowledgement of a secret underground base from an old friend who was in the U.S. Air Force.

“I ran into a high school friend of mine coming out of a coffee shop,” she explained.  “He was in uniform, and with all his medals.  He was very proud.  He was visiting family and he wanted to show them he was accomplished because he was such a nut growing up.

“I asked him, ‘What are you doing now?’  He answered, ‘Well, you can see that I’m in the Air Force and I work out West.’  I said, ‘What are you doing out West?’

“He said, I work three miles underground.  The government has a base down there.’

“I said, ‘Really?  What do you do down there?’

“He said, ‘If I told you, I’d have to kill you.’

“So, he made a joke about it, but he made it plain and clear that he couldn’t talk about what he did down there - at all.”




parkway map1

Cherohala Skyway, also known as “Tail of the Dragon,” links North Carolina and Tennessee.

Newly exposed: Underground facility near TN/NC border

Several men have contacted me over the past six months about a secret underground military facility in Western North Carolina southeast of Tellico Plains, Tennessee. While all wanted to tell me their stories, they objected to having them posted on the website.

Then I received the following email about the facility after appearing on “The Higherside Chats” radio show. I followed up with a phone call to the gentleman who gave me permission to post it but asked to only be identified as a “former manufacturer in the aerospace industry” who lives in another state and enjoys back-to-nature vacations in the general area of the suspected facility. – The editor

SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 EMAIL:  “I have been listening to “The Higherside Chats”radio show and am glad someone is taking note of these things.
“I have had a couple experiences in an area where an underground facility appears to exist in North Carolina, and locals report all of the things that you were discussing on THC.

“Locals have reported Russian soldiers walking down the mountain to a church in the area asking for food.  They hadn’t gotten their airdrops for a week or two and were hungry. They could not speak English, but one of the parishioners went and got someone who could communicate with them.

“A couple of kids were met with full auto rifle fire while investigating a certain area.  

“I tried to go by truck through a road that went across to NC and there was a large pile of dirt and a new ‘mountain’ home built out of pressure treated wood (not normal mountain home construction materials) with a ‘token’ woman who ran out frantic and told us we couldn’t go that road anymore. I followed this up with at least 10 phone calls and finally reached the ‘top’ ranger who, by her tone and demeanor, was the ‘official ‘gatekeeper’ for that section of the mountains. 

“A friend and I went to lookout tower road and he heard voices from inside this ‘building’ and called me over, only to have them cease after he had raised his voice and called me over. Now it is razor wired and one cannot get close to the building or the second one that was added.

“I personally think these are egresses and/or vents for underground.  They kept ‘clouds’ over this area from just about the beginning of maps or Google Earth. When they were updated, I am sure the airbrushing was then put in effect, but the area of the clouds is about the most remote area I have ever seen. And, there are no roads into that area I know of.  I am sure the locals would know, but I don’t.


“Another friend who lives in the area said when everything is turned off in her house one can hear machinery beneath the ground. Her property is west of State Road 68, while the events previously listed were east of State Road 68.

“Another person told me that when the kids were shot at, one of the locals went to that location at night with a night vision scope (an ex-military person).  While scanning the area, he saw another individual with a night vision scope looking at him.  He exited quickly.”

(L) Highway 68 goes south from Tellico Plains, TN.

“I saw, perhaps 5 or 6 years ago, what looked like a flat concrete slab down in the bottom of a gorge on the south side of the Cherohala Skyway.  I saw it from the first (perhaps the second) pull-off heading east from Tellico Plains after passing the turnoff to the ranger station.  There was a short microwave tower pointed at the slab which I thought was strange.  Maybe the slab covers an underground entrance.  Since then, plant and tree growth has obscured it. (His photo and enlargement are shown below.)

yellow woods

“Locals report that they see C-130 cargo planes about once a week near dusk ‘dragging their bellies through the trees’ and making airdrops and then climbing and exiting the area.  They say this occurs east of what is known as the Forest Lookout Station or Waucheesi Overlook on the Cherohala Skyway.”





map12 ch rock

(L) Lake Lure, the center of North Carolina’s secret survival territory for the elite, is within
the circle on the map. (R) This is a view of Lake Lure from the top of Chimney Rock.

North Carolina’s secret survival territory for the elite

Lake Lure is the center of North Carolina’s secret survival territory for the rich and powerful, including members of the Illuminati, according to a longtime realtor who has worked in the four counties encircling Lake Lure. She wishes to remain anonymous, so we will call her “Ericka.” The following is what she told us in her own words. – The editor

When the economy tanked in 2008 and land developments were failing and people were going bankrupt,” Ericka began, “it was puzzling to see huge infrastructures and roadways being built.  I also noticed huge tracks of land and huge homes being bought in and round Lake Lure and Mill Spring. So I began doing in depth property research and found some very interesting information.

