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You can see climate change all around

We don’t need to rely on experts to know something is happening to our climate.  We only need to be more observant of weather changes around us.

For example, my family lived in Malta, Montana near the Canadian border for three years when I was a child and I NEVER recall it being hot. In fact, I experienced the coldest temperature of my life in Montana – 52 below zero, actual temperature.

Well, I checked temperatures in Malta for three days (August 9-11) and they hit 100 degrees or above all three days. On August 11, temps reached 106 degrees. When I shared this weather report with my sisters, one of them texted back:

Yup.  The weather in Portland, Oregon has been consistently in the 90s and spiking into the hundreds.  They also are having a drought.  In the last eight years that I have been going out to Portland, I have noticed a change in the summer temps.  The first few years, the summers were very pleasant, and the last four/five years it has been very hot – often with temps in the 100s.  Ugh.

So, watch your thermometer; observe arrival and departure times of migratory birds and seasons; notice shifting rain and drought patterns, etc.  Evidence of climate change are all around us if we but take time to be more observant.


Truth behind “Flight of the Navigator” movie

“Flight of the Navigator” is a 1986 Walt Disney adventure movie about a boy who is abducted by an alien spaceship, disappears for eight years without aging, and learns to navigate a small alien craft. It sounds like pure science fiction, but it isn’t. 

Over a period of at least 10 years, I had periodic conversations with the man whose boyhood abduction inspired the film and also radically changed the course of his life forever. 

Since his initial abduction, he’s been followed and monitored by spacecraft; he’s had an implant removed by a compassionate and understanding dentist; he’s repeatedly had his computers completely wiped out when he’s reported UFO sightings - and so much more.

Oh, yes, I tried many times to convince him to let me write about his experiences but he never agreed.  So, this is all I can say, but perhaps it’s enough to inspire you to take a fresh look at a 32-year-old movie that exposes phenomena that are being hidden from us today.


NASA’s black mystery box revealed on trolley ride

The second week in April while on a trolley tour of Old St. Augustine in Florida, I got into a conversation with another tourist.  When he told me he was from Huntsville, Alabama, I asked if he worked there for NASA.  Yes, he answered.  He had recently retired from the space agency.

As the conversation continued, I gave him my Sky Ships over Cashiers business card and asked if he had ever seen or had knowledge of UFOs.  As expected, he hesitated and then said he couldn’t talk about it, BUT after another pause, he said there was a black box of alien origin that nobody could ever figure out.

He used his hands when he mentioned the black box.  If his hand measurements were accurate, the mystery box was approximately a foot square.  After that, the conversation ended and the trolley rolled on leaving me in a cloud of questions.




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