“I discovered Russians were purchasing property around a secluded lake between Lake Lure and Mill Spring,” she explained.  “When I tried to learn about available property at the lake, Lake Adger, I found it was a very clandestine operation. Google maps of the property were unavailable. Realtors could only go through one particular person to get a property plat and even then we were given a map with a watermark so it could not be photocopied.

“When I researched one piece of property at the lake,” she added, “I found it was owned by someone in the military and then it was changed over to a Russian.”

“At that time, I had four clients in that community. They all had questionable back-grounds and were very quiet.  They acted like some of my ex-CIA clients who had purchased property through me over a four or five year period.


“The State of North Carolina appears to be involved in the land grab too,” Ericka continued. “In 2005, it spent $24 million to purchase land between Chimney Rock State Park and Sugarloaf Mountain. There’s a secret military facility beneath Sugarloaf Mountain which certainly would explain why the govern-ment is buying up land around it and why enormous electrical lines have been installed to the top of the mountain where there are only about a half dozen homes.

“But the State is buying lots of little plots too – 40 acres here, 70 acres there, 176 acres, 350 acres.  They all seem to have a conservation easement. When you see an aerial view, there appears to be a greater plan at work.”

(L) The red marker points to Sugarloaf Mountain. The blue lake at the bottom is Lake Adger.

“Another thing that’s strikingly unusual, is the militarization of police in small towns in the area,” Ericka added. “Over time from 2005, the Justus Center was built east of the town of Hendersonville.  It is an academy for cops.  So now our cops are military cop. They have military vehicles, military equipment, military helicopters. One congressional person told me that’s because Henderson County is at the top of the list for having something very valuable to protect in the State.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another person involved with property management in the greater Lake Lure area told us one of the nation’s top generals at the Pentagon bought a substantial mountaintop home in the Lake Lure area in 2016.  If you want to learn more about the military presence in Lake Lure, scroll down to the next article. If you want to learn more about the secret military facility beneath Sugarloaf Mountain, there is a chapter devoted to it in my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains” which is available through Amazon.




Helicopters disappear into and around NC mountain
By Mary Joyce, website editor

a b

The left photo above of Rumbling Bald Mountain was taken from the Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains in Lake Lure, North Carolina.  While the rocky cliff looks smooth at a distance, the right photo shows how big one of the mountain’s crevices really is.  Below are an aerial view of Rumbling Bald, which is actually a mountain ridge, and a map of the Lake Lure area. The red marker shows the location of the Wyndham Resort.

c map

According to locals, Black Hawk helicopters have been disappearing into Rumbling Bald Mountain for many years.  They say the entrance is a large, well-hidden shadowy crevice in a rather inaccessible part of the ridge. On June 29, 2016, Evelyn Gordon and I went there to meet with a resident who we will call “Fran.”  Here is what she revealed to us.

“When we first moved to Lake Lure about 20 years ago, we actually could look right at the entrance,” Fran told us. “We would see Black Hawk helicopters going in there all the time.

“Even when my husband and I were down in the town of Chimney Rock, we’d see the helicopters fly around Rumbling Bald and then never see them again.  It was a common thing. People were always saying ‘Where did they go? What happened to them?’


“One time I was at a friend’s home that has a great view; you can look down on Chimney Rock from there,” she explained.  “From her deck you could hear the helicopters coming, always in packs. They were really loud and their sound was amplified as they flew low through the gorge.  When they flew by, everything shook and the trees branches would whip around.

 (L) Internet photo of Black Hawk helicopter pilot

“The Black Hawks flew so low that from the deck we could see the men were wearing full gear like they were flying high up in space.  We could wave at them; that’s how low they were flying.

NEW KIND OF VANISHING ACT:  “Then on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 about 10 a.m., I saw something I’ve never seen around Rumbling Bald Mountain – EVER!” Fran said. “I heard these extremely loud helicopter blades. I ran outside to look and saw three helicopters.  They looked like Black Hawk helicopters.  They were obviously military.

“They looked like they were going north toward Black Mountain but then they turned and went south.  They went around that ridge” she said while pointing to the ridge in front of us.

“I saw the first helicopter reappear; I saw the front of the second one but I never saw the third one.  It was a clear sky and I could see them plain as day and then they just disappeared into thin air.

(R) Photo of ridge Fran pointed toward


A week before that happened, I knew something unusual was going on,” Fran continued. “I saw a crane that was bigger than any crane I’ve ever seen anywhere – and I’ve been in New York, Los Angeles and around military facilities.

“Within a day, the biggest cellphone or data tower I’ve ever seen was installed right next to the existing cellphone tower. 

“But that’s not all.  There have been huge booming sounds. While we have logging in this area, even a giant California redwood tree couldn’t make such a boom if it fell. We’ve investigated and can’t find anything to explain the booms. Maybe construction is going on beneath the earth.  It would make some kind of sense with helicopters flying into Rumbling Bald.  There could be a major underground facility that’s being expanded.”




Reports of low-flying Chinooks over Dillsboro, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE: As reported on this website and in my book “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains,” there is a secret base beneath the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which is immediately north of Dillsboro, NC. Chinooks seen over the town may be coming from there.

Since before this website started in 2008, people have seen UFOs, and later smaller Apache helicopters, flying low over Dillsboro. Almost always, they were flying from north to south.

Then on May 24, 2016 we received reports for the first time of huge CH-47 Chinook helicopters flying the same low route over the town. One report came from Cindy who works at The Mercantile on Front St. which is historically known as Bradley’s General Store.

(L) This photo shows the size of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, known as a military workhorse.   It is used for picking up and dropping off heavy equipment, supplies and combat troops.


business map
“I heard this really loud sound overhead that nearly vibrated the building,” Cindy reported, “and ran outside to see what it was.  It was a huge low-flying Chinook helicopter flying very slowly toward the south. There was something like a slender rod sticking out from the front.  I later learned it’s called a refueling boom used for midair refueling. I grabbed my cellphone from my pocket and snapped these photos.  Then I looked at my watch, it was 4:18 p.m.”

c1 c2 c3
That same day, we received another report and photos from a second Dillsboro resident who only wants to be identified as “Jay.”

“On May 23, 2016 about 5 pm, I watched a CH-47 Chinook fly fairly low over my backyard,” Jay wrote.  “It was dark olive drab green in color, and the back ramp was partially opened, as was a side door. There were no markings at all on this helicopter. And there was an extremely long rod-like appendage off the front of the fuselage, perhaps an inflight refueling connection. Less than two minutes later, it circled back and crossed my yard heading toward Georgia for a second time.

trees close
“The next day, May 24, 2016, two Chinooks crossed my yard. They flew 1-2 minutes apart. The second Chinook flew so slowly I wondered if it were carrying a heavy load inside. Just like the day before, the Chinooks were dark olive drab green with NO markings whatsoever. This time all ramps and doors were closed.“I did a little research and learned that Chinooks (CH-47) are heavy-duty helicopters. They are used by militaries, and governments globally for troop and supply transports. Chinooks are special helicopters; they have three super heavy-duty hooks underneath the fuselage. That design element is for picking up and dropping off large cargo. The Chinook was designed over 50 years ago to drop off troops and supplies without ever landing. In the US, this helicopter has been used in every war and conflict since Vietnam.”






The original John Sevier coal-fired power plant is shown within the red box.  Everything left
of that has been added since the plant was converted to natural gas. 

Power plant may supply secret underground facilities

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The source of this information is a man who knows the people, the history and real estate around the John Sevier power plant on the Holston River near Rogersville, TN.  He also has worked for the government.  We will just call him “Bill.”

The official story is that the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) converted the John Sevier power plant in Rogersville, TN from coal to natural gas in 2011 for environmental reasons.

“Many people were puzzled by the conversion,” Bills says, “because the plant was considered the most efficient coal power plant in the entire world; and other puzzling things have been observed around the plant since then.”

PUZZLEMENT TWO:  “The original plant probably occupied 80 acres,” Bill says, “but the government has acquired something like 8,000 acres around it since 2011.  They’ve pushed a lot of people out of their homes when the people didn’t want to go. Then their homes were all razed.  The TVA is still trying to acquire more land.”

PUZZLEMENT THREE:  “While the TVA once allowed fishing around the plant and provided a picnic area, a boat ramp and a little campground for the public, that’s all gone now,” Bill says.  “It’s now run like a Nazi concentration camp.  The guards no longer are friendly and actually have beat the snot out of some people who were just fishing along the river.”

PUZZLEMENT FOUR:  “There now are unmarked dark helicopters that fly near the facility,” Bill says.  “I think they’re dark brown.  They typically fly so low that the rotating blades barely can be seen above the forest yet they never seem to land.”

PUZZLEMENT FIVE:  “They no longer maintain the big electrical towers coming from the plant,” Bill adds.  “They’re rusty and orange and the bolts are rusting off of them.  They only maintain one set of twin pole power lines. From what I’ve learned, those lines are bringing power into the plant, not pumping it out.  So it appears the facility is consuming power, not generating it. That’s really puzzling because the generators are working.  They’ve got four units with smoke coming out of them but where is the power going?”

BILL’S THEORY: “When I got a map out and saw that the John Sevier plant is practically due north of the secret underground facility beneath PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute), I began to wonder.  Could the Sevier plant be supplying electrical power via underground tunnels to PARI and other secret facilities in the Appalachian Mountains that whistleblowers have reported?  The government’s odd activities around the Sevier plant since 2011 might support that idea.”





Secret military bases use “people repellent”

Many people, including myself, have experienced unsettling feelings when approaching secret military facilities. Sudden agitation, muddled thinking, headaches and even nausea are commonly reported, along with a desire to get out of the area. 

Because of such reactions, it’s long been suspected that the military uses “people repellent” in the form of electromagnetic and/or ultrasonic frequencies to keep people away. It’s not a far out idea; there are plenty of electronic bug repellers listed on the Internet that work the same way.


One company’s website says its product “delivers powerful ultrasonic frequencies up to 5,000 square feet.  Invading pets are flooded with loud, disorientating noise while you don’t hear a thing.”

Another ad says its product “changes the electromag- netic frequencies that travel through the wiring of your home into pulsating vibrations. . . . The electromagnetic signals turn on and off every few seconds making it next to impossible for pests to build a tolerance to this irritating environment and drives them out.”

A simple Lyric hearing aid recently provided evidence that similar but more powerful frequency waves are being broadcast from the secret military facility hidden beneath the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)* in the mountains of North Carolina.

Vickie McMahan, our Facebook manager, checked out the facility in March 2016 and her hearing aid went haywire.


“I have deafening tinnitus and wear Lyric hearing aids that completely block out the ringing in my ears,” she explained. “But while I was at PARI, the ringing in my ears was almost overpowering.  Yet as soon as I left there, my hearing went right back to normal.”

Vickie added that the Lyric hearing aids are affected by magnets, which might suggest that electromagnetic frequencies are being used at PARI.

It’s worth noting that Vickie saw a dark helicopter with no visible markings flying away from PARI – a place purported to be just an astronomy research center.

* Witnesses with high security clearance have reported to this website that the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute is a camouflage capstone cover for a secret city-size military base beneath it.




Man tells secrets of Wright-Patterson AFB

EDITOR’S NOTE: I had a face-to-face interview with Woody (R) on March 21, 2016 when he and his family were passing through North Carolina on their spring break vacation.  He wanted to share information. This is what he told me about his boyhood memories of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – the place long rumored to house debris and small alien bodies from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.


“I grew up around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio,” he began, “and I heard many stories of what went on there.  For example, I spoke with a truck driver who delivered materials to the underground tunnels at Wright-Patterson and Mound Laboratories.  Then a maintenance tech told me the two facilities were connected by an underground tunnel.”

It should be noted that Mound Labs is an underground facility associated with nuclear weapons research, the Manhattan Project and nuclear power systems for the U.S. space program. It is operated by Monsanto Research Corporation.

“That lab is adjacent to the Miamisburg Indian Mound,” Woody explained, “which is one of the largest mound structures in Ohio and is rumored to have an underground chamber containing remnants of an ancient people known as the Stasis Beings.  Mounds can be found throughout Ohio and while the information has been suppressed in recent decades, there have been numerous reports of giant skeletons found in the mound areas.  An old brochure for Serpent Mound included a picture of a skeleton with a caption saying it was 7 feet tall from the knees up.”

Almost in passing, Woody said, “A friend told me one of his relatives who retired from Wright-Patterson said the underground facility is so large that they have horizontal elevators to get around.”

“I was told another interesting story from a person who overheard a woman in a restaurant talking to J. Allen Hynek, a well-known UFO researcher.  The woman told Hynek she took a wrong turn at the base and looked into one of the rooms and saw a three to four-foot being in an environmental suit.  When they saw each other, she realized she shouldn’t be there.  It appeared to her that the being also thought she shouldn’t be there.”

Finally, Woody said, “According to an acquaintance who later served in the Navy, Wright-Patterson occasionally would shoot a laser at the Moon.  When this happened, he said he and other teens would congregate around the base because UFOs would typically show up.”





Three-man film crew from Galafilm Productions in Montreal, Canada

Travel Channel film to focus on NC secret facility
By Evelyn Gordon, website co-founder

A three-man crew for Galafilm Productions in Montreal, Canada came to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on March 7, 2016 to begin filming an episode for the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the National Parks.”

They devoted the following day to interviewing individuals with knowledge about the secret underground military base beneath the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Among those interviewed was Mary Joyce, editor of this website and author of “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains.” After completing the interviews, the crew began filming a reenactment for the show.

According to Meredith Fowke, an independent producer in Montreal who did the research for this project, the episode was inspired by a Deep Throat Testimony on this website titled “Ex-military man exposes underground facility in National Park.”  Then she read Mary’s book (R) for more information.

According to Fowke, the first season of “Mysteries at the National Parks” went over so well that the number of episodes for the second season was increased from eight to 12 shows.  The new season will begin airing the first week in October 2016.








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